Neptune s Baby

Water. I ve always been fascinated by it . . . from foaming soap bubbles in the bathtub to gentle, salty lapping waves on Florida s beaches. Maybe that s because I m a double Scorpio. Conventional earth oriented Saturn is practically nonexistent in my chart. I m Neptune s baby, awash in a sea of passion.

So when my new squeeze, Jim, asked me to accompany him to Sarasota for a weekend business trip on the Gulf Coast, I had my bikini and a few changes packed in no time. Jim had reserved a bungalow with its own stretch of beach in a grove of palm trees several hundred yards from the main hotel. The management guaranteed privacy. It meant being totally alone together.

It was during this trip that I realized I hadn t even begun to love water until I actually had sex in it. My first taste of what it could be like came right after we were shown to our bungalow.

I need a bath, Jim said, ripping off his clothes and heading for the huge spa in the bathroom furnished with a stereo, TV and a bucket of Champagne.

Soon we were lounging on opposite sides of the giant tub, sipping flutes of Dom Perignon, listening to the subtle but sexy drumbeat coming from the stereo while soothing jets of warm water massaged our bodies. This should get the kinks out, Jim exclaimed. Then he set his glass aside and beckoned to me. Come here, my little mermaid, he said. I have something for you.

I didn t need glasses to see what it was Jim s cock, which appeared gigantic under the magnifying effect of the water.

I floated over to him, feeling very frisky, squeezing my legs together and swishing them back and forth in all the turbulent water, pretending to have a mermaid s tail. Jim was able to pull me to him by my buoyant breasts and nuzzle his face between them.

I m going to fuck you right there, he said, jamming my breasts together and digging his finger in and out between them while our lips clung together. Then, with one fluid push from Jim, I was at his groin, with his hard cock securing a spot between my cleavage. In a moment, he flooded my chest with jets of milky foam, then pulled me back up to bury his face there, sucking at my distended pink nipples until he was smeared with the glistening goo. Lick it off me, he said.

As I licked him clean, his magic wand grew stiff again, bobbing up and down in the water. I whirled around and sat on his lap, my back pressed against his broad chest. I reached up behind me and tugged playfully at his blond curls.

His hands slid down my arms, pausing to massage my underarms, and then rested on my breasts where he began to fondle my stiffening nipples. His cock rose up under me until I could see its giant knob emerging from between my upper thighs. Thrills of anticipation swept down my legs and lingered in my enflamed love bud.

While I kept my hands in his hair, he reached down to open my legs wider. He stretched my cunt lips apart, so that the warm water was flooding both my openings. As he manipulated my clitoris with strong, insistent strokes, I felt a rhythmic throbbing deep inside me.

I leaned back and begged for his lips. As he serviced me with his tongue, my body relaxed against him. The downy blond hair that covered his pecs tickled my cheek. I gave myself up to the preliminary tingles of sexual desire that played in my nipples and cunt waiting for him to suck and probe further.

Next, he held me at arm s length and studied my backside, lightly stroking the rounded curves. Sweet, he said, taking a big bite. He positioned me so that a potent jet of water hosed my anus, as he slid his cock deep inside it. After the first shock, the jet served to partially anesthetize my small, tender opening. The rawness of being anally penetrated aroused me thoroughly.

Jim continued to manipulate my pussy lips while mercilessly digging his tool in and out of me and tugging at my pussy hair, until we climaxed helplessly.

We prowled through the water for a while, splashing around and pretending to be sea creatures, making funny faces at each other under the surface. When I saw Jim s cock waving stiff against the surging jets, I knew he was ready for action.

Suck me off underwater, he suggested.

I backed him against one of the jets and dove under to suck his fuzzy golden balls. Then I teased the swollen knob of his cock with light flicks of my tongue, before taking him all the way into my mouth.

Unlike a true mermaid, I had to keep coming up for air, releasing his cock so it floated free. This enslaved him to me even more as he groaned pitifully with each release. As I felt him start to spasm, I removed my mouth and held his cock straight up so that the slit rested above the water. Leaning into it, I let his come squirt across my lips and cheeks.

Lick me, I now said, rubbing his salty passion juice over my nipples and into my pussy.

After he licked his come off my face, it was his turn to do the underwater thing. He went down on me, tickling my pussy with his tongue and sucking on the hard bud of my clitoris until I came, and then he brought me to several eruptions in a short space of time with his fingers.

We kept up our love play for a long time, finally soaping each other s body to a satiny gleam, rinsing, toweling and taking our party to bed for a nightcap.

Lucky you, Jim said, as he went off Saturday morning to an all day conference. You get to spend the day on the beach while I m stuck with a bunch of boring suits.

I ll be waiting for you, I said. Jim winked and blew me a kiss.

By day s end I was still on the deserted beach, drowsing under a fading sun and the partial shade of a palm tree, with the surf gradually frothing toward me. Most of the time I d been fingering my pussy, making myself come by imagining what Jim and I would do together when he returned. I had just about decided to gather up my things and go back to the bungalow when a shadow fell across me. I looked up to see a gorgeous hunk of a guy who was all muscle, from his powerful thighs to the telltale bulge in his black Speedo. A shininess danced off his sun bleached curls and was reflected in his sea foam green eyes. Jim.

All you need is a trident and you d look like Neptune, Roman god of the sea, I told him.

I ve got a trident, he assured me, cupping his cock.

He smiled and knelt beside me, running his hand up my arm. His sudden masterful grip sent that first tremor of desire to my cunt. Mindlessly, I lifted my arm until it rested on the sand above my head, and he bent forward to gently kiss the soft bush of my underarm hair. Then he licked the dampness from it with more and more insistent strokes. He followed this by biting into my armpit, first softly, then harder until he elicited a cry of combined pleasure and pain from me.

He leaned back on his haunches with a pleased smile on his face. I could feel a vague ooze moistening my pussy. He touched my breasts, and I began to squirm as he resumed the assault on my armpit and slowly circled my nipples with lazy fingers. I pictured them taut and alert, as firm as ripe fruit. He undid the strings of my bikini top and tossed it aside, freeing my breasts. He lowered himself full length on top of me, covering my breasts with his hands and squeezing them. Once Jim brought the blood rushing to my nipples, he bit into one of my passion fruits, causing me to hiss. I wanted him so much.

So absorbed were we that we didn t notice the encroaching surf. As a small wave swept over us, Jim s fingers twisted the curls between my legs, piercing my cunt with another tremor of desire. Seawater trickled in, caressing the strands near the seething folds of my clitoris. I was about to come.

Jim lapped the water from my breasts and navel and then licked me all over my body, his tongue a busy instrument of titillation. Finally he reached the pink flesh of my cunt and dug his tongue into the crevices to lick them dry, eventually probing deep into my love channel. I gave myself up to the sweet pleasure of a prolonged orgasm.

Just then a larger, more powerful wave crashed on us, lifting our bodies from the sand and spinning us around in the water. Jim laughingly shook the water from his face and hair as he stood and pulled me to my feet.

Let s do it in the water, he said.

We waded in thigh high as the water swirled around us. Jim held me tight with his cock pressing into my belly. I pulled his cock free of the skintight Speedo and massaged the engorged purple knob before taking it into my mouth.

I sucked lightly, tasting faint traces of sea salt, similar to the taste of his come. I pressed my tongue against the tiny slit, inducing the first drops of pre come, shivering at the thought of the torrent of semen to come. His hands tightened on my arms as he maintained both of us in an upright position. The sight of his massive biceps was giving me a cunt ache.

The tide was really coming in now. The prospect only heightened our excitement. Time and tide wait for no one was the phrase that ran through my mind as I drew Jim s cock deep into my mouth. He had once told me that I was able to take more of him into my mouth than anyone else, and I was proud of my ability to get him off this way. Still, I didn t want to rush things. This was too delicious.

I pulled him in and out, tightening my lips around his girth, then loosening my hold until I d hear him groan. I even teased him by releasing his shaft altogether, briefly dipping it into cool water. He groaned again. Baby, please . . .

You need to cool off, I scolded.

I reached around and grasped his steely butt. That s what I like in a man, I said, looking up at him to appraise the amount of agony I was causing him.

What s that? he gasped, trying to keep his cool.

Powerful potential, I replied. I inserted my forefinger between his muscled cheeks and deep into his asshole. His inner flesh was as hot as an oven. I moved my finger inside provocatively. With my other hand I put his cock between my lips, sucking hard as I pulled it like a piston back and forth, back and forth. I felt his body contract then shudder as his load shot deep into my throat. The salty taste made my rosebud throb.

As if to thank me, his tongue penetrated my tight lips and we kissed passionately while the water rocked us in weightless bliss.

Jim stepped out of his Speedo, and I watched the black cotton blob float away on the waves. Then he pulled my bikini pants down to my thighs and somehow managed to bind my legs together so tightly with them that I couldn t move. You re going to take it inside you, baby, he said, and it s going to be a tight squeeze.

His teasing threat tickled me as he embedded his penis between my thighs. He inched it upward, pushing it forward rhythmically. I was breathing hard, moaning in anticipation of the ecstasy to follow. My thighs were hugging his cock, trying to hurry it to the level of my burning cunt.

Hang on, baby, he urged. You re going to get it in a minute.

Then we were home free as his cock finally reached port and slid between my lower lips and into my throbbing channel. I jutted my hips forward as he worked his cock, like a muscled fury in and out of me. The strings of my bikini bottoms dug into my thighs as I struggled to spread my legs. As Jim accelerated his rhythm, the flesh between my legs grew raw from the friction. Eventually his action broke the bikini strings, and when I opened my thighs, seawater stung the ragged edges of my clitoris. Jim came then, his semen washing hot into every corner of my pussy while spasms of ecstasy shook me.

A huge wave toppled over us and set us afloat again. The gulf was roaring in full flood. Jim grabbed my bikini just before it disappeared in the surf and another wave was soon on top of us.

Whoa! Jim exclaimed, playfully shoving me under the water. I wanna ride my little sea horse into shore, I heard him say just as the eerie underwater silence muffled all sound.

I bobbed up again indignantly. I m not a surfboard, I protested with a grin. I was given a slap on the backside with the bikini Jim clutched in his hand.

Hey, I m Neptune, remember? he said with a wicked grin. Get into position.

Jim straddled me and I swam legs together like a mermaid as the tide carried us onto shore. He continued to ride me until we were on the beach.

Now I m going to reward my little sea horse, he promised, turning me over and imprisoning me between his monster thighs. Looking up into the darkening sky beyond him, I saw a bright half moon hanging high. Jim s body was a magnificent ivory under its light.

Holding my thighs tightly between his, he teased me with tenderness, gently stroking my clitoris with his finger but not allowing me to open my legs or gyrate my hips. Don t make a move until I m finished, he warned.

He held his penis in his hand, caressing it while he continued fondling me. As his penis stiffened, he began stroking more ferociously until my bud became enflamed and distended. Just when I thought I was going to burst with desire, he opened my legs and rammed his cock into me with swift strokes.

Do you love it, baby, do you love it? he gasped, as his blond head loomed over me, each stroke an arrogant demand.

Yes, Jim, I love it, I breathed, as powerful orgasms shook both of us. We clung weakly to each other in the aftermath, grateful for the cool surf that was swelling about us.

What we need now is a long, hot bath, Jim said with a big grin, pulling me to my feet. We both knew what that meant.

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