I’m five feet seven inches tall, with pert breasts and long legs. My husband, Bret, is five feet ten inches tall, with a slender, muscular build. Recently, while making love, my husband confessed a long held desire to watch me with another man a man with a really big cock. The idea turned me on something fierce, and that night we had great sex.

As luck would have it, my girlfriend at work, Nan, was always bragging about her husband’s big cock and his ability to please her in bed. Naturally, this intrigued me, but I had never given voice to my interest in Tim as a bed partner, because I didn’t know how my husband felt about it. Now that I knew he was all for it, I wasted no time in inviting Nan and Tim over for drinks. When I got home that night and told Bret that we were having special company, he was delighted.

Soon after Nan and Tim arrived, we all stripped down, donned robes and went outside to enjoy drinks by the pool. After a while, my husband said he felt like a swim, so he took off his robe and dove into the pool. When he emerged several minutes later, I saw that his penis had shriveled up in the cold water. Nonetheless, Nan complimented him on his smooth, well toned body. Then she asked her husband to drop his robe so I could see his equipment.

Well, my eyes grew wide as I took in Tim’s big cock. It had to be eight inches long and it was limp! I told Nan that I was getting wet just staring at her husband’s big cock. Smiling, she said it appeared that my husband was as interested in Tim’s cock as I was. I turned to look at Bret and found him with a throbbing hard on, his eyes fixed on Tim’s impressive member. I could tell he was a bit embarrassed. I was taken aback, for this was a side of my husband I hadn’t known existed.

Nan, taking control of the situation, asked Bret if he would like to suck on Tim’s cock. My husband looked at me, still flustered, and I said, “It’s okay, honey.” Then he turned to Nan and simply said, “Yes.” All this time, Tim had been stroking his cock, and it was now fully erect and an even more eye popping sight.

With Tim standing in front of him, my husband sank to his knees and took Tim’s cock in his mouth. My man sucking on another man’s cock! I couldn’t believe it. But if it was surprising, it was also exciting, and as I watched Bret stuff as much of Tim’s meat into his mouth as possible, I played with my clit and got wetter and wetter.

Nan got up from her chair and knelt down next to my husband. As Bret wrapped his arms around Tim’s legs and ass so he could bear down on Tim’s monster cock, Nan began stroking Bret’s smooth ass and playing with his asshole. When Tim announced that he was close to coming, my husband started sucking even faster, his cheeks bulging with Tim’s thick cock. Tim growled and came and my husband swallowed it all. Then, moments later, with Nan pumping her finger in his ass, my husband exploded, shooting his load on the patio. As for me, I couldn’t believe I had gotten so hot watching my husband suck off another man.

It didn’t take long for Nan to suck Tim hard again, and I was more than ready for that giant cock when he put me on my back on the grass and stuck it into me. He fucked me hard and I nearly passed out from the pleasure. I had never felt so full in my life. It was heaven!

With my happy husband watching and saying that this was a fantasy come to life, Nan knelt over my head and lowered her beautiful pussy to my face. I hadn’t done it with another woman since before my marriage and I licked Nan’s sweet pussy with joy, slurping up her juices as her husband continued pounding his giant cock into me. I came once, and then a second time, and then, with Nan mewling her pleasure, Tim blasted his creamy load into my pussy. Fantastic! As a fitting finale to this fantasy come true, my husband knelt between my legs to lick Tim’s semen from my pussy.

And that was just the beginning of a fabulous night of sex. We took the party into the house and upstairs to the master bedroom, where we carried on into the wee hours of the morning. Earlier, I had mentioned to Nan that my husband had a magical tongue, and she spent a lot of time on her back with Bret’s face mashed in her pussy and his long, wicked tongue driving her to one orgasm after another. And to judge from her moans and sighs, she also enjoyed the feel of my husband’s slim cock thrusting into her upturned behind. As for me, I couldn’t get enough of Tim’s monster. He turned me inside out with that thing, fucking me in this position and that until I didn’t think I’d ever be able to come again.

What a great night! And I’m sure that what kept me so wet and so hot throughout our four way was not only Tim’s big cock but the memory of my husband sucking so hungrily on it. Now I’m wondering if there are other women who get turned on by the sight, or maybe just the thought, of their men going down on other guys.

Ms. D.F., Maine

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