Her Young Stud

In the early years of our marriage, I realized that I became extremely aroused whenever I fantasized about my wife making love to another man, especially with me watching. When I first told her about it, she was, to my surprise, as excited about my daydreams as I was. We fantasized about it together for years which greatly enhanced our sex life but never went actively looking for someone to join us. As Connie had put it, If it s gonna happen, it ll happen. Then, after a few years of mutual fantasies, it happened, but unfortunately, I wasn t there to witness it.

The opportunity finally arose when her company sent her to an out of town business conference. When she returned, she told me how she had allowed herself to be seduced by a man she met there, and she couldn t wait to tell me everything that happened.

He was a good looking guy, she told me as she stroked my cock through my pants. Just twenty four, but he really knew what he was doing. At the time my wife had just turned thirty six but looked much younger. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. He fucked me all night long, she went on, raking her nails over my shaft. He never got tired. And I just kept having one orgasm after another. Then she engulfed my dick in her mouth and gave me the blowjob of my life as I pictured her giving the same pleasure to another man.

Listening to her describe the details of their encounter never failed to get me aroused, and when she brought it up while we were making love, we d both be driven to rapid, explosive climaxes. From then on, just imagining my wife having sex with her young lover would get me instantly turned on.

However, my imagination was all I had for a long time, since nothing like that happened again. Connie wasn t comfortable actively pursuing lovers, so I didn t push the issue. She preferred to stay open minded and leave it to fate. Well, fate had decided to ignore us for quite a while until recently, that is.

Last summer we bought a motor home and set out to enjoy a long vacation visiting California beaches. Halfway through our travels, we discovered a beachfront campground that was practically deserted, and decided to spend the night there, anticipating having the place all to ourselves. Just before sunset, however, a young man arrived with a backpack and set up his small tent, not far from us.

We didn t pay him much attention at first. He started a small campfire and was about to cook himself a meal when the skies opened up. As the rain quickly turned into a deluge, my wife said, He s going to end up wet and hungry. Why don t we invite him over to eat inside with us? I quickly agreed.

We introduced ourselves and learned that his name was Roger and he was a twenty two year old German graduate student at a California university. More important, to me at least, was the instantaneous connection I noticed between him and my wife. Her eyes sparkled as she looked him up and down he was tall, blond and muscular, and nicely tanned from his time out in the sun. He, in turn, eyed Connie with more than just friendly interest. I was used to men looking at my wife. Although she d turned forty that summer, her tall, curvaceous body puts many younger women to shame. That night she was wearing short shorts and a halter top that gave Roger an eyeful of her long, tanned legs and luscious breasts. Her chin length red hair was streaked by the sun and contrasted nicely with her sun freckled face.

The meal flew by quickly, thanks to generous amounts of California wine and nonstop conversation. Connie is vivacious and comfortable with new people, befriending them easily and making them equally comfortable with her. Her charm was certainly working on our new young friend. After regaling us with tales of his homeland, he talked about his personal life as well. It was clear that despite their obvious age difference, he was attracted to my wife. Throughout their conversation, he felt at ease enough to slip in flirtatious comments to her, even though I was sitting right there with them.

As the hours passed, we were all feeling the effects of the wine. The rain was beating down heavily on the roof of our RV, and I could see that my wife was in no hurry to have our guest leave. Then she looked at me and, without a word from her, I knew what she had in mind. After you ve been married for twenty years, you develop an unspoken language. And I have to admit, my mind had already drifted once or twice during the evening to thinking that, somehow, something might develop between my sensual wife and our new friend.

Roger, your campsite is all muddy, she said. We have an extra foldout bed. Why don t you stay in here with us?

Upon hearing her suggestion, his eyes lit up. Thank you, I d like to do that, he said in his slightly accented English.

We pulled out the lounge seat to form a double bed and prepared the extra sleeping space with sheets and a blanket. Roger had excused himself to wash up in our bathroom and when he emerged, he was wearing just his bikini underwear with a large bulge in the crotch that was apparent to everyone. I was standing directly behind Connie and could see goose bumps rising on her neck.

That s a big bed for one person. Roger said with a nervous smile. Lots of room. He looked me in the eye and I could read his unspoken plea.

I answered it immediately and without a word. I undid the back of Connie s halter top and she let it fall to the floor. Her sumptuous breasts spilled out and Roger s eyes widened. I slowly slid her shorts and panties down her hips and she stepped out of them, now completely nude. Roger s face broke into a wide grin. So beautiful, he whispered. My wife did indeed look magnificent standing naked in the dim light, her lush body welcoming the delightful young man who fate had graciously delivered to us.

Roger quickly removed his underwear and his cock sprang free, pointing straight up into the air. Connie s eyes locked onto it. This young man was extremely well hung and blazingly hard. He moved toward her and, taking her hand, brought it to his cock. My wife instantly opened her hand and wrapped it around his thick shaft, caressing the length of it. Then she put her other arm around his neck and began planting little kisses all over his shoulders and chest, murmuring, You re the beautiful one.

He lifted her chin to him and their lips locked in a long, passionate kiss. His hands cupped her ass and pressed her to him, her breasts squeezed tight against his chest. Connie was panting heavily, and my heart was pounding. What I had fantasized about for so long was about to happen right before my eyes. I stepped away from them and pulled up a chair.

After a couple of minutes of kissing, with their hands roaming all over each other s body, they finally came up for air. I want to suck your cock, Connie whispered to her lover. I couldn t believe what I was hearing, but it excited me beyond belief. My wife, who had only been with one other man in our twenty years of marriage, was becoming the aggressor now, and it was thrilling to watch.

She gently pushed him down into a seated position on the bed and knelt before him, coming face to face with his huge cock. She looked at it for a long moment, then dipped her head and wrapped her full lips around the tip. I watched her slide her mouth down and take half of the shaft into her mouth as Roger grabbed her face with both hands and threw back his head with a groan. Connie closed her eyes as a few more inches of his immense cock disappeared into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed out and her face contorted in desire as she passionately sucked the young man s cock.

I leaned forward to watch up close, my cock achingly hard and straining against my pants. Connie s mouth slowly slid up and down his shaft, leaving a glistening trail of saliva on his big rod. Her head bobbed rhythmically, gradually taking more and more of him until she reached the base. She was doing her expert deep throating move which I knew so well on this stranger s cock, and he was clearly enjoying it. When she looked right at me with her mouth full of dick, I almost came right then.

Wait, Roger said suddenly, lifting her head from his throbbing cock. Come up on the bed before you make me come in your mouth. I want to taste you.

Connie climbed onto the bed and lay flat on her back with her legs apart, her cunt already dripping wet. Roger gently kissed her inner thighs, then lowered his head between them and moved his mouth to her pussy. She gasped and opened her legs wider for him as he licked her slit. Each time his tongue touched her clitoris, a little tremor ran through her body, causing her to tense and grip the bedcovers. She spread her legs even more and Roger lapped away, his face buried in my wife s sweet sex. Connie was writhing and moaning, her pretty face a picture of pure ecstasy as he ate her. Soon she had her long legs wrapped around his neck and was squeezing him between her thighs. My cock was practically bursting now, and I was desperate to see my wife get fucked. Then, suddenly her body stiffened in a way that was quite familiar to me.

Are you coming, honey? I asked.

Yes! she gasped, I m coming! She started to shudder and cry out, her fingers tightly clutching the sheets. Her toes curled and her whole body lurched forward in a powerful orgasm. Roger sucked hard on her clit, as if trying to hang on as she bucked her hips violently through the entirety of her climax.

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Roger moved up and positioned himself between her thighs. I can fuck you now, yes? he asked sweetly.

Please fuck me now, yes! Connie replied with a beautiful smile.

Roger moved on top of her and she spread her legs wider to receive him. He reached down and stroked his big cock up and down her wet slit, and then settled the big blunt head in her opening. I watched his huge rod rub against her pussy and then slowly disappear, inch by inch, into her. But like me, she couldn t wait long, and she quickly drew him down on top of her. At this point I had no choice but to release my ragingly hard dick. I unzipped my pants and slowly stroked my erection as I watched Roger penetrate my wife. Connie thrust her legs up in the air and, with her hands on his back, pulled him deeper inside her. He covered her with his muscular body, arms under her shoulders, and thrust forward, sliding about six of his eight inches of cock into her cunt. She squeezed her eyes and her face broke into a beatific smile as he entered her. A long soft moan escaped her lips, and she immediately shuddered through another orgasm.

He rested on his elbows above her, fucking her slowly, letting her adjust to his size. He bent down to kiss her and she opened her mouth wide, their tongues entwining erotically. She was sucking on his tongue and gently biting his lip, wild with passion. The kiss seemed to go on forever, and my cock was absolutely pulsing with excitement as I watched.

Roger started a steady, slow fuck that she soon matched in rhythm, and as he thrust up into her harder, he hefted her legs onto his shoulders, giving him access to her depths. Her feet flailed in the air above his head, red painted toes curling in delight. She started to move under him, urging him to fuck her hard. I was getting off just watching her face contort in pleasure, with her eyes closed, her mouth open and gasping for air.

His hands were gripping her hips as he rammed his cock in and out of her cunt. It was incredibly sexy to see the contrast between them my mature, sensual wife getting fucked by this smooth young stud. His cock slammed deep into her pussy again and again while the makeshift bed creaked wildly, like it was going to collapse at any moment.

He was fucking her now with long quick thrusts, his balls slapping against her ass every time he hit bottom, her skin glistening with perspiration as she moved her hips in time with his. Yes! she wailed. That s how I like it hard and fast and deep! He was happy to oblige, pumping into my hot wife faster and deeper, just as she requested. The slapping sound of his balls banging against her ass seemed almost nonstop, and his cock was like a blur pumping in and out of her swollen pussy lips. From the look on her face and the pitch of her squeals, I could tell that she was speeding toward another tremendous orgasm. I had to squeeze the base of my cock to keep from coming with her.

I was amazed by his control. He had been fucking her for at least a half hour and still had not come. He was starting to thrust even harder though, and had slipped his hands underneath her ass to lift her up toward him. Her arms were around his shoulders, her red nails pressing in and hanging on as he fucked her more intensely. She seemed to sense his impending orgasm and, while looking right at me, said to him, That s it, sweetie, fuck me hard! I want to come with you! Come for me! I want to feel you coming inside me!

I pulled on my cock and whispered under my breath. Yes, fuck her hard. Shoot off inside her.

His pace quickened, and he groaned as his body tightened. I m coming! he shouted as he stiffened and drove his cock deep into her pussy. I watched in wonder as this young man lurched through an orgasm between my wife s legs his body jerking, the muscles of his ass flexing, his balls contracting over and over as they emptied into my wife. I could see the bottom of his cock pulsing as he released his load inside her pussy. Connie s eyes had rolled back in her head and she was moaning as he pumped his semen deep into her body. Oh, God, it feels so hot! my wife moaned. I could imagine his long cock throbbing way up inside her, pressing against the walls of her vagina, shooting jets of cream deep into her as she bucked and cried out.

When he was finished they fell into each other s arms, and his penis remained inside her for quite a while before finally slipping out, glistening with her juices. They kissed and touched each other tenderly, occasionally shivering with little aftershocks of pleasure. I expected they would stop for a while, and I was looking forward to Connie telling me how his dick felt inside her, but that didn t happen. Without a look in my direction, their kissing increased in intensity, the gentle caresses turned into more sensual touching, and soon she was stroking his penis with both hands and kissing its shiny head.

I d like some more of that, she said hopefully. She took his cockhead in her mouth and then swallowed all of it as I watched him harden between her luscious lips. Knowing that she could taste her own juices on his shaft made my cock tremble as she continued her fellatio. I was in awe: It hadn t been ten minutes since he came, and he was already getting hard again.

Then he whispered something to her, and my wife eagerly got up on her hands and knees into the doggy position. He eyed her gorgeous asscheeks and softly sighed, Oh, wow. That s nice. Then he gripped her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her sopping cunt. Connie let out a loud groan of ecstasy and pushed her bottom back against his groin.

Oh, yeah! she cried. He was fucking her so hard that her big tits were jiggling and swaying back and forth. She was shrieking loudly and pushing upward to meet his thrusts as he pounded away at her cunt. As his balls again slapped against her ass in a steady rhythm, she lowered her head to the bed and stuck her bottom higher in the air. He fucked her even harder, driving his cock as powerfully and as deeply as he could for several minutes as her howls of pleasure intensified, becoming sounds I had not heard in nearly twenty years of making love to my wife. Then, with a primal grunt, he pushed his cock forward all the way into her cunt and held himself there while he once again emptied his balls into her pussy. The sensation of his hot come filling her canal must have sent her over the edge again, because she soon wailed loudly, shivering through yet another body wrenching orgasm.

I couldn t resist any longer. I moved toward her, my aching cock bobbing in front of her face. She eagerly took me in her mouth, sucking me with a passion that was clearly fueled by the royal fucking she had just received. I lasted for about ten seconds before I came in a torrent, spraying a massive load all over Connie s face. She giggled as the first stream of come shot from my cock and hit her square in the forehead. I kept coming, coating her face with semen. Her face glowed with satisfied lust as the three of us looked at each other, sated and happy, breathing as though we d just finished a relay race.

Eventually Connie and I crawled into bed together, with Roger finally at rest on the foldout, and we hugged and kissed and rested in each other s arms. I couldn t help putting my hand between Connie s legs and feeling the stickiness of another man s semen that still filled her pussy. My wife covered my hand with hers as we fell soundly asleep. It was truly a dream come true.

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