Some men think panties are a bother. They want nothing more than to get women out of them. I have guy friends who rejoice when their girls go commando. But not me! I love the way thong underwear highlights a woman’s butt, letting me see the good parts and hinting at what lies beneath that tiny strip of fabric at the crotch. There’s no sight guaranteed to make me hornier than that of a woman bending over while wearing a thong.

Thankfully, thongs are popular, and many women enjoy wearing them, though I’ve had a few girlfriends who I’ve had to coax into them so they could experience the special thrill of having fabric pressing against their pussies and bisecting their asscheeks. One thing I appreciate about thongs is that they give a woman added pleasure during the day, making her sex drip with wetness and arousal. She can’t wear a thong and ignore it the way she can with bikini panties.

A former girlfriend, Lara, started out loving silk and mesh bikinis. She said they gave her comfortable coverage, and she liked the way they looked underneath her clothes. I convinced her to give thongs a try, taking her to the mall to buy her several pairs. I told her I’d cover all the costs, as long as I got to share her shopping experience.

Lara humored me, allowing me to select some thongs for her. Thumbing through the collection on the store’s table to find her size made me instantly hard.

I chose an array of colors and fabrics. Some thongs were basic cotton, while some were made of fabric so light that I was sure she would barely notice them when she wore them. Some women in the store glanced at me, but I didn’t care what they thought. I was a proud thong lover buying underwear for my girlfriend, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lara came up behind me and put her arms around my waist to check out my selections. I held out my hands and showed her everything from a black and white polka dot thong to a lacy red one, to hot pink lace and white satin. “Are you ready?” I asked, kissing her on the forehead.

I was ready to induct my girl into a whole new sensual world of panties. Lara took the thongs into the dressing room and emerged a few minutes later. Her cute little belly, with a silver ring in her navel, was rivaled by the hint of hot pink I could see rising up over the top of her jeans. I put my arm around her, fondling the edge of the thong, tugging on it lightly but enough to make her moan. “Check yourself out in the mirror,” I whispered in her ear. She blushed, and then did as I asked.

Watching her cute ass wiggle as she posed in front of the mirror and played with the waistband of the thong made me want to take her right there.

We skipped lunch and went straight home, where she modeled each thong for me, wearing only undies and a pair of tall heels. Her beautiful ass looked perfect in the tiny panties, and I especially liked the white thong, which set off her tanned skin. I showed her how much I appreciated that particular thong by licking her cunt through the slippery fabric. I love to tickle a woman’s labia while she’s wearing a thong. I’ll press the panty deeper into her asscrack with my tongue, making her squirm. I made love to Lara’s thong covered pussy and ass for half an hour before she begged me to move the fabric aside and give her the real deal.

Another bonus of a thong is that I can fuck a girl while she’s wearing one, and it never gets in the way. I simply inched aside the strip of white fabric and plunged my cock into Lara’s pussy, knowing the soaked fabric was tugging against her tender asshole. “Yes, I like that,” she said.

“It can be like this all the time if you keep wearing thongs, my love,” I said, and then I couldn’t talk anymore because I buried my face in her neck as I pumped my cock deep inside her. She screamed louder than she ever had, clutching me tightly and coming against my cock and her thong before I followed with an eruption of my own.

After that night, she threw out the rest of her panties, and I stocked her drawers full of thongs.

We’re friends now, even though we broke up, but she has thanked me for turning her on to thongs and told me that her new boyfriend is also very appreciative.

My latest girlfriend, Darla, told me she thought thongs weren’t classy enough for a woman like her. She runs her own business and often has meetings in high end restaurants and in fancy boardrooms. I had thought I could appeal to her by talking about how thongs eliminate panty lines, but then I had a better idea. She was into designers and labels and high end fabrics, so why not find the classiest thong I could? That wound up being a black lace panty made with Mallorca pearls that would ride between her butt cheeks and along the lips of her sex.

I ordered the thong online, but I couldn’t help myself I jerked off into it the moment it arrived. Between the sensual feeling of the lace and the texture of the pearls, it didn’t take long for me to make a mess of them. I tried to clean it off, but knew Darla deserved better. So I ordered three more pearl thongs in different colors and had them gift wrapped so I wouldn’t be tempted to sully them and they’d be pristine for her.

After the replacement panties arrived in the mail, I went to her house, bringing the thongs and a bottle of wine. “A present?” she asked, her blonde curls bouncing as she reached for her gift. She looked gorgeous in a purple silk teddy, but I could see she was wearing full coverage matching panties. They were pretty, I suppose, but not like a thong.

“Oh, wow, Tommy. These are very elegant,” she said. “Would you like a fashion show?” I nodded energetically, and she wriggled out of her lingerie. A feeling of arousal raced through me as she bent over all the way, showing me her luscious ass and wet pussy lips. She stepped into the red lace thong with creamy white pearls, pulling the garment up over her thighs. She ran her hands over the panties and her exposed asscheeks. It was such a sensual sight that my cock throbbed in my jeans. Darla seemed to understand immediately the erotic appeal of thongs. After she appreciated her present, she bent over again and wiggled her ass at me. “Want to touch my pearls?”

I did, very badly. I walked over and tugged on the ends of the strand, pressing the pearls gently against her, then more firmly when she pushed back against me. I spun the beads, letting them caress her lust swollen labia and clit as my dick twitched. I couldn’t wait to have her. Right there in the living room, in front of the window, I bent Darla over and pulled down the thong, and then freed my cock and screwed her hard. She arched her back so her ass was as high in the air as possible, and I gave her a rough and dirty fuck. I grabbed her breasts, palming them as I slid in and out of her tight, dripping hole. “Yes, give me your big cock,” she said, and that made me come. I felt Darla’s cunt tighten around my shaft, and I knew she was coming, too.

We parted, and then she calmly picked out another thong. This one was made of black pearls and white lace. She wore it and nothing else while we ate dinner. By the time we finished eating, I was raring to fuck again, so we did.

Now Darla wears thongs every day, and when I’m not around in the morning, she takes a photo of herself and e mails it to me to whet my appetite for our evening together. A hot babe who wears thongs every day? I think I’m going to marry her!

Mr. Tommy E.,
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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