I was in the elevator at work with Amanda, trying not to stare at her pierced ears. She had six gold rings in each, but they were delicately placed along the upper rim, not just in the lobes. The thin rings were quite stunning and very sensual, and I was getting turned on looking at them. Then the door opened to the lobby and waiting outside was a boyish crewcut blonde. To my surprise, Amanda grabbed the girl’s firm ass and gave her a passionate hello kiss.

That image stuck in my mind until I got home and saw my wife, Laura, dressed for my coworker’s party. She was wearing a tight cocktail dress that barely covered her cute ass and large breasts. I squeezed her butt as I kissed her, and she asked why I was so horny. I told Laura about Amanda and her lover and her reply shocked me. “I’ve always wanted to make love to a woman,” she said.

The thought of another woman’s face buried in my wife’s cunt really turned me on. And she meant it her nipples were pointing through her flimsy dress.

We arrived at the party and the place was buzzing. A few moments later, Amanda walked in wearing a skintight red minidress that accentuated her cleavage. Her friend was wearing black men’s slacks, suspenders, a white dress shirt and a tie. I whispered to Laura that they were the couple I had seen earlier.

They walked over and Amanda introduced her friend, Sue. I introduced Laura and she complimented Amanda on her earrings. Amanda said that she had one in her navel to match. As she opened the buttons on her dress to show her jewelry, Laura confessed to wanting one herself.

Then Amanda said, “Sue has jewelry nearly everywhere.” To illustrate, Sue opened her mouth, revealing a metal stud in her tongue. Quite intrigued, Laura asked, “Everywhere?”

“If there weren’t so many people around I’d show you,” Sue replied.

Without batting an eye, Laura shot back, “Then let’s go find the powder room.” Sue licked her lips and the women excused themselves. I was surprised by this turn of events, but curious as to where it might lead.

Later that night, Laura filled me in. Once in the bathroom, she asked Sue about the stud in her tongue, and Sue said she could give her a demonstration. First, she removed her tie and lifted her shirt to reveal her navel ring, which was topped by a blue stone. Then she unbuttoned her shirt, showing Laura her small but beautiful breasts with large areolas and a silver ring in each nipple. Slipping off her shirt, she revealed a cheetah tattooed on her right shoulder, claws outstretched as if it could grab the silver rings.

Without thinking, Laura reached out to touch the cat, but catching herself, she stopped. Sue gave her permission to continue and she did, commenting on how soft and smooth it felt. Reaching up, Sue guided her hand toward her breast. “Feel the ring. I know you’re dying to.”

Laura touched the ring and tugged it carefully, then reached with her left hand to play with the other one. Sue closed her eyes and moaned. Boldly, Laura placed her lips where her hands had been and sucked Sue’s tits. Then she began to kiss her way down Sue’s torso.

Sue perched her ass on the counter as Laura licked her navel while tugging on one of the nipple rings. As Sue ran her hands through my wife’s hair, Laura pulled down her pants zipper. Then Sue slid off the suspenders and arched up so Laura could slide them down. Laura was surprised at Sue’s plaid boxers, and then she opened the fly and saw that her pussy was completely shaved. Diving in with her tongue, she began licking her cunt and found metal rings on both of Sue’s labia, which drove her mad with lust.

My wife’s panties were now soaked with her juices. She paused to remove Sue’s shorts. Then Sue opened her legs wide and pulled Laura’s head between them, begging her to lick faster. Sue’s hips moved up and down, helping Laura’s tongue to find that sweet spot between her thighs.

Instinctively, Laura then reached around to Sue’s asshole and pushed a finger inside. This sent Sue into an incredible orgasm, and she held Laura’s head tightly between her thighs as she moaned, “Suck me harder!” Laura obeyed and felt a tremor rise up from Sue’s hips to meet her tongue it was so forceful that Laura also came.

Regaining her composure, Sue pulled Laura up and gently kissed the juices from her face, whispering, “I can’t believe you’ve never eaten pussy before. You’re a natural.” Laura opened her mouth to receive Sue’s tongue, fondling the metal stud with her own. Sue broke the kiss and said, “Now I’ll show you how this works.”

They switched positions and she licked down Laura’s neck to her breasts. Laura pushed down her dress straps so Sue could suck her nipples. As she placed her lips on Laura’s hard nubs, Sue reached under her dress and removed her drenched panties. Impatient, Laura pushed Sue’s head down to her cunt and opened her legs wider. As Sue’s metal tongue stud touched her clit, Laura exploded, pumping her hips as she came.

Afterward, they got dressed and staggered from the room, past a few bemused onlookers, over to Amanda and me. I asked what had taken them so long and Laura replied, blushing, “Sue showed me the benefits of body piercing.” Sue then suggested we all go back to her place. Laura accepted for us both. My cock stiffened in anticipation as we walked to the door.

Sue lived in a converted loft that was completely open, with a large platform bed in one corner. She went into the kitchen for drinks as the rest of us sat on a couch. When she returned she sat on the couch arm next to Laura. The sexual energy was electric. I could feel the heat building the slightest spark would set it ablaze. I expected Sue to strike the first match, but it was Laura who began. She looked Sue in the eyes, licked her lips, reached up and grabbed her suspenders, pulling her forward. Sue’s lips opened when they met Laura’s, and as they kissed, Laura forced her tongue deep into the warmth of Sue’s mouth. She massaged Sue’s tits through her shirt and then unbuttoned it, displaying Sue’s decorated breasts.

Breaking their kiss, Laura moved her head to Sue’s tits. She licked and sucked her nipples and pulled the rings with her teeth. Sue’s head fell back and she moaned. Then Amanda leaned over and tongued my right ear. She whispered, “Roger, I haven’t had a real cock in ages. I want yours now.”

Forgetting the scene next to me, I turned my head and Amanda’s tongue slid from my ear to my mouth. She thrust it in deep, meeting mine, and it was so hot I nearly came. Noticing this, Laura turned her attention briefly from Sue and whispered, “Go for it, Roger. If you don’t fuck her soon, I will.”

Amanda leaned back and slowly undid the buttons on her dress. Stopping just below her pierced navel, she stood up and slid the dress off. When her braless breasts came into view, I saw that only one was adorned with a ring. I reached up and pulled her toward me so I could suck on those firm mounds and play with her piercing. “That’s nice.” She coaxed me along as my lips met her hardened nipples and my tongue flicked the metal hoop.

Soon Amanda stood and revealed a skimpy white G string as her dress fell in a heap on the floor. She turned away from me, bent over, grabbed her asscheeks and spread them to show me her wet cunt lips. I was in such a steamy fog that I had forgotten about Laura and Sue, though Amanda’s performance hadn’t gone unnoticed by them. They stopped to watch, and as Amanda turned and thrust her pussy toward my face, Laura helped her by taking off my shirt. Amanda stuck her fingers in her panties and stroked herself as Laura took off my pants. Then she kissed my cockhead, which was sticking out of the top of my briefs. Amanda stroked herself harder as she watched.

Laura pulled down my shorts and my hard cock sprang free. Amanda fell to her knees and took it into her hungry mouth. Seeing that I was well taken care of, Laura kissed Amanda on the forehead and said, “Enjoy my favorite cock while I lick your favorite cunt.”

Amanda stood, grabbed my cock and led me to the bed. Looking back, I saw Laura and Sue tearing off each other’s clothes. Lying on my back, I watched as Amanda pulled off her panties. Her cunt was also shaved, and when she moved closer, I could see a small gold hoop glistening between her lips. It pierced the hood of her clit, and I reached out and flicked it gently back and forth. Amanda’s breath caught and I imagined how much fun the two girls must have together with all their various piercings.

Amanda crawled on top of me, impaling herself on my erection. She began moving her hips, slowly at first, and then her pace quickened until she was riding me with abandon. I barely moved, letting her fuck me, enthralled with the vision of this lovely creature using my dick like a dildo. As her pace reached a crescendo, I reached out to fondle her pierced nipple. I stole a look at my beautiful wife, who now had her face buried between Sue’s thighs, lapping her new friend’s cunt as if she’d been doing it forever.

Amanda began rubbing her clit and fingering the golden hoop as she moved on top of me. Then the first wave of her orgasm hit. She came, hard, and then I shot my load inside her with a forceful thrust. This drove her to a second wave of pleasure, and then she collapsed on top of me, spent.

I must have passed out from the excitement, because when I awoke, I saw that Laura and Sue had joined us in bed, fast asleep in each other’s arms. I looked at Amanda, who was resting on my shoulder, flicked her nipple ring and asked if I was dreaming. She replied, “Do you really want to know?” Thinking about the wisdom of her remark, I drifted back to sleep. Mr. Roger T., New York, New York

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