For my twenty fifth birthday party, I decided to make it a girls only affair. Since I was single, as were most of my closest friends, this made sense. Before that night, I hadn t realized how much I d missed one of my favorite erotic activities: bending over and getting spanked. I was in for quite a treat, all courtesy of my great group of girlfriends.

My best friend, Amanda, agreed to host us at her house, since hers was the biggest, and everyone agreed to bring something. On the big night, balloons, cupcakes, decorations, DVDs, and gifts surrounded us. We planned to stay up all night and have a real slumber party. For starters, we all changed into nighties and pajamas. I was given a sexy pale blue negligee and tiny matching thong, which I quickly put on. Somehow, just by stripping down, the mood in the room became more intimate. We were joking around, but I got the sense that beneath the laughter, there was simmering sexual tension, which wouldn t be unusual amongst my racy group of friends.

Then we settled in to watch the movie Dirty Dancing and give each other pedicures and manicures. When Amanda started blowing on my fingers to dry them, I took the time to admire her. She has blonde hair, a contrast to my own brunette, and she looked so adorable as she focused on making my nails perfect. Plus her hot breath on my fingertips made my nipples hard. Amanda and I have had hot and heavy makeout sessions in the past, but that s as far as it had gone.

As the movie came to a close with the classic No one puts Baby in a corner line, I realized how turned on I was by being around such pretty girls in revealing outfits. Amanda was sitting next to me, our thighs touching, and she turned to me, gave me a slow smile and said, I think it s time for you to get your birthday spanking, don t you?

As soon as she said it, I blushed, thinking about being bent over and having everyone watch me get spanked. Plus, twenty five (and one to grow on) is a lot of smacks, but she started gathering everyone around, promising me they d take turns. Amanda settled me so I was draped over the dining room table, able to rest my arms on the wood to support myself. I hadn t really thought about a birthday spanking, but I was glad I d worn the thong, because it showed off my butt perfectly.

I knew for some of the girls it was more of a silly prank, but for me, I can t take spanking lightly. Just the thought of getting whacked on my bottom makes me tremble with desire, but I tried to stay calm and lighthearted. Are you ready, Lesley? Amanda asked. The TV was off, and the room was filled with the sound of girls shuffling and whispering.

I peeked around and smiled at the girls who were waiting their turns, then stuck my ass out further. I thought they were about to start, when Amanda decided that I wasn t properly attired. You need to be blindfolded, she whispered into my ear, her lips grazing my skin and making me even more turned on. I knew that at the very least, Amanda knew what she was doing, especially when she fished out a blindfold and settled it over my eyes. No cheating, or you ll get even harder smacks though you d probably like that, she said with a wicked laugh. I knew that all the simmering sexual tension between us was about to be unleashed directly onto my ass.

Amanda graciously let some of the other girls go first. Ready? asked Tina, who then gave me what basically felt like a pat on the ass. Count! she said, then giggled.

One, I said, grinning despite the fact that the impact was minimal.

Two, I said, feeling Tina get more into it as the others cheered her on. My thin nightie and panties did little to cushion her blows. Soon her five spanks were up, and Marissa was next. She s a pretty big girl at six feet tall, and I had a feeling her whacks were going to be powerful.

Are you sure you can take it, Lesley? she joked, and before I could even get out a reply, her hand came down and struck my right asscheek. The sound echoed through the room, and I knew my pale skin would be marked bright red. The heated tingling felt good.

You can t really do this properly with panties on, can you? Marissa asked. She then lifted up the nightie and peeled my panties down so my butt was exposed, the edge of my underwear resting at my upper thighs. Much better, she said, and I vaguely remembered that in between boyfriends she d once had a skinny little girlfriend who seemed to worship her every move. I wondered if that girl had ever gotten a spanking like this one, and the image stayed in my mind as Marissa continued to unleash her power directly onto my behind. I was sad when her five rounds of ass smacking came to an end.

Marissa offered me her hand to kiss, brushing her knuckles against my lips. I was so turned on that I licked her skin, tracing the outline of her hand, then up her palm, before sucking one finger into my mouth. Not being able to see made the taste of her salty skin on my tongue all the more arousing, and that moment marked the official point where the spankings went from lighthearted to erotic. I guess Lesley s into spanking, I heard someone say, and I grinned. Whoever had said it was right I was so wet I was sure everyone could see my lips glistening.

I was really looking forward to Amanda s turn at bat, but I underestimated the next girl, Lee. She s pretty happy go lucky, and I d never have imagined her being kinky in any way. But when she approached me, she began by rubbing her body against my ass, then fondling each cheek, as if preparing her hands for what they were about to encounter. Lesley, you ve got a great ass.

Thank you, I said, then kept quiet as Lee proceeded to show me that she either knew her way around birthday spankings or was a very fast learner. Each smack of hers landed soundly, sending its heat racing through my body. I like to think that I can tell when someone is just going through the spanking motions and when they re really putting their heart and soul into it, and Lee was doing the latter. I could hear her soft grunts as she swung her arm, and her fingers curled against my hot skin as she made the most of those five whacks.

I was breathing heavily myself when she stopped, then bent down to literally kiss my ass as a show of appreciation.

You guys are really outdoing yourselves, I said. It s a shame I don t have birthdays more often.

Next was Donna, who took things to the next level by using a belt. She didn t whack me too hard, but the use of the leather implement created a delightful sting on my buttocks. I counted down, not wanting it to end.

Finally, it s my turn! Amanda crowed, clearly delighted. Watch how it s done, ladies, she said to the other women, and I knew she was excited to get the chance to show off.

She leaned down and whispered in my ear, I think you have the maturity of someone much older than twenty five, so I m going to give you as many smacks as seem fitting. I shivered in delight at the devious, kinky tone to my best friend s voice. I m glad you re already warmed up, she said, pinching my ass a few times before starting her volley of smacks.

Amanda alternated her spanking with running her nails up the back of my leg, just enough to make the skin there tingle. She didn t make me count, and that made the process even more exciting I had no idea when it would end, or what was coming next. She d give me a few solid smacks, then a flurry of small but fierce ones. I liked all of it, but could never get used to what she was doing because she d switch styles so often. I nearly came when Amanda kept one hand cupped on my ass and leaned over me to say, I bet you re getting wet, Lesley. I think it s time to find out.

Ladies, I need to borrow our birthday girl for a few minutes to deliver her present. I take it you can occupy yourselves. She laughed, and when she slipped off the blindfold, I saw that was because Lee and Marissa were locked in an embrace while Tina and Donna were taking turns spanking each other.

I let Amanda whisk me away to her bedroom. Hold out your hands, she said when we got there, and when I did, she presented me with a deluxe vibrator the Rabbit. It was a purple dual action toy that had pearls inside of it. You re going to use this to make yourself come while I spank you, she said, her voice brooking no argument not that I was planning to object.

Amanda, thank you so much, I said, turning around, but she was intent on finishing me off.

You re overdressed get into your birthday suit, she instructed, and I quickly and happily got completely naked. I climbed onto the bed and got on all fours, working the toy inside me from that position. It was a little unusual, but as Amanda started spanking me, I got even wetter, allowing the big toy to slide easily inside. Getting spanked while fucked with a vibrator and having my clit tweaked by the rotating base of the toy was the best birthday present this girl could ask for. That s it, come for me, she coaxed, and I shoved the toy deeper inside my pussy while Amanda s smacks got even harder. She focused on the center of my butt, my sweet spot, the place where I felt the impact of each strike where it counted. Soon, the triple threat of the vibe s dual motion and her hand s power had me coming, crying out in delight as my climax raced through my body.

When the shudders had subsided, Amanda removed the vibrator, turned it off, then climbed on top of me. Happy Birthday, she said, giving me a thorough, lusty kiss. I put my nightie back on and went downstairs, where we watched the other girls make out before we all settled down on the floor to recover. I hope it was an auspicious start to being twenty five, and hope that many more spankings are in my future.

Ms. Lesley M., Seattle, Washington

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