To look at my pretty blonde wife, you d never guess that she s a regular little sexual dynamo in bed. And had you known her before we married, a little over a year ago, you d be utterly amazed at her transformation from shy, soft spoken virgin to the outspoken, highly verbal woman she is today especially in bed. I, myself, am still dazzled by the change in her.

A member of our church choir when we started dating, Molly would blush at the mere mention of sex. Anything more than kissing and some breast fondling was strictly forbidden, and on those few occasions when I dared sneak a hand up her dress, it was politely but firmly removed. Frustrating? Damn right it was. But there was so much about Molly that I loved her pretty face and figure, her way with kids, her radiant smile, her seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm for anything she set her mind to that I was willing to wait until our wedding night for the pleasure of having sex with her.

I figured, conceitedly, that once in my capable hands she would blossom sexually, that under my patient tutelage all those inhibitions in her would fall like leaves from a tree and she would develop a genuine love of sex. Well, I was right although I m still not sure just how much I had to do with it. Molly, you see, took to sex like a duck to water, almost overnight becoming the wanton woman of my wildest fantasies.

Quickly did she learn that a stiff cock in her mouth or pussy, or yes, even in her sweet little bottom, was a treat not to be denied her even for a day. Unwittingly, I had unleashed a storm of passion inside my lady, and within weeks of our wedding, Molly was not only performing provocative stripteases for me but also asking for what she wanted in delightfully explicit terms.

It was this, her sudden use of dirty talk, that perhaps more than anything else threw me for a loop and gave me almost instant erections harder than any I d had previously. The contrast was mind boggling. Here was a woman who not long ago would have covered her ears to block out vulgarisms exhorting me to fuck her pussy good, to cream all over her pretty face, to drive my cock harder, deeper, into her upturned ass. I d think about Molly singing in church on Sundays while I d listen to the woman in bed with me beg for a vigorous screwing, and wonder if they were one and the same! And to my complete delight, I d realize that they were.

But it isn t only in bed that my wife turns me on with her dirty talk. She ll start in almost anywhere, anytime, knowing full well that I enjoy the tease as much as she does, even if at the same time I tell her to cool it. Last Saturday morning, for example, we were doing the weekly grocery shopping at our local supermarket when the urge to start my engine, as she puts it, struck.

Ooh, I ll be this would feel great in my little pussy, she whispered, stroking the kielbasa she d picked up from the frozen food counter. Can you picture it, hon? This thing in my cunt and your big dick stretching open my poor little asshole. God, I m getting wet just thinking about it.

I could picture it, all right, and within seconds my cock was tenting my slacks. Wait till I get you home, I said, unable to keep from smiling.

Am I going to get fucked, darling? Hmm, wonderful. But first I want to get down on my knees and suck on your beautiful cock. Get it all nice and juicy. Do me from behind, okay? You know how slutty it makes me feel when I m getting it that way. And when you re ready, pull out and shoot all over my asshole. Does that sound like fun? Through all of this there was that familiar twinkle in Molly s eyes, that mischievous grin I knew so well.

She had more to say in the produce section when she came upon a cucumber she thought would fit even better in her pussy than the kielbasa. And how would I like to work this carrot in and out of her asshole while she was tied facedown on our bed? Or maybe this banana here, the long, green one, should be shoved up her pussy while I reamed her asshole.

There was more, of course, during the drive home, as Molly put the finishing touches on the word pictures she had started to paint in the supermarket. By the time we got home, I was wild with lust, my cock hard as steel. Molly, too, was aching to fuck. We just dumped the grocery bags on the kitchen table and did it right there on the floor, my wife whipping off her soaked panties and getting on her hands and knees so I could do her doggy style. Two seconds to yank down my zipper and pull out my cock, and then I was fucking away like there was no tomorrow, spurred on (as if I needed any more incentive) by Molly s grunts, moans and breathless pleas for all I had.

My wife had done this to me on numerous occasions, using an imagination I never knew she possessed, to create images in my head that start my blood boiling and my cock swelling with desire. Last summer, at the beach, she kept me rock hard all day by describing in deliciously lewd detail all that she wanted me to do to her when we got home that night. We had been talking about trying some light bondage, and so her talk revolved around being bound to our bed and feeling vulnerable and horny as I pounded my dick into her.

Public sex has never interested me I guess I m too conservative by nature but that day I seriously considered finding some isolated spot on the beach where I could fuck the daylights out of my talkative wife. Or silence her by sticking my raging erection into that wonderfully dirty mouth of hers. As it was, I had to wait until that night to fuck Molly, but believe me, was it ever exciting.

Tied spread eagled to our bed, my wife lapsed into a litany of lust as I feasted on her sex, my face mashed against her sweet pussy, my tongue sweeping up her flowing juices. I followed her explicit instructions, swabbing her clit with my tongue, then fucking her with it, but when she started begging for my cock I made her wait, teasing her as I know she loves to be teased.

Tell me what you want, I demanded.

Oh God, fuck me, baby, my wife whined. Stick that big dick deep inside me. Ram it up to my fuckin throat.

Ask for it nicely.

Please, honey. Please fuck this hot pussy. It needs a hard fucking so bad. Please, baby, please.

Yes, I m going to fuck this hot cunt, I said. Stretch it with my big cock. Make you scream with pleasure.

Yes, do it, Molly pleaded huskily. Bang me! Screw me!

A moment later I was plunging the full length of my raging hard on balls deep inside my wife. We talked dirty to each other, looking into each other s eyes as my cock pistoned rapidly in her clasping cunt. And when, having brought Molly to a shrieking orgasm, I was ready to come myself, I pulled out and quickly straddled her chest so I could spray my semen all over her face, which she had breathlessly asked me to do in no uncertain terms.

Needless to say, the events of that summer day and night are etched in my mind forever: Molly driving me nuts all day at the beach with her almost nonstop dirty talk and then the two of us going at it that night in a mind blurring session of sex. But something tells me I m about to experience a tease equal to, and perhaps more potent than, the one at the beach.

You see, this morning before I left for work Molly handed me a cassette with the suggestion that I listen to it in my office during my lunch hour. Not surprisingly, she refused to give me so much as a hint as to what s on the tape. Not that I need much help figuring it out. A few days ago, Molly brought up the subject of erotic spankings and how it might be fun if she pretended to be naughty so I would warm her bottom for her.

Already I can feel my cock swelling in my pants.

Mr. Todd Y., Bangor, Maine

Dirty Words

I had been dating Jack for only a few months when we discovered our major passion. It had happened by accident, really, but that fortunate mishap has been enriching our sex life ever since.

At that point in our relationship, we hadn t yet gotten into extensive experimentation, only dipping into a bit of oral sex and, of course, lots of fabulous foreplay. Both of us were self described slow starters, and we hadn t rushed into a lot of heavy fucking and sucking. We d gone nice and easy, and we d just taken the plunge into more serious sexual exploration of each other right about the time that Jack needed to leave town for a five day business trip.

Bad timing or so I thought. Little did I know how delicious those days would be, and how fantastic they would make our sex life. As disappointed as I was about him leaving town, I was prepared for his departure. Being a horny girl who is discerning about who she undresses for, I ve found that a good vibrator or two is an absolute necessity. A dildo comes in handy, too. I had plenty of toys available, and as revved up as I was by my incredible hots for Jack, I intended to use them while he was gone to sate my erotic longings.

The toys were tucked safely in my night table drawer when Jack called on his first night away. That June evening was hot and steamy, and I d had a hard day at work. I had been refreshed and enlivened by a cool shower and was lying naked on clean sheets, trying to concentrate on reading some stock reports for my boss, but having a hard time avoiding randy thoughts of my boyfriend. I nearly jumped a mile when the phone rang, even though I was expecting Jack s call. Thank goodness, I d thought, looking at the caller ID and seeing it was him on the line. Hey, I said into the receiver. My voice was already husky with lust, and the effects of my chilly shower were wearing off rapidly.

Hey, Shawna. Jack s voice sounded as low and urgent as mine.

How s the trip? I asked. How s the hotel?

Lonely as hell, he said. I want you to be here.

The way he said it made my pussy tingle, and I surprised myself with what came out of my mouth next. What would you do to me if I were there? I heard Jack s breath catch in his throat, and I could almost feel the intensity of his desire through the phone line. Again, I spoke without thinking. Is your cock hard?

Jack let out a throaty laugh before answering. It s so fucking hard.

I bet you wish I could suck it right now. Jack responded with a guttural sound that showed how much he enjoyed my banter. I had always enjoyed porn movies and often entertained dirty thoughts in my head, but I had never talked this way to a lover before. I couldn t believe how exciting it was. I want to suck you, too, I continued. Know what I d do?

What? Jack whispered.

I d make you stand up, then I d get on my knees. I d lift your hard dick out of the way and tell you to open your legs just enough so I could get at your heavy balls. I d never actually sucked a guy off this way, but I d seen it done in movies, and I d always wanted to try it. Jack was breathing heavily on the other end of the line, and I knew he wanted me to keep going. I was happy to oblige. I d let your balls swing in my face, and then I d lick them all over, just like a cat I d give you the best ball bath you ever had.

Then what?

Wait, I said. Are you touching your cock?

Mmm hmm, he answered.

I was reaching for my night table, where I found my favorite purple dildo. I slipped it inside my wet pussy and let it rest there while I continued talking. You keep stroking that beautiful dick, I crooned. And imagine my mouth closing in around the hard, swollen crown my wet, juicy lips slurping up drips of semen my hands on your ass pushing you forward until your whole big, long dick is inside my mouth and slipping down my throat.

I started playing with my nipples as I talked, making my cunt zing happily. I squeezed my pussy muscles tight around the dildo and then released them, driving myself mad with the sensations. My clit wanted attention badly, but talking to Jack was too much fun to stop. Then I d want you to fuck my face, to push your hips back and forth while I pump your cock in and out of my throat.

Jack moaned again, and I got really inspired. Then I d slide my finger into your asshole to send you right over the edge, and hold you tight to my face to make sure you shoot your sweet load in my mouth.

Wild whimpers were coming through the phone line, and I decided it was time to quit neglecting my clit. I pulled out the dildo, which was totally slick with my juice, and rubbed it along my swollen pussy, up to my nub. I think Jack and I exploded at the same time, because the next thing I knew we were both panting uncontrollably.

The rest of the week went pretty much the same way, with me bringing Jack and myself off every night with my talk. I never knew I had such a talent, and I never knew how much pleasure it could bring. Jack confessed that he d always wanted a woman with a dirty mouth in bed, but most girls didn t feel comfortable speaking so explicitly. I was happy to be on the giving end, as verbalizing my most ardent desires for Jack actually turned me on more than I ever thought possible.

Still, I wondered what would happen when we met face to face again. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. Jack was due back on a Friday evening, and he came straight to my apartment from the airport. I had spent time showering and primping myself, putting on a skimpy, yet demure, red tank dress that hugged my tall, voluptuous figure, showing off my curves nicely. My generous nipples poked teasingly against the cotton fabric. I wore absolutely nothing underneath the dress, which felt great. I d shaved my legs and slathered them with jasmine lotion. I loved the feel of my silky legs, but this time I d gone a step further. Being blonde and fair, I d never had major bush, but now I d dispensed with it totally and was looking forward to surprising Jack with my shaved pussy.

He arrived at twilight, immediately taking me in his arms when I opened the door. We hugged and kissed in the doorway for a long time, then I led him inside and we sat down on the couch. How was the trip? I asked.

Jack smiled widely and his brown eyes twinkled. I melted at the sight of his grin. Great, he said, licking his lips lasciviously.

I nudged him playfully. I meant the business part.

All great, he said, drawing me to him and pulling the scoop neck of my dress down far enough so he could bury his face in my cleavage. God, I missed you, he said.

I stroked his hair as he worked one tit out of my dress and started kissing it. Mmm, I said. That feels good.

He licked my nipple, making it stand at attention and beg for more. Is it making you wet? he asked.

I don t know, I murmured. Why don t you check? At that, he lifted my dress over my head. I helped him pull it all the way off, tossing it away in time to see the look of delight on his face. Surprise, I said, and Jack laughed.

I parted my legs wide so he could get a good look at my pussy. He examined me layer by layer, his fingers pulling open my lips like a curtain to reveal the shining inner folds, and then drawing away the hood of my clit to expose the glowing pink nub. Beautiful, he whispered.

Mmm, I responded, sinking deep into the couch, placing a hand on his head and moving it toward my cunt. All day long I d been thinking about Jack going down on me. I couldn t wait to feel his mouth and tongue on my completely smooth and hairless treasure box.

But Jack was resistant. What? he asked. Is there something you want? Again I urged his mouth toward my cunt, but still he denied me. What do you want me to do, Shawna?

Amazed at his apparent inability to grasp the obvious, I said, I want you to go down on me.

He looked up at me, a teasing smile on his face. How? Exactly how do you want me to do that? Suddenly I realized that I was the one being dim. Jack saw the recognition in my face and laughed. You didn t think you were going to get away with silence ever again, did you?

His order thrilled and frightened me at the same time. Talking dirty over the phone was one thing, but could I do it in the flesh? Yes, I could in spades. I want you to lick me, baby, I said. Start along the edges and lick all over my hairless mound. Jack obliged quickly, working at my newly shaven, unbelievably sensitive flesh with skill and abandon. Yeah, I said. Feel how smooth that is? I ve been dying to feel your tongue there. I ve been getting myself off thinking about your tongue licking me just like that.

As Jack bathed me, I felt his hot breath tickling my pussy lips and grazing my swollen clit. They were beginning to demand attention. It was clear Jack wasn t going to do anything without instruction. I reached down and parted my mound with two fingers until my cunt was as exposed as it could possibly be. You are making me so hot, I said. Look. Can you see how fucking hot I am for you? I must admit, the sight of my bare, pink pussy was arousing even to me.

You re a dirty girl, Shawna, said Jack. I d always considered myself a good girl when it came to sex, so I was shocked at the intensity of arousal Jack s words elicited.

Take my lips in your mouth, I told him. And suck them one by one. Jack did, and I melted further into the couch cushions. I closed my eyes now, deep in reverie. Open your mouth wide and cover my whole pussy with it. Oh, God, that s so good, so warm. Put your tongue in my hole. Fuck me with your tongue.

As Jack s tongue slid in and out of my tunnel, I lifted my hips up off the couch cushion, bouncing and moaning in utter ecstasy. My clit was aching for attention, and it had taken every bit of discipline I could muster to keep Jack away from there. I didn t want to come right away. I opened my eyes, reveling in watching Jack lovingly fuck me with his mouth. Again I pulled my mound out of the way to get the best view possible of his tongue sliding in and out of my slick cunt.

I love how you do that, I said. I love it. Jack gazed up at me, clearly enjoying himself as much as I was. Suddenly I was ready. I parted my pussy wide and said, Suck my clit, Jack. Suck it now. Waves of pleasure surged through my body as Jack closed in on my nub, gently drawing it between his lips. He did it softly enough to keep me on the unbearably exquisite edge of coming. When I could stand it no longer I said, Suck it harder, Jack. Suck it so I can explode in your mouth. Obediently, Jack tugged at my swollen button. I grabbed his hair tightly and bucked into his face, coating him with my juices.

My whole body was buzzing and tingling with the thrill of orgasm, but amazingly, I was still incredibly horny, and Jack was still fully dressed. Baby, I said. You ve got to get out of those clothes. He quickly disrobed, revealing a massive erection. The sight of his cock revved me up all over again. I d barely gotten any of his cock before he left, and I d been dying for more of it all week. I stayed where I was on the couch, totally relaxed and spread eagled, and motioned for Jack to come closer. You have such a big, beautiful dick, I said, meaning every word as I stroked his long, thick rod. I was getting a good look at it, trying to learn it well. The head was big and bulbous, mushrooming over a generously wide stalk. His balls did hang low, which I adored. I lifted the sac up and down in one hand, as though weighing it, while the other hand slid along his shaft.

You like my hard cock, don t you, Shawna?

Like is an understatement, I purred in a sexy voice. Adore it, is more like it. He laughed his low, husky laugh, the one that got my mouth going in the first place. See my pussy, I said. It s dripping, but it wants more.

What exactly? said Jack.

Your cock, I answered. I want your cock inside me. But first I want to tell you how badly I ve missed it.

Oh? Jack was stroking himself, practically drooling in anticipation of what I had to say.

I went out and bought a new dildo just so I could pretend it was your cock. As I spoke, Jack s burning eyes moved back and forth from my pussy to my face. I had to get the biggest one in the store, but it still didn t compare to the real thing. Every night I slid it inside my pussy, like this . . . At that, I thrust three fingers inside my hole. I fucked myself like this. My fingers pumped hard as I breathlessly continued. I closed my eyes and pictured your cock in my mind, imagined it spearing my cunt. I was longing for your meat so fucking bad, and now I want it. I pulled my fingers away from myself. Now.

Jack positioned himself in front of me, placing his cockhead at the entrance to my cunt. Here? he asked. Like this?

Yes, I answered, holding my legs up and spreading them widely. Slow, I said. Go in slow. I want us both to watch every inch of your gorgeous cock sliding into my cunt.

Together we looked on as Jack penetrated me with his dick. Oh God, yes, I said. That makes my pussy feel so good. It must have taken a full minute for the whole thing to get inside me, but it was glorious to watch its gradual journey. Now out, just as slow, and in again, just as slow. We were both so juiced by this time, that it must have taken huge restraint for Jack to keep from fucking me hard and fast. But the pleasure of watching Jack s dick working its way in and out of my pussy, and the incredible turn on of talking about what we were seeing, kept us both in check. I knew that when I did tell Jack to let loose and ram me it was going to be all the more amazing because of the sensual buildup.

Again and again, Jack s stiff cock went deep inside me, then slowly slid back out. Both of us murmured appreciation for the other s parts as we continued. Look at your gorgeous pussy, said Jack.

It lives for your cock. Nothing makes it purr like your tool, I told him, suddenly knowing that it was time for more.

Fuck me faster now, I said, staying still and passive and spread wide. Jack started pumping harder, but still not too hard. We were so in sync that even though I didn t tell him exactly how fast I wanted it, he knew what to do. Are you ready to ride me? I asked. He nodded, panting, sweat dripping from his forehead. Fuck me then, I said. Fuck me hard. Jack s hips started working fast, pushing my body against the back of the couch with each thrust. I was primed to be fucked silly and demanded it. Do it, I said. Fuck me with your big cock. Jack rammed into me, his arm and chest muscles tightening as he worked his cock deep into my pussy and out again, pumping like there was no tomorrow. His hands reached underneath me, grabbing my asscheeks hard and pulling me into his cock, spearing my very essence. As my body met his my clit rubbed against him, working me into yet another orgasmic frenzy.

We came together, exactly as we did during that first phone session when we discovered my hidden penchant for talking about fucking and sucking. We ve been together for two years now. Whatever our sexual play whether it s Jack s cock in my pussy or my mouth or my ass, or sucking each other off, or getting ourselves off in front of each other, or even inviting another woman into our bed talking about it makes it exquisitely delicious. I never imagined my sex life could be this good, or that I could express my desires so uninhibitedly. Thank goodness for that first business trip of Jack s it changed my life.


My wife, Amanda, and I have had a lot of fun with Variations, so when our first noteworthy experience happened, we thought it would be worth a try to get it printed. We are both considered attractive and my wife in particular gets many glances when we are out. She has an especially fine ass.

We use fantasy in a big way because it keeps our marriage going strong. We have often pretended that Amanda has been with another man or several men, and we usually play off one variation or another of this theme.

Recently, my wife started traveling for her company. We began having great fun with phone sex. She would call and pretend that clients had talked her into slipping her panties off so they could finger fuck her under a conference table or a restaurant table. There are so many possibilities that Amanda never runs out of material.

One of my favorite stories revolves around her calling and pretending to be her business colleague, a hot blonde named Deirdre who looks sexy and loves it. Amanda is the exact opposite, very innocent looking until you get her doggy style. Anyway, my wife pretends she s Deirdre and tells me Amanda is being seduced by the two guys who usually screw her. She goes into great detail until I come all over my hand. Never did I realize that fantasy would eventually become reality.

Recently, Amanda and Deirdre had to make a three day trip out West with the sales department. As usual, I was looking forward to our phone sex. I packed my wife s fire engine red panties and wickedly sexy garters and told her to cook up something good.

Well, just like clockwork I got my call. I was so excited. At first, I thought Amanda was going the extra mile by disguising her voice. She kept saying, Paul, it s me, Deirdre. The real Deirdre! She said, Amanda told me about you guys and your fantasy, and if you like, I can make it come true.

I was speechless, but not for long. I told Deirdre to go on. She explained that when she traveled out West alone she always hooked up with these two cute guys, Lou and Bob. Even though she was sharing a room this trip, she had contacted her lovers. Well, they took one look at Amanda and that was it. They wanted her. Deirdre had gotten the guys to agree to fuck Amanda while she supplied me with all the juicy details over the phone. But, of course, they wanted to check with me first.

I had to admit I found the idea of my wife partying with two lusty guys very exciting. My cock was already rock hard in my pants.

Suddenly I heard my wife s voice on the phone. Can you believe this, honey? she said. She explained that she didn t have much time because Lou and Bob were itching to get started. I told her to go for it. I think she was relieved to have my okay because she really wanted the experience of screwing two men. She put Deirdre back on, and in the background I could hear men s voices.

Deirdre painted a very good picture for me. They had been in meetings all day and were dressed accordingly, the women in dresses, the men in suits. Amanda, Deirdre assured me, would be well fucked, and I could give instructions over the phone if I so desired. Deirdre told me she had her dress hiked up and a hand in her black bikini panties. Extremely wet, was how she described them.

Lift Amanda s dress, I said over the phone. One of you bend her over. Have her get your cock out of your pants and suck it. The other guy can spank her through her panties. Amanda loves this. A good spanking makes her pussy drip.

I could hear the slaps, the moans. After a while, I told Lou to pull my wife s panties down to her knees and do her doggy style while Bob fucked her mouth. When I couldn t hold back any longer, I spilled my cream all over my hand. At Amanda s request, the guys tied her to the bed with their ties and fucked her to another orgasm. I came twice more with the sounds of Amanda s moans of pleasure providing sweet background music. It was an expensive call but well worth it!

Mr. Phil C., Urbana, Illinois


My husband, Donald, has this thing for the music of the forties, in particular the big band sound. Quick to say, They don t write music like that anymore, he can rattle off the names of even the most obscure bandleaders and singers at a moment s notice. What former talk show host and current casino owner started out as a big band singer? Just ask Donald. The hit single of 1948? My husband can tell you. He s a walking encyclopedia of big bands.

While I m not nearly the fan my husband is, I do occasionally enjoy listening to the music of the forties. I guess I was in just such a mood last Saturday afternoon when Donald, returning from a trip to the neighborhood hardware store, bolted into the house waving an audiocassette tape. I couldn t remember the last time I d seen him so excited.

You know what I ve got here, honey? he cried out. He went on to describe what he said was an almost impossible to find tape of a certain record album made in the early forties by a band that later became world famous. This . . ., he said, gazing at the tape almost reverently, this is a collector s item. And I got it for two bucks! Can you believe it?

I listened as my husband told me how he came across this street peddler with a dazzling array of audiotapes neatly displayed on a long rectangular table. He stopped to take a look and, lo and behold, spotted the prized tape. It s got to be the steal of the century, my husband gushed. Two bucks! Two lousy bucks!

I think we should play it right now, I said, pleased with my husband s good fortune.

I ll get back to work on the kitchen sink as soon as it s over, he promised.

Smiling, I watched as Donald went in search of our portable cassette player. He was back in a flash, settling in next to me on the living room couch and inserting his rare find in the player. Wait ll you hear this, my husband said, pressing the PLAY button after setting the player down on the coffee table.

For five or so seconds there was nothing to hear but the low, steady whir of the player, and then . . .

Oh, baby, your tongue is so good . . . so fuckin good. It was a woman s voice.

Your pussy is soaked, baby. I m gonna lick it good. That came from a man.

I almost fell off the couch. Looking at my husband, I saw his mouth hanging open in total astonishment.

Stick it in deep, lover, said the female voice on the tape. Fuck me with your tongue.

What the hell is this? Donald said, picking up the box for the tape. On the front was a picture of a man playing a horn and behind him was part of an orchestra. It all seemed perfectly normal. Donald looked at the back of the box. Nothing there but a list of the songs on the album.

Looks like the street peddler put one over on you, I said.

More likely someone put one over on him. I m sorry, babe. Really I am.

Just then, the female voice on the tape said, My turn now, lover. Let me suck on that big, beautiful cock.

My husband moved to shut off the player, but I placed a hand on his arm. We re grown ups, honey. Let s give this thing a listen. My husband asked if I was sure and I smiled in answer.

Together we listened to the man on the tape as he encouraged the woman s cocksucking efforts. The tape was surprisingly clear so clear, in fact, you could hear the sexy slurping sounds as the woman sucked on her lover s cock. I tried to picture the couple in bed, imagining what they looked like. From the sound of their voices they were young, in their mid twenties, I guessed.

Oh, yeah, suck it, babe, the man was saying. Take it all . . . yeah, like that.

Looking down, I found that my hand had crept up my skirt and was inching closer to my pantied pussy. I glanced at my husband and saw that he, too, had a hand in his lap, his fingers stroking the growing bulge in his work pants. The man on the tape suddenly moaned with delight and I envisioned the woman with her face in his genitals, his big cock stuffed in her hungry mouth. Donald must have been thinking the same thing because he started rubbing himself harder.

God, this tape is something else, he said in a husky voice.

Take it out, I urged him, nodding down to his cock. Let me see you masturbate.

You, too, Donald said. Play with yourself for me.

With my pussy getting warmer and wetter with each passing second, I lifted up a bit from the couch so I could bunch my skirt around my waist. Then I snaked a hand inside my panties and began stroking myself as my husband, his cock now jutting out of his pants like a fleshy flagpole, began doing the same. The tape played on.

You ready to get fucked now? we heard the male voice ask after a while.

God, yes, came the almost frantic reply. I want it in both holes tonight. Pussy and asshole.

My mind, and I m sure my husband s, flooded with deliciously dirty images as we envisioned an attractive young couple naked and sweaty and breathless with lust. The next sound we heard was one of pure pleasure from the woman as the man penetrated her. Donald was really concentrating now, listening for every sound on the tape as he squeezed his balls with one hand and continued stroking his engorged cock with the other.

Sighing, I rested my head on the back of the couch and closed my eyes, losing myself in the pleasure generated by the finger rubbing my aroused clitoris. The woman on the tape was getting it good, and in my mind s eye I saw her lover s big cock plowing into her soaked pussy. I saw her thrusting her hips up to meet his heavenly assault, her fingernails digging hard into the flesh of his muscular back.

Yeah, fuck it, babe, she growled. Fuck my hot pussy. Give it to me hard.

I heard my husband grunt, and when I opened my eyes I saw that he was now slouched on the couch, his cock seemingly larger than before. He was in another world, just as I was, all our thoughts and emotions revolving around that incredibly exciting tape.

Finish me doggy style, the woman on the tape said after a minute or so. I was sure her eyes were glazed and her face flushed as she put herself on all fours for her lover.

In your ass, babe? the man asked.

In my ass, the woman shouted, perhaps even looking back over her shoulder.

You ve got the greatest ass on the whole fucking planet, were the last words he spoke before he pushed himself into the woman and we heard her joyful response.

He s in her ass, I heard my husband whisper hotly.

He s stretching her little asshole with his big cock, I whispered back. Can you see it, honey? Can you see his big cock plunging into her hot little bottom?

Oh yeah. And she s loving it.

That was certainly true, judging from the woman s gasps and groans and her fevered pleas for an even harder ass fucking. Donald and I continued listening, and when the man announced that he was about to come, I heard my husband groan. Opening my eyes, I saw his creamy semen spitting from his throbbing cock. Seconds later, I was coming, squeezing my hand tight between my legs and moaning in concert with the woman on the tape.

Having composed myself, my husband reached for the cassette player and turned it off. You know, he said with a smile, this might be a collector s item after all.

That night, my husband and I replayed the tape. The cassette player lay on the pillow next to mine and we listened to our audio lovers going at it once again while making some hot lovemaking sounds of our own.

As I write this, my husband is out looking for the peddler who sold him the tape that has found a new home in my nightstand drawer. Donald says maybe he can get lucky again.

Ms. Dana U., Dayton, Ohio


My company recently moved its offices to Manhattan. It was a big to do for me since I m from the West Coast, and I was pretty stressed out and lonely. That is, until this cable guy showed up to install the cable network on my television.

No, this is not a story about the cable man and me, since I m a six foot two, red blooded American male! It s about the fabulous thing that happened to me after my cable box was ensconced on top of my television set.

I had struck up a conversation with the dude, asking him where the best nightspots and restaurants were, when he shook his head and said, I can tell you re a lonely guy, just moved in and all. Why don t you relax and tune into channel thirty five tonight at eleven. Then, with a cryptic smile and a wink, he packed up his gear and took off.

That night I was nodding off on my couch, trying to get up the strength to walk to my bedroom, when I realized it was eleven fifteen. I flipped the channels until I reached thirty five what a pleasurable shock!

On the TV screen was this hotter than hot babe. Blonde, buxom and beautiful, she was lounging on a plush daybed with practically nothing on. This wet dream was also talking into a telephone. At the bottom of the screen flashed the word VoyeurVision and an 800 number. I turned up the volume.

The woman was obviously talking some dude into an orgasmic frenzy, and what a pro! She was asking him what he liked, touching her crotch and licking her red painted lips for the camera. This was phone sex with a twist! A light bulb went on in my head and I grabbed my cordless phone, deciding to give it a shot.

Surprisingly, a woman answered and immediately asked for my credit card number. I was a bit flustered, but I dove for my wallet. She verified my number and put me on hold. I kept watching the beautiful blonde on the screen talking to an anonymous guy on the phone and getting him off. I, myself, was becoming aroused by listening to her sweet, sexy voice whispering carnal thoughts into the phone. I couldn t wait to talk to her!

The guy on her line eventually came, and I couldn t blame him. She had a way of speaking, a way of describing how she wanted him. Suddenly I heard a click on my own phone line and someone said, Hi there, sexy, can I help you?

I looked up at the screen and said into the phone, somewhat flustered, Hello? It was me on the television talking to this luscious Viking babe!

What s your pleasure tonight, darling? she purred. I grasped my hard on, getting into this fantastic setup immediately, and said, I d like to see your breasts.

Oh, you re a bold one. I like a bold, dominant man, someone to tell me what to do. And with that she lowered her tank top and gave me a peek of the top of her breasts. Wow, what a rush! It was amazing to hear her say how she was touching her breasts, and to then actually see her do it.

Lover, she breathed, Are you touching your cock? Is it hard, baby?

Yes, I whispered, watching her begin to squirm on the mattress, humping it.

I like to suck cock, she said. Would you like me to suck yours?

Oh yes, I groaned and massaged my reddening cock frantically.

Lover, I m wetting my lips. Are you watching? Getting my mouth ready for your big, fat cock.

I closed my eyes when the camera focused in on her lips and tongue and pretended that this beauty was going down on me.

Oh, yes, up and down my tongue goes. I love it. I love your cock. Pretend I m sucking harder, faster, my saliva dripping down its length. Are you with me, baby?

Yes, I whispered while stroking myself. You re so hot, I would love to suck your pussy.

That would be sooo nice, she laughed. A sixty nine, just between you and me, lover. Are you still listening? Are you still watching?

I looked up at the screen and saw she was touching herself through her panties. God, she was so beautiful. But it was her voice that really turned me on.

Tell me, baby, tell me what you re doing to yourself.

I m touching and stroking my cock, faster now.

Yes, faster, harder, darling. I want you to feel good, she gasped, getting just as hot as I was. I m so wet, lover. I need you inside me. Are you ready?

I mumbled a reply and thought about how nice it would be to sink into her wet heat.

Are you doing it, darling? Are you fucking me now? she said, her voice rising, making me crazy on the phone.

Yes, I hissed, I m fucking your sweet pussy now.

Yes, she moaned, I can feel it. Your big, sweet cock sliding in and out of me. Oh, you re so good, you re going to make me come.

Yeah, come, babe, I whispered. I opened my eyes to watch her thrashing on the bed and whipping her head from side to side. The combination of her sexy voice, her near naked body on the television and our phone sex fantasy was bringing me to the brink. I moaned even louder now so I could hear myself over her phone line on the TV.

I grunted some more and she whispered sweet, sexual fantasies into my ear. This was technology at its best and I was having a great time.

I m going to come, I moaned into the telephone. A split second later, I erupted. Thick, hot jets of come landed on my cock, belly and the couch. I was gasping for breath and could still hear myself on the television. Boy, this was really hot!

Yes, she practically screamed, I can hear you, lover. I can hear you coming. I wish I could lick the sweet sticky stuff off your cock.

Thank you, I rasped. You re so beautiful. That was the best.

Lover, she said, I got off, too. You re incredible. Take care and good bye. And with that she smiled into the camera, and the show cut to a commercial.

I felt totally spent, but happily so. I loved speaking to the VoyeurVision girl. What a sexy voice! What a great show! Living in New York is much more fun than I thought. I would suggest that other lonely men, or ladies, out there tune in to channel thirty five. It s the best ever, especially if you want to come!

Mr. Frank B., New York, New York

Spoken Poetry of Passion

It was such a beautiful fall day that I decided to eat lunch outside my building. I was sitting comfortably on a bench in the plaza in front of the office where I work as a financial consultant. While I was enjoying a sandwich, my cell phone rang. A big smile came over my face, and I snapped open my pigskin briefcase to answer it this conformed exactly to my image of myself as a young tycoon on the rise, taking important calls anywhere, anytime.

Answering crisply, I gave my last name as I always did when taking calls. I was eager to wheel and deal right here on this granite bench under the sunshine.

I just unsnapped my bra, whispered the silky voice on the other end of the line. It s black and see through and soft as silk, and right now I m letting it slip down from my breasts very, very slowly, caressing them with its satiny softness. If you were here with me instead of sitting in that silly park, you could see my nipples peeking over the edge right about now.

Uh, I said. People glanced up and saw a handsome young man in an expensive suit sacrificing part of his lunch hour to take an important call. What they didn t see, I hoped, was that my cock was already starting to have a mind of its own.

You re wondering how I know you re in the park, aren t you? the sultry voice asked. I agreed. I was very confused.

I can see you, that s why. Dozens of windows look down on the park. Maybe I m behind one of them, with my office door closed so I can have privacy. I glanced up at the row of windows, most of them blank and as unrevealing as mirrors. Or maybe I m in a car or a limo. Plenty of those around. She was right.

How did you get my . . .

Your number? she murmured. Oh, I ve had your number for a while, in a figurative sense. Too uptight, too devoted to work, in need of a little mystery in your life a little sexual mystery?

Well, she certainly had me pegged. Oh, I had sex in my life, but it was about as well organized as my work, penciled into my appointment book with young women who were just as obsessed with their careers as I was with mine.

So now I have all your numbers, she said. Your cell phone number, the private line to your office, even your home number. You ll never discover how I got them, so don t even try.

A couple of guys I work with passed by, nodded and smiled. Yes, of course, I said, loud enough for them to hear, that sounds very feasible, considering the current conditions. They seemed suitably impressed.

She laughed. Did you know that when I laughed just now my breasts swayed in the most enchanting way, now that I m not wearing a bra anymore. My nipples are pink and full and soft, and if I play with them a little they ll puff and get hard. Shall I do that?

Yes, I said, gripping the phone and starting to sweat a little, although it wasn t hot out. My cock was straining against my shorts.

I ll cradle the phone against my shoulder so I can use my fingertips to caress my nipples. I think I ll wet them, put a little saliva on my fingertips so my nipples will be slick as I play with them. Oh, that feels good, so good they re starting to swell up already. Just the way they would if you were touching them, maybe squeezing them a little between your fingertips, the way I m doing right now. For the next minute or so all I heard was her sexy moaning.

Now I think I ll suck them, she said, starting to breathe hard into the phone, since you re not here to do it for me. I ll cup my hands under them and lift them to my face and lean down Whatever she said next was muffled. I could just picture her sucking her own tits and the image was driving me crazy.

Ohhh, she moaned after a while, that was so good. I licked them and sucked each nipple into my mouth, and then nibbled on them one at a time. They re the color of a dusty rose, the size of a little plum. You d like to be doing that now, wouldn t you?

Yes, I said, I d like to arrange something along those lines. Perhaps we could take a meeting? This was for the benefit of the gray haired executives who now shared my bench.

She laughed again. You are such a stuffed shirt. It s what makes you so much fun for my little project.

Well, that made me angry. I d never been called a stuffed shirt, at least not to my face. I wanted to get off an appropriate zinger and hang up, but she ended the phone call.

Back at the office, I was determined to try to figure out who my secret caller might be. I stood at the door of the big room filled with desks of young men and women who worked at entry level positions in the firm. There were maybe ten young women who might be it, and I took a good look at each one, trying to imagine them with their bras off, caressing their breasts, sucking their nipples. None of them had private offices, but during lunch hour it would be easy enough for one of them to go into someone else s office to make a very private call.

Then there were the slightly older women who were rising in the company like me, the ones with private offices from which they could have made the call. But then I realized it didn t have to be anyone in my own firm. I met plenty of other women in the course of business. I d have to be satisfied with the idea that maybe I d never know. Or know if she d ever call again.

Saturday night I had a date with Chloe, a young securities analyst I was dating, and when we made love she remarked that I was more passionate than usual. I didn t have the heart to tell her that it was because I was thinking about my mysterious caller. I said goodnight to her, went home to my own place and fell sleep.

The ring of the phone jangled me out of a deep sleep filled with dreams of a voice as soft as a feather.

I mumbled hello.

I bet you woke up with an erection, didn t you? she said, her voice like the purr of a warm kitten. It was her again. It s hard right now, this minute, isn t it, because you were dreaming about me. Maybe you were dreaming about my breasts, because I told you all about them, but I didn t even mention my pussy, did I?

No, I said, snuggling down under the covers. But I wish you would.

Well, you woke up hard, she whispered, and I woke up wet. Wet and hot, just aching for a big cock like yours in my pussy. By the way, I m a blonde, did I tell you that? A clue, I thought, a clue! And I m a real blonde, too, and my bush is soft and fluffy. I m running my fingers across it now, and my little clit is begging to be played with.

I moaned into the phone and she laughed huskily. What I really want is your tongue lapping it, licking it, reaching out to tease it until it s all puffed up and hard and sensitive. You could bring me off that way, sending me screaming and moaning into nirvana. I like to come lots of times, and the first time I like it just with a man s tongue. Think about it, imagine your tongue tasting my sweet, spicy juices they re flowing, hot and slick as I run my fingers over my clit.

Yes, yes, I whispered hotly into the phone, that s what I want to do to you right now. I d never said anything like that to a woman. My lovemaking had always been a silent affair.

But you ll have to settle for stroking your cock, since I can t do it for you, she murmured.

She was right. The phone was cradled between my ear and the pillow, and my hands were on my cock. It had indeed been hard when I awoke, but now it was even harder, maybe harder than it had ever been. Slowly I stroked it, imagining her hot, slick and ready pussy.

It s in me now, she gasped. Oh yes, I can feel it. So big and hard. Deeper, my darling, deeper, yes, yes, don t be afraid of hurting me. I can take a cock as big as yours, even if it hurts a little. Yes, yes, deeper, harder. Give it to me now, give it to me hard.

I could feel the pressure growing in my cock as my hips moved in rhythm to my stroking grasp.

With my other hand, she gasped, I m playing with my tits. I love to have them squeezed and caressed, and have my nipples played with and nibbled. You like that, too, don t you? You like to have a woman play with your nipples. Admit it you love it, don t you?

Yes, I moaned, yes . . .

So do it, she whispered, so softly, as if her lips were up against my ear. Do it for me. One hand can take care of that lovely tool of yours let the other play with your nipples.

I did it, and instantly hot surges of sexual energy zapped through my body, from my nipples down to my throbbing cock.

Oh, baby, she moaned, I want to come! You do too, don t you? Come on, baby, come on . . .

I couldn t understand the words she was murmuring now, and I was whispering things into her ear too, although I don t remember what, as we both edged higher and higher toward orgasm. It was like riding a roller coaster slowly to the top. All of a sudden you re plunging and roaring into ecstasy and there s no stopping.

Flinging the covers back, I arched my back and stroked my rock hard shaft as my juices spurted out hot and silver in the golden sunshine of morning. Her screams and gasps and moans let me know that she was there with me, plunging into bliss, closer to me than any woman had ever been, even though it might be miles that separated us.

Bathed in sweat, I lay there panting. I could hear her gasping for breath at the other end of the line.

After a while, she said, Think of me when you re taking your shower. I ll be doing exactly the same thing with the hot water and soap suds, dreaming of you.

Then the line went dead. I lay there wondering if all this had really happened, and knowing my life would never be the same again.

Still, I didn t know the identity of my enigmatic sexual partner who whispered through the phone lines. The possibilities seemed almost endless, the mystery endlessly bewitching. I listened to women s voices as I never had before.

One night during the next week, I was sitting in my apartment watching a nature special on PBS. The phone rang, and immediately I felt a pleasurable tingle in my cock. Ringing phones had started to do that to me. As I reached for it, I wondered if it would be my enigmatic caller.

Yes? I said when I picked up the phone, my voice lower than usual.

Ron? Is that you? This is Chloe.

Oh, hi. Yes, this is me. What s up?

She had called to fill me in on some details of an investment we had discussed a few weeks ago, before we d climbed into bed for a half hour of lukewarm sex. I let her talk, and as I listened I got an idea. If I found my new adventures so exciting, maybe she would, too.

Chloe, I said, lowering my voice almost to a whisper. Remember what we did last time we got together?

Oh, sure, she said crisply. You mean that Hungarian film you took me to. Yes, it was quite interesting.

Actually, that wasn t what I was thinking about. When you called I d been sitting here with the lights off thinking about how beautiful your pussy looked just before we fucked. Your bush was black and glistening in the candlelight, and the lips of your pussy were pink, wet and hot. Remember?

Uh, Ron, she said. Then she was silent. Was she about to hang up on me? I didn t think so.

I can t tell you how much I enjoyed easing my cock into your pussy, I went on. But you know, I think I d really rather have licked it for a while. You know, pushed my tongue as far as I could into your pink, hot, soft, slick pussy, then licked your clit until you were ready to come. I wish I were doing that right now, Chloe. Spreading your legs gently as wide as they d go and kissing you from your knees up to your clit, one kiss, one nibble after another.

Silence. Or did I hear heavier breathing than before?

How does that sound to you, Chloe?

Sounds . . . wonderful, she murmured, her voice sounding not at all like that of a professional securities analyst. What else? I mean, what else would you do if you were here?

Your breasts, I said, that s for sure. I remember how much you liked it when I kissed them. I remember how firm they are not big, but firm, with small pink nipples. I d kiss those nipples, I d suck them and tongue them. Maybe I d do it hard enough to cause you just a shiver of pain, just a tiny bit.

She was moaning now, and I was having the time of my life. I loved this nothing had ever turned me on so much. Hearing it was great, and saying it was even better. If I could get Chloe into this too, I d be in heaven.

And if, just if, I were there doing these things, I murmured, whispering into her ear, what would you do to me?

I d . . . I d . . . She was having trouble getting started, I could tell.

Yes, yes, yes, I whispered encouragingly. Tell me.

I d take your cock in my hands. I really like your cock.

Tell me what you like about it, I said, with just a hint of an order in my voice.

I love how big it is, she said. So big and hard. I love how quickly you get an erection. When you hold me or kiss me, I can feel it pushing against my thigh or against my . . . my pussy.

And you like that?

Oh, Ron, I love it. I love rubbing up against it, and I love when you get undressed and pull your shorts down and there it is, popping up like a jack in the box. She giggled, and I laughed with her. She continued.

Then I love to stroke it, to make it even bigger and harder, and I love it when you rub it up against my . . . my clit and my pussy. And when you put it in, you do it so slow, it s like you re teasing me. But then you put it all the way in. Your cock fills me up so much I feel like I ll burst, but I love it!

Anything else you d like to do to my cock? She d never taken it in her mouth, but I felt a couple of times she d been tempted to. We d both been too reticent to suggest it.

Yes, she said, I think you know. I want to suck it. I ve never done that to a man before, but I d like to do it with you. I d like to take your big cock in my mouth, suck on its head, that thick part at the end, and then see how much of it I could take in my mouth. Maybe I could take it all. Would you like that?

The subject of our conversation was throbbing right now, as I imagined her soft, wet, warm mouth taking it deep.

I d love it, right now, I said.

Oh, God, yes, she whispered. Can you come over right away?

I m on my way. I set some kind of record getting from one side of Manhattan to the other.

The lights were low when she let me in, and she was wearing a silky see through negligee she d never worn for me before.

She scratched me a little with her nails as she tugged at my buttons and zippers to get my clothes off, hungrily kissing me, nibbling on my lips, sliding her hot tongue into my mouth.

In the bedroom we slowed down a little.

I want to do the things we ve been talking about, she said.

And we did. It was hard to believe she d never given oral sex to a man, for so expertly and enthusiastically she did it now, to me. She knew exactly what to do with her tongue, starting down low, under my balls, and licking them, making hot, wet circles around each of them as she moved up toward the shaft. I wasn t shy about telling her exactly what to do if she faltered.

Like a lollipop, I murmured. Lick it all around, from bottom to top, slowly. Ahhh, that s it. She learned very fast.

After a while, she said with a sexy grin, I want some attention, too, you know.

Tell me exactly what kind of attention you want.

My breasts, she said, leaning back on the bed. I want your undivided attention on my breasts. You told me how beautiful you think they are now show me you really mean it.

I ran my fingers slowly up her slim waist, moving toward her breasts, barely touching her, my fingertips like feathers, as she moaned with pleasure, murmuring, Yes, yes, over and over.

My fingers made little circles around her nipples. They re so beautiful, I said. Look how they get hard. Look how they seem to be begging to be sucked. She moaned rhapsodically.

I sucked them. One and then the other, with tongue and lips and nibbling teeth as she writhed under my touch, arching her back to push her beautiful pussy up toward my throbbing cock.

After a while the only thing she seemed to be able to say was Fuck me, fuck me, and I couldn t refuse the lady s request. I plunged into her hot, wet pussy and with the poetry of passion spoken, whispered and murmured, we urged each other on until we both exploded together.

It s been a couple of months now, and Chloe and I are still dating, having the hottest sex I can imagine, plus the occasional intimate phone call. And I still hear from my mystery caller. The other day, in the middle of a boring conference at the office, my secretary popped her head in and told me I had an urgent call.

I picked up the phone. The voice on the other end was definitely female, with a delightful English accent. In a brisk foreign lilt she said, You don t know me, but a friend gave me your number. The boring conference, like my life recently, got much more interesting.


Floyd and I were on our way up to Canada when we pulled into this trailer park in upstate New York. It was right off a busy thoroughfare and within shouting distance of a greasy spoon truck stop. Not the ideal location perhaps, but as the place appeared well maintained and we were both tired, we decided it would do. Floyd hooked us up and then, as I made coffee, he walked off in the direction of the greasy spoon in the hope they sold the Racing Form.

As I awaited his return, it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember ever being happier. My husband had retired at an age where most men are staring at another twenty years of work. He was in excellent health and now free to pursue all those interests that he hadn’t had time for while working. One of those interests which I happily share is traveling, and it was to fulfill a mutual desire to drive all over North America hat we had purchased the mobile home.

Our sex life was improving too, even if, as Floyd sometimes jokingly reminded me, I was as slow to get aroused as a blind bank robber leaving the scene of a crime. Why that was I never understood, but I took comfort in the fact that once turned on, I could hold my own in bed. That’s what Floyd said, anyway. He also said I was still a beautiful woman and that the ten or so pounds I had put on in twenty years of marriage gave him that much more of me to hug and squeeze.

Floyd returned with a big smile on his handsome, rough hewn face. He had gotten his Racing Form. “Tomorrow, Louise, I win our gas and food money for the next three hundred miles,” he said, spreading the paper on a table.

The next day around eleven o’clock my husband took off for Saratoga Racetrack, leaving me to do some cleaning in the trailer. At two o’clock I settled down to watch my favorite soap opera on our portable television. A curly blonde hunk was rolling around in bed with the wife of his business partner, and my eyes were glued to the set. Then in the middle of their passionate kiss, I suddenly lost the picture. On the screen were dozens of zig zaggy lines accompanied by static noise. Before I could get up to try to adjust the set, I heard a man say, “Hey, babe, we gonna fuck tonight?” This was followed by a woman’s voice saying, “You better believe it, Sonny. I’m gonna suck that bib cock of yours dry.”

I sank back in my chair not believing my ears. The voices were coming from the television set, over the static, yet the screen remained a snowy landscape of jagged lines running from top to bottom. I didn’t think for a moment that soap opera people would be reciting such dialogue. Somehow my set was picking up a signal originating from…where?

“What you got under them tight jeans, hon?” the man was saying. “My favorite pink undies?”

“I ain’t wearin’ nothin’, baby. ‘Cause I don’t want to go around all day in soppin’ wet underpants. You know what I mean.”

The man gave a throaty chuckle. “Yeah, babe. I gotcha.”

In the lewdest language I had ever heard the man and woman continued talking, and as I listened I found myself becoming more and more aroused. I could feel my lubrication oozing into my panties as the man turned the subject to anal sex.

“I think I feel like some of your ass tonight, babe,” he said in a gravelly voice. “You up to a little back door boppin’?”

The woman chuckled. “Sonny, just this mornin’ I was thinkin’ about that fat, juicy cock of yours stretchin’ my little ol’ asshole.”

“You gonna have to get it real nice and wet, you know.”

Again the woman chuckled. “That ain’t gonna be no problem.”

The couple’s conversation ended a minute later and all of a sudden my soap opera was back on. Opening my eyes, I found that I had unconsciously worked a hand up under my skirt to fondle my pussy through my panties while totally lost in the lewd conversation. I couldn’t remember ever becoming so aroused so quickly and I bemoaned the fact that Floyd was at the racetrack. Ignoring the soap opera, I closed my eyes and, shifting slightly in my chair, worked a hand down inside my pants and masturbated to orgasm, all the while thinking about the dirty talk I had heard.

I was still turned on when my husband returned and, much to his surprise and delight, I told him I was really in the mood to make love. For once he didn’t have to spend a lot of time at foreplay. I was ready to be penetrated even before he placed his hands on my breasts and started sucking my nipples. It was one of our best sessions ever, and I’m sure Floyd wondered if it was really me in bed with him.

The next morning I was secretly delighted when my husband informed me that he wanted to spend another day at the track, for it meant that I’d be able to tune in my soap opera and see what happened. At precisely two o’clock I turned on the television and waited impatiently for the interference of the day before. Minutes seemed like hours as time passed. When my soap ended and another one began, I was ready to give up. Suddenly the screen turned snowy and a background buzz all but drowned out the voices on the screen. This time I didn’t lose the picture entirely, but it was obvious something was happening. And then I heard them.

“Hey babe, it’s me. How you doin’ today?”

“My asshole feels all busted up, you big lunk. You coulda been more gentle, you know.”

“Honeypuss, you’re forgettin’ that you asked for it hard and fast. Remember? You got down there on your belly, reached back and spread open those sweet cheeks, and then begged me to give it to you good. Remember?”

“Yeah, well, I suppose I did get carried away there. But next time you gotta bring the KY.”

“Yeah, guess so. But my prick was slicker than the Northway durin’ a rainstorm when I stuck it in, babe. I mean, you had all eight inches down your pretty throat for the longest time.”

By this time my skirt was bunched up around my waist and my hand was down inside my pants hotly rubbing my wet pussy. That talk, that low down dirty talk, was driving me crazy! My head lolled on the backrest of the chair and I squeezed my breast with my free hand, hoping, praying, that the couple’s conversation would last all afternoon or at least until I came.

“So we on for tonight, babe? I gotta hard on here that’s ”

“Can’t make it, darlin’. Gotta take a load of firewood up to Buffalo. I’ll be leavin’ around five and drivin’ most of the night.”

“Too bad, babe. Guess I’m goin’ to have to find myself another pussy to plow tonight.”

“You do that and you’re dead meat, lover.”

The conversation ended and at precisely that moment I exploded in orgasm. My moan of pleasure drowned out the voices of the soap opera people now back on the screen. In my moment of ecstasy I “saw” him grunting like a savage, punching his cock deep inside her upturned behind, then spilling his seed deep inside her rear channel.

It was a while before I calmed down and when I did I realized I knew who I was listening to. The man and the woman were truckers and they were communicating via their CB’s. I recalled once reading somewhere that CB’s could interfere with television reception, overriding the signal being transmitted to the set. I didn’t understand the how of it, but I was convinced that that was what had happened to lucky me. A wonderful, erotic moment.

That night, when Floyd returned, I was again like a cat in heat. I dragged him to bed for a quickie before supper and afterward, for a more leisurely session. It was while we cuddled in the afterglow of our lovemaking that I decided to let my husband penetrate me anally. While I’ve always enjoyed his finger in my bottom, I had never let him stick his cock in there. The thought scared me. But now, thanks to the lady trucker, I was very curious as to what it felt like.

Floyd and I left the trailer park the next day and continued on our way to Canada, which is where we are as I write this. Yes, I did let him do me anally, and I enjoyed it more than I had thought possible. Floyd still doesn’t know what’s come over me, but he’s enjoying his “newly fired up wife” to the fullest. No longer does he have to exhibit the patience of a saint to start my juices flowing. All I have to do is recall the sexy dirty talk I heard, of all places, on my nondescript little TV set.

Ms. L.D., Ontario

Vox Erotica

Just her voice makes my heart race, and I would do anything to please her. She has that kind of control over me. Jeffrey, Jeffrey, did you forget to strip before calling me? You bad boy.

Her voice is absolutely intoxicating. It started as a game, but now it has come to be something much more. Claire, of all people, started me down this path. My wife thought it would be a hoot if I called one of those live phone sex lines when I got horny and she wasn t around. Go ahead and call, she d say, she didn t mind. Claire thought a little extracurricular phone sex would make our marriage more fun.

The first time I called, Claire wanted to listen in on the other phone. My hands were shaking enough without the thought of her listening, but Claire said it would be a turn on. I fumbled through the preliminaries. An operator got the vitals: my credit card number, birth date, address, and phone number. Then she said someone would call back as soon as my credit was verified.

I paced the floor, while Claire was a bit more exuberant. She couldn t wait to hear how the woman would sound on the phone. When the phone rang, I jumped.

Jeffrey? It s Kim. You were expecting call from me, weren t you? Claire giggled.

Yes, I was expecting your call, I muttered in a low voice that sounded unnatural even to me.

Well, honey, I called to tell you that I need to suck that big prick of yours, so why don t you pull it out and let s get started. Oooh, baby, that s one of the biggest hunks of meat I ve ever seen. How do you get that whole thing in your pants? Whooie, I don t know if it s going to fit. Rub it for me first, will you Jeffrey? That s it.

Claire s eyes were wide open with wonderment at what Claire was going to say next. I was more intrigued by how long the monologue might go on before it turned into a dialogue.

Kim kept the patter moving, however, frequently asking me if her sucking was making me hot. I said it was, and Kim squealed with delight and continued with her repertoire, deftly moving me from one position to another.

You can come now, Jeffrey, and I want you to shoot that big hot load of come in my mouth. Are you ready?

Although I had only rubbed my stiff cock through my pants for ten minutes, I played the genial phone sex host, and I said I was ready to come. Kim squealed some more, and once she assured me that I had come all over her face, she was ready to say so long. But not before she gave me her very own computer code number, so that the next time I called, I could ask specifically for her. Then it was over.

Telemarketing at its finest, I thought, but I guess I was too shy to admit that one dose of phone sex didn t actually get me off.

Well, you have to try it again, honey. I wrote down Kim s number so we can get her again. In the meantime, I plan to make good on my promise. Drop your pants. Now.

Now this was more to my taste, so I did as Claire instructed. She knelt before me and took my cock in her small, soft hands. It was still semi erect, but Claire knows the secrets of making me as hard as steel. She pumped, sucked, licked and bit my cock until it glistened and throbbed like some organic skyscraper.

Am I better than Kim, baby? Do you get really hot? My nods and moans were all the answer Claire needed for encouragement. It felt like she was going to suck my cock all day, but Claire had other plans.

Lay down on the floor, she directed. She was not usually this pushy, I thought, but this was fun so I lay down in front of her.

Claire pulled up her skirt so that it was around her waist and stood over my face so I could stare right up at her bare crotch. Her long muscular legs towered over me, while her delicate oval face seemed to be up in the clouds.

Do you want my pussy, baby? I took off my panties when I was listening to Kim suck you off. In fact, I masturbated while I was listening to her masturbate you. It s a shame you didn t follow her instructions. Do you think you can follow mine? I want you to wet your fingers real good and jerk off your cock for me. Do it.

I was confident that this sex game would lead to some very hot sex with my very turned on wife, so I started jerking off for her. That s it, that s real good. Now you keep it hard for me until I get there. But first I want you to lick my cunt until I come on your face.

Claire wasn t waiting for an answer, and I couldn t say much if I wanted to, because now her crotch was tightly merged with my face. My tongue was dancing from her hard clitoris to her juicy vagina and back, in a kind of frantic dance. Claire locked me in a sixty nine position and returned to work on my very hard dick, until eventually we both came together in a spectacular dual orgasm.

That week, Claire was positively inspired when it came to sex and seemed excited by the thought of me having a continuing phone sex relationship with Kim. Her constant urgings that I call Kim again both amused and aroused me. She would say that if I called Kim again, she would reward me with some hot loving as she called it. Every now and then I thought Claire s vocabulary was getting more like Kim s.

On Saturday, while Claire was out, I succumbed to the urge to try it again. Kim s number on the nightstand was like a siren, calling out to me. Reaching out to touch someone, right?

I dialed and was soon entering the computer code number that Claire had written down. Finally, I hung up the phone as the message instructed and waited. The same nervous sensation that overcame me the first time began to grip me again. It was like being in the backseat of a car necking with a girl for the first time. The anticipation is so powerful, but once the moment arrives, you don t quite know what to make of it.

When the telephone rang five minutes later, I grabbed it before the first ring was finished.

Jeffrey? It s Kim. You were expecting a call from me, weren t you?

I asked for you, I said, kind of stiffly.

I know you did and I really appreciate that. I want you to do something special for me this time. I want you to get buck naked first. Come on, you can do it. Pull your shirt off. Take your pants off. The underwear, too. Get naked. Do it now.

This time the directness of Kim s approach startled me, then sort of simmered through me, and I took the plunge and did exactly what she asked. I removed my t shirt, pants, underwear and socks, and lay down on the bed.

Is your cock hard? It needs to be as hard as steel before it will please me, so I want you to do what it takes. Rub it, pump it, slap it I don t care what you do, but get it real hard, right now. Are you doing it, Jeffrey? Her voice was gentle, yet demanding. This time I felt as though Kim was really connecting to my psyche somehow, and I didn t feel stupid following her instructions.

Is your dick big and hard for me, Jeffrey? Describe it to me.

I m jerking myself off, and my cock feels fat in my hand. It s hot and it feels as though I could come very easily if I keep this up.

Then slow it down. You are not to come until I say so. Do you understand me. Jeffrey?

Yes, I understand.

Now, I m going to describe what we re going to do together, and you just listen and stroke that big hot bone of yours. First I m going to sit at the end of the bed and watch you jerk your meat for a few minutes. Then I m going to have you suck my fingers for me so that you get them all slurpy wet. When you ve gotten them wet enough, I m going to stick one of them up your ass, and you re going to pull your legs back for me while you keep jerking off. That way I ll be better able to see when I ram a second finger up your tight hole. You re going to really want to come when I ream your opening with two fingers, but don t you dare. Got it?

I ve got it. My throat was parched, and it was a struggle to speak. She was really getting to me. She was painting a picture that was real to me, and I wanted her to continue to direct my thoughts and responses.

Get on your hands and knees, Jeffrey, but don t stop stroking that hard meat. That s right, I want to see your bare asscheeks. I m still sitting on the end of the bed, Jeffrey, and I m getting ready to smack your bare ass. You re going to feel the sting and the heat, and you re going to like it.

The slapping sound that crackled through the telephone receiver sent a shudder through my body. I felt a prickly warmth on my asscheeks. The slaps continued with a running monologue from Kim.

I have the power to punish you, Jeffrey, don t I? And do you know why? Because you have given me that power, and once you give it away, you can t have it back. Keep stroking that fine tool of yours. That s it, Jeffrey, now we re going to come together. Harder, Jeffrey, pump it harder. I want you to shoot your come as hard as you can.

As the slapping sounds continued and I imagined Kim beating my ass over and over, it wasn t hard for me to reach orgasm. The white squiggle that leaped off the tip of my cock appeared to arc like a spark, and was followed immediately by a second and third. The pent up pleasure flowed through me like some kind of elixir.

Bye, baby, got to run. Call me soon, and remember, you ve got to do as I say. Hearing the dial tone of a broken phone connection broke the trance like state I had been in for the previous twenty minutes. To think I had no idea even what Kim looked like, but when I next heard that intoxicating voice I knew I would obey it.

When Claire arrived home, she was anxious to put on a fashion show so that I could see some sexy clothing purchases she had made. She made me sit on the bed while she ran to change.

So what d you do while I was melting my charge cards at the mall? Claire yelled from her dressing room. I hesitated for a few awkward moments before answering.

I called Kim. That though brought Claire bounding back into the bedroom in a beautiful silk kimono. Jumping on the end of the bed, Claire was all ears, wanting me to dish the news.

Well tell me what happened, what did she talk about?

Again, I hesitated, but finally said, She asked me to do things for her . . . to jerk off. And to let her spank my ass.

Claire didn t seem shocked by my confession. With a coy drop of one shoulder, she let the kimono fall so that I could see a revealing push up bra made of a translucent gossamer fabric. With a hand around the back of my neck, she pulled me forward so that our lips locked in a long, soulful kiss. Our tongues danced back and forth, plunging into an even more passionate embrace.

Claire stood up to drop the kimono. And do you like it when she makes you do these things?

A final moment of hesitation, the last chance to close the door on this secret topic, but I had already come this far.

Yes, I like it.

Good. Then I shall oblige you as well. Kneel before me. Now!

I knelt down and Claire pulled aside the crotch of her new sheer panties so that I was face to cunt.

Lick me there, Jeffrey, until I m satisfied.

My tongue caressed her warm pussy, and I lost myself in the task. Claire rocked her pelvis back and forth in a slow rhythm that allowed her to control the force and depth of my tongue s work. She stood transfixed by my noble efforts, which in a short amount of time brought her to an orgasm that seemed to wash over her completely. She grabbed my head and pulled it close to her belly, still moaning in pleasure.

Now I m going to return the favor, Claire promised, a lascivious grin on her face. She motioned for me to get up.

With much deliberation and in no hurry, Claire undid my belt and placed it on the bed beside her. Undoing just the top two or three buttons of my button fly jeans, she pulled my underwear and pants down just far enough that my ass was well exposed in back and now my swollen member hung free in front. With tender manipulations, my wife began to suckle the tip of my penis and then ram it down her throat, alternating the gentle with the overwhelming. It brought me very quickly to the stiffest of erections. Releasing her hold on my aching cock, Claire picked up my black leather belt and stood up to look me directly in the eye.

Bend over, mister, with your hands on your knees.

She spoke with a cold, hard voice that jerked through my groin, and I instantly obeyed. Claire gently massaged my asscheeks with her left hand while her right hand flicked the belt back and forth like the tongue of a snake.

I have the power to punish you, Jeffrey. Do you know why? Because you have given me that power, and once you give it away you can t have it back.

I almost fell to the floor. I was so surprised.

That s right, Jeffrey, I called Kim, too. Oh, baby. This is so cool. I m so glad you finally did it, Claire gushed over the pleasure she got from this act of domination. Kim promised me that we would both get a thrill out of it. I can t wait. What about you?

My answer was lost in the loud crack of the belt and the sudden burst of blinding arousal.

Love Language

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there is nothing quite as powerful as a few choice words. Take sex, for example. Communicating your feelings and fantasies to your lover can be phenomenally stimulating. I m no Lord Byron, to be sure, but I find that the sexy talk I blurt out often gets my lover s blood racing, as well as mine.

Verbal stimulation had proved to be the key to Jodi s magic door. She s a petite blonde beauty of whom I had become very fond. Trim and fair, Jodi s statuesque body and flawless features are a credit to her Scandinavian ancestry. I get a raging erection just looking at her she s that beautiful.

Jodi and I had made passionate love many times, but I always had the feeling that I hadn t tapped into the sexual tigress sleeping deep within her. Every woman has a hot button, and if you manage to find it, chances are you ll unleash a sexual dynamo who is hungry to please and be to pleased. All I had to do was find Jodi s button.

For her birthday, I took Jodi to an elegant Italian restaurant for a magnificent seven course dinner. Jodi looked smashing, as always, dressed in a slinky blue knit dress that flowed gracefully over her curves. The top was cut just low enough to reveal a bit of her cleavage. Sitting beside her in the plush banquette, I couldn t resist putting my hand through her sexy, loosely permed hair to feel the smooth softness of her neck.

We were waiting for dessert, and I must have had that I want you look in my eyes. And just what are you thinking about? Jodi asked, playfully.

I ve got a little birthday surprise for you, I replied.

Is it long and hard?

I just laughed and nodded. You might say that.

After dinner, we went back to my place. I had left the apartment dimly lit with only small lamps in the living room and bedroom. I wanted to do something special for her, really special. And I had to find out what she really desired. As soon as we were in the door, I put my arms around Jodi and drew her close to me. Our bodies melted together.

I m going to give you a treat tonight, I said, softly into her ear. But you have to help me out. I covered her soft neck with slow, wet kisses. Maybe because she was unsure of what I was doing or, perhaps, because she knew her breathing increased a notch. I want you to describe the best fuck you ever had. She seemed a bit startled at the word fuck. I don t think that I had ever used it with her before. Will you do that?

After a brief silence, she answered softly, Yes.

I want you to describe it in detail, from beginning to end, leaving out nothing, I continued. And if your mind floats from memory to fantasy, well, that s okay. I nibbled at her tender earlobe as I ran my hand through her silky hair. Will you do that?

Yes, she repeated, but even more softly and less hesitantly. Her eyes were closed, her head resting in my hand.

We had gone out to dinner, then back to his place.

What were you wearing? I interrupted.

A skirt and blouse.

A short skirt?

Well, yes, my suede skirt. You know the one. I did. It was a tight, mid thigh number that showed off her sexy legs.

We were in the den, and he put his arms around me from behind. I moved behind her. He put his hands under my sweater and started playing with my breasts.

I pulled the shoulder straps of Jodi s dress slowly down her arms, exposing her delicate breasts. They were a nice, round, firm handful. During the day, Jodi usually wore a bra, but at night, she went braless. That night was no exception. I took a hardening nipple between each thumb and forefinger. You mean he played with your tits? Maybe like this? I rolled her nipples gingerly.

Yes, like that. Then he pulled them a bit. That really felt good. I pulled at the little buttons lightly. Yes, like that. She shuddered slightly.

All the while I could feel his penis pressing into me from behind. I pulled her body closer and rubbed my swollen cock rub against her ass. Jodi pushed back against me, moving her hips. I could feel its hardness.

What happened next? I had a hunch that I wouldn t have to prompt her much longer. She was, to my great pleasure, already getting into it.

He moved one hand down and started massaging my . . .

Pussy, I whispered softly into her ear. He massaged your pussy.

Yes. My pussy. She took new pleasure in the word. He started massaging my pussy. I moved my hand down and explored the softness of her mound beneath the thin dress. I continued to bathe her neck and ears in wet kisses. Then I reached up her dress and felt the dampness of her panties.

I was getting hot just like now. I turned around to kiss him. She turned in my arms. Wet kisses, she said, as my lips neared hers. French kisses.

Our lips met in slow motion. A long, tongue twirling, cock tingling kiss. Jodi sucked my tongue into her mouth. I grabbed a handful of panty covered ass in each hand and pulled her tightly to me.

Jodi slid her hands to my crotch and started massaging the bulge there. She withdrew her lips from mine and said, barely above a whisper, Then I undid his pants so I could feel his penis in my hand. I released my grip on her ass just enough for her to get to my pants, which she undid with nimble fingers. When she pulled my briefs aside, my cock sprang free. Jodi immediately cupped her warm hand around my swollen member.

Our lips pecked at each other s. I slid my hand down under her ass and felt her moist wisps of pubic hair. After a moment, Jodi said, Then he pushed me down to the rug in front of his fireplace. I followed her down to the floor, positioning myself above her, awaiting my next cue.

He pushed my skirt up. With one hand, I pushed her dress up slowly, past the lace tops of her stockings, lingering on her thigh. I ran my fingers under the delicate straps of her light blue garter. Her skin was cool and soft. He took my panties off and, oh, then he licked my pussy.

I pulled off her bikini panties and tossed them aside. I paused to gaze into Jodi s sparkling blue eyes, which were riveted on mine. She wore a small smile of desire. I lowered my head to her waiting pussy. It glistened with anticipation. Go on, I said. For a moment, Jodi hesitated, so I licked at the outer lips of her cunt. Go on, I repeated.

He put his tongue deep inside me, she continued. He pulled my lips apart with his fingers to get in deeper. I followed her instructions, parting her tender, wet lips and driving my probing tongue as deep as I could into her. Yes, she hissed, arching her hips toward my face. I sucked and lapped at her cunt. Jodi grabbed my hair roughly.

Oh, yes, then I think he went back to licking my clitoris. Her voice was throaty. Jodi began moaning softly as I massaged her love button with my tongue, lips and then my fingers. She was writhing on the floor, her thighs flexing around my head. God, yes. He got me so hot. All I could think of was his big cock. How I wanted to taste it, feel its hardness in my mouth.

My cotton slacks were still bunched around my knees. I sat up and threw off the rest of my clothes. Jodi followed suit.

He stood up, she said. Her eyes were glazed over, far away, lost either in an exquisite memory or a wonderful fantasy. At that point, it didn t matter. And I knelt in front of him to suck him off. And with that, she guided my meaty cock to her mouth, licking and sucking it. In no time, she had swallowed my entire length in a series of bobs. My knees went weak, and I couldn t help from letting out an animal growl.

After a few moments of hungry sucking, Jodi released me. I loved the way it twitched inside my mouth, she said, nibbling at my sensitive cockhead.

Then, after I had sucked him for a while, he made me get down on all fours so he could take me from behind. Before I could catch my breath, Jodi was turning around. She got down on her hands and knees and put her honey ass high in the air. I knelt down and positioned my cock at the gateway to her beautiful pussy.

What did you like about fucking this way? I asked. We had never fucked doggie style before. I had thought that she might think it was sexist.

I loved the way his cock felt in my pussy, and I loved it when my ass slapped into his hips.

I pushed my hardness into the slickness of her well primed pussy until it was completely buried. Jodi let out a long, guttural sigh. What else did you like about it?

I loved the way he grabbed hold of my hips and was in total control. I grabbed hold of her porcelain smooth hips and started thrusting into her, slowly at first, gradually building up momentum until I was pounding into her like a hot, fiery piston. And though I had hold of her, it was Jodi who drove her ass back into my hips, swallowing my violent thrusts with total abandon.

Yes, baby, oh yes. She was almost shouting. I told him I was coming. He kept ramming his cock into me. It felt so good! Jodi s breathing had become ragged, and I knew she was rapidly approaching orgasm. I reached under her and grabbed a handful of breast in each hand. Jodi growled with delight when I pinched her sensitive nipples, and that sent me over the edge.

She bucked wildly and let out a series of squeals, arching her back and throwing her head high in the air, her golden tresses falling across the whiteness of her back. I took the cue and let go, uttering caveman grunts as I pumped my load into her quaking pussy.

After our orgasmic spasms died off, I pulled out and sat, exhausted, on the floor. Jodi collapsed next to me, curling up under my arm.

Oh, lover, she sighed, that was absolutely the best birthday present I ve ever gotten.

Since that night, sex talk has become a regular part of our lovemaking. We ll talk about what we re going to do, what we re feeling and what we want to have done. Just last night, we made delicious love amid an ample dose of sexually exciting patter.

We lay side by side on the bed, a trail of clothes on the floor stretching from the front door all the way into the bedroom. Your skin is so soft, I whispered, as my hands played lightly over her flawless, peach colored skin. My fingers circled her hardening nipples. I m going to play with your tits until your nipples stand up for me. Jodi cooed and arched closer into me.

Yes, lover, she moaned. Oh, yeah, I can feel that all the way down to my pussy. Why don t you feel how wet it is.

I ran my hand slowly down her soft belly to the moist hairs of her mound. I put my palm on her pubic bone and slid my forefinger into the warmth of her cunt. Wet, indeed, baby, I said. And I ll bet your little cunt is as tasty as ever.

Why don t you find out. I love it when you lick my pussy.

Your pussy tastes like sweet nectar, I said. I put my head between Jodi s legs and dove in hungrily. You love it, don t you? You love it when I lick all up and down the opening to your pretty pussy. When I tongue your little clitoris.

Yes, use your tongue. Yes, that s it. Up and down. Don t stop. Ohhh, I m going to come on your face. And she did, bucking her hips, holding my head pressed to her sex.

Now it s my turn, I said after a moment, not letting her calm down totally. Suck me off. I want to feel your lips around my cock.

I lay down on my back and Jodi made a beeline for my waiting cock. Oh, you re as hard as a rock. And you taste so good. I ll roll my tongue around that big head and then suck you until you feel like you re going to come, but I won t let you, because I can t wait to feel your hard meat pushing into my pussy.

Jodi lovingly bathed my engorged member with wet kisses and played her tongue over the super sensitive head. Take me all in, baby, I commanded softly. Swallow my big cock.

A moment later, I let out a long, low moan. Yeah, I can feel my cock pressing against your throat. Jodi fucked my cock with her mouth until soon I knew that I would come. Sensing that I was at that magic point, she backed off.

Oh, I m on fire, please don t come yet. I need to feel you inside me deep inside. Fuck me. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

I positioned myself over her, my slick tool just a scant inch above her glistening pussy. My cock is concrete hard, I said. I m going to drive it home. Jodi smiled and raised her hips until my cockhead touched the wet folds of her sex. With one thrust, I drove my cock all the way into her. Jodi inhaled sharply.

We didn t fuck right away, as we were content to grind our hips together teasingly. Then I raised up on my hands and began thrusting into her. Look into my eyes, I instructed.

As we began fucking more forcefully, Jodi said, I feel really wicked tonight. Lift my legs up so you can get in as deep as possible. I eagerly pulled her shapely legs up over my forearms.

Now, she said, fuck me hard. I love it when you fuck me hard.

My cock was throbbing. I drove it in deeper with every stroke. I knew I couldn t hold out much longer. I m going to come, I grunted.

Jodi squealed. I m coming, too. Come with me, baby.

We came together, growling, moaning, humping furiously. With one final thrust, I shot off into her. Jodi lifted her ass clear off the bed as she thrashed about in ecstasy.

When it was all over, I let her legs down and sank into her waiting arms, thinking how wonderful it was to be able to share this new dimension in lovemaking with her. We kissed tenderly, and I told her I couldn t wait to describe to her my best fuck, second to this experience, for sure!


Recently I succumbed to something I had, for months, been denying the fact that I had the hots for my male friend, Ned. We ve had a platonic relationship for years, and we re very close, but when I played what I thought to be an innocent little joke on him, I found out just how close we are.

Ned usually never leaves home without his hand held recorder. You see, Ned is a poet/songwriter who is constantly thinking of new ways to say things. On the spur of the moment, he conjures up ideas and just stores them all in his recorder. It beats carrying around a pen and paper, or hoping he remembers an idea, or two or twenty.

One scorching summer day, we went to Central Park to lay out. The field was full of sunbathers clad in everything from shorts and t shirts to string bikinis. I was comfortable wearing cut off denim shorts and a bikini top, and Ned was bare chested and wearing boxers. Ned is very attractive he looks like a Calvin Klein model. So, of course, he was getting lots of looks and loving it. He even joked that he was getting more looks from the guys than I was.

After about a half hour, Ned spotted a couple of his male friends sitting a distance from us. He told me he d be right back and jogged over to them. He s too sexy for those shorts, I said to myself. Reaching for my sunglasses, I spotted his recorder and smiled an evil smile. I picked up my paperback and opened it to where I d left off. Then I picked up the recorder, positioning it between my lips and the paperback. If Ned happened to turn and see me, it would appear as though I was reading. Watching Ned, I pressed RECORD.

In a low, raspy voice, I said, I can t help but look at your to die for body and wonder how your cock would feel in my mouth. I bet it s long and juicy. I m an expert cocksucker, and I want to make you come in my mouth.

Smiling that same evil smile, I pressed STOP and returned the recorder to its original place on our blanket. This would be my payback for all of his jokes. I couldn t wait to get his reaction!

As expected, I received a phone call later that week. Ned was frantic. He had played back his tape and heard my erotic message but had no idea the voice was mine. It could be anyone, he said. I ve been all over lately, and I set down the recorder a few times. He said that whoever it was sure as hell sounds sexy. Here, listen. He was playing the tape for me. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud.

The mystery girl was all I heard about for the next few days. It was clear that my erotic message had Ned all hot and bothered. Actually, I too was hot, knowing I was responsible for getting to him. I was sure he played the tape over and over again, wooed by my siren like voice, maybe even masturbating to my words. That night I decided, finally, to let Ned in on the mystery.

I invited him over to my apartment for a drink before going out. He was due to arrive soon, and I was practicing just how to tell him it was I who had left the message. I knew that he wouldn t believe it, because he d never heard me speak that way about anyone. So I thought perhaps I d make myself seem more credible by wearing something daring. Along with black trousers and a blazer, I wore an emerald green, lace bustier to match my green eyes. My thick, shoulder length chestnut hair framed my sexy face. I was still going over what I was going to say to him when the doorbell rang.

Ned s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me. You didn t have to dress up just for me, he joked.

I wanted to, I assured him. He looked good enough to eat. I fixed us both a drink, and we sat down on the couch.

Ned, I started. There s something I have to tell you. I looked into his seductive eyes and, without thinking, leaned close and kissed him. He was a little startled at first, as was I, but then we eased into a long, passionate embrace. Slowly I pulled away and said in that low, raspy voice, I can t help but look at your to die for body and wonder how your cock would feel in my mouth. Suddenly I was so horny for him.

His eyes widened. You? he responded, unbelieving. You? he repeated. Poor Ned was in a state of shock. He started to stammer something else, but I interrupted by crushing my lips against his. He reached for my lace encased breasts, cupping them gently, and I moaned at his sweet touch. Then his lips wandered to my neck, tenderly nibbling at my flesh, then to my ear. Tell me more, he said excitedly. Talk to me.

I bet it s long and juicy, I whispered, cupping his bulging erection through his pants. I felt my own wetness between my legs. I m an expert cocksucker, I continued, unzipping him. I got down on my knees between Ned s legs and pulled his pants down, then his underwear. Ned had the most magnificent cock I had ever seen. It was indeed long. His pole of flesh stood so high, it should ve had a flag waving from it. I lowered my hungry lips to his bulbous cockhead, kissing it and licking it.

I want to make you come in my mouth, I paused to say. His eyes were glazed with lust as he ran his fingers through my hair. Again, I lowered my mouth, tightening my lips around his cockhead while stroking his long shaft. I played with his tiny slit, flicking my tongue across it and then swirling my tongue around his cockhead. Ned s moans were loud and encouraging, and I began sucking him greedily. I had never sucked anyone with this much heart. I wanted so badly for him to come in my mouth. I wanted to taste him.

Suddenly Ned s cock jumped in my mouth, a passionate cry escaping from his lips as he shot my mouth full of his hot seed. I swallowed it all, stream after luscious stream, until there was no more. You taste great, I told him. I licked my lips for emphasis.

Ned took a second to catch his breath and then joined me on the floor. On our knees, we eagerly tongue kissed each other. Ned returned his hands to my breasts, but then reached around my back to undo my bustier. Unfastening the last of the clips, he let it tumble to the floor. Again he cupped my breasts in his hands, then lowered his mouth to my pert nipples. His mouth was velvety smooth, and I almost came just from the feel of it. He licked my pearly nipples, and then, as gently as he had nibbled my neck, he took my nipples, one by one, between his teeth and pulled. I cried out with pleasure.

Ned lowered me to the floor and helped me off with my trousers. I couldn t wait any longer, and I let him know it. Ned, I have to feel your sexy cock inside me. Please fuck me. He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me hotly. At the same time, he reached for his cock and slid it into my wet cunt. With a loud moan, I threw my arms back, holding onto the legs of the coffee table as he fucked me. All the while we kissed madly. Whenever I caught a breath, I spoke to him in the raw, explicit language that turned us both on.

Oh yes, fuck me with that long cock of yours, was the last thing I said before we both exploded in ecstasy.

Tonight I m planning on leaving another erotic message on Ned s recorder, but this time it s no joke!

Ms. E.M., New York