Scorpio s Kiss

Oh, yes, there he was. Just as I d imagined he would be. I smiled nervously and tried to smooth the wrinkles from my skirt. I wanted to be perfect. He already knew that about me. He knew that I wanted to be perfect or pay the price if I wasn t. My mind raced would this man be my ideal? Would he be the perfect combination of Prince Charming and Sir Stephen, the nefarious hero from The Story of O?

I was so excited, yet at the same time nervous. Will he respect my limits, I was wondering, or push me to new ones? Is he capable of sculpting pain into pleasure for me? Erotic expectation coupled with fear is a great motivator. The combination always makes me moist between the legs.

He looked up and our eyes met. He smiled at me warmly. I looked down, then raised my eyes to meet his once more. I was trying my best to look vulnerable and supplicant. I was such a novice at this game. It took me a long time and many failed relationships to realize what I was looking for. My heart pounded in my ears in this very public place at this moment, the first face to face meeting of sage dominant and eager submissive.

Submissive. How long had it taken me to come to terms with that word? Do I blame my strict upbringing? Do I blame my job one where I have to be in control constantly? Or is it something inborn, the result of something that happened in a former life? All of the bad press we bottoms get that we re stupid and weak just doesn t fit me. I am a college graduate and a card carrying member of the National Organization for Women. I considered myself a feminist before it became fashionable. But in order for me to be satisfied in a relationship, I must be involved with a very strong person. Perhaps it is something linked to me as closely as the color of my eyes. I don t know all the answers. It has taken me so long to realize who I am that perhaps how I got here has little relevancy.

No book ever touched me deeper than The Story of O. It inspired countless masturbatory fantasies. Until I discovered it, I felt alienated and alone. I could see myself clearly in its pages, under the very skin of O. Then one day I noticed the personals in the back of the newspaper. At first I thought they were a joke, but I began reading. When I saw Kyle s ad I couldn t resist: Come away with me to the Chateau, where I will make all of your fantasies real for much longer than nine and a half weeks. The references to the chateau at Roissy, the setting for The Story of O, gave me all the clues I needed. My voice shook a little as I spoke to the system that handled the responses for the personals. For someone like me, it was a special kind of voice mail hell.

Hi. I m Isabella. I ve never done this before. Sir, you are the first person that I have ever heard of that shares my taste in literature. Perhaps we share many more interests. Please give me a call, and I left my number. He called back that day, and we talked for hours. That was a week ago. We d talked every day since. It was as though I d known him for years. Still I was terrified that he would reject me on sight. I was so careful to wear what he indicated.

My first impression: He is incredibly good looking. He is a few years older than me, a little gray at the temples and tanned, with high aristocratic cheekbones. He looks more like a college professor waiting for a student than a master waiting for his new slave.

He stands up as I approach the table. He pulls out a chair and I take it obediently. His eyes inspect and evaluate me, and a chill begins, spreading from my nipples outward, outward, until I am a mass of quivering gooseflesh that is, except between my legs. There I am in flames. At this moment, I am fire and ice.

Would you like a drink, Isabella? His voice is deep and rich. If it were a color, it would be the deep brown of finished cherry wood, with just a hint of red. If it were food, it would be chocolate devil s food, exquisite, forbidden and addicting. He has this incredibly superior bearing I don t think I could go through with this meeting with anybody who didn t have such a presence. In the first telephone interview, I told him that I had to respect the intellect of the dominant to be submissive to someone I thought I could outwit would be a joke. Also there is that issue of trust I was ready to give unwavering trust, but I knew it was something that would have to develop over time. Our telephone conversations had reassured me. The man had this incredible power of mind, quoting everything from Sappho to The Far Side. Now that I was here in his presence, I could feel it so intensely it almost emanated from his skin.

Thank you, sir, I said, and I looked around quickly, hoping no one at any of the adjoining tables had heard me call him sir a word that came out of my mouth as naturally as exhaling.

He leans back in his chair, the fingertips of his right hand lightly pressing against the fingertips of his left hand. He smiles broadly. Tremendous potential, is all he says. Then he calls out to the waitress, ordering me a glass of wine and something a little stronger for himself. Soon the tension is melting away, and we are laughing and talking almost as equals almost.

Kyle s ad caught me at a weak moment. A summer romance was coming to an inevitable ending. Even though we remained friends, we both knew we would never again slip into the roles of lovers. Sex was not at all important to my summer lover, and to me it was as vital as air. I cannot forget the expression on his face the time I finally mustered the courage to ask him to tie me up horror that melted into curiosity. What came next was the stupidest question I had ever heard. Why? he asked. How the hell was I supposed to know why? All I knew is that I longed for it, that I had dreamed for years of it. But what I dreamed for most was a man who would take the initiative. As I explained to Kyle my philosophy about being tied up, he just smiled. It s simple, I said. It s the same as getting flowers if you have to ask, it s not nearly as nice.

We finished our drinks and readied ourselves to venture into the cool autumn night. Instinctively, as I stood up I reached for the hem of my skirt to pull it down. Kyle s hand was immediately on mine.

I don t want you to do that, Isabella, he stated authoritatively.

Oh, don t be silly, Kyle, I m wearing garters, you see, and the skirt

You are still very new at this, aren t you, Isabella? He took my face in his hands and kissed my nose lightly. We need a little more privacy, he said. There are a few things I think we need to clarify.

As we left the bar and began the walk to the parking lot, where his car was, he stepped briskly and spoke in commanding tones. I almost had to run to keep up with him, something made difficult in the high heels I wore.

Think very carefully if you are sure that you want this. While you are with me, I will not tolerate disobedience. You will be asked to give up certain things. But they will be a small sacrifice because of what you will get in return. I am a fair master, and as long as you are good and do what you are told, there will be many rewards. Oh, the rewards, Isabella, he said, stopping abruptly.

As he spoke my name, his voice trailed off because his lips were suddenly pressed against mine, devouring what was left of my defenses. His tongue lightly caressed the roof of my mouth I was burning. When he finally drew away, I stood there in his arms. Isabella, you are quite the beauty, and I m sure that you have never had a difficult time finding companionship. But I am searching for a very special type of relationship. If you can t be obedient, it s best we say goodbye now. But, he continued, I do believe you have it in you. There are not many girls like you, you know. When I m in a roomful of women, I always know exactly who they are. And you know, they are always the brightest, most beautiful women in the room. I m never wrong, but there is always a first time. Am I wrong about you, Isabella?

No, sir, you re correct. I m sorry. This is just all so new to me. It s always just been a fantasy.

He laughed loudly. I knew it! He kissed me again, drawing me close. Now Bella, do you trust me? I nodded silently. Good. His mood was considerably lighter. Putting his arm around my shoulder, he led me into an alley between two tall buildings. I thought that this must be a shortcut to his car, a quicker way to get to where we were going. Out on the street, I heard people and traffic, all oblivious to us. I leaned into him.

Grab your ankles, Isabella.

I was caught off guard again. I didn t quite hear

Grab your ankles, girl.

I looked into his eyes. This is a test. For the next sixty seconds, this station will be conducting a test. Without another utterance, without another blink, my hands were grasping my ankles. Good girl, he almost purred as he pulled my tight miniskirt over my hips. God, Bella, what a nice ass you have. His hands were warm against my backside. I felt the garters dig into my flesh. I wore no panties, as he commanded. He lightly stroked the pubic hairs on my nether lips until I began to moan. Ohh, I touched a sensitive spot. I promise you, Bella, I m going to get to know all of your sensitive spots. But first we have some unfinished business. Right before we left the bar we had a little misunderstanding about your skirt. His voice was as soothing as warm milk as he caressed my naked bottom. I don t want this to happen again, do you, Isabella?

No, sir, I whispered, a sound that emerged from my throat as his fingers grazed my clitoris.

No, Bella. You re going to be my good girl. But I want to make it clear to you in a special way that I do not tolerate disobedience. Not once, not ever. My mind began racing.

He is driving me insane. I can feel the muscles in my pussy tightening, the moisture ready to overflow. I am aware of people walking on either side of the alley, the noise from the traffic but I don t care I just want him inside me, inside . . . Smack!

Oh, my God! The sting, the delicious fire running down my legs and up my spine. I feel electricity all over, I am ready to come . . . Smack!

It burns this time and a light gasp escapes from my lips. God, how I want this man. I want him to fuck me right here in this alley in the financial district. God! How I want him!

Now, Isabella, are we going to have any more problems with back talk?

No, sir.

That s what I like to hear. He smiled sweetly.

My hands were still around my ankles as I awaited permission to stand upright. He took my chin in his hands and pulled me up so that I faced him, then he pulled me close and kissed me. It was one of those soft, slow, sensual kisses. I reached down to smooth my skirt and he covered my hand with his.

You want another spanking already? he said mischievously as he squatted in the dark alley and adjusted my skirt. I have a fault to admit to you, Bella. I am a horrible show off. As he spoke, he took a marking pen from his jacket. I love it when people envy my property. I keep everything I own in impeccable shape. You, Bella, are my property now. Then, with the pen, he began drawing a small, dark line on the top of my thigh. With my arms at my side, I could almost reach it with my fingertips. I never want to be seen with you in a skirt that covers this line that is, unless you ask permission first. Also, no pants. Your legs are far too nice for pants. He kissed the inside of my thigh and stood up. The exception being work, of course, and there you wear what you must I understand.

I filed his instructions in my head for future reference. What was first and foremost burning in my ears was the word property. An overwhelming flood of feelings rushed over me, and I grew lightheaded as I absorbed it. Is it so strange to feel a flushed sense of freedom by being enslaved?

Dinner: We went to a restaurant seemingly lit entirely by candles. The maitre d knew him by name. He led us to a quiet booth and Kyle sat next to me. His hands ran up and down my thighs as we enjoyed dinner. By the time dessert arrived, I had stopped raising my own wine glass. We shared a chocolate souffl , which Kyle lovingly fed to me. That was all nice, but the heat was building inside me. We both knew what we wanted. I didn t even taste the last bite of souffl . I tasted him instead. I tasted the warm, salty sweetness of his lips.

We got back into his car to head for his place. It was already determined that we were going there, even though he hadn t asked me if that was what I wanted. After closing the door for me, he climbed into the car and kissed me.

Turn around, Isabella.

I did what I was told and he placed a soft black blindfold over my eyes. I remembered this from O. I was learning.

Isn t that what all those new age gurus preach? That everything in life is a learning experience? All of the lessons I am learning tonight, under the blindfold. The music sounds richer. That the warmth from Kyle s hand on my thigh is such a comfort. Kyle s hands the Master s hands.

I smiled to myself as the car dipped. It had been a quick drive to his house and I had figured out exactly where we were the underground parking garage of a high rise apartment building near the downtown. Kyle opened the car door and helped me out, leading me across a concrete floor that echoed with the click clack of my heels. I heard him take out a key and unlock a door, leading me forward. I felt a jolt in my knees, heard the hum of electricity and felt the sensation of moving up many floors. I acclimated myself to my new surroundings, the sounds, the smells . . . I didn t even hear him.

Strip, Isabella.


You heard me, girl, I said take off your clothes. I want to see your body.

Yes, sir, I replied, as I fumbled with the pearly buttons on my blouse.

You belong to me now. You are as much mine as my job or my life. When you are here, you will wear only what I allow. If, after tonight, you decide that you can t handle it, I ll understand. But if you ever come back here, I better never find you dressed in anything that I haven t told you to wear. If you do, you will so sorry.

I slipped out of my skirt and unfastened the ankle straps of my shoes. I removed my stockings and felt the cold hardness of the tile under my feet. Before I had time to get used to it, the elevator doors opened. We were entering his place, I knew, and as I walked into the room, Kyle took off my blindfold.

The apartment was beautiful, with massive black leather furniture arranged comfortably. The art is almost as exciting as he is, I thought an eclectic mix of Chagall and Picasso prints and a surrealist piece I couldn t identify until he told me it was Pavel Tchelitchew s Hide and Seek. There were also a few small sculpture pieces on lit stands. I recalled having admired them in a local gallery. He walked across the soft gray carpeting, taking off his jacket and loosening his tie and then reclining on the deep black sofa. I cannot move, I thought. I am frozen in this spot.

Good girl, he almost growled. Now come on over here and let me take a look at you. I timidly walked over to him, small steps, eyes downcast, hands clasped together at my back the way I have practiced in my mirror. Will he be pleased? Is this how they do it, the women who want this?

I was keenly aware of my hair on my shoulders and back a tiny lock had managed to tumble over my shoulder and was caressing an erect nipple. I felt his eyes penetrating me, as if he was carefully evaluating the contraction of every muscle on my body. At last I stood right in front of him.

His hands glided over my hips, down my legs, across the backs of my knees, the little valleys on the outsides of my calves. Then they traced the same path upward, past my hips, the muscles in his hands tensing as they ran past the deep curve of my waist. He pressed me down to my knees as his strong, warm hands cupped my breasts. He rubbed my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I tilted my head back and moaned.

Undress me, Bella. I looked into his smoky gray blue eyes as I pulled off his tie and reached for the button on his collar. At the first sight of his flesh under that expensive cotton, my mouth reached out for it. His flesh was bronze, a summer tan barely starting to fade. I inhaled his rich cologne sprinkled with a touch of leather, so extraordinarily masculine and powerful. With each button undone, I was tasting, exploring and savoring him.

When I finished with the buttons I rose from my knees slightly to push the shirt the shirt from his shoulders, forcing my breasts into his face. He took my offering, kissing each one as he pushed them together, then he took the right nipple in his mouth, sucking ever so gently then harder, until he softly bit it. My breathing was raspy I could barely take in enough air to satisfy my need for oxygen. I was throbbing inside and I could feel his need nearly as strong as I felt my own. I pressed my palms into his back and felt his muscles contract. I eased myself back down to my knees.

Now finish, Bella.

I slipped his shoes and socks off. I caressed his feet and kissed them. I had always dreamed of this moment, and I was finally doing it. I ran my tongue from the heel of his left foot to his big toe and took it in my mouth, sucking gently then scraping the tip with my teeth before lifting my head and again looking at his face. His eyes were closed, his head leaning back on the soft leather sofa.

Oh, Kyle, I thought, I am going to learn all of your sensitive spots, too, I promise.

Reaching up, I fumbled with the belt buckle. The buttons at his waist were easier to manage. I looked into his eyes as I unzipped his pants. I slid my fingers under the waistband of his underwear and tugged the pants and briefs off at the same time. At last I saw him naked.

I was on the floor, at his feet, admiring his erect cock. It drew me like a magnet. I reached up to him. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face to him. His kiss was almost violent as he held me by my mouth, his other arm pulling my body closer. Gasping for breath, he released me.

Not here, Isabella, let s go into the bedroom.

I rose to my feet. No, my angel. I want you to crawl for me.

I stayed on all fours, afraid of how silly I must have looked. He had this grin on his face, an all knowing glow. I kept my eyes downcast, looking only at his feet.

I found it hard to hide my awe as I entered the bedroom. I knew that the carpeting under my hands and knees was the same as in the living room, but nothing could prepare me for the sturdy mahogany four poster bed in this room. It was absolutely breathtaking. Kyle enjoyed my expression as he lay on the bed, watching me crawl toward him like a large, exotic cat.

Pretty, Bella. My new pet. Come here. I have a present for you.

I smiled from eyes to pussy as I crawled to him. From his bedside table, he drew out a white leather collar, the kind they sell in pet stores to little old ladies who have a rhinestone fetish. It was narrow and the stones caught what little light there was in the room and reflected back in pink and lavender sparkles. I climbed into bed and took the small piece of leather in my hand. I looked it over it felt very heavy for its size. I don t think it was the collar exactly, but the symbolism that it contained.

Put it on, Bella. I hesitated for a moment. It was a second too long. From a small compartment in his bedside table he drew out a whip. The object itself was not that big perhaps six inches long. Several straps of leather that hung from the handle were a little longer and knotted at the ends.

I was hoping that I would not have to play lion tamer tonight. I think you need to know, Isabella, that when I give an order, it is not a request. I want that collar on now, and then I want you to lie on your stomach.

Quickly, I fastened the collar around my neck, then lay down on the bed, my head sinking into the pillows. I could faintly smell his cologne. He caressed me, his hands gliding over my skin just as they had in the alley.

Sweet little thing, I m going to tell you, promise you, that I will not really harm you. But of course, to get to the pleasure, there will be pain. Now, I understand completely if you must cry out, but if you scream or make too much noise, I am prepared to gag you. I know we have only known each other for a short time, sweetness, but you are very special to me. Very valuable. I will go easy on you since you have been so good so far and this is your first taste of the whip. Now, are you ready?

Yes, sir, I answered, not at all sure if I was. He bent down to kiss me and I kissed him back, caressing his face and hair with my hands, kissing him as I never kissed any man, kissing him as if begging for his mercy, as if begging for the pain that was to come.

As the lash came down over my backside, I jumped. It was different from being spanked. The knots in the leather dug in, and soon I could feel the welts rising like minute mountain ranges all over the landscape of my back, shoulders and bottom. The sting raced over my body as the blows came one after another. I experienced the burn, the pain, the utter helplessness of it all. But what I felt the most was relief the scratching of an itch that I had been unable to reach all of my adult life.

There were tears on my cheeks I hadn t realized I was crying. I didn t know if I was crying because of the pain or from joy, or from the shame of being so excited by it. Kyle had stopped, I realized, and was watching me, smiling tenderly. He put the whip away and took me in his arms.

Hush, Bella. It s okay. I m here.

But no apologies he was perfect: strong, caring, reassuring, but not sorry. He had just disciplined his slave. I was a consenting adult. I wanted this. He held me and rocked me, kissing me, comforting me as I tried to explain my feelings.

As he looked into my eyes, he stroked my face. My hands were at his chest, his dark hair peppered with gray in between my fingers, my head on his heart. I could hear it beating solidly. I looked up into his face and he kissed me full on the mouth.

Just then his weight shifted as he maneuvered his body heavily on top of mine. He was everything, everything I had ever sought out in a man: strong, warm and powerful.

What was that clich about power being the ultimate aphrodisiac? He knew this was the truth, especially with me. I felt him slip his warm cock between my legs, the silky skin grazing my inner thigh.

As he entered me, I came almost immediately, convulsing wildly. It had been building from the moment in the alley. I had never come so quickly in my life. I noticed the veins in his neck straining under his skin as he penetrated deeper. The light from his dresser surrounded him as if he wore the most perfect of halos. I was enthralled at the sight of this beautiful man on top of me, taking such pleasure from me.

The pressure building inside that I had never felt before was enough to send me over the edge again and again. I was screaming, making noises that I never knew I could make. I was crying out louder than I had under the whip.

He was crying out, too, and when he came, it was like an earthquake from deep inside him. His muscles pumped involuntarily, then an anguished look crossed his face for a second, then one of ecstasy. As he collapsed on top of me, his kisses smothering me, he murmured my name tenderly.

We drifted off to sleep. I think the tension of the night had thoroughly exhausted us, as had the great sexual release.

I awoke in the dark to hear his breathing. His warm body was wrapped around mine. In the moonlight I ventured out of bed to look at myself in the full length mirror on the closet door. The rhinestones glittered in the moonlight as I fingered the white leather collar. It seemed unreal that just a few hours before I hesitated to put it on. Now I never wanted to take it off.

I noticed the mark on my leg there seemed to be something special about it. It was a mark that he put on my body it was his mark. The welts were gone. I knew they had been there, but now they only existed in my memory. I almost wished that he would do it again.

Is something wrong, Isabella? I turned to look at him propped up on one arm, staring at me in the darkness.

Nothing s wrong. I m just amazed. I was sure

Ahh just searching for little souvenirs of your first night in the deep darkness of sadomasochism?

Something like that.

Come back to bed, Isabella.

I looked at the clock. It was three in the morning. I walked back to his massive black lair, his willing captive.

So, Isabella, are you sure you have never done anything like this before? His voice was irresistible. I snuggled down under the comforter and into his body. I didn t want to move.

No, sir. This is the first time. It s almost like losing my virginity all over again. Only I didn t come when that happened.

Then you liked it? You know, I want complete honesty.

Yes, sir.

I looked deep into his gray eyes and saw nothing but concern. I took his face in my hands and kissed his upper lip, flicking my tongue lightly on the inside.

Kyle, do you know how long I ve waited for a man like you? I didn t think they existed. I can honestly tell you that I have never experienced pleasure like I have tonight.

I feel relief whenever I think how he took me in his arms and held me tightly against him. He cradled me, caressing my face gently. I reached out for him, pulling him closer, feeling his kiss burn through me again. I reached down between his legs. He was getting hard under my touch. I swam under the covers, letting my lips trace a path as if they were dividing him in half. He brushed away the blankets so he could watch me. I found what I craved and licked the few drops of moisture that were on the tip of his cock, then ran my tongue down his long, strong shaft, kissing, pulling the skin away from the muscle with my lips ever so gently. I licked his balls, the wiry hairs tickling my cheeks as I explored. As my tongue lightly circled his tight little hole I felt him tense, but for just a second I was able to dive my tongue in as deep as it would go.

Good God, Bella, I heard him moan, his hand clawing at my hair. Gently I kissed it and moved back to his cock. The head was so big, smooth and rounded, inviting me like a large purple mushroom. I licked the rim under the head before taking the entire length of his shaft into my mouth. I love giving head, perhaps even more than I like to receive it. I ran my tongue from the very edge of his cockhead to as far down the glans as it would go, gently sucking. Kyle s face was sublime, his back arched forward, forcing his cock further down my throat. I savored the expression on his face, and he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I pushed then pulled on his cock, sucking and sucking until I felt it he was ready to come. God how I loved that moment! The taste, the pungent, earthy flavor of Kyle s orgasm spilling into my mouth, down my throat. I savored the last drops and let go. My master took me by the armpits and pulled me back up to him. I felt his tongue in my mouth. This was a good sign. I once had a lover who would make me gargle after he came in my mouth. But I was here in Kyle s arms, his bed, and we were sharing the taste of his come, like some special lovers cognac.

He was up on one arm now, looking at me in the moonlight, no longer needing reassurances that I wasn t scared. Again he reached over to his bedside table, this time retrieving a length of leather about a yard and a half long, with rings on both ends. He wrapped it once around one of the posts on the bed and then drew out a pair of leather wrist cuffs. I held out my hands to him so he could put them on me. They were soft, a dark tan color, a bit richer than honey. He slipped a padlock into the hasps, then secured them to the leather strap around the bedpost. He saw the look in my eyes.

Such a pout, Bella?

I won t be able to touch you for the rest of the night, sir.

He smiled and stroked my face. There will be plenty of time for touching when I release you. He kissed me softly and wrapped his arms around me. I drifted in and out of sleep, sometimes stretching in the embrace of the shackles. He was still there, his arms wrapped around me, his promise ringing in my ears.

When I awoke, he stood at the side of the bed, fully dressed, morning paper under his arm and holding a breakfast tray filled with small pastries and a cup of coffee. He placed the tray next to me and sat down on the bed.

Ever since I was a little girl, the first thing I did every morning was pick up the paper and read my horoscope.

He opened the newspaper and read: Be careful. What may seem like a harmless indulgence can become a powerful addiction.

What does yours say?

Scorpio s power is surging today. It is a good day for new conquests. You are sure to get everything you want from any endeavor.

How appropriate that he s a Scorpio, I thought. The most sensual sign of the zodiac. It is one of the most powerful and dominant signs. What did mine say? Be careful? Too late now. The poison from his sting is already rushing through my bloodstream, I can t imagine ever recovering fully from my Scorpio s kiss. I tugged at the leather strap and looked up at him. I wanted him again, already. He bent down and kissed me.

So, Bella, how soon can you move in? I don t want my slave too far away.

Yes, it s definitely too late.

Blissful Submission

Ride me, baby. Ride me hard! I shouted to my boyfriend, Rob, encouraging him to plunge his cock faster and deeper into my cunt. I was draped over the arm of the couch, and he was standing behind me. He firmly gripped my ass. Rob s hard cock impaled me over and over, the force of his thrusts driving me into the cushions. My clit rubbed against the unyielding furniture, the rough material rubbing deliciously against that sensitive bundle of nerves causing a glorious friction. I clutched the cushion in both hands, burying my face in it, trying to hold my body steady despite Rob s forceful fucking.

He seized handfuls of my ass even harder, pulling my cheeks apart as he thrust into me several more times. Then he froze and shuddered as he came with a loud groan. His cock pulsed inside my slick channel, letting a few drops of semen loose inside me before pulling out and spraying the rest of his load over my rear. He loves to watch the white streams of his come drip down my butt and back.

As the hot jets of his cream hit my skin, my excitement over Rob s climax pushed me over the edge, too. I moaned loudly, lifting my ass even higher in the air as waves of ecstasy ripped through my body. Baby, I love how you fuck me, I murmured into the couch with a satisfied sigh.

Rob ran his hand up the length of my spine, caressing my back, then drew patterns on it by trailing his finger through the warm ribbons of come. I felt his seed drying stiff and sticky on my skin.

Wear it all day, baby. Don t wash it off, he said, offering me his hand then pulling me upright for a kiss. His tongue teased open my lips then plunged, warm and wet, into my welcoming mouth.

The idea of bearing Rob s mark all day as I worked at the office gave me a dirty little thrill. I wrapped a hand around the back of his neck to pull him close for another deep kiss.

As you wish, I said, with a smile.

And don t wear any panties under your skirt, he continued, but don t you dare masturbate, no matter how turned on you are.

I nodded. Rob s directions were different every day. I never knew what to expect or when he might call me at work and tell me to do something sexual. Sometimes it was as simple as going into a bathroom stall and fingering myself until I came, or wearing nipple clamps underneath my suit. Other times his commands could be more exotic. Once he told me to clench my pussy until I came while attending a meeting. Sitting poker faced at the boardroom table, I clenched and released my muscles until I was dripping onto the chair. I shivered as my orgasm ripped through me, but never allowed my expression to change.

Little did I know how much he was going to ramp up the intensity of domination play in our sex life that evening.

When I arrived home from my office, my cunt was aching for some attention. I couldn t wait for Rob to get home from work so he could fuck me senseless. I d refrained from touching myself all day just as he d commanded, even when I caught the occasional whiff of his scent coming from the dried come on my back.

When I heard the front door open, I was off the couch and in the foyer in a heartbeat. I can t wait another minute. Get in here and fu The words dried up on my tongue and I froze in place.

Rob had another man with him.

Oh, hello. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. I was disappointed that my hungry pussy wouldn t be satisfied until after our unexpected guest had gone home, but tried not to let it show. Come in, I urged, a little confused.

Honey, this is Jim. I ve told you about him, remember? We work together.

Yes. I remember. I forced myself to smile and held out a hand to shake Jim s. So pleased to meet you. Sorry, I haven t planned anything for dinner. I didn t know we were having company.

Rob is dark haired, average height and as stocky as a wrestler. His friend, Jim, was tall, blond and blue eyed. The appraising look he gave me made me shiver with excitement, and I wondered what new plans Rob had up his sleeve.

That s all right. We can order a pizza later, Rob said. The operative word being later, I thought as I stared at him.

Jim sat on the couch, and I went to the kitchen to fetch some beers. Rob immediately followed me.

My boyfriend twisted the cap off his beer and took a swig before he spoke. Elena, I have an assignment for you.

I was intrigued. We d been playing our mild version of dominance and submission for a while now, and I was always curious to see what Rob would come up with next. Following his instructions without question had become a freeing experience for me. Until I met Rob, I never once imagined that submission could mean total liberation.

You know I love the way you look. You re so incredibly hot and sexy, and I want to show you off tonight, if you re comfortable with that.

I glanced through the doorway at Jim, who was patiently awaiting our return.

Show me off how?

I want you to strip for Jim and make him come. You re such a sexy little cocksucker. I want you to give him the best blowjob of his life. And if you re especially good, maybe you ll be allowed to come, too.

My over stimulated pussy clenched at his words. The idea of this stranger looking at my nude body, maybe even touching me, was thrilling. I liked the thought of taking his cock into my mouth, too. Rob had just upped the ante in our sex play. I couldn t believe he was willing to share me, but I was all for it.

Do I have to? I said breathlessly, my playful tone letting Rob know that I was wholeheartedly into the game and simply wanted to hear him boldly command me in that hot, masculine tone he uses.

Yes, you must. Let s go. Rob ushered me back to the living room and stood me directly in front of Jim. His friend raised a quizzical eyebrow and Rob nodded to him to let him know that everything was okay. I found it secretly thrilling that they had discussed me sexually. Rob then stood behind me, murmuring commands in my ear. Unbutton your blouse and show Jim your bra.

Slowly, like a stripper, I worked one button after another through its hole, revealing more and more of my naked flesh. The cool air in the room chilled my skin. Rob s heaving, hot breath brushed the side of my blushing face,.

Look into Jim s eyes, Elena. Don t look away, Rob said as he pulled the blouse off my shoulders, leaving me standing in nothing but my bra and skirt. My legs were bare beneath the skirt. I had worn neither nylons nor underwear to work, as per Rob s earlier instruction, so I immediately felt exposed.

I tingled with mounting excitement as I obeyed Rob and met our guest s admiring gaze. His blue eyes grew dark as his pupils dilated. He held his forgotten beer poised halfway to his mouth, staring at my voluptuous cleavage spilling over the top of my lacy bra.

Rob fondled my breasts, tweaking my nipples to hard points through the sheer fabric. He scooped a hand down inside each cup and pulled my breasts out of the sheltering lace, setting them on display for Jim. My heavy breasts were still supported by the bra but were completely bare for our guest s inspection.

Want to see more? Rob teased.

Jim nodded mutely. His mouth was open and his tongue darted out to lick his full lips, making them glisten.

My tits prickled as if his eyes traveling over them were hands touching their firmness. My nipples were puckered, the areolas pebbled from the cool air and Jim s hot gaze wildly eyeing them.

Squeeze your breasts and play with your nipples, Rob ordered.

I complied, pinching and teasing each of my nipples, then tweaking them roughly until I gasped from the intensely pleasurable sensation. Tell me more, I begged, as my pussy began to leak.

Rob unfastened the button and zipper on the side of my skirt and eased it teasingly down my hips, dropping it to the floor and instantly revealing my naked pussy. I was glad I d had a recent wax. Except for a thin line of light brown hair, my crotch was smooth and pale. Rob caressed it, stroking his hand over my pubic mound then dipping a finger between my folds. Like the way she looks, Jim? She s always like this hot and ready to fuck.

Jim seemed beyond speech. His chest rose and fell with his rapid breathing. He stroked the bulge behind the fly of his jeans, but didn t pull down the zipper. Maybe he, too, was awaiting Rob s forceful command. It was clear to both of us that Rob called the shots.

My cunt was sopping. I shivered at Rob s probing fingers and the excitement of being shown off to Jim. My eyes began to drift closed with ecstasy, but I forced them to stay focused on him, just as Rob had directed. My heart pounded with utter excitement as I awaited his next order.

Rob nudged my thighs farther apart then separated the pink folds of my labia to better display me for his friend. Play with yourself now. He removed his hands from my crotch. Masturbate for Jim. Show him what you like, Elena.

I complied instantly, stroking my needy pussy with fingers that were soon slick with juices. I fucked myself with three fingers, driving them in and out of my hole, then toyed with my clit, circling the tiny bud with my fingertip until I moaned with delight and thrust my pelvis against my hand, almost climaxing.

No! Rob shouted. Don t you dare come yet not until I give you permission to come. Now, I really had to focus.

It was hard to obey him. I was so close to coming, I was nearly sobbing. I wanted to keep rubbing myself more than I wanted anything else at that moment. Reluctantly, my fingers abandoned my pussy and my hand dropped to my side. My body shivered at the effort.

Lick your fingers, Rob whispered. Do it slowly and really savor your flavor. Show Jim how much you love to taste your sweet pussy juice.

I lifted my hand to my mouth and inserted my index finger between my lips. Mmm! I sucked my finger extravagantly, making a big show of it. One by one I licked my fingers clean, running my tongue up and down each digit so Jim could see it and imagine my tongue licking his cock the same way. I closed my eyes and reveled in the musky taste of my sex. When I was finished, I dropped my hand back to my side and waited, eagerly anticipating Rob s next order. I began to moan from the tingling sensation in my pussy and tried to not touch myself until Rob gave me his permission.

Rob unfastened my bra and took it off. I stood completely nude, tense with excitement and ready for whatever might come next. Are you ready for Jim to touch you, baby? Don t you want him?

I gulped and nodded.

Then ask for it. Say, Please, Master Rob, may Jim touch me now?

I repeated his words verbatim. Then I repeated, Please once more, my voice quavering with raw, achy need.

Yes, he may, but you d better behave for him, Elena. He is a guest in our house, after all. Rob beckoned Jim over with his finger.

Jim had been sitting on the couch enjoying my erotic show. He rose and walked toward us. His hands went straight to my breasts, stroking and squeezing them just as my hands had done. He pinched my sensitive nipples, making me moan with desire.

I arched my chest forward into his hands, but his touch wasn t nearly enough. I wanted more. I needed more. Please, sir, can he suck them now?

Go ahead, Rob instructed his friend.

Immediately, Jim bent his head, nuzzling and licking my tits, then nibbling on the nipples. This treatment was just what I craved. Jim teased my breasts for long moments before pulling away. Rob, can I touch her pussy now? Jim saw how wet I was.

You may, but don t bring her off just yet. She s not allowed to come until I say that she may.

Jim s hand slid down my belly and between my legs. He stroked my clit for a moment then plunged his fingers into my wet cunt. He fucked me with two fingers, then three. I moaned and writhed against him as he finger fucked me.

You want to come, don t you, little girl? Rob whispered in my ear.

Yes! I shouted.

But you won t until I say you can, will you? He said, turning me on.

His voice had me completely under its spell. I wanted to do whatever he told me, no matter how hard it was to obey. I shook my head and gritted my teeth, clenching my pussy tight around Jim s plunging digits. I breathed deeply and fought the rising urge to explode.

Rob was pressed up behind me, watching all of this over my shoulder. Not yet. Guests first. You have to give Jim his pleasure in order to earn yours.

I nodded and bit my lip to control the to the rising tide of ecstasy.

Rob told Jim to stop then pressed on my shoulders, urging me down to my knees before our guest. Push your hair back from your face so I can see your beautiful mouth. I did as I was told.

I unzipped Jim s fly and pulled down the boxer briefs that bound his cock. It sprang free and jutted toward me, hard and handsome. White pearls of pre come dripped from the slit on the swollen head. I licked my lips in anticipation.

I looked up at Rob s eager eyes then took Jim s smooth shaft in my hand and stroked it. I positioned the head of his prick at my lips and slowly drew it into my mouth. Then I glanced up at Jim to see his reaction. He was red faced and panting, watching my lips stretch around his cock and engulf him. I sucked in as much of his lengthy prick as I possibly could before slowly letting it slip back out of my mouth. Then I held the shaft upright and licked it like an ice cream cone, swirling my warm tongue all around it and over the throbbing head.

Suck his balls now, Elena! Rob commanded in an even deeper tone.

I dropped lower to suck Jim s sac, letting my tongue roll over his balls. My hand slid between his legs, stroking the sensitive strip between his sac and asshole and tickling a finger around the puckered rim.

Jim groaned and thrust his long cock toward me. His hips pumped faster and faster as I moved up and took his dick into my mouth again. I stroked it roughly with my hand and sucked it hard.

I glanced up to see Rob had taken his cock out of his pants and was stroking himself in time with my hand on Jim s cock. Oh, yeah, Rob grunted. Get him off, Elena. Suck him until he comes.

Released by his words, I worked faster. My hand moved rapidly up and down Jim s shaft and I sucked the head even harder, urging him to shoot his load. It didn t take much encouragement. In moments, Jim let out a loud cry. He clutched my hair, holding my head steady, and thrust several times, really fucking my face. His cock spasmed and released its load. The warm cream slid down my throat as I kept my lips firmly wrapped around his cock, wanting him to give me all of his semen. I grasped his balls in my hand and pumped out the remaining come, swallowing down every last drop. Then I released Jim s depleted cock and let it fall from my lips.

My cunt was clenching and releasing rhythmically, my thighs wet and sticky with pussy juice. My body trembled with the need to come, but Rob hadn t given me the order yet, so I struggled to hold back my rising climax.

Would you like Jim to go down on you, Elena? Rob s voice was choked and thick, as if he could barely form the words, while his hand kept jerking his cock. Yes. God, yes. Please, eat me.

Then beg him to do it. I want to hear you. I love it when you beg me to eat your pussy.

I turned to Jim, who was still recovering from his orgasm. His legs were shaking his cock slowly softening. He tucked it back into his pants and zipped up.

Please, Jim, would you go down on me? I d love to feel your tongue deep inside my pussy. I know Rob enjoys hearing me beg so I added another, Please to turn him on even more.

He was a good sport. Although still huffing and puffing from his exertion, Jim silently nodded his agreement. Elena, lay on the couch with your ass up on the arm. Spread your legs as wide as you can. I want you to hook one up over the back of the couch and put the other foot on the floor. Rob continued to direct his friend and I as though Jim and I were actors in his kinky play, performing for his erotic amusement.

Following his explicit orders was sublimely erotic. I lay back on the couch and placed my legs as he instructed. The position put my private parts on lewd display. I put my arms up over my head and arched my back to thrust my firm breasts up invitingly.

Jim knelt before me. Resting his hands on the insides of my thighs, he bent down and began lapping at my pussy. I was soaking wet and aching with desire because I d waited so long for release. Oh, please. Please, I moaned.

Jim expertly swirled his tongue around my clit then dragged it along my slit and plunged inside me, stabbing it in and out. My eyes fluttered closed as I savored his sensual touch.

No, look at me while you come. Rob s voice broke my trance and my eyes flew open. Rob continued to pump his dick until I could tell from his flushed face and lust filled eyes that he was incredibly close to coming.

The pleasure built inside me. It was hard not to close my eyes as I gave in to the erotic sensation of Jim s mouth on my crotch, but I stayed focused on Rob s eyes watching him watching me with Jim. It was thrilling to see how my compliance to Rob s will turned him on.

I couldn t hold back any longer. A high pitched whine burst from me, forcing me to arch my hips high in the air. A powerful release swept through me as I came under Jim s lapping tongue.

Almost simultaneously, Rob let out a harsh cry, the likes of which I d never heard from him before, as he shot his load. It arced through the air and then the white blobs splattered all over my chest and flat, pale stomach. For several long moments, our labored breathing was the only sound filling the room.

After Jim left, Rob threw his arms around me and hugged me close. You were amazing tonight. I can t believe you did everything I asked. Baby, you can t imagine how hot it was for me. I smiled and snuggled into his embrace.

I understood exactly how he felt. It had been the most erotic night of my life. We went up to bed and enjoyed long, leisurely lovemaking as Rob, at last, claimed me as his own once more.

I d never felt anything more intense than the act of submitting to Rob s desires. I imagine what it must have felt like for him to have his girlfriend brought to orgasm by his friend. Then again, he is the master architect of our sex life, and I am more than willing to follow his hot lead to our next new sexual adventure.

Taming of the Tigress

My Collette was a real brat, but she was also the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on. Collette was a petite brunette with a roller coaster figure the curves ran from her firm, pointed breasts to her full, flared bottom. She was also an Ivy League graduate. The first time I saw her, I sensed she was a handful. We met at a university fund raiser, and I spotted her the second she entered the room. When I asked a colleague about her, he shook his head and said just one word: Trouble.

That warning might have been enough to deter other guys, but not me. She was so beautiful, her presence seeped across the room like sweet, rich perfume. Besides, I was a bit intrigued by her bad reputation. I knew I had to have her. Or at least I had to give it the old college try.

Collette was on the athletic fund raising committee, and as a professor of film history, I was on the steering committee. I introduced myself and she shook my hand. Her lips were full and red, and they pouted out at me like soft pillows ready to swallow me up. Her eyes shot daggers at first, but then her long lashes swept away the fire and she briefly flashed a dazzling smile that left me perspiring. She tossed her hair with an insouciant swing and glared at me again, however, when I mumbled some pointless niceties.

I knew that beneath that cool exterior there must be a woman with strong needs and longing. She might even be a hellcat in the bedroom. I fantasized that she was aching to be dominated and fucked to within an inch of her life. I enjoy adventure, and this woman seemed to be the embodiment of raunchy sexual exploits as well as carefree excursions of a very sensuous nature.

As the room filled with the smell of smoke and single malt scotch, I asked Collette if she knew how to tango. A look of reproach spread across her beautiful face, as if scolding me for having the gall to ask such a ridiculous question. She held out her hand to me, a touch of disdain in her manner, and I guided her onto the dance floor. We tangoed like two fancy dancers, each trying to outdo the other with new and intricate steps. As we danced, I played a hundred scenarios in my mind, envisioning us performing unprecedented sexual acts that would linger on our souls like fine wine on the palate. Yet, as our small talk turned to silence, Collette s eyes again returned to that glassy stare that said Do not disturb.

She started to walk away, but I took her wrist in my hand and turned her to face me. I said frankly that I wanted to see more of her it was a clear statement, not a question. I watched as a slight crack in her icy exterior gave way to something else consent, acceptance, longing. She didn t fuss or pull away. Her eyes still said no, but her body said maybe.

That night began a long series of cat and mouse games that Collette played with me. She seemed to thrive on running hot and cold, her responses changing without any warning. As we left one another that first evening, she gave me her card and said, Call me. I assured her I would, and she walked away without saying another word. Yet only ten minutes later, as I walked through the parking lot, I discovered she was following me. With a very determined stride, her long, beautiful legs ruffling her dress, she marched up to my car. She opened the back door, crawled in, pulled up her dress and simply said, Fuck me.

I didn t require any additional instructions. Collette had wiggled out of her panties, and they hung suggestively on the end of one cream colored high heel. Her legs were spread, and the mingled scent of perfume and sex wafted in the air. The car light allowed me to glimpse only a hint of the beauty of her naked sex, but I knew she was perfect. Without giving a second thought as to our fairly public location, I loosened my belt, pulled out my hard cock and fell into this dream come true.

I entered her with the determination of a prize fighter. She met me stroke for stroke and devoured me like a hungry animal consuming its prey. Little did she know that it was I who would become the captor in this game of passion. Her hot, wet cunt clenched my engorged cock and molded itself around me. Collette held my cock inside her like it was the one thing in the world she had to have more than anything else. She bucked and writhed and howled like a wolf, screeching, Fuck me, fuck me!

I was determined to give her the ride of her life. I wanted to be sure she remembered our first furious fuck for a long time. The car was rocking, and we tore at each other s clothes. Her nails were digging into my back. Together we scratched, clawed and collided. It was an incredibly passionate do or die fuck, and the intensity sizzled through our bodies, scorching us with lust

Collette was trembling and tearing at my back. She was clenching me so tightly, I thought I would burst. I bit into her shoulder and felt her delicious palpitations around my cock. I thrust furiously to meet her stride and exploded inside her, my cock straining to release the built up tension of our passion.

We lay there in the backseat, dazed. I finally pulled out of her and began to straighten my clothes. When I offered Collette my hand, she took it with a firm grip and pulled herself up. She smoothed her dress, threw her panties my way, retrieved her heels from the concrete and turned to look at me. Call, she growled.

I watched her walk away somewhat unsteadily. Then I glanced at her discarded panties, crumpled in a damp little pile on the floor of my car they seemed to be offering up a silent challenge to me. At that moment I knew that Collette was going to be mine. I was determined to harness that wild spirit and dominate the most beautiful and fiery woman I have ever met.

The next months were an education and an adventure for both of us. I discovered that Collette would walk all over anyone she could, acting surly, pompous, childish and downright rude if allowed to do so. It was all part of an act, a plea for love and domination. I certainly loved her by then, and I was ready to take the reins and reel in this untamed beauty.

We continued to have incredible sex that made sparks fly for both of us. Then one night she stood me up no message, no apology, nothing. At first I was worried. Then I fumed. I went to her apartment early the next morning, and she answered the door wearing a sexy satin chemise. Her legs were bare, and I could see her firm belly through the lace that connected the bodice to the bottom of the chemise. I was certain she had nothing on under the flimsy slip. Her breasts pushed defiantly against the shiny silk.

Yes? she asked with a strange smiled.

Where were you? I growled.


Her innocent tone incensed me further. She was playing one of her games, and I wasn t going to let her get away with it. Collette had a habit of testing my patience to see how much she could get away with. Well, this time she had reached my limit. Then she had the nerve to turn away and toss her long chestnut hair flippantly, as if to imply that I was joking about my irritation. I stood there and watched her, both shocked at her indifference and aroused by her presence. She was her most beautiful in her defiant state. Casually, she tossed out an explanation. Maybe I just forgot.

A silly, lame excuse. Steaming, I marched across the room, grabbed her as I sat down on the arm of the couch, pulled her over my knee, hiked up her slip and gave her a good, resounding wallop.

Maybe next time you ll remember, I said. I then delivered several well aimed blows to her bare ass while holding her firmly in place. Her sweet white ass was imprinted by my hand marks. I could see red lines form and then fade away slightly, blurring into a red stained mass. Collette was squirming and shouting, but I held her in place over my knee. My hard on was becoming sticky with pre come inside my pants. Collette was wiggling around, rubbing her pussy provocatively against my leg. Although she was screaming up a storm of threats and insults, I knew she was turned on. Now and then I would stop to check my handiwork, slightly releasing my hold on her, but she would lie still until I gripped her again. With my cock pressed firmly against her thigh and Collette shamelessly pushing her pussy against me, I continued to spank her, beating out a rhythm of authoritative desire.

Maybe next time you ll remember how to be a good girl, I said, delivering a solid swat to her ass. My cock was ready to explode. This whole scene was so erotic. I could feel a slight dampness on my leg where Collette was smearing her sex against me. But you always have to be a bad girl, don t you? She looked back at me, embarrassed and surprised, but also turned on, there was no question about that. I rattled her ass good and hard as I made her apologize.

Say it. You are a bad girl and you are sorry. I was so aroused by this time, I had to grit my teeth to keep from going over the edge. The sound of smacking flesh, the crimson color of her ass and the sight of a turned on submissive Collette was the hottest thing I had ever laid eyes or hands on. Again, I demanded an apology.

In a tiny voice, she whispered, I m sorry.

No, I bellowed, delivering a few nicely placed swats on her thighs. You were bad. Apologize properly.

This time her words came out clearly. I reached down between her legs and worked a finger inside her pussy. Collette s beautiful body tensed up, then shook with incredible tremors. I had to tighten my grip to keep from dropping her. She then became as loose as a silk cord draped languorously across my lap.

When she recovered, she sat up and hugged me, begging me to forgive her for her impudent behavior. She then planted herself squarely on my cock. We were sitting face to face, and she worked herself up and down on my shaft with unprecedented determination and agility. My cock was so charged up that after only a few moments of this incredible fucking I came. Collette writhed in the throes of her orgasm as she pumped up and down on my cock, repeating, Never again . . . I ll be good, I ll try to be good.

Never again meant until the next time she was itching for it, because Collette wanted to be disciplined frequently. I learned to recognize the signals that clearly stated when she wanted to be dominated. Being late for a date, acting rude or inappropriate in public, changing plans without telling me those were the ways Collette let me know she was hot for a scene.

She would even alert me occasionally by saying, Oh, you never know, I might be late. My reply was always, You better not be. Then she would turn toward me with a devilish smile and say, We ll see. I knew then that she was setting us up for a wild and passionate night of high tempered love.

One Saturday night, we were to attend a dinner in honor of a colleague who had recently received a national grant and award. The dinner was scheduled for eight o clock. It was a formal affair, and I fussed with my black tie as I waited for Collette to answer her door. It was several minutes before she finally appeared, wearing only a silk pajama top and panties. Underneath, a sheer lace demi bra barely held her tits in place. Her hair was done perfectly, she was expertly made up and her eyes sparkled mischievously. She was exquisite.

I have a sore throat, she said in a full, clear voice.

I stared at her. Will you repeat that please? I asked, testing her.

In a very loud, healthy tone she said again, I have a sore throat. I cannot talk.

I grabbed her firmly by the hair and pulled her head back slightly. Let me see. Collette s hand flew instinctively between her legs. My cock began to swell inside my silk boxers. I knew she, too, was turned on, and I was determined to give her what she deserved.

She stuck out her long pink tongue. I held her tightly by the hair and told her to stop touching herself. Then I ripped open the front of her silk top, sending the buttons flying every which way. I squeezed one of her nipples and twisted it.

You are being a very naughty girl. You have no right to be playing with yourself. Do you hear me? Now take out my cock.

Her eyes lit up as she knelt and unzipped my razor edged black trousers. My swelling cock bounced out of its swathing on its own. I pulled her hair a little harder, and she yelped as I stuck my cock in her mouth. Collette slobbered over my hard cock as I held her by the hair and began pumping in and out of her mouth, thrusting forcefully.

I could see Collette trying to sneak a hand between her legs again, but I swatted her arm away. I said no. Bad girls do not get to play with their pussies. Do you understand? I held her wrist tightly, and she kept sucking as I concentrated on holding her so that the upper edge of my cockhead brushed lightly across the roof of her mouth. It was a perfect position and I was not about to lose it.

Pulling Collette into place by her fine brown hair was hardly necessary, yet she would occasionally pull away and I would yank her back into position. The sight of this perfect beauty kneeling before me in her torn top and panties, her eyes filled with excitement as she sucked wholeheartedly on my cock, was doing me in. Ready to erupt, I pulled her to my crotch by her hair and shoved my cock down her throat, exploding with tremendous force. Collette swallowed hard as my come filled her mouth and dripped down her chin.

As she lapped up the semen that escaped her mouth, I watched her reach down to touch her sex. She looked at me apprehensively. I was still turned on, so I pulled off her bra. As her breasts sprang free, I gave them a light slap. Caught off guard, she attempted to shift away from me, but I turned her back around. She landed on all fours, and I reached down and held her in that position. Her scant panties barely covered her ass, which was pointed up in the air. I gave her a good swat.

You are very bad, I scolded.

I reached inside her panties and stuck my finger in her pussy. She was damp and hot. I removed my cummerbund, unbanded my suspenders, stepped out of my trousers and boxers and stood over my beautiful Collette. Using the suspenders as a makeshift leash, I tied them around her neck and walked her on her hands and knees to the bathroom, where there was a full length mirror.

There in the reflection was Collette on all fours a beautiful brunette with pointy tits hanging down through a ripped silk pajama top, panties barely covering her damp sex. I stood naked from the waist down, yet in full black tie apparel from the waist up starched white shirt, black jacket and tie perfectly in place. My cock was at full mast, bobbing out in front of me. Collette was aching for some relief, but I wanted her to wait to suffer a few moments, which I knew would only increase her pleasure. I straddled her back and watched the image in the mirror as I stroked myself, savoring the sight.

Collette s limbs quivered under the strain of my weight. So I stood up, backed away and knelt down behind her, biting her ass and tearing her panties in the process. I gave her pussy one big lick and felt her spasm immediately. Tickling her anus, I poked it lightly with my finger. Again Collette trembled. My cock was hard and ready, and I entered her with one quick thrust.

Collette went ballistic as I fucked her from behind. All the pent up tension she was carrying exploded as I fucked her fast and furiously. She tried desperately to hold herself in position, but she finally collapsed when my cock rammed through the shreds of her panties and delved deep into her throbbing cunt with one final, determined thrust. With Collette resting beneath me on the cool tile floor, my cock firmly embedded inside her, I came. I was gloriously in control, happily dominating my beautiful Collette in every way. Interestingly enough, we were hardly late for the benefit dinner, and Collette was the most beautiful woman in the room.

Collette and I have been lovers for over two years. She is a very headstrong and determined woman, but in her heart she knows that I hold the key to her happiness. As powerful and controlling as she is, it is only when she relinquishes that control that she is truly satisfied. And my pleasure is inextricably tied to my ability to keep my lady in line.


I am a twenty seven year old nurse at a large metropolitan hospital. Three months ago, my sex life was nothing to write home about. I dated, doctors mostly, and got laid with decent regularity, but I never experienced the kind of pulse pounding, explosive passion my girlfriends seemed to enjoy so frequently. Then I met Robert and everything changed dramatically.

Robert is a highly skilled surgeon who in a short time has earned the respect and admiration of his peers. Only forty two, he s already achieved the kind of recognition reserved for physicians with many more years experience. I had heard about him, of course, and when I learned he had been called in to perform a delicate operation on a patient on my floor, I began looking forward to actually meeting him.

I half expected him to be aloof, given his success, but he was just the opposite, charming me as well as other nurses with his quick smile and bawdy sense of humor. And it didn t hurt that he was very good looking, tall and lean with wavy black hair and deep brown eyes. Along with the other nurses on the floor, I couldn t help but wonder what he was like in bed. He can operate on my pussy anytime, was Rosie s playful comment, with the rest of us quickly concluding that Robert was as skillful in the bedroom as he was in the operating room.

The next day, late in the afternoon, I was alone at the nurse s station when Robert stopped by and invited me to dinner. He was so self assured, a bit arrogant even, as if the possibility of my declining his offer didn t exist. It was a side of his personality I hadn t seen before, and I liked it.

Dinner went well, and I became increasingly excited at the prospect of going to bed with Robert. I knew he d have to make a move that night because he was flying home early the next day. Ready to be ravished, my panties now sticking to my moistening pussy, I sipped my after dinner coffee and waited for the inevitable suggestion we repair to his hotel room. Robert didn t disappoint me, and again his invitation was premised on the assumption that I wouldn t refuse. Then, setting the tone for what would be the most amazing night of my life, he ordered me to the ladies room where I was to remove my panties. I was then to return to our table and hand the garment to him as a symbol of my submission.

Strangely, his outrageous demand neither shocked nor repelled me on the contrary, it turned me on something fierce. I had never been with a man who was so sure of himself, so in control, so ready to impose his will on me, and it was wickedly exciting. Suddenly I ached with the desire to submit totally to this special man, to surrender completely, for deep down I knew that my reward would be a kind of pleasure I had never experienced before. Blushing, I stood up and made my way to the ladies room.

In the taxi ride to Robert s hotel I sat with my skirt bunched around my waist, my bare bottom on the cloth seat, as he teased me unmercifully. Paying no mind to the cabdriver, he fondled my naked pussy and squeezed my breasts through my blouse as I whimpered with desire. He put my hand in his lap, permitting me to feel the giant bulge of his swollen cock as he whispered in my ear that he intended to fuck my mouth, pussy and ass that night.

Once in his hotel suite, Robert shed his sport jacket, then he slowly removed all my clothes as I stood silently before him with my heart beating a mile a minute. When I was stark naked, he walked me over to a long couch. Still dressed, Robert stood close behind me and said that he was going to warm my ass and that if I took my spanking like a big girl he d let me suck on his cock. He asked if I understood and in a soft voice I told him yes. Then he draped me over the back of the couch.

Robert spent the next few minutes smacking my ass as I gasped and grunted and groaned. It hurt, but it was an exciting hurt, and the embarrassment of being spanked like a misbehaving schoolgirl only added to the wicked pleasure of it all. The fire in my cunt almost matched that at my ass by the time Robert was finished.

Still draped over the back of the couch, I felt him spread the cheeks of my steaming ass to expose my anus. Moments later he was smearing a lubricant in and around my small rear hole, working one, then two fingers into me back there as I whimpered with desire. You like having your asshole played with? Robert asked. Yes . . . I do, I replied truthfully. Ordering me to reach back and hold my cheeks open for him, he carefully worked an anal plug into my rear orifice, giving my ass a little pat once the plug was fully seated. He asked me if it felt good and I answered that it did. My cock will feel even better, he said.

Minutes later, I was on my knees and fumbling with his zipper in a frenzy of lust. I couldn t wait to have his cock in my mouth. Robert had me look up at him and ask for what I wanted. I did, shamelessly asking, begging, for his cock in my mouth. He wouldn t give it to me right away, holding it just out of reach of my open mouth as he grinned down at me. He was obviously enjoying the tease and, secretly, so was I. Finally, he grabbed a handful of my blonde hair and plunged my mouth down over his hot, throbbing cock. I sucked greedily, almost choking on the solid shaft in my eagerness to take it all down my throat. As I gobbled his manhood, Robert removed his shirt and tie and tossed them aside.

Would he come in my mouth? I wondered. On my face? I half hoped that he would, although my pussy ached for his cock and the anal plug still in my ass was a constant reminder of the pleasure I could expect back there. I remembered Robert s promise to penetrate all three of my holes as, responding to his command, I began licking and sucking his balls. Not much later, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, tilted my head back and sprayed his creamy come all over my face as I looked up at him, my eyes full of gratitude. When he stopping coming, he leaned over and kissed me, tasting himself on my lips, then removed the rest of his clothes as I remained kneeling submissively on the carpeted floor.

The next few hours passed in a haze of the sweetest passion, Robert orchestrating the action like a master and making me revel in my submissiveness. He ordered and I hastened to obey, offering myself to him in whichever way he so desired at the time. Once, after teasing me to the point where I was ready to sell my soul for his cock, he made me crawl on all fours to him and beg for the fucking I needed. Then he gave me a superb screwing, as he rammed his mighty cock balls deep inside my aching pussy. I don t know how many times I came. It was one orgasm after another, the cumulative effect of them all leaving me in a happy daze when at last Robert spilled his seed into my wildly grasping pussy.

Our first evening together ended with me tied facedown to Robert s king size bed, a pillow bunched under my hips to elevate my ass. Having come in my mouth and cunt, he was ready now to take me anally. The thought alone of his cock pushing deep into my asshole, stretched nicely by the anal plug, was enough to have me quivering with need. Taking it in the ass was not something I did often, but I usually derived a naughty thrill from the penetration of my rear hole. I knew that Robert would make this fucking of my ass especially exciting and memorable.

And he did so by talking to me throughout the act, his breath hot in my ear as he whispered the most deliciously vulgar things while plunging his hard cock deep inside my asshole. Tied as I was, with his weight atop me, I could do nothing but submit to the vigorous reaming of my asshole. In my lust I had become a true slave slut, wallowing in my submissiveness, rejoicing in how wonderfully dirty Robert made me feel. I didn t want him to ever stop pounding his cock into my ass, and I told him so, using the nastiest words I could think of to convey my wicked desire. When he let out a roar and sent his semen shooting into my rear channel, I had what seemed like a half dozen orgasms rolled into one, the savage intensity of my pleasure almost causing me to lose consciousness.

I left his hotel suite early the next morning, fearful that once on the plane bound for home he would forget all about the pretty blonde nurse he d made so happy with his domination. Happily, Robert kept his promise and stayed in touch. In the last three months we ve seen each other five times and it s been marvelous, but I want more of his outrageous brand of lovemaking and will be moving to his city before the summer is over.

Ms. D.F., California


As readers of Variations know, some women love to be dominated sexually. One woman, I ll call her Kay, would come to see me regularly to be bound and punished. One day, as usual, she let herself in, stripped and placed her collar around her neck. She came into the living room and knelt at my feet. I told her that her training had progressed to the point where I thought it was time to push her limits. I told her that I wanted to bind her wrists together and attach them to a chain that hung from the ceiling. Once she was in position, I would whip her until she came. She held out her trembling hands and said, Thank you, Master.

I placed padded black leather cuffs around each of her wrists and pulled them tight. Then I connected the cuffs to a chain that was attached to a hook in the ceiling. I placed a blindfold over her eyes, to prevent her from seeing the whip coming. She hung helplessly before me in her naked and vulnerable beauty.

To tease her, I chose a horsehair whip. It makes a nice whistling sound as it flies through the air, but the light weight of the horsehair causes only a mild sting. I whipped her back, sides and thighs, purposely avoiding her bouncing little buttocks, as I was saving those for later. She just stood there as the whip flicked her skin.

Deciding it was time to move on, I chose a cat o nine tails. Snap! Snap! The cat s tail struck her bottom. Soon her ass took on a nice rosy red glow. She was unable to stop flinching with each blow. I stopped for a moment to run my hand over her ass, feeling the sweet heat. Kay trembled as I stroked her hot ass.

I picked up a leather paddle, took aim and swatted both cheeks at the same time. This brought a moan of pleasure from deep in her throat. She clenched her butt cheeks in anticipation as I struck one cheek, then the other. Each stinging blow left an imprint of the paddle on her white skin. It didn t take long for her ass to turn a nice blushed red.

I exchanged the paddle for a braided black leather cat and methodically struck her flaming ass, swinging the cat back and forth, stroking one cheek, then the other. Through all of this, hardly a sound escaped from between her clenched teeth.

Well, we had reached the moment of truth, time to get serious. I had worked up a sweat, so I took off my shirt, then selected a riding crop. Stepping back, I swung the crop and let it whistle through the air. Kay s body leapt from the jolt of pleasure/pain that shot through her as the crop kissed her ass. A garden of pretty red flowers bloomed across her butt flesh as the crop struck her quivering body. Still little more than muffled groans came from her lips. I had trained her well.

Knowing that she was close to coming, I decided to change tactics. I set down the crop and selected a small suede cat. I flicked the whip at her ass. She gritted her teeth, making a low guttural sound. Suddenly her entire body tensed and she let out a moan. I dropped the whip and ran my fingers over her sopping wet pussy. I thrust two fingers between her pussy lips. Her body shook in the spasm of one powerful orgasm after another.

I slid my fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her lips for her to lick clean. I held her there, till she stopped shaking, then I released her. I took her blindfold off and sat down. She crawled over to me and, with tears in her eyes, unzipped my pants and lovingly took my cock out and slid it between her lips. She paid homage to my cock until I blessed her with a load of hot come.

Mr. O.C., Utah


I knew it had taken a lot of courage for Lianne to come out to my country house. After all, we both knew she was coming for a scene, and we weren t even lovers yet. We had teased and fantasized about it throughout several cocktail hours, but now here she was on my doorstep.

I brought her in and showed her to her room. I let her get settled as I put some flowers in a vase by her bed. I told her I needed to change, but asked if I could get her a drink first. She said yes, and I led her to the living room while I went to change.

I threw on jeans and a polo shirt and returned to the living room, where I found her sitting on my leather sofa intensely studying the Leonor Fini edition of The Story of O, a collector s book I had picked up in France. Something inside me said this was the moment if ever there was one, so I took the book from her hands and stood her up.

From now on, whenever you are in this house you will be completely naked, Lianne. And I must tell you, I said, bringing her fantasy to life, that during much of your time here I will want your hands tied behind your back. You can just think about that while you remove your clothes for me, I commanded softly.

She hesitated only a few seconds, then slowly and deliberately took everything off. Her body was magnificent, but it was her attitude that swept me off my feet. It really seemed as if this woman wanted to give herself to me unconditionally where had she been all my life?

Take your clothes to your room, wash up in the bathroom, then return to me.

While I waited for her I prepared myself by fetching the coil of quarter inch rope I d bought specifically for her. Shortly after, she walked in standing tall but with her head bent in a submissive pose. I went to her and gently took her hands and tied them behind her back. I sat her on the sofa and offered her a drink, but she refused it. I then slowly explored her body. She had beautiful skin, so soft and smooth. As I touched her breasts and thighs she shivered but never said a word. My cock throbbed with desire for this submissive beauty before me. She had not said anything since entering the room. I was beginning to understand how much she wanted to be completely dominated. I had often fantasized about having a woman like this to train and cherish, but I had never known such a beautiful novice.

I stood her up and led her to the leather ottoman, where I made her lie on her belly across the cool hide. I spread her legs and caressed her ass and the back of her thighs. I was so incredibly turned on, I dropped my jeans and pulled off my shirt. I rubbed my cock up and down her crack, cherishing the moistness that had begun to seep out of her.

Not wasting any time, I dove in and ate her pussy. She squirmed with excitement as I licked her. When I felt she was ready, I knelt and placed my prick at the entrance of her pussy. Though I couldn t wait to feel the wetness and heat, I decided to tease her by lightly running my cockhead over her lips without entering her. She started to whimper in an attempt to make me penetrate her, but I took my time. I continued to rub my cock all over her slick pussy lips, yet never slid in, then I nudged lower and rubbed her clitoris. As she began to come, I plunged into her fiercely, almost completely exiting on each backstroke.

She was writhing under me, her pussy gripping my prick on each lunge, giving me intense sensations. I grabbed her hips and drove into her until I felt a rush in my loins as I came deep inside her. She pushed against me as she gave in to her orgasm, moaning with ecstasy. I stayed in her as we cooled down until my soft shaft slipped out and my juices ran down her thighs.

I untied her hands and led her into the shower. Under the cascading warm water, Lianne hugged me and said, Thank you, for my fantasy, Kevin. I am yours, do with me as you will for the rest of the weekend.

I hugged her and told her if ever she wanted to stop all she had to do was say so and I would respect her request, otherwise I would do with her as I desired. First, though, it was time for dinner.

I tied her hands again and led her into the kitchen where I sat her on one of the stools. She tried to cross her legs but I told her that she was to keep her knees apart at all times in case I wanted access to her pussy. She nodded and sat quietly, looking beautiful and submissive. I called her over to me and told her to kneel at my feet and lick my cock and balls while I made the salad. So there she was on the kitchen floor with her hands tied behind her back, licking my balls as I tossed carrots and spinach into the salad bowl. Stopping her after a few moments, I went to my room and got a butt plug and some lube. I made her bend over and told her that she was to wear the plug during dinner. I rubbed some lube on her ass and pushed the plug against her hole. This time she did not push back but let out a little moan as the rubber thing started to slide in.

Hurry up, dinner is getting cold! I said, pushing harder. The plug slid all the way in and Lianne let out another small moan. I untied her and led her to the table, where she sat next to me.

I served her a glass of wine and she seemed happy and relaxed as she ate. During dessert, I told her to feed me, and I played with her pussy and breasts while she fed me the cake and fruit. Again she was wet and squirming, and making me even more excited. When I had finished eating, I took her to the garden and tied her hands to a tree branch over her head. I retrieved some tent spikes from the garage and made her spread her legs wide so I could tie her ankles to the spikes I had set in the ground. Then I left her.

Well, not really, but I hoped she thought so. Actually, I was quietly watching her sexy dance as she tried to free herself from the ropes. Finally I came up behind her and moved the butt plug in and out of her ass, making her moan. I continued pulling it out and pushing it in until I met no resistance. She was totally open now. I untied her and put a silk scarf around her eyes as a blindfold. Then I carried her inside and laid her on the bed. I tied her facedown and spread eagled. Then I put a big pillow under her belly to raise her ass. It was time to play with a few other toys I d set out for her.

First, I removed the butt plug and poured the sexy lube all over her anus and pussy, inserting as much as possible into both holes. Then I put the plug back in her ass and started to use a dildo on her pussy. She was beautiful ass raised and limbs spread, her body quivering from pleasure as the two hunks of rubber violated her ass and pussy. She was whimpering and shaking, her hands pulling on the ropes.

Though I had a good size erection by this time, I wanted to make her come before I took my pleasure. I pulled the toys out of her, then greased my pole and fingers with the slippery lube. I caressed her pussy and started to play with her love button, hoping to make her squirm and beg for more. With one hand on her pussy, I took my prick in my other hand and placed it against her asshole. I rubbed it in circles until she pushed back, then I slid it in.

Despite her having worn the plug, she was incredibly tight. While plunging into her butt and rubbing her clitoris, I used my other hand to drive the dildo into her slippery pussy. By this time she was agitating her hips wildly and uttering sharp cries of pleasure. I concentrated my efforts on her clitoris. As she began to cry out I shoved the fake dick all the way in and left it there while I pumped her ass with the real thing. Suddenly I was coming, and I grabbed her hips with both hands, pulling her roughly to me as I pumped my come into her. She pressed back against me and let out a long wail. I slowed my attack as the last drops left me and I gently removed the dildo.

I went to the bathroom to wash the plug and dildo before freeing her. I stashed them in the night table and untied her. I filled the tub with bubbles and we climbed into it. After we relaxed, I dried her with a fluffy towel and took her back to the living room, where I served us a fine cognac. Sitting naked next to her on the couch, feeling the leather on our bare skin, enjoying the warmth by the light of only one candle, made me feel horny again.

Mr. K.C., California


I had the hottest sexual adventure of my life last night, becoming, in one short evening, my new lover s obedient servant.

I met Stu on one of those online computer services. One night I was getting messages from at least a dozen men at the same time. Stu waited, biding his time until the rest of them had signed off. Then he swooped in. We arranged to meet in person the following week. On the appointed night, my level of excitement and anticipation was at a peak. I dressed carefully, choosing a sexy outfit and my best and sluttiest I want to be fucked undergarments.

When Stu opened the door to his apartment, I saw a big, handsome man with the face of a god. He was beautiful! He invited me inside and we sat on his couch, sipping beer and talking about sex. When I told him I was submissive by nature, he asked me if I would like to play. Oh, God, yes!

We decided to choose a safe word, one that would let him know without question if a situation was beyond my limits. We chose the word refrigerator. Stu sat back on the couch and asked me to stand up in front of him. Then he told me to remove my blouse. I undid the buttons slowly, yet quickly enough, I hoped, to let him know that I would indeed follow his every order. At his command, I brought my hands to my breasts and found that one had already made its way free of the black demi bra that I had chosen to wear.

When I removed my skirt Stu nodded and said, Excellent. I had worn a black garter belt and stockings to match the bra and had slipped red tap pants over these, knowing that the pants could be removed to expose my pussy to him. I thought my ass looked good in the pants, and when he instructed me to turn around and bend over, I did so with pleasure. He told me to straighten up and face him once again. By this time, my breath was becoming ragged and my heart was pounding. I wanted this man so badly!

Stu asked me what I would like to do. I looked him straight in the eye and told him I wanted to touch him. He said no, he didn t think I had been good enough to be allowed to touch him. He was driving me out of my mind and he knew it. He said he wanted a very soft kiss, but I was not to touch him. I leaned over, slowly, and placed my lips gently on his, only for the briefest moment, and then I stood waiting for his next command. He told me to lie down on the carpet and spread my legs wide. Then I had to open my pussy lips for him. He said, My, you are wet. Do you want to be fucked, Jennifer?

Yes, yes, I do, I confessed.

Stu told me to lift my breast to my mouth and to lick the nipple. I was to look at him while I did this. He asked me if I would like him to shave my pussy and for the first time I said, No. He chuckled and asked me if that was a refrigerator item, and I said yes, it was.

Stu commanded me to turn over, raise myself onto my hands and knees, and then rub my tits on the carpet while reaching back with my hands and spreading my asscheeks for him. I moaned as I followed his commands. He slapped my ass, then rose from the couch. He ordered me to close my eyes. I felt him place something around my head, a soft, fleecy blindfold. The excitement was unbearable. I had experimented with bondage before, but all of my former experiences were amateurish compared to the smoothness and skill with which this man was playing with me.

Deprived of sight, I felt intensely vulnerable, and the sounds of him moving about sent shivers of anticipation all through me. What was he going to do to me? I didn t care. I wanted him touching me, fucking me. He slapped my ass with something made of leather. He put the leather strap in my mouth. I could taste it, smell it. He asked me if that was good. I answered, Yes, oh my God, yes. He whacked my ass several more times.

Yes, what? he asked me sternly.

Not sure what the correct answer was, I took a guess and replied, Yes, Master.

Good, you re learning, he said.

Stu told me to open my mouth. A huge, hard cock was rubbed over my face and across my lips. He commanded me to suck it. I was more than happy to do so, licking first the head and then the length of the shaft, getting it nice and wet so it would slide down my throat easily. I sucked on that cock hungrily, imagining how good it would feel inside my pussy.

Stu finally pulled himself out of my mouth and told me to turn around, still on my knees, and find the couch in front of me. I was to lean over and rest my head on the cushions, and to reach back with both hands and spread my asscheeks for him again. As I followed his orders, he whacked me with the strap again.

Stu s hands rubbed the tender cheeks of my flaming ass, then he slowly inserted something into my asshole. I groaned and said, Oh, my God! That feels so good! I was coming! All of a sudden he was shoving something into my pussy and fucking me with it. It was a vibrator, and I moaned with pleasure when he turned it on, which made me come even more. He slapped my ass hard as I cried out, Thank you . . . thank you. Then he stopped and left me for a minute or so.

When he returned, he rubbed ice over my flaming ass and left it on my back to melt and run down my sides. He told me to straighten up and turn around. He began clipping something to my nipples. I was breathless. It seemed the pleasure would never end. As he attached the clips (I later found out they were clothespins) I became aroused all over again. He put his dick in my mouth again and made me suck it until he came. I swallowed all of his come. He kept telling me I was his little sex toy. I wanted to be his sex toy!

Stu then had me lie down on my back, and I felt cords being fastened around my ankles. These cords were then wrapped tight around each of my breasts. I told him that he was spoiling me for anything or anyone else. He tied my hands to my sides and fastened more clips to my breasts. I was so hot for him! I lay there, unable to see, savoring the sensations flowing through my body. Stu told me to turn over again and cautioned me against knocking off any of the clothespins. As I made my way back to my knees with my ass in the air, I did feel one clothespin fall off. Stu strapped my ass hard, several times.

That glorious night I was fucked so many times, in my ass, in my pussy and in my mouth. When it was all over, I was exhausted but elated. Never had I had such an experienced man controlling my every sensation. At last the bonds around my hands were released and the blindfold was removed. All of the clips had been taken off my breasts and they were strewn about the floor. I looked down and saw how the cords wrapped around my breasts had them sticking outs full and firm. I reclined on the carpet, looking up at Stu and smiling.

How could I be so lucky? With all of the millions of people surfing the electronic superhighway, I had found this magnificent man!

After a while I put my clothes back on, just the blouse and skirt the underwear went into my purse. Stu walked me to the door. I was let out into the cool night air, feeling more alive and exhilarated than ever before. The drive home was a blur. The vibrations of the tires on the asphalt kept me coming all the way home. I woke up the next day with red welt marks on my ass to remind me of the best night of my life. Now I will wait for my master to summon me . . . being a patient, horny but obedient little slave and thinking I will never be satisfied with plain old sex again.

Ms. J.O., Illinois


When my boss, Clint, called me into his office, I had no idea that one of my long time sexual fantasies was about to begin. In the corner stood Clint s lovely wife, Eve, a woman of about forty with short blonde hair. Clint asked me if I could do him a favor as he was going out of town for a few days. I said that it wouldn t be a problem.

He then asked me if I could take care of Eve until he got back late Sunday. He said that she was submissive and would do anything I desired. My cock began to rise at the thought of my fantasy becoming a reality. Ever since meeting Eve, I d fantasized about dominating her sexually. Clint gave me a nod and said that he had to leave to catch a plane.

I walked over to Eve, urged her down to her knees, opened my fly and fed her my now very hard cock. She took it, and while holding her head, I fucked her face until I exploded in her mouth. When she was done cleaning me up, I stepped away and she bowed her head and said, Thank you, Master.

I left work with her walking slightly behind me. Just before she got in my car, I told her to take off her clothes. She hesitated only briefly before reaching behind her and unzipping her dress to reveal that she wore absolutely nothing underneath. Her breasts were large and firm, and she had a tattoo of a rose with a handcuff around it above her shaved pussy.

Once at my house, I invited a few of my friends over to watch a football game and play some cards. I told Eve to meet each one at the door with a beer and tell them she would do anything for them. Before I knew it, my three buddies had their clothes off and Eve was kneeling in front of them, sucking their cocks in turn. I went to get the video camera and put it on a stand as the guys continued to fuck her face. Then I went to get some clothespins.

When I came back, come was dripping from Eve s mouth as the last of the guys was finishing up by rubbing his come smeared cock over her face. I pulled her to her feet and handed her two clothespins and told her to put one on each nipple. I pinched and pulled each nipple roughly until she was moaning with pleasure. When she snapped one of the clothespins on, her eyes closed as she savored the feeling. She attached the other one and looked up and said, Thank you, Master.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been, so I lay on the floor and told her to come over and sit on it. She straddled me and dropped down until the tip of my cock was just touching her slit. I moved her forward by pulling on the clothespins until my cock was where I wanted it to be, in line with her asshole. One of the guys grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down. My cock buried itself in her bottom. She was already moaning when I took her hips and started drawing her up and down on me. She began bouncing faster and faster until I filled her ass with come. I pushed her off me and the other guys screwed her mouth, pussy and ass well into the night.

When I woke in the morning, Eve was curled up on the floor at the foot of the bed. When she awoke, she looked up and said, Thank you, Master. The weekend continued with her serving my every desire. We went to a party where she wore a sheer, clingy dress that revealed to everyone just how beautiful she was. Sunday evening arrived too quickly, and to show her husband how good she had been, I set up the video that I had made of the entire weekend.

On my command, she had purchased at an adult store a set of nipple clamps with a chain attached and a huge black dildo. She did not have any money when she went in the store with me, so she had to think of some way to buy her toys without using money. She went up to the store owner, a good friend of mine, and told him that she just had to have the dildo and the clamps and would do anything if he would give them to her.

They went into a back room, where he made her strip and tied her to a bed, leaving one of her arms free. He then set up his camera and told her to bring herself to orgasm before he could count to ten. Her hand went to her pussy, her eyes closed and her fingers went to work. She was very close to coming when he told her to stop. She was breathing hard, her nipples erect and juices flowing, but she hadn t quite made it.

He shook his head and reached for a candle that had to be three inches wide and at least ten inches long. He told her to take the candle and make it disappear. She took the candle and placed it at her cunt and started to move it in and out. Her cunt was stretched to its limit as the candle slowly vanished inside. All that was left was about an inch.

The owner pulled it out of her hand and made her lick her juices off it. I then untied her and he put the clamps on her sore nipples and handed her the dildo. Smiling, she walked out of the store with her presents.

When Eve s husband came home she had the nipple clamps on so that her nipples were pulled up toward her head. She was lying on the floor with her legs drawn up and masturbating with the dildo. Clint walked into the house, smiled at her and told her to come. When she did she was to pull the clamps off her breasts with her mouth. It was beautiful to watch.

Mr. V.C., Michigan

Forever Your Love Slave

Opening up our private life to others is something that Mark and I are very careful about our lifestyle wouldn t be appreciated by many of our polite society friends in this conservative, mid western city. A few close friends know that we live one of the most erotic lives ever imagined, though even they are unsure as to why Mark and I are at our sexiest when I m dressed only in the rough leather collar that I wear every night. Most of them would be shocked at the collection of whips, vibrators, plugs and other devices that hide in our bedside table. So the command that Mark issued to me one Thursday night as I knelt naked before him seemed highly unusual.

Tomorrow, when you get home from work, you will first prepare the meal from the menu that you will find on the kitchen counter. The ingredients are already here. The table is to be set for two candles, linen, everything will be perfect, he said, speaking firmly. I expect to find you perfect as well. You are to be collared, naked and waiting. An old college pal called today. Sam will be our guest for the weekend. You will be on your best behavior, speaking only when spoken to. You will obey Sam as you obey me, understand?

My mind was spinning. The idea, the challenge of serving two masters, had me incredibly aroused, yet I remained quiet, and looking down at my hands, I whispered, Yes, sir.

I rushed home on Friday. With my skill in the kitchen, I was able to create an epicurean masterpiece. After I carefully set the table, I prepared myself. I took a long, hot bath adding a fragrant oil that made my skin glow and feel exceedingly soft to the touch. I applied my makeup carefully. Mark arrived just after I had brushed my long raven tresses. Sam had just called from his car phone and would be arriving shortly. After a thorough inspection, Mark kissed me and complemented me how well I had done so far.

The firm knock at the door sent a jolt of electricity through my body. As Mark greeted Sam with a warm hug and a passionate kiss, the shock settled a bit. Sam was a woman a beautiful woman. She was dressed in tight black leather pants and a soft silk blouse. Her cropped blonde hair accentuated her sharp cheekbones. Her cool blue eyes studied me carefully while my large brown ones took her in with a sense of awe. She brought out something in me immediately a shyness that I had never felt around a woman. She walked over to me, took my chin in her hand and turned my head from one side to another.

Nice choice, Mark. Pretty face, nice mouth. Is she any good with it?

Not much back talk, and the best head that I ever had present company excluded.

His remark prompted a rich, throaty laugh from her, one that sent chills up my spine. That was a long time ago. Sam looked directly into my eyes. Mark and I dated in college, but it didn t work. We re too much alike. You re lucky. Mark likes your mouth. I better like your mouth, too . . . I can be much stricter than he is.

Their evening was spent reliving old times. I spend mine at Mark s knee, saying nothing, doing as I was ordered. Occasionally I would steal a glance at Sam. The aura of authority that surrounded her added immensely to her beauty. It was that same commanding presence that first attracted me to Mark. She caught me staring and gave me a firm glance that quickly put me in my place. As the two of them sat at the table dining on the feast I had prepared, I ate my helping from Mark s hand. Admittedly, I was a little jealous seeing him enjoy the company of another woman so much but those doubts melted when he looked down at me and I could see his tender feelings for me in his eyes.

After dinner, I began to clean up. Mark and Sam returned to the living room to continue reminiscing. I filled the sink up with warm, soapy water. Absorbed in my own thoughts, I didn t hear anybody enter the kitchen. When a warm hand touched my back, I gasped.

Didn t you hear us call? Sam demanded.

No, ma am. I am sorry. What can I do for you?

Brace yourself against that counter first. All night long I have been waiting for the opportunity to spank that cute little ass.

My heart was racing, the heat between my legs rising. Receiving an open handed spanking has always been something I have considered a very intimate gesture a discipline choice that puts nothing between master and slave. Gently, she ran her long fingernails over the surface of my warm buttocks. I saw you staring at me. That wasn t very polite. Her alto voice, like cotton candy laced heavily with cinnamon, caressed my ears as her nails dug an elaborate design on my backside. Ready? she stated more than asked.

Yes, Mistress.

Without any further warning, she launched her assault on my bottom. I wondered if the impressions of her fine hand were rising right up off my burning bottom as each smack landed harder and harder. After she sent ten more whacks against my flesh, her hand stopped and began a light massage in a gentle, circular motion.

God, you are a sweet little one, she said, drawing me close, my large breasts pulled into the softness of the silk that draped her small, well developed breasts. She kissed my lips passionately, running her hands along the full length of my body. She took an erect nipple between two fingers and squeezed hard, turning it in her fingers. I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around her neck. I was in undeniable heat, wanting her to take me, willing to do as she ordered, craving her commands. She withdrew from the kiss, softly biting my lower lip.

This will be a wonderful weekend, love. Now get us some wine. Leave the dishes to soak. They can wait. Mark and I can t. She took my chin in her hand and drew my face to hers, kissing me tenderly. Hurry, she said, turning to exit the kitchen. I watched her in amazement as I gasped for air. She seemed to take most of it with her as she left.

After I served them, Sam made an attempt to include me in the conversation. She asked prying questions about my past, about other men and other women I had known. She seemed pleased, almost amused, that I had never served a woman before. Several times her bare foot found its way to my leg and stroked my thigh. Mark s hand rested on my back. Not much time had passed before Mark bent down and whispered in my ear, Darling, go to our room and turn down the bed.

As I was turning down the bed, Mark appeared in the doorway with Sam. What a delight she is, Mark. You are so lucky to have found her. I just can t seem to find anyone worthy of training. She dropped her bag next to the bed and placed her wineglass down on the bedside table. She then began unbuttoning her blouse while looking at me seductively. I was watching Mark, watching his expression as he saw Sam s body become unveiled. He came up behind her, cupping her breasts in his hands, and kissed the back of her neck. She leaned into him, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. She wrapped an arm around his head encouragingly as she beckoned for me with her other hand. I went to them, becoming entwined in their embrace.

Our scene unfolded like the blooming of a precious night flower. The moonlight streaming in from the tall Victorian windows combined gracefully with the light from the patchouli scented candles on the dresser, causing the colors to blend together. The beauty of the visual, the sensations of skin touching skin and the perfume of our lust so completely overwhelmed me. Mark reached from behind and unfastened Sam s pants. As Mark began undressing, I peeled off Sam s pants, kneeling before her and kissing her feet as I slipped the leather from her body. Sam s hands clawed at my hair as I looked up at the luxuriant blonde curls covering her mons. Unfamiliar cravings filled me. She gently smiled as she looked down at me, as if she could read my thoughts. I kissed her inner thigh before Mark reached down, grasped me up by the armpits and pulled me up. The three of us fell onto the king size bed. The click of the handcuffs as Sam and Mark bound my wrists to the brass footboard is the only sound I can clearly remember, as it rendered me their defenseless toy.

The next thing I was aware of was the presence of their hands and mouths on my breasts, and the image of their hands and mouths on each other. Watching Mark slip on the condom, preparing to mount Sam, caused a great ache inside my chest. Before he entered her, he turned to me. Wrapping my hair around his hand, he drew my face to him for a rough kiss. Then he smiled at me tenderly. As he took her, she screamed and clawed at him. His strong arms strained to hold her down. They were both seeking domination. I don t think I have ever witnessed a more beautiful sight. Mark s orgasm was announced with a thunderous roar, a victory cry.

As he lay spent, Sam carefully removed his condom and deposited its contents into my wineglass. It was my turn to share their pleasure. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, then held the glass to my lips. I took the offering obediently, religiously. I savored the heady flavor of Mark s come mingled with the rich burgundy. I looked into her eyes as I finished the sacrament delivered by this beautiful goddess. She set the glass down and kissed my neck before working her way down to my chest, teasing my nipples with her teeth. I strained against the cuffs to get to her, to put my mouth on anything within its reach her fragrant hair, her ear. My whole body seemed to dissolve into her. She rose to her knees and leaned closer to my face so that I could finally take her breast in my mouth. I ran my tongue along her crimson areola before taking the nipple fully in my mouth, eliciting a rich moan from her. As she looked down on me, she took my chin in her hand.

I am going to train that sweet, virginal little mouth of yours. Do you understand what a privilege that is?

Yes, Mistress.

By what I ve seen so far tonight, it s not going to take much. My promise to you, darling slave, is that if you are good, you will receive pleasure in return. If I m not satisfied, you will sleep on the floor. I never break my promises. Her cunt loomed over me. She grabbed the brass footboard, one hand on each side of my head, arching her back so I could bury my face in her gorgeous tendrils. The gravelly sound that seemed to rise from her entire being reassured me that I was doing well.

Abruptly she retrieved the keys to the handcuffs and released my hands, then reclined on the bed next to Mark. As I looked at him, he was smiling broadly.

Sam spread her legs for me, and I timidly bent down to her luscious little cunt. I ran the tip of my tongue from the top of her opening down the full length of her slit, taking time to nibble her outer lips.

Holding her petal open, I gently kissed my way to her clit. Slipping my lips over this part of her, I savored the flavor and the knowledge that she was in my mouth. I sucked lightly, then harder, opening my mouth slightly and gently biting into the soft flesh that surrounded the center of her heat. Then I felt her body tense beneath me, the taste of her sweet nectar filling my mouth, her beauty filling my eyes.

A great Amazonian cry rang in my ears as her body convulsed under my mouth. I continued working on her clit, watching for the moment when her body would tell me to slow down. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her face.

Kissing my mouth feverishly, licking her honey from my lips, holding me tight against her, she murmured, You are an incredible woman. I can t believe you ve never done that before. It is almost like you were born to it. I think it is time she gets her reward, don t you, Mark?

Mark smiled at me as Sam reached into her overnight bag and pulled out a double headed dildo. Mark pulled me close against him so that I could feel his manhood becoming hard against my back. Lying on her side facing me, Sam placed one end of the dildo inside herself and the other inside me.

Sandwiched tightly between them, feeling Sam s cock inside me and Mark s familiar cock at my back, I was treated to their kisses and both their hands caressing me. As Mark reached between my legs, massaging my clitoris, the rhythm of Sam s movements intensified. The three of us filled the room with a symphony of ecstatic cries as I collapsed into the arms of my mistress and master.

When I awoke the next morning, both of them were still sleeping. I softly kissed Sam awake. She smiled sleepily into my eyes.

Mistress, in this house, I am not allowed to rise until I have what we call slave breakfast. I thought you might enjoy being first this morning?

You are a very considerate girl, she said, opening to me. As I tasted her in the quiet dawn, took in her beauty and felt her pleasure, I had a sensation of fulfillment I never dreamed was possible. It was a triumph over so many fears that had plagued me in the past. My ability to serve, my capacity for love, seemed boundless. Mark awoke to Sam s orgasmic cries. He watched and waited, caressing my hair encouragingly. After Sam was satisfied, I went down on him. I have never loved the feel of his cock, his explosion in my mouth, the taste of his passion, more.

Afterward, I was granted permission to leave the bed and prepare breakfast. I turned to Sam, looking downward.

Is there something that you wanted to say? she asked.

You were absolutely right, Mistress, I said with gratitude. This is going to be a wonderful weekend.

Game of Desire

I am kneeling, breathless and naked, on my living room floor. My knees are shoulder width apart, my wrists are crossed behind my back, and my eyes are downcast. It has been almost a half hour since I came home from work, stripped off my clothes and assumed my position ten feet from the door, awaiting the arrival of my husband.

Thoughts raced through my head as they usually do when I m kneeling in position, for I have found that being in position is better than any yoga exercise for freeing the mind for thought. Here I am, an attractive thirty four year old woman, head of my own real estate agency with four agents answering to me, humbly kneeling naked, waiting for my husband to dominate my total being.

Shouldn t I be the one doing the dominating? At five seven, with large breasts, a narrow waist and long legs, I am not a meek female. My wavy brunette hair is cut in a no nonsense professional yet feminine style, further enhancing my normally self possessed bearing. So why do I respond so strongly to this game of ours? My free flowing thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my husband s car in the driveway, and I adjust myself so that I look perfectly docile in my submissive position.

Ever since James called me at the office this afternoon and said simply, I want you in position when I get home today, I had been soaking wet between my legs. My sex juices are never as copious as they are when we are playing our game. James and I make love regularly, and our lovemaking is always tender and passionate. Nothing, however, compares to the orgasms that result from our dominance and submission sessions.

At last James unlocked the door and entered the house. Even though my eyes were downcast, I knew that he was wearing his newest double breasted suit a charcoal gray pinstripe. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his sharply shined wing tips. I involuntarily shuddered at the thought of my nakedness next to his fully clothed brilliance.

Not saying a word, James walked past me and into a back room. I longed to see him naked and hoped he was undressing. Just the thought of that gorgeous body of his, that hunk of muscle and flesh that I have so thoroughly memorized, makes my mouth water almost as much as my pussy. His six foot two frame, his broad shoulders that taper down to a trim waist, his long muscular legs and shapely ass, his light carpet of chest hair and his brown hair and eyes, all produce in me a desire so intense that I cannot believe my good fortune in having found this man.

James is a retail buyer, but the truth is that he could have done just about anything he had set his mind to. His tastes and talents are eclectic, and he frequently surprises me with the breadth of his knowledge. I am proud of my own intelligence and abilities, but I was nevertheless flattered when such a man returned my affections.

James walked back into the room and sat on the couch. Come here, E, he said menacingly. During this game, I am not permitted the dignity of Elizabeth, my full name. I crawled over to him on my hands and knees and resumed my position in front of him. I saw my hairbrush on the floor between his feet and that he was still wearing his suit.

E, when I called you this afternoon and told you to be home and waiting for me in the position, what did you say?

I told him I said, Yes, James.

And what should you have said?

Sir, I should have said, Yes, sir.

You must be punished for that transgression, E. You know what to do.

Yes, sir. I knew as soon as I had heard his name escape my lips this afternoon that I had made a mistake and that I would likely be punished for it. I am to refer to James only as sir when we are playing our game. He thinks that master has lost its zing through overuse.

I bent down to pick up the heavy hairbrush with my teeth and, making sure never to lift my eyes, I gracefully draped myself over his lap. James took the brush from my mouth, and I sensed him raising his arm. I had just begun to relish the feel of his suit against my bare skin after an afternoon of accumulated desire when the brush came down on my ass, sounding a loud smack!

One, sir! I gasped out loud. I knew that the sight of my bare buttocks covering his lap was driving James into a state of erotic fury. In fact, I could feel the stirring of his beautiful cock under my loins as I wiggled from the torment of the first blow. Despite the stinging pain of the slap and the resulting intensification of my desire, I briefly worried that my dripping pussy might stain the pant leg of James s beautiful suit.

This thought was quickly tossed aside, however, when the next blow reached my quivering buttocks. Two, sir, I cried as the first hint of a tear appeared in the corner of my left eye. The spanking went on and on, alternating from left to right buttock, and I squirmed, cried out and thrashed until I finally shouted, Twenty four, sir!

All right, E, you may thank me now for your spanking.

I slid down off his lap, noticing the large wet spot I d left on his pants. Resuming my position, kneeling on the floor between James s spread thighs, I meekly said, Thank you, sir, for my spanking. I deserved to be corrected. May I show you my appreciation?

Yes, you may. Was there actually a hint of desperation in his voice? Had the spanking turned James on to the point where he was as frantic for some sexual relief as I was?

I leaned forward, unbuckling and unzipping his pants while at the same time James removed his jacket. I tugged at the waistband of his boxers, and James lifted his hips, helping me pull the boxers down past his buttocks. Like Botticelli s Venus, his cock appeared from its shell fully grown. With a hunger born of my own need, I wrapped my lips around the head of his penis and quickly swallowed the whole shaft. I was rewarded by a deep moan from James that only intensified when my tongue began describing curlicues on his cock.

I began to whimper with my own desire as I moved my head up and down faster and faster, desperately hoping that skillfully bringing about James s orgasm would make him magnanimous enough to let me come, too. James lifted his hips off the couch, driving his cock as deep into my throat as possible, when his orgasm hit him. I felt the warm sweetness of his semen as it splashed the back of my throat in intense little spurts. When finally he relaxed back into the couch s enveloping folds, I let his rapidly deflating penis slip through my lips as I resumed position on my knees, with my wrists crossed behind my back and my eyes downcast, my husband s humble little sex slave.

James sat on the couch for a few minutes afterward as he came down from his natural high. I, however, was almost crazy with lust. The burning desire in my pussy was so strong that Martians could have landed on our rooftop and I would not have cared. My desire had been expanding ever since our afternoon phone call, and I had not had even a hint of relief since then, the closest thing being when my pussy brushed against his pant leg during my spanking.

Although there have been times when James tortured me with so much pleasure I could barely stand it, other times he built up my erotic need for him by making me go a whole weekend without allowing me a climax, not even touching me once between my legs. During these weekends he kept me in a perpetual state of horniness in a variety of ways, such as keeping me constantly naked, having me cater to all his sexual needs on demand and binding my wrists and ankles to a chair in front of a television and making me watch hours of our favorite erotic videos, which I would ve happily done, untied.

One weekend in particular stands out. We had rented a house on a secluded beach on Florida s Atlantic coast. We spent our afternoons on the beach while I wore a scandalously brief bikini, one that I could never wear on a regular crowded beach. I oiled James s body with suntan lotion regularly, massaging him as I spread the slippery liquid over his shoulders, back and legs. In the evenings, after showering and washing, James connected my ankles and wrists with shorts chains about two feet long, and I prepared his dinner for him.

After serving him his meal each night, I knelt naked by his side while he savored the taste of the food and the sight of his adoring wife at his feet. Following dinner, I pleasured him in a way of his choosing, and after a day of sun and surf, sand and sex, James exiled me to the hard, unyielding floor by attaching one end of a chain to the base of the bed and the other end to my neck, leaving me to suffer a long night of frustrated desire while he slept with the soundness of the erotic conqueror in the total comfort of his bed.

Only after a Friday and Saturday of this suffering, when my whole body was consumed with need (masturbation is forbidden to me when I am under his control), did he finally allow me some blessed relief. On Sunday afternoon, a couple of hours before we had to pack up and drive back home, he tied me spread eagled to the bed using soft rope. He gently stroked and teased me all over, except for those places that most wanted to be touched: my breasts and pussy. After a half hour of teasing, he left the room while I cried out, For God s sake, don t leave me now! I m going crazy! So consumed with lust was I that I think if he did not come back as soon as he did, I might have truly lost my mind.

He re entered the room after a fifteen minute period to find me thrashing and bucking in the limited way my bonds permitted. Then he climbed between my legs, thrusting his cock into my pussy. I let out a moan that came from deep within me. James s cock is custom designed for my pussy its thickness and length always fill me completely. He thrust deeply, and because I was so desperate for him, I came in only a couple of minutes, almost blacking out with the relief and pleasure. I slept the entire four hour trip back home.

So it was with thoughts of such times as our Florida weekend that with a rather desperate urgency I asked, Sir, is there anything more I can do for your pleasure?

James looked at me with a slight grin. He had to know that the thought of being kept in erotic torment for the whole weekend was filling me with conflicting feelings. Yes, there is something more you can do. I am a little tired this evening and I don t feel like exerting too much effort. Why don t you go and attach yourself to the bed, in spread eagled fashion? I ll be back there in fifteen minutes. You had better be tied and tightly secured, or the spanking you received earlier will be repeated, but not as gently.

I felt slightly dumbfounded. This was something new. How was I supposed to securely tie myself to the bed? Good little slave that I am, however, I answered, Yes, sir, and scurried off on my hands and knees to the bedroom.

I pulled out our toy box and removed some of the bondage items. This was a challenge that required some thought. James binds me to the bed with anything from rope to leather cuffs, but there was no way I could get these around my wrists by myself. I soon hit on the idea of using the leather cuffs for my legs and the steel handcuffs for my wrists.

I attached the leather cuffs to each ankle and, throwing the loose ends of the cords around each of the bedposts, spread my legs. I then tied the two ends together in a square knot and, presto, my legs were tied far apart. Next I put a bright red ball gag in my mouth and secured the strap behind my head. James had not specifically asked me to gag myself, but I thought it would please him to find me gagged as well as bound.

To secure my hands, I reached up to the right headboard post on which I had placed one loop of a pair of handcuffs. I put my wrist in the other loop and snapped it shut with my left hand. Placing the handcuff keys on my stomach so that James could easily find them, I then reached up to the left headboard where another pair of handcuffs was similarly attached. Placing my wrist in the cuff, I pressed down on the bed to get the necessary pressure to close the cuff, and I was rewarded with the satisfying sound of the steel click. After a few seconds worth of pulling and tugging, and I knew I had obeyed my husband s command completely.

Lying spread eagled and bound makes one feel so vulnerable. You want to close your legs or cover your breasts, but you can t. You are as exposed as it is possible to be. And when you are waiting for someone to come in and pleasure you, it is so incredibly frustrating to have to lie back and wait when every sexual sense in your body is shouting, Now!

After a fitful fifteen minutes, James finally came into the room. He slowly walked around the bed, occasionally letting his fingers caress a knee, an elbow or a foot, but not touching anything truly important. He undressed, letting me see that body I wanted so desperately on top of my own.

Climbing on the bed, James straddled my chest, facing me. With a delicate, almost feminine touch, he traced light circles around my breasts, making me tilt my head back with the pleasure. I could only moan my approval around my mouth filling gag.

Reaching his hand around his back, his fingers gently brushed my clitoris, sending paroxysms of pleasure throughout my body. Finally! I was in a state of erotic confusion: I wanted his touch to linger there forever I wanted to climax right away. Turning around, James put himself in a sixty nine position, though with my gag I was unable to reciprocate. He lowered his head to my aching pussy and began licking up and down my labia with a gentle but steady pressure. I thought I was going to pass out with the pleasure. I wanted to throw my arms around his waist and wrap my legs around his head, locking him to me, but with my limbs firmly tied down, I could only make little thrashing movements, luxuriating in the pleasure he was giving me.

When my orgasm hit me, it was by surprise. Though I wanted desperately to come, it all felt so good that I was actually trying to make it last a little longer. So when the first wave of contractions washed through me, a look of erotic astonishment came over my face, supplanted by a closed eye blissfulness as the finally orgasmic swell flowed through my body.

Climbing off me, James untied my ankles, massaging my legs as he did so. He unlocked the handcuffs and kneaded my wrists and shoulders until they again felt normal. Undoing my gag, he climbed into bed next to me, surrounding me with his arms and gently whispering, I love you, Elizabeth.

I love you, too, James.