Definitely raunchy, hell bent for trouble, hungry for action. That’s Siobhan, lead singer for a new rock band from Ireland that blew into town recently. In her bold smile there is strong evidence of dirty deeds done and enjoyed, and I was only too happy to succumb to her outrageous charm.

She is a mere slip of a girl, all skin and bones. Her hair is dark and closely cropped to her head, each arm decorated with a tattoo, but she is very pretty in a delicate way. Her most striking features are her big brown Bambi eyes.

I was hanging some lights while they were rehearsing. I was very much impressed with her howling vocalizations and her aggressive stage manner. I was considering approaching her when I realized she was standing beneath my position on the ladder. She had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. “Share a brew with me?” she asked.

I finished up my work and accompanied her backstage. She turned out to be very friendly, though she had the vocabulary of a longshoreman. “You look pretty fuckin’ hot in those jeans,” she finally said to me, point blank.

“You’ve got to be the most fucking amazingly sexy girl I’ve ever seen,” I shot right back.

“Well, then, my friend, we’re on the road again first thing in the morning, what do you say we do something about our mutual attraction?” We agreed to hook up together after her last set.

Siobhan’s band played two sets of kick ass rock ‘n’ roll. I had a hard on the whole time. We met in her dressing room. “Let’s go to your hotel,” I said.

“That can wait,” she snarled, grabbing me by the hand and leading me into an alley behind the club. There, under a full moon, she pulled down my pants and took my cock in her greedy mouth. Five minutes later I pumped a load down her throat. “God, I needed that,” she said.

It turned out that since Siobhan needed to get fucked every night, she had looked around for the best looking guy to do her and I was it. Back at her hotel room she treated me to the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. She was a virtual gymnast in the sack, able to pin her knees back beside her ears so I had total access to her pussy and asshole. I fucked her soundly in both openings, but not before I scoured her with my tongue.

Siobhan was like a snake. I loved the way she could wrap her body around me, her legs coiling around mine, her arms enveloping my flesh. When she came, she quivered and screamed. When I came, showering her beautiful face with my come, she licked it up eagerly, rubbing the rest into her pale white skin. I’ll never forget the rockin’ good time we had together.

Mr. (Name and address withheld)


I’d like to say I’ve always been a sexually adventurous person whose experiences are on par with your other readers. But until recently, that would have been an exaggeration, however that all changed when I hooked up with Taryn.

Taryn was the new cashier at the local convenience store. She is gorgeous, with big blue eyes and full pink lips, not to mention her amazing breasts. Naturally, she garnered a fair share of attention from the male clientele, and she turned my head, too. I found myself making trips to the store daily, even when I didn’t need a thing.

No slouch in the looks department myself, I thought I detected a spark in her eye when she rang me up. Over the month or so that she’d been working at the store, I learned that she was single, had moved back to the area after living in California, and that she was studying photography at a local university.

It wasn’t until a cool summer morning, however, that I learned some more intimate details about the lovely Taryn.

She was just getting off of work at six in the morning, looking a little tired, when I was driving home from my job as a distributor. I noticed her in the parking lot, and at that moment I’m not sure exactly what my intentions were I turned the car into the lot and pulled up beside her.

She smiled a little, most likely figuring that I was on my way into the store for coffee. When I climbed out of my car and walked up to her, she looked a little surprised. “Brian, right?” she asked.

I nodded, and explained that I was just getting off work as well, then I made some lame joke to set her at ease. When she laughed at my joke and gave me a long, lingering look, I knew I was in. But because it was such an odd way to pick up a woman, I wasn’t sure how to progress. It turned out that didn’t matter at all. Taryn knew exactly what to do next.

With a look that combined just the right amounts of uncertainty and boldness, she asked if I’d like to join her for breakfast at her place. I had something else in mind, and was pretty sure she did as well, so I agreed and followed her back to her apartment.

Her place was in the top floor of an old Victorian house, and she’d decorated the space nicely. I was about to comment on her taste when she pressed her body against mine and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

It was a total turn on to be attacked by such a knockout, and I returned the kiss wholeheartedly. Without breaking our passionate connection, we made our way into her bedroom, desperate for each other.

Once in her room, Taryn moved away slightly, but only to shift her lips to my neck. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” she said, her breath hot against my skin.

Well, I had a pretty good idea, but I was too busy groaning as she unbuttoned my shirt and licked a slippery path down my chest. Her hands went to my fly as her teeth played at the waistband of my pants, and before long, she had them around my ankles. I stood there, waiting for her to rid me of my boxers as well, but she didn’t. Instead, she massaged my dick through the thin material.

Her hand on my cock felt great, but not as great as her mouth. She licked me through my shorts until the fabric was wet with her saliva and my pre come. I threaded my hands through her blonde hair and tugged as she pleasured me with her mouth.

Taking my signal, she quickly slid my shorts down until my cock sprang free. She made a sound in the back of her throat as she ran her fingers down its length. Then she backed me up against the wall. I was sure this was going to turn out to be the best head I’d gotten in my life, and I was most definitely right.

She was awesome. She started out slowly, running the tip of her tongue up and down my smooth shaft. She licked around the glans, making me shiver in anticipation. After a few minutes of teasing, without warning, she plunged her mouth down until her lips were hitting my balls. I groaned as she continued gliding her mouth up and down, taking me deep into her throat.

It felt so good I was afraid I was going to shoot my load right then and there. But Taryn must have detected the telltale twitching of my balls. She slowed her speed until I was under control again, and then she moved her mouth even lower.

She sucked on my balls, taking her time with each one, until another glistening drop of pre come oozed from the slit of my dick. Then she licked it off, looking up at me as she did so. Her blue eyes twinkled mischievously as she plunged her mouth back onto my dick, and I felt her finger playing at the pucker of my ass.

That was a new experience for me, so I was shocked when I reacted almost immediately. My dick was so hard it ached, and when she pushed her finger into the opening, I shoved my cock into her mouth in response.

Her eyes were glazed with lust, and I could tell that she was really enjoying herself. She moaned loudly as I fucked her mouth as vigorously as she finger fucked my ass. Then I held her head still as I shot my load down her throat.

She closed her eyes as she finished sucking me, licking every last drop of my cream off of my dick. I felt completely spent. But that didn’t mean I was done. Not by a long shot.

I helped her to her feet, then moved her to the bed where I eased her down and began to undress her. God, she was beautiful. Her tits were round and firm, her tiny nipples pink and tight. I sucked each one until it was hard, making her whimper with delight.

I knew her pussy would be soaking wet, and I really wanted to taste her sweet juice, so I moved from her breasts down to her pants. It didn’t take me long to have her completely stretched out and naked on her floral bedspread.

I licked up the insides of her thighs, listening to the cute sounds she was making. And even though she’d just given me a killer blowjob, I found myself getting hard again.

When I finally reached her pussy, she was, indeed, dripping with arousal. I began thrusting my tongue into her hole as far as it would go. Then I lapped up the length of her cunt, nibbling on her labia until I settled on her clit.

She went crazy, shaking and pressing against my mouth. Her moans were low and throaty, and I flicked that little nub with my tongue as she clutched at the sheets, writhing in pleasure. And when I finally pushed her over the edge, she cried out her orgasm as her juices flowed like water from her slit.

I lapped it all up as she trembled and then fell back against the bed. Then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me, licking her own juice off my chin, lips and tongue. It was amazing, and my dick was hard against her thigh. Then, without warning, she rolled on top of me and impaled herself on my cock.

Her pussy was tight and slippery, a perfect fit for my dick. She held absolutely still for a minute and squeezed me even tighter with her cunt. It was quite a trick, and I grabbed her hips in response. She smiled down at me and began to ride me like that, keeping her slick wetness locked around me.

What a sight this beautiful wo man rising over me like some kind of golden haired goddess. I reached up to rub my palms over her taut stomach and firm breasts. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as I squeezed her nipples.

I could feel her juices spilling out over my balls, running down my asshole, and I figured I’d pretty much hit the lottery as far as hot women were concerned. As if reading my mind, she increased the rhythm of her thrusts until the muscles of her legs were straining with exertion.

She looked down at me again, her eyes once again glazed over with passion and her hair wild around her face. She bit her lip and moaned as her breasts bounced up and down with her energetic movements.

I wouldn’t have thought it was possible after the explosive orgasm she’d given me only minutes earlier, but I could feel the pressure building in my balls again. She saw the look on my face, too, and smiled.

“Wanna watch me come?” she asked in a half whisper, half groan.

“You bet,” I answered, grabbing her hips and driving her harder and faster onto my dick.

She rose up and slammed down again, rubbing her entire cunt over my groin in tight, frantic circles. Her moans became louder, faster, and more intense. Her cunt muscles were clutching my shaft like a vice, and I thrust my hips upward, driving myself deeper into her. When she came, it was an eruption of moans, slippery wetness and madly quivering limbs. Absolutely fucking amazing.

So it’s no wonder I exploded immediately following that performance, my dick emptying into her like I’d never come before.

I spent the rest of the day in her bed, and when the time finally came to go home, I was more than a little disappointed.

My disappointment was completely unfounded, though, because that first encounter was over six months ago, and Taryn and I have happily continued our torrid affair. And let me tell you the sexual excitement has not diminished one bit. Mr. Brian L., Little Rock, Arkansas


The “Make Your Own Dildo” kit arrived in Wednesday’s mail, and by Friday I’d found a subject worthy and willing to have his member forever cast in high quality rubber. My good friend, and occasional lover, Patrick, has a nice size cock and always likes to strut his stuff, so he quickly agreed when I explained what was needed from him.

“Six minutes?” he’d said. “I can keep it hard for twice that long!” Six minutes was how long it took to get the gel ready, and then ninety seconds more for it to harden into a plastic mold of your subject’s penis. Patrick seemed to be looking forward to having his cock immortalized in rubber, and for my part, I was looking forward to playing fluff girl. Once Patrick’s participation was assured, I invited my friend, Trish, to come and help with the scientific stuff like preparing the mold. Since the three of us go way back, I knew no one would feel at all uncomfortable in fact we’d probably have a lot of fun.

On the day of the make your own dildo experiment, I prepared by renting a couple of x rated tapes and putting out some snacks. No alcohol, of course I didn’t want to take the chance that Patrick would not be able to get fully erect! He and Trish were driving over together, so minutes before they were due to arrive I popped a tape into the VCR and set out my supplies.

I covered my living room floor with a large tarp, just in case there was any dripping, and I found an old spoon and put it in the kitchen with the kit. Then I changed into something I knew would turn Patrick on. A black satin teddy barely held in my large tits and stretched tight across my hips. I clipped fishnet stockings to a lacy garter belt, and then slipped on a pair of black stiletto heels. Finally, I pulled up my long black hair so that it wouldn’t get in the way when I’d give Patrick a blowjob to get him hard. A quick application of some sexy makeup, and I was ready.

The doorbell rang and I answered it. To my surprise, Trish had also dressed the part and was wearing a short white lab coat and white patent leather thigh high boots. With her shoulder length red hair and athletic figure she looked totally hot. Seeing her, I doubted Patrick would need any help from me she looked so good that I wanted to fuck her myself!

I pointed Trish to the kitchen, where she would be playing mad scientist as I prepped our subject. While she got her potions ready, I took Patrick into the living room and had him sit down on the couch. He ate an energy bar and watched a video I’d rented, and it wasn’t long before a growing bulge in his khakis told me that it was time to get the ball rolling.

I kneeled at his feet and helped him off with his pants and boxers, smiling when I discovered that he was completely shaved down there. It wasn’t really necessary but I guess he didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Thanks to some hot action on the television screen Patrick was semi erect, but in order for the mold to work I needed him totally rock hard. Knowing he was more than capable of that, I immediately started to “fluff.”

First I swiped my tongue over his cockhead, and his shaft twitched upon contact. Then I enveloped the purplish bulb inside my mouth and sucked it for a minute or so. Patrick threaded his fingers through my hair and pushed my head lower, and since he was the star of the show I let him have his way. I slid my lips down over his length, deep throating him quickly and effortlessly. As I came back up, I noted the sexy way my fuck me red lipstick had smeared all over his shaft.

I bobbed up and down over Patrick’s prick a few more times, dragging my tongue along the bulging vein that ran up the underside, while squeezing his balls in one hand. When I felt his cock swell more and start to throb I knew it was time to stop otherwise he might come and we’d have to start all over again!

Besides, while I was getting Patrick hard, Trish had been busy in the kitchen, mixing the molding powder with water of the appropriate temperature in a plastic cup that had come with the kit. The dildo kit had conveniently come with a thermometer, and she used the timer on my microwave to know when the necessary six minutes were up and the mold was ready. Our timing was good, too just then, Trish called out that she was coming in, so I fastened a leather cockring around his shaft and balls to make sure his erection didn’t flag.

Trish entered the living room with the cup filled with molding gel, walking quickly since there wasn’t much time before it would start to set. She handed me the cup and I held it horizontally and motioned Patrick forward. With a silly grin on his face he stood up and slipped his erection into the gel.

Now came the difficult part for Patrick, who had to hold still for ninety seconds while the mold set. Somehow the mixture didn’t spill out of the cup . . . much. A little dripped onto the floor, and I was glad for the plastic sheet I’d put down. While the gel hardened around Patrick’s dick, Trish went back to the kitchen to mix the liquid rubber, which took another couple of minutes.

By the time the rubber was ready, Patrick’s ninety seconds were up and he’d slipped the hardened mold off his cock. His hard on had never faltered, so we were left with a good mold, as well as a subject who was getting more than a little bit antsy. To express my appreciation for his time and effort, I took off the cockring and lathered my hand with lotion, then pumped my fist over his dick. He held onto my shoulder and thrust his hips in time with my hand, so I stopped moving entirely and let him fuck my snug fist. Soon his ass clenched and his grunts grew louder, and almost before I knew it, there was a puddle of come on the floor. Once again, I was thankful for that tarp.

In the meantime, Trish had been pouring the rubber mixture into the mold we’d made of Patrick’s cock. We had decided to forego making a mold of his balls, though the kit came complete with a plastic box with a hole in the middle to slip one’s dick through in order to get the whole package, so to speak. If we’d done that, Trish would have reserved some of the rubber mix and we’d have started the whole pro cess again and then attached the two parts. But since this was our first try I figured just the cock was good enough for me. After all, it had sufficed so many times before!

After pouring the rubber into the mold, Trish had come back into the living room to watch me jerk Patrick off. It seemed she was pretty aroused herself, since she was rubbing her pussy through the slit in her lab coat. As I mentioned earlier, we are all really good friends, so Patrick went over to her, gave her a long, hard kiss and brought his hand to her crotch. Whether he finger fucked her or just rubbed her clit I don’t know, but pretty soon she was twitching and moaning, leaning against the wall for support as he deftly made her come.

I was all hot and bothered as well, so next both my friends turned to me and helped me reach a nice orgasm. Trish slipped my breasts out of the teddy to tongue my nipples until they were hard, while Patrick got down on his knees and ate my wet and ready pussy. I was coming in seconds flat, and I sent an ocean of juices cascading into Patrick’s mouth and over his chin.

After that, we decided to get cleaned up and go out for dinner and a movie. The cast needed at least six or seven hours to dry so that the rubber mixture would set properly, and I was afraid that if we sat around the house we’d get impatient and break the thing open before it was ready. Actually, a twenty four hour waiting period was suggested for the best results, so Patrick dropped me home after the film and we made plans to meet back at my house the next day for brunch and the big unveiling.

Trish and Patrick arrived bright and early that morning with bagels, lox and orange juice, looking like they were about to burst. I was as excited as they were, and in fact had been barely able to wait for them to see how our dildo had come out. We were so impatient to see the finished product that we decided breakfast could wait.

I let Patrick do the honors it was his dick, after all. Gently, he peeled the hardened mold from around the dildo as Trish tapped her hands on the table to simulate a drum roll. When he was done, he proudly held up the finished product. It looked great it was an exact replica of his cock, the head, veins and even the little indentation in the tip all perfectly represented. In fact, it was so realistic that my pussy instantly dampened as I imagined sliding the dildo into me on some lonely night in the future. Though I badly wanted the toy for myself, I offered it to Patrick for being such a good sport. To my delight he told me I could keep it, and “use it in good health.” Well, I get the feeling this isn’t the last dildo I’m going to make, so maybe soon I’ll have enough so that I can share! Ms. Samantha C., Via E Mail


Last New Year s Eve, my wife, Tammy, and I joined our usual group of friends. We had booked several hotel suites for the most fabulous party ever. Around eleven o clock, I noticed that Kate, a hot, curvy friend of ours, was sitting by herself. Tammy and I have always enjoyed a flirtatious relationship with Kate, but nothing had ever come of it.

Kate held my cock at the base, her tongue sliding up and down one side of my shaft while Tammy matched Kate s movement on the other.
So when Kate didn t appear to have a date, I jumped at the chance to make our threesome fantasy come true. I asked Kate to dance and was pleased when she eagerly accepted my invitation. A slow song came on and we danced closely, her perfume intoxicating me. Close to midnight, we moved toward our friends to watch the countdown on TV. Tammy came up behind me and whispered in my ear that she noticed my pants were getting a little tight while I was dancing with Kate. I just laughed and told her she would reap the benefits later.
After the ball dropped, everyone exchanged kisses and handshakes and I found myself sitting alone at the table. All of a sudden I felt hands on my shoulders, and when I looked up there was Kate smiling and asking if I wanted to dance again. I took her hand and led her to the dance floor.
This time the flirting between us really heated up. After a few dances, I suggested we go outside to get some air. In the empty hallway, I got a little daring and pulled her in for a kiss. When we broke apart, her face was flushed. Sensing that she wanted me to take the lead, I kissed her again, slipping my tongue into her mouth. Instantly, her nipples hardened beneath her dress.
“You re a very sexy woman,” I told her as I massaged her shoulders and then ran my hands down her body. When I reached her waist, I slid them over her nicely rounded ass. Her breathing picked up as I moved my hands underneath her dress and started to knead her ass through her panties. By now my cock was so hard I thought I was going to rip my pants. Finally, I reached the top of her panties and pulled them down over her hips.
She stepped out of her panties and I held them to my nose to smell her sweetness. Kate s enraptured face told me she was completely aroused. I told her to wait there for me while I went to talk to Tammy. My wife grinned wickedly when I told her I had a sexy surprise for her. I instructed her to come to our room in ten minutes. She agreed, eyeing my bulging crotch with approval.

Returning to Kate, I led her to our hotel room. The minute the door was closed, I pulled her dress over her head. Kate s nude body was breathtaking, and her small round breasts were the perfect size to cup in my hands. Kate lay down on the bed and I told her I d be right back. My timing was perfect: On my way to the ice machine, I ran into Tammy and we returned together with a full ice bucket. I quietly opened the door.

When Tammy saw Kate, her jaw dropped. We approached the bed, where Kate was fingering her wet pussy, completely aroused and clearly eager for our company. “Hi, Tammy,” Kate said with a seductive smile, then held open her pussy lips. Before I could say anything, Tammy dove right in, licking her friend s juicy cunt, tentatively at first, then more firmly as Kate moaned in pleasure.

I picked up an ice cube and lightly circled Kate s nipples. Tammy took the ice cube from me and traced it all over Kate s breasts, then down toward her pussy before rubbing it along her slit. Kate bucked wildly, about to lose control completely as Tammy alternated using her warm tongue and the cold ice. Watching my beautiful wife lap up Kate s juices was a sight to behold, and I couldn t help but stroke my hard cock as I looked on.

Unable to resist, I sampled some of Kate s nectar when Tammy paused to strip off her clothes before taking over again. Kate moaned as Tammy inserted a finger into her, teasing her before locking her lips around Kate s clit, making her writhe in pleasure. Kate looked over at me, then back at Tammy tonguing her pussy, and then she began trembling as a fierce climax overtook her. Kate screamed as she came, then grabbed my arm and said, “Fuck me,” obviously ready for more. Tammy moved up to straddle Kate s face as I buried my cock in Kate s still pulsating pussy.

I fucked her hard, my built up arousal causing me to plunge deep into her hole, giving her the fucking I knew she truly desired. Although she felt incredible, I didn t want to come just yet, so I pulled out, making us each wait for an even greater sensual reward. Next, I had Tammy lay on her stomach. Kate began massaging Tammy s back and I stroked myself as I watched Kate s sensual backrub. After a few moments I had Tammy roll over and I gave Kate an ice cube to tease Tammy with. My wife squirmed in pleasure as Kate traced the ice around her delicate nipples, continuing to tease her until the ice completely melted. Then Kate began sucking Tammy s breast, expertly pulling each nipple between her lips and making Tammy gasp. Watching this was getting me close to shooting my load, so I told Kate to finger Tammy s pussy and tell me when she was wet enough to fuck.

Kate promptly obeyed, and I could tell she was enjoying it almost as much as my wife. Twice I asked Kate if Tammy was ready and Kate told me not yet. I chuckled because, knowing Tammy, her pussy was wet enough before Kate s finger ever made it inside of her. I needed some pussy pretty badly by then, so I had Tammy get into doggy position with Kate underneath her. Hornier than I could ever remember being, I guided my cock into Tammy s pussy. She felt so amazing, I knew I wouldn t last long. I could hear and feel them kissing underneath me, their bodies pressing together under my weight. Just as I was about to come, I pulled out and moved Tammy aside. Kate eagerly took my cock in her mouth, happily swallowing my torrent of come as it showered out of my pulsing cock. Finally spent, I began licking Tammy s cunt while fucking Kate with my fingers, thrilled beyond belief to have these two women to pleasure at once. Kate started to buck against my hand while at the same time Tammy came as well, thrusting her pussy toward my mouth.

Not surprisingly, my cock was erect again, so I grabbed Kate and shoved my hard on inside her. Kate s pussy was truly perfect hot, wet and tight. I fucked her fast and furious. Listening to her panting spurred me on, and I increased my pace. Kate moved her legs closer together to make her pussy feel tighter yet. I almost lost it and came right then, but I wanted more. I lifted Kate s legs up onto my shoulders, getting as deep inside her as I could, sending us both into ecstasy. As Kate came, she grabbed tightly onto my arms, her nails digging into my flesh as waves of pleasure took over her body. She held me so close I could feel her orgasm vibrating through her body, and my cock spasmed deep inside her, unleashing another load of come. I collapsed onto Kate, panting, only to get a good view of Tam my bringing herself to another orgasm. Later Tammy told me that watching me fuck Kate was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

As I lay on the bed, Kate snuggled up against me, I must have dozed off because a few hours later I was awoken by the sensation of these two beautiful women worshiping my cock with their tongues. Kate held my cock at the base, her tongue sliding up and down one side of my shaft while Tammy matched Kate s movement on the other. Watching their tongues bathe my cock and occasionally meet in a passionate kiss was too much. I gasped and told them I was on the verge of coming, and they picked up the tempo, each scrambling to taste as much of me as possible. Finally, I couldn t stand it any longer and took hold of my cock, spraying come all over their breasts.

Afterward, we all agreed that the new year had brought many exciting firsts for all of us. Of all the New Year s Eves I d celebrated, this was definitely the best by far.

Mr. Arthur S., Memphis, Tennessee


I had made plans to spend a week in New York City, visiting an old friend from college. Jessica had moved there right after graduation to work on Wall Street, whereas I’d decided to stay in the Midwest when the advertising company that I’d interned with had offered me a job. At the very last minute, Jessica was called away on business, but she said that her roommate, Margaret, didn’t mind if I stayed at their apartment.

Margaret was a dancer, so she spent her days at auditions and rehearsals and her evenings waiting tables. As a result, she wasn’t around much, so I spent most of my time sight seeing during the day while at night I went to Broadway shows and the types of artsy foreign movies we didn’t get much back home. I didn’t see Margaret that often, but when I did, there was just something about her that made my heart skip a beat. I had never felt that way about another woman, but with her firm, sexy body, gorgeous looks and beautiful smile, it was difficult not to get a little turned on in her presence.

One evening, I decided to stay in because I still had a few days left to explore the city and felt that I could use the rest. Margaret was working that night so I had the place to myself. I settled in on the couch with a glass of wine and my journal. Unable to come up with words, I doodled absently, my pen moving in slow swirls around the page. When I heard the keys in the lock I jumped.

It was Margaret, returning from work, and she was wearing a black catsuit with a plunging neckline. With no bra on underneath, I could see the outline of her nipples poking through the thin material. A chain belt hung at her hips. My heart jumped as she smiled radiantly and sashayed across the room to perch on the couch beside me.

Peering at the notebook in my hands, Margaret smiled and said, “I see you’ve been hard at work.” I glanced down and gulped. My series of spirals had somehow morphed into the curves of a woman’s form. “Another glass of wine?” Margaret’s eyes twinkled wickedly. I nodded mutely as she jumped up and took my glass to the kitchen. “So how do you like New York so far?” she asked.

“Uh, it’s been great,” I stammered as she poured the wine and then returned to hand me my glass. I took a sip as she sat back down on the couch, this time a little closer to where I was seated.

“You know,” she leaned in close to me, “the beautiful thing about women’s bodies is that they’re so soft.” I tried not to act surprised or alarmed as Margaret ran the back of her hand down my arm and smiled. My head was beginning to spin, and not knowing quite how to respond, I looked down at my hands, but Margaret caught my chin with her fingertips and turned my face up to meet her eyes.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” She whispered the question right into my ear, and I could feel her hot breath on my skin as she spoke. Her eyes held mine in a steamy lock as her fingers ran up the side of my face and into my hair. I shook my head slowly without breaking the gaze. She twirled a lock of my hair around her index finger and then ran her fingers down my face along my jaw line. My head dropped back slightly as she traced my lips with her thumb. By then my heart was pounding so loudly that I was sure that Margaret could hear it. Leaning forward, she softly placed her other hand on my thigh.

“Do you want to know the other best part?” she whispered, running her hand slowly up and down my thigh. I closed my eyes and nodded. Her hand traveled from my thigh to my hip and up my side to linger right below my breast for a long moment. I held my breath as her other hand traveled down from my face and she cupped both of my breasts in her hands, slowly massaging them with the heels of her hands. “These,” was her whispered answer. “These are incredible.”

I opened my eyes as Margaret began to unbutton my blouse. Thankfully, I was wearing a front clasp bra that came open with the flick of her thumb. My full tits fell free, my nipples standing at attention. Margaret dipped her head forward, caught one of them in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it slowly. Shock waves went through my body from my areola directly to my pussy. Then she moved to the other nipple, giving it the same wonderful pleasure. My arousal was slowly eating away at any inhibitions that I had left. I ran my hands down her back and when I reached her ass, I cupped it and gave it a squeeze.

Margaret laughed and gently bit my left nipple. I ran my hands up her sides and slipped them under the catsuit to catch her own amazing breasts in my hands. She was right it was incredible. I massaged her nipples in slow circles with my thumbs, and then I pushed her the top of her catsuit down over her shoulders so that I could see her nipples bare. We sat on the couch like that for a long moment, each cupping the other’s breasts as our eyes locked together. Finally, I leaned forward slightly and we started to kiss.

Kissing a girl was sweeter than I had ever imagined. Margaret’s lips were satiny soft and our tongues danced nimbly back and forth. Our kisses quickly grew hotter and our tongues probed deep into each other’s mouth. Without once breaking contact, she pinched my nipples hard and then pushed me back on the couch, hovering over me. She kissed my cheek and then my neck, and then she nibbled on my earlobe. “Now I’m going to eat your pussy until you scream,” she said, her voice low and husky.

My heart leaped as Margaret trailed her tongue over my body, stopping to suck hard at each nipple before moving down. She pulled off my sweatpants and then my panties and I arched back, my chest heaving and my pussy throbbing. Slowly, she rubbed her hands up and down my inner thighs as she lowered her face to my cunt and blew hot breath over my aching clit.

Margaret’s tongue darted out in quick lashes up and down my slit before she steadied herself over my clit, once again caressing it with her breath, but not her tongue. I arched my back, hoping for closer contact, but she moved away. Slipping her hands beneath my body, she cupped my ass as once more she ran her tongue up and down my slit, grazing my clit only briefly. Then she began moving her tongue in long, slow strokes up one side of my pussy and down the other.

Margaret began to linger for a moment each time she reached my clit. She circled it with her tongue before returning to her downward journey. Each time she did that it made me gasp. Encouraged by my response, she began moving her head faster over my cunt, using the same long, deep strokes. Then suddenly, she tipped up my hips and ran her tongue over my asshole, and I jumped as a whole new set of sensations exploded inside my body.

I felt dizzy and lightheaded as my body dissolved into a sweet, tingly bliss. Margaret’s tongue moved more quickly up and down my slit, making a long, slow circle at each end when she reached my asshole and when she arrived at my clit. Her fingers were kneading my asscheeks as she dipped down again and tongued my nether hole.

It was absolutely fucking wild. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen was eating my pussy and it was only getting better. I jolted forward and let out a groan as she slipped two fingers inside my tight rear hole and moved up to suck on my clit.

“I thought you’d like that,” she whispered. Now she continued to circle around my clit with her tongue as she wiggled her fingers against the rim of my asshole. I was moaning loudly, bucking my hips against her face as she sucked me hard. She continued the vibration in my ass, as with the heel of the other hand she began to pat my mound right over my pubic bone. She fixed her mouth hard to my clit and rode the undulations of my body as it bucked involuntarily.

The combination of her thrusting fingers and her tongue on my clit was enough to put me over the edge. Right as I began to come, Margaret made her tongue hard like a little cock and thrust into me three or four times. I think I was screaming as my body released completely, shaking so hard that I almost flew off the couch.

Everything went fuzzy then, and it was as if I was moving through a dream. I grabbed Margaret’s face and pulled it up to mine. I was going wild, and the taste of my own juices on this incredible woman’s lips made me even crazier. I pushed her back and pulled the catsuit down past her hips. She was naked underneath, and I plunged my face between her legs and inhaled her musky smell. My assault on her pussy was nothing like the measured treat that she had offered me, but I was too far gone to take it slowly. I lapped voraciously at her folds, eating her cunt like my life depended on it.

I fastened my lips to her clit and sucked as hard as I could. I ran my tongue in circles around it as I slipped two fingers in her hole and began to fuck her with them. I was too lost in the moment to even hope that my enthusiasm would make up for my lack of skill, but apparently it must have. I could hear Margaret begin to moan as she laced her fingers into my hair and held my head steady at her cunt. I continued fucking her with my fingers as I sucked as hard as I knew how.

Margaret lifted her hips slightly and rolled them in a slow circle, mashing her pussy against my face. I stayed fixed where I was, sucking good and hard, swallowing down the tangy juices that were flowing freely. She groaned louder and began to buck, her muscles tensing in my grip as she started to come. To help her along, I slipped my tongue inside her hole as far as I could and savored the sensation of her pussy milking it with its contractions. Then, when she had finally grown quiet, I pulled out my tongue and rested quietly on her stomach.

I had known my first trip to New York City was going to be good, but I never guessed that it would also be so special. And it was all thanks to Margaret, who showed me such a wonderful time. If she ever happens to visit my little neck of the woods, I hope to return the favor.

Ms. Rebecca F., Bloomington, Indiana