I am currently in a very precarious situation. I am dating two beautiful women, one blonde and one brunette. Besides being beautiful, they have one thing in common they love to give me spankings, and I m not talking about a few love taps. I m talking about an over the knee or over the furniture ass beating with a paddle, hairbrush, wooden spoon, belt or some other instrument.

Personally, I love being spanked, but things have gotten just a little out of control. You see, both my ladies are extremely jealous, and although I ve been able to keep them from knowing about each other s existence, it all came crashing down to earth recently.

I used to spread my spankings apart, but Jennifer, the brunette, surprised me one day at my office after hours and demanded that I shed my pants for a paddling. She knew I would be the last to leave the office and had brought a paddle in her purse. I refused to undergo the spanking because I had just been thoroughly spanked the night before by Abigail, the blonde, and my ass was still sore. As Jennifer hadn t spanked me in several days, I knew she would recognize somebody else s work, which would infuriate her.

Needless to say, Jennifer wouldn t hear of leaving my office without giving me a spanking. She hiked up her skirt and settled onto my office couch. Clutching the paddle, she motioned me across her lap. I pleaded with her but it did no good, since as a part of our sexual foreplay I always beg her not to spank me. With great reluctance, I pulled down my pants and slowly crawled across her lap. Jennifer quickly jerked my underpants down to my knees and let out a big gasp.

Oh my, she said. What have we here? This spanking looks fresh.

I didn t know what to do or say. Abigail had whacked my ass with a wooden spoon the night before, and that usually leaves marks. Jennifer was infuriated and reprimanded me for cheating on her, then proceeded to give me a spanking I will never forget. She paddled my poor bottom for a good thirty minutes, stopping off and on to remind me just how upset she was that I had cheated on her. As if I couldn t tell.

Of course, by the time she finished I had a raging hard on that ached to be buried in the wonderful wet warmth of Jennifer s pussy. Happily, I soon found myself with my back on the carpeted floor with Jennifer straddling me. With practiced ease she guided my cock to her wet pussy and sank down on it, a moan of pleasure bursting from her throat as she impaled herself on my fleshy pole.

Wasting no time, she began riding me, posting on my cock, reaching back with one hand to squeeze my balls while she used me for her satisfaction. When she ordered me to take hold of her swaying breasts, I responded immediately, happy to have my hands full of those lovely melons of flesh. Up and down and side to side, Jennifer rode my cock, her talented pussy squeezing every last bit of pleasure from it.

And then she was coming, grinding hard into my cock as the sweet release of orgasm shook her. Now, at last, I could come and with a moan of delight I spurted my seed up into the velvety vise of her soaking pussy. Breathing hard, Jennifer collapsed atop me, her fingers playing in my hair. That wasn t half bad, she said. But I m still very upset with you.

I didn t hear from Jennifer for days but I did get an unexpected visitor that weekend. It was Abigail, and she was pissed because I didn t return her call Friday. I hadn t, of course, because I knew it would ultimately lead to another spanking and the revelation that I had another lover.

Abigail arrived at my house Saturday morning and went straight to my bedroom. I was in bed and shocked to see her. She stripped down to her panties, went into the bathroom and came out holding a heavy hairbrush. Get out of bed and across my lap, she ordered. I ll teach you to screen my calls and stand me up.

I begged her to forgive me. My ass was still tender from the scalding paddling Jennifer had given me. But Abigail threw back the covers to discover that I already had a huge hard on. Roll over, she demanded.

I did as I was told and she let out a gasp when she saw my still crimson ass. Who did this? You re seeing someone else? I tried to tell her it was from last week, but she knew better. She quickly sat on my back, facing my feet. She reprimanded me for cheating on her while she rubbed my ass. Then she told me she was going to teach me a lesson I d never forget.

With that, she smacked my ass hard with the hairbrush. She obviously felt she had a point to prove, that she was capable of giving me my fill of spankings and that I didn t need another lover. She proceeded to beat my ass mercilessly. I was kicking my feet and hollering as my already well beaten ass got another going over. It seemed she would never quit.

The spanking noise filled the room and my ass finally went numb as Abigail methodically delivered the last twenty swats. She rolled me over and sat on my face, as she always gets turned on after a spanking. I ate her pussy for a good twenty minutes while my ass burned and tingled and itched. After coming several times, she got up and said she sincerely hoped I would remain loyal to her because from the looks of my ass, two spanking mistresses may be a little too much for me to handle. Then she left.

So, as I said in the beginning, I m in a very precarious situation. Oh, did I mention that Jennifer s expecting me at her place for dinner tonight?

Mr. Nick C., Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sweet Candy Stripes

You know, right in the thick of it that wet heat we feel right before we come? right then I feel the sharp sting of Philip s hand striking my bottom. We were naked, entwined in a sixty nine position, with me on top sucking his hard cock. I guess my husband got carried away because he slapped my sweaty buttocks as he sucked ravenously on my labia and clitoris. Come on, Laura baby, come, he uttered between licks. I came instantly, almost simultaneously, when Philip s hand slapped the flesh of my ass. It was as if the spanking of my bottom pushed me over the edge, into the blissful world of orgasm.

I ve always liked having my bottom stroked and kneaded as part of a massage. Even anal sex is on our love menu. But I ve never had complete attention bestowed on my pearly buttocks. Since that groundbreaking night I can t get enough slaps and tickles. Philip and I have concocted interesting scenarios to get the most out of this exciting addition to our sex life.

For some reason, the inclusion of spanking during sex has set both me and my husband free. Usually I am the more dominant one in our relationship taking care of the bills, making most of the plans, calling most of the shots. But when Philip decides I need a really good whacking, I hand the reins over to him. He takes on the role of the strict but benevolent lover, and I play the blushing innocent one who is ready to drop her panties at a moment s notice!

One evening I came home from a grueling day at the office. To my surprise, Philip was already home, but the apartment was near dark in the fading twilight. He was sitting on the divan in our bedroom. The flickering lights of many candles cast shadows around the room. I smiled. My man had something in store for us.

Hello, Laura, he whispered, I ve been waiting for you. Philip hadn t a stitch of clothing on and I could see his cock sticking straight up from his lap. He also had his hands hidden behind his back.

What are you hiding, Phil? I asked. He told me to take off my clothes, then I would get to see what he had. I was intrigued and excited. I slipped my sweater dress over my head and removed my bra and pantyhose. Philip watched my every move and I could see a dribble of pre come oozing from his cock. His silence was unnerving, and arousing.

In seconds I was nude. I walked over and knelt before him. I reached out to touch his cock but he stopped me with his hands. I realized why he d hidden them.

Philip s hands were encased in soft, black leather. My hands were engulfed in his large leather clad ones and I could tell these were fine, expensive gloves gentleman s gloves. Philip looked so sexy, all naked except for those gloves.

I immediately guessed what he wanted and I slowly positioned myself over his knees. His penis banged between my legs, almost touching my cunt. I swooned with desire and need for his sharp leather clad caresses.

He wasted no time and smacked me hard with the flat of his palm. The sound was somewhat muffled because of the glove. The pain was like a dull thud that spread throughout my bottom. I moaned and moved my ass up higher. I wanted more and my husband knew it. He took my bottom and kneaded it roughly. I looked back over my shoulder, and the sight of his black covered hands moving all over my lily white ass was astonishing! I ground my pussy into his thigh as his cock bobbed against my legs. He struck again and again until my bottom was filled with a red hot heat that spread down to my pussy.

Tell me how much you want it, Phil rasped.

I moaned and he hit me again. God, I was really enjoying this! He kept whispering dirty things to me and shoving his cock between my sweaty thighs. The sensations caused by his constant smacks were driving me wild, and I was practically dripping with my own lubrication.

Just then, Philip removed one of his gloves and began hitting my ass with his bare hand. It stung more than before and now that drove me wild. I screamed out, and Philip told me how red and pretty my bottom was. I kept telling him to give it to me good and hard. Then he turned me partially over, with my back against his body, and began to rub my slick pussy with his gloved hand. He kept his bare hand behind me and pinched handfuls of my flesh with it.

I looked down at his gloved fingers sliding in and out of my hot pussy, the black leather wet with my sticky dew, and I came, my whole body shuddering. With Philip roughly cupping my ass and his leather clad hand moving all around my cunt, it was inevitable. My body still shivering and shaking, I moved from his lap and lowered my head to his cock. It was extremely erect and an angry red color, and I licked out at it, wanting a taste. Philip raised himself a bit and began to slap my bottom again. Each time I moved to the top of his penis he smacked me, telling me to suck his cock good.

Want it? You want my big cock, baby? Philip whispered, and struck my ass again. I didn t answer him fast enough and he slapped me harder. Oh, the sensation was delicious and I let out a muffled, Yes.

You want it in your cunt, baby? Philip asked as he grabbed a handful of my tender assflesh.

Instead of answering him, I moved up from his glistening cock and impaled myself on it. Philip was breathing heavily now. He grabbed my arms roughly and pistoned inside me like never before. We were both grunting, overwhelmed by our passion for each other. The sound of my flesh slapping against his was much like the sound of a spanking. My sore buttocks were rubbing against his hairy thighs as I bore down on him, and it felt good. I like when the residual pain of a spanking mixes with the sheer pleasure of having Philip s cock sliding in and out of my cunt.

When I leaned on my husband s shoulder for more support, he came. He kept moving up, deep inside me, and my pussy milked him down to the last drop. We continued for a while like that, until his hot seed started to drip out of me. We were tired and disoriented, but Philip took me into his arms and carried me over to the bed. He caressed my body, this time lovingly and slowly, and stroked my tender buttocks lightly until I fell asleep.

For several nights after that, every time Philip and I made love, he became more and more demanding, and I loved it. He often reminded me that my ass was his, and my pussy tingled with anticipation. My desire to let go rode over everything else and I looked forward to our heated, frenzied couplings.

The pinnacle, the pi ce de r sistance, happened one cold winter s eve. I was supposed to meet Philip for dinner but I forgot, staying at work late instead. I didn t call, and when I arrived home our apartment was empty. I thought it quite strange, and then I suddenly remembered our date. Just as I said, Oh, damn it, I heard Philip s key turning in the lock. His face was like a thundercloud.

I started with my apologies, but he held his hand up after he shed his coat.

Silence, Laura. Take off your clothes. I was taken aback by his harsh attitude and started to protest.

Honey, I said I was . . .

Philip was in my face in a flash. He gripped the back of my neck and said, Laura, you know you ve been bad and now you have to make it up to me, don t you? His face was flushed with excitement.

Suddenly it dawned on me that he wanted to play. I began to remove my clothes but Philip kept his on. When I got down to my skimpy white cotton panties, he told me to stop. I just stood there, feeling shy for some reason. I moved my hands to cover my breasts.

Now, now, darling, my husband said, and he removed my hands from my breasts. He took one of my nipples between his thumb and index finger and squeezed hard. I winced, but felt a rush of heat roil in my cunt. Philip began to massage my breasts with both hands, roughly kneading them until I was panting with desire. Then he ripped my panties off and tossed them.

I was shocked but Philip just laughed. He took a large handful of my asscheek and pinched it with force.

You made me wait a long time, Laura, out in the cold. What are you going to do?

He was standing right in front of me, pushing his crotch against my body in a lewd manner and roughly grabbing my assflesh.

I m going to let you spank me. To my surprise, he just laughed. Oh, no, Laura. Something much, much better. Now get on all fours, naughty girl.

I got down on my hands and knees, sinking into the plush carpet of our living room. He was directly behind me and I swayed my ass up at him enticingly, although I was nervous about what he had in store. That s when I heard Philip removing his leather belt. I started to lift my head and turn around in protest.

Oh, no, Phil, you ve always used just hands. He straddled my crouching body and cupped my chin in his hand.

Drastic misbehavior calls for drastic measures, love. Then he started to massage my ass, his hands moving deep into the cleft. He was standing over me doubling up his belt, touching me, telling me how good it was going to feel and that I deserved it. I was aroused and began to anticipate the sting of his belt. He kept touching my nether parts, finally reaching my wet pussy. He slid his fingers inside and I backed up against his hand.

See how much you want this, baby, my husband said. He abruptly stopped fingering my pussy and stood behind me. Then he struck my fleshy cheek. I jerked away at first, surprised by the intense sting of leather but oh, God, it felt great! Philip cracked the belt again on my ass and I moaned. The resulting vibration sank deep into my bottom and caressed my cunt. I was whimpering now as Philip established a rhythm, at first striking me hard and then just tapping the newly sensitive flesh of my ass.

I was so hot now, my pussy practically dripping and my ass aflame. Philip was breathing hard and he knelt down behind me. He struck me again with the belt and I moaned, telling him I d never stand him up again.

His acknowledgement of my apology was to stick two fingers deep inside my pussy and to keep tapping my tender flesh with the belt. He moved it all around my bottom and let it lie between my asscheeks, as if he wanted to fuck me with it.

Then Philip stopped stroking my ass with the belt and threw it aside. He pushed up against me and began to knead my sore bottom. My behind was so sensitive, I could feel his cock straining through his pants. His fingers were wet from my pussy and he inserted two of them into my rectum and kept touching my clitoris with his other hand. My bottom was absolutely radiating heat and so was my cunt. I could hardly hold up my body. I felt super aware of my bottom parts. My asshole and pussy felt as if they were melting, and it was in that white heat that I came, crying out in ecstasy.

I flipped over, away from Philip s hands, and lay back against the couch.

Please fuck me, baby. I needed Philip s thick, hard cock inside me so bad that I was already fingering myself to another orgasm. I was squirming and rubbing my asscheeks against the plush carpet.

Philip stood up and took off his pants and underwear. He watched me and stroked his erect cock as I played with myself. I pleaded with him but he took his time, reveling in my discomfort.

On your knees again, baby, he hissed. I want to see that candy striped ass of yours.

I gripped the seat of the couch with both hands and presented my hot bottom to my husband. He knelt behind me and shoved his cock deep inside my pussy. We both screamed out loud. Philip once again began to touch my sore buttocks. His body was pushing roughly against mine and he started to spank me as he worked his cock in and out of my pussy.

It was a savage fuck, and the passion we felt at that moment was animalistic. I begged Philip to keep spanking me. He did it but not hard, just enough to give me the thrill I craved. Waves of sensation radiated from my tender flesh and pleasure surrounded our pounding genitals. We were both fucking like never before and we knew it. Dirty words spewed from my husband s mouth and I loved it. He told me how hot and delicious I felt, and how slick my cunt was around his cock.

I was his, playing the role of his nasty girl, and he could toy with me if he wanted to. When Philip came he practically howled like a wolf and pulled out, so my reddened flesh could feel the heat and salt of his seed. Once more, I had an orgasm that left me quivering for the rest of the evening.

What an exhilarating experience that was! Little did I know that my husband s attention to my bottom would flower into an intense sexual exploration, leaving us both fulfilled. Though I never forget to meet Philip now, there are a few things I do that result in sweet punishment.

Naughty New Year

You re naughty, I told my girlfriend when I saw her getting ready for the party.

What do you mean? Claire s eyebrows shot up in a look of pure innocence, but that s where the purity ended. Every other part of her appearance was downright wicked. She had her long honey blonde hair styled in that tousled, sexy, just been fucked look that I love so much. Her full lips were slicked with ruby red gloss that I could imagine leaving kiss marks all over my naked skin. And then there was her dress.

Oh, Jesus, her dress.

The thing couldn t have been any tighter if it had been made out of that spray on vinyl we d ordered once from an XXX catalog. Her curvaceous form was encased in shiny black latex. It was so slippery slick looking that I had to put my hand out, to feel for myself if the surface was wet. How she had gotten into the thing without coating herself first with some sort of lubricant like Crisco, perhaps I had no idea. But the thought of her sensually shimmying her way into the outfit was a total turn on.

I started to run my hand along the rear of her dress, but Claire gently slid away from my touch with a quick step to the left. Not yet, Matt, she murmured, punctuating the words with a pouty little shake of her head. I could tell from the way she moved that she liked the way her hair felt, tickling against her face, and I knew instantly what those soft curls would feel like against my cheeks or my cock.

We ll be late if we do that . . . Claire continued.

Do what? I asked, feigning innocence. What are you talking about, Claire? I haven t said a word.

Whatever it is you re thinking, Claire told me, eyes narrowed as if she could see the dirty visions imprinted in my skull.

I m not thinking about spanking anyone, I said officiously, and then put my hand to my mouth in mock horror. Oh, no, I ve said too much!

Claire s blue eyes flashed at me. I spent a lot of time on my hair today. As if that would matter to me. As if that would slow me down.

To get that just been fucked look? I asked, teasing her.

It s called messy bed head, she corrected me.

I like you much better with a just been spanked look, I told her, and watched her blush furiously. You don t have to pay me anything, and I don t expect a tip.

But we ll be late for the party, she repeated, yet I had already caught the flush to her cheeks. She clearly was aroused by what I d said. Perhaps, she d been aroused even before I d entered the room

Then let s be late, I said, pulling her forcefully to me, and admitting with that gesture that I d had dirty ideas all along.

In all seriousness, how could I not have ideas with Claire dressed like that. All I wanted to do was unzip the shiny fabric and reveal the beautiful naked flesh waiting for me. I knew that her pussy was bare on this night. There was no conceivable way she could have gotten panties on under a dress that tight, not without leaving telltale marks, and when I slid my hand over the luscious curve of her ass, all I could feel beneath the rubber was well ass.

But everyone will be waiting, Claire told me, trying to push me away again. Or fake trying, anyway. I looked down at her cherry painted nails and the cocktail ring that glimmered in the light. Yet her hands on my broad chest hardly pushed at all. She was like a heroine in an old fashioned movie, saying No, no, no, but meaning Yes, yes, yes!

Everyone will be waiting for the ball to drop, I told her, not for us. Nobody will notice at all if we re an hour late.

An hour? she seemed surprised. What s going to take an hour, Matt?

This, I said, pulling her quickly into my arms and sitting down on the edge of the bed. With ease, I bent her neatly over my lap, noticing once more how she worked with me, rather than against me. Clearly, she had no desire to get to the party any time soon, in spite of her previous protests. I could tell by the way she lifted her hips, helping me to position her properly and arrange her in her favorite over the knee pose. Claire was made to bend into that position. She s flexible and lithe, and her ass seems to beg to be spanked. Pert, pretty and proud.

Still, brat that she is, she couldn t keep her pretty little mouth shut, You re going to spank me for an hour?

No, I told her, running my hand over her rear and momentarily losing myself in the sensation. I loved the way the material of her dress felt under my palm, but I was able to gather my thoughts quickly. First, I told her, I m going to spank you through your dress.

Oh, she sighed, much quieter now, the bratty attitude quickly fading.

Then, I m going to make you strip all your clothes off, I continued, not that you have much to take off, I know and I m going to spank you again, on your bare skin, because that s what you really need.

She sighed once more, sweet and low, and I felt her press her desperate pussy against my knee, craving contact.

And finally, I told her, I m going to fuck you, with your ass all hot and cherry red.

Saying the words aloud made me harder than I d been since entering the room. But that s not why I spelled out my plans. Letting Claire know what lay in store for her made her instantly wetter than she d been. How did I know? I let one hand slide between her thighs and found that yes, I was right, she d left her panties in her top drawer. And yes, look at me, right again. She was so damn wet I had to rethink steps one and two. I wanted to jump to step three right away and simply fuck the daylights out of her. She was definitely ready. But where would the fun be in that?

I knew from so many pleasurable past experiences that starting my baby with a hard, over the knee spanking would have its ultimate rewards. Claire loves spanking more than anything else we do. Sure, she pretends to protest every once in awhile:

I haven t been bad, Matt.

I m not naughty.

But those are just words. Merely dressing in this way, knowing for a fact what the get up would do to me, was naughty enough in my book.

Still, I took my time. Claire had spent so long on her appearance, I thought I ought to appreciate the effort. I let my hand stroke the length of the dress, from her shoulders all the way down her spine to the hem. It wasn t actually that long. The sleek black dress ended right at the tops of her thighs, which was even naughtier. I liked the thought of her buying the outfit, of her trying it on in some risqu fetish store, admiring herself in the dressing room mirror, and guessing exactly what would happen to her if she paraded around in front of me while wearing the thing.

We ve been together for four years. Claire knows how to make my pulse race as much as I know how to turn her on.

Claire wriggled sexily at my touch, bringing me back to my senses. She was ready to be spanked. I could tell from the way she moved in my lap. But I made her wait a moment longer, bringing my hand between her slender thighs once more, slipping my finger into her pussy to feel her wetness. Immediately, her liquid sex drenched my fingers, and when I brought my fingers to my nose, I could drink in her fragrance: sweetness, like nothing else.

Now, a different vision bloomed in my mind. I thought of pushing her onto the floor, getting her on all fours, pressing my mouth to the split of her body and devouring her. I adore making love to Claire with my mouth, getting in deep with my tongue and touching her in all of those secret places.

But that would deprive me of my number one pleasure, because spanking my sweet nubile Claire is my favorite method of foreplay. All of this was merely prolonging that treat. So without another second passing, I brought my hand down on her ass, feeling the give of the midnight latex under my palm, hearing Claire squeal. A sound that reminded me remarkably of her squeals of sexual ecstasy.

Before Claire could adjust herself to the pleasurable spark of pain, I spanked her again, reveling in the smack of my hand on her rubber clad rear, and then again. I didn t go easy on her because I knew the dress offered a bit of protection. I spanked her firmly and repeatedly, my hand slapping her beautiful bottom over and over.

Oh, man, did I like the dress. There was something so fucking sexy about spanking her through the latex. About watching her wriggle in that tight dress, her hips rolling under the shiny black material. And the sound it made the sound of the spanks seemed to echo throughout the room.

Claire liked it, too. I could tell. In this way, she and I are perfectly matched. When I spank her, she lets me know with every motion how turned on she gets. She raises up her hips ever so slightly, so that her ass seems to meet my hand in mid blow. She grips onto my legs, holding herself as still as she can when I really start to let her have it. And then she groans and says, Oh, God, I love that. Just in case I couldn t read all the other signs.

This? I teased. You love this? I punctuated the words with additional smacks, a flurry of blows on her rubber clad ass.

Yeah, Matt. Oh, God, yes.

And this? I asked next, starting to slide her dress up. I had to really work at it. Her skin was hot, and the rubbery material was sealed to her body. The best thing I could do was unzip the dress and peel the outfit off her entirely, revealing what I d guessed at the start. That she was totally naked under the formfitting creation. Entirely, stunningly, beautifully naked.

That made what I was going to do next so much easier. I didn t have panties to pull down. I didn t have garters or stockings to muck around with. I simply stood Claire up on her high heels so that she could shake off the dress and then pulled her right back down again, wanting to spank that haughty ass of hers on the bare. I wanted to feel her tender skin gradually heat up under the punishing blows of my hand on her asscheeks.

But Claire made a move that changed my mind. She parted her thighs, letting me know that she wanted something else. Something more. Understanding the clue immediately, I began to spank her in a new way, smacking her right cheek and then her left cheek, and then tapping her between her legs on every third blow, giving her firm love pats with four fingers against her pussy. Claire shuddered delectably when I did that, and I could tell, based on the juices that covered my fingers, that she was amazingly turned on. Ripe and ready to go. If I kept spanking her just right, she would come from that alone.

And, of course, that was my ultimate goal.

With hardly a pause, my hand slapped her gorgeous ass right cheek, left cheek and then my fingers met her swollen pussy lips. Right, left, then pussy, so that soon Claire was moaning and writhing on my lap, letting her clit hit my knee once more, rubbing herself so that she could get off.

If we d been playing some sort of true punishment game, I would have stopped her right then and made her teeter on the brink. But this was different. There was no reason to make her wait. Except that I know prolonging pleasure always makes the end results so much more explosive.

I let my hand linger between her legs now, so that the love pats turned into rubs. I spanked her with the same intensity, but began to circle her clit with my fingers on each rotation. She was in heaven, the spanking making her cry out, the pressure of my fingertips on her clit making her moan. I could tell she was at that place where she didn t even know what she wanted.

The pain. The pleasure. Something. Anything. Release. Relief.

That s what I gave her. Finally, forgoing the spanking in order to get her off. Rubbing her clit firmly with my hand. Paying attention to the way her lithe body moved, to the electric shudders that ran through her. But as soon as she started to climax, I resumed the spanking because I know that extends the pleasure for her. Being spanked while she s actually coming thrills Claire like nothing else.

She was out of her head with excitement. She didn t know what to do. Her body was trembling so fiercely that she could hardly breathe. I could tell from her rhythmic movements that she was going to come again. She was going to come hard, in that way she does when one climax trips the next. Once more, there was no reason not to let her climax a second time. No reason, except that I can be a mean, cruel hearted bastard when I want to be.

At least, that s what Claire said when I pushed her off my lap and onto the bed.

Don t stop, Matt. Please don t stop.

But stop I did. I wanted her to come, yes. But I wanted to feel her climax on my cock. And I wanted that now.

Oh, you re evil, she hissed, shooting me a look over her shoulder, but getting into proper position anyway. I knew she was trying to get a rise out of me. If she acted the brat convincingly enough, maybe I would spank her some more. Spank her until she came again and again.

But I was on to her ways. We ve done this often enough for me to recognize all of her little tricks.

Quickly, I split my slacks and got out my cock. But then, because she had tested me, I didn t give her what she so desperately wanted. Instead, I climbed onto the bed in front of her and told her to suck me.

Get it nice and wet, I demanded. I want to feel how much you want to please me.

I wanted more than that. I wanted her lip gloss to smear all over my skin. I wanted to change her artfully arranged hairstyle that looked as if she d just been fucked to one that showed she d actually been fucked. I wanted to have my way with her. And when Claire looked up at me, her blue eyes huge, I could tell she understood each one of my desires. And that as usual her desires echoed my own.

She sucked me immediately, not a word about her makeup. Not a word at all. She parted her pretty ruby glossed lips and drew the head of my cock into her warm, willing mouth. And now I was the one to say, Oh, baby, don t stop.

Claire has such a sexy way of giving head. She puts her whole self into it, every time. She shimmies her body, letting me know that she likes giving as much as I like receiving. Soon, I felt the desire to reward her, and I leaned forward, thrusting into her mouth, and let my hand slap against her already reddened asscheeks. She must have known what was coming, because she held herself still for the smack, and then began to suck me harder, rocking back and forth as she did, wiggling her ass in such a becoming way that I had to land another blow on the other cheek, just to even her out.

I knew Claire was desperate for me to fuck her, but only when I was ready, only when she d gotten my cock all drippy wet with her mouth, did I tell her to stop sucking, spin around, and give me her pussy.

You know what I want, I told her. You know what to do.

She faced away from me on the bed, and then raised her hips and pressed back, and I slid into her with ease, gripping onto her waist and pulling her hard onto my cock. I worked her strenuously for several thrusts, slamming into her to feel the contact. I had the sensation of driving all the way through her body. But then Claire grabbed a bit of the power from me, squeezing so tight that I lost my breath and thought I might come right then.

I had to pull back in order to hold off. But Claire sensed my weakness and knew she had scored. She was in charge of the rhythm now, moving on me however she wanted, taking her time to make it a slow ride, then jamming back against me so that I caught my breath once more.

Fuck, I really was going to come fast if she kept that up. But that s not what I wanted. I wanted to make this ride last, and I wanted to give Claire exactly what she needed. But I realized that with her working me, I didn t have to hold on to her waist, didn t have to keep her steady to my desires. My hands were free now, so that I could spank her, landing stinging smacks on her beautiful ass and thighs as she continued to fuck herself on my cock.

Now, my head was spinning with sensations. The scent of her all around us, that aroma of arousal making me dizzy with lust. And the sounds were so sexy, the melody of my hand against the bare skin of her ass, combined with the hearty otherworldly sounds of us breathing, panting and moaning. Claire moans so sweetly, purring at one moment, almost roaring the next. She was reaching her peak, I could tell. I could tell from the way she moved, the way she started to grind back against me, and the way she kept lifting her ass higher to meet my hand.

She wanted more. She wanted me to smack her so that she could really feel it. Once, Claire confessed to me that as she gets closer to climax, she likes to be spanked harder. It doesn t feel harder, she said. It just resonates more. I think the spanking helps her reach her peak. That s how it seemed on this night, when I started to spank her in rhythm to the way she moved. She came down hard, and I smacked her right cheek. She pulled up on my pole, and I volleyed with her left.

And then, inspiration striking, I began to spank both cheeks at once, slapping my hands on her rosy pink skin. I couldn t stop thinking about how sweet and warm her ass would be when I finished spanking her bottom.

Claire let out the loudest moan of the night, and then I saw her slide one hand under her body, knew she was touching her clit, watched as she grew suddenly still, and then started to tremble. Right as she came, I came with her, loving the way her body tightened on my cock, those inner muscles of hers gripping me to perfection.

I m there, she groaned, falling forward. Oh, God, Matt.

Right there with you, I told her, moving her hair aside so that I could playfully bite her shoulder.

I held her afterward, taking in her appearance, smiling as she shook out her long blonde mane of hair. Claire looked at the clock.

Oh, wow, are we going to be late, she sighed.

I looked at her and knew I wasn t done yet. That I had to fuck her again before we headed out to the party. But you know what they say: Better late . . .


For my twenty fifth birthday party, I decided to make it a girls only affair. Since I was single, as were most of my closest friends, this made sense. Before that night, I hadn t realized how much I d missed one of my favorite erotic activities: bending over and getting spanked. I was in for quite a treat, all courtesy of my great group of girlfriends.

My best friend, Amanda, agreed to host us at her house, since hers was the biggest, and everyone agreed to bring something. On the big night, balloons, cupcakes, decorations, DVDs, and gifts surrounded us. We planned to stay up all night and have a real slumber party. For starters, we all changed into nighties and pajamas. I was given a sexy pale blue negligee and tiny matching thong, which I quickly put on. Somehow, just by stripping down, the mood in the room became more intimate. We were joking around, but I got the sense that beneath the laughter, there was simmering sexual tension, which wouldn t be unusual amongst my racy group of friends.

Then we settled in to watch the movie Dirty Dancing and give each other pedicures and manicures. When Amanda started blowing on my fingers to dry them, I took the time to admire her. She has blonde hair, a contrast to my own brunette, and she looked so adorable as she focused on making my nails perfect. Plus her hot breath on my fingertips made my nipples hard. Amanda and I have had hot and heavy makeout sessions in the past, but that s as far as it had gone.

As the movie came to a close with the classic No one puts Baby in a corner line, I realized how turned on I was by being around such pretty girls in revealing outfits. Amanda was sitting next to me, our thighs touching, and she turned to me, gave me a slow smile and said, I think it s time for you to get your birthday spanking, don t you?

As soon as she said it, I blushed, thinking about being bent over and having everyone watch me get spanked. Plus, twenty five (and one to grow on) is a lot of smacks, but she started gathering everyone around, promising me they d take turns. Amanda settled me so I was draped over the dining room table, able to rest my arms on the wood to support myself. I hadn t really thought about a birthday spanking, but I was glad I d worn the thong, because it showed off my butt perfectly.

I knew for some of the girls it was more of a silly prank, but for me, I can t take spanking lightly. Just the thought of getting whacked on my bottom makes me tremble with desire, but I tried to stay calm and lighthearted. Are you ready, Lesley? Amanda asked. The TV was off, and the room was filled with the sound of girls shuffling and whispering.

I peeked around and smiled at the girls who were waiting their turns, then stuck my ass out further. I thought they were about to start, when Amanda decided that I wasn t properly attired. You need to be blindfolded, she whispered into my ear, her lips grazing my skin and making me even more turned on. I knew that at the very least, Amanda knew what she was doing, especially when she fished out a blindfold and settled it over my eyes. No cheating, or you ll get even harder smacks though you d probably like that, she said with a wicked laugh. I knew that all the simmering sexual tension between us was about to be unleashed directly onto my ass.

Amanda graciously let some of the other girls go first. Ready? asked Tina, who then gave me what basically felt like a pat on the ass. Count! she said, then giggled.

One, I said, grinning despite the fact that the impact was minimal.

Two, I said, feeling Tina get more into it as the others cheered her on. My thin nightie and panties did little to cushion her blows. Soon her five spanks were up, and Marissa was next. She s a pretty big girl at six feet tall, and I had a feeling her whacks were going to be powerful.

Are you sure you can take it, Lesley? she joked, and before I could even get out a reply, her hand came down and struck my right asscheek. The sound echoed through the room, and I knew my pale skin would be marked bright red. The heated tingling felt good.

You can t really do this properly with panties on, can you? Marissa asked. She then lifted up the nightie and peeled my panties down so my butt was exposed, the edge of my underwear resting at my upper thighs. Much better, she said, and I vaguely remembered that in between boyfriends she d once had a skinny little girlfriend who seemed to worship her every move. I wondered if that girl had ever gotten a spanking like this one, and the image stayed in my mind as Marissa continued to unleash her power directly onto my behind. I was sad when her five rounds of ass smacking came to an end.

Marissa offered me her hand to kiss, brushing her knuckles against my lips. I was so turned on that I licked her skin, tracing the outline of her hand, then up her palm, before sucking one finger into my mouth. Not being able to see made the taste of her salty skin on my tongue all the more arousing, and that moment marked the official point where the spankings went from lighthearted to erotic. I guess Lesley s into spanking, I heard someone say, and I grinned. Whoever had said it was right I was so wet I was sure everyone could see my lips glistening.

I was really looking forward to Amanda s turn at bat, but I underestimated the next girl, Lee. She s pretty happy go lucky, and I d never have imagined her being kinky in any way. But when she approached me, she began by rubbing her body against my ass, then fondling each cheek, as if preparing her hands for what they were about to encounter. Lesley, you ve got a great ass.

Thank you, I said, then kept quiet as Lee proceeded to show me that she either knew her way around birthday spankings or was a very fast learner. Each smack of hers landed soundly, sending its heat racing through my body. I like to think that I can tell when someone is just going through the spanking motions and when they re really putting their heart and soul into it, and Lee was doing the latter. I could hear her soft grunts as she swung her arm, and her fingers curled against my hot skin as she made the most of those five whacks.

I was breathing heavily myself when she stopped, then bent down to literally kiss my ass as a show of appreciation.

You guys are really outdoing yourselves, I said. It s a shame I don t have birthdays more often.

Next was Donna, who took things to the next level by using a belt. She didn t whack me too hard, but the use of the leather implement created a delightful sting on my buttocks. I counted down, not wanting it to end.

Finally, it s my turn! Amanda crowed, clearly delighted. Watch how it s done, ladies, she said to the other women, and I knew she was excited to get the chance to show off.

She leaned down and whispered in my ear, I think you have the maturity of someone much older than twenty five, so I m going to give you as many smacks as seem fitting. I shivered in delight at the devious, kinky tone to my best friend s voice. I m glad you re already warmed up, she said, pinching my ass a few times before starting her volley of smacks.

Amanda alternated her spanking with running her nails up the back of my leg, just enough to make the skin there tingle. She didn t make me count, and that made the process even more exciting I had no idea when it would end, or what was coming next. She d give me a few solid smacks, then a flurry of small but fierce ones. I liked all of it, but could never get used to what she was doing because she d switch styles so often. I nearly came when Amanda kept one hand cupped on my ass and leaned over me to say, I bet you re getting wet, Lesley. I think it s time to find out.

Ladies, I need to borrow our birthday girl for a few minutes to deliver her present. I take it you can occupy yourselves. She laughed, and when she slipped off the blindfold, I saw that was because Lee and Marissa were locked in an embrace while Tina and Donna were taking turns spanking each other.

I let Amanda whisk me away to her bedroom. Hold out your hands, she said when we got there, and when I did, she presented me with a deluxe vibrator the Rabbit. It was a purple dual action toy that had pearls inside of it. You re going to use this to make yourself come while I spank you, she said, her voice brooking no argument not that I was planning to object.

Amanda, thank you so much, I said, turning around, but she was intent on finishing me off.

You re overdressed get into your birthday suit, she instructed, and I quickly and happily got completely naked. I climbed onto the bed and got on all fours, working the toy inside me from that position. It was a little unusual, but as Amanda started spanking me, I got even wetter, allowing the big toy to slide easily inside. Getting spanked while fucked with a vibrator and having my clit tweaked by the rotating base of the toy was the best birthday present this girl could ask for. That s it, come for me, she coaxed, and I shoved the toy deeper inside my pussy while Amanda s smacks got even harder. She focused on the center of my butt, my sweet spot, the place where I felt the impact of each strike where it counted. Soon, the triple threat of the vibe s dual motion and her hand s power had me coming, crying out in delight as my climax raced through my body.

When the shudders had subsided, Amanda removed the vibrator, turned it off, then climbed on top of me. Happy Birthday, she said, giving me a thorough, lusty kiss. I put my nightie back on and went downstairs, where we watched the other girls make out before we all settled down on the floor to recover. I hope it was an auspicious start to being twenty five, and hope that many more spankings are in my future.

Ms. Lesley M., Seattle, Washington


Ow! was my wife s response to the playful yet still sharp smack I laid on her ass as she walked to the refrigerator. I couldn t help myself: She was still wearing the baby doll nightie that she d slept in and her bottom was covered by nothing but a flimsy pink thong. In addition, her cheeks were still flushed, a souvenir of the spanking I d given her the previous night.

I tried reading the morning paper as Olivia made us breakfast, but she was way too distracting. My cock hardened as she leaned into the refrigerator for eggs, milk and butter, and I readjusted my robe to hide it as she walked back to the counter. However, I couldn t resist giving her another swat as she passed.

Stop it, she admonished, and though her words were meant to sound menacing, there was mischief in her eyes. I was no longer hungry all I could think about was throwing her over my lap and feeling her weight against my throbbing erection as I spanked her soundly. Unfortunately, she hadn t done anything to deserve it. That was the game we played: although it was really about the spanking, the conceit was that she d earned it as a form of discipline. That was the case the day before, when she d forgotten to pick up my dry cleaning.

Opportunity knocked a moment later. Olivia was cracking eggs into a bowl when one missed, making a slippery puddle on the Formica. Instead of wiping it up right away, she kept on working, and I assumed that she wanted me to notice the mess. Gruffly, I told her to wipe it up and that breakfast would wait.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly as she tried to hide a smile, so I knew a spanking had been her intention all along. I turned my chair away from the table and patted my lap, so she moved beside me and placed a folded dishrag on the floor. Then she dropped to her knees and bent forward so that her stomach rested on one of my thighs and her breasts pressed against the other.

Olivia s nipples scraped against my leg as I flipped up her skimpy nightie to expose her cheeks. I loved that she still bore marks from the previous night s paddling just the memory of the non business side of the hairbrush landing on her buttocks made my dick twitch against her midsection. She responded by squirming against me and I admonished her to remain still. I began stroking the firm globes of her rear end, which warmed beneath my palm. Then I raised my arm and brought my stiffened hand down with a resounding smack!

Her glutes tensed at my sudden slap, and her breath whistled in between her front teeth. I gave her ass another rap, and this time, she let out a gasp because these blows weren t playful like before but were meant to really be felt. Although I couldn t let her know it, spanking her was affecting me, too. It felt like all of the blood in my body was flowing in the direction of my crotch, and the contents of my balls were starting to boil. My cock throbbed incessantly, demanding me to bury it in her hot, tight cunt, responding not only to the spanking but also to the smell of arousal that drifted up from between her legs. I ignored it to concentrate of the rising and falling of my right hand and the marks it left every time it landed on her tender skin.

Olivia lurched forward with each resounding slap, and she let out a grunt every time. The air was filled with other noises as well, such as my slightly increased breath rate and the sound of flesh against flesh. I delighted in the rhythmic soundtrack of our spanking as my blows rained down on her ass, though I soon craved a different melody.

I glanced around the kitchen in search of a new instrument to carry out my punishment, and it didn t take long to find something. Actually, it was like my wife had picked it out for me. The spatula she uses for eggs still lay on the counter, so I told her to get it for me, and she did so without delay. Then she settled herself back over my lap as I inspected the new toy, amazed I hadn t thought of it before. The handle, formed of a bent piece of metal, felt comfortable in my grip, and the flat piece of plastic at the top looked like it would deliver a nice sting. I tested it against my own palm and was pleased with the effect, so I immediately tried it again, this time landing the blow on Olivia s derriere.

Now, instead of grunting or gasping, she let out a low moan, letting me know that the spanking was getting to her in a good way. I raised my arm again and brought the spatula down on the other cheek, and once more, her body was propelled forward as a groan escaped from her throat. She ground her pussy against my thigh in pursuit of some relief but I quickly barked, Don t move! and increased the force of my next slap.

Her buttocks went from pink to red as I switched from side to side, and she gasped with pleasure while she endeavored to remain still. Although I felt certain that she was as aroused as I was, I wanted to make sure. Setting aside the spatula for a moment, I reached between her legs and swiped my hand over her cunt.

As I had expected, my fingers came away wet, so I sucked them clean of her salty fluids before reaching back between her thighs. This time, I parted her outer labia to delve amongst her inner folds, easily finding her hardened clit. I toggled it a few times before thrusting my fingers into her hole, which immediately contracted as she cried out, announcing her release. A fresh flow of liquid seeped out of her pussy onto my hand, so when I pulled away and gave her butt a quick smack, it left a glossy smear on her cheek.

Now that Olivia had let off some steam, I could resume my spanking without the distraction of her pussy grinding against my leg. Besides, I now had the enjoyable task of getting her worked up all over again, so she d be good and ready when I was finally prepared to fuck her from behind, of course. I was dangerously close to that point my shaft was pulsing and my balls had drawn in tight against my pelvis, signaling my impending climax but I tried to keep my cool because I wasn t quite finished with my naughty wife.

Once again, I reached for the spatula, feeling how the metal handle, which had warmed in my hand earlier, was now cooler in my grip. Then I gave Olivia three quick taps right beneath the crease at the bottom of her asscheeks, and the plastic left a series of faint hatch marks on her previously untouched skin. I repeated the action a few more times before returning to her butt, which had to have been throbbing because the spanking had been going on for quite some time. When she let out another groan, I looked down and noticed more juices dripping down the insides of her legs, the scent once again filling the air.

I breathed in the musky odor as I landed a few more blows on her buttocks until she was really writhing against me, obviously losing control. My own endurance was about to give out so I lifted her off my lap, stood up and repositioned her so that she was bent over the seat of the chair that I d just vacated. Her palms were flat on the cushion but more importantly, her reddened ass was raised high.

I admired my handiwork as I slipped out of my robe and hung it over the back of another chair. Then I took hold of my wife s hips and spread my legs, lowering myself until my cockhead was lined up with her cunt. After pulling aside the bikini string that cleaved her asscheeks, I started pressing forward and felt her labia part at the insistence of my dick.

I worked my way into her wetness while holding her tightly at the waist. My thumbs pressed against her buttocks and, conscious of her tender skin, I tried not to bear down too hard. However, I applied just enough pressure so that the spanking I had just given her remained front and center in her mind.

I certainly wouldn t forget it. Her rosy cheeks were tipped in my direction as I speared her sopping pussy a few more times. I was getting my shaft good and wet by dragging it slowly in and out, and when I felt that it was sufficiently lubricated, I pulled out and spread her buttocks with my thumbs.

Next, I lined up my crown with her wrinkled bud, and she held her breath as I pushed inward. Then, when my sac rested against her upper thighs, I pulled almost all the way back out and she exhaled. Her anus hugged my length as I began sawing between her cheeks, which were still mottled pink and red with the imprints of my hands. The pressure in my balls built steadily as I picked up speed while placing a few sharp smacks on her tender ass.

That was more than Olivia could take, and her asshole constricted around my dick as she announced her climax with a yelp. Her entire body shook so I held onto her tightly as I thrust into her tightened orifice a few more times and then joined her in ecstasy. My own buttocks clenched as I filled her anal cavity with my cream. I remained buried inside that smooth canal until my cock eventually grew soft and slipped out on its own accord.

Olivia cleaned herself up and then finished making breakfast while I returned to the paper, which I could now read without fear of being distracted. Still, I glanced up from time to time to check out my wife s cherry hued ass, proud of my work. I was proud of her as well not only could she take a spanking but it was obvious that she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Mr. Robert J., Sarasota, Florida


I am in my forties and still in fairly good shape. My lovely wife recently turned thirty eight, and she still looks as gorgeous as the day we met. We have great sex several times a week. Mostly, however, this lovemaking is very conventional with an occasional dose of oral sex. About three to four times each month, I lick her to orgasm, and perhaps twice per month she ll suck my cock until I m about to shoot. Then, right when I m on the edge, I ll plunge in and out of her hot, wet cunt until we both shudder in orgasm. This seems to be enough to satisfy her, but my desires have always been much more kinky.

For several years, I have attempted to get Katherine interested in dominant and submissive sex play, with only marginal success. I ve purchased revealing teddies, exotic leather outfits, and a variety of paddles, crops and whips all in an attempt to pique her interest. For the most part, she seemed indifferent, and I didn t want to push matters. But, happily, all of that changed a few days ago!

Out of the blue, as we were riding in the car, she inquired, What would you like tonight, dear, leather or lace? I could scarcely believe my ears. My heart began to pound, and although either choice would have been acceptable, I heard myself blurt out the words, Leather will be fine, sweetheart. I saw a mischievous smile spread across her face as I thought, What have I gotten myself into now?

Later that evening, she instructed me to wait downstairs for fifteen minutes while she got ready. I selected a leather thong from the bedroom closet, went downstairs, and changed into it. After what seemed like an eternity, she called out Tim, come upstairs. Your mistress is waiting!

The anticipation was indescribable! As I slowly walked up the fifteen steps, I felt my cock swelling in the leather pouch. The bedroom door was slightly ajar, and I lightly knocked on it. In a very sexy voice, she ordered me to enter.

There she stood, resplendent in a leather corset, with a leather and chain link choker, and a leather G string. In her left hand, she held a leather paddle, and she bounced it as I walked toward her. Wicked Wanda herself could not have looked better! I forgot myself as I rushed forward to embrace her. Much to my surprise, she barked, Don t touch me!

I could scarcely believe my ears. Could this be my sweet, docile wife talking like a domme? Before I could compose myself, she ordered me to take off the thong and climb over her lap to receive the spanking that I so rightly deserved. Her demeanor, along with a sharp crack to my bare behind, convinced me that she had been reading some back issues of Variations without my knowledge!

I immediately draped myself over my wife s lap, pleased when she tucked my erection between her soft thighs. Although I wanted to pump my hips and jerk myself off between her legs, I knew better than to behave so disobediently. I lay still as Katherine began to lecture me, telling me that from now on things would be different in our household. I was to take responsibility for all of the chores, and she would be in charge of how I spent my free time. I was to masturbate only at specified times and under her watchful eye.

Yes, Mistress, I heartily agreed.

I did not say you could speak! she scolded, bringing the paddle down on my bare cheeks. I stifled a groan of pleasure as Katherine began paddling me. Despite her role as a novice domina, my wife was spanking me like a pro. Her first few swats had happily warmed my behind. These slow, even spanks were interspersed with breathless reprimands, which grew more faint as her breathing became more erratic. I struggled to swallow my moans of ecstasy as Katherine increased the pace and force of her swats, the paddle never hitting in the same place twice. I didn t know where it would land next all I knew was that with each spank, my cock seemed to be getting harder and my wife became more turned on as she savored her new role as my mistress.

Before long, Katherine had ceased speaking entirely, settling into a smooth spanking rhythm. Both of my cheeks were tingling with warmth from the unrelenting leather, magnifying the intensity of each new slap. As I squirmed on her thighs, I listened to her labored breathing. She was putting all of her strength into spanking her naughty slave and I loved it!

I lost track of how many times Katherine spanked my ass with the paddle. I was happily lost in my submissive headspace, raising my ass up to greet each slap and pumping my hips down to enjoy the friction of her tightly clenched thighs. Although this scenario had begun under the guise of a mistress punishing her wayward slave, this scene was delivering us nothing but pleasure.

All of this spanking and grinding had both of us incredibly turned on, and Katherine couldn t wait one more second to relieve the tension building in her aroused cunt. Pushing me from her lap, she stripped off her leather outfit and pulled my head between her legs for some pussy worship. Spanking me had turned her on something fierce her cunt was positively soaked! Her fragrance was intoxicating, and I lapped at her dripping slit, drinking her abundant juices. Katherine bucked against my face, grinding her pussy into my mouth as she rapidly approached orgasm. When she came, it was with a shout of triumph, and her honey flooded my mouth. Once she could breathe again, she pulled me atop her, and we began fucking like a couple of wild animals. Katherine rolled me over so she was on top, and I hissed as my bottom made contact with the cool sheets. As my wife rode me with abandon, I ground my ass into the mattress, savoring the heat of her spanking, until we both came in a wordless explosion of pleasure.

That was several weeks ago, and, unfortunately, we have been much too busy for an encore. She is currently away on business and is due to return soon, just in time to celebrate her birthday. Anticipating another night of fun, I bought her a wicked looking cat o nine tails and a pair of knee high boots that will look great with her leather corset. It s sure to be a birthday that neither of us will forget. Perhaps I ll send a follow up letter and tell you all about it!

Mr. Tom K., Tulsa, Oklahoma


As a long time Variations reader and a spanking fan, I wanted to share my story of the afternoon I went shopping to buy my wife a riding crop for her birthday.

I drove to a small Western apparel and tack shop twenty miles from my home. I was self conscious about my intended purchase so I was glad to see there were no other cars in the parking lot. The clerk was an attractive woman in her early forties dressed appropriately in jeans and a Western style flannel shirt, and she asked if she could help me. Somewhat nervously I said no, that I was just browsing. I casually wandered back to where various riding crops were displayed. As I was admiring them, she came up behind me, startling me and causing me to almost drop the beauty I was holding.

She asked what kind of crop I was looking for, and I sheepishly replied that I didn t know. Then she asked what kind of riding it was for, and the sweat started to bead on my brow. All I could say was that it was a gift, but the gleam in her eye told me that she knew the crop was not intended for any horse.

A riding crop, what an interesting gift. For somebody special?

For my wife, I stammered.

She laughed, breaking the tension a bit. Then she said, I keep a crop at home. Sometimes I like to ride my husband bareback. At that point I could not form a coherent thought, let alone think of something to say. Perhaps, she continued, looking into my eyes, you would like to try this one out to see if it s the proper gift? I cast my eyes downward and nodded my head. This might be fun, she said, and with a slap of the crop on her thigh that caused me to flinch, she motioned me to follow her through a door at the back of the store.

In the back room was a saddle sitting atop a crate. With a smack on my butt, she told me to drop my jeans and to lie across the saddle while she went to lock the front door. By now my hands were shaking and my stomach was doing flip flops, but the big bulge in my jeans revealed my arousal. With trembling hands I unsnapped my jeans, dropping them to my ankles, and then draped myself across the saddle. Hearing her footsteps, I closed my eyes, too embarrassed to look at her face. What a sight, she said, laughing as she came toward me.

Before I knew it, she had tied my hands with a strip of rawhide. Upon opening my eyes, I saw her secure my hands to a ring on the saddle. I could have stopped her, but I had gone too far to turn back. And I really didn t want to.

I like to keep a tight rein on my horse so he won t try to run off, she said. Then, circling around to my backside, she chuckled, I told you I like my ponies bareback. With that, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of my briefs and jerked them down to my ankles.

So there I was, my hands tied and, as my wife would say, my cute little butt high in the air. My pants were banded about my ankles and I had an erection harder than I thought possible poking against the saddle. A woman whose name I didn t know was wielding a riding crop and taking dead aim at my backside. Wow!

The only sound in the room was the pounding of my heart, she said, This is definitely going to be fun. With my eyes shut tight, my toes curled and my fists clenched, I waited for the assault on my vulnerable backside to begin. She was obviously enjoying my predicament and in no hurry to begin, as she dragged the tip of the crop over my ass and along the inside of my thighs, then used it to tickle my asshole.

I was moaning with pleasure when she suddenly brought the crop down between my legs, landing a light blow on my balls that nearly caused me to jump out of my skin. Just as suddenly, the crop came swishing through the air to land on my ass. Before I could even comprehend the pain of the blow, she struck again, and again. Then, resting the crop on my cheeks, she leaned over me and whispered in my ear, How old are you? I said nothing, but another crack with the crop and I blurted out, Thirty two.

Laughing gleefully, she straightened up and said, Thirty two it is. I didn t have to wait long for her to resume my whipping. The sound of the crop whistling through the air and the thwack it made as it found its target filled the room. That crop stung like no spanking I had ever received before.

Crack! The crop would land and my butt would fly. By the time I had silently counted the tenth stroke I was wishing I had lied about my age. By the time twenty nasty stripes had been laid across my ass, I could feel the tightening of an orgasm in my balls. At twenty seven strokes, with my ass on fire, my cock erupted. At this point, she speeded up her strokes, landing them so they coincided with my spurts of come. With semen all over my belly and the saddle, the crop landed for the thirty second time. The spanking of my life was over.

Setting the crop aide, she gently ran her hand over my cheeks and said, I hope your wife will have as much fun with this as I did. I nodded my head in agreement. She then untied my hands, which went immediately to my butt in an attempt to rub the sting away. I quickly pulled up my jeans and said that I had to go. I paid for my wife s gift, thanked her and left the store. I climbed in my car and let out a gasp as my aching rear end hit the seat. But as I glanced at the crop on the seat beside me, a smile spread across my face. I had just had one of the most erotic experiences of my life!

Mr. N.V., Texas


Getting a little behind in your reading? You must be kidding! As long as Variations keeps publishing stories and letters on spanking, I can be sure that my bottom will get all the attention I want it to have.

My husband discovered Variations a few years ago at a newsstand in Chicago while attending a work related seminar. I was unable to accompany him and he was bored, so he tried a new magazine. This particular issue had stories and letters on spanking, which we had never tried.

Vinny called me from the airport and gave me very specific instructions as to how I was to prepare myself for his return to our bedroom. I was to take a long bubble bath with plenty of bath oil in the water. I was to shave myself absolutely smooth, especially my pussy. This wasn t unusual he loves to bury his face in my pussy when it s newly shaved and lap it until I ve come several times. Then I was to coat my skin with massage oil until it glistened and was soft and smooth to the touch. I was to brush my hair one hundred strokes and then pull it up into a ponytail high on my head. I was to wear my gold ankle bracelet and my gold waist chain, nothing else.

Now this is where it got really interesting! I was to wait for him in our bedroom on the bed. I was to be on my knees with my head resting on folded arms. My husband specified that my knees were to be slightly apart and my back arched to display my ass to its best advantage.

Well, I was very wet at the thought of Vinny coming into the house, peeling clothes off as he ascended the stairs, going straight to the bedroom and then entering my pussy from behind. Nice thought, but nothing like what happened!

I heard him enter the house but he didn t come straight to the bedroom. He stopped to fix himself a drink. I couldn t believe it, but the wait made me hotter for him than ever. When he did enter the bedroom he was still fully clothed. He walked over to the bed and gazed at my upturned bottom. So nice, he said, and so obedient of you to follow my directions so carefully. The word obedient sent a slight thrill through me. What was this? He placed a hand on my ass and said, Do you want to please me? Will you do anything necessary to please me?

I was so turned on, I murmured, Yes, anything.

Then, he said, I m going to spank you. I m going to spank you until your bottom is a lovely deep red, and then I m going to fuck you. Do you understand?

I was breathing shallowly, almost panting with sexual tension. I understand.

My husband then raised his hand and brought it down with a loud smack on my carefully oiled bottom. It stung and I knew there was a visible handprint. I could feel it. He then proceeded to soundly spank my bottom until it felt like it was on fire. I know my pussy was on fire!

After about forty spanks, he pulled me to the edge of the bed so that my feet touched the floor but I was still facedown and ass up across it. I heard his zipper coming down and felt his cock dip into my drenched pussy. I bucked back, hoping for relief, but he quickly pulled out and pressed on the small of my back to tilt my ass upward. He stuck his fingers into my pussy and then pulled them out and skewered one into my asshole. I squeezed my cheeks, resisting this intrusion, but three or four quick slaps to my bottom put an end to that.

First one, then two, then three fingers were sawing in and out of me. I relaxed slightly and was just beginning to get used to the feeling when he pulled out and placed the head of his cock at my rear hole. I tensed up again, but a few well placed spanks reminded me of my promise to please. My ass was so tender and I was so hot that I think at that moment I would have done just about anything for satisfaction.

His easily cockhead popped into me, immediately followed by an incredible fullness as he plowed his length into my rear passage. A wonderful feeling of helplessness coursed through me, and the thought of my husband doing me anally for the first time was fiercely exciting. Suddenly I wanted my ass fucked more than anything else in the world.

I pushed back against him and actually begged him to really nail me which he did, plowing into me with gusto, stretching wide my little asshole and making me gasp and groan with a pleasure I had never before experienced. As he banged away at me, he slapped my ass again and again until we each achieved a shattering climax. It was, hands down, the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

Vinny pulled out of me, peeled off his clothes, and we collapsed into a deep sleep. The next day I couldn t sit at all. My bottom was still red from the spanking and the tenderness in my asshole kept me aroused the whole day.

My husband was delighted by my response, and spanking as foreplay and anal sex as a culminating activity have since become a regular part of our sex life. I often find myself over his knee or over the back of a chair or couch getting my bottom reddened. Sometimes Vinny will call me on his car phone on his way home to let me know that he wants my ass exposed and ready for him when he arrives. We actually had our kitchen counters lowered a few inches so I could lean forward on them and get nailed midway through meal preparations. It s a lovely feeling to sit down to dinner with a well spanked ass and have his come ooze out of me as we dine.

Oh, yes, my bottom is available to my husband anytime.

Ms. (Name and address withheld)


Last weekend I was just on the brink of scoring with this saucy little fox tightly packed into a black leather skirt when something I said made her angry and she shocked me by saying that what I really needed was a good old fashioned spanking. At this, I blushed. Noticing my embarrassment, Marilyn asked me if I had even been spanked. When I said I hadn t, she told me that it might be an excellent idea.

After some more discussion, she said that if I was man enough to let her spank me, she d consider dating me. She said I might be practically irresistible if I d let her give me a spanking. She assured me that although it might be painful and embarrassing there would be no lasting damage. Telling myself this was my big chance, I agreed to be spanked. Marilyn went into her bedroom and came back with a pair of transparent, blue nylon panties. She told me to put them on under my pants and report to her that night at seven o clock.

I asked her why the nylon pants, and she said that naughty boys often get excited during a spanking and that she didn t want any accidents. Why not a condom? Because men wear condoms and little boys wear punishment panties. Also, she said, it adds to the spankee s embarrassment while helping to hold in the heat of the spanking.

The afternoon went very slowly. I tried on the nylon panties and looked at myself in the mirror. They fit very tight and were completely transparent. I wondered if Marilyn would turn me over her knee, and if these flimsy pants would be my only protection. Also, how much would it hurt? In spite of these nagging questions, I was highly aroused by the idea of being spanked like a little boy by a very pretty and sexy woman.

Finally, it was 6:45. I undressed, put on the blue nylon panties, a pair of my own briefs and my jeans. More than a little nervous, I walked over to Marilyn s building. She opened her apartment door, and nearly took my breath away. She looked fantastic. A tight white blouse and skintight leather pants showed off her body perfectly. Complimenting me on being punctual, she told me to follow her into the living room. Watching her bottom move in the leather pants was a gorgeous sight, and my cock began to stir.

Marilyn sat down in a straight backed chair and said that it was time for my spanking. She motioned me to her. She undid the belt on my jeans and pulled them down. Saying that we wouldn t need them, she lowered my briefs, leaving me in just the nylon punishment panties. Observing my erection, she grinned and said that I must approve of her method of discipline. Then, very expertly, she guided me over her knee. Now Marilyn picked up a heavy wooden hairbrush and told me that I was going to get a very hard spanking.

Believe you me, I was amazed at how much a hairbrush in the hand of an angry woman could hurt! After about twenty spanks, I was thinking of asking her to stop and tried to cover my bottom with my hand. Marilyn simply pulled my wrist up onto my lower back and told me to take it like a man. After another twenty spanks, she stopped and told me that I was going to get the full treatment and to stop struggling. She then locked her right leg over the back of my legs so that I was completely helpless.

As much as the spanking hurt, the whole experience was very arousing. I had a powerful climax, coming in my blue nylon panties. I don t think Marilyn noticed because the hairbrush never stopped coming down on my poor ass. She was also scolding me, asking me how I liked being over her knee getting my ass warmed. She even threatened to take me out on her balcony and make it a public spanking.

Finally, I accepted the inevitable and stopped struggling to free myself. After about one hundred spanks, I could no longer control myself and began groaning loudly. Marilyn finally put down the hairbrush but kept me locked over her knee for several minutes while she lectured me again on my attitude problem.

Then, her voice softened and she let me up, telling me to lie down on her couch. She sat down, slipped her hands inside my nylon panties and very gently began massaging my bottom with cold cream. She told me that many of her girlfriends are into the spanking scene, and that it is a real turn on for her. She explained that there are punishment spankings, like the one I had just received, and play or sexy spankings.

Marilyn then asked me if I would like to give her a play spanking. Thinking that would be fun, I sat up and she proceeded to drape herself across my lap. Talk about a dream come true! For the next five minutes, she coached me on how to spank her magnificent leather covered bottom. Amazingly, I climaxed again, and I could tell that she did, too.

Finally, we both stood up and she once again ran her hands over my nylon clad butt. She told me to wear the panties home and to keep them, because I would probably need them again. As I was leaving, she said she wanted to show me one more thing. She went into her bedroom and came back moments later holding a pair of pink nylon panties. She said that they are the panties she wears when she s been naughty and needs to be punished. Needless to say, I plan to figure out a way to catch her doing something wrong.

Mr. H.T., California

Sugar Smacks

Rachel s bottom takes on quite a lovely shade of rose after I ve spanked it a half dozen times. I usually do it with my bare hand, because I like feeling her skin, not to mention the way her cheeks shake with each slap. But when my hand starts to hurt I use a ruler, and then Rachel really starts to howl.

We make quite a couple, Rachel and I. She s nearly six feet tall, but I m taller six feet four. She s always said she needs a big guy to rope her in, and I m just the guy.

She s so beautiful, with a heart shaped face and prominent blue eyes that intimidated most men she met. Not me. Of course, I was attracted to her fiercely to her exquisite breasts, her angelic countenance and, most of all, her dynamite ass. Actually, I wasn t at all afraid to pursue her, but then I didn t really have to. It felt more as if she drew me into her web.

She was the hottest thing on the beach that summer. Every year, it seems, there s a new femme fatale strolling the sands of eastern Long Island, usually on the arm of some zillionaire, prompting the habitu s to mutter among themselves about this latest uber babe. Rachel, however, appeared unattached.

I am no zillionaire, though I can afford a summer home in the Hamptons. After the third time I saw her alone (the first at the grocery store, the second at the beach in a gravity defying bathing suit), I decided to approach her. It was at a Fourth of July party thrown by a friend. By this time, Rachel was quite the mystery woman, the substance of gossip all over town, and my friend was determined to invite her so we could all find out more about her, bless his heart.

I spied her leaning over the punch bowl, her heavenly ass draped in a cute sundress. I walked up to her and stood as close to her as I could without touching her. She looked up and without turning around said, Drakkar Noir.

Taken aback by her correct guess of my cologne, I replied, Excellent nose, among other things.

She turned to me, and I became hypnotized by her gaze. I have a weakness for men wearing Drakkar Noir.

We fled the hurly burly of the party to find a quiet spot on the beach to talk. After doffing our shoes to walk barefoot in the surf, I discovered that Rachel was the daughter of some magnate and had spent her summers growing up in the Hamptons. She had just finished schooling in Europe and decided to spend this summer nostalgically visiting her old haunts.

She asked me if I was involved. Not really. I think the phrase is between relationships, isn t it? I answered. How about yourself?

Rachel chuckled softly, but with a distinct hint of mischief. Oh, no one can keep up with me, she said, before skipping into the water until up to her knees.

Well now, if that wasn t a challenge, what was? Is that right? I called after her. She looked back at me, the moonlight casting her in a very eerie glow. Slowly she sauntered toward me, kicking the water, until we stood nose to nose. I do love that fragrance, she whispered.

I kissed her, first gently to see if she would accept me, then harder, as she drew my lower lip between her teeth and bit. Our arms coiled around each other, and we stood there for timeless minutes, our tongues wrestling, the waves pounding around our ankles.

Let s fuck, Rachel whispered into my ear. I looked around with the two words buzzing in my head and saw that the beach was deserted, even though I could hear sounds of party making in the distance.

You ve got a deal, I said, and Rachel fell to her knees before me. Down came my pants and up went my cock, springing into her face. With a quick gulp, she sucked me into her mouth. I rested my palms on her head to guide her pace, but I didn t need to. This lady knew how to suck cock!

When I was super hard and my knees were buckling, Rachel stood and pulled off her dress. She was wearing nothing underneath except a skimpy pair of panties, which quickly joined the dress in a pile on the sand. Wrapping her hand around my cock, she pumped it a few times and again dropped to her knees, this time facing away from me. I like it from behind, was her simple statement.

I went down on my knees right behind her. Lining up my cock with her pussy, which, even in the pale moonlight I could see was pink and wet, I shoved it in to the hilt. Rachel hissed with satisfaction and groaned with abandon as I slammed into her. I timed my thrusts to her sounds, hammering into her as hard as I could while the water crashed about us.

I wasn t going to last much longer, and judging by the increasing volume of her moans, Rachel wasn t either. Then, catching me completely off guard, she whispered, Smack my ass. Slap it while you fuck me.

In the few minutes I had been allowed to size up her naked body, I thought she would have been more interested in slapping my ass. I paused for a second and then resumed fucking her, punctuating each thrust with a smack on her behind.

Yes! Yes! Yes! she cried, each time my hand struck her meaty ass. My hand stung, and I could only imagine the burn she must have been feeling. But she kept urging me on. I switched hands and, in doing so, the cheeks of her ass as well. I was so engrossed in this new form of sex play, it forestalled my orgasm. Now Rachel began slamming her ass back into me as she lowered her head to the wet sand and moaned continuously. She was steady until a tremble overcame her as she climaxed.

I was still hard and deeply embedded inside her. She looked back over her shoulder at me, and I was stunned to see her wild eyed. Come on my ass, she begged. Come on, shoot it on my ass. Give me your cream.

I pulled out and pumped my cock a few times, which was all it took to send a geyser of come raining down on her ass. Rachel cooed contentedly and reached back to rub my semen all over her asscheeks as if it were skin lotion.

I began to see stars, this was all so amazing, but then I realized it was the fireworks display.

Rachel slipped back into her clothes. We held hands walking back to the house as an array of colors lit up the summer sky. No words were exchanged. When we neared a streetlight, she discreetly pulled up her dress to show me how flaming red her ass was from my spanking. I couldn t get over it. Doesn t it hurt? I asked, stupidly.

It hurts deliciously, she answered. Rachel then drifted back into the party, but not before giving me her phone number. You ve got a good stroke, she said. Let s see each other again.

A week later, we ate dinner at the trendiest restaurant in town. She wore a tight halter top and black stirrup pants as slick as paint. Damned if I could see any panty lines, though I looked. Every pair of eyes in the place was on her ass, male and female.

After a delicious meal and small talk filled with sketches of our life stories, she asked me if I wanted to see her place. Leaving my car in the restaurant parking lot, we climbed into her Dodge Viper and zoomed to her cozy beach house.

Settling in comfortably on a porch swing on her veranda, Rachel revealed herself to me. I think you re a great guy and really hot, she said. Were you okay about the spanking? I hoped you didn t think it was too far out.

Not at all, I answered honestly. I ve spanked other women, it s fun, but I guess I ve never smacked anybody as hard as I did you.

She smiled and blushed. Well, don t worry, I m a big, strong girl. Then her voice got serious, and she told me something I ll never forget. The truth is, I do love to have my ass spanked. It really makes me come much more powerfully than during straight sex. Don t get me wrong, I don t like to get spanked every time I would never be able to sit down. But when the time is right, I need to have my fanny smacked hard by a big, rugged stud. She shivered a bit and then laid a hand on my knee. And you know something, she added, I think tonight is a good night for it.

Dazed with delight, I followed her into her bedroom. She turned off the air conditioner and threw open the windows so the ocean breeze blew in. Still, it was hot. She said she liked sweaty sex. Rachel sat down on the bed. I said, Tonight we re going to go slower than last time. I want to explore every inch of you.

Ooh, yeah, Rachel cooed. Explore every inch of me with your tongue.

She took off her top and I fastened my lips to one of her plump, red nipples. Her breasts were very large and round, and, as I sucked, I gently squeezed their fullness. Running her fingers through my hair, she moaned softly. After sampling both nipples, I peeled off her stretch pants to discover that she wasn t wearing underwear.

Starting with her toes, I fulfilled my promise, kissing and licking all the way up to her belly button. A very vocal lover, Rachel kept up a murmuring patter, urging me on with moans, coos and gasps. I was responding with vigor and had to take a break so I could remove my trousers, as my cock needed to be free.

Finally I got a close up view of her pussy. Pink and dewy with her juices, it was a glorious sight. I gently pulled her lips apart and lapped at her essence. Her fragrance was intoxicating, and I sniffed it in as if it were a bouquet of roses. My tongue lashed her blooming clitoris, and after only a few minutes, she squeezed my head between her thighs and came in a crescendo of ecstatic cries.

My face soaked with her cream, my cock pointing due north, I rolled her over and set about kissing and licking her ass. I love this ass, I whispered. I swear you have the most beautiful ass in the world.

Rachel babbled something like, God, yes. Make love to my ass. It feels so wonderful. After applying my tongue to her heavenly backside, I raised up on my knees, lubed my throbbing cock with her pussy juice, aimed it at her squinting brown portal and sank it home.

Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass and spank it! Fuck me! Rachel s screams filled the room, and I did my best to accommodate her. I plunged into her ass while spanking her fleshy cheek, harder and harder with each blow. As her cries grew more guttural, she reached forward and gripped the bedposts, wiggling like an insect caught on flypaper. Sweat poured down my face, and my vision grew blurry as a mind bending orgasm approached. I nearly blacked out as I shot off into her asshole.

We were so done in by this escapade, we fell asleep without any pillow talk. I awoke at dawn to find us in a tangle of arms and legs, entwined in her sheets. As I raised out of bed, supporting my weight with my right arm, I realized my hand was really tender. It tingled when opening and closing my fist, but I loved it. In fact, the next day my hand was bruised it was like a badge of honor.

I swept the sheet off Rachel, who was sleeping on her stomach. Her right cheek, the only one I had slapped, was a mottled purple. I stared at it, as though admiring a piece of artwork I had just created. I lowered my lips to her cheek and kissed it. She awoke, rolled over and drew my head down between her legs. Wake me up with a good tongue lashing, she said.

That summer continued with an education in a side of sex I hadn t really known before, but welcomed gratefully. Sure, Rachel and I would have conventional sex, but every week or so she d give me a look that meant her ass was itching for some action. And, just as she had told me, she didn t always want to be spanked while she was getting fucked. That s when she introduced me to her box of playthings.

I ve experimented with a lot of different toys, and these are the ones I like the most. It ll be a relief for your poor hand, she told me. I told her I liked to feel the sting in my hand, and she smiled, took my hand in hers and kissed my open palm. You re sweet, she said, and opened the box.

Inside was a paddle that looked like a small cricket bat, one a school principal might use on a troublesome student. There was a simple wooden ruler two feet in length. Also in her box was a slender switch about three feet long which had some generous give, but still made my ass hurt just to look at it. If you can believe it, I had one of these broken across my ass once, she laughed. There was also a tangle of knotted cords that came together in a leather handle. A cat o nine tails, she informed me. You should see the rainbow of colors that makes.

We decided to start out using the ruler. Stripping down to nothing, Rachel sucked my cock until it was full size. Then she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and rubbed her pussy as I stood watching and pumped my cock slowly. When she had worked herself into a fever pitch, she rolled over and arched her ass in the air, continuing to finger herself and told me to give her a good whacking. It was the most enticing invitation I ever remember receiving.

The strike of the wood against her ass made Rachel jump suddenly and made a very pleasing sound it was like a sharp crack had pierced through my very soul. Luckily the house nearest Rachel s is not too close, because Rachel began to yammer like nobody s business, kicking her feet as I smoked her flaming ass.

When I aimed right at the curve at the bottom of each rounded cheek, as if I were trying to lift her airborne, Rachel looked like she was dancing on hot coals. Frantically she fingered herself as she urged me on. This woman could really take a licking. Finally she outlasted me, as my arm was aching. I stopped spanking her and barked, Make yourself come for me!

She masturbated in earnest, her blazing, scarlet ass pointed up in the air, her fingers buried deep in her sopping wet cunt. I gingerly placed my hands on her cheeks, feeling the astonishing heat, and as I tongued the crack of her ass, she got herself off, screaming.

Her face awash with tears, Rachel pleaded for my cock, and I crawled into a sitting position at the head of the bed. She was between my legs, my cock in her face. Hungrily she plucked it into her mouth, swallowing it to the root. She sucked hard, swirling her tongue around the crown as she held it in her mouth. Then she licked it from bottom to top repeatedly, taking time out to gobble my balls. I could feel the rumblings of a major volcanic eruption.

When I came, Rachel pointed my cock at her open mouth and accepted the first two squirts down her throat. The rest splashed across her nose and forehead. It was the perfectly raunchy cap to the dirtiest, most outrageous sex I had ever had. Rachel grinned at me, my come running down her face, mixing with her drying tears. She put my spent cock back in her mouth and nuzzled it.

We spent the rest of that weekend indoors. She never covered her ass and stopped to look at it often in the mirror. She was sore for quite a while, but kept provoking me to touch her ass during intermittent cocksucking. Eventually she was able to climb aboard my cock for a gentle and loving ride.

By the end of summer, I had used all the toys in her box of fun on her ass at least twice. I felt a kind of dread, though, knowing Labor Day was coming up fast.

Where are you going once summer is over? I asked her on the first night of September, holding her trembling body in my arms after marking her butt with the cat.

Looking up at me with her big, beautiful eyes, she said, Wherever you re going. You think I m going to let you get away?

I sighed contentedly, reached down and stroked her crimson ass.