Walter and I hadn t been married that long when we discovered our shared love of exhibitionism. We were in our early forties, and it was my second marriage, but Walter s first. We had each enjoyed a wide range of experiences before we married, sexual and otherwise, and we certainly weren t prudes in the bedroom. But for some reason, it hadn t occurred to us to make love outside.

It wasn t that we never had the opportunity. I work as a freelance travel writer, and Walter often joins me to take pictures. We had been to many isolated, scenic spots where we almost certainly wouldn t have been disturbed. There was no way to recover those missed chances, of course, but we now take full advantage of nature in all of its glory.

Recently, I got an assignment to go to a rural county that was known for its waterfalls. The place had hundreds of them, and many were quite spectacular. Some were hidden deep within remote forest areas, accessible only to those with drive and endurance. But others were only a short walk from the parking area. It was at one of those that we ended up screwing and almost getting caught and it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

Early in our exploration of the area, we discovered a lovely waterfall with a recess behind it, like a small cave. The idea came to both of us at once. The falls weren t far from the parking area, but no one else seemed to be around. I took a few notes for my article, and Walter snapped a few pictures. Then we stripped naked we didn t want to get our clothes wet when we walked through the falls and put our clothes in his backpack. We wore only hiking boots and wool socks when we stepped through the water and into the hidden chamber that would play host to our assignation.

As we entered the cave, my nipples stiffened with anticipation as I thought about what we were about to do. I glanced over and saw that my husband s cock was proudly erect, his balls tight against the base of it. Our hair and bodies were dripping from the fall s deluge, but the coolness of the water exhilarated me. I was deliriously turned on and had to have my husband s cock inside me.

I leaned against the craggy wall of our secret place and smiled at my husband. Walter s cock bobbed enticingly as he approached me. I caressed his ball sac as he reached down to stroke my dripping slit. We kissed and he then cupped a breast in one hand while he slipped two fingers of the other into my pussy. I clutched his erection, stroking it as it throbbed deliciously in my hand. He licked and sucked my nipples in turn, and they swelled with ecstasy. I couldn t remember ever being so gloriously aroused. The roar of the rushing water, the breeze that it generated and the spray that showered us intensified my every thought, action and sensation.

Oh, honey, I m so hot, I whispered, feeling that my face must have been flushed from the boiling passion that churned in my tingling depths. He nodded and gently turned me around. I leaned against the wall, my full breasts swaying heavily, and Walter found my opening with his rigid cockhead. I gasped as he buried his dick inside me. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them, causing delicious sensations to travel throughout my body. I would have climaxed on the spot if I hadn t suddenly noticed movement on the other side of the falls. Two couples had appeared in the nearby parking lot.

Walter, I hissed loudly. There s someone out there!

I know, he said. But they can t see us. The sun is in their eyes.

I wasn t sure whether his statement assured me or troubled me. Did I want them to see us or did I want them not to see us? Walter toyed with my nipples, distracting me. Whether they could or couldn t see us didn t matter anymore. I shivered with wanton lust. My nipples were stiff, nearly as stiff as my husband s erection, and my clitoris was fully engorged. Walter slammed into me several times in quick succession his flouncing sac caressed my excited pearl, and thinking about the prospect of the strangers seeing us naked and fucking caused me to snap. My climax rushed over me and I shrieked, sounding like a wild and dangerous creature. Through the haze of the cascading water, I saw the two couples jump with a start as they looked around for the source of the noise.

My husband continued to fuck me, his cock pulsing inside me. My spasming pussy squeezed his surging girth as he nuzzled his face against my hair and kissed my neck. Knowing he was going to come shortly, I urged him to withdraw from my tunnel. I turned around and squatted before him as he jerked his dick until he unleashed jets of creamy semen that soared through the air and splattered my face and breasts. When his ejaculation slowed to a trickle, I put his cock into my mouth and sucked out the remnants of his seed.

We talked about the experience later and agreed that the idea of getting caught by strangers had excited us. I wasn t sure if I wanted to repeat the experience, but we both knew we d continue to fuck outdoors.

In the months after our waterfall adventure, a cold snap had pretty much stilled our outside activities. But one night when we were on vacation, after a little wine warmed our bones and a little foreplay primed our loins, we decided to venture out to the yard of our cabin, naked except for our shoes. It was the warmest night in several days. The temperature was about sixty degrees.

It was about one in the morning when we walked outside, and none of the neighbors appeared to be awake. I shivered and my nipples stiffened in the cool evening air. I walked up to the high wall dividing our yard from our neighbor s. My husband came up behind me, rubbed his cockhead against my juicy crease and swollen clit, and then eased his hard on into my waiting pussy. I cooed with delight as he filled me with his hot cock.

My husband began fucking me and had established a steady rhythm by the time my eyes adjusted to the silvery light of night. As I looked up, I noticed that our next door neighbor Helen was looking out the back window. She was grinning from ear to ear as she watched us. Our bodies were hidden by the high wall, but from our movements and moans, it was clear what we were doing.

Helen s watching us, I whispered, feeling my pussy flood with desire.

Good, Walter said, thrusting into me forcefully.

Just when I thought things couldn t get any more exciting, Helen disappeared from the window. A moment later, I heard a door open, and Helen and her husband, Jim, were walking across their yard, both of them completely naked. They weren t even wearing shoes! They had fairly average figures, but the sight of them thrilled me just the same. My husband s thrusts became more urgent and thorough, and my pussy tightened around his surging shaft.

Well, well, Jim said. What have we here? His erection was bouncing in front of him, and Helen s large breasts swayed as she walked.

As they stared at us, Walter thrust in to the hilt, then held himself steady. I whimpered with pleasure, even as I tried to present a straight face to our neighbors.

Helen grabbed her husband s cock. He hasn t been this hard since that wardrobe malfunction in the Superbowl, she said, provoking giggles from Walter and me.

Mind if we join you? Jim asked as he stroked his naked wife s arm.

We d love it! I answered breathlessly.

In minutes, Helen braced herself against the wall, much like I had moments before. They stood a few feet away from us. Jim immediately shoved his dick into her pussy and started fucking her like crazy. They seemed to enjoy having an audience as much as we did. Not to be outdone, Walter quickened his pace. My titties and Helen s danced and bounced as we enjoyed our husbands energetic fucking.

They watched us, and we watched them. And we fucked up a storm. It was thrilling, to be sure.

After several long moments of groaning and moaning, Jim jerked his cock out of his wife and took a step back. Helen spun around and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his cock and jerked it until he erupted. His first jets soared over her head and onto the grass. He continued to spew, gushing semen onto his wife s face, breasts and hair. My eyes widened as I saw the extent of his ejaculation. Such a sexy show turned me on even more and wild convulsions rushed through my pussy. Yes, baby, yes, I cooed, encouraging my husband. I want your cream.

Walter withdrew from my clutching channel and backed away. Helen eyed his erection even as she sucked out of the last pulses of her husband s semen. I dropped to my knees and held up my breasts. My husband stroked his cock and delivered his load right onto my tits. He didn t shoot anywhere near as much as Jim did, but it was plenty for me. I massaged his cream into my breasts, then sucked the last droplets of cream out of his twitching cockhead.

Smiling shyly, we wished each other good night. It was a great vacation, with all four of us sneaking out at night to enjoy fucking outdoors, or leaving our blinds open so we could show off for our curious neighbors.

The four of us have made plans to meet again for vacation next year. So far, we ve only watched each other have sex, but you never know where our kinky shows might take us. I think Jim s a really hot guy, and I know that Walter would love to get a piece of Helen. Maybe that s my next show: sucking Jim s hard cock while my husband watches!

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