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After fifteen years of marriage, my wife and I thought we’d done it all. We’d done swinging and swapping, tried bondage and domination, and acted on our fetishes and fantasies. It seemed like we’d reached the end of our sexual adventures. But of course I should have known better than to underestimate Elyse.

We were talking about people who’d contacted us through our profile on a popular swingers’ website when she mentioned getting some messages about our wife-watching request. Elyse and I are always looking for men, women or couples who will fuck her and let me watch. It’s not hard to find people willing to play with us, so I wasn’t all that surprised when she told me we had several interested parties to choose from, but when she said she didn’t want me to know who she’d selected until the night of our get-together, I knew something was up.

I didn’t question my wife’s decision. I knew if she was taking control of the situation that whatever she was planning would be good. To be safe, Elyse changed our password for the website so I wouldn’t log in ahead of time to find out what her plans were. “It’s going to be good,” she promised. “I know you’ll enjoy the evening—and so will I.”
“That’s what matters most,” I assured her.

I had to wait almost two weeks for our adventure, and even though I’d promised to be patient, I was anxious to find out what she had in store for me. I tried to get her to tell me what she had planned, but she wouldn’t budge. “It’s a surprise,” she reminded me over and over. “But it’ll be worth the wait.”

Finally, the big day arrived, and Elyse was bouncing around excitedly as she got everything ready for our guest. I was still in the dark about what was going to happen, but I did my best to help her with the preparations. Eventually, though, she sent me off to the shower and told me to get myself ready and let her take care of the last few things. I did as I was told, and by the time I was out of the shower and dressed, my wife had finished what she needed to do and was putting the final touches on her makeup.

We were back in the living room five minutes later and waiting for our guest—or guests, I still wasn’t sure. I could tell Elyse was growing impatient, and that only made me more curious.

When the doorbell rang, Elyse jumped up and raced to answer it, but not before telling me to stay where I was. I heard her talking to someone at the door, but I couldn’t hear the other voice clearly, so I had no idea if it was a man or woman or a couple. It took her several minutes to return, and when she did, she was accompanied by a tall, athletically built woman.

I looked the woman over from head to toe as I sized her up, and I could tell right away that there was something different about her, though I couldn’t put my finger on it. She was nearly six feet tall and fairly lean, though not entirely lacking curves.
She didn’t look as feminine as my wife, but she wasn’t unattractive, either. When Elyse introduced us, I noticed that the woman’s voice was rather deep—and I swore I saw the hint of an Adam’s apple bobbing along her throat. I didn’t have time to dwell on it, though, because a moment later the woman, Tiffany, was making out with my wife, and all I could do was stare.

Tiffany let my wife take the lead, waiting until Elyse’s small hands had started roving her body before beginning to grope her as well. The two of them pawed at each other for quite a while, their lips and fingers trailing over bits of exposed skin. Again, Elyse made the first move, reaching her hands under Tiffany’s top to feel her small, perky breasts. She lifted the woman’s shirt to get better access, and I saw that Tiffany hadn’t been wearing a bra, making it easier for Elyse to grope her. A low moan escaped her when my wife leaned in and started sucking one of her nipples, and I felt my dick get hard as I watched Elyse suckle her new lover’s breasts.

After a minute or two of enjoying the pleasure Elyse was giving her, Tiffany turned the tables. She eased Elyse away, then pulled down my wife’s top and her bra so she could fondle her tits. She was gentler than my wife had been, carefully freeing Elyse’s breasts and caressing them, lightly tweaking her nipples and licking around her areolas. Still, she had Elyse gasping for breath in a matter of seconds—and their sexy show had me rock-hard, too.

I started to stroke my dick as the action in front of me got hotter. The women’s hands had moved south, and they were caressing each other’s ass, their fingers darting under their skirts every few seconds to cop a feel. And then their skirts came off.

I was jerking off as I watched the women groping each other, and finally their panties were about to come off. My eyes were on Elyse as her thong fell to the floor, but she quickly reached over to pull down Tiffany’s boyshorts, and my eyes followed. That’s when I got my surprise. Tiffany and Elyse were standing sideways, so I was looking at them in profile, and as Tiffany’s panties went down, I noticed something spring up out of her lacy shorts—a cock.

I watched, transfixed, as Elyse reached over and started stroking Tiffany’s dick. For a second I thought it was a fake, that she’d been packing, but when she moaned at my wife’s touch, I realized that it was completely natural. My eyes moved up and down her body, from her stiff cock to her firm breasts and back again. I’d never seen anyone like her before . . . and she was hot! I was amazed that my wife had set up a play date with a transsexual. We’d talked about it before, and I’d always been curious about how it would feel to watch my wife with a tranny, but I’d never expected it to happen. I didn’t even know where we’d meet someone to help us fulfill our fantasy. Leave it to Elyse to figure that out.

My wife looked over at me as she pumped Tiffany’s cock in her hand and she smiled. She looked very pleased with herself, and as soon as I returned her smile, letting her know how much I liked my surprise, she dropped to her knees, leaned forward and took her new girlfriend’s cock in her mouth. She sucked Tiffany’s shaft with enthusiasm, and I felt my own dick get harder as I watched. It was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. Elyse had her fist wrapped around the base of her partner’s dick and was jerking it roughly as her head bobbed back and forth along the shaft. I tried to match my strokes to hers, imagining that I could feel exactly what Tiffany was feeling—and that it was Tiffany’s cock I was stroking.

Elyse was going to town on Tiffany’s dick, and I could hear her loudly slurping on our guest’s shaft. Saliva was dripping out of her mouth and down Tiffany’s glistening pole, and both of them were moaning loudly, their sounds of pleasure filling the room. Elyse was getting so turned on by going down on her friend that she eventually slipped her hand between her thighs and started to play with her pussy. I loved seeing her so aroused, and it made me stroke my cock even faster.

My wife must have spent ten minutes gobbling Tiffany’s dick before the other woman pushed her away and guided her to the couch. She pushed Elyse onto the cushions and knelt on the floor between her legs. She spread my wife’s thighs apart and then leaned forward, placed her mouth over my wife’s slit and started to lick. As I sat in the chair across the room, stroking my dick, I watched Tiffany’s tongue travel up and down along my wife’s pussy. From my position, I could see Tiffany’s cock bobbing between her legs as she ate my wife, and the more enthusiastically she sucked Elyse’s pussy, the more her dick moved.

Tiffany ate my wife to a screaming climax, and as Elyse’s cries of ecstasy filled the room, I came, too. The women quickly repositioned after my wife’s orgasm, with Elyse standing and leaning over the arm of the sofa and Tiffany moving to stand behind her. My hand continued to stroke my softening cock as Tiffany began easing her dick into my wife’s pussy. She pushed all the way in until her balls were resting against Elyse’s ass, then started to thrust.

Tiffany’s hips pumped back and forth against Elyse’s, her cock sliding smoothly in and out of my wife’s slit. The women started fucking more and more frantically, with Elyse slamming back against her partner as she tried to take her cock deeper. Their bodies slapped loudly together as they fucked, and my hand pumped my rejuvenated cock even faster. The two of them looked incredibly hot together, and I could barely control myself as they continued fucking in front of me.

It seemed they were having a hard time controlling themselves as well. Their moans and cries, which had quieted after Elyse’s first orgasm, were once again echoing through the room, and it was the most arousing soundtrack. They kept moving, their hips pounding against each other, until Elyse climaxed again, her high-pitched cry of pleasure alerting me to her orgasm. Tiffany kept pounding into my wife until she reached her own climax, and she pulled out of Elyse’s cunt to spray her come on her ass.

It was clear that the two women weren’t quite done after that, but we all needed a break, so I went and got everyone some drinks before following them to the bedroom. Tiffany fucked my wife in every possible position that night, and I happily watched and stroked my cock to several orgasms. Elyse says maybe next time she’ll ask Tiffany to fuck me, too. I can’t wait!

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