Backdoor Surprise

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Hi, honey, I’m home!” My husband’s jocular greeting preceded the sound of the front door closing and his footsteps in the hall. He was in for an interesting surprise.

Eric and I generally get home from work at about the same time, but that day I left half an hour early to make sure I would be home first. I took a shower and put on my sexiest underthings—lacy bra, garter belt, stockings, pumps. No panties, not even a G-string. Eric finds my ass sexiest when it’s completely bare. All I had to do now was position myself provocatively on a kitchen chair, place the bottle of lube conspicuously on the table, and wait for Eric to find me.

When I get in one of these moods, nothing but anal sex will do.

I straddled the chair, arched my torso into the backrest and pushed my ass out. My bald pussy kissed the surface of the wooden seat, which felt deliciously cool and smooth against my plump labia.

Eric went past the kitchen without looking in and continued on toward our bedroom. “Celia?”
“In the kitchen,” I called out, as nonchalantly as I could.

I heard him put his briefcase down. “Oh, glad you’re home,” he began, still at the rear of the house. Then his footsteps started again, coming closer. “The guys at the office—”

He stopped short when he saw me. I was watching him over my shoulder, and the look of shock on his face was perfect. It had been awhile since I’d last pulled off one of these “special surprises.”

“Holy fuck,” he said, as his astonishment turned to delight. “You look awesome.”

I grinned coquettishly and wiggled my behind. “What were you saying about the guys at the office?”

“Huh? Oh, that. They’re going out for a drink later. Fuck it, I’m staying right here.” He crossed the room in four rapid strides, shirking out of his sport coat along the way. Then his hands were on my ass, stroking and squeezing, while he leaned over to kiss me. Eric revs up quickly; his desire was already as strong as my own.

“Fuck me quick,” I demanded when our lips parted. Reaching for the lube, I added, “I want you to fuck my ass from behind. God, I want your dick so bad, Eric. I’ve been waiting for this moment all day, and I can’t hold on another second!”

Eric’s voice was thick with passion. “You are unbelievably hot,” he said, as his fingers found their way to my sopping cunt. He plied my folds for a moment and dipped his thumb inside. “Look at this—look how wet you are.” He brought his hand up so we could both see the shiny dew. He reached back down, but this time his touch was in the groove of my butt, where it settled upon my smaller, tighter hole. I gasped with pleasure.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you, all right,” Eric went on as his fingers rubbed slick circles around my anal aperture. “I can feel how eager you are. Your ass is desperate for my cock.” His slippery thumb made one more circuit around my hole, then spiraled in like a satellite caught in a gravity well. My breath quickened as Eric worked his thumb into my orifice, setting off sparks of ecstasy.

After teasing me with his thumb for a minute longer, Eric stood straight and fumbled with his tie, trying to get it off with lust-clumsy fingers. Wildly impatient, I whirled around and unzipped his pants. They fell to his ankles, leaving me free to grab his boxers and yank those down, too. As his big cock sprang out, I turned back around and knelt in the seat with my hands braced on the chair back.

Now it was Eric’s turn to surprise me. Rather than go right after my ass, he slotted his prick between my pussy lips and began thrusting in and out of my dripping hole. He was teasing me again, ratcheting up our mutual anticipation to the breaking point. Eventually, he said, “All right, hand over that lube.” Quick as a flash, I flipped the bottle into his hand and left the rest to him.

Eric prepared my hole with a generous supply of the slippery stuff, and then slathered some on his dick, too. When he was ready, he pressed his crown against my backdoor, grabbed my hips and entered me. I felt the portly head push through my tight ring of muscle with a satisfying jolt. After a pause, Eric slid his cock farther inside, and then eased back a bit, only to push forward again, deeper this time. He repeated the pattern of advancement and retreat, carefully stretching my sphincter in the process, until his entire penis was nestled inside me. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I felt his balls flatten against my pussy lips. Then I breathed out, feeling almost wide-eyed with awe and wonder as my body assimilated Eric’s dick in my derriere.

“Oh, yeah,” I whispered hoarsely. “Okay, Eric, now fuck me.”

He adjusted his grip at my hips, hauled his cock halfway out of my fanny, and plunged home again. The friction at my opening and the unique sense of fullness deep inside sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my whole being. Eric sensed my jubilation. He rocked on his heels and pumped his rod faster into me, then faster still, intensifying the sensations. I held on to the chair for dear life as he hammered away at my rump. Dimly, I wondered if we might topple over, so fierce was Eric’s attack, but I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t care what happened. Eric was having a field day with my bottom, but when the chair—with me on it—began to bump annoyingly against the table, he deftly grabbed me around the waist and deposited me on the floor. I could imagine how dirty I must have looked to his hungry eyes, with my face and shoulders pressed against the linoleum and my ass raised up for more action.

Without wasting a second, Eric knelt behind me and replanted his dick in my butt. The feeling of that fat prick boring through my anus and delving deep into my back passage was pure bliss. I slid my hand under my hips to play with my clit, and that pushed me to the brink. Another minute’s worth of Eric’s heavy cock rocketing in and out of my ass finished me off. I got loud—anal orgasms bring out the screamer in me—and I began to writhe lewdly on the floor.

Eric fell atop me to keep us from uncoupling. His groin kept smacking against the globes of my ass as he powered his cock in and out of my clutching hole. “Oh, yes!” came his savage cry as he reared back and emptied his balls into my ass. Eric’s dick seemed to swell even larger as he released his creamy load. Finally, the pulsations tapered off, and he rolled onto the floor beside me. I felt a trickle of semen leak from my backside as we lay there, catching our breath.

Our game of sex-when-you-least-expect-it grew out of the circumstances of our first meeting, eight years ago. We were at a college graduation party—an unruly, over-crowded affair at the house of someone each of us barely knew. The party was in full swing when Eric went looking for a bathroom, stumbling instead upon a bedroom scene where two girls were having sex. One of the girls was me. I was a wild partier back then, and on that night, having quaffed a few drinks, anything was bound to happen. That’s how I ended up naked and getting oral pleasure from Tiffany, a pretty brunette I’d met only an hour before.

When Eric showed up, I was on my elbows and knees on the bed and didn’t notice him right away. I don’t think Tiffany ever knew he was there. She was behind me, crouched on all fours with her face buried in the crack of my ass, busily lapping away like she lived for nothing else. She became especially energetic when she zoned in on my tightest hole, which was a nice development, since that was also my favorite area of stimulation. As she palmed the cheeks of my ass and spread them apart for her eager tongue, I sensed Eric’s presence. I glanced up and there he was, looking a bit shocked by the erotic tableau he’d suddenly chanced upon. Our eyes met, and I was smitten. Of course, I didn’t know his name then, but he was very good-looking and just my type: tall, blue-eyed, and broad-shouldered without being bulky. He stood by the door as if uncertain whether to stay or go, but I knew he wanted to keep watching us. I liked that idea and smiled to let him know. He grinned back, accepting my invitation, and closed the door behind him.

Tiffany’s hard-working tongue soon wrested my attention again, and it was all I could do to stifle a sharp cry that would have brought the house down. Tiffany plunged two fingers into my pussy and pumped them in and out while she continued to swab my anus with her tongue. Knowing Eric was watching, I spread my knees wider on the bed and pushed my ass even higher, trying to give him the best view possible.

A slight sound came from his direction, and though Tiffany missed it, I glanced over. Eric had taken his cock out of his pants and was stroking it now as he watched us intently. His rod was long and hard, and I couldn’t help thinking how it would feel to sit on it. As I pictured my ass riding that cock, I moaned into the pillow and rocked back at Tiffany, desperate to be anally penetrated. She seemed to understand because at that moment she darted her tongue into my sphincter and kept at it for a few glorious minutes. Then she replaced her tongue with her finger, which was still wet with my pussy juice. She pushed her digit in to the knuckle, and I shuddered as sublime sensations flowed through me. She giggled, obviously pleased with the results she was getting. As she began thrusting her finger in and out of my ass she also brought her thumb to my sensitive clit. The combination of pleasures wracked me with ecstasy. Just before the fireworks went off, I looked up in time to see Eric’s cock spurt semen into the air. Then I couldn’t see anything but stars; orgasm blotted out everything else.

While I was insensate, Eric slipped out of the room. Half an hour later, after Tiffany and I parted ways, I found my future husband in the crowded living room. I scrawled my phone number on a napkin and pressed it into his hand, saying, “Call me.” Then I kissed him deeply and left. He called me the next day, and the rest, as they say, is history. Ever since that night at the party, I’ve continued to surprise Eric with exciting sexual escapades for the two of us.

About a month after we put our kitchen chair through its paces, I pulled off another stunt, this time in Eric’s car outside the office building where he works. When he called me that afternoon to say he had to work late, my naughty mind spun a plan of action in no time. Eric had said he’d be leaving work about six-thirty, so I drove over there at six-fifteen and found his car in the parking lot. This was January and the sun went down early, so the lot was dark. Parking my car some distance away, I walked over to Eric’s big sedan and used my key to get in.

When he came out of the building fifteen minutes later and put his key in the car door, he got quite a shock. The dome light inside came on and revealed a sexy blonde woman, completely nude and very horny, sprawled insouciantly across the backseat. A split second later he realized it was me, and his face broke into a wide grin. He opened the door and said, “Up to your old tricks again, I see.”

“I need a man, mister,” I said, unable to stifle a giggle. I ran my hand slowly along the curve of my bare thigh. “Will you take me home with you?”

“Absolutely.” He got into the backseat with me. “But not just yet.”

I smiled broadly, realizing—as I’d hoped—that he intended to take me in the car, right there in the parking lot. The next sixty seconds were a flurry of motion as Eric, with a little help from me, stripped out of his work clothes. At last I sat back against the door, and Eric fondled my breasts as we kissed passionately. I could feel his rock-hard cock throbbing against my thigh, leaking pre-come. It was remotely possible, even though the parking lot was mostly empty, that someone might see us through the car windows, but that just made what we were doing all the more exciting.

Eric suddenly lowered his face to my pussy and began lapping up my juices. “Ooh, that’s it,” I cooed as he slid his tongue up and down my slit. He gave my clit some love, too, nibbling and sucking that tiny bundle of nerve endings until I was practically vibrating with pleasure. Eventually, though, my desperate need for anal play asserted itself. By squirming forward a little and folding my legs back toward my ears, I was able to present my backdoor for my husband’s skilled attention. He promptly shifted his oral blitz from my vulva to my back hole and worked me into such a state that I found myself grabbing fistfuls of his hair. He just chuckled and rimmed me more aggressively, until I exclaimed, “The lube! It’s in my purse.”

Eric straightened up, found my purse on the front passenger seat and retrieved the lube. While he prepared his cock, I slid downward along the seat so that I was mostly flat on my back, then lifted my knees again and spread them wide. Eric put the tube aside and, mounting me missionary style, positioned his manhood at the door of my ass. We didn’t have a lot of room to work with—as I said, Eric’s a big guy—but we were so aroused that no inconvenience was going to slow us down.
Eric planted one foot on the floor and braced his other knee on the seat as he pushed his cock into my bottom. I gasped at the incredible feeling of penetration. As his shaft traveled further up my back channel, I felt like I might come unglued. “That’s so, so good,” I stammered. “Your cock in my ass is the sweetest thing, Eric . . . ” My voice drifted off because he was sawing in and out now and the heady sensations temporarily robbed me of the power of speech.

“It’s so tight, baby,” Eric muttered. “So tight, but I’m getting all the way inside, all the way to my balls.”

The picture his words painted helped me find my voice again. “Harder,” I begged, hearing a note of desperation in my whisper. As I spoke, I grabbed hold of his flexing butt muscles and squeezed with all the passion I possessed.

Eric propped himself up on his arms and began to pound away at my little hole. The car started to lurch a bit, each pitch the result of Eric’s powerful thrusts into my ass. I threw my arms around his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist, sealing myself to his tense, thrusting body as he ravaged my eager hole. His groin hit my clit on every downward thrust, adding white-hot sparks of sensation to the deeper, more primal pleasures of his meaty shaft in my anus. Moments later I cried out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” as a climax burst upon me, dissolving me from within.

When my breathing steadied again, Eric eased off me and sat back. I took one look at his sturdy erection and exclaimed, “I’ve got to ride that!”

Quickly I squatted over Eric’s lap, slotted his pole between my asscheeks and sat down, impaling myself. “Oh, my,” I gasped as the full length and breadth of his dick filled up my backside. I began to undulate sensuously, lifting and lowering myself with such gusto that the car’s shock absorbers were forced into action. In this position, our anal lovemaking felt slightly different, the angle and depth igniting boundless untold pleasures deep in my core. As I rocked and rolled my hips, those pleasures intensified, inspiring me to ride my husband’s erection harder, faster, crazier. My hands gripped his shoulders and my tits bounced in his face as I rode him like a madwoman. My clit got into the action, too, mashing against Eric’s root every time I bottomed out against his balls. He moaned with pleasure as he palmed my butt and sucked on my nipples. I felt the muscles in his thighs and stomach stiffen suddenly, and the next thing I knew his cock was spurting violently inside me, sending gobs of warm semen into the depths of my ass. I lasted thirty seconds longer, tops. Then the pyrotechnics went off again, and what a show it was! I shuddered in Eric’s embrace while my hole convulsed around his cock, siphoning off the last drops of his cream.

A few minutes later we drove home, both of us content. It wouldn’t be long before I’d surprise Eric again, though—and I knew, from the grin on his face, that Eric was thinking the same thing.


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