Bravo for Variations! I am a new subscriber, and I have fallen in love with your magazine. Nowhere else have I read such erotic accounts of my favorite sexual subject: spanking. Even as I write this, I am relishing the thought of the next time my bottom is bared for a spanking.

My husband and I enjoy a marvelous sex life, and it’s made even more intense and exciting by the occasional spankings he gives me. There is nothing like a sexual spanking. It drives me absolutely wild with desire for my husband and makes my orgasms so intense I almost pass out. It’s the ultimate thrill.

There is a lot of playacting in our spanking sessions, and while I always protest and try to talk my husband out of giving me a spanking, we both know that I want him to turn my bottom redder than red. If I haven’t been the “good little wife,” I know I can expect to be “disciplined” when my husband comes home from work. Naturally, I make a point of doing something “bad” at least once every few weeks, like “forgetting” to pick up his suit at the cleaners or leaving the dirty dishes in the sink all day.

Sam will give me a lecture and then inform me that I need to be punished. It isn’t long before I’m draped over his knees and whimpering in excited anticipation as he pulls my panties down. The sex we have after he’s whacked away at my ass, with either his hand or a hairbrush, is simply incredible. He’s never as hard or more eager to fuck me than he is after spanking me. And I’m never as wet.

Once a month we enjoy a “spanking special.” I am marched downstairs to my husband’s workshop and ordered to drop my panties. Sam then bends me over his workbench, securing my hands and feet to it. My whole body tingles in anticipation, and I am already dripping as he takes down the wooden paddle from the wall. Soon I am crying out with pleasure/ pain, loving and hating the fierce sting of the paddle as it crashes against my vulnerable ass.

I have at least two wonderful orgasms during the paddling and another one when my husband penetrates me from behind. He almost always fucks me in the ass following one of these “spanking specials,” and the feel of his hard cock surging into me back there as he squeezes my reddened cheeks is pure dynamite.

So, ladies, if you’re looking to put some real excitement into your marriage, don’t try so hard to be the perfect little wife. Be naughty sometimes. If your husband is smart, he’ll read into your act exactly what you want him to read into it.

Ms. D.V., California

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