The Fetish Ball this weekend was so thrilling, I m having a hard time getting anything done at my computer, and I am writing to you instead. Under my wingtips, my toes are polished, and if I wriggle the right way, the nylon of my new panties moves under me in the most tantalizing way.

For years I ve dreamed of cross dressing but most of my experience has been from talking to Mistress Constance about it and reading your magazine. She finally talked me into coming to New York for her Dressing for Pleasure gala weekend. It was truly precious, being able to talk with other like minded folks about many aspects of sexuality, including bondage and TV. I went to several of the workshops before the big fashion show and one of them absolutely changed my life.

At Miss Vera s Cross Dressing Academy, Miss Vera herself was helping dress two men while about seventy participants looked on and she let me come up from the audience to join in. She had me kneel down in front of a lit candle and recite about putting my trust in Miss Vera and thanking myself for giving myself this gift.

Then the transformation began. With makeup and a chic chic wig and wonderful clothes, I became my all time fantasy woman: Susan Dey from L.A. Law. I was hoping Miss Vera would fuck me in that outfit but that wasn t her style. She was more into the glamour and sensuality of it all. She left me feeling confident about starting off on my high heels to get what I wanted this weekend.

What I wanted was the tall British dominatrice in the leather jodhpurs. I hoped she was packing a thick cock, and to my intense delight, she was. After I worshipped her boots in her room, she inspected my hindquarters carefully and fucked me within an inch of my life over the end of her couch. I could feel her dick pressing into me as I knelt through the whole fashion show beside her.

Saturday night for the formal ball, Mistress Valerie insisted that I dress as another fantasy woman to please her. I looked just like Wicked Wanda in the mirror before she blindfolded me and dragged me off on her leash, tottering on my heels. She let her friends touch me and feel under my miniskirt but when she took me into the bathroom, she let me see that it was her I was licking as I crouched down next to the toilet. And she let me know in no uncertain terms that it was her latex cock ramming into my already tender ass and her gloved hands spanking me when I squirmed.

Afterwards, blindfolded again, she made me tell several people what she did to me in the bathroom. I am riveted by thoughts of the weekend and dearly hoping that Constance will do another fetish weekend soon.

Mr. (Name and address withheld)

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