I have really enjoyed my summers for the past three years. My husband, George, is a teacher, so he has off from mid June until Labor Day. I am a manager at an upscale department store and customarily, I work from nine to five thirty, Monday through Friday. I used to be very envious of George’s free time, but our relationship changed when he admitted to me that he loved to be dominated. Before long, I was his mistress and he my sissy maid, and he was obeying my every whim without question. So, after two years of him having a good time during the summer while I worked, I decided to put my foot down. Actually, it was my three inch black spiked heel.

Right now, as I write this to you, I am home on my lunch break, looking out the window at my husband. He is loosely stretched between two trees by wrist cuffs that are attached to chains. Thank God for our high picket fence, which ensures that we have privacy for our sessions.

At the moment, George looks lovely because he is attired in feminine undergarments. His body is adorned with a black bra and panties, a black garter belt and black stockings. Oh yeah, and black strappy high heeled sandals. His face is made up nicely and his finger and toenails are painted a vivid red that matches his lip color exactly. His dark mascara matches his black hair. Every April, I have George start growing out his hair so that it’s shoulder length and curly by the end of June. That, with the padding in his bra, has turned him into Georgette, my summertime sissy maid.

Every day that I have to go to work, Georgette is strung between the two trees, from my lunchtime until I return home. The sun does a very nice job of tanning his body, his bra straps leaving him white underneath so that he has telltale signs of wearing female undergarments. Of course, this ensures that he always keeps on his shirt.

Our arrangement means that not only does George look the part of a sissy maid but now he also has to work in the summer, only he works for me. Every morning, he rises at seven thirty and slips into feminine undergarments and a French maid uniform, complete with white petticoats. After I take my shower, he assists me in my makeup and dressing before serving me a delicious breakfast that he has prepared. Then I go to work while Georgette stays home and does some of the household chores. When I return for lunch, off come the frilly petticoats and little black dress so that he can be stretched between the trees for the remainder of the day.

Upon my return at night, Georgette is released so that my dinner may be prepared, always something gour met, of course. While I am waiting, I love to sip a glass of wine while bathing in a tub of scented water that he has run for me. After dinner, Georgette completes the remainder of his daily chores, which include hand washing all of my dainty undergarments and frilly lingerie, ironing, doing the dishes, vacuuming, etc.

That is our weekday schedule. Weekends are different, and go year round. On Saturdays, I accompany Georgette to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping, as well as on other errands. Of course, he doesn’t wear a French maid outfit when we go out, but rather a nice short skirt and sweater or a pretty dress. I wouldn’t want those long, shapely legs to go unnoticed. And he always looks so feminine that he has no trouble at all passing as a woman.

Since I made my husband my sissy maid, our sex life has been great. Georgette has a masterful tongue, so after all the chores are done I often demand to be pleased with some good oral sex. I love looking down at those red lips and wet tongue working my clit. After achieving a great orgasm, I sometimes let Georgette fuck me. Then my cunt must be cleaned using his tongue, of course without smearing any of his come or my juices onto his carefully made up face.

When Georgette does not do his chores well or behaves in an improper manner, I do apply discipline. I love stuffing his ass with a dildo or imprisoning his cock and balls in restraints. Nipple clamps are nice to use, too. However, I love our whipping sessions the most. On Sunday, when my husband’s luscious body is stretched between the trees and dressed all in white satin and lace, I administer lashes with belts and riding crops. The thinner the implement is, the redder the stripes on the flesh of his ass, and my pussy gets wet as I think about how sexy that looks.

Before I start the session, I stuff a ball gag in Georgette’s mouth, which totally muffles his moans and cries. Then his cock and balls are restrained in a harness, which makes his cockhead peek out from the waistband of his white panties and keeps him from coming too soon. Then his rectum is stuffed with a large butt plug. When he is ready, I land five to ten lashes of my riding crop on his ass, and the sound of it as it connects with his flesh makes my pussy tingle. I can tell that Georgette enjoys it, too. By the end of the session he is whimpering with joy and sagging between the trees.

On occasion, I will give Georgette a special treat. He can always tell that it’s coming because I tie a blindfold over his eyes and loosen his arm chains so that his knees are on the ground. Then my friend, Ken, who loves a nice piece of male ass, comes over to help me out.

Since my husband is completely at my mercy, I command him to open his mouth and suck on a nice, hard cock. Ken is already ready for him, good and hard, and he steps up so that Georgette can take his erection between his lips. Georgette sucks cock like a pro, covering every inch of Ken’s shaft with little licks before taking his entire length deep down his throat. I love the way my husband looks with my friend’s balls pressed against his chin.

Before long, Ken fills Georgette’s mouth with come. Georgette does a good job and swallows it all down so that very little trickles from his lips. Then she knows that the butt plug will be removed from her asshole so that Ken’s cock can replace it. Georgette is left on his knees while Ken’s hard on is restored, usually with some help from my hand.

When Ken is ready, Georgette’s restraints are loosened further and his body is draped over a padded bench that has been placed beneath him. With his ass is fully exposed, I slather his tight hole with lots of lube, loving the way my husband grunts when I slip my fingers inside. Looking down, I can see that beneath his panties his cock is extremely hard and ready to burst.

Then I move aside and Ken takes my place. He takes his time penetrating Georgette’s delicious anal passage and then he fucks my husband until he explodes, sending a nice load of hot come deep inside his body. I masturbate furiously as I watch, then let my husband finish me off with his tongue. Finally, it is Georgette’s turn to come, and the restraint on his cock and balls is removed so that I can jerk his cock to an orgasm.

I’m always saddened when summer ends and it’s time for George to go back to school. But we still have our weekends together, and no matter what, George will always be my Georgette, kept in his place under my three inch spiked black heels.

Ms. Dinah W., Via E Mail

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