I don’t know why the idea of my wife seeing another man gives me such a hard on, but I guess I’ve been pestering her about it ever since we got married. When she rather cautiously agreed to do it, I was in seventh heaven. But she insisted that we keep everything out in the open and that she tell me every detail of her escapades. Penelope went on to explain that she figured it was a true measure of our love and trust that I would really want her to actually act this out.

The more I pondered her acceptance, the more excited I became. I began to masturbate on the couch as I imagined some handsome stud pleasuring my wife with his hard cock. Here I was, yanking my prick with the eagerness of a sex starved teenager, when suddenly I looked up to see Penelope standing over the couch. She had a tremendous grin on her face as she remarked, “Well, well, well, I guess the idea of my dating other men is as powerful an aphrodisiac as you said.” Curiously enough, being discovered only added to my excitement, and so I began to jack off with added enthusiasm, even going so far as to wet my index finger and insert it up my asshole.

Watching me masturbate, Penelope really started to get into the act. She teased me by saying, “I’m going to love fucking some horny stud knowing you’re at home jerking off” as I pulled my prick for the final time and hot cream began spurting all over my stomach.

Later that night we set the ground rules for our arrangement. Penelope was not to seduce any of our current friends or acquaintances. Fidelity on my part was required, for while accommodating me about seeing other guys, she didn’t want me getting any bright ideas about playing around myself. I didn’t have a problem with this since Penelope is more than enough woman for me.

On Wednesday of the very same week, Penelope came home to announce that she had arranged a date for the upcoming weekend with Hank, a guy she had met at her health club. He had been asking her out for weeks, and Penelope had been constantly rejecting his advances. However, under our new arrangement, Penelope had agreed to meet him for dinner and dancing Friday night.

We both spent the rest of the week in nervous anticipation of her first extramarital affair. I honestly believe, however, that I was more excited than Penelope, as I found myself imagining my wife engaging in all sorts of erotic delights with her date. For the first time since we were newlyweds, I found myself regarding my wife as a sexy woman of the world and reveling in her desirability.

That Friday, I rushed home from the office, hoping to catch Penelope before she left. When I arrived home, my wife had just finished soaking in the tub and was brushing out her long hair. Penelope suggested that I choose her clothes for the evening, knowing full well that just the act of helping her dress would leave me trembling with excitement. I laid out a lacy black garter belt and patterned black stockings that, in the past, I had been unable to convince Penelope to wear out of the house, and I told her to take it from there.

When my wife emerged from the bathroom, she looked stunning. Her long hair shimmered in the light, and she had applied quite a bit more makeup than usual. Penelope proceeded over to her dresser, where she began applying perfumed oil to her body, taking particular care to rub the fragrant oil all over her breasts and pussy. While applying the oil, she noticed the hose I had chosen and remarked, “Aren’t we the naughty little boy? Do you think Hank will find it exciting if I leave my garter belt and stockings on while making love?” My heart was beating wildly as I replied, “Of course he will, but leave your pumps on too! There’s nothing sexier than screwing a woman who’s wearing a garter belt, stockings and high heels!”

“It’s just that it’s been so long since I’ve been to bed with another man,” Penelope confessed while fastening the lacy garter straps to her stockings.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her. “I’m sure he will find you the most stimulating and beautiful woman he has ever been with,” Hearing that, Penelope gave me a truly passionate kiss. I thanked her for allowing me to turn my fantasies into reality.

Penelope took her time dressing, and she had just finished applying the final touches to her lipstick when the sound of the doorbell signaled Hank’s arrival. My wife gave me a chaste peck on the cheek and told me not to wait up. Upon hearing the front door close, I immediately leaped to the window to observe her getting into a Mercedes with Hank.

The remainder of the night, I tried to busy myself by cleaning the house, but I was unable to concentrate, as my mind kept wandering back to thoughts of Hank and Penelope. I found myself softly stroking my cock, all the while picturing Hank thrusting his rigid organ deep into my wife’s slippery pussy. I wound up masturbating to two incredible orgasms.

It was almost two in the morning when I was awakened by the sound of Hank’s car pulling into our driveway. Hank was the perfect gentleman, and he drove off only after Penelope had safely entered the house. I, meanwhile, continued to fondle my rigid shaft while waiting anxiously for my wife to climb the stairs to our bedroom. When Penelope entered the bedroom, I couldn’t believe how desirable she looked. Her tousled hair and disheveled clothes gave her a well fucked look that I found absolutely adorable. When I asked her how it had gone, she sighed, “It was wonderful. He really knows how to fuck, that’s for sure.” She knew she was driving me crazy.

I told my wife I was anxious to hear all the details of her date. She sat down on the edge of the bed and began telling me how they had eaten dinner in a cozy and romantic little Italian restaurant. After dinner they had stopped at a local nightclub for drinks and dancing. Penelope said that Hank couldn’t keep his hands off her and that she had eagerly responded to his advances.

They had been seated in a fairly dark corner of the nightclub, and so when Hank ran his hand up under her skirt, Penelope did nothing to stop him. My wife said that she was glad I had suggested she wear a garter belt and stockings, because Hank was able to slide her panties off right there in the nightclub to gain access to her slippery love hole. Once he had removed her panties, he was able to slip first one, then two fingers deep inside her juicy cunt until she reached a tremendous orgasm.

I couldn’t believe my ears as I marveled at how my sweet wife could act so brazen! As soon as she and Hank had left the club, Hank exclaimed, “I can’t wait any longer. I need to fuck you now.” The parking lot was relatively uncrowded, and so Hank directed Penelope over to his car. As soon as they had closed the car doors, Penelope leaned over and unzipped Hank’s pants to unleash his throbbing penis. My wife said she spent the next ten minutes licking and sucking his cock until he was just about ready to come. Penelope was moaning as I encouraged her to go on by softly massaging her breasts.

Penelope told me how Hank had then gotten out of the car and bent her over the hood. He lowered his mouth to the pink slit of her opening and began to lick and suck her clit. Penelope said that she had never been more excited as she pressed her swollen nipples against the cold steel of the hood and Hank continued to tongue the hot wetness between her legs. She came at least three times before she moaned, “Fuck me. Please fuck me with your big cock.” Hank then slowly eased his cock into her until he was buried to the hilt. He then began a frenzied pumping motion until, with a savage growl, he climaxed.

I couldn’t bear it any longer. Just picturing my wife bent over the hood of a Mercedes with her skirt bunched up around her waist while a muscular young stud fucked her from behind had my prick swollen with desire. Before Penelope could continue with her story, I pushed her back on the bed, unfastened her skirt and moved up between her legs. Her pubic hair was matted and as I slid into her sticky opening, I understood what the phrase “sloppy seconds” was all about.

The delicious sensation of Penelope’s freshly fucked pussy amplified my pleasure so that I was soon adding my semen to her sopping love canal. As I lay on top of my wife, my penis becoming limp inside her, I listened to her describe how Hank had taken her back to his apartment, where they fucked two more times before she asked him to drive her home.

Since that night two months ago, Penelope has been like a new woman, dressing and behaving much more seductively. She has been out with Hank on two other occasions, and she has even dated a couple of other men she met recently. In fact, as I write this letter, my wife is out with a man she met the other day while attending a business seminar. I must say that knowing my wife is balling some horny stud at this very moment and that she will fill me in on all the details when she gets home is what I’ve always wanted from her. She’s even been able to teach me a couple of techniques she learned from the other men that have enhanced my own sexual ability.

While this type of marriage is not for everyone, I encourage those couples who fantasize about similar scenarios to give it a try. We did, and our marriage is better off because of it.

Mr. T.A., Kentucky

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