Tantalizing Tease

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There’s a lot of talking and joking about who “wears the pants” in a relationship, especially among groups of men holding drinks. In those sorts of conversations, a guy who doesn’t have some semblance of authority over his wife is not usually treated very kindly, which is why when Sean and I are out as a couple, I’m fine letting our friends think he’s the one in control. However, when we’re at home, it’s a completely different story. Not only do I wear the pants, but I’ve also been known to don a strap-on while my husband is dressed in nothing but ropes or a spreader bar.

When we engage in bondage play, there’s no question of who is going to be in charge; his natural inclination is to be a bottom, and my preference is to be on top. It’s one of the reasons we get on—and off—so well together. We’ve tried switching roles, but it just feels forced and uncomfortable, and the only time Sean likes feeling forced to do something is when I’m tethering him and he pretends to protest or if I command him to open his mouth so I can slip in a ball gag.

Speaking of that gag, we made good use of it the other night. Though I hadn’t intended on muzzling him, he wouldn’t stop moaning and whimpering as I pulled his hands high above his head, and then bound them to the top posts of our big four-post bed. However, I’m getting ahead of myself. First, after telling him to get undressed, I let him squirm for a while as I considered the best way to bind him. My initial instinct was toward ropes, and I could imagine the feel of the corded hemp between my fingers as I pulled the knots tighter and tighter, until I was certain that they wouldn’t give. My pussy grew damp as I opened our toy drawer, and I was about to grab the skein when I remembered the package that had arrived in the mail a few days earlier.

I left the bedroom without explaining myself. I knew it had to be killing Sean to be lying there with his cock swaying in the breeze, uncertain of what was going to happen but also knowing better than to move. I wasn’t worried about leaving him there. In fact, I was confident that he’d stay right where I left him, not because he was afraid of what I’d do if he misbehaved, but because he was afraid of what I wouldn’t do, which was tie him up and get him off.

I grabbed the large padded envelope from the foyer and brought it back to the bedroom. Though Sean’s eyes grew big when he saw that I was holding something, his cock was anything but, even with the anticipation of a night of bondage. It had softened in my absence, the distress he felt at the possibility of being left hanging proving too much for him. Well, there was only one way to deal with that: I set aside the package, crouched beside my husband, and took his flaccid prick in my hand.
When I grasped him, he sucked in a deep breath that was followed by complete silence as I started stroking lightly. The vein on the underside of his shaft throbbed against my thumb. Leaning forward, I kissed his cockhead and he stiffened a little, and then, as I dragged my tongue around the ridge right beneath, he started getting even harder. When he was once again at full mast, he raised his ass off the bed in an attempt to penetrate my mouth, but I quickly eluded him. To discourage further disobedient behavior, I grabbed a leather strap from the nightstand and secured it around his prick and balls; I couldn’t have him getting soft again.

Somehow, Sean’s hands had remained right where I’d put them earlier while I’d revived his erection. They may have balled into fists, but they were still high above his head. His legs were also parted slightly, ready to be pulled into a spread-eagled position or held wide open by a rigid steel bar.

My clit sparked as more juices soaked my thong. I couldn’t draw this out much longer because I was getting really wound up. Soon I’d be feeling as impatient as my husband, so I reclaimed my package, and as I started pulling out its contents, I had an idea. This would be so much more fun if Sean couldn’t see what was happening, especially since he had no idea what I’d ordered from our favorite sex-toy web site.

His eyes followed me as I reached into the nightstand, unaware that this act would be the last thing he’d see for a while. When I pulled out a blindfold, pre-come oozed from the fissure in his crown. He loves the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen until it happens. He raised his head without being asked, so I fastened the blindfold in place and gave it a tug to ensure it was tight. I knew his vision was totally restricted when he gave a thumbs-up, and though I didn’t say anything, I smiled at his enthusiastic response.

Now it was time to get down to business. I dumped the contents of the padded envelope onto the mattress near Sean’s feet, and at the sound of D-rings clanking together, more pre-come leaked from his dick. My pussy also got wetter at the sight of all those toys, and I clamped my thighs together in an attempt to quell my excitement as I untangled the nylon cords. Next I loosened a black leather cuff and then paused to run a finger over its fine stitching. The quality was undeniable, which I’d expected because the bindings had cost a pretty penny. As I wrapped one around Sean’s wrist, I hoped he would appreciate them as much as I did.

Another cuff followed, and then another, until both wrists and both ankles were tightly bound. Then I attached the strap connected to each cuff to the bedposts and told Sean to test the restraints. Obeying, he gave them each a yank, and I was pleased to see his bonds held tight. However, my husband’s reaction was clearly more than simple pleasure; he started bucking his hips upward as much as he could and began moaning loudly as the leather chafed his skin, which is when I decided to muffle him.

Watching Sean as I pulled open the nightstand drawer again, I saw his body tense at the sound, which didn’t surprise me. He knew there were only a few things left in there, and his mouth opened wide in expectation. Now I knew he truly deserved what I was about to do to him, so I unhesitatingly placed the rubber orb on his tongue. His lips drew back, exposing the royal-blue ball as I pulled the straps behind his head to fasten them, and then his nostrils flared when he drew in his next breath. My husband was now totally in his element, unable to see, speak or move, having relinquished control over his body to me.

That thought gave me pause as I silently debated which of us to get off first. Then I realized my silence was unnecessary; it wasn’t like Sean could weigh in. So I mused aloud, “What do you think, honey?” As I’d expected, he didn’t even try to respond, remaining totally immobile except for his dick, which gave a perceptible jerk. Regarding the straps wrapped around his ankles and wrists, I continued. “Should I take you in my mouth and suck your big, fat cock?” His member jerked again at my salacious words, and even with the gag in his mouth, I could see him struggling to hold back a grin. “Or maybe I should climb on and ride you. My cunt is wet and ready, and I know how much you like how that feels.”

Sean grunted and pulled at his fetters. I chuckled at his reaction because I wasn’t planning on doing either of those things just yet. But he didn’t know that, so I taunted him for a while longer. Climbing onto the bed, I knelt next to my husband’s prone body and lowered my head until it hovered an inch above his prick. Sensing my closeness, he started trembling, and he was soon fully aquiver at feeling my warm exhalations on his skin. His own breath quickened as I lightly brushed his crown with my lips, making just enough contact to tease him. I took off my thong and then straddled him, letting my silky nightie drape his flesh. His cockhead left a wet streak on my negligee, so I told him, “You owe me some new lingerie.”

He nodded, not really certain what I was talking about, but I think I could have gotten him to agree to anything at that point. I was balanced above his erection, close enough to entice but not enough for him to penetrate me, and I’m sure the only thing running through his mind was: More, more, more! I wondered if he felt the heat emanating from my pussy, and if my juices, which flowed freely, were dripping down on him. It would have been easy to lower myself until his cockhead pierced my hole, but instead, I let my labia barely envelop his plush knob without letting him penetrate me. Reaching down, I grasped him by the root and held him steady as I began moving back and forth.

I carefully traced my slit from right beneath my mound to my perineum and then back again. I made sure his crown caught my clit on every trip, and as my arousal built, I started panting. I continued this action for a while to stoke my fire, knowing that it wasn’t quite enough to make me come.

The stimulation soon had Sean writhing, and he pulled at his bonds as he reared upward in an attempt to force himself into my cunt. I could tell he wanted to grab me by the hips, hold me close, and fuck me thoroughly, but we both knew that wasn’t going to happen. At least, not yet. Taunting him some more, I let him get close to slipping inside me but pulled away at the very last second. Defeated, his head dropped back to the pillow, the resigned disappointment clear on his face, but I didn’t feel too bad—hell, I didn’t feel bad at all—because it was all part of our game, and I knew that he actually loved every second of it.

As I continued to taunt him, his hands balled into fists and the straps at his wrists went fully taut. I pondered what was going through his mind. Was he imagining reaching up to cup my tits? I was allowing them to brush against his chest. Of course, I couldn’t be entirely certain, and there was no way for him to tell me. My nipples crinkled at the lascivious thought. I used my free hand to strum the stiffened tips, and the look of confusion on my husband’s face at hearing my moans was priceless. After another few minutes of letting him remain clueless, I pinched one of his nipples, and he nodded to convey his understanding.

Teasing my restrained husband was bringing me closer and closer to climax, as was stimulating my own nipples. I began quaking, and sweat dripped from my temples and between my tits as I continued skimming Sean’s cockhead between my nether lips. My clit was throbbing, which meant I was dangerously close to my breaking point. I considered stopping to give myself a moment to calm down, but then I decided there was no reason I couldn’t enjoy a nice orgasm even if I wasn’t ready to let my husband have one.

My first thought was to impale myself on his erection. My pussy released more juices, making me consider that plan, but I was concerned that fucking Sean would send him right into oblivion. Instead, I climbed off his body and sat beside him while mulling over my options.

Sean moved his head following my movement. He craned his neck as though trying to catch a glimpse of me from beneath the blindfold. I was confident that I’d tied it tightly enough—after all, this wasn’t my first rodeo—and so I ignored his feeble attempt. As I unshackled one of his wrists, he began whipping his head from side to side, fearful that I was cutting our session short. But he calmed down somewhat when, never letting go of his arm, I stretched out next to him and placed his now-unrestrained hand on my cunt.

Sean knew exactly what I needed. Palming my mound, he slipped his middle finger between my labia. Next he pressed down on my clit, and I clawed at the sheets beneath me when he began to stroke the rigid button. Then he moved a half-inch lower and plunged his digit deep into my hole.

I gasped loudly as my muscles constricted around him. Although they endeavored to hold on tight, he pulled out and thrust right back in, this time sinking all the way to his bottom knuckle. I grunted when his palm hit my mound, excited by his forcefulness, but he didn’t rest there; instead, he slipped right back inside me. He repeated that action over and over, finger-fucking me until my pussy was fluttering with arousal. Finally, my back arched up off the mattress as my body sought even greater contact with his hand.

Sean complied with the demands of my body, thrusting into me as deeply as he could, and the pressure inside me built. When I was so close to climax that I could taste it, I resumed twisting my nipples between my fingers, which got me so turned on that I could no longer mask my excitement. Abandoning the charade that I was keeping my cool, I began whimpering.

When my noises got louder, my husband nodded, his way of telling me to just let go. He also increased the pace of his finger-fucking. My body tensed and my knees snapped shut, trapping his arm between my thighs, which quivered violently.
I gasped loudly through multiple orgasms. Meanwhile, Sean did his best to keep me coming, finding the most sensitive spots inside me and continually stroking me there until I chanted his name. Eventually, I reached the climax to end all climaxes. When I had grown too sensitive and could take no more, I opened my legs, pulled his hand from my still-spasming pussy and re-tethered it to the bedpost as quickly as I possibly could, given my breathlessness.

I lay by his side for a moment, giving myself time to calm down. Sean, on the other hand, was more worked up than before. His cock was still standing tall, thanks to both his excitement and the constrictive leather strap around his shaft and balls.
It was clear that I’d dragged this out long enough, at least for Sean, and it was now his turn to experience the same pleasure I just had. My first thought was to get him off with a blowjob, since his shackled prick looked delicious. But I realized that I wanted in on the fun, craving a deeper penetration that only my husband’s cock could deliver.

Once again, I flipped up my negligee and straddled his prone body. I sat on his stomach at first, feeling the tempo of its rise and fall quicken at the knowledge that something tremendously exciting was about to occur. I raised myself and moved back until my labia once again hugged his plush crown. Now his breath caught in his throat. I reached down to hold Sean steady, and then lowered myself slowly, until his knob pierced my hole.

I continued moving downward, and eventually my ass came to rest on his balls. I paused for a moment to enjoy the sensation of him throbbing inside me, before rising back up, feeling my arousal rekindled.

Sean strained at his tethers as I rode him at a leisurely speed. I would have liked him to fondle my tits, but I surmised that he more likely wanted to grab my waist and start guiding my movements, which were probably slower than he needed them to be. But he didn’t get to set the pace, I did, so I ignored the fact that he was straining upward and continued rising and falling on his dick at the velocity I preferred.
Slow and steady couldn’t last forever. As my excitement once again escalated, so did my desire for release, and before I knew it, my pace had increased. Soon I was bouncing on Sean’s dick so frantically in an effort to get us both off that I could barely hold myself upright, so I planted both hands on his heaving pecs to steady myself.

As my fingers toyed with his chest hair, I began to ride him really hard, lowering myself on his length and then caroming off his balls the second I hit bottom. My juices dripped down his length, helping to speed my way, and then my clit began tingling. Groaning loudly, I bobbed on his dick a while longer, hoping we’d reach our orgasms at the same time. Sean helped by bucking his hips to drive his length further into me, the only movement of which he was capable.

I squeezed my muscles around him, and Sean groaned as he struggled to climax. I quickly realized what the issue was: The cockring still constricting his junk. That problem had an easy fix, so I reached between us, unsnapped the leather strap and tossed it aside. The effect I was seeking was immediate and powerful: Sean’s load surged forth to flood my canal. Feeling him shoot, I lost all control over my own body.

I shivered and shook atop my restrained husband, drawing forth blast after blast of his cream with the compressions of my spasming hole. Unable to support my own weight, I slumped over him, my breasts squashed flat against his chest. And although my range was restricted somewhat, I continued shimmying on his unyielding dick as he bucked up as much as he could to meet me.

Sean was moaning around the ball gag, and I was making my own guttural, animal-like noises. I couldn’t help it—they just kept escaping from my throat. I wanted to keep fucking him forever, but the sounds that escaped his gag soon turned plaintive, and then I felt his erection start to soften. It was clearly time to slide off of him, but first I wanted to spend one last special moment with his cock wedged in my hole. So I pushed his blindfold up onto his forehead.

Sean’s eyes were warm with affection and glossy with lust as they gazed right back into mine. We stared adoringly at one another for a long moment, as I pulled myself off his dick. I undid all his bindings, starting with his gag, so I could finally give him the long, deep kiss he so deserved. He had definitely earned it, and I could think of no better way to express my boundless love.


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