An Anal Enthusiast Hones in on His Wife’s Favorite Spot

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When Janie stood up from her chair, I couldn’t help but notice the big, juicy wet spot she’d left behind. She always sits on a pale blue velvet cushion while she works, and the dark circle of moistness was clearly evident to me. Janie, however, seemed oblivious, heading off to the kitchen to pour another cup of coffee. She hadn’t noticed me standing quietly in the doorway. My curiosity piqued, I went to her computer to snoop. I was interested to discover what she’d been writing that had so aroused her. I wasn’t completely surprised to discover that she hadn’t been working at all. She’d been surfing porn, and her most recent site remained up on the computer screen.

Oh, my sweet girlfriend. Anal again?

When Janie returned with her coffee, I was already naked with a bottle of lube in hand. Janie looked momentarily shocked. She hadn’t expected me to find her out, I think. I’d been doing yard work all morning, and then taken a lengthy shower. There was no reason for her to expect me to wander into her office or find out her secret.
“Bill . . . ” she said tentatively.

“Janie,” I responded, looking from her to the computer to her again.

She seemed to assess the situation for what it was: I was going to make the movie on the screen come true for her. She set down her coffee, and then she stripped, too, and stared at me expectantly.

“We’ve never done it like that before, have we?” I asked. Sure, Janie and I had engaged in anal sex before. But the way the porn stars on the screen were fucking was new. The girl was on her back with her legs over the guy’s shoulders. He had his cock in her ass to the root and could still look at her face and watch her expressions change as he drove in deep. There was something so raw about the position; my dick was already hard. The only way I’d caught Janie’s expressions during anal before was when we’d fucked in front of a mirror.

“No,” she agreed carefully. “Never.”
“Do you want to?”

She nodded. Her cheeks were already flushed with excitement, and I knew how wet her pussy was. She’d left that wet spot for me to find.

I led her to the bedroom, stopping at the hall closet along the way for one of our towels. In our bedroom, I spread the towel on our mattress and waited for Janie to climb on top. I could see that she was trembling. My girlfriend loves anal sex, but she is always a little nervous before we begin. I can understand that. Anal still feels taboo to her, even after all these years together, all these times that I’ve fucked her backdoor.

Before I lubed her up, I decided to give her a treat. I bent at the side of the bed and rolled her onto her stomach. Then I gently spread her asscheeks apart. For a moment, I just admired her gorgeous, winking little asshole. Janie was already whimpering. She knew what I was going to do, and she could not wait. Needy thing. I gave in to her, pressing my face to her ass and starting to rim her. Flick went my tongue against her sweet hole. Lick went the tip around in a circle. Janie began to fist the sheets and moan. She arched on the bed and spread her legs wide, offering me deeper access. Even with her help, I couldn’t get deep enough. She had gotten so wet looking at porn that her sweet juices had dribbled to her rear hole. And I could tell each touch of my tongue on her anus was making her even more aroused. I drove my tongue into her hole until she was writhing and begging for more. Only then did I flip her back over and reach for the lube. I wasn’t going to let her get off without penetration.

Janie moaned at the loss of her impending climax. Sometimes she does manage to have an orgasm from anal stimulation alone. But when I told her I couldn’t wait to feel her ass hugging my hard dick, she bent her legs and used her fingers to spread her cheeks for me. I oiled her up liberally and then gave my cock a thorough greasing. My dick was huge. I was more excited than I had realized at the chance to watch Janie’s face while I drove inside her bottom.

Slowly, I introduced her back hole to the head of my cock. The flicker of pleasure/pain that danced over her face made my balls tighten. God, she’s a pretty lady. And I was watching her take my cock in her ass inch by inch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that decadent before.

Janie sucked in her breath as I pushed forward.
“You like that?” I asked.

She nodded.
“Tell me.”

She seemed to be holding her breath, but now that I could see her face, I somehow wanted more. I wanted her to describe how she felt having my cock in her ass. I wanted to watch her say it.
“I like when you fuck my ass, Bill.”

I shook my head. I wanted more. “Why?”

“I don’t know.” Her voice had a shimmer to it. “I just always . . . you know, I always want your cock in my ass. There’s something dirty about it, but fulfilling at the same time.”

It seemed that saying so much was an effort to her. Janie’s dark blue eyes had a glow to them. I began thrusting my cock in and out. I found a rhythm that worked for both of us, and I could see when Janie’s orgasm began to build once more. This was good for me—watching her face. I could not think of a time I’d ever been more aroused.

Janie reached for one of my hands and put my fingers on her clit. I love when she shows me what she needs. Now, as I rocked my cock in her back hole, I also tripped my fingers over her swollen clit. Janie nearly went out of her head. She whipped her silky blonde hair back and forth, and she began to move her body on the bed, up and down, until she was the one fucking herself with my cock. That gave me a new idea. I told her to wait, to be still, and I gripped her by the waist and lifted her off the bed. Janie gasped and grabbed hold of my shoulders. With her safe in my arms, I lay down on the bed on my back and positioned her astride me. We never lost our connection the whole time.

For a moment, we looked at each other. Then Janie went to work. She rose and fell over and over, fucking the hell out of my cock. I was the one who could not speak then. I was the one who watched breathlessly as my angel, my blonde and beautiful pixie of a girlfriend, impaled herself with my rock-hard cock.

“Now you talk,” she begged, as if sensing I’d gone speechless. “You tell me why you like it.”

I put a hand out, so I could still touch her clit while we fucked, and I rubbed my thumb over her pleasure button. Then I said, my voice hoarse, “I like this way. I like seeing your face change as you get closer to climax.”

She was there now. I could tell. She began to fuck me harder, faster, my greased-up cock disappearing over and over, deeper and deeper, into her asshole.

“Come with me,” she said suddenly. “When I come, I want you to come, too.”

I liked that thought, and I watched her face even more closely, attempting to time my orgasm with hers. But then Janie played dirty. She reached her own hand behind her and squeezed my balls. That sent me over the edge, but fortunately, she was right there with me. We came in tandem. I shot my load deep into her ass as her body contracted on me, as if attempting to milk out every last drop.

Then she pulled off and lay down on top of me, panting, as we both tried to catch our breath. “God, that was good,” Janie said, “even better than the movie.”

“We made our own happy ending,” I joked.
“Ending?” Janie teased, reaching for the lube. “Baby, we’re just beginning.”

Mr. Bill K.,
St. Paul, Minnesota

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