This entry is part 3 of 14 in the series 2013 Apr

I was so preoccupied with admiring the beautiful French countryside that I had not noticed how late it was getting. I pulled my rental car off the road and checked my guidebook for the nearest chambre d’hote or bed-and-breakfast. There was one close by, and I soon found the now-familiar green and yellow sign, in front of a very neat and obviously well maintained house and farm buildings.

The door was opened by a very attractive young woman of about twenty-eight, who was wearing jeans, a loose-fitting work shirt and slippers. If anything, her outfit accentuated her fresh, country look of short brown hair, friendly eyes and a welcoming smile.
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Her fetish for fucking in front of mirrors Is matched when she meets her Perfect REFLECTION

This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series 2013 Apr

I like having sex in front of mirrors. Even when I’m all by myself, I will stand before my bedroom mirror with my vibrator, thrusting the toy in and out of my pussy while I watch myself. I never confessed this fetish to a lover previously, because I hadn’t wanted to sound vain. I could only imagine the dialogue. “You want to watch yourself when you come, pretty girl? You need to see the lust in your eyes?” I would be embarrassed at best, turned down at worst, so I’ve kept this kink to myself.

Often, I’ve been able to get what I need without much effort. Most bedrooms have a mirror somewhere, and with a little clever maneuvering, I’m usual able to catch a glimpse—or even a full-on show. Sometimes, I’ve worked a little harder for release. When I discovered a wall of mirrors in a unisex bathroom at a local gourmet grocery store, I told my boyfriend at the time that I wanted him to fuck me there. He thought I was into the thrill of almost getting caught. In reality, I loved watching the two of us fuck in that white-tiled room.
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Sheer Passion

This entry is part 1 of 14 in the series 2013 Apr

What was to become an obsession began with simple gold lettering on a door. The shop had just opened, and I’d walked by numerous times before noticing the words “Vintage Lingerie and Hosiery” written in antiquated script. I mostly wore tights or pantyhose, if I covered my legs at all, but an image of thigh-high seamed stockings instantly popped into my mind. Seconds later, I was thoroughly aroused and my panties were drenched.

My interest piqued, I went inside the shop, admiring racks and shelves overflowing with teddies, peignoirs and negligees. I came to a halt when I encountered a collection of garter belts. From that I plucked a sexy black-lace number that had caught my eye. As I flipped through a display featuring vintage legwear still in their packages, I heard a sexy male voice behind me.
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This entry is part 8 of 14 in the series 2013 Jan

I know most people have leather and latex fetishes, but neither fabric has ever done it for me. What really turns me on is denim. I love a woman in a pair of tight jeans or a nice denim skirt. Even a jacket will work, as long as it fits the girl and hugs her curves. I wear jeans a lot myself, but it’s not nearly as arousing when I’m the one wearing denim. Half the appeal is seeing the way the fabric stretches around a woman’s round ass, firm breasts or toned thighs.

When I met Janet, I really lucked out. She not only shares my love of denim, she wears it all the time. Unless she’s required to dress up, she wears jeans every day, with the occasional denim skirt thrown in when it’s too hot for pants. Her favorite jeans—and mine—were a pair of nicely fitted ripped pants with holes in the knees and wildly frayed hems. They had a missing back pocket and the seams were dotted with small holes from constant wear.

We’d been dating for a few weeks when Janet’s jeans finally fell apart. I was at her apartment, helping her put together new bookshelves, and when she bent over to grab a hammer, the seam along her right inner thigh gave out. I heard the loud rip as the denim tore apart, finally succumbing to the pressure of near-daily wear. Janet looked horrified when she realized what had happened, but I had very different feelings about her denim disaster.
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This entry is part 7 of 14 in the series 2013 Jan

The first time Garrett shaved my legs, I thought he was only being cute. He’d come over unannounced after being out of town for a week, and since I was alone, I hadn’t bothered shaving in a few days. It was winter, so I’d been wearing pants every day anyway. But when Garrett stopped by, of course my pants came off, and he came face to face with my stubble-covered legs. He wasn’t going to be deterred, though, and he swept me into the shower where he quickly rid me of the prickly problem before taking me to bed and ravishing me.

I thought it was a one-time thing, but the next time he came over, he asked if he could do it again. Since then, it’s become a regular part of our foreplay.

Once a month, Garrett and I plan a special date and agree not to see each other for several days beforehand. While we’re apart, I make sure not to shave my legs, and after three days the hair has grown in long enough to be really noticeable. That’s when we have our date.
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A Foot Fetishist Finds His Perfect TEN In the Sandal Section

This entry is part 6 of 14 in the series 2013 Jan

I’ve always had a hard-on for pretty feet. I don’t know exactly when I started checking out a girl from toe to head rather than head to toe. But if a girl has attractive tootsies, I’ll consider her a perfect ten. Luckily for me, I live in a city where the preferred shoe styles are flip-flops and sandals. Even luckier for me, I work in a store that sells women’s shoes. I spend hours each day helping women choose the shoes of their dreams. What most don’t realize is as they search for their perfect pair they’re making my fantasies come true.

This week, I was able to help a customer who fit my desires to a T-strap. She was a knockout. Anyone would have noticed her. Even if she had on clogs or boots or snowshoes, I would have recognized that she was attractive with her waves of copper hair and her sun-kissed skin. But she had on a wispy pair of gladiator sandals that wrapped around her exquisite calves and revealed her feet to sublime perfection. I almost was too tongue-tied to help her.
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Rainy Day Lovers

It was pouring. The four inches of jeans between my coat and the top of my rain boots had become completely soaked. I didn’t want to spend all day in wet jeans, but I also didn’t want to spend all day sitting at my desk with no pants on, although that might have thrilled the rest of the design team. What was I supposed to do? There was no way I could go back home and change. My commute is an hour each way. I hadn’t remembered to bring an extra set of clothes, because who thinks to do that?

As I walked down the hallway dejectedly, my boss opened his door. Mr. Williams is a handsome man, young for his corporate position, who has never given me any sort of grief. I’ve nursed a crush on him for the past few months, but I’ve kept it to myself. I certainly didn’t want him to see me like this.

“Carrie, do you have a minute?”

Oh, perfect, I thought. First, I get soaked like that cat in the famous photograph, and now I have to go into a meeting completely wet. Believe me when I say, I was not in the mood.

I headed to his office and perched myself on the edge of the chair, not wanting to get the expensive leather seat all wet.

He looked me over and then he looked away. Was he embarrassed for me? I felt even worse.

“Carrie,” he said again, and I thought his voice actually trembled.

“Yes, Mr. Williams.”

“Richard,” he said, “please call me Richard.”

“Yes, Richard,” I said, feeling very strange all of a sudden.

“Do you like the rain?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. Was this a trick question? On any other day, I might have tried to figure out what sort of answer he wanted to hear, but feeling so wet and annoyed, all I could manage was, “No, not really.”

“Do you like me?”

Okay, we had now officially entered a second dimension. Of course, I liked him. He was a stellar boss. More than that, I’d been fantasizing about his dark blue eyes every since he’d landed the job, taking over from a woman who had made it her business never to say a kind word to anyone.

I stared into Mr. Williams’s I mean, Richard’s face, and I saw that he was actually blushing.

“Yes,” I said softly. “Yes, I do.”

“I have a confession,” he told me. “I know I’m not supposed to flirt with employees, and I’ve been able to keep my feelings on hold for the past six months, but you look so sexy today. I can’t help myself.”

I started laughing.

He looked aghast at first, but then he grinned.

“Today?” I said incredulously, thinking of all the attractive outfits I’ve worn to work in the past. “You think I look sexy today? I’m wetter than a tub of water. My pants are soaked. Just look at me.”

I stood up and turned around.

He was right at my side when I finished spinning. “It’s the boots,” he said. “Those fucking rain boots. You see, I have this thing . . . ”

He was bending as he spoke, running his hands over my knee high rubber boots. The look of him there, on his knees, his palms on my boots, made me wet in a whole new way.

“You like rubber,” I said almost under my breath, and he nodded.

“Would you take everything else off?” he asked. “Just strip totally, and then put the boots back on?”

I could do that. While he went and locked his office door, I pulled off my turtleneck and draped it over the back of the chair. Then I took off the boots, while he watched wide eyed, and gingerly peeled off my jeans. He lifted the jeans and spread them out on his sofa near the heater. I was down to my socks and underwear. I undid my bra and let the lacy garment fall away, then slid off my knickers and kicked them into a corner.

Now we were at the point he’d been waiting for, and we both knew it. He was standing by the sofa as I stepped back into the boots. He sucked in his breath, and I smiled. No longer did I feel like a half drowned cat. All I felt like was a very wet pussy.

Richard came over to me. “I thought you were hot from the moment I saw you,” he said softly, his hands caressing my small breasts. “But on rainy days, you wear those goddamn boots and suddenly you’re not such a sweet pretty girl. You’re this ber hot chick who makes me go into the executive bathroom and jack off three times a day.”

The boots were spectacular, I must say. See, I’m not a fan of the rain, so this fall I’d decided to reward myself with something special, hoping they’d keep me from dreading rainy days. These glossy black knee high rain boots were made to look like real fashion boots. But the sheen on them was something remarkable. You could see your reflection in the surface. When they were wet, they glistened. Each bead of water that ran down made them appear like polished glass.

Richard went on his knees again, this time so that he was facing my pussy. “I’d like to eat you out,” he said, “while touching your boots. Is that okay with you?”

I was into how submissively he spoke the words only because he usually had such a dominant air about him.

“What if I sit up on the edge of your desk,” I suggested, ever the idea girl. “I could bend my knees and put my feet on your shoulders that way.”

He nodded enthusiastically, and we got into position. He didn’t leap for my pussy right away. He started by actually licking the sides of my sleek boots, and sighing as his tongue met the shiny rubber. I sighed, too. I know that I will never forget the way he looked as he gave my boots a tongue bath. My slit was getting so incredibly wet I knew I’d be leaving a spot on his blotter, but I didn’t say anything about it. Maybe in the future, he’d see that spot and think of me.

He moved slowly up my legs, kissing and licking the insides of my thighs, until he had reached the intersection of my body. For a moment, he did nothing. I was getting desperate. I could feel how wet I was, how slippery my pussy had gotten. Why wasn’t he tonguing me? I looked at him, and he seemed in a daze, staring at my split. I wrapped my legs around him, so he could feel the boots against him, and pulled him in.

That did the trick. He started licking and sucking my pussy as if this was the number one item in his job description. Maybe it was because my morning had started off so pathetically or maybe because it had been awhile since I’d been with a lover but I don’t think I’ve ever felt such instant pleasure flood through my whole system. He’d teased me on his way up to my pussy, but he didn’t tease me any longer. His tongue made circles around my clit, and then the tip of his tongue rained down directly on that hot button over and over until I was lifting my hips off the desk and forcing my cunt right up into his face. I couldn’t get enough. I was on the cusp from the second he sucked my clit into his mouth, and I started to make soft moaning noises that I could not contain.

“Shhh,” he whispered, reminding me suddenly where we were, where I was which was naked except for rain boots in my boss’s office. What an odd place to be, I thought, but that was the last of those sorts of thoughts I had before Richard crested his tongue up and down my clit in rapid succession, sending me into the stratosphere of pleasure. As my climax hit me, the rain outside started to sheet against the plate glass windows. I felt as if the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the latest downpour. The sound of the rain on the glass matched the tempo of Richard’s tongue tap tap tapping on my clit. The only problem I had was that we were at work, so I couldn’t cry out my pleasure. I had to bite my lip and stifle the noises I would have loved to make.

As soon as the orgasm began to subside, Richard was moving me.

“I want to fuck you,” he murmured. “But you have to keep on those boots!”

I stood, thinking that I’d bend over his desk. I figured that would be the easiest way to fuck in the office. There was no bed, after all. But Richard had other ideas. He moved me to the center of the room and spread me out on the carpet. Then he undressed, while I watched. I had fantasized about seeing his naked body for months now. Actually witnessing him stripping was far more intense than any of my x rated visions.

Richard had a fantastic body strong, muscular legs, flat hard stomach. But his cock was the part I was most interested in, and his tool definitely did not disappoint. He was supremely hung, so much so that my pussy quivered in anticipation. When would I get a taste of that?

The thought had barely flickered through my mind before he positioned himself above me in a sixty nine. I opened my lips expectantly, and Richard slid the head of cock inside my mouth. He’d just gone down on me, so I wasn’t sure what he was planning on doing next. But I didn’t worry. I simply began to suck him, trying to mimic for him the delicious pleasure he’d so recently bestowed upon me. While I worked him, he reached for my legs and bent them so my knees were crushed up to my chest.

That’s when I realized he was licking my boots. I heard the sounds, the noises and groans as his tongue met the rubber, and I would have giggled except my mouth was full of cock. As it was, I made some sort of whispering moan around his dick, which he seemed to appreciate, because he thrust more of his length into my mouth.

He really was into the boots, wasn’t he?

I didn’t let go of his cock, but I wriggled as best I could to give him the access he required. I could tell he was thrilled by the combination my mouth around his rock hard erection, and his tongue and hands on my boots.

“These are the sexiest damn boots I’ve ever seen,” Richard whispered. “And you’re the most beautiful girl I can imagine wearing them.”

I will say this when I bought these beauties, I’d never imagined that one day my boss would be caressing and fondling them the way he was doing now.

“They’re so smooth,” he murmured. “So slippery.”

He seemed transported by the shiny surface, completely mesmerized by the texture and the smell.

“When I come, I want to shoot all over them.”

For some reason, that made my pussy clench. I had never thought that I had a rubber fetish before, but seeing the way Richard was responding to my boots was turning my own pleasure up quite a bit. And that’s when I spied his raincoat hanging on the back of his door.

I pulled away from his cock, which made him sigh, and then I moved out of his embrace, which made him moan.

“Hold on,” I said. I stood and hurried to the coat. It was cut from a material more commonly seen on women’s raincoats. Why had I never noticed that? Not one of those high performance synthetics but more of a rubbery PVC type of material. When I shot Richard a glance, he said, “I wear a different one on top,” and motioned to the type of serious gear I was expecting. I reached for the PVC coat and slid it over my naked skin. Richard wolf whistled.

“Come on,” I said. “Stand up and get ready to fuck me.”

He had his hand on his cock, jerking slowly as I walked toward him.

“I’m going to bend over the desk, and you’re going to fuck me in this coat. When you come, you’re going to shoot all over the boots, the coat, and me.

Richard clearly couldn’t believe his ears. He didn’t move right away. I got right up close to him and lifted one boot in front of his face. “Kiss it,” I said.

He kissed the boot happily. We had gone from him being in total control to me understanding his fetish and taking the reins.

“Now stand up and fuck me,” I commanded, getting into position.

Richard obeyed, standing and pushing himself against me. At first, he simply fucked the raincoat. I could feel him sliding his cock up and down the exterior. He groaned, and I had to put one hand between my legs and stroke my clit as he fucked the coat. His excitement was contagious.

What I really needed was a hole torn into the PVC, so he could fuck me through the coat. But I couldn’t say the words. Who was I to demand he destroy his rubbery raincoat . . . yet as I was thinking this, I saw him reach for the steel scissors in his cup holder.

“Are you sure?” I asked, realizing we’d had the same thought at the same time.

“Oh, God yes,” he said. “Stay still.”

I was a statute as he slit a hole in the back of the coat, and then replaced the scissors gently into the cup holder. Then he worked the slit so that the rubber was bent inward. That was the last thing he did in that careful manner. All the rest was sped up super fucking: him, me, and the rubbery coat and boots. What a team we made! Richard gripped my hips through the coat and positioned his cock right at the slit. He had perfect aim, sliding his cock through the coat’s opening and then through mine. The way he’d cut the coat and folded the material meant the rubber was caressing him with each stroke. My wetness immediately created the lube he required, so that he was slip sliding to pleasure in no time.

“You’re so sexy, Carrie,” he said as he ground against me. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you since the first day I walked onto the office floor.”

I wish I could say I responded with something equally complimentary, but at that moment, he brought one hand against the front of the coat and began stroking my clit through the material. I moaned rather than replied, but I’m sure he got the gist. I was so aroused I began to buck back against him, so that I was the one setting the rhythm. My hips seemed to move on their own. I had no power to control myself, or any part of my body.

That is, until Richard decided to reposition us both. He gripped me up and brought me to the window the floor to ceiling plate glass behind his desk. He pressed me up against that cool glass and started to fuck me again. I stared at the rain pouring down and felt him pound into me. Sweetly, he resumed his affectionate stroking of my pussy through the PVC. I had never considered myself a fetishist of any sort before but now I could suddenly understand how someone would be able to get off on rubber or PVC. Because I was. Pressed against the window, being fucked by my handsome boss, and getting off on it all. The smell of it surrounded us, that slightly synthetic scent, but bolder than that aroma was the perfume of our sex. I don’t know what Richard was going to tell our coworkers. His office smelled like fucking.

“How do you like it?” Richard asked, and I understood from the pause in his fingering rotations that he wanted guidance. I put one hand on top of his, and I led him in the way that I like to touch myself. Slow at first, then faster and harder. Richard got the game in no time, ultimately pushing away the fabric of the raincoat to touch my naked pussy. Almost as soon as his knuckles grazed my clit, I began to come. I wished I could have yelled my pleasure, but instead, I bit my lip, stared at the rain, and let the trembling rush flood through me.

Richard waited me out, until the very last glimmer of my orgasm had subsided, then he said, “Put your palms on the glass,” and I obeyed, leaning forward. “Now spread your legs slightly.” I did just what he said. Richard continued to slip his cock into me, faster now. He had definitely resumed control.

“I was hard all morning,” he said. “Coming to work on rainy days can be hell for me. I get an erection at the very first sight of a hot girl in rain gear. And then I saw you and those boots and I was going to jack off . . . ”

“Why didn’t you?” I had to ask, even though I was breathlessly approaching another climax.

“Because I had to have you.”

I had to smile I hadn’t felt even the slightest bit sexy when he’d spied me, but I sure as hell felt sexy now.

“We should have a deal,” I said as he pounded into me. Each word was punctuated by a little gasping breath he was fucking me so hard.

“Yeah?” he bit into my shoulder through the raincoat, and I yelped.

“Every rainy day, we should fuck just like this.”

“Yeah,” he whispered again, but this time it wasn’t a question.

“I read the weather report every day,” I told him as I came for the third time that morning. I’m sure most people wouldn’t consider that sentence pillow talk, but Richard certainly did. He ground his hips against mine one final time, and then he pulled out of my pussy and came like a rainstorm all over the back of the coat and the boots.

“The paper predicted rain all week,” I said as I pulled off the coat and turned around to face Richard.

“Thank fucking God,” my boss said with a smile.

Toes & Hose

Every man has his turn ons. But I believe most men never do anything about them, because they have yet to find a wife or a girlfriend who is as aroused by the same sort of kinky fun. That’s what makes me so grateful for Rita. Right from day one, we were on the same wavelength.

Rita was sitting in the reception area of my office as I returned from lunch one afternoon. There’s no way I could miss her magnificent legs. They were long and shapely, and I got quite a look at them, thanks to her short skirt. Dark black pantyhose with a black skirt has always been a turn on for me, but then any sexy woman in pantyhose makes my dick stiffen. And Rita was very sexy. She had long auburn hair, a model’s face minus the haughty look and a smile that lit the room. I smiled back at her and wished that I could think of a reason to stop and introduce myself.

“Mr. Marberry,” the receptionist said, interrupting my lewd thoughts. “Your two o’clock appointment is here.” She motioned toward the long legged beauty I’d been admiring.

It had totally slipped my mind that I was supposed to be interviewing candidates for the sales position that day. Clearly, fate had stepped in to make me a happy man.

“Great,” I said with genuine enthusiasm. “I’m Jack.” I extended my hand toward her.

“Rita,” she responded as she gave me a firm handshake.

“Let’s go back to my office,” I suggested, leading the way past a warren of cubicles. At my office door, I gestured inside and allowed Rita enter ahead of me, letting my eyes linger on her lower half. In these days of business casual clothing, a lovely lady in pantyhose was a rare and beautiful sight. Settling herself down gracefully, Rita sat in the chair in front of my desk and I went to take my seat behind it.

“I have a r sum for you,” Rita said as she pulled the paper from a folder and placed it on my desktop. She sat on the edge of her chair nervously while I attempted to study her qualifications, but all I could think about were her nylon clad legs.

“Relax, Rita,” I urged her. “You have excellent experience and great references.” I wanted to add: “You also have great legs, your pantyhose turn me on, and I would like to put my head between your legs right this minute and lick your pussy.” But of course, I didn’t.

My attempt to help her relax had the desired effect, however. Rita sat back in the chair and crossed her legs, allowing me to see one fabulous expanse of thigh. Either there was a spark of attraction between us, or Rita was an old hand at using her God given body to make any man want to offer her a job. When she shifted her legs and crossed them again, she was clearly giving me a crotch flash.

I made up my mind at that moment to do something crazy. Crazy, as in company lawyers asking me if I’d lost my mind and did I know how often women file sexual harassment claims.

Coming out from behind the desk, I walked to the office door, closed it, and took another guest chair from the corner so that I could sit directly next to Rita.

“You could do this job in your sleep,” I said. “There would be no challenge for you, and the pay scale would be well below what you’ve been earning. The reason I am being so brutally honest with you goes beyond the fact that you could do much better than this job opening. I find you incredibly attractive and have a thing for beautiful women in pantyhose. So there’s the truth, and if you want to storm out of here and call a lawyer, there’s nothing I can do to stop you.”

Rita was staring at me, not in shock it seemed, but with a faint hint of a smile. She picked up her r sum , took a pen from a holder on my desk, circled her telephone number, and put the paper back down.

“Jack, I appreciate your honesty. You’ve been very helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” With that, Rita stood up, shook my hand and headed out the door. “I can find my way out,” she said looking back over her shoulder at me with a wicked smile on her lips.

Three hours later, we were having phone sex.

“Are you still wearing the same pantyhose you wore in my office?”

“Of course, Jack.”

“Can you put your hand down inside them and rub your clit for me?”

“Oh, yes. I’m very wet. I’m thinking about what it would feel like if it was your tongue there instead of my fingers.”

“Trust me,” I said, “I’m thinking the very same thing. You’re sitting on my bare chest, and I can feel the silky nylon wrapped around your sweet bottom. Your pussy is inches from my face. I can see your nicely trimmed snatch and smell your wonderful juices. I want to savor the sensation as long as I can before diving in with my tongue.”

“How soon can you get here, Jack?” Rita whispered into the phone sexily.

“I’m practically coming as I speak,” I told her. It was the truth.

Rita gave me directions, and I raced over to her apartment. When she opened the door for me, I was delighted to see that she had on the black pantyhose and a very tight fitting camisole top that barely contained her full breasts.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Rita said as she led the way. “I have a real treat in store for you.”

When I looked at her bed, my heart started to pound. Rita had arranged a dozen kinds of pantyhose on the mattress. There were fishnets, French lace control tops, sheers, opaques, herringbone, mesh. You name it she had it.

“Take off your clothes and get on the floor. I’m going to give you a show that will make your dick as hard as a rock.”

I stripped naked and sat on the carpeted floor as she’d asked, while Rita pulled off her camisole and revealed a beautiful pair of tits with mouth wateringly erect nipples.

“Let’s start with these, since black hose seem to turn you on.”

Rita faced away from me so I could appreciate her tight, round behind. Then she bent over and grabbed her ankles so I could get a close up view of the seam that ran down the crack of her fine ass and disappeared into her crotch. The lips of her pussy were clearly visible. I could not stop myself from reaching out and stroking her toned thighs, and then moving my hand to her pussy, rubbing her slit until her juices seeped through the nylon and made my fingers slick.

“Get a little closer,” Rita encouraged me.

Rising into a kneeling position, I stuck my face between her thighs and immediately took in the perfume of a supremely excited pussy. I tongued the sheer nylon like a man possessed, until I could taste nothing but her musky flesh.

“That’s enough for the black pantyhose,” Rita said, pulling away from me. She tried to sound cool and collected, but her voice was a little shaky and her face was flushed. She surveyed the array on the bed. “How about we do the nude sheer to waist next?” Not waiting for me to answer, Rita pulled down the black pantyhose and sat on the edge of the bed. I watched in total fascination as she pulled open the package and then began to put on the nude sheers: first inserting one foot and pulling the nylon up to her calf and then doing the same with the other. Then she stood and pulled the pantyhose up her left leg and then the right. Grabbing the waistband, she tugged it up high on her torso, so that the crotch was pulled tight to her cunt and the waist was just under her breasts.

“You like?” Rita asked.

“Fantastic,” I replied. “Almost invisible but they hold everything in so tight.”

Rita came back to where I was sitting and raised her right foot. She did not need to tell me what she expected. I took her toes in my mouth and sucked them until the nylon was soaked through with saliva. I felt like I was in a trance as I tongued her toes through the delicate material. Opening my eyes, I could see that Rita had a serene smile on her face.

“How about the boyshort style pair next? I think you’ll find them very sexy,” Rita teased.

“I find everything about you sexy,” I replied as Rita pulled off the sheers and began putting on the new pantyhose.

The built in panty was cut just like a pair of boyshorts, which complimented Rita’s well toned asscheeks. The panty part was made of a see through black lace that dipped nicely into the crevice of her beautiful butt.

“Get on the bed and lie down for me,” Rita commanded.

Wasting no time, I climbed onto the bed and reclined with my head on the pillow. Rita also got on the bed, but she sat at the opposite end. I wondered what she was up to, but it did not take long to see her logic. Her pantyhose covered feet were soon rubbing my swollen cock and aching balls. This was a spectacular sensation, having the feel of smooth nylon rubbing against my skin in the most sensitive places. Rita could have easily jerked me off in no time, but she had other plans.

“Your turn,” she whispered. “Use your toes to rub my pussy.”

As Rita spread her legs wide, I began to massage her pussy with my toes. I used a gentle rhythm at first, but when I realized how excited Rita was becoming, I pressed harder and rubbed faster. My foot moved from her hard clit to the soft folds of her vagina in a rapid motion. I don’t know how many orgasms Rita experienced, but judging by her moans and heavy breathing, there was more than one. I was excited by the idea that I could pleasure her with such a simple massage.

“I have another treat for you,” Rita announced breathlessly.

Without sitting up, Rita removed her pantyhose and pulled another from the pile on the bed. These were black and looked like ordinary pantyhose until Rita had pulled them on completely and I could see that they had a thong like back. Getting up on her knees and turning her back to me, Rita stuck her ass out as far as she could so that I could admire her smooth and muscular butt with the thin black strip of nylon dividing the twin mounds of her bottom.

“Wow,” was all I could say. I had never seen anything like this pair. They looked a little bit like suspender hose but the thong back was even more erotic.

Rita straddled me at the hip, allowing me to feel the cool skin of her butt against my thighs.

“You gave me such a nice toe massage. I’m going to return the favor and give you a hose rub.”

When I gave her a quizzical look, Rita explained: “It’s like a handjob but with no hands. I guess you could say it’s a crotch job. And when I do it with thong pantyhose on, it’s quite special.”

Rita positioned herself astride me so that my bulging dick was under her crotch and pointing up towards my navel. She began to slide up and down my shaft like she was working a porch glider. Slow at first, then Rita picked up the pace until I was sure I was going to spray come all over myself. My cock felt like a piston that was encased in the cylinder of her crotch, and I was ready to explode like a blown engine. She must have known how close to the edge I was, because she decreased her pace until she was moving at a rhythm that was slower than my racing heart. Rita’s eyelids were fluttering when I gazed up at her face, and that’s when I realized that she was teasing out her own orgasm by rubbing my erection against her clit. It was mutual masturbation facilitated by silky smooth nylon pantyhose.

“How was that?” Rita asked when her hips finally stopped rocking back and forth.

“The most exciting hose job I’ve ever had.”

Rita laughed. “You mean the first and only hose job you’ve ever had.”

“True, but it was the best.” I was practically beaming with happiness.

I’ve got more. I knew you’d love to play like that,” Rita added, while removing the thong back hose. “For my next number, I’ll be wearing your favorite color again. This time it’s going to be sheer black with a French cut panty top,” Rita said as she pulled on the pantyhose. “Makes my legs look really long and sleek.”

Rita got off the bed and turned on her toes like a fashion model at the end of the runway. The high French cut leg was just as she advertised. Her strong thighs were displayed to best advantage, and the edge of the panty in the back defined her solid asscheeks.

“I think it’s time for me to ride your face. Are you up for that?” Rita asked.

“Thought you’d never ask,” was all I could say.

Rita pulled the pillow out from under my head and got astride me in reverse position so that her crotch was pressing down on my mouth and she could lean forward and tug on my dick. I was staring into the crevice of Rita’s ass and inhaling the perfume of nylon mixed with her sweet, natural scent. It was a fantasy moment come true for me. I could feel the silky nylon all around me, on my shoulders, the sides of my face, along my chest. The sensation was like being inside the nylon rather than outside. I was powerless to do anything but lick her and try to keep breathing as she used her hips to exert downward pressure on my mouth. Rita’s motions got faster, and I sensed that she was inciting her own climax while all I could do was try to keep up. In a few minutes, I tasted her sublime juices and my face was covered by her womanly essence. Over and over, her body seemed to be wracked by orgasmic sensations. My dick was still as hard as a rock.

“Rip them open,” Rita growled impatiently. “I need your tongue in my pussy. Do it. Do it now.”

There was an urgency in her voice that made me desperate to please her. I pulled on the crotch of the pantyhose and grasped enough nylon to bite with my teeth. It took some pulling, but I made a small tear right in the center along the seam and began pulling the opening larger with my fingers. Once the tear got moving, it easily ripped wide open so that I could see her entire ass and her bald pussy. Needing no more encouragement, I shoved my tongue deep into her gash and then began running it up and down, from clit to slit. I felt like I was possessed. The more Rita squeezed her legs around my head, the more frenzied my pussy licking became. Finally, Rita rolled off me on to her side, and just as quickly wrapped her legs around my head. I was still staring directly at her sex. Her nylon covered limbs had me in a tight headlock, and that seemed to be the whole purpose of changing our position. She grabbed a shock of my hair and pulled my head toward her crotch.

“Keep licking my pussy,” Rita urged me on. “I want your tongue inside me.”

Rita reached over and grabbed my dick, jerking it roughly. I kept lavishing my attention on her pussy and tried to ignore the aching in my balls that was increasing with each passing minute.

“Yes, yes, that’s it. Keep licking.” Rita’s voice was growing hoarse as she writhed against my face.

My mouth and tongue were aching from the exertion, when Rita finally cried out in ecstasy and then collapsed on the bed, releasing her grip on my head. We were both exhausted and lay there quietly to catch our breath.

When Rita began to move again, it was to remove the French cut pantyhose and put on another pair. They were a fine fishnet with a suspender top. Without panties underneath, they exposed her from pussy to asshole. The cutout openings on the side only added to their allure. Rita got off the bed and stood by its side, then bent over and touched her toes so that I could take in her rear view. It was breathtaking to see her still moist pussy and the rounded cheeks of her ass. My lust was once again soaring.

“I’m calling the shots this time,” I said. “Get on this bed now. On all fours. And stick that fine ass of yours up in the air, as high as it will go.”

Rita turned toward me and smiled, then followed my instructions. I stood up to admire the cutout opening formed by the pantyhose’s suspenders. I knelt behind her and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips, so I could run my tongue up and down her slit. Rita’s pussy was still soaking wet with her fragrant juices.

“Mmm,” I mumbled as I licked my lips. “You taste fantastic. Let’s go for a ride on my dick,” I said as I positioned myself directly behind her beautiful butt.

I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and moved forward gently to get it in deeper. Rita moaned softly, and I began to build up speed, pulling almost all the way out, and then shoving my cock in to the hilt. She pushed back to meet each of my strokes as she grew more aroused. We seesawed like that together for as long as I could stand it, and then I began to thrust into her harder and faster. As my thighs slapped against the exposed skin of her ass, we were in our own pre orgasmic bubbles, reaching for that moment when all our passion would be released. I probably came first, but I kept banging away at Rita’s pussy as she whimpered with pleasure and shuddered through her own climax. After I finally withdrew, I collapsed on the bed next to Rita, who lay down next to me.

“That was some interview,” Rita said, breathless.

“Just now? Or this morning?”

“Both. And Mr. Marberry,” Rita said with bemusement, “I know I can count on you for a good reference.”

The giant smile on my face was the only answer she needed.


Summer is my favorite season. I love wearing flip flops and open toe shoes and I love seeing other women in them, too. Having all those feet on display always gets me excited, and I can’t help but stare when I see a pair of pretty feet pass me. Sometimes it’s the shoes that catch my eye first, but it’s always the painted toes and high arches of the foot inside that hold my attention. Sometimes I go to the salon for a pedicure, simply so I can check out all the beautiful feet there.

My girlfriend, Caroline, knows all about my foot fetish, and she’s never had a problem with me checking out other women’s tantalizing toes. She’ll even check out other women with me. She likes to know what turns me on, so she can incorporate all my recent obsessions during our playtime together.

When sandal season hits, my favorite thing to do is give Caroline pedicures as part of our sex play. I like pampering her feet and painting her toes and then seeing them later in a pair of revealing shoes. It’s always an erotic experience for both of us.

Last weekend we were invited to a beach party at our friend’s house. Caroline and I had bought 1950s style swimsuits, and I couldn’t wait to paint her toes the perfect cherry red to go with the print on her suit.

The night before the party, Caroline came over to my house for dinner, and afterward we took a nice romantic bath together. I filled the tub with my girlfriend’s favorite bubble bath, and while the water cooled to the perfect temperature, we undressed. We climbed into the tub and sat facing each other, talking quietly as we gently caressed one another. But I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her feet.

When she sat back against the tub, I pulled her feet into my lap and began to knead and massage them. Her heels were soft from the pedicure I’d given her the week before, and I held one in the palm of my hand while I rubbed her toes with the other hand. I loved feeling her skin under my fingers, and when she moaned quietly from the foot massage I was giving her, I got hot. As much as I love my girlfriend’s feet, I love it more when I know she’s getting pleasure out of my fetish, too.

I rubbed her foot for a few moments, then lowered it gently into the water and picked up her other foot. I dug my fingers into her arch and stretched her toes, slowly working her muscles. She moaned quietly as I kneaded her flesh, and it turned me on to know that she enjoyed receiving my attention as much as I enjoyed giving it.

After Caroline was relaxed, we climbed out of the tub and dried off. We moved into the bedroom next, still naked from our bath, and sat on the bed. I started massaging my girlfriend’s feet again, wanting to lavish as much attention on her pretty peds as I could. Resting her feet in my lap, I rubbed and stroked them, and she whimpered and moaned whenever I did something that felt especially good.

I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist pulling her feet up to my mouth and lavishing them with kisses. I kissed the tops of her feet, her soles and her toes. Then I started to suck her toes, pulling each into my mouth one by one. I slithered my tongue between her toes and swirled it around each one, teasing and tickling her. I repeated the actions on each foot, and by the time I dropped her left foot back into my lap, I was so aroused that my pussy was soaked.

Caroline’s cunt was dripping, too, and I saw how wet she was when she spread her legs so she could slide closer to me. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she inched nearer, and when she was close enough, she pulled me in and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth for a moment and tangled with my own, but before I could really enjoy the moment, she pulled away.

She moved back a bit on the bed, putting about a foot of space between us, then picked up my feet and pulled them into her lap. She started to massage me, her thumbs digging into my sole while her fingers worked the sides of my foot, and then she switched, moving from my left foot to my right. She didn’t normally give me foot rubs, but when she did, it always felt amazing, and that night was no exception. Her hands were soft and warm, and she knew what she was doing with them. I was so aroused that I thought I might actually climax from the simple massage!

But Caroline didn’t stop there. After she’d kneaded and caressed my feet for a few minutes, she picked up my right foot and started to pepper it with delicate little kisses. She’d never done that before, and when she began to suck on my toes the way I’d done to hers, I went crazy. I was more turned on than I’d ever been, and I pushed a hand between my legs to play with my drenched pussy while my girlfriend continued to tempt me by sliding her tongue between my toes.

Caroline had barely finished laving my right foot when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my leg back, pushed myself onto my knees and lunged at my girlfriend, tackling her to the bed and kissing her passionately for several long minutes. As soon as we parted to catch our breath, though, I was moving again, this time shifting around so Caroline and I were in the sixty nine position. Once her juicy cunt was in front of my face, I dove right in. I sucked, slurped and licked her pussy with as much enthusiasm as when I’d been giving her toes a tongue bath, and she moaned happily before pushing her mouth against my pussy.

We ate each other’s pussy in sync, her tongue darting into my slit whenever mine probed her cunt, and her lips wrapping around my clit whenever I started to suck her hot button. Every move I made, she copied, and it provided the craziest, most incredible sensations. The harder I sucked her clit, the harder she sucked mine, and when I started to thrust my fingers into her cunt, she did the same to me. Soon we were furiously fucking each other’s cunt and thrusting against each other’s face.

I was so hot from our foot play that I was on the verge of an orgasm in no time, and I knew my girlfriend wasn’t far behind. It took me only a few minutes to get off with Caroline between my legs, and when I came, it was explosive. I cried out against my girlfriend’s pussy as I climaxed, but I didn’t stop fucking her, and a minute later she came, too. Her juices flooded my mouth, and I greedily drank them down, savoring her sweet flavor.

Caroline and I continued to eat each other’s pussy until we were both completely drained, and then we finally separated and took some time to relax.

Eventually, I painted my girlfriend’s nails the perfect shade of cherry red, and her toes looked especially tantalizing in her espadrilles the next day. It didn’t matter how many gorgeous sandal clad feet passed by at the party, after the previous night’s playtime, I only had eyes for Caroline’s pretty peds.

Ms. Brittany M., Pompano Beach, Florida


My boyfriend and I like balloons. Actually, that’s an understatement. We’re obsessed with them. We like the way they look, and we especially like the way they feel. Balloons are more than party decorations to us, they’re sex toys.

When my boyfriend told me he wanted to have a big party for his thirtieth birthday, I couldn’t wait to plan it. I knew exactly what the theme would be, who would cater and, best of all, that there would be hundreds of balloons decorating our apartment. In fact, the balloons took the most work. As a professional party planner, the rest of the work was easy, but finding the perfect balloons? That took time.

Colin’s birthday party went off without a hitch. We had a great turnout. Everyone loved the food and d cor, and Colin, of course, loved his gifts. But the best part of the night came after all the guests left and it was just me, my boyfriend, and dozens of brightly colored balloons. I’d been waiting all night for some time alone with only Colin and the balloons, and finally I was going to get it.

In addition to the dozens of regular latex balloons that filled our apartment, there were also a handful of shiny silver balloons, the kind that had messages scrawled across the front with pictures of cakes and confetti. I’d played with them once or twice before, and I was excited to have another chance to include them in my sex play. While Colin said good bye to the last of our guests, I grabbed a few of the Mylar balloons by their ribbons and dragged them along with a bunch of the latex balloons into the bedroom. I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t be far behind.

While I waited for Colin to join me, I sat on the bed and started to caress the balloons, feeling my fingers glide over their smooth skins. My fingers squeaked along the helium filled orbs, and I sighed as I imagined how good they would feel against the rest of my body. I was so distracted by the combination of my fantasy and the real sensations I was experiencing that I didn’t hear Colin enter the room. It wasn’t until I felt one of the latex balloons stroke my leg that I realized I wasn’t alone anymore, and that made my heart race with excitement.

Colin kissed me after he’d gotten my attention, and his tongue slipped between my lips to tangle with my own. He didn’t stop caressing my leg with the balloon, though, and my pussy got wet faster than ever.

As soon as we broke our kiss, we started to strip each other, and as we did, we rubbed the balloons up and down each other’s body. The smooth Mylar slid easily over my skin, while the rubber balloon I was brushing against Colin’s body bumped along slowly, the latex creating too much friction. We took turns dragging the matte rubber and shiny metallic toys over each other’s skin, moving up arms and down legs and across abdomens as we bared it all.

The more clothing we removed, the more flesh that was available for us to tickle and tease with our inflatable sex toys. The feel of the Mylar against my skin was a huge turn on, and I felt my pussy start to ache and throb as I became more aroused.

When we were completely naked, the balloon play got even more intense. We moved off the bed and started to use our bodies to pop the helium filled spheres, sitting on them, stepping on them and squeezing them between our chests. Popping the balloons was even more erotic than merely being caressed by them, and I watched my boyfriend’s dick grow stiff as we played. The latex balloons took a little effort to pop, and when they burst, they split down the middle, with only a few bits of rubber flying free from the wreckage. The Mylar balloons, though, didn’t simply pop they exploded. When we put pressure on the overinflated metallic bubbles, they burst loudly, shredding into dozens of shiny pieces.

Each time a balloon popped, shivers of excitement ran down my spine, and I felt my climax begin to build. I’ve always enjoyed popping balloons. I love the way the rubber feels against my skin the second before the balloon explodes, and then the loud, violent burst as it breaks into a million pieces under my body. It’s an incredibly erotic experience, and I never fail to climax during a good balloon session. And playtime after Colin’s birthday party turned out to be one of our best balloon experiences yet.

Between us, we popped more than twenty balloons before we were so turned on that we couldn’t control our erotic urges. Colin pushed me down on the floor, amidst the shredded balloons, and started to kiss me passionately. As his body molded to mine, I felt his hard on press against my thigh, and I reached down to stroke him.

I jerked my hand up and down Colin’s shaft for a minute, then pulled him up and guided him into my pussy. I was dripping wet after popping all those balloons, and he slid easily inside. He started stroking into me immediately, and as he rocked his hips against mine, I started to thrust up against him. We worked ourselves into a sweat pretty quickly, and the scattered bits of colorful rubber began to stick to my body as I writhed on the floor.

Even the balloon remnants were arousing, and as I felt the rubber shrapnel clinging to my body, I started to thrust harder, moaning loudly as my hips crashed against Colin’s over and over. As he continued to pump into me, I reached up and grabbed the dangling ribbon of a still intact balloon, pulling it down to the floor. I held the orange rubber ball in my hands and stroked it for a second before reaching behind my boyfriend and running the globe of thin latex along his back.

Having the added sensation of the rubber against his skin seemed to fire him up, and he started thrusting even harder. Being the one in control of what he was feeling was incredible, and having that kind of power was surprisingly arousing. I loved that at any minute I could pull the balloon away and drive him crazy with desire for that one particular touch.

After that, it didn’t take long for Colin to climax. When he came, so did I, and I let go of the balloon I was holding so I could wrap my arms around his back and pull him closer to me. As we rocked against each other, my body rubbed against the floor and the broken balloons and I felt the pieces of Mylar and latex clinging to my skin. It drove me wild, and before I’d rode out the waves of my first orgasm, I felt a second start to race through my body.

My hands dropped from Colin’s back, and I dug my fingers into the mess of balloon scraps, scooping up bits of rubber and Mylar and then letting them fall through my fingers to gather on the floor again. I loved having the added tactile sensations in the middle of my climax, and it seemed to make my orgasm go on forever.

When we finally got off the floor and crawled into bed, the room and our bodies were covered with balloon pieces, and there were still a few fully inflated orbs floating around us, too. As we fell asleep, surrounded by rubber and Mylar, I couldn’t help but think about all the balloons that filled the rest of our apartment. I knew we’d be repeating our playful popping several more times before we were out of balloons, and I couldn’t wait to do it again!

Ms. Amanda H., San Leandro, California