My girlfriend, Terri, is a very strict disciplinarian. She has found an extremely effective means of gaining complete control over me. Once she discovered my little secret, Terri could not resist making the best of it.

One Friday, I arrived home from work to find her attired in a knee length straight skirt, a blazer, a ruffled silk blouse and stiletto pumps. Her long brown hair was piled atop her head, and a very prim pair of glasses was perched upon her beautiful nose. Menacingly she tapped her palm with a long wooden rule.

“All right, young man,” Terri snapped, “get upstairs this instant and get out of those clothes. It’s time for your bath.” My mouth fell open in shock. “And no back talk, or I’ll tan your behind.”

Meekly I went upstairs into the bedroom and stripped down to my birthday suit. Terri followed soon after, her heels clicking up the stairs and down the hall. “Has little Willie been playing with himself again?” she asked. To my utter dismay, I had a raging hard on. “We’ll have to cure you of that, you naughty boy. But first, it’s bat time, and you need a scrubbing.”

My girlfriend led me into the bathroom. A tub full of steaming, sudsy water had been prepared, and I soon found myself immersed in bubbles and struggling against Terri’s vigorous brushing. She paid special attention to my genitals, massaging my cock and balls while talking to me in soothing tones. The hornier I got, the more I fell completely under her power. I didn’t even bother to object when she insisted that “all that nasty body hair” absolutely had to be removed from “baby.”

After the bath, Terri dried me off with thick pink towels and powdered my smooth, hairless body. She made me crawl back into the bedroom and lie on my back on the bed. She produced a diaper from a basket and slid it under my bottom. With big pink safety pins, she encased my cock in the soft cloth. Next my girlfriend fed me warm milk from a bottle.

“I think baby might prefer to be breast fed,” she said after a while. I gurgled in the affirmative, and she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her lacy white bra and bared her luscious nipples. I sucked greedily on her magnificent tits, nibbling at her tender nipples and pulling on them with my hungry lips. Terri’s fingers disappeared beneath her very proper skirt, and the liquid sound of her fingers in her pussy joined the slurping noises I made as I orally worshipped her tits. Before long Terri was carried away into orgasmic bliss.

After she had rested, Terri reached down and felt the enormous erection beneath my diaper. “I warned that baby would have to be punished if he was naughty,” she scolded. She sat upright on the bed and pulled me over her lap. Exposing my bare bottom, she retrieved her ruler and proceeded to blister my poor ass. Before long I exploded, sending globs of hot come into my diaper.

I spent the remainder of that night, and many others, with my reddened ass tucked away in diapers. Terri makes me eat my meals in an oversized high chair and puts me in a playpen on weekends while she goes shopping. Of course, my body is kept hairless.

That first night of babyhood was more than six months ago, and while I was embarrassed then as well as aroused sexually, today I am only aroused by her treatment of me. Quite by accident she discovered the secret to my sexuality and, happily for me, she chose to use that discovery to give us both a unique kind of pleasure.

Mr. I.M., New York

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