Decadent Desires

Heather was the first woman I’d ever met who had a sex drive as strong as mine. This was not the reason I married her, but it had a lot to do with why she still held me spellbound after eight years together. I’d always had a private fantasy of watching her with someone else to see that voracious sexual appetite of hers in action as her delectable body responded to the attention of another man. I thought about it almost every time we had sex, finally confessing my secret desire to Heather one night in bed. She was surprised that my hottest fantasy didn’t involve another woman!

My wife has always been a terrific sport, and once she knew how much it turned me on to think of her in the arms of a different lover, she could allow herself to enjoy the fantasy, too. “Ever picture me doing this with someone else?” she’d ask seductively, surrounding my rod with her luscious tits and squeezing them together as my cockhead poked out from her cleavage. Most of the time, though, she’d wait until I was already inside her, my dick wrapped in her snug warmth, before whispering in my ear, “Suppose I said I’d really do it. Would you let me?” In less than a minute, I’d cry out and pump her full of come.

I don’t believe either of us ever expected to act on the idea it was just something we enjoyed talking about in private. We didn’t consider ourselves to be the kind of people who did such things. Not that we were snobbish about it in any way we merely didn’t feel that adventurous. For us, the fantasy alone was daring enough, because it was something we never thought we’d actually do.

This was still our frame of mind last winter, when Heather’s parents gave us a two week vacation to Hawaii as an anniversary present. The stress of our careers and the demands of daily life had intruded upon our marriage. We hadn’t been able to make time for ourselves as a couple, and the idea of getting away was greatly appealing. We actually began counting down the days to our departure. When at last we arrived in Waikiki, we basked in our newfound freedom. There were no work schedules to plan around, and no responsibilities. I felt a lightness I hadn’t known in years.

I saw a change in my lovely wife as well. There was no reason to keep up appearances, since no one knew us. Heather found it quite liberating I hadn’t seen her as playful and carefree since we’d first met, and I liked it. She tried new foods, wore clothes she’d never wear to the office, and even got tipsy a few times. Her boldness extended to the bedroom as well. She was extremely uninhibited, now that we didn’t have to worry about the possibility of the neighbors hearing us.

There was an outdoor luau at the hotel during our stay in Oahu. By dark, we were primed to party after having some great food and the most delicious tropical cocktails. We enjoyed the pounding beat of the drums as we thrilled to the sight of the well built fire dancers. My wife was in her element, looking gorgeous in a bikini top and a colorful skirt. She was tan, her long blonde hair tousled and bleached slightly by the sun. There were, of course, many tourists like us in attendance, and I caught Heather smiling at one of them. The kid looked to be in his early twenties, with dark, wavy hair, boyish features and huge, intense eyes. He wore a pair of loose fitting shorts, and was in magnificent physical condition. The soft, flickering torchlight gave shadow and contrast to the rippling muscles of his arms and legs. He didn’t look away when Heather made eye contact. There was definitely a sexy vibe brewing between them.

“He’s been staring at me for half an hour,” she said, smiling at him. “What do you think?”

I can barely describe the frenzied agitation that flooded my brain as I realized what my wife was actually asking me. The smile still played at the corners of her mouth, her pretty green eyes wide with the same excitement I felt washing over me. I sat for a moment, thinking it over, but the erection throbbing in my shorts had already made my decision for me. “Why don’t you go over and say hello?” I answered, trying to keep my voice from trembling. “Invite him over for drinks with us.”

I’ll never forget the way Heather’s face lit up at the suggestion. She was suddenly a bundle of nervous energy. “God, do I look okay?”

I grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. “Please trust me when I say that you have never been sexier than you are at this moment.”

She winked at me, downed the rest of her drink, and walked over to where the young man sat with his two friends. Heather stood off to one side, looking at him expectantly until he got up to talk to her. They spoke for a moment, and then he glanced at his buddies and pointed toward Heather, taking his leave and following her back to our table. I rose as they approached, and offered him my hand. “Simon,” I said with a nod, introducing myself to the young man that I hoped would fuck my wife.

“Jeff,” he said, smiling as he took my hand. His handshake was firm, but not aggressive, and his voice was easygoing and full of confidence. “Nice to meet you.”

“Sit with us,” I said, pulling a chair over for him.

“Ladies first,” he said, bowing elegantly in Heather’s direction and pushing in her chair as she sat. I could tell she liked his chivalrous behavior.

We ordered drinks and talked, learning that Jeff had a promising career in sports, but had given it up to study medicine at a prestigious university. We also learned that he liked tequila, was interested in martial arts, and couldn’t take his eyes off my wife. He was extremely well mannered, yet full of youthful exuberance. Heather obviously found him quite charming. She looked over at me with the question in her eyes: Do you want me to take this further? I ordered us another round of drinks and gave her a discreet wink.

Heather waited until our drinks were done, and she looked thoughtful for a moment before turning to our new friend. “Jeff, my husband had me ask you over to our table because he noticed how much I’m attracted to you and because he’d like to watch you and I explore that attraction together.”

I rose, holding out my hand for Heather to take, and then leaned over, speaking softly to him. “We’re in the honeymoon suite. If you’re interested, come up in half an hour. If not, then you can at least have another drink on us.” I placed some bills on the table and shook his hand before we left. I honestly had no idea whether or not he would actually show up at our room. Heather and I were so excited over what we’d done that I knew it would be a memorable night whether Jeff joined us or not. We went up to our suite, and Heather freshened up and changed and thirty minutes later there was a knock on the door. Heather’s eyes grew wide, but I smiled at her and encouraged her to let him in.

Jeff was still wearing his shorts, but he’d added a colorful silk shirt. I could see his eyes roaming over Heather’s body, the sculpted contours of her legs and hips clearly visible beneath the thin green dress she’d slipped on mere moments ago. She’d worn no bra, and her nipples betrayed her excitement, but her manner was completely relaxed as she invited him over to sit on the sofa with her. I had ordered a bottle of champagne from room service, and poured some for all of us. Then I put soft jazz on the radio while they made small talk. I knew these next few moments would be crucial, so I raised my glass of champagne to toast new friendships, excused myself, and left Heather to seal the deal.

We had already agreed that I’d give the two of them ten minutes alone before making a quiet, unobtrusive entrance. I waited in the bedroom, trying to amuse myself with a magazine, but it was impossible to concentrate on anything except the silence outside. There was a moment of muted conversation, and occasional soft laughter from them both, but it was otherwise very quiet, and I took that as a good sign. I stood and carefully opened the door.

Heather was sitting on Jeff’s lap, and they were exchanging gentle kisses, their tongues intertwining with a sensual tenderness that I found stimulating. I could barely walk to a nearby chair to watch them, the contents of my jockeys shifting constantly as my arousal soared. Heather was looking into his eyes and smiling, and when she squirmed slightly in his lap, I knew it was because she’d felt his hard on through his shorts. Jeff’s hands were on her waist, and they began moving over Heather’s body, over her belly, up her back, around her shoulders, and down to the fullness of her large breasts. With his fingertips, he teased her hard nipples through her clothing, and a small moan escaped her parted lips. She reached behind her neck and quickly untied the halter top of her dress.

Jeff decided to extend my wife’s anticipation as the dress fell, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze, he moved his hands into her hair and kissed her again. I could see Heather responding to his expertise the kid clearly had experience. She soon grew impatient, and took his hands, guiding them to her heaving breasts. Jeff slid his palms over her naked tits, and then down to her belly, lowering his head to lick and suck her pink nipples. My cock stiffened as I heard my wife gasp, “Oh, God yeah!” She grabbed the back of his head to pull him closer, her fingers tangling in his wavy hair.

Jeff cupped the bottoms of her breasts now, and he began to twist the hard nipples between each thumb and forefinger. Heather moaned and looked over at me, searching for my approval before continuing. The look on my face must have told her everything she needed to know, because her hands wandered down into Jeff’s lap. She smiled as she felt his erection poking up through his shorts. “Is that for me?” she asked, squeezing it playfully. Jeff took a deep breath, and Heather licked her lips, grabbing his shirt and pulling it roughly over his head. Laying him back on the couch, she straddled his face with her dress billowing around her, blocking my view.

“This is going to be so much fun!” she cooed to her new lover. “You see, my husband is trying to imagine what you’re doing under there right now, and I so badly want to show him, but not just yet.” Jeff’s hands had disappeared under the dress, too. I could hear the wet sounds of licking and sucking, and see Heather’s hips grinding. Her breathing was getting erratic, and I knew she was close to coming. “Wanna see?” she asked me, grabbing her dress and pulling it up over her head. Jeff had one hand on my wife’s ass, and the other on her mound. He had pulled her white cotton panties to the side, leaving one asscheek covered and the other gloriously exposed. Through her spread thighs, I could see his mouth working her pussy, his tongue stabbing into her folds and then stretching up to nudge her clit. Her gorgeous ass was rocking to and fro, and soon she was muttering, “I’m coming!”

My cock was practically suffocating within the confines of my pants, and it looked like Jeff had the same problem. Heather noticed it, too. She climbed off his face and began fondling his dick through his shorts, her sexy green eyes traveling over the distance separating us to leer at me. “Want me to keep going, Simon? Are you still comfortable with this?”

I simply nodded. I didn’t trust my voice at this point, and Heather already knew how much I wanted her to continue. She smiled and pulled at the waistband of Jeff’s shorts.

His cock sprang toward her in a wanton display, its thick stalk arching up from his big balls. Heather could barely wait to get it in her mouth. She was almost girlishly playful with his rod, touching and caressing his balls, and then grasping his cock by the root and springing it back and forth in her hand as if testing its weight. She eventually began running the tip of her tongue along the underside of his dick, from the base to just under the head. She did this a few times before she completely engulfed the head, holding it in the warmth of her mouth without moving. She moaned as she began lowering her lips down the length of his rod before sliding back up again. Jeff gasped, and Heather began fondling his balls as she sucked him in earnest.

She took her time, clearly enjoying the feeling of his dick in her mouth. She let him simmer only to bring him up to a boil, and then back off before he could lose control of himself. She slapped his cock against her breasts, and then wrapped them around his swollen meat, pumping up and down, and allowing her tongue to flick at his knob as it poked out of the fleshy tunnel she’d made. When she could restrain herself no longer, she moved up to straddle his hips.

“Is it okay?” she asked. “Can I fuck him, Simon? God, I want to!” Her panties were still on, and she yanked them aside, the tip of his cock poised right at her wet hole. Her neck was straining, and her face was turned in my direction, imploring me. I nodded at her, and she sank down on him with glee, throwing her head back.

Inch by inch, she took his shaft in about halfway, moaning before she sprang back up and let him slip out. She wiggled playfully, and then she slowly engulfed him again. Jeff gasped, and Heather leaned forward on her knees, letting her nipples graze his lips. Over and over she slid down onto his cock, only to withdraw, driving both of them to frustration. I could see her juices glistening on his hard rod. Finally, she could no longer bear to part with him and kept her strokes shallow as they moved together, keeping him nestled in her tunnel. “Is this okay, Simon? Should I keep going? Oh, it feels so good! I wanna . . . keep . . . fucking him.”

Suddenly, she sank deep, taking him in right down to the balls, and they both moaned loudly. Heather was holding her breasts in her hands and feeding her nipples to his hungry mouth. Her behind was doing the most magnificent dance in his lap, sliding her wet pussy up and down his length as they both voiced their enjoyment. I could feel my dick leaking pre come inside my underwear as I watched them. The urge to take out my cock and jerk off was difficult to resist, but Heather and I had already talked about what I’d do afterward. I wanted to save myself for that. Besides, it was magical, watching her try to control herself, to make the dance slow in an effort to milk every last drop of pleasure from the moment.

It was a losing battle, though. Jeff’s cock was bigger and thicker than mine, and Heather’s enthusiasm was quickly getting the better of her. She began slamming herself down onto his big dick, and her rhythm accelerated beyond any control. She bounced up and down greedily. “Ooh, I’m gonna come!” she cried, her body stiffening as her orgasm ran through her, making her quiver from head to toe.

Heather’s lust now sated, it was time to get Jeff off, and she smiled playfully at me. She got down on the couch and had him straddle her chest. She held her beautiful jugs together as he gently fucked them, and she poked her tongue out to swipe at his cockhead. We all enjoyed that, but Jeff could take only so much, and he was soon shooting spurt after spurt of semen into Heather’s open mouth and onto her breasts. It was extremely hard for me to control my lust, seeing another man ejaculate all over my wife like that.

I tried to catch my breath as we relaxed for a few minutes. Then Heather laid Jeff on his back on the floor, and facing his feet, she dangled her naked sex over his face. She lowered her pussy and writhed lewdly as he licked her to another orgasm. His dick was regaining new life, rising off his belly to point up at the ceiling. Heather fondled him gently, teasing his dick until it was hard to bursting. She kissed and sucked it with great relish, letting me know how much she enjoyed having him in her mouth. When none of us could take anymore, she got on her hands and knees and presented herself to Jeff, who gladly moved behind her and slid his rod into her soaking wet pussy.

I found it riveting to watch another man taking his pleasure with my wife, and the fact that Heather loved it was the icing on an already delicious cake. They quickly seemed to forget I was there as they abandoned themselves to their mutual lust. Jeff clutched her hips, stuffing himself in even deeper, and Heather begged to feel him shoot in her. He moaned as he soon released his load.

This was the point that Heather and I had decided the game would end. Once he had come in her pussy, I was to enjoy their commingled passion by fucking her sloppy snatch. I encouraged Jeff to stay as I claimed my reward. Laying Heather back on the floor, I encouraged him to teabag her while I fucked her sticky pussy. His cock pointed toward her tits, and it didn’t take long for him to give her another load. She moaned around his balls as he shot his cream all over her breasts and belly. This was too much for me, and I let go inside her, filling her with my own hot come.

We invited Jeff up to our suite twice more before our vacation ended, and my wife returned home with me, barely able to keep a devious smile off her beautiful face. We’ve already made plans to get away again as soon as possible!

Sharing is Caring

My husband has always had a penchant for seeing me with another man. Exploring the Internet, we found many sites dedicated to wife watching, and discovered how many people shared what we lovingly refer to as “our little fetish.” Our preoccupation has a slight twist, however. At the end of the festivities, Stuart likes to share my lover’s come with me, either licking it from my freshly fucked pussy or, as he has on several occasions, sharing it with me as it spurts directly from my lover’s penis.

The whole thing was my idea, if memory serves. Stuart and I had previously had a threesome with another woman, and we’d both loved the experience. We were snuggling in bed one night, recalling the occasion, when I asked him what he thought about sharing me with another man. I was flat on my back so quickly that I barely knew what hit me!

“Yeah? You’d like that? You’d let me fuck someone else?” I teased, delighted that the idea had gotten him so stoked. “Would you let me take his load?”

Stuart groaned and started pumping madly inside me. I’d never seen him so frantic with lust, and I loved it. “Would you lick it from my pussy?” I asked, as he drove his overexcited prick in and out of my hole. He slowed suddenly, his eyes burning into mine as he nodded, and a thrill raced through me. I could tell how much the idea excited him, and I reached down to place a finger on each side of his throbbing meat as it pistoned in and out of me this action always made it hard for him to control himself. “While he was still in me? Would you lick his load from my pussy with his cock still inside my pussy?”

Stuart was about to come, and I quickly choked him off and pushed him over onto his back, taking his stiff cock in my hand. His pre come frothed from the little hole at the tip of his dick. I swiped some up with my fingers and brought them to his lips, giggling when he licked them hungrily. “How about right from the source? Would you take his load right from the source with me?”

He gasped, and I milked his juice slickened cock. “Show me how much you want it,” I said, pointing his dick up toward his mouth. “There’s a nice hard cock, right in front of your face, ready to shoot. I want you to let it spurt in your mouth for me. Go ahead, do it!”

Eagerly obeying me, Stuart parted his lips. The first spurt of his come rocketed out to splash across Stuart’s face, from his neck to the bridge of his nose. A good amount landed in his mouth, and the next two shots fired right over his head. The rest landed on his belly and chest. I’d never seen him shoot so much before, and I licked up as much as I could to share with him in a lusty kiss. From that moment, it was a fixation for both of us. Stuart loved the idea of a threesome with another man, even the notion of sharing, in his words, “the little treat at the end.” Finally, after all of our breathless talking, we had to experience it for real. I told him to reserve a suite at our favorite hotel for the following night, and to go there directly after work. He was to shower and then wait for me. I showered at home and put on a green cocktail dress that paired beautifully with my chestnut hair, and then went out to hunt.

All the suitable men in the first club I visited were already paired up with someone, but I found Robert in the second venue. He was a court stenographer who’d had a trying day but never imagined how exciting his night was to become. He was tall and blond, with a closely cropped beard the complete opposite of my dark haired, baby faced hubby. I approached the bar on the side across from where he sat and ordered a whiskey. I remained standing, and when I saw him eyeing my body, I walked over and said hello. He noticed my wedding ring, and I smiled. “My husband and I like to meet new people,” I said softly, letting my hand brush against his.

Robert seemed uncertain until his eyes dropped again, taking in my body, and he downed the rest of his drink. “Why not?” he answered. I told him the name of our hotel and that my husband and I would meet him downstairs at the bar in half an hour.

At the hotel Stuart took one look at the low cut dress I wore and bet me twenty dollars that my date would show up early a bet he won by eight minutes. We talked with Robert over drinks, and we soon felt comfortable enough to invite him up to our suite. Robert seemed nervous once we got upstairs, but Stuart put him right at ease, flipping on some music and suggesting that Robert and I dance. Stuart opened the bottle of Champagne he’d had waiting on ice, and then watched us sway together. Soon Robert was nuzzling my neck, and I let my hand slide over his chest, teasing his nipple through the linen of his shirt. I could hear his ragged breathing, and I ran my fingers over the scruff of his beard.

Stuart sat in a nearby easy chair, sipping Champagne, content for the moment to watch us. I winked at him, and then gave Robert a deep kiss. This finally broke the ice, and he lifted me in his arms, placed me on the couch, and then lay down next to me. Stuart’s face told me how exciting he found watching us. Robert’s mouth was all over my neck and throat, and I was getting very warm between my legs. His hand was in my hair, and then we were kissing again.

I clung to him, with my arms around his neck and my knees pointed up to the ceiling. Robert’s hand caressed the length of my leg, and then moved up my calf to touch the soft, sensitive skin of my thigh. I ran my fingers through his thick blond hair and bit gently at his earlobe. My dress seemed to be sliding up all by itself, and I kissed him again, reaching down to take his hand and inch it up my thigh. He gasped as he discovered that I wasn’t wearing panties.

Robert took his time, letting the tip of his finger glide down my thigh where it met my pubis, and then pressing only the back of his hand against my waiting pussy. I sucked at his neck and spread my legs, giving him free leave to do what he liked, but he slid his hand up to caress my belly, making me moan. He silenced me with more kisses, and his hand returned to my sex, parting my nether lips to tease my hole. I looked over at my husband Stuart’s eyes were riveted on us, and he kept shifting in his chair.

I sat up on the couch, tugging Robert’s shirt out of his pants and pulling it up over his head. He had an incredible chest, and I couldn’t help running my hands all over his muscular physique. He let me get away with that for a moment or two, and then he was unzipping the back of my dress and sliding it from my shoulders. I lay back and raised my fanny so he could pull it off, and then I was blissfully naked. Robert leaned in to sample my breasts, kneading them and flicking his tongue over the nipples. I inhaled deeply, sucking in as much breath as I could contain before slowly letting it out. My nipples were stiffening, and he rolled each between two fingers.

“He looks pretty skilled,” Stuart said.

“God, it feels good,” I told him, gasping as Robert bent to suck my tits. He squeezed my breasts together until the nipples met, and then he licked at the same time. It was divine, and I moaned in appreciation. Robert then kissed his way down my belly, and I started panting as he approached my pussy.

Robert ran his fingers over my pubic hair and kissed my pussy as if it were another mouth. I sighed and raked my fingers through his hair. His fingertip traced the length of my slit, and his tongue began to lick my little button. I could hear my own harsh and erratic breathing, and I moaned as he slid a finger into my wet cunt. I played with my nipples and leered at my husband as Robert brought me closer and closer to the ecstasy I so badly desired. His finger moved back and forth in my pussy, bathed in my excitement. I was quickly approaching the point of no return, when he glued his lips around my clit and sucked hard. I went off like a gunshot, giving a sharp cry and moaning in satisfaction.

Stuart was leaning forward in his chair with a glazed look in his eyes. I could see the bulge in his pants from where I lay. “Well, we know he can eat pussy. What else he can do?”

“Let’s see what he’s packing,” Stuart said.

“My husband wants to see what you’ve got for me.”

Robert stood, and I undid his trousers slowly, teasing us all. Finally I slid them down and his stiff cock sprang out at me, pointing right at my face. I giggled with delight at his arousal, but what really quickened my pulse was that he was uncircumcised. I’d never had an uncircumcised man before, and I gazed at this beautiful instrument, knowing that it would soon be inside me with my husband’s blessing. I hefted it in my hands, and it grew even harder, its hood retracting to expose half the head. I stroked it tentatively, sliding the tender foreskin back and forth, and ran my tongue over just the tip. “Ready to have some real fun?” I asked. Unable to resist a moment longer, I took him in my mouth, the three of us moaning at the pleasure of it.

I took in half its length, making Robert groan. Then I withdrew, kissing and slurping all over before taking it back into my mouth to suck. Stuart had abandoned all decorum, having taken out his own cock to stroke. “I think you’ve been a spectator long enough, darling,” I told him. “Come over here and join us.”

Stuart dropped his pants and walked over, and I suddenly had two hard cocks staring me in the face. I stroked them with glee, bringing them closer together to meet at my lips, where I kissed and licked them. I slapped them together both men gasped when I did that and then took the heads into my mouth to suck at the same time. I lost track of time as I alternated between one cock, then the other, and then both at once. It was the nastiest thing I’d ever done in my life, and of course I couldn’t get enough. I spent many moments tending to them in this way, until my lust was too great to control, and I looked up at Stuart. “Should I do it? Should I let him take what he wants?”

Stuart’s cock was swollen, his voice husky in his excitement. “Fuck him, Jo I want to see you do it!”

I stood up and kissed him. “I’m going to make you love this!” I whispered.

I sat Robert down on the sofa, putting him to one side so that I could still tend to my husband. I held Stuart’s hand while I climbed onto Robert’s lap, straddling him and lowering myself until the head of his big dick was poking against my entrance. Stuart leaned over, and as our lips met, I sank slowly down onto Robert’s cock. It was an extremely sensual moment, much gentler than I’d expected, and we all savored it. Robert held up his hands, letting his palms graze my nipples. Stuart and I touched tongues, and I sat on Robert with all my weight, embedding him in me. His hands dropped down my torso, his fingers sending little sparks shooting across my belly, and then sliding back up to my breasts, massaging them and pinching the nipples. Stuart and I broke our kiss as I began moving on Robert’s cock, slowly rocking my hips. Stuart stood up straight, and I took him back into my mouth.

Suddenly, everything accelerated. The movement of my hips became urgent, my body rising and falling in Robert’s lap. His cock stretched my opening, rubbing against my clit with every stroke. I moaned around Stuart’s cock, forming a tight ring with my lips and focusing on the crown of his dick. Robert’s hands moved around my waist, taking a firm hold on my behind to pull me down harder on his beautiful rod. His hips rose up to meet mine, his cock thrusting harder and faster with each stroke. I planted my feet on the sofa on each side of him, spreading my legs wider to take in every last inch of him. I could feel his balls mashing against the cheeks of my ass, and I sat down hard, convulsing in orgasm. Stuart’s cock popped out of my mouth as I threw back my head, moaning through clenched teeth.

“Let’s get her on the floor,” Stuart said, helping me off Robert’s lap and putting me on my hands and knees on the carpet. Robert was on me almost instantly, mounting me from the rear and plunging his tool to the hilt into my warm tunnel. Stuart knelt in front of me, and I happily kissed and stroked his cock as Robert began slamming into me hard. Balancing on one hand, I reached down and frigged my clit, moaning with the pleasure it gave me. We could hear Robert’s breathing he was getting close. I pulled off my hubby’s cock and said, “I think he’s going to give me a little present, babe. Should I take what he’s got?” Robert grunted before Stuart could answer, his hands locked on my hips as he filled me with come.

This was too much for Stuart. The second Robert finished shooting his load, my husband practically threw me onto my back, and I spread my legs wide to give him access to my sloppy pussy. This was the moment we’d been waiting for, and we smiled at each other as he slipped his index finger in my slippery hole. His finger came out creamy, and he held it up to my mouth, leaning in to lick it with me. His cock was harder than I’d ever seen it, and he kissed his way back down my body until he got to my messy snatch. Fascinated, Robert sat on the couch to watch us. Semen was leaking out of me now, and Stuart lapped it up before nose diving into my pussy, jamming his tongue in as far as it would go to get more of Robert’s load. This threw me right over the edge, and I came all over his face, which only served to expel more of Robert’s load out of my cunt for Stuart to savor.

Unable to control his lust, Stuart moved up and slid his cock into my still oozing cunt, pumping away like a man possessed. With every stroke he let his cock withdraw until just the tip was inside, before slamming it back in, filling me up. Robert’s dick was hard again, and I beckoned toward him. He happily dangled his big cock over my face, and I licked and sucked on it. Stuart’s cock was working magic inside my hole. My pussy was overflowing with the viscous combination of our fluids, and I moaned as another orgasm washed over me. Stuart was getting close, too his breathing and, especially, the look on his face, told me that he was going to lose control of himself inside me. While this was exactly what I wanted him to do the thought of holding the come of two men was delectable I didn’t necessarily want him doing it just yet. I pushed him back on the carpet and climbed on top, sliding back down on his prick.

Now I could control the rhythm, and I went slowly to give him a chance to calm down. Stuart was growing frustrated he needed to come, but he knew me well enough to trust that I’d make it worth the wait. I grasped Robert by his bulging manhood and pulled him gently until his cock was pointing in my face. Taking Stuart’s hands firmly, I pulled him up to a sitting position. We held on to each other for dear life, and I took Robert back into my mouth.

Both of them were close. Stuart nuzzled my breasts while I sucked Robert’s cock. I tried to keep my rhythm to help Stuart last longer, but I was becoming lost in my own need, and was soon bouncing up and down in his lap. Fortunately, the strain of maintaining a sitting position helped him focus. His hands dropped to my ass, and he spread my cheeks wider to get even more depth. Robert’s breathing quickened as I moaned around his cock.

Trying to keep my rhythm steady, I let Robert fuck my mouth as he pleased. “Oh, God!” he cried out suddenly. I felt his cock throbbing against my tongue, so I pulled my mouth away and took his shaft in one hand, jerking him off. At the same time, I grabbed Stuart by the scruff of the neck, snaking my tongue out to meet his. I placed the tip of Robert’s twitching penis right by our intertwining tongues, and he erupted all over us, spraying his hot load in our faces. We lapped it up with great relish, holding on to one another. The sight of my husband sharing Robert’s come with me as it spurted right from his penis was overwhelming, and I shut my eyes, choking back a scream until I came. At almost the same instant I felt Stuart unload in my pussy, filling me with his pent up lust.

We all collapsed on the floor, laughing. It had been such a wonderful experience that we didn’t want it to end, and we ended up spending the whole night together. I let Robert come in my pussy again just so I could mash it into Stuart’s face until I came. Both of them fucked me over and over in every conceivable position. The best was when we all took a shower together. I had Stuart kneel in front of Robert, and jerked Robert off right into his mouth that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Stuart and I had a similar experience a month ago with a young man named Kevin, who owns a wine shop just outside of town. Stuart even held the head of Kevin’s cock between his lips when he came, allowing him to shoot directly into his mouth while I watched, playing with my pussy. We want to try swinging with another couple next. Stuart is dying to see me be intimate with another woman again, and I would love to see him suck off another man all by himself! Our marriage keeps getting hotter!


It was a sunny day at the park. I was sitting on a bench, and my wife, Tara, was stretched out on a towel on the grass a few feet away. She looked ravishing in her skimpy bikini, and I watched as a parade of men took a second, and sometimes a third, glance at her tanned tits, which were barely covered by two white nylon triangles. A matching triangle covered her mound, and since I know how turned on she gets from being checked out, I could guess that its crotch was damp.

Eventually one passerby was bold enough to stop and talk to her, a guy who happened to be just her type: medium height and well built, with sandy blond, tousled hair. A few short minutes later, I watched as she pointed across the street to our apartment and then over at me. He must have liked what he heard, because Tara put on her cover up, gathered her stuff and walked out of the park with him.

I waited our predetermined twenty minutes before following their lead. By the time I reached our bedroom, she was already undressing the sexy stranger. It was clear that they’d been kissing her red lipstick was smeared across his mouth and I looked forward to seeing their tongues twisting together when they resumed. Right now, he was nibbling her earlobe as she unbuttoned his shirt and played her fingers over his pecs. Meanwhile, I took my seat and loosened my pants as my wife murmured her lover’s name: “Ethan.”

Wanting to time things right, I didn’t touch my dick right away, though I badly wanted to wrap my fingers around it. Instead, I watched as Tara reached for her lover’s member. Already at full mast, it was impressive, and she stroked it as his lips moved to hers. When a drop of pre come seeped from the slit in his cockhead, she rubbed it into his mauve colored flesh with her thumb. My shaft started throbbing then, just as I imagined his was doing, albeit in the grasp of Tara’s fist.

As they kissed, he reached into her gauzy cover up and then the waistband of her bikini. Her body tensed, so I guessed that he’d slid a finger between her labia and pressed down on her sensitive clit. Or maybe he was flicking it lightly, to get her juices flowing. I could almost taste those salty fluids, leading me to wonder if Ethan would be sampling them before they were through.

Tara’s body started bucking and she moaned into Ethan’s mouth. She was pumping his burgeoning prick, so he was moaning, too. Then my dick gave a little twitch, demanding similar attention, so I opened my pants and wrapped my fingers around my shaft and pressed my thumb against the vein on its underside to slow the course of events.

The show unfolding before me was making that difficult, though. Tara had maneuvered Ethan onto the bed, and he lay there, prone, his pole jutting from his body at a ninety degree angle. Then she knelt by his side, opened her mouth and lowered it onto his plush knob. He groaned as she took him down her throat, and I knew the pleasure he was feeling. Since I’m usually the recipient of Tara’s incredible blowjobs, I could assume that she was swishing her tongue back and forth as she skimmed it over his throbbing cock.

Then she ascended, dragging her lips back up over his length, and what little lipstick that had been left on her lips now streaked Ethan’s shaft, which was also shiny with her saliva. She glanced up at me, dipped back down and then quickly rose back up, repeatedly swallowing him to his root. Subconsciously, I’d begun moving my fist over my own rod in rhythm with my wife’s movements, imagining that I felt the same sensations as this lucky stranger.

Suddenly there was a loud popping sound as Tara released Ethan’s dick. It jerked as she looked to me for approval, and I nodded to let her know that I liked what I was seeing. Encouraged, she threw a leg over her partner, and I saw the fluids streaking her inner thighs. Then she grasped his cock and moved so that it was pointed right at her pussy.

This was the moment I’d been anxiously awaiting, and I held my breath as my wife’s labia enveloped the tip of Ethan’s member. However, instead of letting him penetrate her right away, she skimmed his plush crown along her slit a few times. She was teasing him, making him wait for the clutch of her canal, and his hands snatched at the sheets beneath him. I’m sure he thought it was torture, but she was stoking her own fire. Her eyes were glossy, and she gasped whenever she made contact with her sensitive clitoris. Ethan’s hips writhed in anticipation of my wife fucking him, but she saw to her own needs first, as well as mine, knowing how much I love watching her perform.

Finally, she took pity on him, or more likely, she just wanted to get off. Positioning his crown at her entryway, she bore down slightly to give him the go ahead. Ethan responded immediately, raising his ass to pierce her cunt, and she sucked in her lower lip as he stretched her wide. Then, when he was buried halfway, she took over, and I exhaled as she eased herself onto his rigid pole.

My dick pulsated against my palm as Tara’s asscheeks came to rest on Ethan’s pelvis. She just sat there for a moment, her body undulating slightly as she massaged his shaft with her strong inner muscles. I love how my wife assumes control in these situations, and part of me wanted to be in there, feeling her pussy fluttering around my shaft but, for now, just watching was hot enough.

Tightening my grip on my prick, I readied myself for this last leg in their race toward completion. As Tara rose up on her haunches, pulling her sex along Ethan’s rod, I stroked myself slowly. My wife descended again and then rose back up, this time much more quickly.

I was timing the pumps of my fist with Tara’s movements, and my fingers were soon flying. She was bouncing on Ethan like a cowgirl in heat, and he clutched her asscheeks to help her keep the beat. His fingers dug into her flesh, and his eyes were open wide, trained on the glorious sight of my wife’s tits, which swayed above him. Then, in a move that I think surprised both Tara and me, he tightened his grip on her derriere and flipped them both over so that she was on her back and he was in control.

She didn’t miss a beat. Throwing her legs up in the air, she pointed her toes at the ceiling as he commenced pumping his hips to slide his length in and out of her pussy. I could hear the sound of their bodies slapping together every time he plunged in to his balls, and in no time at all, Tara was gasping loudly. The muscles in Ethan’s buttocks were taut with his efforts, and there was an intense look of concentration on his reddened face. I’d never seen anyone fuck her that hard, and I had to increase the speed of my fist on my prick just to keep up with him.

I had a feeling that all hell was about to break loose, and I was more than ready. Tara was starting to whimper, locking her thighs around Ethan’s waist with her feet hooked at the ankles to keep him inside her. Not that he was going anywhere he showed no signs of stopping, soon lowering his head to suck my wife’s nipples as his cock dipped into her cunt. What he didn’t know was that Tara was close to her orgasm, and I didn’t think he’d be able to withstand the added stimulation of her canal constricting around him.

Then her head started thrashing back and forth on her pillow as her body trembled. More juices seeped from her pussy, aiding Ethan’s efforts, and from the quick glances I got of his prick, I could see it was slick and shiny. I kept jerking away at my own cock, getting myself ready for the moment we’d all tip over the edge.

Tara set things in motion by letting out a loud shriek. She twisted and arched her back, raising her ass off the mattress so that her pelvis crashed hard against her lover’s. She was impaling herself on his dick to feel as full as possible when she reached her climax, and I could see the pleasure written all over her face as she writhed in ecstasy. A second later, Ethan grunted as his body went rigid above my wife’s, and then his muscled asscheeks went taut as he pumped her full of his cream.

Even still, he kept rocking his hips back and forth to keep his prick moving in her spasming canal. They were a sweaty tangle of arms and legs, Ethan’s mouth never leaving Tara’s breasts as he navigated them both through their orgasms. I soon joined them, my balls overflowing to send a white hot stream of come through the slit in the tip of my knob. It spilled out over the fingers tugging at my shaft, aiding my efforts until I had no more left to give.

I hadn’t even realized that I’d closed my eyes until I heard murmuring from the bed. When I opened them, I saw that Tara and Ethan had disentangled, and he was nuzzling the back of her neck as they shared post coital pillow talk. After cleaning myself with some tissues, I left them to get dressed and say good bye in private. Tara joined me in the kitchen a little later, and after we’d discussed the day’s events, we started planning our next adventure.

Mr. Timothy R., Via E Mail


My wife’s birthday is always cause for celebration, but for her fortieth, I wanted to give her something really special. At first I was stuck, but then an idea struck me one night in bed. Roseanna was reading a trashy romance novel when it hit me: I would give my wife something she’d always wanted a kinky coupling with a hot hunk, like a scene straight out of one of her books. And I knew just the guy for the job.

Roseanna’s always had a thing for our neighbor, Alex. He’s a personal trainer, and he’d definitely be at home on the cover of one of my wife’s dirty books, standing with his shirt off, his chest glistening with sweat. In all the years we’ve lived next door to him, I think I’ve only seen him in a shirt about a dozen times. Usually he’s outside working on the house shirtless or else he’s working out also shirtless. I knew he was a little kinky, too, because Roseanna had been friends with his ex girlfriend. The two had gossiped one night about how Alex liked to tie up his dates and tease them before finally fucking them. Roseanna had breathlessly told me all about it, and when I’d asked if that was something she was interested in, she said it was one of her favorite fantasies.

We’d tried bondage play a few times, but the minute Roseanna started struggling against her bonds, I always untied her even though I knew she wasn’t really trying to get out. I couldn’t bring myself to be rough with her. But I knew Alex could do it, and I was going to let him.

It didn’t take much work to convince Alex to tie up my wife and fuck her on her birthday. All he wanted to know was what the rules were and did I plan to watch. I hadn’t thought of that, but once he suggested it, I knew I wanted to see my wife get pleasured. I told him yes, I planned to watch. He simply smiled and nodded.

On the night of Roseanna’s birthday, I took her out for a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant, but when we came home, instead of pulling into our driveway, I pulled into Alex’s. My wife was obviously curious, and when she asked what was going on, I filled her in on the plans I’d made with Alex. It took her a second to process what I was saying, but as soon as she did, she lunged across the car and wrapped me up in an exuberant hug. She was thrilled!

We went up to Alex’s front door and rang the bell, and as soon as he swung the door open, Roseanna was under his control. She practically swooned when she saw him standing there in his silk pajama pants again, no shirt and when he reached for her hand, she took it without hesitation and let him lead her to his bedroom. I followed several steps behind them, getting more and more excited about what I was going to see.

Alex’s bedroom was huge, and as he led Roseanna to the center of the room, he looked back and gestured to a chair in the corner where I could sit and watch. When he reached the foot of the bed, he started to kiss my wife, and her arms went around him as she responded to him. They kissed passionately for a moment, and then Alex started to undress her. She’d worn a slinky black dress to dinner, and he reached behind her to pull down the zipper. When the panels of the dress separated, he stepped back from her for a second to tug the front of the dress down and let it slip off her body. When it pooled at her feet, Roseanna used a high heel to kick it away, and then she let Alex lean in and kiss her again.

The second kiss didn’t last as long, and after a few seconds Alex pulled back. This time, he guided her onto the bed and had her lay on her back, her bra and panties still in place. He bent over her, as if to kiss her again, but instead he reached behind the head of the bed and pulled up a set of handcuffs that were already connected to the frame. He snapped the cuffs around Roseanna’s wrists, and as the cold metal bracelets clicked shut, she moaned in pleasure. She was already getting into it and so was I! This was hot!

Alex trailed his fingers along her body as he walked to the foot of the bed, and then he pulled up another set of cuffs, this time for her ankles. Alex spread her legs apart and used the cuffs to lock them to opposite foot posts. She moaned even louder when these clicked into place, and I felt my dick twitch at the sound. My wife wasn’t even having sex yet and already we were both aroused!

Alex circled the bed until he was at the head again, his fingers dragging along her skin as he moved, and I watched as Roseanna moved toward his touch, her body shifting and rising to keep in contact with her new lover’s fingers. When he reached his destination, Alex tugged the string that held his pants up and let the black silk drop to the floor, baring his cock for the first time. From where I was sitting, I could see everything, and let me tell you, his cock was impressive! It was thicker than mine, and almost as long, and it was already hard, standing straight up between his legs.

Roseanna practically drooled when she saw his prick, and as I watched, slowly stroking my own shaft through my slacks, she lifted her head and tried to get closer to it, even though it was impossible for her to move more than a couple of inches. Alex moved closer, letting his dick get almost within reach of her right hand, but as soon as she realized she could touch him, he stepped back. He kept up this game for a good two minutes, and it practically drove my wife crazy. By the time he stopped, she was panting hard and begging for him to let her get a touch or taste of his cock.

She got what she wanted a moment later when he climbed on the bed with her and dangled his rock hard dick in front of her face. He told her if she gave him a good blowjob, he’d consider fucking her. My wife loves nothing more than a challenge and having a cock in her mouth and I knew she wouldn’t back down until she got what she wanted.

Roseanna swallowed Alex’s cock in one motion, and when he started to fuck her mouth, she found a way to move with him without struggling too much against her bonds. She seemed to have worked out all the ways she could move without making the cuffs chafe her flesh, and she kept at it, sucking and licking and deep throating his cock and even his balls until he finally pulled away. I was so turned on by watching her that I had to unzip my fly and start stroking my cock in earnest. I knew the kind of blowjobs my wife gave, and I knew that Alex was getting the best head of his life, even if the handcuffs were keeping my wife from using all her best tricks on him. I was surprised he got through the blowjob without coming, to be honest. I don’t think I could’ve done that.

Alex pulled his dick away and told my wife she’d done a good job, and that she’d earned a solid fuck if she still wanted it. “Oh God, yes!” she begged, her lips wet with saliva.

Our neighbor moved down my wife’s body, his cock leaving a trail of pre come in its wake as he slid down her chest and stomach, and then he settled between her legs. He didn’t bother taking off her lingerie before he fucked her. He simply pulled the crotch of her panties aside and thrust his cock right into her.

She moaned loudly as he filled her, and when he started to thrust, her cries of ecstasy only got louder. Roseanna usually likes to thrust against me when I fuck her, and she really prefers to ride me reverse cowgirl style. But she seemed to be enjoying herself more than ever, with Alex pounding away on top of her while she fought to move against him. Watching my wife struggle happily was a huge turn on, and I actually came as I continued to absently stroke my cock. Alex had definitely been the right choice!

My wife was begging to be fucked harder when she wasn’t moaning as loud as she could and Alex complied. Her body was writhing and wriggling in ways I’d never seen before, all because of the bonds, and she looked and sounded happier than I could’ve imagined. When Alex leaned over her and pulled her bra cups down so he could suck her tits, she went absolutely wild. She bucked as hard as she could against him, practically throwing him off her like a bucking bronco, and she cried out so loudly I imagined I’d have been able to hear her even if I’d been in our bedroom next door.

Roseanna came a minute later, with Alex coming almost simultaneously. My wife’s body jerked and spasmed under her lover’s, and I saw the chains that held her in place go taut for a moment before slackening again when she finally relaxed against the bed.

When Alex climbed off her, he pulled on his pajama pants again and then uncuffed my wife. He gave her another deep kiss, thanked us both for the opportunity, and then left the room to give us some privacy. I hurried over to my wife, who was staring at the light pink circles around her wrists, and asked if she was okay.

“That was incredible!” she said. “Oh, thank you, sweetie! That was the best gift you could have given me.”

Eventually, I helped Roseanna dress and then we went back to our house, where we fucked like rabbits for the rest of the night and into the next morning.

I’m still not comfortable tying up my wife or using handcuffs on her, but whenever she’s in the mood for something rough these days, we call Alex, who’s always happy to help!

Mr. Adam P., Baltimore, Maryland


When my wife, Marcy, told me she was thinking about dabbling in community theater, I approved. I could tell that she was bored doing the “ladies who lunch” thing, and I knew she wanted something creative to fill up her time. She got a role in the first play she tried out for, a romantic comedy written by a local playwright. She was so excited to share the news, adding, “I’ll have to kiss the male lead, though. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not I’m so proud of you!” We’d been together for twelve years and were as devoted to each other as a couple could be. This would be the first time either of us had kissed anyone else since we’d wed. The idea of Marcy’s lips meeting another man’s did something strange to me. Instead of sparking jealousy, it made my cock really hard. I didn’t tell Marcy this, because I knew she was already nervous about the show. But I couldn’t wait to see her in another man’s arms.

Rehearsals lasted a month, and I found the thought of Marcy kissing a stranger to be invigorating it literally transformed our love life. I didn’t say anything to her, but she must have noticed that I wanted to fuck her more often than usual. It was the first time I’d kept a sexual fantasy to myself. I’d told her about wanting to have sex in public, which we’d done, and wanting her to use a strap on on me, which we’d also tried. For whatever reason, this felt like something I wanted to be sure about before I revealed my feelings. On top of that, I didn’t want to negatively affect her performance.

Even though many of our friends were going to the show’s opening night, I told Marcy I wanted a front row seat by myself. I didn’t want to have to talk to people. I wanted to focus all of my attention on her and her acting partner, Vince. My wife had told me that his role was that of a young hunk sent to seduce a pillar of the community and spy on her household. From that description, I had a feeling Vince would be a hot stud. Seeing my beautiful forty three year old wife being kissed by a man almost twenty years her junior would give me a hard on, for sure, and I wanted to savor the moment. I merely told Marcy that I wanted to focus entirely on her, which was true, in a sense.

As soon as the play began, I was riveted. Marcy and Vince had incredible sexual chemistry, heating up the stage at every turn. My cock was unbelievably hard the entire time, and when they kissed wow, I thought I might come in my pants! Seeing my wife in the arms of that young guy gave me such a charge. And the way she kissed him back made me think that there was real passion behind her actions. Somehow I found myself hoping that was the truth.

The play, I was pleased to note, was very good, fully deserving of the standing ovation the actors received at the finale. I was so proud of her and extremely turned on.

After the cast took their final bows, I went backstage and gave Marcy a bouquet of red roses. “Honey, you were amazing,” I said, giving her a hug and lightly cupping her ass as I embraced her. “And so was Vince,” I added.

“He was, wasn’t he?” she said, and then she blushed like she’d been caught doing something wrong.

“It’s okay. You can tell me if you have the hots for Vince. I know you well enough to know when you’re turned on, Marcy,” I said softly, so only she could hear.

“Well, you know, working so closely together, getting into character and kissing him . . . ” Her words trailed off as she got a dreamy look in her eyes.

“I don’t want to know about your character, I want to know about you. Do you think he’s hot?”

Blushing, she looked up at me, and then whispered urgently, “Yes, I think he’s sexy. I’ve fantasized about him, but I didn’t want to tell you.” Even though her voice was hushed, Marcy was as dramatic as she’d been onstage. I pulled her close enough that she could feel my erection.

“It’s my turn to tell you a secret. Watching you kiss another man turned me on and I want to see you do even more than that.”

“What are you saying, Rob? That you want me to fuck another man?”

She’d put it so bluntly, but that was exactly what I was saying. “Well, only if you’re into it and if I can watch. I want to see you with Vince. Can’t you feel how hard my cock is from watching you two together?”

She finally realized I was serious. I didn’t want to push her, but I didn’t want to hold her back from doing something we might both find incredibly hot. “Let me talk to Vince,” she said softly. Somehow, I didn’t think convincing Vince to fuck my wife would be a problem, but it was charming that she seemed nervous. That, too, was a new side of Marcy or at least one I hadn’t seen since we’d started dating.

I waited in the lobby, figuring it wouldn’t take long to get our answer. I was right. In minutes, Marcy emerged from the backstage area with her arm threaded through Vince’s. They both had big smiles on their faces. Vince introduced himself, offering me his hand. “Nice to finally meet you, Rob. I’ve heard good things.”

“As have I about you,” I said, smiling politely and trying to hide my lust. “So did you two have a discussion?”

Marcy was beaming. “Yes, we did. And we’re ready to leave now.” I gave her a kiss, and as we walked out of the theater, several people congratulated them on their performance. Meanwhile, I knew they were about to stage an even better one, a totally private performance just for me.

I suggested that Vince drive Marcy home, to give them some quiet time together. I followed them in my car, wondering if my wife’s hand was in his lap, stroking his hard cock, as Marcy sometimes did to me when I drove. By the time we arrived at our house, I was ready to explode.

We walked in our place, and they didn’t waste any time. I guess the pent up arousal had gotten to them, because in what felt like no time he had her shirt off and her tits were out. Seeing my wife with a younger man made me need to jerk off. I didn’t want to get in their way, so I moved to the side, sitting far enough away so I wouldn’t disturb them, but close enough that I could still see everything.

Part of me wanted to coach Vince, tell him about Marcy’s hot spots, like how she loves/hates to be licked along her neck, but simply watching them was exciting enough. Hearing his murmurings and her moans of arousal had me reaching for my zipper. I’d been trying to restrain myself and not actually jerk off, but I simply couldn’t. Marcy looked up at one point her face flushed, forehead sweaty and she’d never appeared more beautiful.

Right there, in our living room, Vince got down on his knees, pushed up her skirt, pulled down her panties and started eating her pussy. He was totally into it, passionate, loud and lusty, and Marcy grabbed his hair with one hand while holding her skirt up with the other, making sure I could see what he was doing. Vince’s face buried in Marcy’s pretty pussy was what pushed me over the edge I cried out as I came, shooting into my hand.

“Yes!” Marcy shouted. Vince must have found one of those spots I’d been thinking of earlier. I think he made her come three times as she gyrated on his face. And when she wanted his cock, she pushed him to the floor and straddled him, hurriedly unfastening his belt and pants. Marcy climbed aboard and took his dick deep into her eager hole. She loves to get her pussy eaten, but it always, always makes her horny for cock. This time was no exception, and she rode him hard, and when he told her he was going to come, she climbed off him and urged him to come on her tits. She whipped off her blouse and bra and jerked him right onto her breasts, which made my dick hard all over again.

I gave them time to shower together, and when they emerged she in her robe, him in his clothes I thanked them for a perfect evening.

“I hope you’ll come back for an encore!” I told him, and Vince assured me he would.

After he left, I pinned Marcy to the door, kissing her and plunging my fingers into the pussy Vince had just fucked. I knew for sure she wasn’t acting when she came hard against my hand. I hope Vince is just the first of many men who have the pleasure of my wife’s company!

Mr. Rob W., Via E Mail


When I first started dating the woman I would marry, she told me right away that she was bisexual. Laurie explained that she was looking for love wherever she could find it. She’d been in relationships with men and women, and been the third member of a trio with a married couple. We were into similar types of music, had the same often macabre sense of humor, and when we went to bed after our second date, we had the best sex of my life. I was smitten.

For our first year as husband and wife, Laurie wasn’t interested in fucking anyone else, though we would scan any given room and share our opinions about which women we thought were hot. I tend to like tall, slim brunettes like her, but she’s into all kinds of girls, often ones who are curvy and have wild hair and clothing punk rock types. I liked getting a glimpse at her bisexual side. Sometimes we took things further, with her telling me how she’d fuck a given girl if she were given the opportunity.

Laurie told me she was more than happy with me, and I believed her. But after a while, I had a feeling her desire for women would become something she’d regret not acting on, and even more, I was starting to have erotic dreams about her in the arms of other women pretty much every woman I passed. Would Laurie wear a strap on? Or would she get tied up and eaten out by a tough looking butch woman? There were so many sapphic possibilities. I only had vague ideas about what she’d actually done in her past, and I wondered if it had been anything like my fantasies.

But since she’d told me she wanted only me, would it be rude of me to bring it up? That question lingered with me for a week or two, but as it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about that because one day while we were at a caf having brunch, she ran into an old friend who she used to fool around with. Jane and my wife proceeded to gossip nonstop, and soon her old girlfriend was sitting on her lap. At one point, Jane was saying something, and Laurie briefly kissed her neck, then looked up at me as if to gauge my reaction.

I smiled at her, thinking they looked cute together, and sat there while they kept talking. There were plenty of chairs around that Jane could have sat in, but she seemed fine perched on my wife’s lap. The more they talked, the more their hands roamed. First it was Laurie’s resting on Jane’s thigh, which could have been innocent, except for the way she was moving her fingers lightly, as if trying to arouse the other woman.

When Jane started to squirm on Laurie’s lap, and then turned around and began feeding my wife bites of her muffin with her fingers, they started to attract more than my attention. They weren’t doing anything lewd, but nobody else at the caf was sitting on anyone’s lap. When Jane got up to go to the bathroom, Laurie came around the table and sat next to me.

“Sorry, we got a little carried away,” she said, laughing and not sounding sorry at all. “Did that bother you?”

“No,” I told her. “Actually, it kind of turned me on.”

“Kind of?” Laurie asked, raising an eyebrow and tossing her glossy brunette hair over her shoulder. Her hand shifted so she could feel my erection. “I see,” she whispered, flicking her tongue against my earlobe. “So you liked how flirty Jane was?”

“You could say that. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but if you wanted to get together again with Jane, I wouldn’t object . . . as long as I got to watch. I’ve been thinking about seeing you with another woman for a while. I wasn’t sure how to tell you.”

“Wow,” she said, surveying my face like we’d just met. “You should have told me. But now that you did, well, I’m going to feel Jane out and, hopefully, up!” She laughed, and that’s when Jane returned, looking from my face to Laurie’s.

Laurie whispered into her ear as I tried to focus on my plate, picking up my fork and moving around the remaining bits of my food, but when I peeked up at the sexy pair, Jane was smiling at me. When Laurie was done talking, Jane boldly grabbed her and planted her lips on my wife. They only kissed for maybe three seconds, but they were three of the hottest seconds of my life, and that definitely was our cue to leave.

We got in the car, with Laurie in the passenger seat and Jane behind her. While I drove, Jane couldn’t keep her hands to herself and kept leaning forward to slip her hand down Laurie’s shirt. “It’s been a long time since I’ve felt your breasts,” she said.

I almost swerved the car when she actually lifted Laurie’s breast out of her blouse for a second. She rose and started to kiss Laurie’s neck, but as hot as that was, I had to tell her to sit down until we got home. “And put your seat belt on, please. I promise that when we get there, you can do whatever you want to Laurie,” I said.

“Can I spank her?” Jane asked. I almost laughed at her eagerness, but the way she’d said it made it clear that she was serious.

“Of course,” I said, although the mere idea of watching Laurie get spanked made my dick even harder.

Soon we were home, and I went into the kitchen to mix drinks while the women resumed their makeout session in the bedroom. When I joined them there, I discovered that Jane had her teeth wrapped around one of Laurie’s nipples. “You ladies work fast,” I told them.

I barely even got a response they glanced over at me, and then went back to enjoying each other. I set down their gin and tonics on coasters, settled into an easy chair, and opened my pants. The vision before me was enough to almost make me come then and there, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood by rushing things. Instead I shut my eyes for a moment and just listened to their sounds of lust. It wasn’t so much that the noises she made with Jane were different than the ones she made with me, but in this scenario, I got to appreciate them in a new way.

I opened my eyes when I heard the sound of a smack. Tiny Jane had Laurie bent over and was slapping her ass, at first alternating cheeks, then standing behind her and smacking both of them at once. She only needed to do it a few times to have Laurie yelping with delight.

I liked the fact that they weren’t focused on me because it gave me a chance to fully observe them, to indulge my voyeurism to the max as I stroked my cock.

Jane was a dynamo. In another circumstance, I’d have loved to have a rough and dirty fuck with her. She was intense, and when she moved down to Laurie’s pussy, she didn’t slow down one bit. Instead she tore off Laurie’s clothes in one quick swoop, then dove right in, Sure, I thought she was hot, but it wasn’t my lust for her that had me jerking my cock so fast so much as the way she was licking and touching Laurie, her hands grabbing her asscheeks while her tongue lapped at her sex.

“I want you to come,” Jane moaned as she pulled away for a moment, and I noticed her hand slipping between her own legs. The sight of her touching herself while she ate Laurie’s cunt was too much for me, and, while engrossed in the action before me, I got off, coming in my hand, which was followed by the unmistakable sight of Laurie shuddering against Jane’s mouth. Jane kept eating her until Laurie’s orgasm subsided, and she pulled her up, then kissed her, no doubt tasting her own juices on Jane’s lips.

“Now it’s my turn. I remember how you used to like to sit on my face.” A beautiful grin spilled across Laurie’s face as she gazed at her lover.

The ladies got into position, and I noted that Jane’s pussy was shaved totally clean, and she had a navel piercing that had a twinkling blue stone. She settled herself atop Laurie’s face and started rocking her hips, and it was like she was again running the show, with Laurie almost an accessory albeit an eager one to Jane getting off. Jane beckoned me closer, curling her fingers, and, even though I still had my cock out of my pants, I moved closer. Jane gave me a wink, before shutting her eyes and letting the pleasure of Laurie’s tongue take her away. Part of me wanted to touch them, but I observed instead, knowing this would be a memory I’d treasure forever.

When Jane wanted to come, however, she asked if Laurie had a toy she could use to push her over the edge. Being the horny babe that she is, my wife has a box of them under the bed, but she fished out her favorite vibe from the nightstand and gave it to Laurie. We both watched as she got herself off, sometimes kissing Laurie, and once even kissing me! It was incredibly hot, and I found myself getting hard again, but I waited until later when I was alone with Laurie to take care of myself.

Jane was only in town for a few days, but I told Laurie that if any of her other female exes get in touch, or if she happens to make friends with a hot girl, she is more than welcome to do whatever she wants as long as I can stay in the room and watch.

Mr. Louis S., Bismarck, North Dakota


I sat at the bar and watched the door, waiting for Alice to walk in. We’d agreed that I would enter first and find a seat, and then she would come in later. We didn’t want anyone knowing we were together.

When Alice finally entered, I saw all the guys sitting near me turn their heads to check her out, and I was proud that my wife elicited such a primal response from so many men. I knew Alice would have her pick once she got settled in, and I took a minute to glance over at her fans and see if I could guess who she’d want to bring home. There were several guys who looked like they’d be her type, and I ordered another drink while I waited to see what she decided.

Alice walked around the bar and chose a stool at a right angle from mine, so I could watch her without being obvious. Within seconds the bartender was delivering a drink from one of my wife’s admirers. The guy trying to woo my wife followed shortly after his drink, and he wasn’t unattractive. He looked a few years younger than my thirty year old wife, and he had the swagger of a younger guy, too. He was full of confidence, and he had a rock and roll style: jeans and Chucks with an old Led Zeppelin t shirt and a blazer. He was the first one to approach her, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t wait to see if anything better came along.

The two of them flirted for half an hour, and I watched my wife run her hands up and down her suitor’s chest and arms. It was obvious that he was returning her touches from the look on her face, and I had a feeling he was caressing her thigh through her skirt or maybe even under her skirt. I knew we wouldn’t be hanging out in the bar too much longer, so I finished the last of my drink and went out to our SUV.

I was alone for maybe five minutes before my wife and her date climbed into the backseat and Alice introduced us. “Mike, this is my husband, Alex,” she said, pausing in her groping of her new friend long enough to take care of the niceties. After that, however, it was clear she wasn’t going to pay me any more attention. She was too tangled up in her lover.

I assumed we’d head back to the house so Alice and Mike could get more comfortable, but they were moving too fast, and my wife’s top was off before I could rev the engine. The windows in our vehicle are tinted and hard to see through even in the best light, so I figured it was safe to stay in the parking lot and let them go at it right there in the truck.

My wife started in on her partner’s blazer and shirt, sliding the jacket off before practically ripping the t shirt over his head. Once his shirt was off, Alice moved in and kissed him hard on the mouth, then trailed her kisses down his jaw, along his neck and across his chest, not stopping until she reached one of his nipples. I was anxious to see how the guy would react to my wife’s foreplay. I turned around in my seat as far as I could to get the best view, but I didn’t interrupt them. I just wanted to watch.

While Alice sucked the guy’s nipples, she started working on his pants, tugging at his belt and frantically trying to open his fly. She fumbled a little with the button, but once she got it open, she became absolutely ravenous. She tugged his pants and shorts down his hips almost violently, and then she dove right in. His cock was already half hard, and as soon as Alice started stroking and sucking him, it grew to its full length. Meanwhile, my own dick was getting hard, and I had to unzip my fly so I could jerk off while I watched the two of them go at it in the backseat.

Alice licked Mike’s cock like it was the tastiest lollipop she’d ever had, and she sucked the crown hungrily when she switched to jerking him in her tight fist. I wondered if she was going to get him off that way, or if she’d ease up enough to be able to fuck him, too.

I kept stroking my dick while I watched Alice in action, and after a few minutes she pulled off of Mike’s cock and leaned back. Mike looked dazed for a moment as he regained his composure, and then he turned in his seat so he was facing my wife. He reached under her short skirt and started to finger her, pushing her panties aside so he could thrust his digits in and out of her pussy. My view was slightly obstructed by his large form and the skirt, and I wanted to ask him to shift so I could see better, but I didn’t want to interrupt. I wasn’t sure if Mike realized I was watching and jerking off, and I didn’t want him to suddenly get shy if my presence became more obvious.

Mike finger fucked my wife for a good minute and then pulled his hand away, his fingers glistening with her juices. He offered his digits to my wife, and she greedily slurped up her juices. Once she’d licked his fingers clean, Alice sat up again and climbed on top of her partner’s lap. I watched as she slipped a hand under her skirt to push her panty crotch aside again and help guide Mike’s cock into her slit.

My wife sank down onto Mike’s dick and then started to ride him almost immediately. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and used him to get leverage as she thrust up and down. She moved at a decent pace, and I could tell when Mike started to get close to his climax, because he wrapped his hands around her slim waist and started moving her faster up and down on his shaft.

I started jerking my cock faster as their actions turned me on even more, and within a few minutes I was shooting my load into the handkerchief I’d pulled out of my pocket. My wife and her friend were still going at it in the backseat, and after I’d had a moment to revel in my climax, I turned my attention back to them, hoping to see them get off soon.

Alice started moaning and mewling, and I knew those were her sounds of pleasure. They meant she would reach her climax at any second. When Mike started grunting, too, I knew they were extremely close, and I waited anxiously to see them explode together. In less than a minute, I got what I wanted, and my wife and her date came simultaneously. Alice continued thrusting up and down in his lap, milking his dick with her pussy muscles and drawing out her own climax.

They continued fucking each other for another couple of minutes before they were exhausted, and then my wife moved out of Mike’s lap and he pulled his pants back up. He took a moment to get his shirt and blazer back on and then straightened himself out before opening the door and hopping out of the SUV. Alice and I both thanked him for a good time, and he handed my wife his card, telling her to call him if we ever wanted to do it again.

I don’t know about my wife, but I want to call him again. Seeing Alice get it on the backseat was a nice change from the usual bar bathroom or our bedroom, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her do it again!

Mr. Alex Y., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Front Row Seat

My wife, Gretchen, works in a field that requires her to travel around the country on a regular basis. It’s not an ideal situation for me, but she loves her job, so I’m willing to make the sacrifice of having to spend so many days apart. I do have my coping mechanisms, though, and my wife’s discovery of one of them led to the most amazing sexual experience of our lives.

During the course of our normal housecleaning one weekend, Gretchen discovered my stash of porn videos in the back of the closet and called me upstairs like a stern parent.

“What is the meaning of this?” she asked, unable to stifle her laughter. “Isn’t it about time you got rid of all this stuff?”

Sheepishly, I explained that I still depended on my adult entertainment when she was traveling, usually when she was away for longer than a night or two. She thought about it for a moment, and then smiled, looking at me from the corner of her eye. “Well,” she said, “I suppose that it’s innocent enough.”

We were snuggling in bed later that night with the television on, when Gretchen said, “I’ve been thinking about your video collection. What if it wasn’t so innocent?”

I looked at her. “What do you mean?”

Gretchen looked thoughtful. “I don’t mind you watching porn when I’m not at home, but I’d prefer you watch me. Would you enjoy it if we made our own sexy videos?”

I could already feel myself stirring down below. Gretchen was leaning over me, with one of her breasts pressing against my chest and her fingertip on my shoulder. “Well, yeah, actually,” I replied. “That sounds like a lot of fun.”

Gretchen’s finger was sliding over my belly, and she nibbled at my throat. “Which do you think you’d find more exciting?” she asked, her voice deliberately soft, the way I loved. “Would you prefer to watch me with you, or to watch me fucking someone else?”

I gasped. I’d fantasized more than once about Gretchen with another man there was something fundamentally provocative about the idea of watching her have sex with someone else, perhaps because it was so irresistibly dirty. Gretchen’s hand was now between my legs, slipping down to stroke my thigh, as her voice dropped to a whisper. “I’m guessing it’s the latter,” she said. She began palming my balls, her thumb and forefinger circling my rapidly inflating staff. “If we made a video of me having sex with another man, would you watch it when I was away?”

I nodded, my cock so hard that I could barely control my breathing. Gretchen stroked me lovingly. “Would you jerk off?” she asked, tugging me faster as her eyes alternated between my face and my erection. There was a drop of pre come collecting at the head of my cock, and she spread it around with her finger before stroking my shaft again. “So excited,” she whispered. “Would you let me take his load?” She smiled as I exploded in her hand, my ejaculation shooting straight into the air to splash onto my belly and chest. Gretchen licked it all up and then kissed me, not saying another word about the wickedness she’d suggested. But I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Three nights later, I came home from work to discover a new video camera on the dining room table and a lusty smile on my wife’s face. “Still interested?” she asked. Feeling all the blood in my body rushing to my crotch, I assured her that I was. We decided to try out our new video equipment that very night, with only the two of us. Having sex in front of the camera felt both exciting and illicit, as if we were heading into a completely new frontier, which, of course, we were. I familiarized myself with the camera, and the best angles from which to photograph sex, and we watched the results the following evening, attacking each other halfway through the show.

Gretchen left the next morning for a seminar in Michigan and returned four days later. I picked her up at the airport and took her to dinner. We held hands throughout most of the meal. “So, when do you think we’ll be ready to take the next step?” I asked, trying to appear casual, when it took everything I had not to rip off her clothes and do her on the table, right there in front of everybody.

Gretchen looked delighted that I’d brought up the subject. “I just got home, so let me relax tonight,” she said, smiling at my eagerness. “Tomorrow would be wonderful, though.”

“How will you find someone suitable?” I inquired.

“Oh, I don’t think that will be too difficult,” she said, winking. “I’ll take care of it.”

I stayed busy throughout the day and had dinner waiting when Gretchen came home from work. Afterward, I saw to the dishes while she showered and dressed I was having a difficult time containing my excitement. My wife eventually came downstairs wearing a stunning black dress with an elegantly sheer bodice and black pumps that made her every step a sexual experience. Her long blonde hair was swept back with pretty combs, and her neck was bare. “I shouldn’t be more than an hour or so,” she informed me, kissing my cheek.

She returned in ninety minutes, on the arm of a tall man with dark hair graying at the temples. His charcoal suit must have cost at least a thousand dollars, and he took off his jacket, draping it over the back of a chair near the door. “You must be Tom,” he said, offering me his hand so we could shake. “Travis.”

“Nice to meet you,” I replied nervously. “What are you drinking?”

“He likes Scotch,” said Gretchen, moving toward Travis. “I found him in that upscale bar downtown, across from the legal firm. Let’s go to bed,” she said, pulling him down the hall by the wrist.

They were already kissing when I got into the bedroom with their drinks. Gretchen was pulling Travis’s tie, trying to get it off, and Travis was helping her. I rushed to the dresser top and grabbed the camera. “We’ll have to keep the lights on, if that’s okay,” I said softly, not wanting to interrupt them.

“Mmf,” mumbled Gretchen. She obviously couldn’t have cared if they were in the middle of the street with me shining a spotlight down on them for the entire city to see. Travis was pushing her back onto the bed, kissing her neck, under her ear. Gretchen pushed her hips up slightly and slid off her panties, sliding them over her upraised knees, then over her high heels. I felt my cock stiffening up I was barely able to hold the camera steady.

Gretchen held the back of Travis’s head, unwilling to give up his mouth as they kissed. In the meantime, his hand went below her dress to caress the inside of her thigh. His hand was less than an inch from her blonde pussy, and then it hit me: There was no stopping this, and I felt almost dizzy with anticipation. I stayed away from close ups the sight of the two of them together was too overpowering for me to disrupt. Gretchen’s tongue was in Travis’s mouth, and she reached down to take his hand from her thigh, guiding it up and inside her dress to her breast. She broke their kissing to moan into his cheek as he stroked her curves.

Travis slid his hand back down between Gretchen’s legs, and she gasped. His hand wasn’t on her thigh this time, and his middle finger darted along her wet slit, spreading her juices around before plunging suddenly inside her and making her moan. I moved in a bit closer, to bring Gretchen’s pussy into the lower half of the frame as Travis fingered her. Her face filled the top of the frame, lovely in her ecstasy: her beautiful pale blue eyes half shut over her turned up nose, her sensuous mouth parted, and her head thrown back, exposing her throat.

Travis began kissing his way down her belly, and Gretchen began writhing on the bed. When he reached her pussy, he kissed and nibbled on her clit, applying pressure with his mouth and then sucking. This soon made Gretchen’s breathing choppy, and she began to churn her hips. Travis chose this moment to switch it up. Placing a finger on each side of her clit, he began to manipulate her as he stabbed his tongue directly into her cunt, and Gretchen was suddenly howling in orgasm. “Over you go,” he whispered playfully, rolling her onto her belly. Gretchen got up on her hands and knees, sticking her bottom up in the air so that Travis could service her cunt.

Delicately, he spread the cheeks of her ass and began licking her from stem to stern, beginning at the top of her pussy and moving slowly, sensuously up the crack of her ass, and then back. I could feel my cock leaking in my pants. Gretchen was grinding her ass back into Travis’s face. Her fingers were between her legs, stroking her clit while Travis licked her ass. Her face expressed her deep yearning, and she clenched her teeth as she came again.

Travis finally discarded his suspenders and unbuttoned his shirt. By the time he unfastened his pants, Gretchen was on her knees on the floor in front of him. His erection was already poking out of his boxer shorts, and she helped him slide them down. His cock was big and fat, the heart shaped head bulging and dark purple. I zoomed in for a close up of Gretchen staring at it. “Look at that big cock,” she said, facing me. “Tell me you want me to suck it.”

“Do it, baby. Suck him off.”

She smiled at the camera as she finally got rid of what remained of her dress, and began slapping Travis’s hard on against the softness of her breasts. Gretchen’s breasts aren’t huge, but they’re decent handfuls. She rubbed the head of his cock against her nipple, and then licked her way up the staff before taking only the head in her mouth. She did nothing at first, letting him enjoy the moist warmth as she held him, then took the root between her thumb and forefinger, stroking him lightly as she began to move her head to take more of him in. The combination was making things very intense for Travis and electrifying for me.

I’d never before known the excitement I was feeling, watching my wife enjoy the most basic desire with someone else. I had worried that I might be jealous, but I knew Gretchen loved me, and that it was just sex. As sex went, however, it was epic, and I felt only stimulation as I watched her tending to Travis’s admirable cock. Gretchen worked on the head with her mouth, sliding her hand up his length and milking him as her other hand cupped his balls. His breathing sounded suddenly labored, and Gretchen began moaning softly around his meat. I knew from experience the gentle, buzzing vibration this caused and had a sudden vision of maneuvering the camera to my left hand so I could whip out my cock and stroke myself. The only thing that kept me from doing so was the thought of getting Gretchen in my hands once this was over.

Gretchen was amazing in front of the camera! She looked at me with sinful pleasure, smiling as she took Travis out of her mouth. She posed and preened with his masculinity in all its stiff glory, caressing it with her hand as she kissed and licked at the sensitive head. Finally she took him back in her mouth to suck, her hands pumping his staff and caressing his balls. Travis shut his eyes, a look of ecstasy on his face. Gretchen moaned again, and he gasped, “I’m going to come!”

Gretchen grasped his swollen cock her thumb on bottom, her index finger on top and slowly slid her hand back and forth. Suddenly he was shooting all over her face and in her mouth, and Gretchen was laughing with delight. She swallowed what had landed in her mouth and licked her lips, winking at the camera.

Laying Travis back on the bed, she let him catch his breath before climbing over his mouth, facing his spent penis. “Eat me some more, Travis,” she asked softly, placing her sex over his face. On her knees with another man’s mouth between her legs, my beautiful wife looked at the camera and gave me the sexy eyes. I pulled back only to get her body in frame as her hips began moving over Travis. His cock was quickly ballooning up again, and Gretchen smiled at me. “Guess where that’s gonna go,” she teased. “God, he’s making me so wet!” She stiffened suddenly, her body locking in orgasm. “Keep the camera right there,” she urged. “I want you to see this from the back end first.”

Carefully, she turned around and lowered herself toward Travis’s monster of a cock. It was fully hard again and straining up toward her pussy in anticipation of its moist embrace. I’d never been more excited in my life she was really going to do it! My cock swelled and pulsed in my pants, straining against the confines of my underwear. I brought the camera in close. There was still a drop of pre come on the tip of Travis’s cock, and this, plus Gretchen’s juices, allowed him to slip right into her pussy with barely any pressure at all.

The two of them began to move, and I pulled back slightly, walking around the side of the bed as smoothly as I could to capture the reaction on Gretchen’s pretty face as she began riding Travis. Her bottom lip was between her teeth, and she moaned, her jaw dropping and eyes half closed. While I hated tearing away from her face, I had to bring the camera around to capture the healthy ripple that surged through the toned muscles in her ass and thighs with each downward stroke of her hips.

She was fucking another man. My wife was fucking another man, and I couldn’t tell which of us was enjoying it more.

“Honey, bring the camera in close,” she purred. I zoomed slowly in to focus on the point of their fervent coupling, and with every upstroke, Gretchen would let Travis slip out of her slippery cunt. She’d glide slowly against the tip of his cock until finding just the right spot, and then sink down upon it, making both of them moan.

Gretchen kept changing it up, sinking down abruptly to sit on him with her full weight, rocking her hips sensuously, and then letting him slide slowly out, driving both of them crazy.

Suddenly her hips began to buck, and she gasped, “Bring the camera back to my face! I want you to be able to watch my face when I come. Oh God, I’m gonna come on his cock!” I didn’t worry about style, or keeping a steady camera I simply ran around the bed to capture Gretchen’s expression as she clenched her teeth, barely able to keep from screaming, her body trembling in pleasure.

I asked her to get on her hands and knees, and let Travis fuck her from the rear. This I filmed from the side of the bed, to capture Gretchen’s breasts rocking, with Travis holding on to her shoulders. There was nothing gentle about it he simply pummeled her, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. Finally he collapsed flat on top of her, his legs aligned with hers. Gretchen laughed and wriggled out from under him.

“I want to taste my pussy,” she said, bending down to lick his cock, savoring her juices until she had to have him entirely back in her mouth. This time she took in a good deal more of his shaft, sliding her lips over more than half his swollen penis. “Mmm, my pussy tastes good,” she said, looking at the camera with a lascivious grin. “What do you want me to do now?”

I directed her back onto Travis, facing his feet as she rode his cock, her face at the top of the frame, while at the bottom Travis’s hard cock pistoned its way in and out of her. This was a most satisfying shot, capturing the beauty of Gretchen’s incredible body, the tone of her legs as she rocked back and forth, the creamy smoothness of her naked belly, and the ripeness of her breasts, the large nipples ruddy red and very hard. Finally, I had her lie on her back with Travis kneeling between her legs, so that we could all watch him fucking her.

She held her titties as Travis jammed his cock into her cute blonde snatch, and they began to move together. It looked like Travis was getting close, and Gretchen started teasing him again, pushing him back until he was completely withdrawn, before allowing him to slowly sink back into her cunt. It was hypnotic to watch. Little by little, she edged them both right to the brink of orgasm. Suddenly, Travis moaned, and Gretchen smiled. “I can feel his cock quivering,” she gasped, looking at me. “Where should I let him do it?”

“Right in your pussy,” I said hoarsely. “Let him come in your cunt.”

Travis grunted, and Gretchen reached down to frig her clit furiously as he filled her with his load. She cried out, the wetness flowing out of her and making a spot on the bed. I tossed the camera onto the chair and was about to push Travis out of the way, when Gretchen told him to take the camera.

“What are you doing?” I asked, unable to stop the smile spreading across my face.

“Simple,” she replied, smiling back, “We’re making two movies out of this. Everything up to now has been for you to watch while I’m away. This last part will be for me to watch while I’m away!” Travis held the camera as Gretchen laid me on my back. She climbed on top and sat on my aching cock. I could barely contain myself as I slipped into her sloppy pussy. It was hot and swollen, and wonderfully slippery with Travis’s load. She bent down to kiss me and suck on my neck while her hips started churning. “This will be the part that makes me come the hardest,” she whispered. “Seeing how crazy it made you to watch me with another man, so filled with lust that you couldn’t wait to get your dick in there, to fuck me with my pussy full of his come!” I cried out and let go inside her, and Gretchen began slamming herself onto my spurting cock. “Oh fuck, it’s so good,” she moaned. Our combined juices oozed out from her, and she collapsed on top, kissing me and thanking me for the fun we’d had.

Gretchen has had sex with two other men in front of the camera since that wonderful evening we spent with Travis one at home with me filming, and the other in Chicago, in her hotel room, with the camera on a tripod as she writhed on her lover’s impressive cock. I’ve since thrown out all my old pornography it all seems lame compared to the new ones, featuring my slutty wife. Now I look forward to her going out of town as much as I do her return home!

Model Behavior

Shopping is one activity I just don’t understand. If I need something, I find it and I buy it . . . it’s that simple. For my wife, however, shopping is like a hobby, or a sport. I’m talking about hours spent in the mall, hitting every single store and then, God forbid she wants to try something on, I have to stand there holding her purse while she’s in the dressing room for what feels like hours. The worst part is that if she likes something, I inevitably end up paying.

Then something happened that changed all that. Risa wanted a few things for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica and insisted that I accompany her. There I was on a Sunday, missing an important football game so I could carry her shopping bags full of suntan lotion, floppy hats and trashy beach novels. Finally, to add insult to injury, she dragged me into a department store so she could look at bathing suits.

I tried to find somewhere to sit while I waited, but I was out of luck. I had no choice but to follow her around while she inspected countless multicolored nylon triangles held together with bits of string. I could barely tell the suits apart but, having nothing else to do, I started imagining how she’d look wearing each skimpy bikini as she contemplated it. The next thing I knew, my cock was raging and I was suggesting the suits I wanted to see her wearing.

Guessing my motivation, Risa rolled her eyes at my sudden interest, but I knew she was happy to have me involved. When she finally picked out a few to try on, I figured my fun was over because as far as I’m usually concerned, the fitting room door is like the portal to some magical land from which she doesn’t return until she needs my credit card. However, she must have been rewarding me for my participation because she sauntered out a few minutes later wearing a skimpy two piece that I’d chosen. Ignoring the other shoppers around us, she struck a pose and purred, “Do you like it?”

I had seen her in a bikini before, but this time got me so hot that I had to shift her purse in front of my crotch to hide the swelling of my dick. She twirled around, displaying her luscious curves, and I noticed another husband/bag holder ogling her, his packages also strategically placed. I watched as he took note of my wife’s high, firm breasts and the nipples that practically poked through their flimsy nylon covering, or maybe it was the thin pink floss cleaving her asscheeks that had grabbed his attention. “Well?” she demanded, so I suggested she try on another suit.

I can’t be certain, but I think the stranger nodded in agreement. Marveling at my wife’s brazenness as she strolled back to the dressing room with nothing covered but her pussy and tits, I almost felt bad for this guy. That is, until Risa reappeared in a one piece that made me forget my thoughts. Two lengths of black material traversed her front to rise with the swell of her breasts and connect in a “V” over her mound. This created openings for the legs that were so high cut, a few pubic strands were visible even though she keeps her bush trimmed.

When she turned, I saw the back, a little piece of nothing that exposed most of her buttocks. She looked at me over her shoulder, and I nodded vehemently, already picturing myself peeling the damp garment off her body in our hotel room. And now there was no mistaking it: The guy next to me was nodding, too. Then as Risa went to change, he gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up. All I could do was smile back and hope that my wife would hurry because I was dying to go home and fuck her. But of course, she made me wait, so I began to fantasize. At first, she was riding my dick, but then I pictured myself watching her while she rode some other guy. That was something I’d never considered and to be honest, it surprised me.

Risa returned, and I paid for her purchases. As we walked away, I felt the other guy’s eyes on us or, more likely, on Risa’s ass. I was now consumed by thoughts of her being fucked by a stranger, which kept my cock hard all the way to the car. When I tossed her shopping bags in the trunk, I could no longer hide my erection, which didn’t escape her attention. “What’s this?” she teased, reaching down to squeeze it, and I had no choice but to pull away before I shot my load in my shorts.

We got into the car, but before I could put the key in the ignition, her hand was back on my crotch. “Did my fashion show turn you on?” she asked as she slid down my zipper, and I agreed, although that wasn’t quite it. I figured I’d explain later for now, I was just glad that we’d parked in a dark corner of the parking garage because she’d pulled out my turgid cock. “This is to thank you for taking me shopping,” she said, stroking gently as she continued, “and this is for paying the bill.”

Lowering her head, Risa enveloped my crown with her mouth, and I gasped loudly as she started inching her way downward. I felt her hot breath near my balls before she ascended, dragging her lips along my shaft and skimming her tongue over my sensitive skin. Back at the top, she licked my bulbous knob until it was shiny and then repeated her descent. This time, when her lips reached rock bottom, her nose remained buried in my pubic hair and she sucked me so hard that her cheeks hollowed.

I threaded my fingers through her hair as she wrapped hers around my root and started bobbing her head over my length. My other hand gripped the armrest as I shut my eyes and reveled in this unexpected blowjob. Soon, the image of my wife with a stranger reappeared in my brain like it was on an endless loop, but this time she was kneeling in front of him, clutching his asscheeks while he fucked her face with his long, thick cock. That scenario was so provocative that I decided I had no choice but to make it happen as long as Risa was willing.

“Can I ask you something?” I inquired between panting breaths.

“Mm hmm,” she responded, her utterance vibrating against my shaft.

“Would you let another man fuck you?” Her response was to suck me harder, so I continued. “You know, while I watched?” This time, her “mm hmm” was so enthusiastic that my balls immediately drew inward. With my orgasm imminent, I reached into Risa’s lap and slipped my hand up her skirt and into her panties, reaching for her sopping wet pussy. I parted her labia to locate her clit, which was already hard and pulsating. As I toggled it back and forth with two fingers, she groaned with pleasure around my penis, which felt so good that I instantly released my cream.

It was a mouthful, but she took it like a champ, swallowing down the hot, sticky semen as my fingers helped her reach her own peak. Her orgasm was stronger than usual so I knew she was turned on by the idea of someone else fucking her while I watched. I contemplated the notion for a while longer, and her juices washed over my hand as she slurped on my still spewing member. Finally, my balls were empty and she was too sensitive to continue.

We talked while we drove home and agreed that our upcoming vacation was the perfect time to turn fantasy into reality. I knew she’d have no trouble meeting someone, especially wearing the bathing suit we’d just bought. My only concern was whether this person would still be willing after learning that he would have an audience. Then I remembered the guy in the store and how envious he’d appeared, like he’d do anything to be with my wife, which laid my fears to rest.

Our vacation couldn’t come fast enough, and for weeks, we discussed little else. These talks usually led us into the bedroom, where we acted out all the things she would do with, and to, some lucky stranger. Although he didn’t know it yet, there was a guy out there who was about to get the ride of his life. When we finally made it to Costa Rica, we started looking immediately we couldn’t wait after all that buildup. As soon as we reached the resort, Risa changed into her scandalous one piece and a gauzy cover up so transparent that I wondered why she’d even bothered. I put on my swim trunks, and we headed to the beach.

Once there, we found two lounge chairs close to each other, and Risa spread her wrap on one before lying out on it. Supine, she luxuriated in the tropical sun, her body glistening with the oil I’d applied before we left the room. I watched, my eyes hidden behind dark shades, as a parade of men slowed to check her out. A few stopped to talk, but she didn’t look interested so they continued on, until finally one of them seemed to pass muster.

After chatting for a few minutes, she patted the cushion next to her and he took a seat. I could tell from his body language that he was hitting on her, and it was obvious that she was responding. When she put her hand on his thigh, my cock rose slightly. I told myself to relax so I wouldn’t have to walk across the beach with a hard on, and I was glad I had because my wife soon motioned in my direction.

I figured they were about to close the deal so I waited, hardly breathing, as he considered her proposal. Then Risa smiled and waved me over to them. “Josh, this is Nick, my husband,” she said and as I shook his hand, I saw why she’d chosen him. He was handsome, and obviously a gym rat, with his large biceps and well defined pecs. As we made plans to meet up after dinner, I realized that I’d be seeing a lot more of that body very soon.

Josh showed up at our room a little early I guess he was as anxious as we were. Risa was still in the shower so I offered him something from the minibar, and we made small talk until we heard the spray go off. We both looked at the bathroom door expectantly until the third member of our little party appeared in a cloud of steam. Wearing only a tiny white towel and a sexy grin, she approached our guest to welcome him and my cock immediately began to stiffen.

Hastily, he put down his drink, almost knocking it over. He seemed nervous, and looking at my wife, I could understand why. Her damp tresses stuck to her face, which was flushed from the hot shower, and her long, tan legs were exposed by the undersized hotel towel. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was mere feet away, watching as she helped him out of his jacket. I felt a little strange, too, but I figured that feeling would pass once the ball really got rolling.

Then Risa pressed her scantily clad body against Josh and kissed him, and my heart leapt into my throat. My cock continued rising as her tongue darted out to flick at his lips. They parted, allowing her to slip inside, and slurping sounds filled the room as their mouths met. I licked my own dry lips to moisten them, unable to stop staring as my wife’s fingers played across our guest’s chest, stroking his body through his oxford, which she soon unbuttoned and pushed over his shoulders.

He shook off the unwanted garment as she moved to his belt buckle. My eyes followed her hands to his crotch, and I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was extremely well endowed. Risa made quick work of the rest of his clothing, and when the entire package was finally revealed, I saw that I’d been correct: Even partially erect, his cock was huge, much bigger than mine at full mast.

Meanwhile, Josh’s hands hadn’t been idle. They spent some time on my wife’s asscheeks before making their way to her breasts, which they cupped through the terry cloth. She murmured into his ear to undress her, so he untucked the towel and let it fall to the floor. Then he leaned backward to admire her, so I got to size up two perfect physical specimens in all their naked glory. His prick was in Risa’s hand, now fully erect, and her fingers were wrapped around the shaft as she rubbed some pre come into the plush crown with the ball of her thumb. His hands were on her hips, stroking her damp skin, and then he stepped closer and lowered his head to her breast.

My pulse raced as I watched another man take my wife’s nipple between his lips. My dick throbbed, longing to be where his was and receiving that attention, so when Risa looked over, I couldn’t hide my jealous expression. “Touch yourself,” she mouthed over her partner’s bowed head, and I crooked an eyebrow. “Go on, take it out,” she urged, so I loosened my pants and pushed down the waistband to take hold of my own burgeoning member.

I began stroking myself at the same pace she was using on Josh, and when I pumped my shaft faster, she quickened her movements, too. Josh began gasping against her tits, his asscheeks clenched, and she paused, thinking he was close to orgasm. Looking up to see why she’d stopped, he saw me sitting there with my dick in my fist, which didn’t seem to faze him. If anything, it spurred him on, and he backed my wife onto the bed, where they resumed kissing.

My cock twitched at the sight of their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth. Then Josh made a beeline for her pussy, trailing kisses along the way. When he arrived, he laved her moist petals with such expertise that I had to let go of myself for fear of getting too excited. Risa arched her back and tossed her head in response to his efforts, and my mouth watered like I was in there, too. This went on until he had her writhing on the mattress, and me writhing in my seat.

I could have watched him eat my wife forever, but she eventually pulled him back on top of her. I was disappointed until she directed him to turn around, and as he buried his face in her juicy center, she pulled his prick toward her mouth. While she wrapped her lips around his crown, I thought back to that impromptu parking lot blowjob and marveled that this was really happening. Then, when she started swallowing his length, I held my breath, doubting she’d be able to deep throat him like she’d done to me.

Reaching up, she took hold of his asscheeks, and her head rose off the mattress as her lips stretched wide around his girth. She continued ascending, her throat opening to accommodate him, until she was an inch from the root. Then, she tugged him downward, and somehow managed to devour the remainder of his shaft. I watched, amazed, as she sucked him with her nose pressed against his sac, almost feeling the pressure of her tongue against my own skin.

Risa’s breathing grew labored as she moved up and down Josh’s extremely large member, drawing in air through her nostrils. Finally, she had no choice but to let go of his buttocks, and when her head dropped to a pillow, he started dipping his cock in and out of her mouth. Grunting with exertion, he both fucked her face and darted his tongue over her pussy, alternating between taking little flicks at her protruding button and burrowing into her hole.

This was hotter than I’d ever imagined. Without realizing it, I’d resumed masturbating, and my shaft pulsed in my fist, threatening to explode. I was afraid that I’d come before I’d seen the whole show so I stilled my hand. With little time to waste, I made my first request. “Fuck her, please,” I implored of my wife’s partner, and, like he’d been waiting for my invitation, he pulled his prick from her lips and turned himself around.

Risa spread her legs wide as he mounted her, and I got a glimpse of her resplendent pussy right before his dick pierced it. While his hips started rising and falling, I mimicked his rhythm with my fist, but I wished I could get a better view. Though I could judge by her squeals and his panting breaths what was happening, I couldn’t see for myself because my wife’s ankles were hooked at the small of Josh’s back, obscuring a crucial part of the action.

I moved closer but it didn’t help, so I made another request and asked them to do it doggy style. Josh pulled out of Risa and flipped her over. She then got right on her forearms and knees, wagging her ass provocatively. He put one hand on the small of her back to still her before lining up his cockhead with her cunt, and I watched it stretching open as he speared it slowly. I knew the pace was solely for my benefit because when his balls finally brushed against her butt, he could no longer contain himself and yanked out his dick completely. Risa gasped as he penetrated her again and then drew back out just as quickly, but this time, he left his knob buried inside her while he wrapped one arm around her waist, leaving the other behind his back to stay out of my way. Finally, he began bucking his hips, and his shaft now shiny with their mixed fluids disappeared repeatedly between her nether lips.

Risa’s breasts were soon bouncing, their pointy tips grazing the sheets. Josh was plunging his dick into her so quickly that it almost made me too dizzy to look. He grunted with his efforts as the incessant slapping of his pelvis turned her asscheeks a rosy hue, and I could almost feel the heat of her flesh as my own ass rose and fell in my seat. My buttocks were also tensing just like Josh’s as I fucked my fist, until we were all huffing and puffing so hard that the only thing left to wonder was who would come first.

Shutting her eyes, my wife bit her lower lip and released a whimper. Then she cried out as her entire body quaked violently, and her tits bounced even more wildly as she thrashed around on his cock. A moment later, he pulled her onto him with such force that she yelped when his cockhead connected with her core. For the next few minutes, he held her against him like that, no doubt letting her inner muscles stimulate him.

I will forever be grateful to Josh for what he did next. Ripping his prick from Risa’s pussy, he wrapped his fingers around it and jerked himself off until a stream of white semen blasted from the tip. My own cock started pulsing while I watched him shoot his load all over my wife’s ass and back. He moaned as another volley of his cream dripped down her thighs, and I joined the chorus as I caught my release in my cupped palm.

In a final act of chivalry, Josh leaned over to pick up Risa’s discarded towel and used it to clean his mess from her body. It was a wonderful way to end our evening, and we were so pleased that we invited him back the next day for another round. Unfortunately, he was heading home in the morning, but his loss turned out to be our gain. My wife got to fuck a variety of men during that vacation, and I was always right there beside her, her faithful husband and audience.


My wife, Heidi, and I have always enjoyed watching x rated videos, but it’s the most recent one we viewed that I wish to discuss here.

Through her job, Heidi happened to meet a man who owns a photography studio, as well as every piece of audiovisual equipment imaginable. In addition, Drew is one good looking guy. When we lunched with him one day, the waitresses were literally all over him. All this had been putting naughty ideas into my wife’s head, and I positively loved it.

Heidi is a twenty seven year old beauty, with a shapely body that can, and does, stop traffic. My biggest fantasy has always been to watch another guy do to her the things I’ve enjoyed for the last six years. We had often whispered in bed about how much she’d like to try a private video so I could see her being fucked by someone else, but so far it had stayed a bedroom fantasy. We talked about Drew’s photography talents (and of course his other talents!) and finally he agreed to do a free session for us. Heidi made a four o’clock appointment at his place and dressed up ready to strip down to her sexiest undies for her debut as a porno star and a chance to try out a sexy, willing hunk.

I had no idea what had transpired when I met Drew the day after Heidi’s scheduled appointment and he handed me the video. All he told me was how proud he was of it and how he had used several cameras and how he worked through the evening to put together the final product.

As I hurried home that night, I was so excited I nearly shot my load just thinking about the video that my wife and I would watch that night. I figured that if Drew had worked all evening, there would have to be something special on it.

Heidi was waiting expectantly with Champagne to celebrate her debut as a porn star. My trembling fingers inserted the tape in the VCR, and I returned to the sofa to watch it with my excited wife.

As the video began, Drew and Heidi were seated on a love seat in his den, sipping a drink and chatting. Almost immediately he began to fondle her and attempt to undress her while kissing her. But not too long into all this, Drew answered the telephone and handed it to Heidi. It was my phone call saying, “Hi, honey, I love you,” and the most exciting thing was that now I could see her smile as she answered.

I watched in fascination as Drew talked to my wife as she finished her drink. He began to ask her what she liked in bed and complimented her on her curvy body. It was easy to see that Heidi was enjoying his attention. In the next few minutes, the hunky photographer slid closer to my sexy spouse. When he finally brought his lips to hers, she sat motionless. Their first kiss was short and nervous, but then Heidi began to come alive.

We both watched intently as the action on the screen picked up. In no time Drew had slid my wife’s silk blouse off and was cupping her jutting breasts. Soon her bra was discarded. When my wife’s lover moved his lips to her bared titties, she began to moan loudly. Heidi did her best to help Drew out of his clothes while simultaneously she slid out of her tight black skirt.

At this point Drew led my horny wife to the bedroom, where he had more cameras set up. As Heidi and I viewed the action on the screen, we began to feel each other up. Her hand pumped at my stiff cock, which she had freed from my slacks.

I watched as Drew lowered Heidi to the bed. He slid his hand inside her white, see through panties in order to finger fuck her. Heidi was moaning and groaning like I’d never heard before. It was obvious that she enjoyed her lover’s ravenous mouth, which was nipping and sucking at her enlarged nipples.

The camera cut to a new angle when Drew pulled the panties over my wife’s shapely legs. I watched with total lust as she kept her legs up high and draped them over Drew’s shoulders, her hands guiding his ample prick into her waiting pussy. When I shot a glance at my wife beside me, she looked as if she was going to explode in orgasm any second.

For the next ten minutes Drew fucked my beautiful wife to the point of total ecstasy. Long before he fired his hot load into her juicy pussy, I shot my own load in my Heidi’s pumping hand. As he came inside her well fucked pussy, she climaxed both on the television and on the sofa beside me.

The video over, Heidi and I headed to our own bedroom, where I spent one delicious night screwing a very sexy porn queen, my own beautiful wife.

Mr. A.Y., New Jersey