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Michael knows that if I allow him to spend the night, he’s responsible for making breakfast the next day. And I expect a gourmet spread. Usually, he’s good about fulfilling his duties, and he typically makes scones with clotted cream and jam, a frittata with fresh vegetables, or French toast made from flaky croissants. He’s never failed to deliver a delicious meal—until last weekend.

When I woke Saturday morning, Michael was already up, and his pallet next to my bed was empty. I could smell coffee brewing in the kitchen, and the aroma alone had me wide awake in a matter of moments. I pulled a silk robe on over my negligee, stepped into my heeled slippers and, after stopping to fix my hair in the mirror, walked down the hall to the kitchen to see what my slave was cooking.
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It had never occurred to me to ask. And apparently it had never occurred to Brad to tell. So when we were packing up to move from our tiny cracker-box apartment to an actual townhouse, it all came out by accident. Because of one simple act.
It had been a half-irritated, half-amused gesture on my part. Brad had been packing the good dishes with the everyday dishes, instead of wrapping them separately like I’d asked. I was sorting the mail at the time, and I rolled up a magazine and swatted him on the ass like he was a bad dog. It was just a joke. But the look on his face was one I’d never seen before.
“What?” I asked, warily.

He shook his head quickly, keeping his eyes lowered. “Nothing.”

It was the way he moved away from me—an odd sideways crab walk—that tipped me off.
“Brad, did I hurt you? I was only fucking arou—” By then I’d managed to bounce my way in front of him, smiling to show it had all been in good fun.
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Call of the Wild

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People tell me all the time that I look fierce. But when I gaze into the mirror, I simply see a woman who contemplates. Although not shy, I am quiet unless I have something to say. I keep my emotions contained. I know my way around the saddles, gear, and whips we sell at the horse and tack shop where I work. I present the wares with respect, in the calm, careful way I do everything.

The crush I nursed on my coworker James for the past year was just one more thing I kept to myself. I had no plans on letting him know how I felt, but recently I had an occasion to act on my feelings in a surprisingly satisfying way.

Maybe some would describe me as hiding behind a layer of armor, but I prefer to think of myself as simply serious. I don’t go in for frivolities. That’s why the leopard-print dress was something of an aberration for me. When I walked past the store window and caught sight of the short, sexy number, I did a double take. My usual wardrobe is a far cry from leopard. I wear black—my whole closet is black—and riding boots, and I am fine with that.
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Ride Me

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I hate to say that it had been a long time since my last fuck, but it had been a long time since my last fuck. Too fucking long, in fact. I was horny at the drop of a hat. And since I don’t hang out that often with men who wear—or drop—hats, I was horny even when no caps, berets or fedoras were present.

Sometimes I’ve found that when I most need to get laid is when I suddenly have no luck in the laying department. I’d struck out for a variety of reasons with several different dates, until I reached the point where I’d decided I would just fuck the next thing that moved.

Who knew that would be a total stranger?
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Unexpected Pleasures

I wanted to fuck Henry from the first time I saw him. I work as the curator at a local gallery, and he’s an up and coming artist who was introduced to me by a mutual acquaintance. Sally had given me his portfolio in advance, and I was impressed. His work was rich with texture and color, and bold in subject matter. I’d expected to meet a tough, testosterone heavy artist with an attitude. Trust me when I say I’ve met my share over the years.

Henry was different. I knew he was hoping to get his work shown at the gallery, but as soon as I laid eyes on him, I found myself hoping for something else. I wanted to suspend him from the wall in my bedroom, hook his cuffed wrists in place, cut his clothes off his body, and let him feel the wrath of my power.

Of course, I didn’t say any of those things to Henry. All I said, as I shook his hand, was, “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” he replied.

“That’s what you think,” I said under my breath.

Henry let his eyes work up and down my body. He seemed to flush when I did not release his hand right away, but I was satisfied when he did not immediately look at the floor. There was a connection between us. He felt it, too.

Our friend in common was completely oblivious. Sally blathered on about what a fine gallery I ran, how the elite players considered the art on my walls to be some of the best. She worked her way around the room, commenting on what a good fit she felt Henry’s creations were. She seemed to have no idea that Henry and I were engaged in a little game called “let’s size each other up.”

When she was finished with her tour, our friend finally shut her mouth. She looked at Henry, and then looked at me. Quietly, she said, “I think I’ll let the two of you get to know each other better.”

“Good idea,” I said. Henry remained silent.

When Sally left the gallery, I turned to the young artist. “I would be happy to host your show,” I told him. “I’d already decided that based on your portfolio before we even met.”

Henry started to speak, I suppose to thank me, but I stopped him.

“I wanted to get that business out of the way, because I have a few personal questions for you.” As I spoke, I locked the gallery’s door and flipped our artistic sign so that it read “closed” on the other side. Henry’s art portfolio lay open on my desk. I wanted Henry open just like that. I looked at him. He bit his lip.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

He shook his head.


“I’m not gay.”

“Then what are you?”

He drew in a breath, and I could imagine what he’d look like when he came. I don’t know how I knew, but I had an instant flash in my mind, Henry with his head thrown back, his eyes closed, his whole body taut. “What do you think I am?” he asked, and I’ll admit that I liked the spunk in him.

“I think you’re a submissive,” I said. “Whether you know it or not. I think that nothing would give you greater joy than to put yourself in my hands and let me take you where you need to go.”

“Where do I need to go?”

“To my place,” I said, and he grinned shyly at me. I live only a few blocks away from the gallery. Henry and I walked there in no time, and on the way he told me that he had been single for nearly a year. He was tired of playing the dating game. His art didn’t support him yet, but he wasn’t a mooch. He worked as ma tre d’ at one of the ritzy restaurants in town. I let him talk, learning the cadence of his speech. I am a good listener. I often pick up on things other people don’t things that aren’t said but implied, like the fact that Henry had never been topped before. He was used to being in control in a relationship. Why? I thought that was because he knew so deeply what he wished someone would do to him that he had no problem conjuring such scenarios for a partner.

“Have you ever delved into true BDSM before?” I asked him.

“No,” he said. “Not really. I’ve held a girl’s wrists over her head when I fucked her. Once I used a scarf as a blindfold. But nothing serious.”

When we arrived at my place, I unlocked the door, but before I let him cross the threshold, I asked, “What’s your safeword?”

“I’ve never had one before.”

“Choose one now.”

He stared at me, and I knew he was trying to decide whether he would really be able to go through with this. Was he ready? I could tell from the bulge in his slacks that he was willing. He hesitated for a few seconds, and then he said, “Carnelian.” It was the name of one of his paintings.

“That’s a mouthful.”

“I don’t think I’ll have to use it.”

From the first step into my apartment, he was a work in progress. I’m no artist, but I absolutely felt like a sculptor, molding something fresh from a block of clay. Henry was malleable, bending to his knees immediately when I put my hands on his shoulders and following me in a crawl when I snapped my fingers. There were so many things I wanted to do to him that my thoughts kept getting ahead of my actions. Slow down, I told myself. You need to do this right. He deserves the best you can give him.

In the bedroom, I did exactly what I’d imagined at our initial meeting. Well, almost exactly. I wanted to cuff him and hang him like a piece of art on my wall. But I couldn’t cut his clothes off. Not without him having a second set to wear. We were close enough to know we were going to fuck, but not so intimate that I felt comfortable destroying his property. So I made him strip first.

I sat on the edge of the bed as he undressed. His body was lean and hard, and he had unexpected tattoos hidden under his long sleeved t shirt. He didn’t comment on the fact that I was watching him disrobe, but I could see that he was nervous and aroused. His erect cock was long and thick, and seeing how turned on he was turned me on, too.

“You like the thought of me punishing you, don’t you?” I asked. My voice was casual. I might as well have been inquiring whether he’d like a glass of water.

“Yes,” he said softly, as I cuffed his wrists.

“You felt the heat between us from the moment you walked into the studio, didn’t you?” As I asked the question, I turned him to face the wall and attached his cuffed wrists to one of the formidable hooks I had installed just for this purpose. God, he looked beautiful like that. His back was muscular, and his ass was tight and firm. I couldn’t help but reach down and cup both cheeks in my hands. I squeezed firmly, and he sighed.

“Even before,” he said, surprising me. I was reaching for a flogger as he said, “I’ve been to shows at your gallery before. I’ve watched the way you interact with men.”

“Interact,” I repeated, menacingly. I gripped his cock as I spoke and pressed my lips close to his ear, “What do you mean by that?”

“You’re like a tiger,” he whispered. “You look as if you could devour a man.”

“Don’t you wish,” I sneered, stepping back and snapping the flogger against his ass. He jumped, but didn’t make a noise. I struck again, the many tails of suede caressing his skin. I know precisely what this implement feels like. I would never use a tool on a lover without experiencing the sensation myself. The flogger delivers a sting right from the start, all those tiny tails hitting the skin at once. But with steady application, that sting morphs into a long, slow burn.

I peeked at his cock, which had been hard before, and saw it was now so erect I could have hung the rope handle of the flogger on it. His face was a mask of concentration. He was processing the experience. I stepped back and struck again, several times in a row. He didn’t moan or shift his stance. I was proud of him. Before I brought out the next of my tools, I decided to give him a reward. I grabbed a bottle of lube from my nightstand and slickened up my right hand. With finesse, I gripped his hard on and started to jerk him off. As I pumped him, I used the palm of my left hand to spank his cheeks hard.

Henry didn’t know what to do. He arched his body forward to fuck my greasy fist, and he flinched at the fresh spark of pain I was inflicting on his flesh. I knew he liked the warring sensations, because his cock leaked pre come and he started to moan. I slid my hand between his thighs to stroke his balls. He whimpered as I used the tips of my nails ever so softly on this most tender skin. The whole time, I continued to work his cock like a pro.

“You’re going to come,” I told him. “You’re going to cream all over my wall, you bad boy. You’ll have to take your next round of punishment looking at the dirty mess you made.”

His body stiffened. I sensed he was getting close. To his obvious dismay, I let go of his erection and went to my closet of toys. I gripped a paddle in my lube free hand and returned to his side. “Each blow of the paddle gets you one stroke of my hand on your cock,” I told him. “I’ll deliver both in sets of five.” He understood. His eyes were wet with longing. I landed a stinging blow with the black side of the paddle and then another and another until I had hit five. Then I resumed the handjob, jerking his rod quickly five times. He lunged forward, trying to force me to continue, but the chain attached to the cuffs didn’t have the slack he required to pull it off. I spanked him five more times, even harder, and he stifled a moan by biting his lip. Now, I gave him those five palm strokes he’d earned in slow motion, my firm fist truly trying to drain the seed from his body.

I was proud when he stood straight and tall, preparing to take the next set of blows. “How many more do you think you’ll need,” I asked him, “before you make that lustful image on my wall?”

He looked at me. His was clearly trying to do the math through a haze of bliss.

“Five?” I asked. “Ten?”

“Ten,” he said.

“If you’re wrong,” I told him, “I’ll have to find a different way to punish you. I might put on my favorite strap on and ream that tight little asshole of yours.” I looked at his face again. His mouth was open. He looked as if he didn’t know what to do or say. He wanted to tell me he’d like that, but he couldn’t make the words come out.

“But maybe that wouldn’t be punishment. Maybe you’d like that too much.”

“Yes,” he groaned. “Yes, I’d like that.”

“So we’ll call that your reward,” I told him, giving him something to think about. I stood back, and then I gave him ten of the most blistering spanks I could deliver. When I was done, his ass looked as red as the flipside of the paddle.

He might have been able to come from the spanking alone. In fact, in the future I hoped to train him to do just that. But right now I would give him what I’d promised: ten beautiful strokes with the palm of my hand. Of course, I hadn’t promised that was all I would do. While he watched, I lubed my fingers and palm. I wondered if he could guess what I planned to do next. Both of my hands were glistening, and I gripped his cock in my right hand as I slid a finger from my left between his muscular cheeks and started to tickle his anus.

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned.

“That’s not my name,” I corrected him. I stroked his cock again, long and sweet and firmly. As I did, I started to press my pointer into his backdoor.

“Oh, Jennifer,” he moaned.

“Ms. Jennifer,” I snapped, and he repeated my name again, his voice hoarse. I tightened my grip on his unit and continued to probe his asshole. He seemed completely demolished by the way I was touching him. If he hadn’t been held upright by the cuffs, I could imagine him falling to his knees in supplication. That would have robbed me of my current pleasure, though. I didn’t even count anymore. I pulled his cock and finger fucked his tight hole, and soon he was coming hard, just as I’d promised him, splattering my wall.

As soon as he’d shot his load, I lifted the handcuff chain from the hook, but I did not uncuff him. I brought him to the bed and spread him out on his stomach with his head toward the wall he’d disgraced with his come. “Now it’s my turn,” I told him.

He turned his head and looked at me, his eyes filled with desire.

I added more lube to my hand and spread his cheeks wide apart. I lubed him up until the valley between his cheeks was glistening wet. Then I retreated to the bathroom, washed my hands, and got my favorite harness and cock out of the bottom drawer. I stripped and prepared myself. There is nothing sweeter to me than taking a man’s backdoor, especially an unexpected sub like Henry.

When I returned to my bedroom, I found him exactly as I’d left him: on his stomach in the center of the mattress with his head turned toward me. Good boy, I thought. He might have moved to a sitting position, his back against the headboard. He might have gotten up and started pacing. I was pleased, but I didn’t praise him. I wanted him to worry a little bit about what was going to happen next.

He didn’t say a word as I climbed onto the mattress, but I saw that the muscles in his back had tightened. He was breathing in short slow breaths, as if trying to calm himself. I reached under his body and got my hand on his dick once more. It was still hard. I smiled to myself.

“Henry,” I said, “have you ever been good and properly fucked before?”

He hesitated at my question. I think he was probably trying to figure out the correct answer. Sure, he’d been part of relationships in the past, where the fucking might have been lovely. But this was different and we both knew it.

“I mean,” I continued slowly, and now I started to work the head of my cock in between his cheeks, “have you ever had your asshole stretched around a nice, hard cock?”

He answered that question right away. “No,” he said, then seemed to remember his place and added, “Ms. Jennifer.”

“Are you ready?” It was almost too late for me to ask this question, because I knew he could feel the head of my synthetic cock opening his hole.

“Ready,” he murmured.

“You remember your safeword?” I asked kindly.

“I won’t need it,” he assured me.

I slid in a little more. Henry groaned and arched his hips. Ah, the boy liked it. I’d thought he would, but the way he moved let me know I was right. I pulled back and reached for the bottle of lube. This time, rather than simply slicking up the toy and his hole, I poured a river of the clear liquid between his asscheeks. The cold temperature made him suck in his breath. The feel of the cock against his asshole made him exhale in a rush. I liked that I was controlling him down to the very core of his existence.

“Lift up,” I told him, and instantly he went up on his elbows, his ass higher in the air. I gripped his hips and began to push inside him. I knew that at some point, I would be banging him hard. But right now, I wanted him to grow accustomed to the sensation and to fall in love with the way it felt to be reamed.

I worked as slow as I could until I felt Henry push back. That was the signal to me to let me know he loved every inch. Now I could really be me. I began to fuck him faster, but keeping a steady rhythm to my thrusts. Every so often, I’d reach around and tug on his stiff cock. He kept his ass lifted up for me, and he moaned when I penetrated him to the deepest point. If I’d had a real dick, he would have felt my balls slapping against him. As it was, I simply ground my hips hard and then pulled back once more.

Someday, I’d fuck him like this with his hands free. Then he could reach underneath and jerk himself off while I pegged him. This time, I continued to give him the odd stroke every so often, until I sensed that both of us were nearing our peaks. As I worked him to the finale, I held on to his cock and didn’t let go. I stroked my hand on his rod in time with the way my cock thrust into his ass. The whole experience became too much for me, which is odd. Usually, I can keep myself in check. But this time, the feel of his cock in my hand, and the moans he was making, took me over the edge. I let my clit press against the base of the dildo as I came, bucking against Henry. He shot his wad against my sheets seconds later, and then sighed and shuddered against the mattress.

Gingerly, I pulled out of his asshole and unbuckled the harness. I discarded the toy and pulled the boy into my arms. He lay against me, breathing sweetly as I reached for the handcuff key.

“You’re released,” I told him. “I am setting you free.”

He surprised me by reaching for the cuffs and setting them back in place on his wrists once more.

“I don’t want freedom,” he said, looking at me with those dark brown eyes. “I only want you.”

I kissed him and sighed, pleased that I’d found a new artist for the gallery and a new lover on the same day. Meeting my unexpected sub had given me an abundance of unexpected pleasure.


My submission to my wife, Christine, started years ago when we were dating. Sometimes she would let me enter her pussy, but I had to withdraw before climaxing. Most of the time, though, she would only let me hump her with my pants on, and she’d send me home with a load of come in my shorts. One time, she bent over and let me fuck her from behind, but I had to pull out and shoot on her ass. Then she informed me there was nothing to clean up with, so I had to kneel on the floor and clean her with my tongue.

After we were married, she decided that Friday nights were “Girls’ Night Out.” On these occasions, she’d go out with her friends, so I’d have the whole night to myself. For entertainment, I’d put on a pair of her panties and masturbate. One Friday, she returned home early and caught me in the act. She said we’d discuss my behavior later and told me to finish, and then she left the room. This incident led to where we are today: Before I am allowed to have sex with her, I must paint my toenails bright red, don black stockings and a black lace garter belt, black lace panties, a black lace bra and black open toe four inch heels. When she’s riding my dick, I proclaim my love for her, telling her I’ll do anything for her even suck a cock or let a man fuck me in the ass. After lots of dirty talk about what she’ll make me do, I come in her pussy. Then she slides up my body and feeds me my load as she rides my face to orgasm.

But as dirty as all that is, our sex life recently took an even kinkier turn thanks to my wife’s friend.

When Christine was in college, she met a girl named Kara, and they’ve remained friends all these years. Kara works in a law office with her husband, Louis. One day, my wife asked Kara to redo our wills. She took care of everything, and my wife said that we’d take Kara and her husband out for dinner as payment. The ladies set a date for that Saturday night. My wife said we would meet at their house and then go out. Saturday came, and as I did yard work, my wife went shopping. She picked up a couple bottles of wine, and that evening we set off to their place. When we entered their house, the vibe quickly changed. Kara informed me that she had gone out with my wife that afternoon and had a wonderful talk. She said Christine had told her that I’d said she had a fat ass. She also told her that she made me dress in women’s clothes before sex, and that I’d vowed to perform any sexual act she desired. Kara informed me that we were staying in, and that I was to obey her and Louis, as well as my wife. Then I was told to strip naked. I looked to Christine, and all she said was, “Do it.”

I quickly stripped and stood naked in front of these clothed people. They looked at my red painted toenails, and they all laughed. Kara was the first to speak. She said if I was to serve them properly, I needed to first get rid of my unsightly body hair. She told Louis to take me to the master bathroom and not to return until I was smooth and hairless from the neck down. Louis then took me into the bathroom and shaved me bare. I’d never felt so naked in my life.

My mistresses entered the bedroom and handed me a bag, telling me to get dressed. Inside the bag, I found my black lingerie, as well as new six inch heels and a French maid’s uniform, complete with ruffled skirt and white apron. After I was dressed, Mistress Kara sat me down and applied makeup to my face and put a blonde wig on my head. When she was done, Mistress Christine applied bright red lipstick to my mouth, a shade that matched the polish on my toenails. I looked over at Master Louis, and he was capturing the whole scene on videotape. Being prettified and seeing him with the camera gave me a thrill, and my cock was stiff in no time.

Once I was properly attired, they sat and chatted as I served them wine and cheese. But before long, Mistress Christine decided it was time for some entertainment. She’d told Mistress Kara about how I beg her to spank my ass. I was then bent over an ottoman, and Mistress Kara loomed behind me with a paddle. She said I deserved twenty swats on each cheek for saying she had a fat ass. She told me that before the night was over I would be worshiping that fat ass. Mistress Kara spanked me hard, making me count out each of her swats. By the time she was done, my butt was hot, and my cock was pulsing and threatening to burst.

Sometime during my paddling, they’d gotten naked. Master Louis’s cock was huge. Mistress Christine came over and reminded me that I’d vowed to do anything for her, even suck a cock. She told me she wanted Master Louis to fuck her with that monster cock, so I should get my mouth working and make his dick nice and wet for her. I looked up, and Master Louis was standing in front of me with a smile on his face.

“Suck it,” my wife demanded. I opened my mouth and in slipped his cock. I started out tentatively, but soon I got into it, licking and sucking away, and even taking his balls in my mouth before going back to swallowing the whole shaft. It swelled to its full length, and he began fucking my throat. I relaxed and let him take me while the women watched and made comments about how I was such a pretty little cocksucker.

Before I could get him off, Master Louis pulled out of my mouth and headed over to Mistress Christine, who lay back on the sofa. “Take it easy,” she said. “I’m not used to such a big dick.” I knelt in my place on the floor, watching Master Louis impale the pussy I love so much. My view was soon eclipsed, however, as Mistress Kara backed herself up to my face and demanded that I lick and kiss her ass. I was orally worshiping her behind when she reached back and spread her cheeks, telling me to fuck her asshole with my tongue while she fingered her cunt. While this was going on, I could hear my wife’s groans as Master Louis fucked her.

Mistress Kara climaxed and then moved out of my way, so I could watch my wife get fucked by Master Louis. Mistress Christine must have had five orgasms when he grunted and shoved in hard one last time. When he pulled out of my wife, she had come all over her legs, ass and pussy. Remarkably, Master Louis’s cock did not soften but remained hard. He walked over to me and ordered me to lick his cock and balls clean. I then crawled on my hands and knees over to Mistress Christine and began to lick their combined juices from her thighs. When they were clean, I licked the come from her ass and then moved on to her cunt. She gave a sigh when I tongued her clit. I paid extra attention to it as I realized she was edging ever closer to another orgasm. Before long, she came, and the spasms from her pussy forced another glob of Louis’s come onto my tongue. As I was swallowing this offering, I felt a cold and slippery liquid being applied to my asshole. Mistress Kara was behind me with a strap on dildo, poised to penetrate me.

Mistress Kara demanded that I beg for her cock, and I did. “Please, Mistress Kara. Please fuck my sissy ass,” I pleaded. Mistress Kara rammed into my ass and picked up speed, fucking me harder and faster. Meanwhile, Mistress Christine was sucking Master Louis’s cock. Mistress Kara eventually tired and pulled out of my ass, and then I knew why Mistress Christine was getting his cock wet. Master Louis replaced Mistress Kara and fucked my ass good, shooting a load of hot come deep inside me.

We all rested and then Mistress Christine said she wanted his giant cock again. They went into the bathroom to shower first and left Mistress Kara and me alone in the living room.

Mistress Kara looked at me and said, “Poor sissy, you’re the only one who hasn’t come yet.” She tossed me the strap on dildo and said I could jerk myself off to completion, but only if I also fucked my own ass with the dildo. I agreed to her terms, jamming the slippery toy up my ass and fucking my hole with it, while I used my free hand to stroke my shaft. As I worked, she sat and watched, directing me to move faster or slower to exert her power over me and control how and when I climaxed. When I eventually came, she put her hand under my cock and caught my cream in her palm. She then made me lick my load from her hand. Not long after that, Mistress Christine and Master Louis called us into the bedroom.

“It’s clean up time,” Mistress Christine announced, and I had to lick Master Louis’s ass, balls and cock clean, and then give Mistress Christine a tongue bath, licking all of his semen off of her body.

My wife told me I had to ride home dressed as I was and handed me my “man clothes” in a bag. Mistress Kara informed us that we’d paid them in full for the will revisions but I think we may have to redo them again next month.

Mr. Benjamin B., Via E Mail


Susan and I had come home from a wedding reception feeling kind of frisky, so we headed straight to the bedroom, where I removed my clothes while she stripped down to her undergarments. She was about to take those off, too, but I stopped her. Normally, my no nonsense wife is a comfort over style kind of gal, but that night, in honor of the occasion and her sexy little black dress, she had worn some of the hottest lingerie I’d seen outside of a catalog.

I’ll start from the top: a padded black satin demi cup bra covered her tits and pushed them up and together to form deep, delicious cleavage into which I longed to bury my face. Lower, past the delicate gold ring threaded through her belly button, was a high cut thong that consisted of a black satin triangle connected to a piece of floss that spanned her waist and tucked between the globes of her ass. However, right above that was the pi ce de r sistance: a lacy black garter belt to which a pair of sheer, thigh high stockings was hooked. The whole ensemble gave my wife an edgy, imperious look, and it gave me a huge hard on.

The lingerie had its effect on Susan, too, changing her affect, and she stopped me when I stepped toward her. “Not yet,” she barked, surprising me with her tone. Though I was desperate to fuck her, I was as intrigued by where this might go as much as I was in her thrall. So I waited, my dick throbbing wildly in anticipation, to see what would happen next.

“Lick my pussy,” she demanded, and I dropped to my knees and crawled forward so that I was face to face with her center. Parting her legs slightly, she placed her hands on my head as I pulled aside the dampened crotch of her panties. The scent of her musk filled my nostrils, making my mouth water as I moved closer, stuck out my tongue and swiped it over her glistening petals.

Susan quivered, so I did that again and then nibbled gently at the delicate pink flesh. She started shaking, and the tremors increased when I dragged the flat of my tongue over her entire sex. As I took long, luxurious laps of her pussy, swallowing down the juices gushing from her hole, she threaded her fingers through my hair and gripped my head tighter.

Her fingers massaged my scalp, keeping my face locked to her crotch as my tongue delved among her quivering folds. My lips and chin were soon glossed with her abundant juices. As I ate her, I ran my hands over her legs, luxuriating in the texture of the silky stockings. They were such a turn on that I sucked her cunt even harder, and my cock was soon demanding to be buried in it. However, I didn’t want to displease her by cutting the cunnilingus short, so I zeroed in on her sensitive clit a surefire way to make her come.

She cried out the second my tongue touched her rigid button. I drew tight circles right on top of it, and she gave a series of gasps when I toggled it back and forth. The clincher, however, came when I stiffened my tongue and inserted it into her entryway. I thrust in and out a few times, and it shuttered closed around me, clinging like it would never let go. However, her body began jerking so hard that she eventually dislodged me, so I reached around and grabbed one buttock to hold her firmly to my face.

I continued licking her through her climax, noting the difference between her smooth skin and the silky nylon that stopped at her upper thigh. I also inhaled her heady scent and savored the tangy flavor of her pussy as it ground against my mouth. Locking my lips to her like a vacuum, I sucked and lapped and swallowed her salty juices, until she loosened her grip on my head to push me away. I figured she’d gotten too sensitive, but to the contrary, she wanted more. “Fuck me now,” she commanded, and my cock and I were happy to oblige.

I stood up as she turned around, bent over a chair, and reached behind herself to pull the floss from between her asscheeks and yank her panties aside. Then she glanced over her shoulder to give me a come hither look like I needed more incentive. My dick was as hard as a rock as I aimed it at her cunt, which was so slick from a mixture of her juices and my saliva that I slid into her easily. First, I popped in just the head, and we both groaned ecstatically. Then the rest of my length quickly followed, until my pubic curls tickled her soft skin and my pelvis was flush with her butt.

For a moment, I stood still and relished the sensation of my wife’s narrow canal pulsing around my shaft. Then she wagged her ass, which served a dual purpose: to relay her impatience and tease my dick. I began rocking my hips back and forth, and her muscles hugged my shaft as it stroked in and out of her pussy. My balls flattened against her upper thighs each time I pressed forward, and I incrementally increased my pace until I was slamming into her.

Suddenly, Susan pulled all the way off me, leaving my prick out in the cold. I was momentarily shocked and somewhat afraid that I’d gotten a little too carried away. However, I had no reason for concern she’d only done that so she could climb up onto the mattress to lie flat on her back with her legs high up in the air. Then she barked, “Get over here!” and I quickly did her bidding, led by my unrelenting erection.

Crawling between her thighs, I hooked my fingers beneath the waistband of her thong. She raised her ass so I could remove the unwanted garment, and then she spread her legs so that her labia peeled back and her hole gaped wide open. It was still stretched from the ingress of my cock, so I repositioned myself and then once again slipped in to my balls.

As I buried myself in Susan and resumed fucking her at my previous pace, I leaned forward to press my mouth to hers, sliding my tongue between her lips. She sucked off her own salty juices as we kissed, and it was obvious she was thrilled by this because she powered her ass up and down to meet each of my inward thrusts. Then she stopped kissing me to cry out, “Harder!” and I obeyed by plunging my prick into her hard and fast.

She was whimpering with pleasure, and her legs were now wrapped around my waist, hooked at her feet, and pulling me deep into her cunt. I was panting with the exertion, and my glutes clenched in response to the increased effort, which she felt against her heels. That’s probably what inspired her to do something that surprised us both: reaching down with one stiffened hand, she smacked my taut buttock.

She had never done that before, and I didn’t know if she had even considered it. I certainly hadn’t, and I had no idea that it was something I would like before my cock made up my mind for me. My balls drew in as my shaft swelled and lengthened, and when Susan felt my response, she raised her hand and hit me again. This time the blow was harder, and the swat that landed on my asscheek made me rear up and then plunge back into her until I was once more buried to my root.

Now Susan started raining blows on my asscheeks, which quickly grew wonderfully tender. I’d had no idea I’d like getting spanked so much, and it spurred me on to fuck her harder. I was stroking into her at a lightning fast pace, while my shaft enjoyed the delightful palpitations of her inner muscles. As her cries increased in volume, I felt the grip of her pussy tightening, which alerted me that she’d reached another peak.

She never let up slapping me as she came. As she writhed beneath me, I felt the heat rising on my skin, and then my balls tightened and my dick started pulsing. Finally, the dam broke, sending forth a river of come into Susan. Through it all, I persisted in thrusting between her clinging labia, and the slippery cream enabled me to jackhammer her even faster. Gasping through her orgasm, she egged me on with incessant slaps to my backside.

I pressed my mouth to Susan’s again, thrusting my tongue between her teeth as I kissed her hard. Sucking hungrily at my lips, she dug her heels into my lower back and clutched at my neck and shoulders. Her ass rose and fell against the mattress in the same rhythm as the pumping of my hips, and our hips repeatedly collided as I sank into her spasming pussy.

I shuddered on top of my writhing wife until we were both totally spent and I had no choice but to collapse onto her. She gave one final quiver and stopped spanking me. We panted through a few final kisses, and she stroked my enflamed asscheeks tenderly as I played with the ribbons on her garter belt. Stockings, spanking and even some female domination . . . my first clear thought after this historic sex was that it was just like a story from the pages of Variations. When I mentioned that to Susan, she put writing a letter about our encounter on my “honey do list.” However, it’s one chore I don’t mind, because I get hard just thinking about that night, so I can’t even imagine what reading about it is going to be like!

Mr. Bob T., Northampton, Massachusetts


Sarah likes to tease me whenever the opportunity arises, and she makes sure there’s always an opportunity. She’ll tease and tempt me whenever she can, no matter where we are or what we’re doing, but she saves the best methods for when we’re alone. Her favorite way to “torture” me is to tie me up and make me do what she says while denying me any pleasure until she’s ready.

When we play, Sarah makes me call her Mistress, and my dominant girlfriend becomes even more demanding. A few days ago, Mistress Sarah made her latest appearance at the end of our date.

We were barely in the door when my girlfriend disappeared and my mistress showed up. We’d been out at a bar with friends, so Sarah was wearing ripped jeans and a t shirt, but even in her casual outfit she appeared sexy and harsh. She told me I needed to pay her back for spilling one of her drinks at the bar, and she knew exactly how I could do that.

Mistress Sarah took me straight to the bedroom and had me undress. While I took off my clothes, she went to the closet and grabbed a bunch of belts. Once I was naked, my mistress used the belts to bind me to the bed, wrapping the leather around my ankles and wrists and buckling the ends around the head and footboards. There was no way I’d be able to get up until she was ready to free me and as far as I was concerned, that moment was going to come far too soon.

Sarah walked around the bed slowly, admiring her handiwork and running her hands along my body, showing me that she could touch me, but I couldn’t touch her. It excited me even more, and I felt my cock start to grow.

My mistress eventually stopped stroking me, and I groaned when her fingers left my skin. She was only getting started, though, and I knew there was a lot more teasing coming my way.

Still wearing her jeans and t shirt, Mistress Sarah got up on the bed with me and straddled my chest. The denim of her pants was slightly rough against my skin, and when she squeezed her legs around me, I felt the thick seams press into my ribs. She told me she wanted me to eat her pussy, and if I did a good job she would consider rewarding me. I love eating my girlfriend’s cunt, so I usually meet her expectations. I had no doubt that I’d be receiving a handsome reward in a matter of minutes. But of course it wasn’t my girlfriend asking me to lick her pussy, it was my mistress, and things are never as simple as they seem with her. Mistress Sarah wanted me to eat her cunt through her jeans.

I had no idea how I was supposed to perform cunnilingus on my mistress through her jeans, but if that’s what she demanded, I’d find a way to satisfy her. As soon as she pressed her crotch against my face, I began to lick and nibble on her denim covered pussy. I pushed my tongue hard against the material and licked forcefully. The pants were rough against my tongue, but it was a turn on, too, and it made me want to try even harder to please Sarah.

Each time I licked her, it put pressure on my mistress’s pussy, but I knew it wasn’t enough to satisfy her, so I started to nibble on her through her pants. My teeth stroked her mound through her jeans, and she started to moan. I alternated between licking her and dragging my teeth over her pussy, and as the denim got wet, it became softer and more pliable. My mouth moved over the material, and it got easier and easier to make Mistress Sarah moan with pleasure.

A moment later, Mistress Sarah started to rock back and forth on my face, grinding her denim covered pussy and ass against me. I tried to keep my mouth fused to her slit, but she was bucking and writhing too much, and it made the task nearly impossible. I could tell from the way she was breathing that she was getting closer to her climax, and I wondered if she’d come while she was still fully clothed.

Knowing how close she was to orgasm made me work even harder. As aroused as she was, it didn’t take much longer to get her off. Though I couldn’t slurp her juices out of her cunt, I imagined I could taste them as they soaked through the crotch of her jeans, and that was more than enough reward for me.

Sarah wasn’t done with me yet, however. Before I’d had a chance to savor my accomplishment, she climbed off my face and off the bed. When she stood up, I saw the giant wet spot that I’d created in the front of her pants, and I was definitely proud of myself. But she didn’t give me long to admire my handiwork. She immediately took her pants off, then climbed back on the bed and sat on my face again. She wasn’t wearing panties, and she almost smothered me with her dripping wet pussy.

My dick was standing at attention already, but when she told me I had to eat her to another climax, it began to throb. I love pleasing Mistress Sarah, and getting to fully enjoy her pussy excited me.

When I dove into her pussy the second time, there was no barrier, and my tongue sank right into her slit. I sucked up all her tangy juices, then turned my attention to her clit. I hadn’t been able to get close to her hot button the first time around, and I wanted to make her come as quickly as possible.

I rapidly flicked my tongue against my mistress’s clit until she was moaning loudly, and then I moved to lick her slit and thrust my tongue inside. I went back and forth, bringing her almost to the brink several times. As I ate her cunt, my cock throbbed wildly, and I thought I would come before she did. Eating Sarah’s pussy is as much a turn on for me as it is for her, but I knew I had to make her climax first. I decided to focus solely on her clit, and I sucked the hard nub. Combined with my still flicking tongue, it did the trick, and she exploded onto my tongue after only a minute or two of ministrations. As her juices filled my mouth, I drank them down greedily, not wanting to miss a single drop.

My cock was still hard, and I hoped Mistress Sarah would let me come soon. I thought I’d earned a handjob, and maybe even a blowjob, if I’d pleased her by eating her through her jeans. She turned out to be even more impressed with my work than I’d hoped, however, and after she’d calmed down, she moved from my face and squatted over my stiff dick. She planned to reward me by fucking me!

Her pussy was so wet that she slid easily onto my shaft, and she sank all the way down in one stroke. I loved the way her cunt enveloped my aching cock, and I tried to thrust my hips up against her, but I was still bound to the bed and couldn’t move enough. Luckily, Sarah started bouncing up and down on me immediately, so all I had to do was lay back and enjoy my prize.

Sarah clenched her pussy several times as she rode me, the pressure increasing the friction against my dick and making me groan with pleasure. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long. She continued to pump herself on my dick, frantically fucking me, and soon I was ready to blow. I let my mistress know I was about to come, and she just smiled. She was going to let me come inside her! She doesn’t always do that, not when she’s in mistress mode. She says it’s a privilege that has to be earned and apparently I’d done just that.

I came a second later, and my orgasm was stronger than I could have imagined. It was one of the most thrilling climaxes I’d ever had! Mistress had given me the best reward I could’ve asked for.

Afterward, Sarah unbuckled the belts and freed me, then joined me for a shower, once again my sweet girlfriend instead of a demanding domme. But I know my mistress will be back soon and I can’t wait!

Mr. Edward K., Tyler, Texas

Naomi’s Boy Toy

If I hadn’t worked late every night that week, the idea of tying me up might not have occurred to Naomi, but I’m glad it did. We’d been married three years, and our sex life was satisfying, if a little conventional by most people’s standards. Straight fucking had usually been more than enough for us, but recently I’d gotten a promotion that had me working long hours and was seriously interfering with our sex life. I got home late most evenings, too frazzled for even simple foreplay. All I wanted to do in bed was sleep, something neither Naomi nor I was crazy about. I knew we needed something to recharge us sexually, but I barely had time to think about eating, let alone expanding our erotic horizons.

But it turned out that my wife had been doing some thinking of her own.

It was a Thursday night I had just gotten home after another fourteen hour day and would have been perfectly happy to stagger off to sleep. But Naomi was waiting for me with drinks in hand, and they and she looked so good that I joined her on the couch for a nightcap. Only a few minutes later, things started getting interesting.

Let me set the scene a little with a quick description of the wonderful, sexy woman I married. Naomi’s heritage is a mix of Chinese lotus and Irish rose she’s a petite Eurasian beauty with dark eyes and a sly smile that never fails to turn me on. And even though she looks as delicate as an orchid, my wife is passionate about her workouts those slender limbs are all muscle. Her mixture of strength and beauty is intoxicating I love laying back in bed as she rides my cock, watching her gasp and pinch her own nipples as pleasure overtakes her.

That night she had greeted me wearing nothing but her favorite pair of skintight jeans. She was breathtaking. Her nipples were standing straight up, and her eyes were gleaming with mischief.

We sat together in silence for a while, and then Naomi reached over and began caressing me through my trousers. In no time at all she stirred my cock to a respectable hard on, which she encouraged with little squeezes and pinches. I groaned with pleasure and settled back into the cushions.

“Seems like someone’s woken up,” she purred. “I think he wants to come out and play.” Setting her glass down, she deftly unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick.

“Come on,” she breathed, leaning forward to deposit a tiny kiss upon my swollen cockhead, “let’s have a little fun.” I shuddered, closing my eyes in anticipation of one of my wife’s truly heavenly blowjobs.

But the instant slowly dragged out into a minute, then two. My cockhead got another small kiss, then a slow tongue lashing that made me squirm. But the sensation I was longing for Naomi’s red lips closing around my dick’s root did not come.

“Well?” I asked, opening one eye. I must have sounded a little irritated, because Naomi laughed.

“Listen to you!” she cried, swatting my shoulder. “You want me to do all the work, huh? Is that it?”

“Well . . .” I said again, this time turning the word into a pleading little whine.

“All right, then,” Naomi said with an evil smile. “But we do it my way, buster. Shut your eyes.”

I obeyed, wondering what she had in mind. A moment later I got my answer as the clink of ice cubes against glass sounded nearby. Then, suddenly, my achingly stiff cock was enveloped not by a warm, wet mouth, as I was hoping but a wet, cold one. My eyes flew open. Naomi must have taken some ice in her mouth and used it to cool her tongue before sucking me. My balls shrank, tingling as I cried out in surprise, but strange to say, my prick remained rock hard. The chilly kisses hadn’t diminished my excitement in the slightest. On the contrary, I found myself hornier than ever. I forced myself to hold still as Naomi ran her frozen tongue over my shaft and lavished cool kisses across my sac.

All too soon my cock had warmed her mouth again. But instead of using another ice cube to cool me down, Naomi slid her fingers under my balls, giving me a wicked smile.

She knew all too well that my balls were one of my few really ticklish spots. The quick transition from blissful sexual pleasure to teasing torment was too much. I thrashed and howled as her fingers searched out the sensitive regions of my swollen sac, moving down to play with the ridge of flesh between my scrotum and asshole.

“God, you’re so wiggly! I could keep you this way all night tickling and teasing you while you squirm and your cock stays hard,” she said dreamily, licking her lips as she watched my balls twitch between her fingers. She seemed to be speaking as much to herself as me. Suddenly she got up and strode briskly out of the living room, leaving me panting. I sat there with my dick out, wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

A moment later I found out. Naomi came back naked, with a pair of padded handcuffs dangling from her fingers.

“Get your ass in the bedroom,” Naomi told me, winking and tossing the cuffs at my chest. “We’re gonna have some fun tonight.”

I recognized the cuffs. We had bought them online shortly after our honeymoon, but we’d never used them. I’d always had a feeling that my wife had a kinky side she rarely showed, one that was smoldering underneath her conservative exterior and waiting for a chance to come out. Apparently, the time had come. There was a definite challenge in Naomi’s eyes, and I had no intention of leaving it unmet.

Grinning, I stood and zipped up, then took the cuffs from my wife and headed toward the bedroom. I could hear her bare feet padding along after me. I’d scarcely gotten myself undressed and onto our bed before Naomi was climbing on top of me, straddling my waist with her slender, strong legs on either side of me.

My wife smiled at me while she ground her wet pussy against my erect dick. I lay still while Naomi arranged my arms over my head and, threading the chain connecting the cuffs between the bars of our headboard, cuffed me and made me her prisoner. Once I had tested the cuffs and confirmed that I wasn’t going to escape anytime soon, she leaned over, letting her small, firm tits press against my chest. She began kissing me, slowly biting and sucking my lips, and then licking them with a tiny pink tongue, which she slid between them. Those kisses quite literally took my breath away. But when she leaned back, dragging her long nails down my sides, I cried out and thrust my hips upward. “Does that tickle?” she asked playfully, knowing full well it did!

Once again my devious wife had lulled me into a sensual stupor and then sprung her trap. Grinning, Naomi gave me another scratch, and this one really jangled my nerves. I’m not normally so sensitive, but in my state of arousal, the sensation was indeed unbearably ticklish, even worse than her treatment of my balls. I jerked under her body as if 100 volts had just gone through me.

Back when we first started dating, Naomi used to take every opportunity to stroke my ribs or slide a polished fingernail over the soles of my bare feet. I then remembered Naomi once telling me that tickling turned her on. “One day I’m going to tie you up and really tickle the hell out of you,” she had told me, her eyes gleaming. I had literally laughed it off at the time, and she’d let the matter drop. I realized that this was a whole other dimension to our sex life that we’d failed to explore but it was clear that Naomi was eager to make up for lost time.

I could certainly understand why she found tickling sexy. Even as Naomi made me squirm, I was massively turned on. Her teasing strokes were bringing me to the edge of sanity. It was an exquisite torture that morphed into a burning pleasure. My cock was so hard it hurt, and I was desperate to feel it sliding into her hot tight slit.

“Let’s fuck,” I whispered, tugging at the cuffs. I was trying like hell not to sound like I was begging. I wanted to sound sexy and make her hot enough to drop the ticklish foreplay and fuck me. “C’mon, baby, I’m wide awake now. I’ll give it to you all night as hot and as long as you want, I swear!”

But Naomi was in no hurry. “Uh uh. This is my playtime, honey. You’re my boy toy for the night.” With that, my torment began in earnest. Naomi played with my captive body, exploiting every weak spot. Her hands caressed my chest and shoulders, roaming over my nipples with ticklish pinches and strokes. I knew that if I really wanted her to stop, she would, but I didn’t want her to. I groaned with pleasure, every inch of my skin responding to her touch. At the same time I shuddered, nervous that she was going to make another move on my ribs. The anticipation was itself a delicious torment.

“Listen to you moaning!” Naomi said with a sexy laugh. Her smile broadened as her voice went low and sexy. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll fuck you good, and that’s a promise but not yet. First I’ve got a few more activities planned. You just relax and enjoy the ride.”

With that, she slid her ass down to my knees and moved her hand down to my cock, running her fingertips lightly over it before wrapping her digits around my shaft and giving it a series of short, jerking tugs. I tried to follow her rhythm and turn the playful pulls into a bona fide handjob, but Naomi had already taken her fingers away. Instead, she began walking them lightly over my thighs and groin. I wailed in frustration, moving my hips in a mad horizontal dance. My erection bobbled over my hips, attracting gentle, teasing caresses from Naomi’s hand. This was far subtler than the tickling she’d given my ribs or balls. Laughter bubbled up inside me, and before I knew it, I was giggling like a helpless fool.

“My goodness,” she cooed. “I really had no idea you were so deliciously ticklish!”

“You’re driving me crazy!” I gasped.

Naomi laughed. “Just like you’ve driven me crazy over the last couple of weeks! I wanted you so bad, but you were always too tired! I had to play with myself while you were out, but it was never enough. It isn’t the same as fucking you. A vibrator can never compare to your cock. Just like a girl’s hand can never compare to her pussy.” Her lovely smile took on an evil tinge, a devastating mixture of sadism and playfulness as she leaned in and wriggled her fingers in my face. “But let me show you what a woman’s hands can do.”

With that, Naomi began tickling me in earnest, spider walking her fingertips along my sides and up to my vulnerable underarms, making detours onto my chest to deliver devilish pinches to my rock hard nipples. Naomi had me exactly where she wanted me, and her gloating smile was every bit as arousing as the maddening touches and tickles she lavished on my helpless body. She drew circles around my nipples with her dancing fingers and slipped a hand under her ass so she could further torment my ticklish balls.

And the delicious torture still wasn’t over. Suddenly Naomi slipped off me, moving over to the dresser and rummaging through the bottom drawer.

“I bought this today,” she told me, taking a small can from the drawer and holding it up. “I’d wanted to get it for ages, and what I had planned for tonight seemed like the perfect occasion!” I had thought tonight’s games had occurred to her spontaneously now I wondered how long she had been planning them. I could imagine Naomi going through all the possibilities in her methodical mind, driving from shop to shop to gather equipment, figuring out exactly how she wanted to tease me. Somehow I found the thought incredibly sexy.

Naomi twisted the can’s lid off and pulled out what looked like a miniature feather duster. This was not a tool for removing dust, but applying it the can also contained a fine powder that Naomi explained was edible as I found when she deposited a little on my tongue. It was deliciously sweet.

Settling down next to me, she ground the feather duster into the can and brought it out sparkling with the sugary dust. Naomi then dragged the feathers with agonizing slowness over my cock, holding the head between her thumb and forefinger so she could apply a healthy dose to the underside of my shaft and my balls.

The feathers that made up the duster were so soft that ordinarily I probably wouldn’t have even felt them. But my nerves were on fire, and my cock and balls in particular were so sensitive that Naomi had me laughing in no time. The duster’s touch was maddening I was giggling and gasping even more with every new swipe.

“Come on!” I choked, rattling the chains of my cuffs. “Have mercy!”

“Mercy?” Naomi purred, tickling my cock on all sides to make sure it was evenly coated with golden dust. “I don’t know the meaning of the word!

“Mmm,” she went on, inspecting her handiwork. “You look good enough to eat! And I’m hungry!” With that, she bent down and began lapping the dust off, employing tiny motions of her tongue that drove me absolutely nuts. She licked my dick like it was a candy cane, tonguing small, swirling spirals around the head. Eventually she went after my balls, using soft flicks and licks, and by then I was laughing so hard that I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks.

But the best or maybe I should say the worst was yet to come. When Naomi began working the dusty feathers over my balls the second time, my flesh was slick from her mouth. The dust stuck to it in a fine, glittering coat, turning my unit into a penis shaped candy sculpture.

This time Naomi went for my balls first, and she didn’t just lick them she took them into her mouth, sucking and tonguing them. I lay there, helpless in the eye of a raging storm of pleasure. I couldn’t move or even despite how much it tickled laugh.

“Please, honey. Oh God, please fuck me! Please, right now! I can’t fucking stand it anymore!”

I’m not sure exactly how long it was before Naomi did finally show me mercy. All I know is that soon she was climbing on top of me, taking hold of my cock with her small, warm hand and guiding it into her slit. Then I was moaning, caught in a bliss beyond words as I pierced her. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“Baby,” she whispered, her eyes wide and deep with passion. Naomi moved her hips slowly back and forth, then swiveled them, making the most of my cock being inside her.

My own hips moved like slow, tireless pistons. Even though I was still cuffed and helpless, even though Naomi was on top, I felt back in control. Then, sighing as if in boredom, Naomi let her fingertips resume their slow walk back up and down my ribs. I shouted out, once again laughing and babbling and shaking my head. But the tickling had another effect the only possible way for me to even come close to relieving that itch was to thrust upward into Naomi’s pussy as hard as I could.

Naomi gasped, clutching tightly onto my ribs with both delicate hands. A moment later she was riding my cock like a rodeo girl, her hips undulating on me in a tireless erotic dance. I knew she was pursuing her climax, and I did everything I could to help her, meeting each of her gyrations with an upward thrust, trying my best to swivel my stiff cock in her in the way I knew she loved.

When she finally did come, it was spectacular she stiffened and wailed, her hands groping at me as though to reassure herself that I was still there. Her inner muscles gripped me like a fist, and then abruptly relaxed before she toppled off me.

But she wasn’t entirely done. She took my cock, still slick from her juices, and worked it briskly with her hand, kissing me and mumbling endearments against my parted lips. It took only a moment or two before my own orgasm hit. My back arched, and I felt myself spilling all over Naomi’s hand in spasms of pleasure that seemed to go on and on.

My wife took the cuffs off me and snuggled up at my side. We lay there for a long time, laughing and touching each other, and then just being quiet together.

“Wow,” I muttered, once the tremors inside me had finally ceased.

“Yeah,” Naomi agreed, and we lay there laughing some more. “You know what?” she asked. “I want to do it again only this time, let’s do it right! I’ll get some feathers really good ones. And then I’ll tickle tease the living hell out of you. I’ll keep you hard all weekend, and when I finally let you come, you’re going to think you died and went to heaven!”

I smiled. “So when do we do this?”

Naomi smiled. “You know that tomorrow’s Friday, right?”


When I saw the padded cuffs at the sex toy store, I knew that’s what I’d buy with the gift certificate I’d won in a raffle. I have a few vibrators, and even a butt plug, and while I’d been tied up with scarves and other household items that were pressed into kinky service, I’d never owned a pair of proper cuffs.

I took my time examining the options and testing out different cuffs on my wrist, though you can’t truly tell what being bound by a lover will be like until it happens. My boyfriend, Charles, is fabulous, and surely would’ve come with me to the store if I’d asked, but I wanted to surprise him we’d both been busy lately and our sex life had been full of quickies. Hot quickies, mind you, where we both came, but I wanted us to have a sexual experience we could savor.

In my fantasies, Charles tied me up and took his time doing things to me wicked things that made me moan and gasp and shudder. I wasn’t sure what all of them were, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

Unable to choose, I decided to ask for some advice. I told the clerk, whose name was Luke, that I wanted bonds that were sturdy. At first I was nervous telling a complete stranger about my sex plans, but he set me at ease. He was efficient and businesslike, but also friendly. I’d been testing the cuffs on just one arm, but I wasn’t satisfied then he asked if he could help me with anything. “Could you cuff my wrists behind my back?” I asked, holding up a pair of padded black and purple leather cuffs. I mean, surely he’d done it before, but asking made me blush.

Luke was kind and said he’d be happy to do that for me. I placed my hands behind my back, and he strapped on the cuffs. I yanked at my bonds, and right away I realized that I couldn’t escape and that made my pussy drip!

“You like it, don’t you?” he asked, snapping me out of my reverie.

“Yes,” I said. “I can’t escape, but that’s really sexy.”

“Well, they look fabulous,” he said, leading me backward toward a full length mirror where I could gaze over my shoulder and ogle my bound wrists. He was right, and I had a feeling Charles would appreciate the sight.

Luke uncuffed me, and I kept looking around, figuring that since I was in the store already, I should see what else I could get to add to my fun. “What about this?” Luke suggested, running a pink feather tickler along my neck. I giggled. “Just imagine this against your armpits with your arms bound above your head. You’d have to beg for mercy.” His tone wasn’t flirtatious, although the words had a definite effect on me.

“Okay,” I said, dropping the tickler into my basket. Next I picked up a package of rope, and looked at it skeptically. I didn’t think rope would be comfortable, but Luke showed me that it wasn’t plain old rope. It was specially made bondage rope, which felt soft against my skin. “Okay, I’ll take it, too.” Then I spied a pink blindfold and figured, why not? I also selected some black tape before finally leaving the store, my wallet lighter but my entire body pulsing with desire.

When I arrived home, I was bursting with excitement. The whole time I’d been shopping, I’d imagined Charles using all these new playthings on me placing the tape over my nipples, cuffing my wrists behind my back, wrapping purple rope around my ankles. What I hadn’t counted on was that Charles was curious about being tied up, too. I mean, I’d played the domme role on occasion, but I didn’t know the idea of being bound would make his dick rock hard! I found that out as soon as I told him about my shopping adventure, and he started wrapping one of the cuffs around his wrist. The sight really turned me on.

“I guess you’re going first,” I said, taking out the tickler and brushing it teasingly against his cheek. “Why don’t you strip for me?”

He smiled and started to pull his clothes off his body as fast as he could, but I stopped him. “No, not like that. Like a stripper. Slowly. I’m not in a hurry are you?”

“No,” he said, but I could tell that wasn’t true. Part of him was extremely eager for me to work my magic on him and didn’t want to wait. However as Charles began to slowly undo each button of his corduroys, I found that I was the one getting impatient. Finally, he was down to his briefs, which I told him to keep on.

At his frown, I added, “Don’t worry, you’ll get to take them off if I give you permission.” Then I did what Luke had done to me: secured Charles’s hands behind his back. “I think you need to be blindfolded,” I added. He groaned, and I noticed his cock twitch in his briefs. I settled the pink blindfold over his eyes and then I surveyed him, wondering what I should try next. I traced the feather tickler along his neck and over each nipple, then over his flat stomach, before putting it down. Knowing he couldn’t see me, I silently removed my top and bra, and then played with my nipples, tugging and twisting them until they were as hard as I could get them.

“Guess what I’m doing?” Charles moaned. “Guess!” I shouted, wishing I had a whip. It was amazing how easily I could slide into this stern persona and like it!

“Touching your pussy?” he asked.

“Wrong!” I said, coming closer and tweaking his nipples. “I think for that you are going to get some tape over your mouth.” I didn’t ask him what he thought I just started to peel off some of the black tape. He trembled before me, but as I stepped closer, Charles shut his mouth so I could place the tape over his lips.

Then I pressed my chest against his, making sure he could feel how hard my nipples were. “I was touching my nipples, pinching them. I’d let you do it, but your hands are otherwise engaged.” I laughed, but stopped when I looked at his cock, which was making a wet spot on his underwear.

“In fact, I’m doing it now,” I said truthfully as I returned to massaging my nipples, only this time I also sank to the floor and ran my tongue along the outline of his cock. I was suddenly eager to touch it, pulling the waistband down and letting his erection pop up in front of me. Kneeling before him, I took his cock in my mouth. I liked that he couldn’t do anything but stand there. No, it wasn’t “torture,” but it was different than our usual blowjobs, where he talked dirty to me and told me how naughty I was for loving to suck cock. This time I was in charge, and I savored every minute. I spent plenty of time fondling his balls, and when I deep throated him, instead of staying down there, I did it for just a second or two, before pulling back. Usually I let him come in my mouth, but this time I wanted to fuck him.

“I’m going to untie your arms so I can reposition you, but keep the blindfold and tape on, and then I’m going to fuck you. You’re going to wait to come until I do. Do you understand?” He nodded his head.

I unfastened the cuffs and led him over to the bed. He settled onto his back and dutifully raised his arms so I could reattach the cuffs, weaving their chain through the headboard’s slats. I straddled his hips, sinking my wet cunt onto his shaft. This felt new and exciting, because he couldn’t see or talk to me. I took the opportunity to call him my little slut and “a pretty girl in your pink blindfold.” His cock responded mightily, so I just kept going, rocking back and forth energetically. When I was about to come, I leaned forward and impulsively ripped the black tape off his lips simply so I could kiss him.

For a moment, I wished I had his hands on my hips or grabbing my ass. Then I forgot about that as I rode him to climax. I realized I could’ve teased him by getting up and leaving him with a hard dick, but I’m not that sadistic. I kept going, knowing it was only a matter of time before he gave me his come. When I tweaked his nipples, that’s what pushed him over the edge. He filled me with his cream as he moaned with delight.

I slid off of Charles and removed the blindfold first, then the cuffs. “Wow,” he said.

“I know.” I grinned. “That was intense. I wasn’t planning to be the one doing the tying up.”

“I’m glad you did that was hot.”

That trip to the toy store really opened up a new world to us, one in which my boyfriend is my submissive lover and we couldn’t be happier.

Ms. Lila R., Alameda, California