When my best friend, Lindsey, confessed to me that she liked to dominate her husband, my first thought was: I want to do that! It’s not that my husband is in dire need of discipline Walter’s a good guy I merely thought it would be fun to take charge in that way. Walter and I had been married for eight years one more year than Lindsey and Jerry and while we had a few toys and occasionally watched naughty movies, we’d never tried any sort of BDSM. Somehow, though, I had a feeling he’d like it.

I told Lindsey that her story intrigued me and that I wanted to spank my husband, too. But I was also concerned because I didn’t know what I was doing. Lindsey’s face lit up, and she told me that she’d be happy to show me how it’s done. She invited us over so I could watch her top her hubby and assured me that we could simply watch if we wanted.

I didn’t want to bring Walter over to their place under false pretenses, so I brought up the subject one night shortly afterward. “Honey, what would you think about me spanking you?” I asked as we cuddled in bed.

“Spanking me? Like taking me over your knee?” He paused and looked at me. Nervousness and excitement crossed his features, confirming my suspicion that he’d find the idea intriguing.

“Yes, Lindsey told me she spanks her husband, and it sounds like they really enjoy it. He always comes super hard after she spanks him. And she’s invited us over so we can learn more about it.”

“Well, maybe,” he said. His voice still sounded skeptical, but when I reached for his cock, I found it was rock solid! Now I had no doubt: The idea of getting spanked interested my man, even if he was too macho to admit it. I ran my thumb along the tip of his dick, not speaking for a long moment and letting each of us ponder the kinky possibilities.

“We can always just watch them. Or maybe I’ll take a turn spanking Jerry. You wouldn’t mind, would you?” His dick definitely twitched when I said that! We’d promised that we would be faithful to each other when we got married, and in truth, I’d never wanted to fuck anyone else. I love Walter and am extremely attracted to him. But this was a different sort of situation, and I will admit that the idea of reddening Jerry’s ass excited me.

I continued jerking off my husband until I was too aroused to wait any longer. Thinking about spanking Walter and maybe even Jerry had gotten my pussy incredibly wet. I jumped him and rode his cock to an explosive orgasm. While I didn’t say any more that night about my dirty fantasy, I didn’t think I needed to because I knew I’d sold Walter on the idea.

I arranged with Lindsey for us to go to her place for drinks the following Saturday, which gave us all time to prepare. She told me that Jerry was very excited about the prospect of having an audience and even more excited by the possibility of having two women spank him! “And I like the idea of getting to play a teacher,” she told me. “I think I’ll even dress the part.”

True to her word, Lindsey did dress up in sexy schoolteacher attire. She wore her long brown hair pulled back in a neat bun, changed from her usual cat’s eye glasses to more serious looking wire rims, and topped off her look with a white blouse and a navy pencil skirt. I decided not to dress up. I wasn’t really interested in role playing so much as experiencing the thrill of striking a man’s bare bottom.

We all sat in the living room, and Lindsey offered us drinks. We chatted for a while, getting more comfortable, until Lindsey was ready for the festivities to progress. “Now . . . we could do the demonstration in here, or we could move to the bedroom. Where would you feel more comfortable?”

“Where do you usually spank Jerry?” I asked. The minute the words were out of my mouth, I felt the sexual tension in the air increase. We all knew that’s why we were there, but saying it made it more real. Lindsey and Jerry shared a look, and then she turned back to me. “Well, I spank him wherever I want, but the most intense spankings happen in the bedroom. We can ease into how to deliver those kinds, of course.”

“Let’s go in the bedroom, then,” I said, reaching for Walter’s hand. He squeezed mine, and I squeezed back. I had a feeling he was a little uncertain, but that his curiosity and horniness would win out. We walked up the stairs and soon were in their bedroom. “Why don’t you strip for us, honey?” Lindsey asked, her voice as sweet as pie.

Immediately obeying, Jerry stripped. I barely got a glimpse of his erect cock before he was facedown on the bed. “Now, Walter, you sit there,” Lindsey said pointing to chair near the bed. “And I will show your wife exactly how this works.” I knew Walter wasn’t going to argue with Lindsey, and I felt a thrill as she took my hand and led me over to Jerry’s side. “Now, with men, you often have more surface area to work with, which is a good thing. You want to aim for his butt cheeks, but you can go a little lower to the upper thigh area, if you’re feeling meaner. Just raise your hand and give him a slap. Start with light taps, and then build up to more powerful blows. Like this,” she said, slapping each side of Jerry’s ass lightly, before delivering a sharp sounding smack that had to have stung her palm.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, stepping back. It was strange to be staring at my neighbor’s bared bottom, but it was thrilling, too. I got comfortable on the bed, but then just looked at Jerry’s ass for a few seconds, fully aware of Lindsey and Walter watching me.

“You can touch him a little, too. It’s not just about the spanking. It’s about the buildup, the anticipation, the teasing,” Lindsey instructed, encouraging me.

I ran my hand up the back of one of Jerry’s thighs, then down the other. He squirmed delightedly at my touch. Then, while resting one hand gently on the small of his back, I used the other to deliver the first blow. I raised my hand and brought it down on Jerry’s right asscheek. Then I quickly followed it up with a twin blow to the left. He moaned, which made me smile. I did it again, a bit harder this time, finding my breathing coming faster. I chanced a quick peek at my husband, who was watching me intently. He didn’t seem jealous, only intrigued.

I gave Jerry a few more whacks, noting the pink color that had started to tinge his cheeks, before I stopped because my hand was starting to sting.

“That was great you’re a natural,” Lindsey said happily. “Don’t you think, Walter?” she asked with a wink. He was blushing, but he managed a small smile. I moved closer to him, and he pulled me onto his lap so I could feel his hard on.

“I bet you just discovered that you can get worn out from delivering hand spankings well before the person being spanked gets his fill. Well, there’s a solution to that: toys!” Lindsey pulled out a box from under the bed and unearthing several paddles. “There are all kinds of paddles and other implements that deliver a sting and won’t hurt your hand. You can also use household items like a hairbrush, a ruler or a wooden spoon. I’ll show you.”

Lindsey proceeded to use four different toys on Jerry’s ass, each one producing different sounds and sensations. She had Jerry tell us what each one felt like, and which he liked better than others. When she was done showing us the implements, Lindsey offered me a chance to try Jerry’s favorite a black leather paddle. It felt good in my hand, not too heavy, but sturdy and solid. I gave him a few whacks with it, and he moaned appreciatively.

“Now, Walter, are you ready for your turn?” she asked him.

“I think I’d rather try it out at home,” my husband said, appearing shy. I nodded my head approvingly and promised him that we would.

After that, we didn’t stay much longer. We went home, and I bent Walter over, pulling down his boxers, and delivering several strong blows all in a row. “You like that, don’t you? You want me to get a paddle and really spank you?” The words flowed from my mouth easily. Soon Walter’s bottom was fairly red and warm, and my pussy was totally wet. “If you fuck me good and hard right now, maybe I’ll buy a paddle tomorrow.”

And then I gave up being “in charge” and lay down on my back so Walter could climb on top of me and give me a good, strong pounding with his cock. He has a big one, and I love being beneath him, feeling his weight on me while his dick invades my tight cunt. He drilled into me exactly how I like it, and soon he was coming inside me, which prompted my own orgasm.

“Well, I guess we owe Lindsey a thank you,” I said afterward. “Maybe we should invite her and Jerry over for a demonstration, once I get used to spanking you. Would that be all right?”

“That would be more than all right,” Walter said softly, placing my hand on his warm ass as we settled in to sleep for the night.

Ms. Meredith S., Kansas City, Missouri

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