The spring I was studying for my state boards, I guess I wasn’t much of a lover to my new husband, Ken. I’d come home dead tired, beg for a backrub and fall asleep over a book. And a growing bone of contention between us was, just where was I doing all of this precious studying instead of attending to my wifely duties?

My secret little library room, with the leaded glass windows, was also the location of one of the most intimate, yet daring, sex adventures Ken and I have shared to date. Unknown to me, one evening he followed me in order to discover my study hideaway. It was late and my studious mood was interrupted by Ken’s mischievous grin. He had come, he said, to rescue me.

He came up behind my chair and ran his hands down my back, reaching around and cupping my breasts through my clothes. He lifted me up, pushing my chair out of the way, but when I began to turn around to kiss him, Ken held me close, keeping himself pressed tightly against my back.

With my demanding husband behind me and the library table with my textbooks in front of me, I was trapped. Ken leaned forward, forcing my face and chest down onto the book strewn table. I had learned to follow his lead in such things, but I was full of anticipation, for this time we were not in married housing but in the library, where someone might walk in on us. The possibility of discovery only served to sharpen our erotic senses.

As I lay bent over the table, Ken reached up under my skirt. He grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down until I could step out of them. He picked up the flimsy material and crushed it into a small ball in his hand. With the fingers of one hand, he opened my mouth and inserted the “gag.” “This will keep your screams down,” he said, laughing.

I felt his pressure between my thighs, and I spread my legs to accommodate his presence. The aroma of my arousal was rising from the damp underwear stuffed in my mouth, and with measured breaths, I listened closely for the sounds of approaching footsteps. Soon I relaxed, convinced that on one would discover us and distracted by Ken’s hand, which was now playing between my legs, teasing my exposed and wet cunt.

As the level of my arousal increased, I began to squirm on the table, pushing my rear end back against Ken, wriggling with excitement as he continued to finger my clitoris. When he undid his belt and dropped his jeans to the floor, I felt the warm strength of his erect cock nestle in the crack of my ass. I squeezed my cheeks together to trap his rampant manhood, and I felt him squirm against me.

Ken stepped back slightly, just enough to reach his hand between us. His fingers dipped into my sopping pussy and withdrew with a coating of my juices. With this wet hand he stroked my crack and easily inserted a slickly coated finger up my ass. We had experimented with anal play before and had discussed anal intercourse, but he had never attempted to actually insert his huge tool in my tiny rear passage. Just the thought of being split open that way had been enough to make me weak.

I suspected that tonight would be different. His finger sawing in and out of my back door, combined with his ministrations to my always receptive clit, had excited me to the point that I was ready to try anything. And what Ken wanted that night was to fuck me in the ass.

He knew exactly what to do. With one motion he spread my cheeks and slid his powerful cock into my hungry cunt. Two quick thrusts only teased me to a higher level of arousal before he withdrew. His piston lubed with my honey, he placed the tip against my rear hole.

“Relax, Angie,” he whispered. “Relax and let yourself open.”

I was sure that I could not possibly relax enough to accommodate his massive organ, but he cooed confidently, “You can do it. Just relax. Open for me.”

With these last words, my husband pushed into my dark tunnel. I reacted with a stifled scream as I felt the burning sensation of his erection filling me. In a few seconds the pain was replaced by a tremendous feeling of fullness as my muscles did indeed relax and permit me to take all of him in my virgin ass.

Very gingerly Ken began fucking my bottom. After the first few strokes, I realized how exciting it was to give myself to my lover this way, and I began pushing back, tentatively at first, to meet each thrust. Soon we were going at it hot and heavy, any reluctance on my part a dim memory. I was a wanton woman, spread across the table by her lover, open and available for his use.

Just then the door to our hideaway opened, and we stopped, frozen in mid stroke, and turned to the door. Standing there was one of the librarians, who had come to announce that the building would be closing soon. The look on her face was one that I will remember for as long as I live. Her words seemed frozen in midair as her eyes quickly took in the scene before her.

In a matter of a few seconds she was gone, having said nothing, leaving only the sense of her stunned surprise to fill the space where she had been. I realized that my face was blushing red, beyond the flush of my arousal, and I started to laugh, but my mirth was cut short by the strong thrust of Ken’s rock hard member reminding me of its presence in my behind.

Being discovered in mid fuck seemed to inflame our passion all the more. Ken began pummeling my ass like a battering ram breaking down the castle gates. Each time he hit bottom I felt his balls slap against my dripping cunt and heard him grunt with his exertion. My stretched sphincter was now easily able to accommodate its fleshy visitor, and I was thrashing about beneath him, struggling for my own satisfaction.

In and out, in and out, Ken fucked me. Harder and harder he pushed into me, slapping my buttocks with the palm of his hand as he grew more excited, riding me for all he was worth. The windows of the little room were clouding up, and we climaxed within seconds of each other, his semen soaking my supercharged rectum. Tremendous release overwhelmed us both, and I was astounded by the ferocity of my orgasm, never having dreamed that anal sex could be such a turn on.

We cleaned ourselves up as best we could, put all our clothes back on and made our way out by a side door, being careful to avoid the librarian at the front desk. I was sure she would never forget walking in on us, just as Ken and I will never forget the look on her face.

Well, I passed my test with flying colors, and Ken and I have made anal sex a favorite part of our sexual repertoire. I wonder if that librarian has thought to try it with her husband.

Ms. A.T., Vermont

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