My girlfriend, Helen, and I have a great relationship. She s an actress, and so she brings a lot of inventiveness into the bedroom. One of our favorite things is role playing, which we do every chance we get. We ve played out several fantasies: teacher and student, master and slave, pretending to be shipwrecked on a desert island, etc. But there was one fantasy I hesitated bringing to her attention. I wanted her to play the part of a hooker.

I have long held a fascination for high class call girls. I guess it started way back with the film Klute. I frequently peruse prostitution ads in underground newspapers and get quite a thrill fantasizing about visiting a play for pay gal. When the Mayflower Madame business was big news I was beside myself with excitement. In reality, however, I knew I could never visit a house of prostitution. It just doesn t suit my personality, and I was convinced the actual experience could never match my fantasy.

When my birthday rolled around, Helen asked me if I had any special fantasy that I d like her to enact. I figured now was my chance to level with her.

What would you think of trying to play the part of a call girl? I asked. She looked at me quizzically. I would be your client. Our scene would be like a make believe trick. I ll be your john. Just like in the movies.

Helen was quiet for a moment and then said she d have to think about it. I didn t talk to her for a few days and I feared I d blown it. But one night I received a call from her, only it didn t sound like the Helen I knew. She greeted me very formally by calling me mister, and ignored my attempts to start a regular conversation.

I m sorry, sir, I haven t the time to chat. My agency tells me that you desire an appointment. Would tomorrow be agreeable?

Finally I was able to figure out what was going on. Yes, certainly. We agreed to meet at a fashionable restaurant in TriBeCa. I took it that I was to play the part of some hotshot Wall Street man. She would be my very expensive date.

The next evening I got out my most conservative pinstripe suit, put on suspenders, and splashed on some Drakkar Noir. As I rode the subway downtown I was practically trembling with nervousness. I had been intimate with this woman dozens of times, but tonight it would be like the first time, for we would be playing out a dark part of our sexuality.

I was a little early and took my seat at our table. When I saw Helen sashaying into the restaurant my heart skipped a beat. She looked like a different person. Helen is a beautiful woman, a blue eyed blonde, very petite, but with a country girl quality that looks out of place in an urban setting. But now she looked like a sophisticated city slicker. Her tawny hair was swept up on top of her head and her high heels made her almost as tall as me as she approached the table. She usually wears no makeup, but tonight she was sporting quite a bit, and she looked smashing with her dark red lipstick and fingernails polished to match.

She was wearing a sleek black dress slit up the sides, revealing a good deal of her slender legs, which were now encased in the finest stockings. The neckline of the dress was cut quite deep, and when she leaned forward it was easy to see her fancy lace bra.

She took my hand warmly but professionally. After I sat down, she took out a cigarette. I quickly whipped out my lighter and lit it for her. Some women look extremely sexy holding a cigarette Helen is one of these women. We ate an excellent Italian dinner holding a polite conversation. We pretended we had never met before. We talked about art, theater, a little politics, but nothing intimate.

After dinner we took a cab to her apartment. During the ride her hand surreptitiously crept into my lap and drew soft circles over the fabric on the insides of my thighs. My cock was as stiff as a board and very apparent. She looked in my eyes and licked her lips. My, my, do I excite you? Her thigh was exposed due to her dress riding high, so I slipped my hand over to caress it. She caught me and slowly pushed my hand away. Not now, she whispered.

Once in Helen s apartment she turned on a lamp with a soft light bulb, undid her hair and shook it out. She then turned to me, her lips moist and pouting, and said, There is now the matter of the fee.

I pulled out my wallet. How much do I owe you?

Two hundred dollars for an hour, one thousand for the entire evening.

I opened my wallet and pulled out ten one hundred dollar bills of Monopoly money. Helen nearly burst out laughing but quickly checked the impulse. Instead she took the money and spirited it away. Very good, sir. Would you like a drink?

We had a few snifters of brandy as she continued to tease me. She kicked off her shoes and ran her foot up and down my leg as we sat next to each other on the sofa. My wandering hands were not turned away, and after caressing her thighs a bit, they inched upward to her delicate panties. They were quite wet.

Perhaps we should retire to the bedroom, she said softly. We rose and she took me by the hand into her boudoir. Entering it was like seeing it for the first time. She had done a bit of redecorating and it now looked like the inner sanctum of a premiere courtesan. Please undress, she said, her voice quavering. I quickly removed my clothes, but laid them down carefully on a chair. There was plenty of time. She sat on the bed with a cigarette watching me. When I finished she stood and removed her clothing slowly, lingering over each article. I stood observing, my cock sticking straight in front of me, a divining rod that had found its treasure.

Helen turned down the covers and stretched out on the bed, beckoning me. I slipped in beside her and took her in my arms. We kissed, just a peck on the lips at first, then a fiercer, hungrier union of tongues. My hands explored her back and dropped down to her ass, which I squeezed and probed. She stuck her tongue in my ear, something she hadn t done with me before. We drew tighter together, attempting to occupy the same space. She whispered in my ear, Would you like me to suck your big, hard cock?

I nodded and she kissed a trail of lipstick prints down my sternum to my navel, and then in a circle around my dick. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them it felt as if she were trying to draw them through a straw. The effect was truly tantalizing. Then she popped my cock into her mouth and fellated me with infinite skill and tenderness. I would be at the brink of orgasm when she would stop and ever so lightly draw her fingernails up the shaft, leaving my whole body quivering like jelly.

Helen used this technique several times until I was mad with lust. I had to fuck her. I pulled myself up and told her so. And since this was a new experience, I was going to fuck her in a way I had never done before. I want your ass, I said devilishly.

Her eyes lit up with excitement. Well, that ll cost you extra, she said, her voice hardening.

I grabbed my wallet from the nightstand, pulled out a phony five hundred dollar bill and tossed it to her. Would this be enough money? I asked.

She put the money away and I laid her down on the bed. She lifted her legs, and I positioned them so they went far over her head, her toes touching the headboard. I sat back on my haunches, soaking in the awesome erotic sight. Her pussy and asshole were pointing straight up, as if they were being served on a platter. I lowered my face into the delicious canap and dined. Her cunt was creaming as it never had before. I rose and slipped my cock into her bubbling pussy. She was so slick that I had my organ lubricated after only a few strokes. I withdrew from her cunt and moved my cock to the doorway of her dark passage.

All right, Mister, fuck my ass! Helen hissed, her fingers busy pulling on her nipples. Slowly, I sank my rigid member into the musky entrance of her upturned bottom. Patiently, I surged forward, concerned that she might not be able to handle my action. Her moans of passion told me I needn t have worried. Yes, God, all the way! Shove your cock all the way up my asshole.

It was done. I was balls deep in her ass, and the sensations were indescribably phenomenal. I sawed my swollen manhood in and out of her with ever increasing speed. Helen exhaled on every thrust, emitting an animalistic grunt. She had completely lost control. She locked her ankles around my neck and hung on for the ride.

Minutes later, I fired off round after round of semen into her bottom. She tightened her legs around me and came with a scream. We collapsed and lay heavily on the bed, our limbs outstretched, our hearts pounding, breathing heavy like winded decathletes.

When we recovered our strength we bathed together and began our lovemaking anew. This time I fucked her sweet pussy. Before the evening was over I would come in every one of her orifices. She would have twice as many orgasms as me.

The evening was a triumph. Helen gave a masterful performance, playing a bewitching seductress who only comes out at night. And I had realized my most tantalizing fantasy.

Mr. Richard O., New York, New York


I am a mailman in a small town out West. Around here everybody knows everyone else privacy is sometimes hard to come by. That s why I have a secret fantasy that I hope might come true one day.

I know just about every woman in town. I m a twenty five year old bachelor, and in order to have a little fun, I have to drive over fifty miles to go dancing at a club in another town. I usually score because I m pretty attractive and I really like meeting new women. My fantasy goes something like this:

The old Clancy house, one of my last mail drops, has been empty for a year now. I hear that someone has moved in, and I get a notice at the post office to deliver mail there. The name s G. Packard. I can t help but hope that G. Packard turns out to be a lady preferably a young, sexy one.

It s a hot, sunny day and I have quite a few magazines and packages for the new occupant. As I walk under a rose arbor to the front door, I hear a dog barking in the yard. I ring the bell, breathless with anticipation.

Just a minute! Feminine voice. That s a good sign. The door opens and this tall, red haired amazon stands there in the sexiest white tank dress I ve ever seen. She looks about my age and I notice she has no underwear on under that sexy dress.

Hi, she says, smiling. Would you like to come in and dump all that stuff in the hall? I m speechless. She has the most amazing brown eyes, sort of chocolate colored. Her dress clings to her every curve, and boy, does she have some nice curves.

My name s Ginny, she says, extending her hand. I shake it and tell her that my name s Doug, the mailman.

Okay, Doug the Mailman, she giggles. Would you like a glass of water or something? You look beat.

I tell her that would be real nice. And, of course, as she walks to her kitchen I admire her tight ass. Ginny returns with some cold water and tells me to sit down. She joins me on the sofa.

I don t know many people around here. I m kind of lonely. My grandma was the late Mrs. Clancy. I just inherited all this. When she talked her eyes light up. I m really lonely, she continues. And horny.

I can t believe it! Am I in a porn movie? When I tell her I can fix that easily enough, Ginny leaps right into my arms. She smells like lavender and her long wavy hair is all over the place. I can feel her heat through her silky dress as I touch her firm breasts. She moans and lies back.

I pull her dress top down and massage her beautiful breasts. Her nipples are cinnamon colored and I immediately lick them into hard little points. She tastes so good, so clean and fresh. Ginny s hips buck up against mine and my cock springs to life. She moves her hand from her hair and touches my cock through my pants. It twitches with desire for this supremely beautiful woman.

I peel the rest of her dress off her and then she tells me to take all my clothes off. It s hot and we re both sweating. I stand, remove my mailman s uniform, then leap back on top of her. She s soft all over, but taut, and I lick and caress every inch of her. When I get to her ginger colored cunt she gasps out loud.

Put your tongue inside, she whispers, and I dive in. Ginny s very wet and her soft folds are on fire. She tastes spicy, and I rub her clitoris with my index finger. Meanwhile, my cock is rock hard and aching for her. Ginny trembles. Her orgasm makes her cry out and then, a moment later, she tells me to fuck her. I immediately move into position, plunging my engorged penis inside her wonderfully juicy pussy.

She s so hot like an inferno! I slide into her buttery tunnel with ease and she clasps her legs around my ass, pulling me extra close. Ginny s like a firecracker, telling me to fuck her hard and fast. Believe me, I oblige the lady.

What great luck, I think, as I fuck her hard and then soft, making her beg for my cock. We continue like this for some time until I tell Ginny I feel like I m going to come.

Wait, she says, I want to taste you! Moaning because I want to stay inside her precious warmth, I remove my cock reluctantly and slide it into her mouth. Ginny sucks it hard, and the sensation of her mouth feels almost as good as her pussy. After a few more of her loving licks, I come. It s hot, thick and creamy, and Ginny swallows it all, then continues to suck me until I m soft. We lay there together for a while. Spent. Sated. What a wonderful woman.

Nice fantasy, right? I always think of my fictitious Ginny, especially when I masturbate. I m sure that a lot of mailmen have the same fantasy, or one very similar. Maybe one of them got lucky already. Anyway, life goes on, as they say. I keep my fingers crossed and someday, who knows, I just might meet a beautiful red haired girl with chocolate colored eyes.

Mr. Doug F., Via E Mail


A while back, in your travel issue, you published a letter from a woman whose greatest thrill is watching her well hung husband pleasure another female. She related an experience she and her husband had while vacationing in Italy when they seduced a pretty French girl. That letter really got my attention, for while I have never actually watched my husband with another woman, it s been a great fantasy of mine for a long time.

It was ten years ago that I first laid eyes on Mitch. We were at the beach, he with his buddies, me with my girlfriends, and one look at his handsome face and muscular body had me almost swooning with desire. And I wasn t alone. All the girls were checking him out, admiring his golden tan, noting his great smile, their eyes roving over his magnificent physique to eventually linger, as mine certainly did, on the snug black briefs that so perfectly defined his beautiful butt and hinted strongly at a really big cock. Happily, Mitch picked me out of the crowd and we started dating. Six months later, we got married.

Today, I m as much in love with my husband as I was on our wedding night and still deriving immense pleasure from his great looks and big cock. The fact that so many women stare openly at Mitch, hunger in their eyes, has never bothered me. On the contrary, his obvious appeal has spawned deliciously wicked fantasies. I don t remember when it all started soon after we were married, I guess but the idea of watching my husband fuck another woman to orgasm after orgasm continues to excite me to no end.

Sometimes a fantasy will spring full blown into my head with little coaxing on my part. We could be out grocery shopping, for example, and if I notice a shapely female eyeing my husband, right away I ll envision her sucking hungrily on his big cock in the frozen food aisle, or bending over in produce to take him from behind. The same thing happens if we re at the park, or at the beach, or even just strolling down the street let me spot a gal checking out my man and presto, my imagination goes into overdrive.

Lately, however, my fantasies have focused on one particular female, my new next door neighbor Delores. She and her husband Ed moved in about three months ago, and a few days later, when Mitch and I went over to introduce ourselves and welcome them to the neighborhood, I knew she d be the next woman Mitch would fuck in my dreams. Over coffee, she couldn t seem to take her eyes off him, and when we left I just knew her panties had to be soaked. I was willing to bet she had dragged Ed up to their bedroom as soon as we were gone.

Since then I ve had great fun imagining Mitch and Delores going at it hot and heavy. One of my favorite scenarios has Delores who, by the way, is a very pretty blue eyed blonde of medium height sunning herself in her backyard, which she is wont to do most afternoons. I see her stretched out on the chaise longue, her body bare save for a skimpy bikini that barely covers her tits and pussy. Eyes closed, her hand wanders downward, slipping between her legs to gently stroke her covered sex. She s thinking of Mitch, of course, and how nice it would be if he were to suddenly appear at her side.

And he does! At least in my fantasy. Opening her eyes, Delores smiles up at my husband, who sinks to his knees and immediately takes over the stroking of her pussy. Delores sighs and, moments later, sits up so Mitch can remove her bikini top. Settling back in the chaise, she purrs her approval as my husband kneads her beautiful tits with one hand while continuing to fondle her pussy with the other. Now Mitch gets to his feet and the giant bulge in his shorts evidences his arousal. Delores swings her legs over the side of the chaise lounge so she is sitting erect, facing Mitch, and quickly pulls down his shorts and briefs to reveal his big, beautiful cock.

She comments happily on its size and then takes it in her mouth, sucking hungrily as Mitch places his hands on her blonde head and urges her on. With surprising ease, Delores succeeds in swallowing all but an inch or so of my husband s cock, using her hands on his ass to pull him as deep as possible into her throat. She pauses a moment to lick Mitch s heavy balls, her tongue swiping at them playfully, and then again she s sucking on his big cock, her blonde head bobbing rhythmically.

After a while Mitch steps back and orders Delores to her feet. Get them off, he says, pointing to her bikini bottoms. Delores is quick to obey, and no sooner is she naked than my husband orders her onto her hands and knees on the grass. Yes, from behind, my pretty neighbor says excitedly. I love it that way.

Mitch wastes no time dropping to his knees and burying his well sucked cock deep inside my neighbor s eager pussy. The forceful penetration wrenches a cry of delight from her throat, and she drops her head to the ground, cradling it between her arms as Mitch continues banging into her from behind. The expression on her flushed face eloquently expresses her fierce arousal, and she claws at the earth as Mitch pounds his cock into her. Give it to me! she shouts. Harder! Faster!

My husband does just that, slamming his member into the cozy confines of my neighbor s pretty pussy again and again until he finally comes, his orgasm sparking Delores . She cries out in ecstasy and then slumps to the ground. Mitch covers her body with his, the two of them resting like that as his cock softens in her pussy.

Sometimes in my fantasy I ll have my husband fuck Delores in the ass, which is something I personally enjoy every now and then. Usually I imagine them in her bedroom, but last Saturday night, when we had Delores and Ed over for dinner, I came up with the idea of having Mitch do Delores anally while she bent over the dining room table! Ed, having volunteered to help with the dishes, was in the kitchen with me, My husband and my neighbor were in the living room deciding on the video we d all be watching later. But in my mind they were still in the dining room.

Standing at the sink, my hands in soapy water, I felt my pussy grow damp as I pictured Mitch and Delores sneaking in a quick ass fuck while alone together. I had Delores bending over our solid oak table and Mitch quickly throwing her short skirt up over her back and yanking down her panties. Then, scooping up some butter from the dish still on the table, he greased her asshole as she whimpered in happy anticipation.

Whatever it was that Ed was saying to me went in one ear and out the other as in my mind s eye I saw Mitch push his cock balls deep inside Delores curvy backside. And then she was grunting and groaning as my husband fucked her, urging him on with gutter talk, telling him, in a voice choked with lust, how much she loved getting it back there. My husband finally spilled his load into my happy neighbor s back passage, provoking a moan of joy from her.

It was on rubbery legs and with a soupy pussy that I went into the living room when the dishes were done. Mitch and Delores were seated on the couch, looking over the videotapes spread out on the coffee table. I smiled inwardly, thinking that in my fertile imagination they had had much more fun.

The day will come, I m sure, when I ll tell my husband all about my secret dreams. Although I can t be a hundred percent certain, I think his response will be favorable and I ll actually get to watch him screwing another woman. For all I know, he may have fantasies about watching me with another man. Now that would really make things interesting.

Ms. Anita K., Cleveland, Ohio


Allow me to share with you my favorite erotic fantasy. It goes as follows:

It is midnight and I am walking on the beach. It is misty and I listen to the sound of the ocean waves rhythmically pounding on the shore. I am waiting for you. I am wearing a long white silk dress with nothing on underneath. I sit on the sand. I unbutton my top and touch my breasts my nipples are hard, longing for the touch of your tongue. My fingers wander to my pussy, which is wet with excitement. I caress the soft mound and find my button. In my mind I feel your lips closing in and trapping me. I cannot move. I slip fingers into my hole and imagine you are there. I am so wet, so hot for your cock.

I flick my clitoris and it hardens under the pressure, and the anticipation of you. I am on the edge, moving my fingers in and out, tasting my juices. I hear a noise, sense someone is close. My heart is pounding. I open my eyes and you are standing there, watching me. Your tight jeans give away your desire. I want to touch you but you say no, you want to watch. So I continue to slip over the edge, sighing to the sound of the waves.

Now you come close to me as I stand up. I reach down to touch the bulge in your jeans, stroking from your balls to the tip of your penis. Oh, I want to taste you, to wrap my tongue around your thick, hard cock and lick you until you explode.

You grab me and hold me tight, smothering me with kisses, exploring my mouth and every inch of my face. As you rip at my dress, pulling it out of your way, your tongue slips down to my nipples, making me quiver. I reach down to undo your belt, but you stop me. You pull me down to the sand, continuing to cover my body with your tongue. Your lips find my hard, pulsing clitoris as your fingers reach deep inside my hot pussy. God, I want you to bring me to an explosive orgasm. I scream for you to stop, but you don t, your lips remaining on my knob until my quivering is done.

I reach to unbutton your shirt. Red flannel I love red. I touch your chest and lick your erect nipples, inching my way down your fur. You ask me to lick your balls. They taste so delicately wonderful. I love doing that to you. Carefully I suck one of your balls into my wet mouth, then the other, eventually working my way from the base of your hot throbbing cock to the head. You shudder with excitement. Explode in my mouth, let me taste the juices of our passion. But no, you won t let me take you that far.

Pulling me up, you roll me over onto my back. Your hot erection enters my wet pussy, just a little, just to tease me. I beg for more, but you hold back. Please, I want to feel you deep and hard. You turn me over and I feel your hard cock against my ass. Yes, I want it there, but please go gently. Slowly at first, rhythmic like the ocean, building like the waves, I feel you spreading me. I feel like I m going to rip apart! How can you possibly be so big?

But I want every inch of you. I want you to fuck my ass. Take me completely. You begin moving inside me, pumping your hot cock into my tight ass. We explode together, your hot come filling me. But we still can t seem to get enough. I don t want this moment to end.

Ms. Andrea B., Key West, Florida

Heroic Dreams

The Egyptian sun, unmercifully brutal, is shaded from me by a canopy made of the finest fabric in the kingdom, while three scantily clad young women attend to me on this inferno like day: One fans me with a palm leaf almost as large as she is another, ever so attentive, is at my side with a large jug of water the third feeds me a steady supply of succulent grapes. None of these refreshments can cool the fire burning within me, though. As I sail down the Nile on my royal barge I can think of only one thing: My man is coming, and we will meet tonight.

My Cleopatra fantasy is just one of many erotic daydreams I concoct for myself while I sit on my back porch swing and greet the summer nights. With a pitcher of lemonade by my side, hoping to catch a breeze, I stare off into the mountains and imagine myself the ruler of an immense empire, and the lover of Mark Antony, the noble Roman who is sculpted like a Greek god. He has returned from battle and is heading straight for my bed, where he knows I will provide him with a night of blissful, scorching sex.

I am a great lover of history it s practically the only subject I read. It doesn t really matter what time period or what part of the world it involves. Just knowing that the people I m reading about were real, and had real passions, real desires, is enough to fascinate me. As a librarian in a small town in New England, sometimes it s not so easy to meet available men. I go out on dates and have had a variety of lovers. But on those occasions when I m alone, I step into a time machine that hurtles me back to days past, when men were men and women were glad of it.

Cleopatra s bedchamber is luxuriant pillows are piled high, and they are encased in jewel colored silks from the Orient. Several male attendants stand by, ready to follow my orders. All of them are brawny, bronzed he men, with huge pectorals and skillful hands. In order to serve me they are put to the test as lovers. Only if they satisfy me completely, both with their tongues and their cocks, are they allowed to become my slaves. On several occasions I have had four or five entertain me at once. But not tonight. I dismiss my attendants with a wave of my hand.

I anoint my soft, dark skin in exotic oils. My pussy is burning for his touch. My nipples are already hard. I am wearing only a diaphanous black gown that hides nothing from view. I rub my toes against the silk, sighing longingly as the inferno rages within me.

And then Mark is there. He stands before me, as if on display. He is tall, with curly black locks that frame his handsome face. His eyes are almost golden in shade, and they penetrate through my soul with just a glance. His arms and legs are thick ropes of muscle, scarred from battle. Slowly he removes his dress armor, until he is wearing only his toga. He reaches out to me.

I stand and eagerly accept his embrace. I press my face into his rock hard chest and inhale deeply. Oh, the ambrosial smell of my man, how it intoxicates me. His powerful arms encircle me and hold me firmly but delicately. I can feel his large cock poking into my belly. I stand on tiptoe and bite his neck, feeling his hot breath on my throat. I pull him down into the pit of sensual silk.

We are quickly naked. I examine his body up close, running my tongue along its golden surface. Mark trembles with anticipation, his cock bobbing and weaving, a drop of pre come glistening on the tip. I run my long fingernails up and down his thighs and around his egg size balls. He throws his head back and roars my name, urging me to satisfy him. I take his thick cock into my hands, stroking and caressing him. At just the right moment I lower my head and he slides into my mouth. For a moment or two I let his lovely cock rest between my lips, where I can rejoice in its taste and texture. But before long Mark begins to fuck my face, his hands gripping my head as he pumps himself down my throat.

Mark comes quickly, and I compulsively swallow his hot nectar. He tells me he has thought about me exclusively on his long journey to Egypt from Rome, and thus could not last for more than a few minutes. I smile and forgive him, for I see that his erection has not flagged an iota it is still tall and hard. I sit astride him and slowly lower my cunt onto his shaft. I cry out in relief how long it has been since I last experienced this magnificent cock in my pussy! Like the waves of the sea I begin to roll atop him, Mark s hips undulating beneath me, my sugar walls clutching at his hardness, drawing him into me further.

His huge hands cover my breasts. The calloused skin against the baby soft flesh of my tits is an arousing contrast. Gently he tweaks my nipples. I continue to ride him and after too short a time I come, my cries echoing through the palace. Every fiber of my being is on fire.

Mark rolls me over without missing a stroke. He pounds into me with animal ferocity. I wrap my willowy legs around his waist and grab hold of his shoulders. I feel as if I am a ceramic doll, and this powerful man will shatter me. But I m not I can withstand anything he can give me. Relentlessly, he hammers his cock in my sodden cunt. The muscles of his neck are as tight as steel, his eyes are closed tight in concentration, his breath is coming in short bursts. He is ready to come, to fill me with his seed. I place my hands on his asscheeks and pull him into me even farther. I want every bit of him inside me.

When he comes he groans. He collapses on top of me, spent. I fix my lips against his ear, nibbling at the lobe. I whisper to him how much I love him, how much I need him. He turns to me and says he is not finished yet. I can only smile.

I spun this fantasy as I watched the sun set. While imagining this encounter, my fingers slipped beneath my panties, and I masturbated to a ripping orgasm. Flushed and trembling, I then retreated back into the sanctity of my bedroom, ready for sleep.

Though my Cleopatra sex dream is a deeply satisfying one, it is not the only one I fantasize with, not by far. I have a whole cerebral library full of erotic daydreams. Another of my favorites takes place only a century ago.

I am the new schoolmarm, fresh from Edwardian finishing school in Boston. I have taken the train to Tucumcari, and from there must take the stagecoach to Tombstone, Arizona. I am warned that the trail is dangerous bandits are everywhere, and Geronimo is still at large. But I am eager to see the frontier, and long to meet the legendary sheriff of Tombstone, Wyatt Earp.

I replay this fantasy in my mind periodically, especially recently, after I saw the film My Darling Clementine, which dramatized the shootout at the O.K. Corral. I imagined that Wyatt looked and acted just like Henry Fonda played him in the movie: an American hero for the ages, with a gentle face, tranquil eyes, steely nerves and a quick gun hand.

How I come to meet Wyatt varies from time to time. Usually he rescues me from the evil clutches of the Clanton brothers greasy roustabouts who have unsavory designs on me. Wyatt and his brothers save me in the nick of time, though, and escort me back to my home. I bat my eyes at Wyatt and say, How can I ever repay you?

This time in my dream he blushed and said it was just his duty he even called me ma am. But before he left, he took his hat in hand and bashfully asked, Would you consider allowing me to buy you a steak dinner? Of course I accepted.

The movie over, I lounged on my sofa, my shoes off and my pants unzipped. I busied myself stroking my pussy and creating details for my alter ego. Being a refined New England girl, of course I was a virgin. I was all innocence and light, nothing like the saloon girls who entertained the cowboys. Wyatt was refreshed by the change. There were not too many girls like me out West. After a delightful evening I invited him to join me in my home. He was hesitant but came in just the same. I told him to get comfortable. I imagined him sitting on the sofa while I lit a few candles.

I sat next to him, our hips touching. I exulted in his shy masculinity. I ran my fingertips up and down his arm. Wyatt squirmed. I detected a sizable lump in his pants. Would you like to kiss me? I asked him. He blushed. I decided I was going to have to take over completely. I kissed him hard and long, then dragged him by the hand to my canopied bed. The moon was full, and coyotes could be heard baying in the distance. I peeled off Wyatt s clothing. Even though I had never seen a naked man before, I knew he was a beautiful specimen. His cock was beautiful long and thin, curving upward in a gentle arc. I touched it delicately, and it twitched. Wyatt asked me to undress.

I did so coyly, pretending to be a saloon girl. I rolled my stockings down my legs as slowly as I could, which made his eyes bug out with anticipation. When I was naked he laid me down and kissed every bit of me, devoting special attention to my large breasts. He sucked my erect nipples, drawing them into his mouth, his hands drawing lazy circles around the quivering flesh. Eventually his kisses created a trail down my stomach. He tickled my navel with his tongue, making me giggle. My laughter turned sharply to a gasp when he applied the tip of his tongue to the petals of my pussy.

I had never heard of this activity. I did not realize that pleasure could be so intense. Wyatt laved my cunt with his magic tongue, flicking at my clitoris, nibbling my labia and penetrating my channel. My thighs pressed against his ears as I went out of my mind with passion. In a matter of moments I crashed with my first orgasm.

Wyatt lay next to me as I regained my senses. He was studying me, his eyes roving over the hills and dales of my bountiful form. He stroked me gently, his cock still hard and unattended. I resolved to remedy that. I spread my legs and invited him to take me, but he had other ideas. I learned this from a very friendly Indian woman a few years ago, he tells me. Following his suggestion, I rolled over onto my stomach. He pulled my ass into the air so that my knees were tucked under me. I felt so exposed, yet so alive. I peered over my shoulder to see Wyatt kneeling behind me.

I saw stars exploding as Wyatt pushed his hardness into my sex. He went slowly, allowing me to gradually accept his penetration. At long last he was completely inside me, and my virginity vanished. With building speed, Wyatt fucked me with long strokes. His hands gripped my hips, occasionally reaching below to fondle my tits. I emitted a small grunt with the impact of each of his thrusts, and he was moaning and groaning as well. When he released his seed inside me I felt it shooting, coating my cunt with its creaminess. We spent the rest of the evening cuddling like two lovebirds.

When that fantasy draws to a conclusion, my pants are around my ankles and I ve nearly slid off the couch, so powerful is the orgasm I experience.

I also like to masturbate while fantasizing in the bathtub. Usually I ll start out by reading some of my favorite Arthurian legends: The Mists of Avalon, The Idylls of the King or The Faerie Queen. I love to read them while soaking in a hot bubble bath, the room lit by Gothic candles. My favorite fantasy involves a figure derived more from myth than from history.

I transport myself to fifth century Britain. I am a maiden who has been cornered by a fierce, fire breathing dragon. The beast is ready to devour me when, from out of the forest, gallops an imposing white charger. He is ridden by a knight in gleaming armor. The knight charges the dragon, and they engage in a pitted battle. The knight wields his sword with a dexterity that is unmatched throughout the kingdom. The dragon is not his equal, and soon succumbs to the knight s prowess. The rest of the story flows out in different ways according to my mood.

Are you hurt, fair damsel? I fantasized the knight asking me this time.

I am unhurt, I replied. Who, may I ask, has proved to be my savior?

The knight removed his helmet and I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful male face I had ever seen. I am Sir Lancelot Du Lac, knight of the Round Table.

My heart pounding, deeply in love at first sight, I accepted Lancelot s offer to accompany him back to Camelot for the feast. I rode behind him on his powerful steed, my arms wrapped around my rescuer s waist. I laid my cheek against his back and wished that this storybook meeting would result in a never ending evening of passionate love.

Once at Camelot I was introduced to King Arthur and Queen Guinevere and all the other knights: Sir Gawain, Sir Percival, Sir Kay, Sir Tristan and all the rest. What was said about the queen was true she was the most beautiful woman in the land. The king asked Lancelot to tell of his adventure, and he related the story of how he rescued me from the dragon. This pleased the court greatly, and I was welcomed wholeheartedly. The feast was grand and glorious, with everyone enjoying much food and drink. By midnight the revelers were heading off to slumber. I felt a hand at my elbow and turned to see Sir Lancelot.

Dear Rosanna, I would have never believed it was true that there could be a more lovely woman than the queen, but I am proved wrong. You are truly her better. Please accept my invitation to bed with me tonight.

I was thunderstruck. It was known throughout the land that Sir Lancelot loved Guinevere, yet here he was, telling me I was more beautiful. Weak kneed, I followed him to his bedroom. His bed was large and comfortable, and the candlelight flickered against the stone walls. As I watched silently, he removed his clothes.

What a man! He was tall and lean, yet muscular. His beard was fair, his chest hairless. I swallowed hard to think that this man had chosen me to be his partner in love. I slipped out of my dress and we examined each other pensively. Then he came to me, wrapping his arms around me, and kissed me softly. I practically fainted. He picked me up and laid me down oh so gently on the bed.

For someone who was so excited, he took his time. Lancelot bent his head so gently and took my breast into his mouth. He suckled softly and massaged the other with his strong hand. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of his tongue and teeth grazing my nipples.

He moved lower, down to my belly and stroked every inch of my body with his hands. His tongue danced beneath my belly button and hovered over my sopping pussy. I raised my hips to meet his mouth and he extended his tongue and parted my scented folds. His tongue and his precious mouth did things to me that no man had ever done before. Fire filled my loins as Lancelot kept licking me, sucking my clitoris until I came, screaming out his wonderful name.

Parting my legs, Lancelot pointed his erect cock at my pink opening and descended, filling me with his manhood. I shrieked with the pleasure of this invasion, digging my fingers into his strong back. He wielded his penis as he did his sword, with swift, exact strokes. I spun deliriously, my thoughts racing out of control as I thundered toward orgasm. We climaxed together, our cries mingling in the sex charged air.

That was just the beginning of our lusty night. I gave Lancelot a tongue bath, licking every bit of his wonderful body, from his toes to his ears. I sucked his cock worshipfully, tasting his tangy sauce when he erupted. He did the same for me, and I came over and over again, my mind a jumble, all concepts of time and space gone. The only two people in the world were Lancelot and myself, naked and in heat, joined together as one.

As my fantasy dissolves I finger myself in the tub, splashing bath water on the tile floor. But I am oblivious, as my pelvis is raised, my feet pressed against the walls of the tub, two fingers deep in my pussy and another in my asshole. My orgasm pulses through me like an earthquake, jolting me to a searing ecstasy. Then I simply float in the water, drained of energy.

I ve always got an eye out for new ideas. Just this week the library received a biography of Sir Richard Burton, the dashing explorer and writer who translated the Kama Sutra. I think I m going to spend a happy and horny week with my nose in that book.


Here I was, finally hanging onto the bar, holding my beer as security, watching the bitch of my dreams slap a man’s face on the dance floor. I won’t bore you with how hard it is to locate the real S & M club in your town, but I’m sure you understand what I mean. I hoped I looked powerful and kinky in my new black jeans, bare chested, and I certainly hoped there would be more women there. Maybe it was a little naive of me to think that submissive single girls would just be standing at the bar, waiting for me to make small talk with them but, in any case, it was the precious few dominant women working the room that had me breathlessly watching.

One in particular had claimed the center of the floor, and men were standing all around her, waiting for action. She stood there in a slinky black dress that hugged her exquisite curves, staring down the man she had slapped. Her long, perfectly straight, glossy black hair contrasted with her cream colored skin, as did her black lipstick and her eyes were so dark, they didn’t seem brown, but black. Even her nail polish was black. Suddenly she was pacing again, and her skimpy dress stretched, moving over her body like plastic wrap, while her rigid nipples protruded through it.

I could feel a tingling warmth rushing through my body as I stared and knew that I was being irresistibly moved to enter the circle and call out, “I I want to serve you.” I don’t think she even heard me, because she was stalking the circle of men looking at her, telling everyone to take his cock out or leave.

But suddenly she turned to me and for an instant grinned devilishly then her face grew stern. “On your knees,” she commanded, pointing to the middle of the circle. I followed her orders. She paced before me, her charcoal colored high heels resonating against the concrete. “I do not accept everyone who wants to be my slave,” she yelled out for everyone to hear. “You will have to earn the privilege.”

“Yes! Yes!” I said. “I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Do not speak unless spoken to!” she barked. “Now strip.” Exuberantly, I removed my boots, jeans and Jockeys, and then, feeling suddenly worried, carefully folded my underwear into my pants and balanced the bundle on top of my boots. Black Lips watched all this and looked around, and everyone laughed nervously.

“Now bow to me.”

I did a sailor’s bow.

“You call that bowing? You are a rookie, aren’t you? Rest your head on your arms, raise your ass in the air, and spread your legs.”

I assumed the position, with my arms on the cold, chipping concrete. I could feel the cool draft of the air conditioner on my bare ass as I eagerly awaited her next move. Black Lips walked behind me, her high heels reverberating. I imagined her moist, black painted lips and her hot, damp breath getting closer and closer to my balls. But it was just her hand lingering there. As warmth slowly smoldered in my groin, my cock was gradually becoming firm. “Please, please touch me,” I begged.

She stood and stamped her foot against the concrete, and I twitched with fright. “I ordered you not to speak unless spoken to,” she snapped.

I sneaked a look behind me and saw that she had drawn her flattened hand back behind her and was aiming it at my buttocks. But then she slowly brought her hand down and stopped just before touching them. I waited in torturous anticipation, my pulse hammering, as she licked her lips.

“I didn’t say you could look at me!” she shrieked, instantly laying five or six rapid swats on my exposed ass and causing the men watching us to applaud. They were neither brutal blows nor love taps they were just right: solid hits, making blood surge through my body, making me writhe in lust as my ass reddened.

Black Lips stopped, and my burning ass was still bobbing in the air as she chuckled and asked condescendingly, “Naughty boy, do you have anything to say?”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I gasped. “May I have some more?”

“Oh, yes, my boy, you may,” she said, swatting my buttocks continuously. My ass was sizzling and I started losing control: My hips heaved, and I moaned. I thought I was going to come, but she suddenly stopped.

After the reverberation of the last swat had died away, she chuckled, “Oh, what a pretty pink butt.” She shoved my singed ass back onto the concrete floor and straddled me. She looked spectacular towering over me like that in her spikes, but then she squatted down and I didn’t know where to look first as she stuck her crimson tongue out between her black painted lips, inching it closer and closer to my inviting cock. Just before reaching it, she stopped, and I could feel her heat and wetness just a quarter of an inch from my cockhead.

As my hips involuntarily jerked forward, she pulled her head back, refusing to allow my manhood to touch her tongue and as I pulled back, she kept her tongue within an inch of my pulsating wand. I spasmed several times, and Black Lips pulling her head back with perfect timing, frustrating my starved balls. I groaned quietly, feeling my battered ass tingle, and watched as she pulled a string on the halter top of her dress, allowing her creamy breasts to protrude they appeared to be a smooth, voluptuous violet in the lighting.

She held them with both hands, and as I stared up, lost in the swishing sounds of the unearthly disco music, I could hear her wicked snickering. Through the euphoria of staring at her naked breasts, I thought, could I be worthy and obedient enough to earn the ultimate privilege of touching her enchanting clitoris with my tongue, or God, was it possible with my penis? I lay there, determined to completely surrender to her every whim, no matter how demanding or absurd.

My mouth watered as I imagined what her pussy would taste like. Oh, what would it take? Just the thought of her cream colored, warm body rubbing against me and abusing me excited me wildly. I felt my cock screaming for attention. I looked up at the mischievous shine in her dark, piercing eyes, and my cock pointed at her. She grinned naughtily at it, her brilliant, sharp, pearl white teeth barely visible between those black lips.

I jumped as she stroked my penis and cooed, “Oh, you’ve been a good, obedient slave.” Her soft voice had no sooner melted me when she stuck her thumb in my mouth, stood up, still straddling me, and pulled me up on my knees by my jaw, commanding, “Lick my cunt, now!”

I licked the coral lips of her pussy, then laid my lips over her clit, my tongue darting around it in a circular motion. She cooed quietly, and then I pressed her clit directly with my slick tongue, and a passionate grunt surged out of her mouth. Her hips bucked and her pussy got wetter, the strong, devilish aroma hypnotizing me with lust. I plunged my tongue deep inside her love tunnel, and the powerful taste of womanhood made my mouth water and my prick throb harder.

“Oh, oh, good slave,” Black Lips groaned, fondling my swollen rod with her pump. My hips jerked and I feared that all the semen reserved for her sacred, warm cunt would explode out in that instant. I held myself back by concentrating on pleasing her. I plunged my tongue in and out of her slick depths, then flicked it around her clit and fleshy lips. She spasmed, grunting, dragging her hot, sloppy cunt lips across my whole face, shoving the tangles of her black pubic hair into my mouth.

She shrieked with pleasure, close to climax. In an instant she changed
positions, and I could feel my throbbing penis against her stockinged leg. I was humping against it for all I was worth, and in the next instant, a tremendous burst of come was spurting out of my penis, across the floor. We both moaned as the bucking of my hips slowly subsided, and I noticed that most of the guys watching us were jerking off, too. “Mmmm, delicious, good slave,” Black Lips said.

You cannot imagine the sheer satisfaction I felt at having pleased her. She finally allowed me to touch her ass as I caught my breath. I was almost too exhausted to move. She said, “I’ll definitely see you again.” I grinned shamelessly at having earned her good favor.

Mr. L.N., California


The first time I learned that dirty talk could arouse me something fierce was with my first serious boyfriend. Frank and I were at a party one Saturday night. It was a wild one, with loud music, lots of food and even louder guests.

Dressed as sexy as could be that night, I was standing by the host s makeshift bar, a cacophony of music and voices all around me. Frank came up to me, pressed his body against mine and whispered, Somebody s gonna get fucked tonight. I ll never forget my reaction to his blatant statement. I got so aroused by his words, and the thought of us screwing, that I made him leave the party so that he could fulfill his promise in his car.

After that night, Frank never ceased to thrill me with sexy talk. He would call me at home and tell me how much he wanted me. He would describe my pussy in its state of arousal and tell me how much he liked to lick it. Many times he got me so hot that I would finger myself while listening on the phone.

The best was when he left me a tape for my cassette player. I was attending night classes at the time and had a long train ride back to his apartment. Frank told me not to play the tape until I was on my way home, but of course, during my break from class, I popped it into the player.

The first thing I heard was background music, then Frank s voice. His voice was very low and throaty as he told me to imagine him naked and stroking himself. I got so flustered that I had to turn off the tape. On the ride home I immediately turned it back on. Frank s voice filled my ears.

Now I m touching myself and thinking of you, Alex. My cock is so hot and hard that it s throbbing. Images of his sweet cock filled my mind on the train ride home. I got so hot and horny from his explicit descriptions of jerking off that when he opened his apartment door to let me in, I immediately got down on the floor in the foyer, unzipped his jeans and sucked voraciously on his meaty cock. Frank knew how to get me going.

I love to hear other people talk dirty, too. One night my current boyfriend, Scott, and I were watching an x rated video. The couple in the film was having sex on the living room floor. The action didn t do much for me that is, until the guy started to tell the actress how much he liked fucking her cunt.

He kept whispering how hot her body looked. He made her tell him how much she wanted his cock. And the more he talked, the hotter I became. Scott noticed and began to rub my pussy underneath my silk nightshirt.

Your pussy is wet, darling, he said. Do you want me to fuck your pussy? I sighed and told him yes, then settled back on the couch.

While the actors on screen were getting it on, so were Scott and I. As he began to rub my pussy again, I said, Scotty, baby, talk to me like the guy in the video.

Scotty smiled and his eyes bore into mine. Open your legs, baby, he said. I want to see your pussy.

I opened my legs wide and Scotty smiled again. Now I want you to touch yourself, darling. That s right, open your pink lips to me. Show me how wet you can get. His words fueled my desire like never before and I rubbed myself frantically. Oh, baby, you look so good when you do that, he said, beginning to remove his clothes. Look at how rock hard you make me.

I looked up at his cock and sighed. I wanted him and now it was my turn to say how much. Stroking myself, I said, I want your cock. I want it deep inside my pussy.

Say cunt, Scott whispered. Tell me how much your cunt wants my big cock.

I opened my mouth and the word slipped off my tongue. Meanwhile, Scott got down between my legs and stroked my sex, too. He moved my hands away and said, You re my pretty cunt.

I readily agreed and grabbed for his cock. Oh, Scotty, I said, I want it so bad. Our words were getting us both off. It felt good to be free, to let my lover know what I wanted.

I want to fuck you from behind, Scott whispered. I want to feel your asscheeks. I want to ram my cock into your hot hole.

I immediately got up on all fours. I swayed my bottom enticingly and said, Oh, baby, I need your cock right now. Give it to me. Scotty reared up behind me and plunged his hot cock fully inside my pussy.

I screamed out how hard he was and Scott grunted along with me. We started telling each other what we felt. Scott described how his cock looked sliding in and out of me from behind I told him how much I liked to be fucked this way. It was a fevered, frantic coupling, and I was having the time of my life!

You really like it, Scott panted. You like my big cock in your cunt. I liked more than his big cock, I loved the words he was using. I came so hard and fast that I wobbled and toppled to the floor, taking my lover with me.

We laughed, but Scott was still inside me, and still very hard. I landed on my side with Scott pumping me as I lay there. He reached around me and fondled my breasts as I told him to fuck me harder, faster. When he came, he squeezed my breasts so hard I gasped out loud. Scott and I held each other close and spoke about how much we had enjoyed voicing our passion.

Since that night, Scott has become much more vocal. Sometimes he reminds me of Frank, especially when he calls me at work to tell me how horny he is and how much he d like to fuck me. Yes, I do so love dirty talk.

Ms. Alex G., St. Louis, Missouri


After six years of marriage, Jan and I had lapsed into a mind numbing routine: breakfast together, a day at our respective offices, dinner, a little television, and then bed where even sex was approached with little enthusiasm. Clearly, what we needed was to get away for a few days and gain a fresh perspective on our lives and relationship.

A camping trip, I suggested over dinner one evening. You, me and the great outdoors, hon. The change will do us a world of good.

My wife was not convinced. A city girl through and through, communing with nature was not high on her list of fun things to do. For one thing, there was the isolation. What if, she wondered, one of us suddenly got deathly ill, with no doctor around for miles? And too horrible to contemplate was the thought of all those creepy crawly things that called the woods home.

It was far from easy, but I finally succeeded in talking Jan into a four day camping trip upstate. Having done some camping in my bachelor days, I knew what equipment we d need and was able to purchase everything during a single shopping expedition.

Jan, of course, was nowhere near as excited as I was when we started out, but during the three hour drive north the scenery helped calm her. It was a gorgeous fall day in October, and as we drove past hills and valleys offering breathtaking panoramas in brilliant oranges, yellows, reds and purples, my wife seemed to come alive. The stultifying sameness of our days back home was rapidly fading from memory.

At the campsite, I unloaded the car and set up our tent. After putting my fishing tackle, the cooler and our sleeping bags in the tent, I set up the portable grill and propped a bag of charcoal against it. That done, Jan and I spent the remainder of the afternoon walking in the woods, spending some time down by the pristine lake. To my delight, Jan seemed to be having a good time, often pausing to breathe deeply of the clean, fresh air and marvel at the surrounding scenery. Back at the campsite, I cooked us a hearty dinner on the grill. A few hours later, we were inside the tent with the kerosene lamp lit and my wife was all over me.

God, you re horny tonight, I said happily.

I feel like a new person, my wife said. This trip was a good idea, hon.

I was on my back in the sleeping bag with Jan sucking hungrily on my erection when we heard a noise outside. What was that? asked my startled wife.

Probably just a squirrel, I answered lightly. Maybe a raccoon.

There was another sound, louder this time, like something big stumbling around. Oh, God, I just knew it, Jan whined. It s a bear. She scurried to the corner of the tent and sat there with her arms hugging her knees. Do something, Stuart.

Honey, you re overreacting, I said, picking up the walking stick I had used on our hike earlier. Stay put and I ll be back before you can say Jack Robinson.

Bare assed naked, I stepped out of the tent and looked around. At first I couldn t see anything, but then the light of the full moon revealed a human figure half hidden behind a tree. Who s there? I called out. The figure dashed off into the woods.

What was it? Jan asked when I was back inside the tent.

Just some guy snooping around.

That s just great, Stuart. Now we re being stalked by an escapee from an asylum.

I chuckled. You ve been reading too many horror novels. The guy is just a Peeping Tom, that s all. I suggested that Jan resume what she had been doing before we were interrupted.

I m just going to try to fall asleep and hope I wake up, she said curtly.

The next morning, having slept more soundly than expected, Jan was in much better spirits. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast, washed down with mugs of coffee, and then ambled down to the lake. As we strolled along the shore, my wife grabbed my ass and said, How bout if I finish what I started last night?

Right here? I asked.

Right here, Jan said, dropping to her knees in front of me. Pulling down my zipper, she took out my cock and began sucking it sensuously, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head, taking me deep into her lovely throat. Sighing, I looked toward the woods and saw a burly fellow in a checkered shirt cradling a pair of binoculars in his hands! I must have jerked a bit in surprise, because Jan stopped sucking me and looked up. What s wrong, hon? she asked.

We re being watched. Probably by the same guy I chased away last night.

My wife looked toward the woods. Are you absolutely sure he s safe?

He d probably run off like a scared rabbit if I shouted at him.

My wife was quiet for a moment, as if lost in thought. Well, if all he wants is a show, let s give him a good one, she said finally.

Before I could fully digest the meaning of her words, Jan had resumed sucking on my cock, going at it now with unalloyed enthusiasm. Her head bobbed rapidly up and down as she gobbled me lustily, at one point jerking my cock from her mouth to ask if the guy was still watching us. When I told her that he was, she quickly put my cock back in her mouth.

I couldn t remember the last time my wife had performed fellatio with such delightful abandon, and the only way to explain it was that being watched by a stranger appealed to her mightily. I, too, found it thrilling to be watched, and it wasn t long before I was ready to come.

Come all over my face, Jan said excitedly. Let him see that. I happily obliged, aiming my now spurting cock so that semen splashed all over my wife s nose, cheeks, lips and chin as she kept her head tilted up for me.

That was exciting, she said as we strolled back to the campsite, our admirer having disappeared into the woods. Do you think he ll come snooping around tonight?

I wouldn t bet against it, I said.

Then we should really make it worth his while. I told my wife that I had never dreamed she was such an exhibitionist. Maybe this camping trip is calling forth a new me.

That night, instead of making love inside the tent, we spread a heavy quilt on the ground and undressed under the full moon. Jan made a great show of removing her clothes, doing a kind of striptease for me and her unknown admirer. In truth, we couldn t be absolutely certain that we were being watched, but then, soon after I started slurping up Jan s tasty pussy juices, we heard a sneeze from the woods. I looked up at Jan, who was trying hard not to laugh. Not to worry, I said. Grizzlies don t sneeze like that. She grinned and ordered me back to work.

Feasting on my wife s sex, I wondered where, exactly, the guy was. In a tree, perhaps. Crouched low in the brush? Wherever he was, he was close enough to witness all the action with the full moon providing sufficient illumination. As I continued eating Jan, she started moaning and groaning loudly. And when she came, she let out a wail that pierced the silence of the night.

No sooner had my wife caught her breath than she was positioning herself on her hands and knees and demanding that I do her doggy style. Without delay, I plunged my cock into her from behind. Jan put on a show. She slammed her cute ass back against my thrusting cock and shouted out for me to fuck her harder. I held out for as long as possible and then let loose, blasting a load of come into her clasping pussy. She came a moment later, throwing her head back and screaming into the woods.

For the duration of our camping trip, Jan and I took every opportunity to exhibit ourselves to our voyeuristic friend, staging little sex shows for his, and our, benefit. Being watched ignited our passion, and we fucked like we hadn t fucked in years. And the memory of those exciting times upstate is enough to keep us going strong sexually now that we re back home.

I m sure Mr. Peeping Tom has no idea how much he rejuvenated our sex life, but if he happens to be reading this, Jan and I would like to say a great big Thank you.

Mr. Stuart Y., Queens, New York


You printed my letter! I picked up my new issue a few days ago and while I usually browse through it before my wife and I read it together in bed, this time I did not see it beforehand. In fact, I did not even remember that I had written the letter.

Saturday afternoon, after partaking of a light lunch of Brie cheese, crusty French bread and an ice cold bottle of Riesling, we headed for the bedroom to read Variations. As is our custom, we stripped and settled down to read aloud to each other. I took my usual position with my head between Lilly s legs and began happily licking and sucking her cunt. Lilly began to read, and I suddenly became excited.

My God, this sounds familiar, she said.

I was not paying that close attention but when I heard her read Lilly and the seawall, it all became perfectly clear.

I can t believe it . . . that s my letter, I blurted out, giddy as a schoolboy.

Lilly became very excited and even began to blush. She read the letter slowly and with obvious pleasure. When she had finished, I resumed my activities between her lovely legs. As the afternoon evolved we had a particularly great session of sucking and fucking and all sorts of goodies.

Thanks for printing my letter. It is really a great thrill to see our writing published in a national magazine, especially one of your caliber.

Mr. Earl O., Terre Haute, Indiana

Erotic Exposure

Stepping up my pace, I could feel myself begin to sweat as I approached Columbus Circle. A typical summer in New York hot and humid, but that s not why I was sweating. I was going to meet Connor, my lover, and I knew in my heart and pussy that we were going to fuck. It s something we do very well together, especially when we have an audience.

Although we both live in New York City, we met out on Long Island. I remember that summer two years ago. Hot, sticky and salty that was the only way to describe it. I was staying with my mother s side of the family, who lives in the Hamptons all year round.

I was lying on my blanket, wearing a white maillot. It contrasted well with my dark olive complexion and black hair. This wasn t just any white bathing suit, though. When wet, it became totally see through, so that my breasts and shaved pussy were exposed for all to see. I like to show myself off sexually speaking and that bathing suit was perfect. I kept the show going by constantly wetting myself with a spray bottle full of cold water.

While in mid spray a shadow crossed my path. That shadow was Connor. My lover exudes a dark sensuality and I felt it immediately right there under the glaring sun. I immediately took in his six foot, toned frame, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Now that s a bathing suit, he said.

Not only is Connor the most beautiful man I have ever known, but he gets right to the point. He sat down on the blanket and I knew that I had a captive audience. I thrust my breasts out to him, even used the old clich : Would you like to rub some tanning lotion on my back? He succumbed to my charms immediately.

Connor and I talked and sunned together. We were alike in many ways, both in looks and temperament. We were delighted to find that we lived only a few blocks from each other in Manhattan.

He asked me how I was getting to my aunt s house. I was going to take a taxi, but Connor refused to hear of it and told me he had a shiny black Harley out in the parking lot.

It needs a female on back, he said. I almost came right there.

Standing in the parking lot by Connor s big bike, he kissed me. Holding my head steady, he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. Lost in the sensation, I rubbed my body against his, moaning into his mouth and listening to the catcalls of the passersby. They fueled my desire and I prolonged that kiss, opening my eyes to see the mouths of some bystanders agape at our erotic exposure.

Connor pulled away and lifted me onto his bike. Come with me, he said.

We sped down Dune Road. Lots of other people were leaving the beach and the traffic was kind of heavy. The vibrations of the bike filled my loins and I pressed myself harder against Connor. Then he pulled off the road and parked in the high grass just off the bay.

We were still in view of the cars driving by. Connor told me to stay on the bike. He got off and positioned himself so that he was facing me. Kissing me once more, he touched my breasts through the fine material of my suit. I moaned as he tweaked my nipples, then he rolled the top down so they were exposed to the sun.

Connor bent and kissed my breasts tenderly. I couldn t believe my luck! This hot new man was baring my breasts in public. I knew that some of the cars could see us. A few horns honked at us.

I became so aroused that I took off my suit. Connor s eyes opened wide when I started to finger my pussy. It was moist and warm and sandy, and I opened my lips with one hand and fingered my clitoris with another.

Beautiful, was all Connor would say. I threw my head back and laughed at the sky. I felt so warm and wonderful with Connor watching me, telling me how exciting I was, and how good I looked.

When he could stand my show no longer, he unbuttoned his jeans and took out his long, cut shaft. The sight of his cock sent me spiraling toward an orgasm, and I moaned as my entire body shook. Connor pumped his erection a few times as I stared at his beautiful cock. Then we fucked.

I guess I shouldn t just call what we did fucking. It was a spiritual joining. A cataclysmic union of souls. Connor and I fit perfectly that afternoon. He knew, instinctively, what got me off: the cool wind caressing my bare body, his cock plunging in and out of my pussy for all to see, the wildness of our lovemaking and the knowledge that we just might get caught. Both Connor and I danced around, with me still naked, waving at the automobiles whizzing by.

We spent the entire weekend together. My family was very good about it. I mean, I hardly saw them. But they took a liking to Connor and were just as enamored of him as I was. He took me back to Manhattan on his Harley.

Now in the sunlight of Columbus Circle, I sat smiling, thinking of my man. Yes, we were still together and it was another hot summer. Just then I spotted him striding toward me and I sprang up to meet him. Connor hugged me and kissed me deeply, much to the chagrin of other bystanders.

No bra, darling, he said, commenting on my very thin white shirt and lack of undergarments.

The better for you to see my nipples, sweetie, I whispered. His reply was that my nipples looked as if they were for more than his eyes only. We laughed and held hands all the way to his apartment on West 57th Street.

Connor lives in a very large complex and we felt the breeze of the air conditioners as soon as we entered the marble lobby. My nipples stood at attention and I noticed the doorman looking at them. When he finally met my eyes he blushed with embarrassment I just smiled.

Entering Connor s apartment, we sped to the shower. We had planned to go out to dinner and we both wanted to freshen up. Connor and I lathered each other up. He took special care of my pussy and soon I was panting with an orgasm. What a delightful way to enliven a boring task!

While Connor toweled himself off, I walked around the apartment totally naked and let the cool air dry my body. As Connor dressed in the bedroom, he watched my reflection in the large mirror on the wall. I was at the entrance to the bathroom and I knew that he had a good view of me. I averted my eyes and pretended to be unaware of his gaze. We play this game often and it always ends in the most delicious way.

I started by squirting some scented lotion on my hands. I massaged the soft cream onto my legs, moving higher and higher. Applying more lotion to my fingertips, I reached my pussy and started to finger myself. With my other hand I put some cream on my breasts, slowly caressing myself. Connor watched me rub my breasts, and I pulled my nipples out so that they would harden. Though pretending that I was alone, I sighed out loud for his benefit. What a perfect show I was putting on for my man, and out of the corner of my eye I saw that he was captivated.

I kept it up for a while, turning this way and that, giving him a good view of my pussy and firm behind. Finally I moved my eyes over to watch him in the mirror. He was gazing at me with such intensity. His cock poked out from underneath his shirt and I smiled and held out my hand. He moved toward me very fast, scooped my nude body up in his arms and sped to the bed. Throwing me down on top of the comforter, he covered my body with his.

You know I loved watching you do that, Paula, he said.

I didn t say a thing. I just bucked my hips up against his groin. I was very excited, fueled by my little show, and I wanted his beautiful cock inside me.

Connor put his hand down on my sex and plunged two fingers inside me. I was so wet with arousal that they slid in effortlessly. I moved my body up closer to his. I wanted his cock and I told him so. Out went his fingers and in plunged his erection.

He thrust into me to the hilt and I cried out with pleasure. Connor braced himself with his arms and kept up his rhythm as I met him blow for blow.

How do you like it, my little show off, he said. I just cried out his name and begged for more. We kept up a fast and furious pace and finally I could feel the first wave of my orgasm. When it washed over me, caressing my whole body with exquisite pleasure, Connor came, his seed spurting deep inside my pussy.

We put ourselves together and took the subway downtown to a funky little Moroccan restaurant. We decided to dress casual because of the heat Connor in jeans and a t shirt, me in a small tank dress with a flowered print. I wore no bra, teeny panties and strappy sandals.

It was a tiny place, very comfortable and romantic. A dark, handsome waiter led us to a table in the back. Connor ordered and we had a feast of lamb couscous, assorted vegetables and thick, spicy dips for our hot bread. Delicious.

We finished our sweet beers and ordered strong Turkish coffee, relaxing in the wonderful atmosphere awhile longer before paying our bill and leaving.

Connor suggested that we take a cab back home. The subway was probably like a furnace by then and I readily agreed. As we sped back uptown, Connor turned to me and kissed my lips. His hand was resting on my thigh and it moved higher. I squirmed in my seat and my dress shifted, revealing my panties. I looked up at the cabbie and saw him watching us in his rearview mirror. He noticed and averted his eyes. Just what I wanted.

Touch me, Connor, I whispered. Connor moved the little panty aside and rubbed my bare pussy. I looked down and saw that his fingers were coated with my juice. Then I looked up at the cabbie in the rearview mirror. He was watching us, his eyes glued to my glistening pussy. I moved lower in the seat and Connor kept rubbing me. I was thrilled that the cabbie had turned out to be a voyeur. It made my blood hotter and my pussy wetter.

I opened my legs wider and replaced Connor s probing fingers with my own. Connor turned to the driver and smiled, saying, Nice, huh. I don t mind, chief, just keep one eye on the road.

I moaned and played with myself. All the while I kept my eyes on the cabbie. Do you like what you see? I inquired.

The cabbie looked startled and blurted out, Well gosh, ma am, it looks fine to me!

I threw back my head and laughed loudly. I felt so good with both the eyes of a stranger and my lover watching me play with myself. The contractions of my orgasm shook me so much that my belly quivered. The cabbie pulled up in front of our building.

Give him a big tip, Connor, I said. When Connor handed over the money, the cabbie took it and said, The pleasure was mostly mine, miss.

The opportunity for more erotic exposure came up when Connor s brother lent us his boat for a weekend. I was ecstatic that Saturday morning as we headed out to the South Shore of Long Island and the marina where it was moored.

The boat was really big and very nice. Sleek and long, it was painted black with red accents. We loaded up all our gear fishing rods, sodas, wine and food and headed out of the bay. We tooled around for some time and enjoyed the clear summer sky and hot sun. The spray of the water felt good on my skin. It was great just hanging out in our bathing suits, without a care in the world.

When we were ready to eat, Connor let the anchor down in a shallow cove. The only other boat was about forty yards away. We could see its owner quite well and it seemed that he was alone. He even waved to acknowledge our presence.

While we were enjoying the fried chicken that I had packed and the chilled white wine, Connor gasped and said, I don t believe it! He had noticed that the man in the other boat was watching us through a pair of binoculars. I looked over too, and whooped with delight.

Connor affected a bad Southern accent and said, Looks like we got ourselves a voyeur, Paula.

Then let s give him something to watch, I said.

I stood and removed my bikini top. Connor stood behind me and caressed my breasts. He pushed his cock against my lower back and I could feel his erection growing. I turned to face him and kissed him deeply, all the time knowing that the stranger was watching us. I moved down Connor s bare chest and got on my knees. I pressed my face into his crotch and nuzzled him through his bathing trunks. Then I glanced over at the boat. The guy looked mesmerized.

Connor pushed his shorts down and removed them. He was totally nude now and his cock bobbed in front of my face. I caressed his erection in my hands and licked it. Then I engulfed his hard cock with my mouth, sucking him in greedily.

Connor held my head on his cock and told me what our audience of one was doing. Between his moans of pleasure, he said the guy was playing with himself. I glanced over for a moment, smiled at the man and licked my lover once more.

Perfect. I stopped sucking Connor s cock and turned around. I shed my bikini bottoms and shimmied my breasts like a stripper for both my lover and the stranger. Connor bent me over the side of one of the chairs in the boat. I braced myself on my arms and presented my ass to him. Connor knew that our voyeur had a perfect view and he entered me, gripping my hips and caressing my buttocks.

I screamed out, hoping that the man would hear me, and Connor plunged deeper inside my pussy. In and out his cock slid and I bucked against him. The knowledge that we were being watched fueled our lovemaking.

Connor was holding onto my ass, slapping it a bit to give the stranger a show. I loved it and I growled out loud as I pushed back harder against him. When Connor told me that he was about to reach his climax, I told him to really give the guy a come shot. Connor grunted and pulled out of me, spewing thick, hot ribbons of semen onto my upturned ass. We both looked over at the man s boat at that point. There he was, binoculars held in position with one hand and his cock in the other.

Connor and I calmed down a bit and once again looked over at the man. I hadn t come yet and I asked Connor for more. I wanted this stranger to see how my lover licks my pussy, so I moved to the bow. Its sleek surface was hot, so he laid down a towel. Then I lay down and spread my legs.

Connor started very slowly. He held my legs wide open as he tongued his way up, nibbling, licking and biting my soft skin. By the time he reached my shaved pussy I was crying out and grabbing his head. Connor drove his tongue right into my liquid center. I once again spied the stranger s boat and he was still there, waiting for my final climax.

I held onto Connor s head for dear life as he licked me with gentleness and precision. My pussy felt as if it were radiating pure heat. The whole scenario was really getting to me my lover s expert tongue lapping at my sex, the gentle swaying of the anchored boat and the watchful gaze of a perfect stranger until I came, howling into the wind.

Connor moved up to my face and kissed me. I tasted myself on his lips and just stayed there for a while. Finally we both got up and put our suits back on, all the time observing our audience of one across the cove.

When the man realized that we were done with our show he waved, gave us the thumbs up sign and turned to walk to the other side of his boat. The rest of the afternoon was spent happily exploring