My current boyfriend, Louis, and I have added an important new dimension to our lovemaking. I’ve always enjoyed having my way in the bedroom, but until I met Louis, I didn’t realize being dominant could be so pleasurable. Louis is twenty eight, tall and handsome and has a runner’s build.

Louis has always been willing to go out of his way to please me in the bedroom. He’ll go down on me for what seems like hours. One day, while he was out, I uncovered a number of magazines in one of his dresser drawers including several copies of Variations. All the magazines had a story on female domination, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was more than a coincidence.

That night, while gently rubbing his crotch, I asked my boyfriend if there was anything missing from our sex life. Louis turned red and said that it was just fine. I slipped my hand inside his jeans and asked if he’d like to be my love slave for the evening. Before he could even reply, his cock grew rigid in my hand. He finally managed to say, “When do we start?”

That night I used some rope from the garage to tie him up while I took advantage of that very talented tongue of his. I was careful to keep him aroused but not let him shoot his load. After a few hours, he was pleading with me to let him come. I gagged him with my damp panties attached to a length of rope. The evening ended with him tied spread eagled faceup on the bed and me riding his rigid shaft to my third orgasm. When he finally shot his load, it was so strong I thought he would pass out. It was the best sex I’d ever had. Since that evening, we have enhanced our lovemaking still further. I placed several orders to a mail order shop specializing in leather and S & M toys. Now I have the tools to properly restrain and dominate my boyfriend. Once or twice a month, Louis spends anywhere from an evening to an entire weekend as my personal slave. To make sure he’s good and horny, he isn’t allowed to come for at least five days prior to these sessions.

As I write this, we are in the middle of a weekend scene. Last night, when Louis got home from work, I ordered him to strip in the living room and report to me in the bedroom. When he came into the room, I stood before him wearing his favorite black satin teddy. He already had a partial erection. I grabbed his cock and said, “Louis, you know the rules. You’re not to touch your cock, attempt to reach orgasm or speak unless spoken to until Sunday night. Is that clear?” Louis said, “Yes, Mistress!” and looked down respectfully.

“Now bend over and grab your ankles,” I ordered. As my boyfriend complied, I lubed up an anal plug attached to a leather harness and then slipped it into his ass. Louis let out a brief cry of pleasure/pain as the widest part slid into his tight hole. I secured the harness between his firm buns and around his waist. Next I secured his manhood with a leather cock and ball harness. He grunted as I snapped the strap separating his balls in place. Finally I attached a wide slave collar around his neck. “Now my slave is ready to prepare dinner,” I said. My pussy was already tingling as I looked at my submissive stud. While he fixed dinner, I would often tease him to erection.

After Louis and I finished our meal, I made him clean up and do the dishes while still wearing only his leather toys. When he finished, I led him by a leash attached to his ball harness into the bedroom. I lay back on the bed and ordered him to please me with his mouth starting at my feet and slowly working his way up to my now dripping crotch. I used gentle tugs on the leash to guide him.

After an explosive orgasm, how tempting his ass looked with the black leather straps separating his cheeks. I reached between his legs and fondled his balls until he moaned out loud. “I think your ass is getting cold, all exposed like this. Let’s see if we can warm it up!” I laughed, reaching for my riding crop.

Every now and then I’d land a gentle hit on his restrained balls, producing a sharp intake of breath from my boyfriend. After his ass was a nice shade of red, I tied his ball harness to the bed beneath him and ran my long nails down his sensitive back until he was beside himself. I left him that way while I helped myself to another glass of wine and watched one of my favorite x rated videos for a while.

When I returned I let Louis up, only to tie him faceup and spread eagled. I added a leather blindfold to heighten his other senses. Satisfied he was ready, I lowered my sopping pussy down onto his face. His tongue worked its way deep inside me, and I could feel his nose pressing into my ass. I had a wonderful climax almost immediately. As I recovered, I playfully teased his harnessed cock and balls and pulled at his nipples. Muffled cries of pleasure and pain escaped from between my legs as I continued to torment him. Finally, after my third orgasm that evening, I lifted myself off his now drenched face.

While he lay helpless, I selected a pair of nipple clamps and applied them to his unsuspecting nipples. He cried out and pleaded with me to remove them. I replied, “You know the rules! I guess I’ll have to gag you!” I removed the blindfold and placed foam earplugs in his ears. Then I tightly laced a black leather hood in place and added a snap on leather gag and blindfold. I stood back to admire his body, all stretched out, muscles straining against his bonds, cock sticking straight up, balls shiny in their leather prison, slave collar around his neck and black leather hood over his head. He was unable to hear, see or speak he was all mine!

I needed his cock inside me, so I climbed back onto the bed and ever so slowly rubbed my fur covered mound over the head of his straining erection. He moaned into the gag as I slowly lowered my pussy onto his manhood. Slowly I worked myself up and down, getting lost in the pleasure. I would alternate between playing with his nipple clamps, reaching behind to play with his balls and pressing on the butt plug. I picked up the pace, and as I shuddered through my own orgasm, I could feel him arch up off the bed. I shouted, “You have permission to come!” And boy, did he!

Louis shot into me for what seemed like an eternity. I finally removed the nipple clamps, hood, and earplugs. I took note of the gin on his face as I slid off his cock. “You’re not finished yet,” I reminded him. “You had best do a good job with that tongue of yours!” I slid up onto his face, and he gently tongued his large load out of my now tender pussy. After my fifth orgasm of the night, I removed his bonds and reminded him we would resume in the morning. We both slept soundly.

As I write this, Louis is under the table, his cock and balls wrapped in an Ace bandage, his hands bound behind his back, paying respect to my pussy. He doesn’t know it yet, but I plan to fuck his ass with my strap on dildo and perhaps try a little hot wax on his sensitive parts while he’s tied to the bed. Then I might have him give me one of his outstanding backrubs before fixing me lunch. I’m looking forward to the rest of this weekend!

It may be hard for some couples to understand, but we both enjoy these scenes very much. We are closer than we’ve ever been, and our life outside the bedroom is quite normal, with Louis being the dominant figure in our relationship. I think he needs to give up control and even be punished now and then, to help balance out his aggressive lifestyle.

For me, there’s nothing more erotic than having total control over him on special occasions. It’s great for my ego. For those of you who might be looking for something to spice up your sex life, try a little domination!

Ms. M.L., Wisconsin


When my friend Lois visited New York, she didn’t want me to take her to the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or any other tourist attractions. Instead, she wanted to shop for sexy clothes and go to fetish parties. She lives in a small town, where she’s attending college, but during her semester breaks she likes to escape to the big city and do all sorts of wild things she either can’t do at home or wouldn’t want to do with people she knows she’ll see again.

Lois had researched which events she wanted to attend, which meant we had at least one party scheduled per night. On her very first day in town, we headed to an underground club for a party that had a foot fetish theme. When we first walked in, we saw many men kissing, massaging and worshiping women’s feet. There were other kinky things happening, too, like dominants spanking and flogging their subs. One slave girl sported nipple clamps, a collar and a ball gag, and her master would occasionally reach between her legs and stroke her pussy, right there in the open!

Fifteen minutes after we arrived, Lois got into the swing of things and was flogging a stranger. Apparently he liked it, judging from his moans of satisfaction. She was twirling the flogger in figure eights and verbally berating him, while he grunted and thanked her after each lash.

When I turned my attention away from my friend, my eyes landed on a young man. This guy, who came over and introduced himself as Ryan, was only twenty two, but he told me he’d known for years that he was kinky specifically, that he was submissive. I’d never before played the role of domme, but my interest was piqued when he told me that he was into serving women, sexually and otherwise. When he asked if he could worship my feet, I said yes.

The puppy dog look on his face made my cunt clench. I sat down and slipped off my shoes. I snapped my fingers and pointed toward my feet. “Well, what are you waiting for?”

He immediately dropped to his knees and got to work. I enjoyed how he reverently held my foot and kissed it tenderly. His lips traveled along my entire foot, from toes to ankle, before switching to the other. Then he went back to the first and began licking and stroking it. I was so lost in his devotion that at first I didn’t realize we had an audience. When I looked up, I saw five men and two women watching us. One man was standing behind one of the women, and her tits were hanging out over the top of her corset so his fingers could tweak her nipples. As they admired us, he whispered in her ear. Her blushing face made me wonder what dirty things he was staying to her. Knowing that people were watching encouraged me to show off. I nudged Ryan’s shoulder with my free foot, causing him to sit back. He dropped the foot he’d been holding and looked up at me expectantly.

“That’s it? That’s all I get?” I shouted, watching his face fall but seeing his dick stiffen in his pants. “If that’s all you can do, maybe I should find another guy who will be able to pleasure me properly!” I looked around the room, as if I were searching for a replacement. Ryan’s panic was palpable, and I had to stifle a laugh.

“No, Mistress!” he said, his words coming out in a mad rush. “I’ll do whatever it takes to please you!”

“Then show me what that tongue of yours can do.” I pulled up my skirt and whipped off my panties. Ryan didn’t need any more instruction and dove between my thighs. He immediately started lapping at my cunt, proving himself quite adept at pussy eating. He didn’t go too fast and paid attention to the signals I was sending him with my body. He gripped my hips to steady me and went to town, eating me with gusto. I threw my head back and moaned loudly, reveling in both his hot tongue and the even larger crowd that had gathered around us. “I want you to do that, too,” I heard a woman say as she shoved her submissive to the floor. Ryan ate me for a good fifteen minutes, giving me two orgasms before I pushed him away.

He sat at my feet, gazing at me with a hopeful look on his face. “Did I please you, Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, “but you’re not done yet.” There was a cage in the corner of the dungeon, and I wanted to see what he’d look like inside it. “Take off your clothes and follow me.” I’ve never seen a man undress so fast! Having that kind of power turned me on all over again. I slipped on my heels and then led the way. Ryan followed me over to the cage, and I ordered him in and secured the door. “You’ll stay in here until I come get you. In the meantime I’m going to have some fun while you watch!”

I walked away and almost immediately a tall, muscular guy approached me. His skin was olive toned, and he had a beautiful smile and was dressed only in a pair of tight briefs. “My lady,” he said, bowing, and I glanced down to see a giant erection straining against the black cotton. Domme or no, I wanted to suck his big dick, and I figured that doing it right in front of Ryan would be a delicious torment.

“Hello,” I said. “I’m Vanessa.”

“I’m Miguel,” he said. “I’ve been watching you, and I like what I see.”

“I know,” I said, making sure he saw me look pointedly at his crotch.

“Do you like what you see, Vanessa?” Miguel asked, his tone light, as if he weren’t sure which roles we were going to play.

I stepped closer and said in a voice loud enough for Ryan to hear, “Yes, but I’d like to do more than see. I’d like to taste it, too.”

“You want to get on your knees and suck my cock?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, reaching for it. And that was all it took. Within moments, Miguel’s fingers were curled in my hair as I swallowed his dick.

My eyes were closed, but I knew Ryan was watching, and that spurred me on to give Miguel an outstanding blowjob. With my excitable cock sucking, Miguel couldn’t hold out for long. Sooner than I’d have preferred, he groaned, “I’m gonna come!” I kept my lips locked on his shaft, and he started fucking my face as he released his load with a feral growl. He gave me a mouthful of come, which I made sure to swallow.

“Thank you, beautiful,” he said, giving me a hug when I stood up.

“You’re very welcome,” I said, then turned my attention back to Ryan. I opened the cage, and he crawled out. His ass was so cute I wanted to put on a strap on and fuck him, but that would have to wait until another time. I ordered him to sit on a couch in a far corner, and I pounced on him, riding his cock until I came. When he asked if he could touch my tits, I denied him. I didn’t let him come, either. Twice, when I felt he was close, I lifted my cunt off of him, letting him calm down before I rode him until I reached yet another orgasm. When I was satisfied, I climbed off of his hard dick and gave him my number, saying he could treat me to dinner if he wanted to see me again.

Lois wrapped up the night by spanking two men. They were bent over a sawhorse, and she took turns, swatting one man’s butt and then the other’s. We left the club two satisfied women.

I hope Ryan calls because I’m eager to explore my kinky side. And I have Lois to thank. If she hadn’t wanted to go to that party, I’d have never realized how much fun I could have as a dominant woman!

Ms. Vanessa M., New York, New York


Earlier this year, my wife decided that one of her New Year’s resolutions would be that I would wear women’s lingerie underneath my male clothes. Trina also decided that I should wear women’s high heeled shoes around the house at all times.

Trina is definitely the boss in our house, and she reinforced the notion by throwing all of my male underwear in the garbage. My drawers are now full of panties, camisoles, baby doll nighties and pantyhose, and the floor of my closet is littered with high heels. This has been going on for five months, and I would like to share some stories about my experience.

Most of my shopping has been done via mail order or online. Being six foot two and 190 pounds with size eleven feet, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right fit. As a result, Trina took me to a local lingerie shop, which also carried women’s shoes. We were immediately approached by a young salesgirl, who asked if we needed help. My wife pointed at me and said, “He needs some new shoes and clothes.” The young woman, whose name was Hannah, looked puzzled and told us that the shop didn’t sell men’s items. Trina assured her that what they sold was perfect for me, and then proceeded to pick out three different pairs of shoes for me to try on.

Hannah still seemed unsure and rushed off to check with the store’s owner, Belinda. Belinda came out of her office to welcome us and tell us that Hannah would be happy to assist us. Since we were the only customers in the store, Belinda closed up so they could give us their undivided attention. Once Hannah got over her shock, she did an excellent job of getting me fitted into my shoes, while Trina and Belinda supervised. Then when it came time to fit me into lingerie, we went in the back of the store to the dressing room.

I stripped down to my undies, which consisted of black nylon stockings, a black lace garter belt, and pink and black open crotch panties. I caught Hannah stealing peeks at my very erect cock as she took my measurements, including my chest, waist and inseam. I glanced in the mirror to see that Trina and Belinda had taken off their clothes. When Hannah completed taking my measurements, she turned and was startled to find the other women naked, but she soon looked pleased by this turn of events.

Trina came up behind Hannah and cupped her breasts through her blouse, while Belinda grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She told Hannah, “You need this dick bad. You’re way overdue.” It became clear to me that Trina and Belinda, two very beautiful dominant women, had planned this very special scene ahead of time.

Hannah nodded, acknowledging Belinda’s statement, and my wife helped her undress. The two of them sat on one of the dressing room’s benches, and Trina started fingering Hannah’s pussy and toying with her clit. Meanwhile, Belinda had found me a pretty bra to complement my panties and garter belt, as well as the high heels I’d chosen earlier. While my wife continued teasing Hannah, Belinda had me parade around the room. When Hannah was totally turned on, Belinda told me to lay on the carpeted floor. She then took Hannah by the hand and led her over to me, telling me, “It’s time for you to get fucked.”

Belinda yanked off my panties and then grabbed hold of my cock and held it up straight, while Hannah impaled herself on it as ordered. She energetically rode my cock while Belinda spanked her ass. Belinda encouraged her by shouting, “Come on, Hannah, ride that tranny’s little dick!” Before long, I began to shoot what felt like buckets of come into Hannah’s cunt. I looked over at my wife, who was busy fucking herself with a dildo that she must’ve had stashed in her purse. Hannah continued fucking me until she had an orgasm, too, and when she rose, Belinda told her to sit on my face and smother me with her freshly fucked cunt. She did, and I was ordered to eat Hannah’s pussy and suck as much of my semen out of her snatch as possible.

Hannah’s cunt was sloppy wet with our combined juices, and I did my best to follow Belinda’s orders and to please Hannah. While this was going on, the women urged me to pull my legs up. I obeyed, not understanding why, until I felt one of them squirting lube onto my asshole. As I tongued Hannah’s slit, the women took turns reaming my asshole with two different dildos. My cock was quickly coming back to life as I flailed my high heel clad feet and succumbed to their nonstop ass fucking.

After Hannah had another orgasm, Trina ordered me to tongue our new friend’s ass. I attempted to protest, but Trina reminded me that I was to do whatever I was told and I was being told to shove my tongue in Hannah’s asshole!

Knowing I had no choice but to submit, I took a deep breath and then dove in, licking and flicking her asshole as she bore down on me. Before long, she was squirming excitedly on my mouth and my tongue had wiggled into her backdoor. It was the first time I had ever licked someone’s ass, but I got the feeling it wouldn’t be the last.

For a finale, I was ordered to stand in my heels and bra, jerking my cock while Trina and Belinda fucked Hannah’s pussy and ass with their strap ons. When I came, I shot my load on Belinda’s feet and was promptly ordered to lick up my cream from her tiny toes.

I think my wife gets off on having other people see me while I’m dressed as a woman. I’ll admit that even though I’m embarrassed, it excites me, too.

Recently, we had our close friends Heath and Denise over for dinner. They were amused when I greeted them at the door while wearing nothing but a black fishnet bodystocking and red patent leather high heels. After dinner, Trina had everyone get naked, and we spent the rest of the evening fucking each other silly. Heath even fucked my ass as the women cheered him on.

On another occasion, Trina had a house party for her female friends, for which I dressed as a French maid. I served them snacks and drinks and then modeled lingerie, until it was time for me to sexually service each lady.

Needless to say, I was quite tired after that party. I lost track of how many pussies and assholes I licked and sucked, and of how many dildos and vibrators had violated my asshole.

Somehow, I don’t think my wife is done thinking up new ways to show me off and humiliate me thank goodness!

Mr. Vance K., Sacramento, California


For many months, my boyfriend, Tyler, had been pestering me, wanting me to let him watch me getting laid by other guys. Our relationship is pretty casual, and both of us will occasionally get it on with another partner or a casual pickup. But we’d never done it in the other person’s presence. To be honest, the idea appealed to me, but his constant pestering really bugged me. To get him off my back, I finally blurted out that I would do it, if I could call the shots. Tyler readily agreed, saying that he would go along with whatever I wanted.

I told him that I wanted to have a gang bang, and that I would make up the guest list. Once I started to fuck guys, only I would decide if and when I stopped. He agreed to everything I wanted, even the choice of day, a Sunday during football season. We would host an all day party, complete with beer, food and me. With three games scheduled that day, beginning at ten in the morning, there would be a twelve hour party, filled with football and fucking.

Tyler thought this sounded awesome, and the Saturday before our party, he went out with a shopping list that included alcohol, cold cuts, chips, dips and three boxes of condoms. Tyler was really excited when he saw how many condoms I’d requested. I could see his hard on tenting his pants, but I refused to help him out, telling him I needed to save my strength for the following day’s gang bang.

The morning of game day, I told Tyler that I thought many of the guys would be reluctant to fuck me in front of my boyfriend, so I had an idea. I told him to strip naked and sit in the wooden chair that I’d placed in the closet behind the adjustable louvered doors. At first he balked, but I reminded him that this would happen my way, or not at all, so he capitulated. I retrieved a few lengths of rope and securely tied his ankles to the chair’s bottom rung and his torso to the horizontal slats on the chair back. Lastly, I tied his wrists together behind his back, attaching them to the chair back as well. Next I produced a ring gag and shoved it into his mouth. The metal circle kept him from closing his lips, and I followed that up with a ball gag. Why two gags? You’ll understand soon.

I kept the louvered doors open while I dressed for the occasion in virginal white: a lacy push up bra, a garter belt attached to thigh high stockings, four inch pumps, crotchless panties and a short negligee with a hem that hit just below my asscheeks. Then I emptied the boxes of condoms into a candy dish sitting on the nightstand. Next, I did something that I’m sure perplexed Tyler. I emptied several packages of wooden clothespins into another bowl and tossed a black marker next to it. Finally, I ran a cord from one end of the brass headboard to the other.

At the first ring of the doorbell at ten o’clock, I closed the louvered doors to keep my guests from seeing Tyler. Then as the guests arrived, I had them each write their name on a clothespin. After each guy fucked me in either my pussy or ass, and had filled a condom with his load, I carefully removed the rubber and hung it on the cord with his clothespin. For any repeat customers, I hung up an additional condom next to their previous one. I had plans for all that come. At the end of the day, the magic number was twenty one, with most of my dozen invited guests being good for two turns. I was in my glory having all these hunky guys at my disposal, fucking and sucking me good while my boyfriend was tied up in the closet unable to do anything about it or even stroke his own cock. I was sure his dick must have been unbearably hard by that point.

After the last guy left, I unlocked and opened the closet doors. I untied Tyler, and then retied his hands in front of him. I led him over to the bed and sat him down, cuffing his feet into a spreader bar. Then I removed the ball gag but not the ring gag. His cock was harder than I’d ever seen it. I leaned down and gave it a quick suck, stopping when he began to moan around the gag. When I thought he was close to shooting, I slipped a condom on him and rode his dick until he exploded. Tyler shot the biggest load he ever had, and I carefully slipped off his rubber and hung it on the cord with the others. Now there were twenty two condoms.

I pushed Tyler back so that he was lying in the middle of the mattress. I straddled his chest and told him how much I had enjoyed the day, and then I announced that we were going to have a taste test. Tyler was going to compare his semen with that of the twelve other men who had fucked me. His eyes grew wide with shock, but I knew that this was fulfilling all of his fantasies and then some.

While I sat on my boyfriend’s chest, I took his condom and emptied it into his mouth, making sure I squeezed down the length of it with my fingers to get out every last drop. Tyler couldn’t close his mouth because of the gag all he could do was savor the taste of his load as it slid across his tongue and down his throat.

I took the first condom from the lineup, announced the name Scott, and emptied the condom’s contents into Tyler’s mouth. I made sure I got out every little bit. I repeated this until all of the condoms were empty. When I was done, I told Tyler to think about which guy tasted best. I wanted to know so I could ask the winner to come back for another round.

I untied my boyfriend completely and removed his gag. His face was blushing furiously, but his cock was impressively erect again. Drinking down all that come had seriously turned him on, as I’d known it would.

“So, whose load did you like the most?” I asked again.

Tyler looked at me shyly as he admitted, “Bob’s.”

“Good, I’ll give him a call. Next time you can drink it straight from his dick. I’ll think I’ll invite him over for tomorrow. Isn’t there a game on Monday night, too?”

Ms. Cynthia A., Via E Mail


One day I noticed that my husband had gotten extremely worked up from reading an issue of Penthouse Variations. I was curious, so I asked him to show me what he was enjoying so much. He sheepishly did, and I was surprised to learn he had been reading letters about female domination.

My husband is a police officer a real take charge type and the last sort of guy you’d ever think would want to give up wearing the pants, so to speak. But this is exactly what he did after I learned about his secret interests. Since that day, we have experimented with bits and pieces from many Variations letters, and one of our recent experiences was quite a surprise.

After having my husband slip into a pair of pink panties I had purchased for him as part of our submissive/mistress fun, I asked him if he was ready to explore his feminine side further, and he eagerly agreed. I presented my husband with a shopping bag containing a pink bra, garter belt, stockings, high heels, a long blonde wig, lipstick and makeup. I asked him again if he was still game. Again he readily agreed.

I rubbed his cock while I ordered him to tell me about his cross dressing fantasies, and I was shocked to hear him reveal that he liked to beat off as he imagined a scenario where his mistress forced him to suck another man’s cock. Upon questioning him further, I learned that he was even willing to do this in reality if I could arrange a way for both parties to be anonymous to each other. I really could not believe my ears and made him repeat it several times noticing how much his cock swelled as he breathlessly spoke. I told him that I would be as amused as heck to see him suck off a dude, and I promised to begin his training that very night to help him become the panty wearing cocksucker of his dreams.

Inside the bag of makeup and lingerie I had given him, there was also a list of instructions, which told him to shave his legs and body hair, get dressed in the bra, panties, stockings and heels, and then apply his lipstick and makeup, and don the wig. As he read the list, I continued rubbing his cock to keep him hard and horny. I knew I didn’t need to lay a hand on him it was obvious to me from his rock hard cock that he was enjoying every moment of this.

My husband followed my orders, and when he emerged from the bathroom, he didn’t look much like a girl, but I was amused to see my burly husband standing there dressed as a lady with a rock hard cock.

His eyes grew wide when he saw that I was wearing a strap on cock. I told him he would need to practice on my toy before I would allow him to suck a real dick. I sat down on the bed and had him kneel in front of me. He was hesitant, but I could tell he was excited, and I told him to show me what a good cocksucker he was. To my surprise he did just that. I massaged his cock and balls with my foot as he sucked my dildo, and I watched in amazement as his mouth slid up and down like he had done it many times. I placed his hand under the harness and held his hand in place as he fingered me to orgasm while he sucked away. After I came, I had him jerk himself off, shooting his cream all over the dildo, and I then ordered him back on his knees to lick it clean.

I was so impressed by his cocksucking that I told him I was going to go online right away and search for a guy with a really big dick. I can’t wait to see my husband all dolled up in lingerie and sucking a real live cock. Just thinking about it gets me really turned on.

I have learned about many of my husband’s surprising fantasies through Variations magazine. I only wish I had asked about his interests sooner because doing so has brought us closer together. In fact, when I told him I was writing this letter his cock became instantly hard!

Ms. Martha W., Tampa, Florida

At Their Mercy

My day had started badly. First, I’d hit the snooze button one too many times, which meant that I could either shave or not be late for work. I’d chosen the latter for fear of being chewed out by my boss. Sleeping in also meant that I didn’t have time to put on a pot of coffee for me and my wife, who was already in the shower. I hoped she’d understand as I rushed out the door to catch my train. I’m useless without caffeine so I grabbed a coffee at the deli near the station. Of course, the train was packed so I had to stand, and half of my morning joe ended up on my shirt and tie.

Shit, I thought as I snuck into my cubicle, hoping to sort things out before my boss arrived. Her strictness is legendary in our office, and as her personal assistant, I often receive sympathetic looks and comments from my coworkers. If they only knew the half of it. I sighed to myself as I scrubbed my shirt with a tissue, which only made things worse.

I was so intent on what I was doing that I didn’t notice Stephanie’s arrival yet another strike against me. When the intercom on my desk buzzed I was startled, and my trepidation grew when she barked through the tiny speaker, “Get in here, now!” which, to me, sounded as though it had been loudly announced over the PA. I jumped up and buttoned my jacket, hoping that my imperious boss wouldn’t notice the stains.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. “I can see you’ve had your coffee,” she said coolly, and a chill ran up my spine. “But for some reason, you didn’t care about looking professional enough to shave.” My pulse raced as her eyes swept over me and, as often happens, my cock began to stiffen. This didn’t escape her exacting inspection: She looked vexed when her gaze reached my crotch. I just stared at the floor and waited, marveling to myself for the millionth time that such a small display of female power could make me so fucking hard.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” my boss snapped, and as I raised my head, I hoped the lawyer in the neighboring office hadn’t heard the reprimand. “Go get me a cappuccino while I figure out what I’m going to do with you.”

I rushed down to the lobby caf and ordered my boss’s drink the way she likes it: dry, with an extra shot of espresso. I paid for it out of my own pocket, not wanting to risk pushing her buttons any further by handing her a receipt. My dick throbbed while I ran my errand despite or perhaps because of whatever disciplinary action I was about to receive. Returning to the office as quickly as possible, I handed Stephanie her beverage.

“At least you can do something right,” she said with a snide grin before taking her first sip. “Now go home and clean yourself up, but don’t bother coming back until you’ve heard from me. I need to decide whether you’re still worthy of being my assistant.

My voice cracked as I responded, “Yes, ma’am.” Then I left her office, grabbed my things and headed home. I didn’t know how I was going to tell my wife that I might have lost my job.

After a trip to the cleaners, I spent the rest of the day scrubbing the house, wanting to temper Caroline’s inevitable anger. I even cleaned the gutters, hoping that would somehow soften the blow that I might be unemployed. My wife can be as demanding as my boss, sometimes even more so, and as much as that usually aroused me, I wasn’t sure about pissing off two tough chicks in one day.

Six o’clock arrived much too soon and with it, the sound of Caroline’s key at the door. I met her in the foyer with a freshly shaken martini in my hand, and she seemed a little wary as she took the drink and proffered her cheek for a kiss. “You’re home early,” she said, looking around, and I hoped she was taking note of the gleaming tiles in the hallway and the newly shiny brass banisters. Summoning all the nerve that I could, I started telling her about the day’s events, but she cut me off. “We’ll talk later,” she announced, before saying she was glad that at least the house was clean because we would be having company for dinner.

Something about the way she spoke to me told me that she already knew about my situation. I was ordered to retrieve the groceries from her car, which I then endeavored to turn into the best meal I could in the little time I had before our mystery guest arrived. I could only wonder who it was as I cut up vegetables and marinated steaks, because Caroline had gone to change her clothes without telling me anything, so I was totally unprepared when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door with my eyes already cast downward, so my first image of Mistress Stephanie, as I quickly learned to call her, was of the tips of her pointy black boots. Her look was a far cry from the staid businesswoman who had sent me home from work that morning. Her black hair was still pulled back in a severe bun, but she now wore sheer black stockings and a hip hugging leather miniskirt that barely concealed her ass, instead of gray flannel trousers.

The rest of her suit had been replaced by a silky black garment that highlighted her cleavage it was the merry widow that Caroline had given her for Christmas last year. Their friendship was how I had gotten my job. My wife had been dominating me since early in our relationship, and she felt that I needed to be watched even or maybe especially when we were apart. Her friend, who was a high powered lawyer as well as a domme, needed an assistant, which provided the perfect solution for everyone.

So there I was, counting the floor tiles while my hard on tented the jeans I guessed I wouldn’t be wearing much longer. Then I heard the sound of heels approaching from behind. “Don’t be rude!” I was admonished by my wife with a smack to my ass. “Take Mistress Stephanie’s things and invite her in.” She then addressed my boss. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with him. He can’t seem to obey either of us.”

“I have a few ideas,” Stephanie said with a wink as I took her bag and put it in the bedroom like I was told. Then, after I’d served the two dommes their dinner in the dining room, I ate standing at the kitchen counter, ready to put down my plate and be at their service at a moment’s notice. What I really wanted to do was peek through the door, getting even a quick glimpse of the two gorgeous women as they plotted my discipline.

My wife was wearing a PVC catsuit, her fair hair in sharp contrast to her friend’s dark tresses, and I was overcome with lust for them both. Being topped by two women was a new situation for me, and I wondered how to best serve a duo of dommes. My mind wandered, inevitably, to an image of them together, naked and embracing, their breasts pressed close as I moved between the moist petals of their pussies, licking voraciously. This possibility, while unlikely, was not out of the question because I knew they had a history, although details had never been divulged and I knew better than to ask questions.

I was so lost in my fantasies that I didn’t hear my name being called from the next room. Suddenly, the door swung open and my wife was standing in front of me. “We’re ready for dessert,” she said, obviously peeved at my inattention, and I knew I’d fucked up again when she glanced over at the coffeemaker sitting on the counter, cold and empty. “Really?” she asked icily, and I knew for certain that I was in hot water, especially when she told me that she’d take care of it and I should wait for them in the bedroom. “Naked, of course,” she called after me as I retreated upstairs.

After I’d stripped, I stood by myself in the bedroom for what felt like many hours. I couldn’t hear them, so I didn’t know if they were still plotting or simply wiling away the time talking about old friends or the latest episode of “American Idol.” My erection had deflated by that point the thought that they might just leave me there a definite possibility was too distracting. In fact, I was so overcome by worry that when the dommes finally pitied me enough to join me, my dick didn’t spring back to life it didn’t even give a tiny jerk or twitch.

“Look at that poor little thing,” Stephanie taunted at the sight of my flaccid member. This was the first time she’d seen me naked. I was embarrassed, but I felt a tiny rush of arousal when my boss reached out like she was going to touch me, however it subsided when she stopped short. I almost groaned with the frustration but luckily checked myself, because my wife said, “Go ahead it’s cool,” completing my fantasy.

Well, almost completing, and I knew that I was an idiot for expecting anything more than what happened next. The tall domme wrapped her fingers around my shaft and stroked me until I was once again turgid. My balls throbbed as she pumped my rejuvenated rod a few times, and I had to do multiplication tables in my head to hold back the orgasm threatening to burst loose. I assumed that it wasn’t her intention to let me come, at least that easily and without permission, and I also knew that was the quickest way to annoy both women further. Still, the handjob felt so good, so I shut my eyes and let the sensations wash over me.

I was still struggling not to come when I felt something constrictive being wrapped around my ball sac and the base of my dick. That was followed by a snapping sound and then the warm grip of Stephanie’s fingers disappeared. When I opened my eyes, both women were looking at the cockring that was holding me erect. “Now you’re ours to do with as we please, and for as long as we please,” my wife teased as she ran a finger over the band of leather holding me captive. This wasn’t a toy from our collection I figured it was from my boss’s bag of tricks, and I wondered what other naughty implements she’d brought.

I got my answer a moment later when I felt the sting of leather against one asscheek. I’d been too busy contemplating the cockring to notice the whistle of the riding crop slashing through the air. Mistress Stephanie was still in front of me so I knew that my wife was wielding the instrument, and I smiled at the thought of my petite, ladylike blonde laying into me like that.

“What’s so funny, slave?” snapped Stephanie, mistaking my pleasure for mirth. Her reprimand was followed by another sharp swat of the crop, and the resulting sting wiped the grin right off my face. A series of blows followed, raining down on my butt cheeks in quick succession, and I shut my mouth tightly, struggling not to make any noise. The slapping continued for a few minutes, cutting across my buttocks until both were warm, tender and, I guessed, a glowing, dark pink hue.

As the whipping intensified, I wanted to beg my wife to stop. It wasn’t because of any pain. No, it was because with each subsequent lash of the crop, the pressure in my cock and balls was ratcheted up another notch, until they strained at the band that restricted them. A droplet of pre come oozed from my crown, and I prayed that it wouldn’t drip off and soil the carpet. However, Mistress Stephanie noticed it first and, giving a little sigh of disgust, wiped off the offending moisture with a tissue.

I didn’t know how I was going to face her in the office after this, and then I remembered that I might not even have a job. If I was going to be unemployed, though, a night with two dommes was better than severance, especially now that one had laid down her crop and was tenderly rubbing my heated buttocks. I relaxed slightly, thinking that the worst was over, and was immediately forced back to attention by Stephanie, who didn’t miss a thing.

“On your knees!” she commanded, and I sank to the carpet with haste. “Do you realize how lucky you are to have a wife who cares about you enough to train you properly?” I nodded my head enthusiastically. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings for Caroline, because a sub without a domme to serve is nothing. “Then thank her,” she instructed, reaching for my wife’s hand and pulling her toward me.

Caroline’s catsuit had a zipper that ran along its front, and Stephanie lowered it slowly, making my blood boil, which I’m certain was her intention. There was something about the way she looked at my wife’s tits as they spilled out that led me to believe that her blood was boiling, too. The zipper soon cleared Caroline’s pussy and her scent, musky and familiar, wafted over to me. I stuck out my tongue, eager to dive in, but she stopped me mere millimeters before I made contact with her fragrant slit.

“Where are your manners?” my wife asked, embarrassed by my behavior. “A good slave always attends to the needs of his mistress’s friends first.”

Thus directed, I turned back to Stephanie and waited as my wife returned her friend’s favor and hiked up Stephanie’s short skirt. Like my wife, she wore no underwear, and the only difference between them was that she was clean shaven. She spread her legs a little as Caroline took hold of the back of my head and guided me forward until my tongue made contact with her moist pink flesh.

My boss groaned as I licked up and down her labia, and my mouth filled with her nectar. I swallowed down the salty juices as I found her clitoris, which was as hard as a button, and zeroed in on it. First, I nipped it lightly with my front teeth, and then I toggled it with my tongue for a bit. Her body responded immediately, giving a quiver, so I continued my ministrations until she was quaking hard. Soon, she was shaking so violently that Caroline had to increase her hold on my head to keep me from being knocked over. Despite the difficulty, I persevered, and my lips grew slippery with her juices. The sound of panting from above me, as well as the fingers pressing into my scalp, urged me to work even harder.

I hoped that bringing my boss to climax would help me redeem myself after that morning’s blunders, but regardless, nothing would have pleased me more. That’s why, when she finally came, crying out, “Oh, yes fuck!” I probably would have come, too, but my cock was still cinched tightly at the root. She grabbed at my head, practically tearing out my hair, and her hips rocked back and forth to grind her cunt against my mouth. Meanwhile, Caroline increased her grip to ensure I wasn’t knocked over so that her friend received as much pleasure as possible. She only let go when Stephanie’s pussy became too sensitive and I was ordered to stop.

I waited for my next instruction. By now, my dick was throbbing so hard that it hurt, making me desperate for relief. However, my wife hadn’t come yet, so the cockring remained in place, my dick untouched, as I was ordered to the floor so that I lay prone with my erection sticking up straight, like a flagpole.

Caroline got on her knees and swung one leg over my body, spreading her cunt lips wide. They were shiny with dew, and she positioned herself over my crown, and then lowered herself to envelop my velvety knob with ease. Next, she slid down my length slowly, no doubt to torment me even further, before rising up again, dragging her labia along my shaft. She began riding my hard on at a lazy pace, using it like a dildo, until my frustration reached a point where I thought I might burst regardless of the cockring.

From my position on the floor, I saw my wife’s breasts hovering above me. I knew she was as turned on from the games we were playing as she was by the sex, so I struggled to remain in character and not come until I’d received permission. In order to play the good slave, I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, trying to hold back the inevitable geyser. This grew more difficult as Caroline’s arousal mounted, and she was soon gasping and moaning above me, the walls of her pussy spasming around my stiff rod. She seemed more excited than normal so I looked up and saw my other mistress straddling my legs behind her, squeezing and pinching the erect tips of my wife’s heaving tits.

If that didn’t test my willpower, nothing would, and aware of that, the two women put on quite a show. In addition to the breast play, Stephanie nuzzled the nape of my wife’s neck and ground her pussy against her back, as much for my benefit as her own. I clenched my fists and looked away, knowing from Caroline’s familiar noises that she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer anyway. She soon began bouncing on me fast and hard, her ass slapping against my thighs as Stephanie urged her on. Finally, she let loose with a loud cry, her cunt constricting around my shaft with a series of forceful spasms as she crashed down on my body and slumped over.

No time was wasted after that. Quickly, Stephanie helped her off me. Then she reached for the band of leather around my overly sensitized dick and yanked it off. Without any warning, my floodgates opened immediately, sending the churning contents of my balls rushing through the slit in my crown. My cock pulsed furiously as my load spurted onto my quivering stomach, and there was so much of the sticky goo that what didn’t pool in my pubic hair dripped onto the carpet on both sides of my torso.

“Would you look at that?” Stephanie commented to Caroline as they stepped away from where I was lying and straightened their clothes. “He still doesn’t know how to avoid making a mess.” She gave me one last look so filled with obvious disdain that my cock once again started to rise, and then they left and my wife accompanied her friend to the door. As I got up and started cleaning the wet spots from our carpeting, I realized that I still didn’t know if I’d been fired. Not that I really cared spending an evening in the thrall of my two mistresses had been so rewarding that nothing else mattered.


I am involved in a relationship with a profession dominatrice. I met her at a party downtown, and from the moment I saw her in her black leather minidress, I knew I wanted a session with her. We talked a lot that night, mostly about sex, and she let me know that if I were to see her, it would be on her terms. I would have agreed to anything that night but I must admit that although I didn’t know what I was getting into, I am now addicted to her dominance.

I know that my cock is never as hard as when I am serving my mistress. She told me that first night that if I didn’t submit to whatever she demanded of me, she wouldn’t let me see her. I was surprised at how turned on I was by her authoritative manner, but the erection bulging in my pans told her everything she needed to know. When I asked if I could take her to dinner the next night, she knew I was hooked. She told me to pick her up at eight, gave me her address and walked away.

Dinner was surprisingly uneventful, but when the after dinner drinks came, the atmosphere at the table changed. Alana looked at me and said, “It’s time you understand what’s expected of you. You will do what I tell you when I tell you, and when you hesitate you will be punished. I am going to delight in making you do things you don’t want to do. Then I’m going to take great pleasure in punishing you. This relationship is about sex, specifically about you submitting to my desires. I might let you fuck me, you might get to eat my pussy, and I might even suck your cock, but you will obey me.” She reached into her purse and handed me a pair of black panties and black stockings. “Wear these to work Monday, then come to my studio at six o’clock. My secretary will let you in before she leaves. Do you understand all that I have told you?” I couldn’t speak. My cock was throbbing in my pants as I nodded my head. When we got back to her place she simply said, “See you Monday” and left me sitting in the car.

I didn’t get much work done Monday. With the feel of the stockings caressing my legs and my cock straining against the silky panties, and the anticipation of seeing the dominant Alana that night, I couldn’t concentrate. When six o’clock finally came and I walked into her studio, I found myself eagerly looking forward to whatever she had in store for me. I told the secretary who I was and she smiled and said I was expected. She opened the doors to Alana’s dungeon and closed them behind me.

Alana was sitting on the edge of a massage table in the most erotic attire I had ever seen. She was wearing a sheer white blouse through which her braless tits could clearly be seen, high heels and a black leather miniskirt hiked up so high that I could see her bare pussy. But my cock really jumped when I saw that one hand held a pair of handcuffs and the other a riding crop. “Come here and undress,” she commanded. As I began undressing, she began stroking her pussy with the riding crop.

When I was standing in front of her wearing only the panties and stockings, I realized how submissive they made me feel, and this was heightened when she began to stroke my cock with the riding crop, which was now covered with her juices. When she ordered me to put my hands behind my back, I meekly obeyed, and when she snapped the handcuffs on me, come began to ooze from my throbbing cock. She stood in front of me again, her hand stroking my hard cock through the panties. She sat back up on the edge of the table, hiking her skirt up to her hips, completely exposing her pussy. “On your knees, slave,” she ordered.

I dropped to my knees, my face directly in front of her cunt. She spread her legs and began masturbating. I watched for a minute as her juices soaked her fingers. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, and then she slapped me. My face stung and I could feel the wetness from the juices on her hand covering my cheek.

“You will address me as ‘Mistress.’ Understand, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

“Good, because I’ve only just begun to use you.” Her hand was back on her pussy, her fingers slipping inside her hole. When her fingers were once again covered with juice, she brought them to my mouth and I eagerly licked and sucked them.

She pulled her hand away and asked me if I wanted to eat her pussy. “Yes, Mistress” was all I could say.

“Then beg for it like a good slave,” she snapped.

“Please, Mistress, please let me eat you. I want it, Mistress, please.”

Alana grabbed the back of my head and roughly forced my face between her thighs. My tongue was between her lips as soon as my face touched her pubic hair. I licked greedily, then pushed my tongue deep inside her, trying to fuck her with it. I moved slightly upward to her clit and ran my tongue over it. I could feel her hips begin to move and knew I was pleasing her.

She stood back and a smile crossed her lips. “Stand up.” She reached out and began to stroke me through the panties again. “You liked eating me, didn’t you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Your cock is so hard. Do you like submitting to me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, turn around.”

When I did as she ordered, I got the shock of my life. Sitting on a couch in the corner of the room was another woman! She was naked and she had her legs spread, lazily running her fingers up and down her glistening crack. She had been watching the whole time. I felt my face redden as I realized what I must look like, standing there in women’s lingerie with my hands cuffed behind my back. But the embarrassment I felt was soon replaced by excitement. My cock was even harder than before, if that was possible.

I heard Mistress stripping behind me as I stood rooted to the spot, my eyes frozen on the woman’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. When Mistress had removed her skirt and blouse, she marched me over to stand in front of the other woman. “What do you think of my slave, Joyce?” Mistress Alana asked.

Joyce looked me over from head to toe, a smile on her face. “He’ll do,” she said. “Look at how hard his cock is in those panties.”

Now Mistress Alana pushed me into a chair that was facing the couch and walked over to stand in front of Joyce. I stared as Joyce leaned over and kissed Mistress’ pussy, her hands running over Alana’s ass and pulling her closer into her face. Mistress Alana spread her legs wide to give Joyce complete access to her crotch, and as Joyce began to lick faster, Mistress Alana’s head fell back and she began to moan. Her hips began thrusting to meet Joyce’s tongue.

I watched as Joyce moved one hand between her Mistress’ legs and slipped a finger in her as she continued sucking her clit. That was all it took: Mistress Alana’s body tensed and orgasm overtook her. Joyce leaned back in the couch and began to stroke her own pussy once again.

My cock had begun to ache almost painfully. I desperately needed to come. I needed to fuck, I needed to eat pussy again, I needed anything. Mistress Alana had recovered and now came over to look at me. I looked at her and pleaded, “Please, Mistress.”

Her hand stung my face as she slapped me. “What does my panty slave want?” she asked. “Would you like to eat Joyce’s pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress, please,” I begged.

Alana brought me over to Joyce and placed the tip of the riding crop she still had in her hand under my chin. She tilted my face up to her. “Then bend over.” She rubbed the cheeks of my ass with the crop and touched my still throbbing cock with her other hand. “Suck, suck,” she said. I hesitated, and when I did, the riding crop came down on my pantied ass. I jumped and so did my cock as she whipped me a second and third time, but the sensations were building in my cock and I was nearing orgasm even though I wasn’t being touched.

Then, just before I was ready to come, she suddenly stopped spanking me and pulled me away from Joyce. She shoved me onto my back on the carpet. She pulled the panties off me and freed my cock for the first time that night. Come oozed from the tip as it slapped against my belly. Kneeling, Mistress straddled my chest and slapped my face again. Her face was flushed and she was breathless as she glared at me she was as aroused as I was. “Too easy, you little panty slave,” she snapped. “Time to beg for pussy or you’ll leave here without coming.”

I knew she meant it and I couldn’t bear the thought of not getting some relief for my aching cock. Joyce was standing next to my head now. “Please, Joyce,” I begged. “Please, I want your pussy. I want to eat you.” Joyce placed her feet on either side of my head and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I licked and sucked eagerly, plunging my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could. She began thrusting her hips back and forth, faster and faster. Then, grabbing my head, she pulled my mouth tight into her crotch as I flicked my tongue over her clit. Then she came, screaming, as her thighs tightened around my head.

Just as Joyce came I felt Mistress Alana’s hand clasp my cock and guide it into her sopping pussy. My hips began bucking uncontrollably as Joyce removed herself from my face, and I looked down to see my cock pounding into my mistress. I had been waiting so long that my cock was burning as it moved in and out of Mistress’ cunt, and I could feel my orgasm approaching already. Mistress was rubbing her tits and pulling on her nipples, her other hand fingering her clit as she rode me. She threw her head back, riding me faster and faster, and screamed as her orgasm hit.

That did it. The most powerful orgasm of my life welled up inside me and my cock began spurting its load deep inside Mistress’ pussy. I pumped harder and harder, trying to stay with her. Suddenly she wheeled around and lowered her dripping pussy onto my mouth, and I found myself eating my own come.

Then it was over. Mistress rolled me over and took the handcuffs off as we all recovered. She gave the panties back to me and told me to get dressed. Both women watched as I pulled them on over my aching cock and finished dressing. “You did well tonight, slave,” Mistress Alana said. “You may make an appointment with my secretary for next Monday, but just in case I want you before then, you will wear nothing but stockings and panties under your suit from now on. But it better be a different pair the next time I see you, so I expect you to buy your own. Now you may go.” In my mind’s eye I saw myself in a fashionable boutique, summoning up the nerve to approach an attractive saleswoman with my purchase of lacy panties and stylish hosiery. Would I be able to work through the total embarrassment of it all, aware that, as evidenced by her knowing smile, the saleswoman realized the sexy undergarments were for me? No doubt I’d be blushing from head to toe.

As I was leaving, I heard Joyce say, “I can’t wait to see what the others do to him next week, Alana.” I knew I would be back again.

Mr. T.Z., Massachusetts


I enjoy all your letters on female dominance, especially since this is what I’ve been practicing on my slave boyfriend the last several months with his total and eager cooperation, I might add. Actually, five minutes after Kirk and I met at a local health club, it was obvious to both of us that he was mine to do with as I pleased.

I have steadily increased my power over Kirk. When we are together, whether in private or public, I keep him in a state of perpetual excitement. I do not hesitate, in a restaurant, movie theater or crowded elevator, to fondle his cock and balls, to lick his ear and to whisper intimacies and commands. When possible, I will simply open his pants and extract his cock and massage it to throbbing readiness. I never permit Kirk to wear underpants. Occasionally, when I wish to embarrass him in public, I will squeeze him to ejaculation.

Once, to show off my erotic control over him, I took Kirk along on a lunch with several girlfriends, sat him across the table from me and ordered him to keep his hands on the table where we could all see them. I then told the girls that without touching my slave, I could order him to erection and get him to ejaculate on a count of thirty.

Kirk blushed crimson, but I could see he was already terrifically excited and almost as eager as I to demonstrate his submission. He shot his load exactly on my command, then, when ordered, stood up with a strange mixture of pride and humiliation to show the spreading stain at his crotch.

In my apartment, Kirk is always kept naked, and when not in my presence he listens on headphones to erotic training cassettes I have recorded for him. Is there more? You bet.

Kirk hand washes all my lingerie, but only after wearing them as sleeping masks. I have him cover his face each night with a pair of my pungent, just worn panties. As if this were not enough to condition him to my scent, he spends countless hours with his face buried between my thighs. When he is not actually busy licking me to multiple orgasms, he is breathing my sex and feasting his eyes on the shrine that has become his personal holy of holies. Of course, sometimes he can’t see anything because I’m using his face as a cushion while I read, watch TV or chat on the phone.

What’s next? I’m not sure. But as I lead my willing slave boy into new frontiers of erotic subjugation, the readers of Variations will be the first to know.

Ms. B.Y., California


Several months ago, I became my wife’s slave. It began one Sunday afternoon as I was giving her a massage. Agatha was on the bed in only her panties. As she rolled over so I could do her front, she saw that, as usual, massaging her was turning me on.

She took my growing hard on in her hand and said she liked it when doing stuff to her got me so excited. Then she said that instead of us making love after her massage, as was usually the case, she thought it would be nice if I stayed hot and horny all day. She promised to take care of my hard on at bedtime if I pampered her for the rest of the day. So for the rest of the day I did everything she wanted, including vacuuming, dusting, doing the wash and preparing dinner under her supervision. And she never missed an opportunity to tease me with that great body of hers. By early evening I told her that I really liked treating her like a queen and that I would like to be her slave. I promised to do everything and anything she wanted. Agatha was not sure how this would work out, but she agreed to try it for one week. We had great sex that night (as usual) but she told me that I would not be able to come without her permission because she wanted me horny all week. My trial week as her slave was under way.

Each day I got home from work about two hours before my wife, so I could prepare dinner. After dinner, as she enjoyed her coffee, I did the dishes. I spent the whole week pampering her, getting hornier by the day. Agatha is in her mid thirties, an executive of a corporation, and extremely attractive. Each night I had to undress her for bed, but the only touching I was allowed to do centered around a foot or back massage. I was not allowed to touch any part of her body without permission. When you cannot have something that good, it makes you want it a hundred times more. Naturally, this is exactly what she wanted. She kept telling me that a horny slave was a good slave.

By the end of the week, she knew how horny I was and took advantage of it by telling me that I was going to take her clothes shopping. I was more attentive than ever that day, finding clothes for her to try on, checking sizes and all the time she was loving it.

My life as a slave these past few months has been great. My wife leaves me notes each day listing things that I must do, like washing her pantyhose or panties by hand. To further show her dominance over me, I must wear panties under my slacks on weekends, days off or any evening she tells me to. She has bought me some panties and given me the ones the come with her baby doll nightgowns, which tend to be larger than hers.

I never know if her instructions will lead to pleasure or a punishment. She loves to tease. With a length of rope or a long scarf, she will tie my wrists together and then tie the other end to a section of the headboard. She’ll unsnap the crotch of her teddy and rub her hot, moist pussy all over my cock. Then she will kneel over me and bring her pussy to my mouth. I lick it until she has an explosive orgasm. Never does she go to sleep horny.

If I’ve been good, she’ll give me permission to slide my cock into her pussy and come. If I’ve done something wrong during the week, she’ll say that she’s tired and wants to sleep, suggesting that I think about how I can be a better slave. I’m left, of course, with a roaring hard on. Although tied to the bed, I am able to roll over and move during the night, but in the morning I must wait until she wakes up and unties me so I can pee.

When she wants to punish me without exerting any effort herself, she’ll use our rowing machine. Depending on what I’ve done, she’ll put me on it to row fifteen minutes or half an hour. If I stop or don’t keep up a good pace, she will paddle me while I’m rowing, to keep up my spirits. Sometimes she’ll just wait until I’m really exhausted before letting me get off.

If she feels that my attitude in general has not been up to her high standards, she’ll tell me that at the first opportunity, I am going to feel her riding crop. She may have me lie across the bed for only a few lashes, but if she has found more than a few things wrong lately, she will be more elaborate. I will have to undress her and put on her garter belt, stockings, bra, panties and high heels, all severe and black, before she prods and marches me down to the den.

We have exposed beams on the ceiling of our den, and she had me put a small hook in one of them. I must strip on her command, leaving only my panties on. She will then tie my hands together, pass the rope through the hook, pull it tight so that I am almost on my toes, then tie the other end to a doorknob. I may be left like this for up to an hour while she reclines on the couch doing her nails or watching TV.

Carrying the riding crop, she’ll come to me after a while and start gently rubbing my cock through the panties. She’ll tell me what I’ve done wrong and that she will not tolerate a bad slave. All of the time she’s talking so soft and sexy and pressing against me.

She’ll stand in front of me watching the pre come soaking the front of my panties. Bending over and facing away from me, she’ll adjust the straps of her high heels, but she is really just putting on a show, knowing that the sight of the tight black panties stretched over her ass is driving me crazy.

Standing up and facing me, she’ll unhook her bra and stand back to let me have a nice, long look. Then she’ll step up to me and press her tits into my chest. As we begin a hot kiss, she’ll raise the riding crop and bring it down on my ass, telling me that had I been a good slave, I would be fucking her right now.

Going behind me, she’ll deliver the remaining strokes to my pantied ass. When she’s finished, she’ll leave me tied to the beam while she stretches out on the sofa to relax or read before letting me down.

I feel that our relationship is even better now than it was before because I spend so much time doing things for her and pampering her. She is always on my mind, and I’m always trying to find a new way to please her. And because she now “owns” my cock, my sex drive is way up. But she likes me horny, so that’s the way she keeps me.

Mr. O.A., New Jersey


I would like to share some of my experiences being a slave to my beautiful and sexy wife.

We are in our mid thirties and have been experimenting with female domination for about twelve years. I serve my mistress about once a month for a period ranging from one to five days, depending on work schedule and mood.

While in slave status I am responsible for bathing and massaging my mistress, keeping her shoes and boots polished, serving as her errand boy, driver and maid. I wear panties under my jeans during the day and at night I wear a studded collar, leash and panties only. At times I must wear some type of cock restraint to remind me of my status.

As a slave, I am never allowed to sit on any furniture in the house or sleep on the bed. I sleep either on the floor next to the bed or on the bathroom floor by the toilet.

Punishments include being whipped, strapped, paddled or switched with the instrument of her choice. While neither of us is into heavy pain, we consider light to medium discipline essential to the feeling of our sex scenes. Other punishments include kneeling on the cold bathroom tile floor with my hands tied behind my back and a coin placed between my nose and the wall. A timer is set, usually ten to twenty minutes, and I am left alone until the time rings. If the coin falls, we start all over.

The humiliation part is my favorite. When my mistress comes home after wearing shoes or boots all day, she likes to use my face as a kind of footstool. Sometimes she’ll leave her nylons on and sometimes I’m treated to the feel and aroma of her bare feet.

I lie down under her chair and she rests her feet right on my face, allowing me to smell them. Then I’ll be ordered to lick them before giving her a massage. When her feet are hot, I’ll suck on an ice cube while licking them. My mistress finds this both soothing and amusing.

Our fantasy of the most intense humiliation, which I doubt we’ll ever try, goes like this:

My mistress would take a lover and I would be made to serve them both. When they made love I would be required to put my head down by her ass and under his cock and balls, licking them both until they climaxed.

Mr. K.L., Oklahoma