When I married Gil nine years ago, my friends and relatives were not too pleased. While they liked Gil, they thought I was marrying beneath myself. After all, they reasoned, a college graduate with such a good head on her shoulders should be able to do better than a high school graduate with a blue collar job. Sooner or later, and probably sooner, they all agreed, the differences in our schooling and interests would drive us apart. It was inevitable.

Well, today those same friends and relatives a few of whom are in less than perfect relationships are shaking their heads in amazement that Gil and I are still together. But it’s not all that hard to understand, really. While my husband has little interest in so called intellectual pursuits, he is chock full of common sense, considerate of my needs, helpful around the house, sweet, thoughtful and altogether masterful in the bedroom. He’s also attractive in a rugged, unkempt sort of way. He likes to hunt and fish and, well, I guess he’s what you’d call a man’s man. But there’s more.

Early on in our relationship, Gil and I realized we enjoyed a sexual compatibility that was special. He, quite naturally, is very comfortable in the dominant role, whereas I am very happy being submissive. Truth be told, I knew I was in love with Gil the first time he took me over his knee for a vigorous, old fashioned spanking. And I knew it would be foolish to let him get away. What did I care if he didn’t know from Swan Lake, if he thought Shakespeare might have played for the 1946 Cubs? He knew exactly how to press all my erotic buttons, and that, for me, was everything.

Adding to my husband’s magic is his gift for woodworking. He is a skilled craftsman, capable of turning a nondescript chunk of wood into something not only functional but beautiful. He’s made most of the furniture in our finished basement and my dad is still talking about the gorgeous desk Gil gave him for his birthday last year. But for me, Gil does his best work when he’s making something that has to do with reddening my rear, like the beautifully finished, leather covered paddle he gave me just yesterday for our anniversary. Or the ultra comfortable “spanking bench” he surprised me with on my last birthday.

Ah, the spanking bench. Simple in design, it stands about two and a half feet high and is rectangular in shape. The bench is padded on top and has two cutouts for my breasts. At one end, at either corner, are two large eyescrews, which together with red velvet ropes are used to secure my wrists and hold my arms outstretched and immobile. It’s just beautiful.

Tears of happiness welled in my eyes when I unwrapped my birthday gift and saw my husband’s latest work of art, designed with my pleasure and comfort in mind. I gave him a big hug and then, with my pussy all atingle, insisted we try out the bench immediately. Gil, of course, thought that was an outstanding idea. Within minutes, I was stark naked and kneeling in front of the bench, then moving forward and guiding my breasts through the cutouts, wriggling a bit as I got comfortable. Then I stretched out my arms so Gil could fasten a velvet rope around each wrist. Now, kneeling on the carpeted floor with my top half resting on the padded bench top, my bottom thrust out lewdly, I was all set to receive my spanking. The anticipation alone was enough to start my pussy leaking like a faucet.

And I was not alone in my arousal my husband, as evidenced by his world class erection, was as excited by all this as I was. Teasingly, he walked around the bench a few times, turning the solid oak ping pong paddle (another of his creations) over in his hand as he enjoyed the sight of his submissive wife awaiting her spanking.

“Are you ready, Joanne?” he asked in his most devilish tone of voice.

“Oh, yes,” I answered immediately. “Do it to me, darling. Give me what I need so badly.”

“You want me to whack your ass good? Turn those luscious cheeks scarlet?”

“Please, don’t tease me,” I whined. “Make me feel it. I want it hard.”

With the right side of my face resting against the bench top, I could just about see my husband take up a position behind me and bring the paddle back. And then . . . smack! I cried out as the paddle cracked against my left buttock, stinging the taut flesh. Smack! This time it was the right buttock. I yelled again, instinctively pulling at the soft ropes that held my wrists to the eyescrews on the bench. But, of course, escape was the furthest thing from my mind.

With practiced skill, my husband quickly established a delightfully wicked rhythm as he paddled my bottom, turning the half moons of flesh beet red. I was awash in pleasure/pain, both loving and hating the feel of the hard paddle as it smashed again and again on my defenseless behind. Tears were trickling from my eyes when Gil, pausing momentarily, knelt at the side of the bench and reached under it to roughly knead my hanging breasts.

“Your nipples are as hard as pebbles,” he observed, pinching each one in turn. “You must like getting your ass burned.”

“I do, I do,” I said breathlessly. “Give me more, baby. Please.”

When my husband got up to resume spanking me, I saw that his beautiful cock was protruding proudly from its nest of reddish pubic hair. All this did was make me that much hotter and wetter. A hard fucking following a wicked thrashing of my butt has always been my idea of heaven. I knew that Gil wouldn’t disappoint me.

After giving me another six blows with the ping pong paddle, my husband went and got the sorority style paddle he’d made for me soon after we married. It was a favorite of mine, not so much because of its design but because it was the very first spanking implement to come from his workbench in the basement. And that was where we tried it out, in the basement, with me bent over his workbench, my jeans and panties bunched around my ankles as my husband “initiated” me.

And now, just as then, I howled in pleasure/pain as Gil laid into my butt with the sorority style paddle on which, by the way, as a finishing touch he had put decals showing a couple fucking in various positions. My ass was throbbing by the time he stopped and loosened the ropes holding me to the bench. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock plunging deep inside me.

As expected, Gil put the icing on the cake by fucking me with even more gusto than usual, his effort no doubt inspired by the way I had responded to his sensational birthday gift. We did it fast and hard right there on the floor next to the spanking bench, finishing up doggy style with both of us gasping and groaning and finally coming in an explosion of ecstasy.

But that was then. Now what about the beautiful leather covered paddle Gil gave me yesterday? Well, he’s taking me out to dinner this Saturday and then, when we return home, we’ll try it out. Then I guess I’ll accompany him downstairs and watch him work on his latest masterpiece. It’s a heavy wooden frame with holes for confining my ankles and wrists. Like the stocks of old, you know? Every time I picture myself in that thing while my husband has at my poor, vulnerable ass I get soaking wet. He says it should be finished in a few weeks. I certainly hope so.

Ms. Joanne P., Mahwah, New Jersey


I’m a mature lady. I’ve been happily married for nearly thirty years to my husband, Alain. Our kids are both grown and living lives of their own. Our home is nice and cozy, and with a part time job, I have plenty of time to daydream about the past.

When I was twenty one, I moved from my parent’s house in Copenhagen to a nearby village for a job. It was there I met Thomas, my boss. I have to admit that from the first moment I saw him I was deeply fascinated. He was a tall, upright figure who reminded me of an old fashioned schoolmaster. His watchful blue eyes looked directly through me, making him seem like he could read my innermost thoughts.

Thomas owned the local grocery store in the village where I worked. The other young country girls who worked for him appeared to be very intimidated by his commanding presence. More than once I heard them whisper to each other of his whereabouts, for fear that they would be caught doing something improperly because he ran his neat little shop like a true perfectionist.

What exactly would happen, I had no idea. I was very innocent. But whenever the girls sensed I was listening to their hushed conversation, they quickly stopped talking. So I was left always to wonder.

One morning I was a little late to work, only about ten minutes, but I knew Thomas would be angry. I quietly walked to the back, hoping I’d go undetected, but I soon saw him frowning at me. He ordered me to wait for him in the small back room that served as his office. “We have some serious matters to discuss,” he said.

My heart was beating like a drum, my cheeks were burning and my mouth was dry. I had no doubt that this was going to be serious. But I never would have imagined the events as they were about to unfold.

When Thomas entered the room a few minutes later, he seated himself on a chair and told me in a stern voice that I had behaved like a very naughty girl, breaking the rules that way. I left him no choice but to punish me. He felt very sad, but there was little alternative. He simply felt it was his solemn duty to teach me a lesson so I’d know how to behave in the future.

I stared at his strict face, not being able to utter one word in response. He ordered me to pull up my skirt and pull my panties down around my thighs. In a trancelike state, I obeyed Thomas. I stood in front of him with my pussy, thighs and buttocks bared. I was so ashamed that I wished I could simply vanish from the earth. But I was also strangely aroused, a feeling I could not completely understand at that time. Now, in my maturity, I know it all too well.

He left me standing there for a few minutes before ordering me to lie across his knees so he could spank me! I could have refused to obey him. I could have left the shop and never come back. But I did what he said, more than willingly, and a moment later I lay waiting for the first slap.

To my great surprise, however, the first thing I felt was the soft caress of his cool, firm hand across my naked buttocks. His fingers become more decisive as he caressed my bottom and my naked thighs above my stocking tops. Thomas said it was a pity that such a white and delicate bottom would soon be terribly sore and red.

I hid my face in my hands. But suddenly my embarrassment faded away and was replaced by feelings of growing excitement. I wanted this spanking from him! He didn’t need to tell me to place myself in an even more humiliating position across his lap, with my bare bottom sticking as high up in the air as possible. I was already there.

Before I realized he’d lifted his hand, I felt the first stinging slap land soundly on my left buttock. Screaming and kicking my legs at the same time, I soon felt the second slap on my right cheek. He continued like that in a steady rhythm for a period of time that felt like a delicious eternity.

It didn’t take long, however, for the pain to turn into something else, something deeper and pleasurable. There was a growing warmth spreading into every fiber of my body, centering itself at my most sensitive spots. When Thomas finally stopped whacking my poor bottom, it burned as if on fire, as did my pussy. Even my nipples had turned into hard, little buds through the tight, smooth fabric of my brassiere.

Thomas then ordered me to get up and fix my clothing. I was to work the rest of the day without giving him a single glance or uttering a word to the other girls. When he left the room, I couldn t fight the impulse to look at myself in the small mirror above his desk and the sight of my burning behind excited me to a point where I had to satisfy myself.

My buttocks were as red as tomatoes. My throbbing clit demanded immediate satisfaction, so as I gazed at my flaming butt in the mirror I massaged the swollen rosebud between my legs.

I was moaning and gasping so loud that Thomas evidently heard me from one of the back rooms, and just as the first wave of orgasm overcame me, he came through the door with a cane in his hand. The look on his face bore the resemblance of a thunder cloud.

He quickly walked over to me and yanked my hand away from my crotch. He pulled me over to his desk and pushed me forward, so my elbows leaned against the smooth wood surface and my butt displayed itself in the air once again. I heard Thomas say that obviously the spanking didn’t cure me of any naughty behavior I might indulge in, so he obviously had to find harsher methods.

“Now you’re in for it,” he stated, lifting the cane high and swishing it through the air. I was fearful, not knowing what to expect, but I tried to will myself to stay still. I didn’t want to incense him any further. I obediently kept my position as he delivered twelve stinging strokes across my already sore and hot buttocks. The stripes, to my utmost delight, didn’t fade until several days later.

But the next day I was overpowered by the desire to be naughty again. I pulled on a pair of trousers before leaving the house, knowing that Thomas wanted all the girls to wear skirts or dresses to work each day. When he spotted me in my attire, he ordered me to his office immediately. Without bothering to close the door, he pulled down my pants and underwear to my ankles, placed me across his knees and delivered a series of sound, stinging slaps across my naked and red striped bottom.

The young shopgirls, of course, had heard everything that took place in the office and from that point on, they never kept any secrets from me. They started telling me in exquisite detail all the ways in which Thomas spanked them when they didn’t do their work properly. And how much they appreciated the discipline. And from that day onward, I always found a good reason for Thomas to discipline me. Usually he warmed my bottom by hand, which was my preferred method.

Not surprisingly, I suppose, I wound up marrying a man who, like Thomas, was quick to bare my butt for a sound spanking when he thought it necessary. Given the fact that I love having my ass turned a flaming red, is it any wonder than I’ve been with Alain for almost thirty years?

Ms. Christine P., Des Moines, Iowa


I have always enjoyed flaunting my body. Nature has gifted me with long, slim legs, curvaceous hips and a neat little ass, but it takes serious gym time to keep these assets at their peak. I even met my husband, Joe, while working out at our local gym.

We started going out together, and I discovered that he is into his body and into inventive sex as thoroughly as I am. He particularly encourages my exhibitionistic side, which is what led us to the discovery of spanking as an erotic game.

I had dressed with care for Joe’s office Christmas party, choosing a short, tight black skirt and a sheer white blouse, with black stockings, matching garter belt and my tallest black heels. I let my skirt ride up when I sat down, giving everyone a good look at the lacy top of my stockings.

One of the men, a tall handsome man with graying black hair and a very athletic build, came over and sat at our table as the evening progressed. Joe introduced him as Dan, the company’s counsel, and Dan gave me a big smile. “Joe,” he said, “you perjured yourself when you said your wife was beautiful. Gorgeous is the accurate word.”

Needless to say, that pleased both of us greatly, and we spent most of the rest of the party with Dan. I was flirting heavily, and at one point Dan pointed it out to Joe and asked if he ever turned me over his knee. Joe laughed and replied that we’d done a lot of things, but not spanking. Dan sipped his drink and remarked that we should it was a very arousing sexual experience.

I could tell Joe was getting hot because he kept following up with questions, and Dan was not at all loath to answer simply and graphically. I felt my pussy getting wet at the idea of lying over Dan’s lap. I knew in that position he’d have the best possible view of my shapely ass and the lace of my underthings. I asked him if it would hurt, and he smiled and said that the heat of a spanking was unlike anything I could know as pain, and that an experienced person like himself could turn it into an erotic art form.

I was so aroused by this time I could scarcely sit still on the chair, and my heart leaped in my chest when Joe said we ought to try it. Dan asked me what I thought, and I knew he could see from my erect nipples how excited I was. “What do we do after we’ve finished my spanking?” I asked.

Dan stood up and replied, “You two have the best sex of your lives. I live just a few blocks from here. Shall we go up to my place and discuss this further?”

Not much later, Joe and I were in Dan’s river view apartment, in the bedroom to be exact. With my pussy purring, I came right out and asked Dan to give me a demonstration of his spanking technique. Dan looked at Joe for his assent. Joe, ensconced in a nearby armchair, said he was all set to enjoy my reaction to my first spanking.

Dan rolled up his sleeves and stood me next to him as he sat on the edge of the bed. Then he had me bend over his lap and straddle it sideways until my hips were level with his knees. My body tensed when I felt him pull up my skirt and slip until the material was bunched around my waist.

I lowered myself onto his legs as he caressed my shapely bottom, neatly framed by garters and hose. I was now resting on his lap and trying to support myself awkwardly with my hands. I looked over at my husband and saw a huge smile on his face. Now Dan pulled my panties up to expose my cheeks and placed one hand on my shoulders to steady me.

Moments later I felt and heard the loud smack of his hand on my firm ass. It stung fiercely and I jerked around. Dan massaged my affronted flesh and smacked me again. I whimpered, but there wasn’t really any pain. The pleasant stinging sensation sent waves of warmth and wetness directly to my pussy. Dan tried again to adjust my panties and finally asked Joe’s permission to remove them.

He happily agreed, and Dan’s hand was now falling on my bare asscheeks again and again, bringing squeals to my lips. I raised my hand, wanting to feel the burning flesh of my ass, and Dan thought I wanted him to stop. He took my wrist and pulled my hand away, laughingly saying we had only just begun. I looked over at Joe and saw him rubbing the large bulge of his cock through his pants.

Dan called him over to help hold me still and keep me quiet. Joe responded quickly, kneeling beside me and unbuttoning my blouse to expose my breasts. Then he grasped my wrists and lifted my hands off the floor. Sitting beside Dan, he positioned his thighs so that they held my breasts captive between them. The two men pulled my hands behind my back and Joe secured them with his tie. I started to ask what they were doing, but Joe’s large hand silenced me.

Dan could see all of my shaved pussy by now and I wondered if he knew how wet I was getting. The stinging sensation was sharper now, and Joe’s hand effectively muffled my scream. I was still kicking as my ass got redder and hotter, and I struggled to free my hands. I didn’t want to get off Dan’s lap I wanted to unzip Joe’s pants and suck on his cock while Dan continued to spank me!

Joe’s free hand crept down to my breasts and pinched my nipples. Dan suddenly stopped spanking me and I felt his large hand on my pussy lips. My hips bounced on Dan’s legs while he probed my pussy, fingers exploring my wet channel. After he pushed two fingers into me, he began spanking me again with his other hand. I could feel his cock growing under my belly.

Joe’s cock was getting extremely hard too, and my breast rubbed against him with each blow. I moaned with pleasure as Joe kneaded my nipples. The combined sensations were so exciting I felt myself approaching an orgasm. I almost cried in frustration as Dan pulled his fingers away, but I shrieked with pleasure when he pressed one wet finger into my anus, slowly penetrating me before he began spanking me yet again. My ass had to be crimson by now and I was amazed at how exciting it was to be manipulated by a relative stranger as my hubbie watched.

The spanking went on for ten or fifteen more minutes. When it was over I knew I had to have my pussy filled by one of them either of them. The men stood me up and helped me remove my clothes, and then Joe, more aroused than I had ever seen him, told me to kneel in front of Dan and suck his cock.

The thought of Joe watching me give another man a blowjob was wildly exciting, and I helped Dan undo his pants and release his cock. I took it in my hand and slowly licked the whole length of the shaft, then slid my tongue over the thick head. Dan moaned as I took the head between my lips and sucked the shaft into my mouth while I massaged his balls.

I was on my hands and knees, sucking madly, and Joe got down behind me. I spread my legs wider when I felt his cock go into me and he started to pump. I slipped my hand between my legs to feel his cock going in and out of my wet pussy, and my hips bounced and rocked as I fingered both of us, all the while sucking Dan’s fabulous cock.

Joe was watching for the exact moment when Dan came, flooding my mouth. My body trembled when he smacked my asscheeks with his hand, driving me down onto Dan’s exploding member as he fucked like a wild man. I began to come too, stronger than ever before, pushing my hips back, frantic to impale myself on Joe’s cock, still sucking Dan’s, gulping down his creamy load. Joe prolonged my orgasm by continuing to spank me rhythmically while he drove into me harder and harder until he too came, filling me with his come.

I collapsed onto the floor and the two men lifted me gently to the bed, asking if I was all right. I hadn’t the breath to tell them that I was still in ecstasy, but my smile told the story. As we got up and began to dress, I teased them one more time by admiring the redness of my bottom in the full length mirror.

I kissed Dan and then flung my arms around Joe. “Perhaps,” I said hopefully, “we can continue this at home another evening.”

Well, our lovemaking has featured spanking ever since, to our mutual delight. There’s nothing hotter than a well spanked ass and the pussy that goes with it.

Ms. Fawn K., Chicago, Illinois


With my husband, Corey, it s not a matter of if I will get spanked, it s a matter of when. But since we both love it so much we could do it all the time, we worry about getting bored. So we try hard to come up with creative reasons why each of us should get spanked.

Last Friday, I had the perfect idea. I had gone shopping at the mall on my lunch hour and purchased a camouflage green skirt so short it was practically obscene. I smiled to myself as I ogled my ass in the mirror, seeing the undersides of my asscheeks hanging out. Corey was sure to love it, but not if he thought I was going to go out and expose myself in the skirt.

I raced home so I could arrive before him, changing into the skirt and admiring my ass in the mirror. I added a white button down, sleeveless top, pulled my hair into a ponytail and donned sneakers and white socks with tassels to complete my schoolgirl look. When Corey walked in the door, his eyes lit up. He threw his briefcase on the ground and swooped me into his arms and twirled me around, carrying me into the bedroom. I laughed as he put me down. “So I guess you like my new skirt?” I teased him, shaking my ass seductively. In one quick motion, he pulled me to him, pushed up the short skirt, pulled down my panties and slid his dick inside my already dripping pussy, fucking me hard and fast until he came in one big, hot spurt inside me.

“You are such a tease, baby. I can never resist you. Okay, time to get dressed,” he said, putting his clothes back on.

“What do you mean? This is what I m wearing,” I told him with a perfectly innocent look on my face.

“You can t wear that! I can see your ass a mile away.”

I pouted. “Don t you like my ass? I thought it was your favorite part of my body.” I wiggled it at him.

“Get over here,” he said, sitting down on the bed, and I obediently climbed across his lap. I didn t care if the jig was up and he knew I d only been trying to provoke him, as long as I got my desired spanking. He lifted up the short flap of my skirt to reveal my bare bottom. I shivered in anticipation, and then he got started, smacking me across each asscheek. Those first blows, though relatively light, got me excited in a way that nothing else manages to do, anticipating the harsher ones to come.

I let out a moan as he kept going, giving me solid, hard smacks across my ass. He has big hands that cover most of my pert ass, so he did quite a number on me as he spanked me harder and harder, building up the intensity until I thought that I would explode. My pussy was on fire with lust, crackling with arousal, as he kept spanking me, one arm around me to hold me down as I squirmed.

I could tell that he was getting ready to fuck me when his smacks really started getting intense. Every smack only served to increase my arousal until I knew that my juices were dripping onto his leg. “Two more, Tammi,” he said, his voice the calm before the storm as he brought all of his strength to bear, smacking me so hard I gasped in delight. When he was done, I turned over and looked up at him, silently begging him to fuck me. He plunged two fingers inside me, pressing them far into my pussy, and in about a minute, I came, shaking with pleasure.

Without saying a word, he laid me down on the bed, spread my legs and plunged his cock into me, knowing that I was again ready for all he had to give. He pounded into me hard, and I welcomed his cock, wrapping my legs around him. I clung to him as we rocked back and forth, and before I knew it, I was coming again, my entire body shivering with delight. As soon as my pussy started spasming, he came, too, unleashing a jet of hot white come inside me.

When we did finally get going, I had to wear a longer skirt because my ass was a bright pink color from all his spanking, a fact that he didn t let me forget all through dinner as he questioned me about the state of my ass. I was indeed sore, but pleasantly so, and I smiled every time I felt the heat emanating from my asscheeks, but it was our little secret.

The next day, Corey made sure that it was his turn. He arrived home with a huge new TV set, one we absolutely didn t need but that he had been begging me to buy. We usually discussed things like that together, but he d deliberately defied me, knowing that I wouldn t stay mad at him for long and could use this as an excuse to give him a very thorough spanking.

Before Corey, I d never spanked anyone, and the first time he asked me to do it, I was shocked. I d raised my hand shakily, uncertain as to whether I could give him what he needed, but the first moment that my hand connected with his ass told me all I needed to know.

Now, I was an old hand, so to speak, at spanking him. I had him bend over our favorite chair and really let him have it, bringing my hand all the way up into the air and then down with a satisfying smack, the noise ringing through the room.

“You re just trying to provoke me, aren t you? You think that you can get away with anything?” I raised my voice as I spanked him, smiling as I watched his butt cheeks turn from a pale, pasty white to a perfectly ripe red, watching as each handprint faded into the next until his ass was a colorful mosaic.

He moaned each time I hit him, and I knew his cock had to be rock hard by now and aching to fuck me. I pressed my legs together, my pussy throbbing as I put my all into spanking him. I was ready to fuck him but wanted to punish him a bit longer. “Stay right there,” I barked as I left the room, heading to our closet and getting out a leather paddle that I only use on special occasions.

I returned, tapping the paddle lightly against his ass. He groaned loudly this time, and I hit him with it, creating a different sound altogether. I moved around, circling him as if I were playing tennis, but my target was his ass. I wanted to cover all of it and went about strategically striking him, focusing most of my attention on the sweet spot right at the center of his ass, but also giving his sensitive upper thighs a workout. He gasped and pounded the chair a few times, but when I asked if he wanted me to stop, he begged me to continue.

“I hope you re ready to fuck me good and hard when I m done,” I told him, knowing he would be. “This is your final spanking, so you better enjoy it,” and I really let loose, wailing on him with a combination of my hand and the paddle. I was sweating as I hit him, thrilled to know that he was feeling everything I felt when I got spanked, that powerful rush followed by the most brilliant flash of pleasure.

“Oh, please, Tammi, don t stop yet,” he begged . “I love the way you spank me.”

“I know, but I need to save something for you to look forward to next time,” I said as I used my small hand to finish him off with two hard smacks that reverberated back up my arm. I ordered him to get on the floor, and no sooner were the words out of my mouth than he was flat on his back on the carpet.

I climbed on top of him and quickly lowered my wet pussy onto his cock. I leaned forward so my entire body was aligned with his as I rocked my hips forward and back. I felt totally stuffed as he pushed up against me, his hands pressing down on my hips to penetrate me even more deeply. We were both moving to the same beat, rocking against each other in a fast and furious rhythm as we raced toward orgasm, anxious to reach the moment of climax.

I raised myself up so only the very tip of his cock was still inside me, then slammed myself down on him hard, relishing every stroke of friction this movement created. “I m coming,” I yelled, and then I did just that, squeezing my pussy to give my orgasm that extra momentum. I tightened around him, then released my pussy muscles. At the same time, I felt him coming as a wave of hot fluid flooded my insides.

Sex with Corey is always good, but it s stunning right after a good spanking, and this time was no exception. I can t wait to see what kind of trouble we get into in the future!

Ms. Tammi B., Santa Monica, California


When I saw Billy, my old high school classmate, on the beach after so many years, my first thought was that he had a great ass. Hugged by his skimpy blue bathing suit, it left very little to the imagination. I couldn t stop staring at such a fine piece of male behind. I was talking to a friend but quickly trailed off, and she followed my gaze and let out a low whistle when she saw this utterly perfect specimen herself.

I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey, Billy, remember me?”

“Of course, Diana,” he said with a huge grin, then gave me a big hug. While his body was pressed against mine, I felt his erection nudging me.

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear so only he could hear, “With an ass like this, you have to know that everyone on the beach is checking you out and probably wanting to squeeze and spank your asscheeks including me.” With that statement, I gave him a little swat on his perfect behind. “What do you think about that?”

I felt his reaction, and kept my hand there when he said, “What do I have to do to get you to do that again?”

“I think you ll have to take me somewhere a little more private where I can get more than a handful of this ass even though you obviously love all the attention this clingy suit is garnering you, don t you?”

He gave me an impish grin. “I do, and even more so now that you ve arrived. Let me take you to my castle,” he said, and with a gentlemanly swagger he led me along the beach to a nearby house. As he walked in front of me, I again checked out his tight, sexy ass, my nipples hardening with exctiement. In practically no time we were in his room, and I pounced on him. He gladly let me position him with his hands above his head, leaning against the door, as I squeezed his ass, going from soft, light grabbing to intense fondling. Then I reared back and smacked him, first on one cheek and then the other. The sound was harsher than the feel, and it echoed throughout the room. He moaned and pushed his butt out a little bit, letting me know he was enjoying my strokes.

I cupped my hand to maximize the impact, striking blow after blow, grateful that I d been working out so I could do my spanking justice. I then peeled down his briefs, admiring the way his cheeks had turned red from my special handiwork. I squeezed his ass again and then peeked around him to see his impressive hard on standing straight up. After a few soft pats, I went back to spanking him more intensely, trying to cover his entire ass as my hand rained down smack upon smack, with him groaning in pleasure after each one. Then, after a final round of fun, in which I made every perfect curve of his butt a bright, beautiful red, I stopped.

I turned him around so his glowing ass was now pressed against the door and his cock was directly facing me. I had gotten so worked up from spanking him that my whole body was tingling, and I knew I needed to taste his dick. I gave him a smoldering look before sinking to my knees and taking his cock into my mouth, savoring each inch of his warm, hard flesh as it slid along my tongue. I looked up at him once I had his entire length in my mouth, thrilled that his eyes were shut, his mouth slack with ecstasy. I savored the experience, lavishing him with wet, juicy licks all along the length of his cock. I held one hand around the base and used it to squeeze him, moving my mouth up and down slowly. His was the kind of cock I could suck all night, and knowing that I d made him hard by spanking him made it all the better. I started to move more quickly, swallowing his shaft into the far reaches of my throat, and then I heard him shout out, “I m coming.” He shot a hot jet of come right down my throat, and I gladly swallowed every last drop of his creamy load.

We settled onto the couch and caught up on the last ten years. He regaled me with his tales of sexual adventures and I shared my funny single girl stories. Before long, we were making out, getting hot and heavy on the couch. Somehow, I wound up on top of him. I still had my bathing suit on and he was naked, and I could feel his hard cock poking up against me. His hands found their way to my ass and, to my surprise, I felt him give me a smack. It was light, testing me out, and then he did it again. Soon I wouldn t be able to hide the way my bikini bottoms were filling with juice. He was doing to me exactly what I d done earlier to him, and I really liked it.

I began kissing him even more passionately, letting him know that I was into whatever he wanted to dish out. He pulled my suit upward so that the fabric pressed tightly against my pussy, and then he began smacking me with one hand, then switching off and smacking me with the other. His hands were strong and powerful, and each whack pushed me against his swelling cock, creating a boomerang of pleasure that circled from my ass to my pussy and back. Every time he connected with my rear, the combination of the heat and the impact and the mental image of his large hand connecting with my skin made my pussy tighten in anticipation. I knew I needed his cock inside me soon. “Please,” I whispered, pleading with him to fuck me.

“Soon, Diana, I promise,” he said soothingly. Finally, he gave each asscheek a final smack and then squeezed them with his sturdy hands. Then he moved so that his fingers could play with my pussy, easily sinking into my wet center. I squeezed them to let him know just how aroused I was, and in a flash, he d removed my bathing suit and was plunging his cock inside me, with me still on top of him. While he fucked me, he would fondle my warm behind, each touch reminding me of the feeling of his spanking.

Billy soon grabbed my hips and started pumping into me really fast, and I welcomed every thrust of his powerful dick. My pussy began tightening again and I cried out as I came, pressing down against his hips so his entire cock was inside me. He soon followed, shooting another hot stream of come that felt wonderful inside me.

Needless to stay, we spent most of the day by ourselves, learning even more of the joys of spanking. I m so glad he was wearing that bathing suit or I might never have noticed his very special ass.

Ms. Diana B., Los Angeles, California


I was having a late afternoon cocktail with my best friend, Donna, as she entertained me with tales of her wild sex life with her boyfriend, Brad. When her eyes lit up, I braced myself for the next naughty part.

“And then, Tina, you ll never guess what he did he spanked me! It was such a turn on, I can t even tell you, and the sex we had afterward was the most incredible ever. I came three times!” She grabbed my hand as she said this, squeezing it hard to emphasize her excitement.

I felt a little twinge of arousal start in my pussy when her fingers met mine. We had talked about plenty of hot affairs, but nothing quite like this, and I d certainly never seen the gleam that was now in her eyes. I tried to contain myself as she described her spanking in detail, but my heavy breathing must have given me away. “Does this turn you on, Tina?” Suddenly, her eyes glowed with a different kind of fever. “Do you want to spank me, too?” All I could do was nod, with a big smile plastered across my face, and we quickly made our way back to her apartment.

When Donna peeled down her skirt to reveal lacy pink panties that cupped her perfect little ass, I knew immediately why her boyfriend wanted to spank her. Though I d never had that particular urge before, the eager grin on her face, combined with the beckoning allure of those perfectly rounded, smooth globes, had my hand itching to get her across my lap. I didn t stop to question this impulse, but simply said, “Well, Donna, I can see why Brad loves to spank you. Your ass simply asks for it!”

She giggled, then bent over right in front of me so I had the most close up view possible of her sexy derriere. I pulled back the edge of her ruffled panties and let go, hearing it snap back against her skin. She obligingly spread her legs for me and I placed my hand at the center of them, feeling her panties already wet and warm. I then raised my arm and delivered my very first smack ever. It felt surprisingly good, and I got a rush of pride when she gasped in obvious arousal. Peeling down her panties, I saw that I d left a light imprint of my hand, and so I did it again, watching the red mark bloom on her pale skin. Then I moved to her other cheek, thrilled once again at her enjoyment as she wiggled her ass at me. I kept going, my fingers spread wide as I spanked her again and again. “Harder, please,” she said, as if she were requesting second helpings of a delicious dessert. Then I decided to sit down on the bed and settled her across my lap. Having her cradled so submissively on top of me, mine to do with as I pleased, brought out in me a desire to fuck her and make her writhe in pleasure. I let go of all propriety and put real force into my swing. I rained down a series of short, hard smacks, getting a rhythm going that she clearly enjoyed, judging from her numerous moans and groans. With every smack, I felt the heat rising off her skin and watched her pale flesh turn darker and darker. I noticed that she really kicked up her feet when I hit her smack in the center of her ass where her buttocks joined, so I focused on that special spot. It was such fun that I didn t ever want to stop. I continued slapping her pretty bottom until she cried out, “Please, Tina, please, do it, I m so wet right now.”

She wanted me to fuck her and didn t need to say another word. Even though I was getting turned on myself from spanking her, I knew we could return to that later right now, her pussy needed my attention desperately. I let my fingers dip lower, gliding along her slick opening, playing with her wet lips before sinking two of my digits inside her juicy slit. Though I d never fucked a girl before, I d certainly thought about it, and Donna was such an enthusiastic participant that I couldn t help but be turned on. As I pressed my fingers deeper inside her, she squirmed beneath me and I held her steady while I explored the wet depths of her cunt. As I rotated my fingers inside her, she let out a moan. I immediately felt her getting even wetter. I watched as my hand slid inside her pink folds, a delightful contrast with the redness of her asscheeks. I began moving faster in and out of her while she thrashed about excitedly. “That s it, Tina, right there, that feels so good!” she screamed as I really got into it, losing myself in her sweet pussy. I fucked her nice and hard, keeping my rhythm going even as she came, her pussy clenching my fingers tightly as she oozed out a stream of hot liquid.

Once we were finally done, we sat on the couch, watching TV and recovering. “Brad s going to be home soon, and I bet he s going to be amazed when he sees my ass all red.” Indeed, my thoughts quickly turned to how very cute Brad was and how much it would please me to give him a hard on, even indirectly via Donna s red ass. When he came home, the minute the door was closed she said, “I have something to show you,” and she shook her ass in front of him. He grabbed her and gave her a long, passionate kiss, and as I watched the two of them make out, my slippery pussy started tingling afresh.

Then she stepped away from his embrace and edged up her skirt, displaying the many fine red marks that remained from my spanking. His face broke out into a huge smile, and I looked up at him and winked. We were now co conspirators in a race to make Donna s ass as perfectly rosy as possible. “What exactly happened to that beautiful behind of yours?” he asked with a definite sign of arousal in his voice.

“Well, I was telling Tina about how you gave me such a wonderful spanking and how good it felt, so she wanted to try it out herself. And she did an incredible job,” said Donna, her meaning unmistakable. “But I m such a naughty girl that I think I need even more,” she purred, bending over so her hands were flat on the floor and her ass high in the air, an irrefutable offering that he was powerless to resist.

He stepped forward and raised his arm, and when it hit her ass, the noise resounded throughout the room. I moved closer, transfixed, as he continued where I d left off, his huge hand covering an entire asscheek with each blow. Then he paused to strip off all his clothes, right there in the living room, before resuming his smacks. He d spank her a few times, then tease her by rubbing the head of his cock against her slick opening. Donna pushed back against him, trying to get him to start fucking her already, but he was clearly in control. “Not just yet,” he told her, gliding his fingers along her slick slit before pulling back to smack her ass once again. Every time he went back to spanking her, she seemed to get more excited and, by the looks of his cock, he was plenty aroused, too. “Please, I need you to fuck me,” she screamed as he kept on spanking her.

“You don t like the way I spank you?” he asked as he proceeded to hit her harder than he had been up to that point. He was panting, clearly working up a sweat as he really pounded her ass. Both of them were breathing heavily, and her face flushed in arousal. Finally, he took pity on her and rammed his hard cock inside her in one smooth movement. She screamed out as he pounded her, both of them absolutely worked up. He pinched her tender ass as he fucked her, then reached around and fondled her clit while she continued to let out mini shrieks.

Changing positions, he got underneath her and she quickly swallowed his cock with her greedy pussy, pumping away while he pushed upward into her. The sight of her bright red ass bouncing on top of him was too much for me, and I had to touch her once again. I pushed her down so she lay flat against him and gave her another whack, knowing that they would both feel the vibrations. They each let out moans of pleasure and I did it again, spanking her as she wiggled on top of his cock. With my free hand, I played with my own pussy, rubbing my clit hard before plunging two fingers into my throbbing cunt. All of us were working together to get ourselves off, and we were certainly successful. The pace of my spanking increased as I got more and more turned on, and this caused Donna to move even faster and harder on top of Brad s cock. It felt so good to know that with every smack of my hand I was giving both of them pleasure, and each time my palm connected to her sensitive ass, I felt a naughty thrill race throughout my entire body.

We all came within moments of each other, and I shuddered to an explosive orgasm as I watched each of them come as well. Donna s ass certainly took a beating, but she discovered that when it comes to spanking, sometimes two can be even better than one!

Ms. Tina B., Atlanta, Georgia


A favorite sexual activity for my husband, George, and I, is spanking. We do it any chance we get, and have from the moment we met each other. But our upcoming vacation to Cape Cod to visit his family left us in a quandary where could we go for some privacy in order to fulfill our spanking quota? We d learned from past experience that we re loud when he spanks me, so I took it upon myself to scope out any possible private nooks when we arrived. Lo and behold, I found a secluded cabin only five minutes away, and as soon as we could manage it, we made our getaway.

We held hands on the way over, and just knowing that I was finally going to get ravaged by my sexy husband was enough to make me dripping wet. Once inside the cabin, I looked up at him and immediately dropped to my knees, needing to have his cock in my mouth at that very moment. He undid his pants to reveal his impressively hard cock, and I quickly took him all the way down my throat, my pussy aching all the more as I tasted every inch of his manhood. But before I could really get into it, he stopped, sat down in a chair and motioned for me to lie across his lap. The time for my spanking had arrived.

I got a chill throughout my body as he lowered my shorts and panties to reveal my bare bottom. I love nothing more than when he takes his strong hand to my butt, delivering hard smacks that redden my asscheeks and get me turned on beyond belief. He started off with a slight warm up, a tease really, because he knows I can take much more. I longed to say something to urge him on, but knew he would work his way up to what I could take. So I lay there, one hand pressed to the floor for balance as he brought his hand across each of my cheeks, spanking me over and over again. With each blow, I absorbed the glorious stinging feeling and reveled in the warmth that raced through my body.

I squirmed on his lap, feeling his increasingly hard erection pressing against my stomach, thrilling me with the temptation of what was to come. But for now, I let his hand rain smack after smack down on me. He had developed quite the technique over the years, and with the slightest cupping of his hand could make his whacks feel that much more forceful. I loved the way he peered down at me so intently, like my every reaction and every mark he caused to form on my asscheeks mattered to him.

He took his spanking seriously and wanted to be the best spanker he could be. I could tell because during our many sessions, every once in a while he would try something new. He would move me slightly or use more force or try out a new toy, just to see how I would react. Usually, his impulses were correct, and he d have me howling with that delicious blend of pleasurable pain that I adore. This time was no exception, as he ordered me to stand against the wall and put my hands up flat. When he hit me next, I felt the impact deep inside my pussy. I gasped in ecstasy, and dared to turn around. “What was that?”

My ass felt like it had just been pounded with something incredibly hard, yet I knew that there was nothing special in this room. “This,” he said, showing me his fingers balled up, and when he did it again, I peeked over my shoulder. Rather than stinging, this technique of his created a thud that seemed to settle deep into my body, creating new layers of arousal.

There always comes a point in my spankings when I am so overwhelmed with lust that I m not sure if I want him to keep spanking me or to fuck me. Well, in all honesty, I want it all. But I know that he will always make the best decision for me he s done it every time so far, which is why I continue to trust him.

“Are you ready, Marcy?” he asked, his voice playful but with a deep current of desire lurking just below the surface.

“Yes, please, I m ready for your cock, baby,” I said, shivering as he turned me around so I was straddling him on the chair, his member pressing urgently up against me. I lifted myself slightly, feeling the stretch in my thighs, and stared into his eyes as I slowly lowered myself down onto his length. He held me steady as his cock entered me, stretching me and filling me all at once. I settled my weight onto his thighs and held onto him, then truly let myself go, focusing my entire being on the way his cock felt inside my pussy. It was glorious, and after all the erotic heat generated by his spanking, my body was tingling. Every move we made felt amazing, like he was fucking my whole body, and I kept shuddering against him. When he grabbed me by the hips, his fingers digging into my tender backside, I lost it, collapsing against him as my orgasm raced through me. As soon as my pussy started to spasm, George also unleashed his own load, quivering beneath me as his come spurted into my cunt.

We walked back to the beach house, and I felt goose bumps form on my arms every time George lightly brushed against my asscheeks. I was already looking forward to my next spanking.

The next day, we were both horny all over again, and we headed to a secluded beach about a mile down the road. Once the sun had properly roasted us, we swam out to a raft we d seen from the shore. It was the perfect resting spot, and we took a little nap. When I woke up, squinting my eyes against the sun, George had positioned himself behind me. I could feel his cock against my backside, making itself known, and wiggled against him, darts of desire invading my pussy as I felt his nearness. I moved again so that I was sliding along his cock, and then I made a truly bold move by peeling down my bikini bottoms so that nothing separated us.

I reached behind me and fondled his cock underneath his swim trunks, smiling as I felt it jerk in my hand. My pussy was now completely slick with my juices, anticipating his cock plunging into me. But when I turned over and tried to take off his shorts completely, he stopped me, turning me back around with his muscular arms. I opened my mouth to speak, but when I felt his hands fondling my asscheeks, I remained silent, letting him arouse me as he increased the pressure until he was squeezing my cheeks with a good amount of pressure. Automatically, I rolled over onto my stomach, and he moved with me. He brushed his fingertips across my slit, but that was just a momentary tease, because in moments, he was striking my ass with his hand, giving me those firm smacks that I craved so dearly.

I pressed my body against the surface of the raft, grinding my clit against it as he increased the pace and intensity of his whacks. He leaned toward me and blew on the back of my neck. Each time his hand hit my ass, I felt a wave of heat, quickly followed by a pleasant chill, pass through my body. Every movement he made caused us to rock the raft slightly, so we teetered on the water. The sun beat down on my back as he continued to turn my ass a rosy red. “Marcy, you have the most gorgeous butt I ve ever seen, and it s all mine.”

“That s right, baby, you can do anything you want to it,” I told him, thrilled that what he wanted to do was spank every inch of my firm, curved rear end. I prided myself on keeping my body in shape, but made sure to keep enough flesh on my ass to make the spankings enjoyable for both of us. He sped up his smacks, hitting me over and over again in the same spot, one on my right cheek and one on my left, until I thought I might simply melt into the water. My whole body felt liquefied with pleasure.

When he let loose with a torrent of his hardest smacks yet, I knew he was gearing up to fuck me. His cock had to be aching by now. When he was done, he rubbed his hand over my warm buttocks, tenderly patting them. George knows me so well that he didn t even bother asking if I was ready for his cock, he just spread my legs wide and shoved the entire length of his dick inside me. I d been ready since the first smack, so the feeling of his cock filling me up was perfect. I opened my legs as wide apart as I could and kept my pussy tightened around him. What could be more wonderful, I thought, than getting spanked and then fucked into oblivion under the sun s rays? Absolutely nothing. In no time at all, I was coming, bucking back against him and shaking the raft with my orgasm. “Yes, yes, yes!” was all he could say as he pulled out and shot his load onto my backside, the warm liquid hitting my sore asscheeks. This was a great place for him to come on me, because all we had to do was hop in the water to wash off!

Nobody was the wiser about our extracurricular activities, and we managed to keep our hands off each other except when we had some privacy. When we got back home, all we had to do was mention Cape Cod to get us in the mood for some good, old fashioned spanking.

Ms. Marcy L., Portland, Maine


My heart thudded in my chest as I approached the Italian restaurant. I had been talking to Jimmy online about my fantasy of being spanked on the beach for weeks and weeks, and recently we had shifted to talking on the phone late at night. Every time I mentioned it he laughed and promised he would make it all come true for me. Remembering the butterflies his words had given me, I blushed as I pushed the door to the restaurant open.

We found each other near the hostess desk and exchanged awkward hugs. Jimmy turned out to be tall and dark, contrasting my short fairness, and as I looked up into his eyes for the first time, I fell into them. They were dark and warm and glinted with amusement and appreciation. I broke away from his gaze and stammered something trite about it being nice to meet him. He grinned, took my hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it. I melted.

Over dinner we talked about our jobs, our lives, our hopes for the future. I found him to be utterly charming. He must have liked me, too, for when dinner was over and the table cleared, he again took my hand in his and asked, “Annie, would you care to join me for a stroll along the beach?” My tummy flip flopped inside me, sending a shiver down my spine.

Jimmy opened the door to his car and I slid inside, leaving my safe little world behind and allowing him to take control of my destiny. We drove down a steep hill toward the beach. The ocean lay before us, framed by the hills of the canyon, gleaming dully in the afterglow of the sunset. He parked the car, collected a blanket from the trunk, and together we walked onto the cool moist sand of the beach. I kicked my shoes off, enjoying the sensation of the sand between my toes.

When we reached the water s edge, he positioned me before him, nuzzling my neck, kissing my ear, whispering that I was so lovely, so desirable. I turned to face him, kissing his full sweet lips for the first time. He began to examine my ass, stroking it, kneading it gently, exploring its dimensions and soft curves. “So lovely,” he murmured hoarsely in my ear.

Jimmy lifted my skirt and ran his hands up my thighs, fingering the elastic of my panties, and made approving noises deep in his throat. I stood on tiptoes and kissed his ear, nibbling gently on the lobe, my eyes closed, my ears filled with the ocean s roar. I lifted one knee and rubbed it against his crouch, feeling his cock stiffening inside his jeans.

Finally he cupped my face in his strong hands and, gazing into my eyes, said, “You have a very spankable bottom, Annie. And I know I am going to enjoy giving you what we both want.” I gasped at his words, knowing what was to come. A frisson of excitement ran through me, remembering that this was, after all, my fantasy coming to life, to be spanked on the beach, exposed to nature and whoever happened to be walking by. I glanced up and down the beach, but in the gathering gloom, we were alone.

We kissed again as the waves crashed against the shoreline. The moon was rising over a distant hill, its soft glow reflected on the water. He took the blanket and spread it out, leading me to its center, sitting down. He held both my hands in one of his large strong ones and tugged me down next to him, leaning in close to whisper, “Annie, it s time.” I gasped as he tugged me gently across his lap, my face pressed against the sandy blanket, my legs spread out behind me.

I mentally stepped back at this point, surveying the scene, and saw myself there, exposed, helpless, my bottom high, waiting to be smacked by a virtual stranger. Jimmy slid my skirt up around my waist, letting the cool moist night air caress my thighs. He stroked my panties, feeling the silky fabric, smoothing it across my warm bottom. I squirmed on his lap, trying to rub myself against his thigh. His hard erection was prodding into my soft belly.

Jimmy started in on my panty covered bottom. I wriggled as his gentle slaps became real spanks and the tingle turned into a more intense sensation. “Ow, that hurts,” I whined. Never missing a beat, Jimmy replied, “Spankings are not supposed to tickle, Annie. You know you deserve this.”

He paused for a moment and I relaxed over his lap, but every muscle tensed as his hand started to slide my panties down. Alarmed, I turned and said “Wait, what if somebody comes along?” He continued to tug the beige silk downward, exposing my bottom, and replied simply, “Then they will see what pretty girls get when they misbehave.”

Now the spanking began in earnest, a steady rhythm of smart smacks that fell continuously on my tender flesh. I wriggled and kicked, and the “ouches” were no longer pretend as he spanked me again and again, holding me down, giving me what I both craved and feared. In no time my ass felt as though it was on fire, and all thoughts of discovery were banished as my mind could only focus on one thing the heat and sting in my sore backside. Jimmy covered every inch of my full bottom, bringing his hand down again and again, filling the air with the sharp resounding slaps.

Finally he stopped, resting his hand against my burning cheeks. I slumped over his lap, recovering, listening to the waves as they pounded into the shoreline. He kneaded my sore bottom and leaned down. “You were such a good girl, Annie. You need a reward after taking your punishment so well.” He nudged my legs apart, feeling my innermost parts with gentle hands. “Oh my, you seem to have liked that.” I blushed. I was soaking wet by now and wanted more. Jimmy found my clit, rubbing it softly between supple fingers, and a deep moan came from my throat. I had never understood why a good spanking aroused me so, but it was a fact of my life, and I had come to accept it as a part of me.

He slid two fingers deep within me as I opened myself to his tender ministrations. He started to move his fingers back and forth, fucking me as I lay helpless over his lap. My hips began to pump, pushing against his fingers, greedily wanting to take them inside me. I was lost to his touch. Four, maybe five times, he brought me to the edge as I moaned with frustration and excitement. Finally, when I could take no more, he pumped into me hard and fast, not stopping until I screamed with joy as the waves of passion washed over me. I trembled as I came, my entire body alive and tingling with the pleasure.

I rolled off Jimmy s lap and we lay together on the blanket, gazing at the stars hanging in the velvety night sky, my hot naked bottom resting gingerly on the sandy blanket. I reached out to stroke the bulge in his jeans, feeling his erection through the stiff fabric. He leaned back on his elbows and smiled at me, his face illuminated by the soft moonlight. I fumbled with his belt and zipper and released his hard cock to the night air. It stood firm and erect with a single drop of fluid glistening at the tip. I slid between his legs, kneeling before him, holding his cock in my hand.

I reached out with my tongue and ran it around the head, tasting that first salty drop, exploring him eagerly. I grasped the base of his cock, pumping it gently, then ran my lips down the shaft, burying my nose in the curly dark hairs at the base. His hips moved to my touch, thrusting up against my mouth. His breathing was ragged and noisy as I started to suck him. He grabbed my head, pushing it deeper and deeper onto him as I slurped and sucked him to paradise. And then, with a loud yell, he came. I felt his hot come spurt into my mouth and against my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but a trickle escaped and dribbled down my chin.

Jimmy drew me up to him and we snuggled together, hugging, kissing. We watched the moon over the water, the ocean s never ending undulations, the lights of the city shining in the distance. We were both very content.

Jimmy brought my fantasy to life that night, our first night of many together. Now when I go to the beach and sit in the bright, hot sunlight, sometimes I m very near that same spot, I look over and remember our first meeting and smile, a secret cat smile of delight.

Ms. Annie K., Santa Barbara, California


I ve enjoyed reading Variations for years, and my wife and I have gotten lots of good ideas from your stories, especially the ones about spanking and being watched having sex. What we really love best, however, is for Melissa to spank me. She always says that the hotter she makes my ass, the hotter her pussy gets. With some of the spankings she s given me, her pussy has been an almost unquenchable fire!

The most recent time was during a weekday when we both arranged to take an extended lunch hour. This was a pretty daring move, since it meant we had to go back to work fresh from wild sex, but that added to the thrill. Who might guess what we d been up to?

I got home first and put on my black silk thong, which is a perfect garment to be spanked in since it allows her unimpeded access to my ass without having my cock and balls get too much in the way. Besides, the black silk makes a stunning visual and tactile contrast to a reddened ass. I also laid out a couple of soft bathrobe sashes, her two favorite thick leather belts and three paddles that ranged from a sort of leather covered ping pong paddle to a heavy wooden frat house number.

She called me from the car and told me she d be arriving in five minutes. That was my cue to tie my legs together at the knees and ankles. Unable to walk, I arranged myself in the middle of the living room floor, kneeling with my ass up and my forehead on the floor. Using slip knots that I had evolved over the years (and an innate creativity), I even tied my wrists to my ankles, leaving my ass unobstructed and at the mercy of my wife.

As I waited there, totally vulnerable to any intruder, I began to imagine what my submissive posture would look like to a chance caller who looked in the front window. That led me to fantasize about Melissa spanking me while the postman watched. The door opened and I had one delicious moment of terror before I realized it was indeed my wife, right on time. My cock was as rigid as pig iron, and my face was getting as red as my ass soon would be.

Her footsteps receded and then returned a few minutes later. An approving hum indicated that I had done everything she expected and done it well. A quick glance showed me that she was clad in my favorite outfit black lace teddy with garters, black stockings and very high heels. Her shaved pussy already looked swollen and moist, but maybe I was projecting my own arousal.

The look on her face told me that this paddling was going to be memorable, and I closed my eyes as her hand gripped the smallest paddle. Her blows fell in a flurry, like stinging snowflakes landing on my naked ass. I could feel the warmth rising in my buttocks and taking over my balls. As Melissa, too, warmed to the scene, she exchanged the paddle for her next implement, something more on the order of a wide slapper.

It too had a kind of generalized heat to its blows, making me think that by now my ass must resemble the light red of barbecue coals. It sure felt like it. The slaps grew harder and stung more, still in that sort of flat way. A pause. I held my breath, which was a mistake. The air whooshed out of my lungs and I jerked forward, nearly tipping over as the frat paddle struck home. Once again the feeling was a broad heat, but after the third or forth stroke there was a throbbing edge to it. The incipient bruising pulsed in time to my excited and swollen cock.

It was an almost unbearably electric sensation when her hand, cool and soft, reached down to stroke my blazing bottom. I felt the stings and the bruises being born and the heat all at once, in layers, as if every cell was telling her its feelings. Then she almost shocked me upright by running a cube of ice over my ass, leaving cold water to trickle down the backs of my thighs.

Another pause, and I felt Melissa move further back, ready to swing. This would be the wider strap, making line after line of still hotter coals on top of the deeper, more rounded heat of the paddles. The crack of the strap against my ass seemed just an echo of its impact, and by now my ass, balls and cock were one incandescent whole, aching to erupt in a Vesuvian torrent of lava.

I tried my best to restrain my orgasm and succeeded only because Melissa stopped in the nick of time. She pulled a chair in front of me and spread her legs wide, inviting me to lick her now very wet pink pussy. I was in seventh heaven. I could smell her arousal clearly and taste it on my tongue. I took my time, savoring the puffiness of her lips and the heat of her crevices before I teased the wrinkled edges of her clit hood, just grazing the bare pearl that stood up so proudly.

She moaned, and I sucked it into my mouth, licking her clit until she began to come, just stroking it with my teeth as I let it slide between them. She whimpered and panted, grabbing my ears. Then suddenly she came in a series of spasms that almost unseated her and nearly knocked me over.

Recovering, Melissa stood and moved behind me once again, taking up the final, narrowest belt. She began to whip my now dully throbbing ass with what felt like lightning hot flames. My burning balls could stand it no longer. With my hands behind my back I could not have tried to touch myself, but there was no need. Lava was on the move, rising from my balls up through the narrow vessels of my cock and spurting out to cover my face, my chest and the floor. Spent, I fell sideways breathing hard.

Melissa untied me and we embraced, then staggered up to the bathroom, where we took a lingering shower and dressed again. Once more the impeccable business people, we emerged from the house, kissed and went to our separate cars. As I sat down gingerly, I mused that nobody in our respective offices would guess that we had not simply been out for a longish lunch. Or would they?

Mr. Sylvester C., Grand Forks, North Dakota


Thanks to Variations, my wife is expanding her sexual horizons with gusto, and so I thought it only fitting that I write to tell you about her latest discovery the naughty thrill of being spanked.

Lori and I got married six months ago, and for a wedding present my best man gave us a subscription to Variations. In an aside to me, he said he thought it would help Lori overcome her shyness and open her eyes to the many pleasures available to the sexually adventurous. Leave it to Hal, notorious skirt chaser and indefatigable jokester, to come up with a gift that would bring a royal blush to my bride s pretty cheeks. Although a good guy at heart and a Grade A friend, Hal enjoyed teasing Lori about what, in his opinion, were her antiquated ideas on sex. “You, good buddy,” he would say, “have your work cut out for you in the bedroom.”

I supposed it was true, but I was looking forward to playing teacher to Lori s student. Something told me that beneath all that innocence was a lusty wench in search of sexual adventure. At the time, I had no idea how helpful Variations would be in calling forth that lusty wench.

In the first weeks of our marriage, I was heartened by Lori s increasing appreciation of intimacy. While she never initiated sex, she was responsive to my overtures, becoming more and more active in bed, if not all that vocal. I had no doubt now that, given time and with patient handling, Lori would evolve into a truly wonderful bed partner.

And then the first issue arrived. I read it from cover to cover, most of the time with a legitimate boner, but try as I might, I couldn t get my bride to take so much as a peek. “It s just another dirty men s magazine,” she would say disdainfully. “We don t need anything like that in the bedroom.” For days the magazine rested undisturbed atop my dresser, collecting dust.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, I returned home from a college football game I had attended with a neighbor to get a very pleasant surprise Lori was sprawled on the living room sofa, her blouse open and her skirt up around her waist, one hand holding our first issue of Variations and the other down inside her white cotton panties. From the look on her face it was obvious she was near orgasm, and not even my unexpected appearance on the scene could stop her from coming all over the place. It was beautiful to see.

When she was herself again, Lori explained that just out of curiosity she had picked up the magazine and then, to her surprise, gotten aroused by a letter from a woman who loved to deep throat her boyfriend. “I could learn to do that,” my beautiful blue eyed blonde bride said determinedly. At my urging, she started practicing that very night.

That first taste of Variations whetted Lori s appetite for more, and when our second issue arrived she devoured it, this time zeroing in on a section featuring the joys of outdoor sex. On Saturday of that week we visited a state park where, on a grassy knoll adjacent to a babbling brook, my suddenly unselfconscious bride demanded to be fucked doggy style.

Then it was mutual masturbation that we had to try, then getting each other off over the phone with dirty talk, then bondage, with Lori and I taking turns being, in her words, “the helpless victim.” Much to my surprise and delight, Variations was proving to be an amazing source of inspiration for Lori, firing her libido, awakening her erotic imagination and putting ideas in her pretty head that even Hal could not have envisioned when he gave us the subscription.

And then one night last week, as we got ready for bed, I came out of the bathroom to find Lori in bed with the latest issue. Her free hand was down inside her panties, which was all she had on, and she had that beautiful I m horny and really need to be fucked look on her face. “This spanking letter got me sooo wet,” she explained. “Honey, have you ever thought of warming my butt?” She put the magazine on her nightstand and quickly got on all fours on the bed, with her inviting ass facing me. “Well, have you?”

In truth, I hadn t, but all of a sudden the idea was eminently appealing. Already my cock was tenting the bath towel I had wrapped around my waist. Approaching the bed, I asked Lori if she had been a bad girl and if she thought she deserved a hard spanking. “Oh yes,” she answered excitedly. “I ve been very, very bad. I deserve to be punished, honey.”

Taking up a position behind my wife, I drew back my hand and delivered what I thought was a decent spank. I struck again, with my hand this time cracking against her right buttock. Back and forth I went, from cheek to cheek, smacking her pretty pantied bottom as my hard cock bobbed up and down behind the bath towel.

“Harder, honey,” Lori whined. “I can hardly feel anything. Do it like you mean it, Donald.”

“Okay, you asked for it,” I said, and promptly delivered a solid smack to Lori s wiggling butt. And another. And another. She let out a howl after each one, which served to spur me on to even greater effort as I quickly established a comfortable spanking rhythm.

“Ooh, it hurts so good,” Lori squealed. “Take down my panties so I can really feel it.”

I did as asked, wasting no time working my wife s panties down and around her hips, leaving them banded about her thighs. Now she dropped into a low crouch, with her head cradled between her arms and her rosy bottom sticking up in the air. My towel suddenly fell from my waist, and it was then that I spotted Lori s scuffs under the bed. I picked one up and showed it to her.

“Yeah, use that,” she said excitedly. “Redden my ass for me, honey.”

I was only too happy to oblige, but first I slipped my hand between Lori s legs to cup her crotch. Just as I suspected, her pussy was warm and wet. She mewled with pleasure as I stroked her sex, then again urged me to swat her upturned behind.

Slipper in hand, I proceeded to smack my wife s butt with it, once again alternating between cheeks and eliciting from her shrieks and howls of pleasure/pain. Her nails dug into the bedcovers as I whacked away at her ass, which seemed to me to be even more appealing in its present hot pink state. I could see a single tear slip from Lori s left eye and trickle down her cheek, but she made no move to escape the slipper crashing repeatedly against her burning behind.

I was about to deliver yet another blow when my wife cried out, “Fuck me now, Donald! Doggy style!” On all fours she crawled to the center of our queen size bed, then again dropped into a low crouch. I climbed onto the bed, positioned myself behind her and, in one no nonsense thrust, buried my rigid cock to the root inside her creamy pussy. Lori moaned her approval and was soon bucking back to meet my thrusts into her love cove, beseeching me to give it to her good and hard. Getting spanked had turned her on even more, I think, than she had thought it would. It certainly had aroused the dominant in me, and the sight of her inflamed butt had much to do with the vigorous way I fucked her.

We were both too excited to last very long, and when I heard my wife say she was coming, I sent my seed spurting into her convulsing pussy. The two of us collapsed on the bed, with Lori wincing and then giggling when her well spanked ass touched the bedcovers.

I ve been wondering what my not so blushing bride will come up with next, and last night she gave me a good clue when she held up a pair of her panties and said, “I think we could probably get these in your size, hon.”

Oh no, no way. Then again, Lori can be very persuasive.

Mr. Donald B., Seattle, Washington