Two years ago, while on business in New York, I met Adam in a little pub during happy hour. It was my first time in the city and Adam s friendly smile and light eyes made me dismiss everything negative I d heard about New Yorkers. Those eyes were meant for a secret exhibitionist like me. It was as if he wanted the world to know that he was with me. He flaunted my body throughout the evening, sliding his hands along the curves of my hips as we danced slow and holding my arms stretched out wide so that my shirt pressed against my nipples. I loved every minute of the attention I was getting not only from him, but from the people around us. Everybody was staring.

For over a year we expressed our feelings for each other through the mail and over the phone, and after much persuading from Adam, I packed up my things and moved to New York to see if we could make the relationship work. Those first two months were blissful, but I was nonetheless surprised when Adam asked me to marry him. Surprised and happy, I knew deep down that he was the right guy for me, and so the date was set.

My fianc helped me plan the whole wedding as I had only been in town for a short time and had no close girlfriends yet. I didn t mind doing everything with him, but expressed disappointment that I would not have an opportunity to have a bachelorette party.

Adam smiled, explaining that he would take me out and be sure to make it special. He sparked my curiosity when he promised that he was going to help me strut my stuff and leave a trail of throbbing cocks everywhere we went. The man I love knows me so well.

Friday came very quickly and I donned my sexiest outfit, as per Adam s request. I had on my shortest sundress, with a white lace bra, panties, stockings and a shiny pair of white boots. Adam inspected me for what he called my “performance.” He told me I looked great, but asked that I remove all of my undergarments, leaving me with just the sexy little sundress and my patent leather boots.

On the elevator ride down to street level, he tweaked my nipples through the thin material of my dress so that they poked at the fabric by the time we got outside. I felt incredibly open and naked, loving the way the breeze shot up my dress and blew on my dampening pussy. As we walked, Adam ran his hands along my spine and over the curve of my ass, the material molding to the hillocks of flesh.

At one point Adam left me alone on the street, claiming to have to run into a store for something. I waited for him outside, soaking up the stares from admirers. No doubt they were hoping that the breeze would pick up and lift my dress to reveal my ass and pussy. I imagined them doing all sorts of wonderfully wicked things to my excited flesh. I thought I would burst into flames when one guy stopped in front of me, licked his lips as if he wanted a taste and mumbled, “Delicious.”

Adam finally exited the store without having bought a thing. The devil. Knowing how much I love showing off, he had left me alone on the street so I could revel in the lusty stares of strangers. Yes, he was the man for me, all right.

We soon arrived at an uptown club which had soft lighting and a crowd of men and women wearing suits. I was completely underdressed and my lack of clothing made me stick out like a sore thumb. Hand in hand, we went directly to the bar on the second floor. Adam ordered two beers while everyone else sipped red wine.

When he nodded toward the crowd. I looked at him uncomprehendingly. “Come on, honey,” he said with a smile, “you re a natural exhibitionist. Go out there and make some cocks hard. I ll give you mine later.” Giddy with excitement, I forced my tongue into his warm mouth. He promised to watch my entire performance and tell me about the reactions of those around me when we met up again later.

My pussy was purring as I scoped out my prey. Making my way through the crowd, I noticed a man with his eyes directed at my erect nipples. His face flushed red as I walked toward him. I set my hand down on his thigh, and after learning that his name was Brian, I asked him to dance. Not giving him time to answer, I took him by the hand and led him to the center of the dance floor.

With my hands on his shoulders, I ground myself against his firm body, loosening his tie and telling him how lonely it was being the new girl in town. Just as I caught Adam s eye, Brian slid his hand up my skirt to feel my bare ass. I could hear someone behind us gasp at the same time he did. Adam grinned and nodded, encouraging me to go further. Dizzy with excitement, I cupped my hand over the hard on that had been jabbing into my pelvis for the last ten minutes.

I kept my eyes on Adam as Brian nuzzled my neck. He moaned softly as I unzipped his pants and pulled his erection through the fly of his boxers. I stayed very close to him so that the other people on the dance floor couldn t really be sure what was going on. My dance partner pulsed in my fist, announcing that he was going to come a millisecond before I felt his warm cream drench my hand and wrist. My thighs were burning, my pussy was aching and my head was clouded with lust as I pulled the silk handkerchief out of Brian s pocket, wiped my hand clean, buttoned his suit jacket and bid him good bye.

A few more dances and then Adam cut in just as I was about to drop to my knees in front of my last partner. “I can t wait anymore,” he said, obviously aroused. “Let s go home.” I had a better idea. Taking his hand, I led him down a spiral staircase to a quieter part of the bar. It was almost closing time so there were plenty of quiet corners in which to play. I led him through the small, separate rooms, each one set up with a velvet couch and candles, until I found one that was empty. Beads covered the entranceway and the music from above shook the chandeliers.

Pushing Adam down onto the couch, I straddled him, fumbling with his belt buckle like a mad woman as he kneaded my breasts through the flimsy material of my dress. I ground myself against his thigh as I worked on freeing my favorite toy. Moving to his side, I hovered over his thick manhood, swiping at the drop of pre come that oozed from its tip with my tongue. He grunted and reached for my dripping sex. I cooed as his thumb slid into my wetness and his fingers spread over my asscheeks. I bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock, sucking him wildly and making no effort to control the slurping noises that I was making. His thumb felt so good inside of me while his fingertips tickled my asshole.

Just as I was about to come, I heard the beads in the doorway clinking together. I was startled and about to cover us both when Adam pushed me down so that his cock hit the back of my throat. “Don t worry, honey,” he said. “You ve had an audience almost from the beginning.” I looked up with the head of Adam s cock still in my mouth and squinted at the bright light behind a very attractive couple. The man groaned as he stood behind the woman, his arms stretched around her body with one hand on her breast and the other on her covered mound.

Eager to give them a good show, I straddled Adam, hovering over the head of his shaft while pulling my dress down over my breasts. Then I lowered myself onto my fianc and threw my head back to show the couple what a pleasure it was to be filled by Adam s thick cock. With satisfaction I noticed that the woman was now gently grinding her ass back against her lover s erection.

I bucked up and down on Adam at a slow steady pace, trying to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. There was no turning back, however, when the gentleman watching started urging me to ride Adam s cock faster and harder. I quickened my pace until my belly felt as if it was going to explode into a million tiny pieces. I stifled a scream as I came, my orgasm proportionate to the pressure and longing built up during the evening. My nails dug into Adam s shirt as I gripped his shoulders and he unleashed a torrent of come into my quivering pussy.

I collapsed on Adam s chest, trying to catch my breath and get my racing heartbeat back to normal. When I then looked toward our spectators, the woman blew us a kiss and then disappeared with the man. Adam and I stayed where we were until the lights in the bar flashed on and off, signaling last call and bringing our evening to an end. But in truth we were just starting out, and we took great satisfaction in the knowledge that this marvelous evening was a reflection of what our life together would be like.

Ms. Marie A., New York, New York


When I first saw the skintight blue dress I could hardly wait to try it on. I immediately made my way into the dressing room where several other women stood in front of a mirror twisting and turning to see how they looked from different angles in the clothes they had chosen.

I had always shied away from those open dressing rooms in the past, self conscious, not of my own naked form, but of where my eyes would wander to. I hated the thought of innocently looking over to my right and catching sight of a near naked female, and then having to meet her accusatory stare in the mirror. It s human nature to be curious. I could not help but have a peek.

But this day was different. I wanted that dress so bad that I hardly noticed the other women. And then, once I slipped out of my clothes and into that hot little number, I felt so sexy I was glad to have someone around to see me.

All four walls of the room were covered with mirrors, and I danced around in front of them, the short skirt seemingly glued to my swaying hips as it revealed the naked thigh above my knee. I eyed my breasts, which were nearly popping out of the taut material. I began running my hands down my chest as I sucked in my belly and smiled at myself in the mirror.

Then, suddenly, my heart began beating faster and a warmth rushed to my face as I realized that several sets of eyes were on me. Behind me there was a tall African American woman catching the way my ass was pushing out against the lycra material. The pretty blonde on my left was staring at my bare, smoothly shaved legs, and the curly haired redhead on my right was eyeing my cleavage.

I didn t feel embarrassed by their stares. Rather, I was glad they were looking at my breasts, catching sight of how the dress hugged my hips. I started to feel a stirring between my legs and my nipples hardened with excitement.

I tried to pretend I didn t notice my admirers as I began to slip my bra off with the dress still on. First I unclipped the clasp in the back and then slid out of each arm. I threw the bra on the floor and examined myself again in the mirror as if to test how the dress would look sans brassiere. Then I removed my undies and made a show of examining my asscheeks minus the panty line. I noticed the women glancing down at my undergarments while pretending to inspect themselves in the mirror as well.

Now I began pulling the dress over my head, first revealing my well groomed pussy and then my large breasts. When the dress was off, I noticed the women s eyes darting wildly from private part to private part. They would then glance at themselves again in the mirror as if comparing my feminine charms to their own.

Their eyes felt like six sets of hands caressing me, bringing me to a magnificent level of sexual arousal. I wished that I had the guts to touch myself right there, but I decided to hold out until I got home.

At home I immediately tore off my clothes and flopped on the couch to play with myself. As I began to tug on each of my nipples in turn with one hand and rub my clitoris with the other, I replayed the dressing room scene over in my head, imagining that each of the women had stepped closer to me to inspect and touch me. I imagined the African American woman was massaging my naked breast as I cupped it in my hand. I could almost feel the blonde s tongue on my labia as I imagined her getting down on her knees and lapping away at my cunt.

My hand stroked my clitoris wildly as I pictured the redhead licking her index finger before slowly sliding it into my ass. In my fantasy all three women were working to please me, licking, sucking and caressing, as in reality I came like never before.

Having discovered the special thrill of exposing myself to other people, I was eager to partake in more exhibitionism as quickly as possible. So the next day I dressed (leaving off the bra and panties) in a short pleated skirt, knee highs and a see through white blouse that I tied to sit just below my breasts. I tied my hair up in a bun, painted my lips a dark red and lined my eyes with black pencil. I glanced in the mirror and, satisfied with what I saw, headed out the door.

I had no plan of action, just a burning between my legs that was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I began to walk through my neighborhood, smiling at the men who stopped to stare. I would have loved to give them all a little tease right then and there, but this was after all my neighborhood, so I refrained. It wasn t until I got to the park across town that I felt safe to “show off” just a little bit.

Being that I was in public, I carefully scoped out my surroundings. I found a quiet little bench across from where a studly blond guy sat. I plopped myself down and opened the book I had taken along as a prop. Opening it to no page in particular, I cleared my throat and tried to get the strapping young man s attention. He looked up and our eyes met, and before he looked away I unbuttoned the first two buttons on my shirt and flashed him a little boob.

Then I slipped a hand inside my shirt to rub each of my breasts, eyeing my new “friend” all the while, stirred on by his stare. Once my nipples were erect and I was thoroughly aroused, I brought my knees up to my chest, exposing my bare pussy.

Once again I looked up at him, noticing that his eyes were as wide as saucers before he quickly glanced away. I tried not to laugh out loud as I thought about the view my admirer had. My skirt was resting at mid thigh and I knew that he could clearly see my shaved pussy. I spread my legs a little more, feeling his eyes bore into my hot flesh.

Then, with my excitement growing, I reached between my thighs and began to finger myself. To be doing this out in the broad daylight with one really hot guy looking at me was so wicked.

I was making myself so hot, sliding my finger ever so slowly in and out of my dripping cunt, that I didn t want the moment to ever end. I glanced up at my admirer and noticed that he was rubbing his cock through his jeans as he watched me masturbate. Once we had made eye contact, I brought my free hand down to diddle my clit as I continued to finger fuck myself.

With the hunk across the way staring at me, his hand now down his pants, I came explosively, shaking uncontrollably as my buttcheeks pressed hard into the park bench. When I had recovered, I removed my finger from my cunt and licked it clean of my juices before I buttoned up my shirt, pulled down my skirt and walked away. When my admirer called out, “Hey, babe, you made my day,” I turned and gave him my biggest and brightest smile.

Ms. Lynn J., Elizabeth, New Jersey


Recently my wife asked me what special thing I d like for my birthday, which was the following day. Her only limitation was that it had to be sexual in nature. Karen is a knockout long legged brunette who can make your cock hard just by being in the same room. I took some time to reply, then smiled cryptically and told her I d let her know that night. All she had to do was be prepared to deliver. She said thinking about pleasing me really turned her on, especially the part about not knowing what to expect.

I d already decided that for my birthday present I wanted to please her. Karen s favorite fantasy, which she delights to describe while we are making love, is to allow a complete stranger to make love to her with me in the room. I kept telling her that someday I d love to see it happen. Well, for my birthday, I decided I wanted to fulfill that fantasy.

She s picky about men, but I thought I knew what she d want between her legs. I had formed a nice casual friendship with Bret, who was the obvious choice. A delivery driver for one of those express parcel services, he makes daily stops at my office. He s about my age, unmarried, charming and well built. When he made his routine stop I took him aside and explained my project.

He was suitably confused until the penny dropped and the expression that crossed his clean shaven face was priceless. I explained in vivid detail, but I m sure he was half certain I was pulling his leg. His big concern was that Karen might not be as enthusiastic, but I set his mind at rest by describing her fantasy and showing him some of the special photos I keep hidden in my wallet.

I said I d pick him up after work, phoned Karen, and told her I had to stop off and pick up something. She was to meet me in bed, with the lights in the house off except for the candle by the bed. I told her what I wanted for my birthday was for her to come until she begged for mercy. She said she was wet already, and I went off to pick up Bret.

On the way he asked all about Karen. Did she have any taboos? What really got her off? My answers were honest, and we were both sporting erections by the time we arrived. I told Bret to strip downstairs and follow me up for the ride of his life. Sure enough, I could smell Karen s bath oil and perfume and see the golden candlelight flickering on the walls. I quietly disrobed and then entered the bedroom.

There was a sweet sigh from my naked wife as she wrapped her arms around me and opened for my kiss. We worked ourselves into a sexual lather with that kiss and a myriad of touches in all our special places. She took hold of my rigid cock and I worked my finger into her oozing pussy. Her clit was hard and swollen and eager. I told her I had a special request for my birthday and she groaned acknowledgment. She pulled my face against her sex, raising her hips to me. I brought her dangerously close to climax, knowing Bret was watching from the doorway. As she was about to come, I slid from between her wide spread legs, moved to one side, and Bret entered the room as I told her I had a present for her on my birthday. She lay, still, eyes closed, saying, “Just make me come, please.”

“Welcome to your favorite fantasy,” I said, and her eyes flew wide open as Bret began nibbling her swollen pussy lips and nuzzling her clit. I could nearly feel her pleasure soar as my cock stiffened. She was coming already. I cupped her firm, beautiful breasts as I kissed her, and her whole body shook. I looked down to watch Bret s progress as she closed her thighs around her mystery lover s face, holding him captive at her seething core. She cried out loudly, head tossing uncontrollably as she came.

Karen slowly raised her head to look at the man eating her pussy. I then whispered his name and she smiled lewdly as he looked up from his feast. I told her I was going to watch the two of them make love. She moaned that she loved me and fell back on the pillow. Bret was back at work on her clit, and her legs suddenly went straight up in the air. He had clutched her slim ankles and draped her thighs over his shoulders as he redoubled his oral assault, shocking her into a second orgasm before the first had faded. I pulled up a chair and stroked my cock while I fondled her breasts.

I had never seen her climax so violently. Then Bret slid from her crotch and moved up, straddling her chest, presenting his huge, thick cock to her lips. Her eyes rolled and fluttered closed as she took him into her mouth and sucked. He fed her more and more of his organ and her sucking became frantic. Bret bucked and I could tell he d come in her mouth. I pumped my cock and asked if she liked his come as much as mine, and he pulled out of her mouth just as I shot my steaming load all over her face. She sucked up the last drops as Bret watched us, amazed at her avidity. His cock was already hardening again.

Karen begged him to fuck her, reaching for his half erect penis. He leaned forward and kissed her, sucking her lip, his cock lengthening and stiffening as they kissed. He moved slowly down her body, mapping its surface with his tongue, running his mouth over her curves, rousing each nipple to hardness, all the while bringing his cock closer to its primary goal.

Karen opened her legs for him just as the purple head of his dick furrowed through her bush. He positioned himself for maximum penetration, sliding his hands under her ass. He heaved forward and smoothly rammed it home, burying himself to the balls. She cried out with a mix of surprise and joy, returning his thrusts. Soon the bed was shaking and banging against the wall as he hammered her wanton pussy.

Karen saw me hovering beside her and saw my reawakened cock in my hand. She reached for it and pumped it as Bret fucked her closer and closer to her third climax. He slammed one last time into my wife s cunt, sending them both into spasms. She hooked her legs around his waist, lifting herself off the bed, drawing him in even deeper. Then she pulled my throbbing cock into her mouth, eliciting another orgasm from me while still in the throes of her own.

Bret chuckled nervously as Karen thanked us both. She pulled his face to her breast and encouraged him to suck until his cock began to grow rigid. I kissed her face, listening to her revel in the pleasure he was giving her. Bret clearly enjoyed her breasts as much as I did. I moved down to watch his cock thicken, surprised at how aroused I was by it.

Karen s pussy was literally dripping wet, and his cock seemed to be searching for it. I ran my hand over his ass and took hold of his cock. He didn t miss a beat as I pushed them on their sides and guided his cock into her, moving so Karen was sandwiched between us.

I inched my cock into her ass, meeting Bret s through the thin separating membrane. Karen gasped as we crammed her full and set up an awkward rhythm that soon flowed naturally. I felt my balls constricting already with this intense stimulation. Bret was breathing hard, and our balls hit each other as we fucked Karen hard and slow. I groaned, managing not to let loose until he did. Karen screamed her pleasure as our come flooded her convulsing cunt and ass.

I stroked her side as my cock slid out of her. The room smelled like an orgy. Bret gave her one last thrust before collapsing too, and Karen lay between us, wiped out with pleasure. My birthday gift had proved successful beyond belief, and we spent the rest of the night fucking, caressing and laughing for the sheer joy of the sexiest time of our lives.

Mr. Warren F., White Bear Lake, Minnesota


My wife and I have dreamed of a threesome with another man for a long time, but we only recently began to put our fantasy into action. We talked constantly about our goal, and Toni began haunting the beaches and clubs where young and sexy men gathered, hunting for the appropriate target for our seduction. Our fevered dreams were only partly soothed by equally feverish lovemaking.

Finally, she found our man. He was a lifeguard working at one of the public beaches. His name was Tim, and he was one of the most beautiful young men we had ever seen. He had been a lifeguard for several seasons and now supervised his whole shift. His body was superb. Tanned a deep bronze by the hours he spent in the sun, his muscles were those of a young god, perfect in symmetry and proportion. He had the form and definition of an athlete, rather than the bulk of a bodybuilding contestant. His blue eyes were intense and attracted a lot of attention as he sat on his high seat and gazed out over the water, alert for danger. No wonder my wife was in lust with him!

I took an afternoon off and accompanied Toni to the beach for her approach. She wanted to talk to him alone first, lest the two of us together seem intimidating. I lay on a towel and sunbathed while Toni went over to intercept Tim on his mid afternoon break. I watched them talk, and they smiled and joked as if old friends. I knew my wife had already laid some groundwork, so the time was ripe to invite Tim to have sex with us. They started walking together down the beach, away from the public swimming area. When they were almost out of my sight around a little cove, I saw my wife take him by the hand.

I waited a few minutes before I followed, and found them standing together in a little inlet quite a way from the public beach. Toni had the lifeguard s little suit pulled down around his muscular thighs and was examining him. Hiding behind a boulder, I watched them. The guy had a massive cock and my wife was busy squeezing it, stroking it, rubbing it. I could see it growing in her soft grasp, the head pulsing and drooling its clear lubricant that made it glisten in the sun. All the time she was playing with him, Toni was telling him of the joys in store if he would join us.

She had him turn around so she could inspect his ass. She looked like a Roman noblewoman inspecting a slave on the block. I knew she was enjoying this immensely. It was probably the fulfillment of one of her deepest sexual fantasies as well. She cupped his buns in her hand, testing them like fruit. She let her hand slip inside the tight valley between the cheeks, and I knew this was for my benefit. She was checking the responsiveness of his asshole. He had a really fabulous ass, clear and white flesh compared to the tanned skin above his swimsuit lines. She said something to him and started to walk away.

His strong hand caught her arm and held her. His face was imploring. I knew he was asking her to ease his tumescence no way could he get it back into his swimsuit to return to work. Toni looked into his eyes and melted. She giggled and took his cock back into her hand. I was so excited now my head was swimming. I was in a sunny daze watching my wife jack off another man s big prick. I almost whipped off my trunks to join them, but I restrained myself and just watched. This was so good I couldn t imagine how it would be to watch my wife having full blown sex with this hunk. Soon Tim spurted his come as if offering it in sacrifice to the sea in some primeval rite.

I slipped away and they returned shortly, joking and grinning triumphantly, They stopped before me and he licked his lips, causing my libido to soar. I felt I might come right then. He kissed Toni gently on the lips before he returned to his perch and ascended to his watch post. She leaned down to whisper to me that it was all set for Saturday afternoon and would I please take her someplace and fuck her now, quickly!

Saturday afternoon arrived at last. In our swimsuits, Toni and I were out by the pool, and I was grilling hamburgers. Tim arrived in jeans and a shirt, and we had him go inside to put on his swimsuit. Neither of us were prepared for the sight. Not only was the suit tiny, but it was completely transparent. He grinned and said he d recently bought it at a local sex shop, figuring it would be appropriate.

Neither of us could take our eyes off of him as he jogged to the edge of the pool and dove right in. His mouthwatering cock was wrapped inside the suit and we could see it lurch as he ran. The material clung to his ass with its tantalizing crease, and my cock swelled at the thought that I might be fucking that crevice while he fucked my wife.

We lasted through dinner, making light conversation as if we had known each other forever. I cleaned up while Toni and Tim went into the pool. In the middle of their romping, Tim grabbed her and pulled off her bikini, waving it triumphantly over his head like a flag. They swam into the shallow end and stood, embracing passionately. His hands started to explore her lovely breasts, then grasp and fondle her asscheeks.

She clung to him as well, holding his ass and spreading its cheeks. I saw his massive cock grow between them until it poked out of his suit, its head sticking up like a sea beast seeking its cave. Toni suddenly ducked down and pulled off his suit. They were both naked and ready for sex. They came out of the water and beckoned me to join them.

Toni sprawled on a lounge chair and Tim moved above her, his quivering organ aimed at her ready slit, but he didn t enter her. Instead, he looked over his shoulder and invited me to join them by having some ass, either hers or his! I d been dreaming about that, so I stripped off my trunks and Tim winked at me as he drove his cock home at the moment mine sprang into view. I heard Toni gasp as his impressive organ took the deep plunge into her.

Toni reached around her young stud to pull apart the cheeks of his ass, wanting me to join them. Tim held himself in place so that he could take me in his asshole. Grabbing the suntan lotion off the table, I poured a generous amount into my hand, applying it luxuriously to my throbbing cock, enjoying the smooth motions of my hand. Coated and glistening, I joined the two lovers.

Toni s round hips were making a circular motion completely on their own, an involuntary reaction to Tim s deep thrusting possession of her. I hovered over them like a starving man at a banquet. I replaced her hands with my own, pulling the muscular cheeks of Tim s ass apart, exposing his hole. I had never done this before. He pushed back slightly, letting me feel the rippling muscles.

I slid into place, letting my cock ride deep into the valley of his ass. The head found his hole and disappeared inside with amazing ease. He sighed with pleasure and Toni moaned excitedly. When he relaxed his ass, I was drawn inside him in one smooth motion. It was so natural I knew he was a seasoned sex man with a lot of experience.

It was beautiful. His strong chest pressed down on my wife s soft breasts and she was smiling, eyes shut and lips moistly parted. I watched my cock slide in and out of his clutching ass. It was the picture of my most delicious fantasy. Tim kissed my sexy wife with a deep hunger and we pistoned in and out like a perfectly synchronized sex machine, the hot crescendo building to final climax. We pulled out then so all three of us would come together, his come and mine spattering across Toni s heaving breasts while Tim rubbed her clit to give her that last thrilling edge to her climax.

It was magnificent, the luscious goal of our quest achieved. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other in many different combinations until we could scarcely move. We made a date for the future, and who knows where our fantasies may lead us next. There is a stunning girl who also works at the beach . . .

Mr. Denis N., San Diego, California


Perhaps it s boasting, but I pity any man who isn t married to my gorgeous, sexy wife. We have a relationship based on mutual openness and trust, with a huge helping of pure lust made all the hotter by our confidence in each other s love. We had an interesting test of that trust not long ago.

The phone rang, and the voice was female, pleasant and tantalizingly familiar. I tried to place it, a bit alarmed at how my pulse had started racing. She asked if I was the same Patrick who used to live at . . . well, sure enough, it was the beautiful young model I d been dating before I married Ingrid. We d parted on friendly terms, mostly because of her growing success and the attendant travel requirements. Before I met Ingrid, I was afraid I d never get over Carol.

We exchanged delighted gossip about how things were going, hers interspersed with anecdotes about shoots in the Alps and in Hawaii. Finally, I had to break it to her that I was married, but she already knew that and offered her congratulations, saying she d heard Ingrid was very beautiful. I said they ought to meet, if only so I could see the two loveliest women I d ever known in the same room. Besides, I thought they d like each other.

Carol was hesitant, saying that she d just called to say hello and was only in town for this one night. I took her hotel number anyway and mentioned the call to Ingrid later. She was sincerely happy about it and insisted I ask Carol over. I cleared my throat and felt my cheeks burn with a blush, but she kissed me and assured me that she had no worries about Carol stealing me back.

That settled it. Ingrid called and invited Carol over to spend the morning at poolside in our backyard. She also offered my services as chauffeur.

I found Carol waiting at the hotel entrance, and the second our eyes met I felt the old flame in my loins. She was more beautiful than I d allowed myself to remember. Her white shorts and gossamer blouse set off her golden ponytail and glowing tan. She bounded over and threw her arms around my neck, kissing me soundly. Only immense concentration kept me from responding in kind, but I was soon to discover my restraint was unneeded.

We talked nonstop on the way home, and she told me she looked forward to meeting the girl who d finally caught me, and how surprised she was to have been invited over. Carol had a twinkle in her eye as she remarked that if I wasn t married she d be making a play for me right then. She said she half regretted her career s sudden take off, but I grinned and replied, “Until you get to the bank, right?”

Ingrid greeted our guest with vivacious energy, surprising Carol with a warm hug. They started chatting away like old friends, and I soon began to feel a little left out. I strolled out to the pool and kicked off my pants, revealing my worn Speed o. I dove in to the sound of girlish laughter and shook the water out of my eyes to see the two loveliest creatures on earth looking heavenly in their sexy string bikinis, smiling at me with indisputable affection.

My cock was so hard I was surprised it didn t sink me. The girls laughed and babbled about feeling like long lost twins and sharing a lot of interests. I looked at Ingrid s face. There was no mistaking the mischievous bedroom look in her eyes. What had they been talking about?

They jumped in and we frolicked about, splashing. The game got raunchier as Ingrid dove under and pulled down my Speed o. My cock was as hard as ever, and Carol feigned a gasp at the monster that threatened to eat them both. “Unless we eat it first!” exclaimed my wife, grabbing my cock and pulling me to the side of the pool. I was astonished and almost embarrassed until another primal feeling took over as Ingrid slipped me into her mouth. She stroked my balls as she wrapped her soft tongue around my glans, sucking me the way she knows I love best. Carol watched with a serene smile. I clung to the side of the pool as the come boiled in my testicles.

I cried out and Ingrid redoubled her attack, deep throating me with long, smooth strokes until I flooded her mouth with come. I could hear Carol moan softly as I came, and when I looked she was topless, the wispy fabric floating away. Ingrid let my limp cock slide from her mouth and swam to Carol. They met mid pool and embraced. Entwined, their glistening flesh seemed to merge in a glowing whole as they kissed deeply. Ingrid caressed Carol s beautiful breasts, and then they went under, emerging gloriously naked.

Ingrid suggested we adjourn to the sauna. She looked meaningfully at my rising cock, asking if I thought I could handle both of them. I was out of the pool first, and the three of us, naked and aroused, headed inside. No sooner had the door closed than Carol backed up to me, leaning her head back onto my shoulder, asking me if I remembered how much she liked to be fucked from behind. My wife smiled happily as my fingers found Carol s hardening nipples and tweaked them to full erection.

Ingrid knelt before her, reaching between Carol s legs for my erection and wrapping her fingers around it. She positioned my cock at Carol s sex and licked the head of my cock and Carol s pussy at the same time, stroking my balls and driving us both nuts. Then she looked up and told me she wanted to watch me fuck Carol. I crouched for a better thrust and, with Ingrid s help, drove into Carol s wet warmth. Still fondling her breasts, I felt her receive me with welcoming contractions of her vagina.

Ingrid s hands dictated our rhythm, slowly at first, then with greater urgency. She could tell my climax was near. Carol begged her to lick her clit, and my wife nuzzled into her sex, lavishing her attention on Carol s avid cunt. I felt her breath on my plunging cock and I came, mashing Carol s breasts with my hands the way she loved. Together, Ingrid and I brought her to a fierce climax. Her hands caught in Ingrid s hair and pulled her face closer as she shuddered again and again.

My cock was still erect as I pulled out of Carol, and she turned and kissed me deeply, saying she d missed that. Turning to Ingrid, she said my wife was a lucky woman. Ingrid agreed, saying she d share me for a small price. So saying, she stretched out on a towel, motioning Carol to climb aboard. Her hips rose as her pussy met Carol s tongue, and I listened to their unrestrained sounds of ecstasy as they ate each other in a classic sixty nine. Ingrid s hands explored Carol s shapely ass as her tongue traced her pink sex, and Carol eagerly licked up my wife s honey. Not for a moment had I suspected Ingrid even thought about having sex with another woman, but the sight before me was undeniable. I hovered, stroking my raging cock, turned on beyond my wildest dreams.

Carol suddenly turned to me and told me to show her how to make Ingrid come hard. Carol s fingers threaded through my hair as I sucked my wife s pussy, delving into her cunt and licking at her clitoris. Carol, never having had a woman before, pushed me aside, begging to administer the coup de grace. I moved to watch, still stroking myself as they seemed to fall into perfect sync, reading each other perfectly. The moist air was laden with their musk, and they convulsed in mutual passion at the very same instant. A split second later I was spewing thick ropes of come across their bodies, inspiring them to lick up my bounty.

We ran out and dove back into the pool to cool off before renewing our carnal explorations. The rest of the day passed in an erotic blur, with highlights of the two lovely women a snapshot forever in my mind. Unfortunately, Carol had to leave to catch her plane, but we all three hugged good bye and Ingrid made her promise to return as soon as possible for a reunion, as she put it slyly.

Mr. Patrick D., Santa Maria, California

An Artist s Inspiration

Out here, in the Shenandoah Valley, I live and work in an old house my wife, Annie, and I spent years refurbishing. We enjoy the change of seasons in the gently sloping mountains and the softer, slower pace of life. Besides, freed from the routine of an office job, Annie and I can make love anytime we feel like it, which is frequently. I am, by the way, an assman, and you d have to see Annie s derriere to believe it. On the other hand, the joys of fucking her ardent and compliant ass I think I ll keep to myself. You can look, and even lust, but hands off.

Once in a while, though, I have to break up this bucolic idyll and schlep back to my native New York to see the publishers who buy my work. I m an illustrator, and my latest project was a series of drawings for an anthology of Norse and Germanic tales and sagas. Most of my stay was spent in long hours of meetings and arguments about how fantastical some of the characters should look, but Sunday was a day off.

Now it is true that I left New York as soon as I could afford it, but there are places that I am drawn back to, like Washington Square. I was sitting on a bench in the park, sketchbook in hand, trying to capture the mercurial life of the place old men playing chess, new NYU students looking dazed or trying to be blas , homeless and hustlers of all sorts, neighborhood residents feeding the damned pigeons, a grandfather buying a little girl an ice cream. I had filled half a book when my eye caught a glimpse of the perfect ass.

I was stunned. I had left Annie in Virginia and I missed her, but I was not yet to the point of hallucinating her double. A second glance showed me this ass was part of a bionic blonde ten years her junior, but between the waist and knees they could have been twins. My pencil flew over the paper. I had captured Annie naked many times, but she never wore the clingy leggings this girl had on. Too bad, because far fewer women have the figure for them than wear them.

Meanwhile, I was capturing the lineaments of this delectable bottom. The girl was slender but well toned, her hips just wide enough that there was a space between her long thighs, but not a silly keyhole effect. Her buttocks curved smoothly into the tops of her thighs, and her cheeks were melon round the sort of ass that takes both good genes and a lot of exercise. I was captivated.

She moved on across the park and I followed her south, down the street between two of the worst pieces of architecture on the Square, a dull modern church on the left and a sort of Italianate fortified palazzo on my right. I was far enough behind that she wouldn t notice me, but not so far as to lose her altogether. Or so I thought. When I rounded the corner onto Bleeker Street she had disappeared from sight, though not from memory.

The only solution was to go into a caf and start consuming lattes while trying to get my impressions down on paper. Usually I can do that with consummate professionalism, but the more I sketched the play of her muscles and the exquisite curves of her ass, the more difficulty I had concentrating on the artistic exercise. I kept thinking that asses like that were one in a million and just made to be cherished, especially by guys like me who love to fondle and fuck them. I shifted impatiently in my seat, trying to get my cock arranged in a less binding configuration. Finally, I gave up and went back to my hotel and called Annie.

My own Annie was sympathetic up to a point, but teased me a lot about seeing double. It was a gentle, loving conversation, and I was glad I was going to be home in a couple of days. As I lay on the bed, lazily stroking my cock and trying to fall asleep, my mind kept wandering back to Annie, and to the first time I had a sample of that wonderfully miraculous ass.

We had been living together for a month or so, and sex was still a major part of our everyday life. We gleefully played out all sorts of erotic fantasies with each other, but I still hadn t fucked her ass. Usually when a woman likes that she gives off some kind of hint, but if Annie was sending, I wasn t getting it. As it turned out, the problem was simply that she d never experienced anal sex, so she had no idea what she was missing.

One night we were both in a singularly uninhibited mood, and while I was happily licking and sucking her to a series of quivering orgasms, my thumb crept down from her wet pussy to play at the entrance of her anus. I was electrified by her response. Her body stiffened, but not with rejection she was in the throes of a powerful orgasm that topped the previous spasms by a mile. All this and I hadn t even tried to get inside! I held her and played with her pussy for a bit longer, and then gently pushed my thumb against her asshole. She moaned and clung to me as my thumb sank into her, slowly opening her back passage for the first time to a sexual invader. Her muscles alternately clenched and relaxed around me, and soon I was fucking her ass with my thumb and she was crying out with the sheer amazement of the sensation.

That was as far as I took it that night, but the next time we made love she asked me to take her ass for real, and I wasn t about to say no. I made sure that she was very aroused before I turned her over onto her stomach, but I could probably have gone right to it. Her asscheeks were quivering as my hands kneaded them and opened them to reveal that tantalizing pucker. Once again I used the tip of my thumb, but this time it was to rub a large dollop of lubricant around and into her asshole before I pulled her up to her knees and set the head of my cock against the opening.

To say I was excited would be an understatement. I think I was shaking almost as much as she was, and my cock was as hard as a steel bar. Wanting to make sure that such a natural wonder was treated to the highest pleasure with no negatives, I pressed against her gently, waiting for her body to take me in at its own speed. There was a second s resistance, then the head of my cock was past the first guardian ring and I could feel her adjusting to the thickness of my pulsating organ. Then it seemed as if she opened all at once to suck me inside, because my dick was balls deep almost before I knew what was happening.

Oh, goodness, she felt good! Her ass was as tight as a glove, but willing at the same time, smooth and supple. I began to move inside her, in and out a little, first slowly, then faster. Her bottom moved back to meet my thrusts, and my balls slapped against her flesh as we got into an escalating rhythm that soon had us fucking fast and furious. Her hand flew to her pussy and I knew she was stroking her clit, bringing to a head the feelings that were already becoming overwhelming. Then her muscles relaxed in that indefinable way, softening down around me like a comforter, and my driving cock felt the first rush of impending orgasm.

My balls tightened and, as my semen began to flood her ass, Annie started to come, too, her ass clenching around my shaft like a fist milking me. I held onto her bucking body and rode her until we were both wrung out and my depleted cock slipped from her overflowing anus. Holding her close in my arms as she shuddered through a whole series of aftershocks, I was pretty sure we had discovered what would become our favorite kind of sex, but I wanted to hear it from her after the initial violence of her response had softened.

Sure enough, I had found the one woman in a hundred who not only was willing to have her ass fucked, but actually craved it with a passion. I was amazed and delighted. She even liked to sit on my cock and take it into her dilating asshole as I lay there on my back, enjoying the sight of my considerable thickness and length disappearing into that impossibly tiny opening.

The rest of my meetings and the trip home passed in a blur. My mind was less on Brunhild than on my own shield maiden waiting for me at home. Sure enough, as my car pulled into the driveway, Annie was standing on the porch waiting to give me a welcome home hug and kiss. My hands strayed south to cup her asscheeks and pull her close enough to feel my burgeoning erection. She laughed and grinned, the expression in her eyes teasing and wicked. Sex was put on hold a little longer. First it was time for a shower then a drink, dinner and some catching up. At last, the magic hour for bed arrived.

Annie scooted over to the middle of the bed and got down on all fours, but after I planted a kiss on each asscheek, I gently toppled her over and laid her on her back. I wanted to watch her eyes this time, as well as to see my cock plow into her. She reached for my cock, and we got into a sixty nine position long enough to taste the sweet joys we had been missing, but I was fully hard almost immediately, and her swollen clit told me she was ready too.

Moving down between her legs, I parted her thighs and lifted her ass so her legs were over my shoulders. Her face shone in the dim light, and she smiled as I ran my thumbs down the slit of her pussy, carrying her juices lower. I guided my cockhead across her clit and down, blending my pre come with her wetness before I aimed at my final goal. Then I thrust into her with one long, slow push that brought fire to her eyes and a gasp of delight from both of us.

It had been too long since we had done this. I gazed wonderingly at her opening, stretched seemingly to its utmost by my thick cock, and started to move in and out, alternately watching her eyes and the interplay of our flesh at that most intimate of connections. It couldn t have been all that easy for her to do in that position, but Annie was humping up to meet me and soon watching took a long second place to doing. I was eager to fuck the living daylights out of both of us, and pretty soon my body was pressed down on hers and she was bent double underneath my pounding.

Her sweet ass gloved my cock as I ravaged her until we were both moaning and growling like bears and I was coming inside her. We lay there, still joined, rearranging limbs to a more comfortable position. I was still semi hard, and she managed to turn over without pulling loose. She nestled back into my lap with my arms around her and my cock still deep inside. We dozed like that for I m not sure how long, until the insistent desire of my loins woke me and I began to move in her once more.

Annie woke up to find herself being ass fucked by a loving lunatic, but I went gently until I was sure we were both in sync. Then I rolled us over facedown and spread her asscheeks with my hands. I could scarcely believe I was still inside her, not having withdrawn since I d come, but the evidence, both interior and exterior, was incontrovertible.

I tucked one hand down beneath us to cup her pussy and started to fuck again, harder than before. My fingers slipped between her swollen, slippery labia and found her clit, already erect and begging. The thrust of my cock into her ass rammed her clit against my fingers, giving her an extra jolt of pleasure, and the sensation of fucking her ass when it was still full of my last load was something else.

It didn t have the smooth tightness I loved so much, but more of the quality of well worn cloth with an extra sensation of thick lubrication. It took me longer to get the friction going to the point of crisis, but the fact that Annie had come a couple of times against my fingers helped, because the involuntary clenching of her ass muscles up and down my shaft was bringing me closer to the brink.

I pulled back, leaving only my cockhead inside her, and I stirred it around like I was mixing cake batter. My cock was glistening with come, and her ass was opening enough that some leaked out. Then I drove into her again and again, each time pulling out almost all the way before slamming down again. Her hands gripped the sheets, and her breathless groans told me she was getting ready to climax a third time.

My strokes shortened and got more rapid, and Annie s ass clenched tighter as she willed me to come. I could feel the torrent begin its cascade up from my balls. Slamming hard into her one last time, my cock leapt, spewing its load as she bucked beneath me.

Both of us and the sheets were a mess of sweat and come as we separated at last. I made a more or less futile gesture toward wiping some of it up, but we were both entirely too exhausted to move at all. That time we fell soundly asleep, her arm draped across my chest and her head nestled into my shoulder. In the morning we had a sticky time unwinding ourselves, but both of us were happily sore and glad things were back to normal.

I was whistling in the shower when Annie pulled back the curtain and joined me. We took turns soaping each other and rinsing carefully, then just before we might have gotten out, Annie dropped the soap. That old joke about playing drop the soap is a clich for a reason, folks. The opportunity was too good to pass up, and Annie braced herself against the walls of the shower as I rammed my cock home one more time to celebrate my homecoming.

Our lengthy shower finally ended with the expiration of the hot water. Annie and I dressed and made our way down to the kitchen, fixing breakfast and trading kisses. As she sat, somewhat gingerly, across the table from me, I thought again how lucky I was to have such a fantastic lover, wife and partner. Then it was back to business as I asked her how she expected to pose for something as serious as Waltraute interceding with Brunhild to give back the Ring when she had such a fucked silly grin on her face. She grinned even wider at that remark and said it was a tough job but somebody had to do it. The two of us laughed so hard that we almost capsized the coffee mugs. God, I was glad to be home.

Temptation s Song

Jean and I have a standing date at Symphony Hall every third Saturday evening. The seating isn t the best. It isn t even in the main hall. But, for our purposes, my wife and I wouldn t have it any other way. This tradition began when I surprised her a year ago with season tickets.

We love the classics, and in fact met at a symphony rehearsal. One of the offerings of our city s resident symphony is to open rehearsals to the public. A short description of the next concert s selections is made by the conductor in a very informal and refreshing manner, and for those of us who can t seem to get enough of this kind of music, it s a welcome treat. Jeannie caught my eye somewhere in the middle of the second movement of a Tchaikovsky symphony. I introduced myself boldly between movements, and we were married two months later.

After we were married, we attended hit or miss concerts and enjoyed them so much that it just seemed wise to order a season s worth of longhair gratification. The first concert of the season, it so happened, was featuring a Stravinsky program. It was delicious serendipity, to say the least, and Jeannie and I laughed all the way to the performance while reminiscing about our very first encounter with Mr. Igor Stravinsky.

We d been seeing each other regularly after that bold move of mine at rehearsal, and our relationship had been moving toward a more intimate arrangement. Our mutual affection for classical music, as well as many other kinds, continued to be a major source of togetherness and sharing. One night after dinner at an intimate restaurant, we stopped at a music store to splurge a little on new CDs.

We found a section devoted to eroticism in music, which assembled some of the most notorious examples of sexually oriented music written by the masters. We ended up buying three or four CDs from that section and agreed the next stop should be my apartment to audition them on my state of the art sound system. The first CD I put on was Stravinsky s Rite of Spring, a composition we were both familiar with but had not heard in a while. It depicts a pagan ritual, replete with nymphs and satyrs, and is clearly erotic in context.

Jeannie and I sat on my sofa, where we d been many times before, listening to wonderful sounds from wonderful artists. Yet this time seemed different. There s no doubt that we were predisposed to sharing more than just the Stravinsky, and the time was right.

Right from the first note, it is primitive, seductive music. It is savage and sometimes shocking. As we were engulfed in this rising wave of aural sensuousness, our kissing became deeper, our groping more breathless. Jeannie ripped open my shirt roughly and slid it off my back, kissing my chest and tonguing my tiny nipples. I pushed her backward against the arm of the sofa and with the tip of my tongue traced her lips, chin and the line of her jaw.

She arched her back as I trailed wet kisses down her long neck and into the warm cleavage between the sheer cups of her bra. Don t stop, Alan, she sighed. Take me. I want you.

Irresistibly the blood in my veins boiled with the crescendos of Stravinsky s masterpiece as I pulled the black bra down, releasing Jeannie s beautiful, soft breasts. She heaved them toward me, pressing them to my eager face as I buried myself in the burning flesh. Her large brown nipples hardened against my tongue as I flicked and tasted each one. She groaned, tossing her head back, and pulled my mouth even tighter to her tits.

Yes, she sighed, I love that. Oh, yes, your tongue feels so good on my nipples.

She cupped one, offering it to my searching lips, and then the other, until I was grazing back and forth from one luscious breast to the other. I was aware of the rising tide of the music, but the notes had long melded into one erotic wave that swept us up and tossed us violently about the candlelit room. My cock was aching to escape the confines of my slacks and it pressed into Jeannie s thigh with persistent determination. She slid a hand down between our grinding crotches and found my zipper. Slipping her hand into my stretched out underpants, she wrapped her eager fingers around my steel hard cock.

The room literally exploded with a blast from the orchestra as Jeannie pulled my cock out. She squeezed and caressed it, coaxing a drop of pre come from its swollen head.

Take my clothes off, she moaned, sliding back on the sofa, my cock firmly in hand. She looked at me with smoldering eyes and slowly pumped my erection as I reached behind her and unzipped her low cut dress, pulling it off her hips and then down her beautiful stocking sheathed legs. Next I freed the clasp of her displaced bra and tossed it aside. Her nipples glistened with my saliva and beckoned me back for more. As I slathered them hungrily with my tongue, Jeannie opened her thighs and maneuvered me between them, still grasping my hard dick. Instead of leading me to her pussy, she urged me on up until my cock was poised inches from her mouth.

You re so big, so beautiful, she murmured. The music had ebbed slightly, moving into a lewdly arousing sequence. It was music of temptation, of seduction. It seemed to perfectly follow the slow insertion of my prick into Jeannie s mouth. It tantalized, just as her tongue was doing, wrapping around my cockhead. It mesmerized, drawing me deeper into its wanton beauty, just as Jeannie s naked body was doing to my spinning brain.

She pulled me in to my pubic hair, taking every throbbing inch. Her snug throat massaged my dick and I felt every groan and murmur as a tiny vibration. I was so close to losing control that I clenched my fists in an effort to hold back.

Jeannie backed away, sensing my sudden tenseness. She licked the end of my cock and looked into my dazed eyes. Don t hold back, she whispered in a seductive voice I could barely hear over the undulating phrasing of the recording. Come in my mouth, honey. I want to taste you.

I had no control at that point. Her torrid words fired my first massive spasm, and she barely had a chance to get the head of my dick back in her open mouth before thick streams of come began spurting deep into her throat. She pumped me mercilessly with her fist as I emptied into her mouth, squeezing my balls with her other hand, until I was shaking and jerking like someone possessed. As I passed the last of my seed, I slipped from her frothing lips and she instantly began pumping me again.

I was increasingly sensitive and cried out, but Jeannie would not cease. She watched me, eyes dancing with sexual euphoria, as I twitched and groaned. Taking me once again in her mouth, the slippery gloss of my come on her outer lips lubricated my entry and, in mere seconds, I was swelling back to hardness. As she sucked and teased, I reached for her bare breasts and tweaked her nipples, pulling them gently, rolling them. She sucked with a rhythm matching the sensuous music and, as soon as I was fully erect, she slipped me from her lips and began urging me down along her body, back down between her legs.

Put it in me, please, she moaned. Fuck me, baby, with that beautiful cock. Give me more of your sweet come. I was beside myself with desire. I squirmed out of my slacks, dropping them atop Jeannie s crumpled dress. As I accomplished my hectic striptease, Jeannie rid herself of her soaking wet panties and stockings, then we fell back on the sofa, hips grinding together. A loud blast from the full brass section neatly accompanied my first emphatic plunge into Jeannie s hot cunt. Her tightness surprised me, and I nearly lost my second load. She was wet fire inside, and the sublimely textured walls of her vagina massaged me with a vengeance.

I m going to come again, I groaned, trying desperately to hold off. Jeannie reached between the two of us and seized the base of my cock in a tight, vise like grip. The searing jolt of raw pleasure that had nearly discharged my second climax slowly subsided, but surprisingly, I was harder than ever.

Harder, Alan, give it to me, baby! Oh, yes, like that. Ram me with it, again!

Her tortured, ecstatic cries rose above the orchestra and the sofa began walking across the hardwood floor, moving an inch with each rabid thrust of my hips. Her vaginal muscles rippled along the full length of my penis and, with a shout of surrender, I began pumping my second load of hot come in her. Exhausted and blissful, we lay together, entwined, kissing and caressing, as the recording reached its own passionate climax. Such was our memorable introduction to the Rite of Spring.

So, driving to the first of the season s concerts, we couldn t help but feel a soft spot in our hearts for Stravinsky, and for the first selection on the program, the Rite of Spring.

As luck would have it, our assigned seats placed us quite far from the stage, a consequence of buying tickets over the phone without the aid of a seating chart. I d accepted the operator s suggestions and, at least with that evening s seating, was disappointed. Not only were we a mile from the action, but we were unfortunate enough to have a pillar between our seats. This was not acceptable for listening to our favorite coital music.

Are these seats bad enough to miss the performance? I asked Jeannie in all seriousness. The hall is sold out I don t see an empty seat anywhere.

Well, can t we bribe somebody up closer to exchange?

She knew the answer to that before she asked, and her frustrated expression acknowledged the fact. We decided to leave well enough alone and suffer the feeling of detachment for one evening.

It was a decision that wasn t to see fulfillment. The orchestra was into the performance less than ten minutes when I sensed movement in Jeannie s chair. The pillar was in the way of my seeing her face without leaning forward, and when I did there was no doubt in my mind what she was doing. Her face was rapturous, and even in the muted light I could tell she was flushed. She had her coat draped over her lap, as I did, and when I took a closer look, I could see her hand was under the coat, moving rhythmically. Further examination, done very carefully so as not to disturb those around us, revealed another shocking fact. Her hand was not only underneath her coat, it was underneath her dress.

Strains of Stravinsky s provocative music washed over every member of the appreciative audience, but none so thoroughly as my wife. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing very erratically. I carefully reached around the pole and slipped my hand under the hem of her dress. Startled, she glanced at me, then smiled a torrid fuck me right here smile. My fingers found the top of her sheer hose, then the slightly damp crotch of her panties, and there met with her very wet fingers. Someone behind me whispered something to his companion, but the words were lost on me with the swell of the music and the swell of Jeannie s arousal. She gasped as her finger, along with one of mine, entered her pussy. She set up the rhythm and I followed, matching perfectly the phrases and crescendos of the performance until I felt her stiffen and hold her breath.

Oh, God, honey, she whispered, just loud enough for my ears. I just came. I came!

I leaned around the pole once again to catch her flushed expression and slowly withdrew my nectar coated finger. I couldn t resist slipping it between my lips just as the first section of the concert ended.

Rising to my feet, I grabbed Jeannie s coat, motioning her to follow. The audience was taking the few seconds between sections to do their shuffling and coughing and the orchestra likewise, giving us just enough time to make a gracious exit. Just as the second part was beginning, I led Jeannie by the hand down the long, winding hallway that connects the different seating sections. We were moving toward the stage end of the building and the stairways leading to the back rooms. I was frantically trying to remember where the office was located in which we d been served coffee and treats back at the rehearsal two years before. I tried two locked doors before coming across a third one. It was ajar, and while it wasn t the room I was seeking, it turned out to be even better.

We were literally under the stage floor, having followed a series of downward leading staircases. We may as well have been sitting in the string section. Every note, every vibration, echoed around us with thrilling presence.

I closed the door behind us and locked it from the inside, banking on an assumption that no one during the performance would be interested in entering anyway. It was not exactly a romantic atmosphere, but it had the necessities: privacy, muted lighting, Stravinsky s libidinous music and a large sofa. I took Jeannie into my arms and pressed myself to her, slipping a hand into the low neckline of her dress and my tongue between her parted lips. She gasped and shuddered as I pushed away the material of her lacy bra and filled my hand with her breast, kneading it feverishly, feeling the desire swell wildly in my pants.

I am going to make love to you, I declared, here, now. To our favorite fucking music.

I unzipped the back of her bodice and peeled away the top of her dress, then unclasped the disheveled bra. Her luscious breasts poured into my hands, warm and supple, their brown tips tightening into rigid points as I ran my tongue across them.

Oh, Alan, Jeannie groaned into my ear, I love you so much. Sucking a nipple into my mouth, I reached down to tug the remainder of her silky dress off her hips. As it fell at her feet, I slid my hand under the waistband of her sheer panties, slowly working my fingers through her soft pubic hair until I encountered the moist opening of her vagina. She trembled, mashing her crotch against my questing finger until I had penetrated to the last knuckle. Her breath grew hot against my face. It s so good, she moaned. You re making my pussy so hot.

I inserted a second finger and coaxed from her cunt a fresh flow of liquid as she began gyrating to the barbaric pulse of Stravinsky s score. She seemed lost in all consuming rapture. Withdrawing my fingers, I offered them to her. Purring, she took them between her lips, sucking her own nectar from my flesh.

Eat me, she commanded in surprisingly guttural tones. I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.

I backed away long enough to discard my clothing, tossing everything in a careless heap, then pushed her back against the locked door. Kneeling before her as if in worship, I slowly slid her sex scented panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and rotated her dripping cunt toward my eager mouth. Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pressed my face to her pussy, writhing, gasping. Her sweet nectar was flowing so freely it dribbled onto my outstretched tongue as the lips of her slowly undulating pussy parted, inviting me further inside. Drinking at her front, pumping my hard cock with one hand as I knelt on the carpeted floor, I drilled deeper and nuzzled her rigid little clit with my upper lip until she was squirming uncontrollably.

Oh, yes, lick my clit, Jeannie groaned. The music seemed to rise and fall with her labored breathing and led me in the phrasing of my strokes. I lapped at her flowing juices until she became weak in the knees and started to squat. Oh, Alan, I m coming, I m coming, she chanted, her voice eerily accompanied by a low roll of the timpani. Hurry, put your cock in me, please. Come with me, baby.

I rose to my feet and swept my wife into my arms, carrying her to the sofa. The orchestra was entering a long, escalating crescendo with an ominous brass chorus. A repetitive, primitive rhythm reverberated in the walls as I lowered her supple body to the cushions. Jeannie s pungent aroma filled the room as she spread her legs for me and grasped my erection with one hand, pulling me toward her seething opening. Then she lay back and I sprawled on top of her, letting her guide me into her hot, pink chasm.

Now, honey, she cried, fuck me hard. Give me your come, baby!

I fell against her, sucking one of her stiff nipples into my mouth as my cock drilled deep. She thrust against me, matching my every stroke, and soon we were in perfect sync with the erotic and seductive rhythm of the performance above us. The music carried us into a sizzling, carnal utopia as our groins slammed together over and over, faster and faster still, until Jeannie cried out in sheer ecstasy. She raked at the flesh on my back with her fingernails and clamped her legs around my waist, providing the trigger for my own explosive climax. I unleashed a boiling load of semen into her quivering vagina just as the music delivered its final stunning note. My orgasm could not have been better timed if we d choreographed it. As the last surge of semen coursed through my shaft, I moved my mouth from Jeannie s breast and kissed her long and deep, keenly aware of the roar of applause and stamping feet going on over our heads.

That night was the beginning of a fine tradition, one we have attempted to carry on at each concert. Over the months we ve only been disappointed a couple of times, finding our favorite room locked. But even then, it s amazing how little space an enamored couple actually needs to share a few moments of sexual bliss, and even more amazing how many symphonic works lend themselves so well to unabashed lovemaking.

Public Displays of Affection

No one was looking, I was nearly sure of it. I pressed Kristy s squirming body against the brick wall and sealed my mouth to hers. The feeling of her warm, soft tongue slipping past my lips drove me mad as always, and I felt my cock straining against my tight jeans.

The busy sounds of passing cars and hurrying footsteps surrounded us as we stroked each other s rising passion. Pots banging and water running sounds from the kitchen of the New Gate Chinese restaurant. Voices filtered into the hot air from open windows above our heads. All of it was turning us on to the point of desperation.

Take it out, Kristy whispered with breathless urgency, groping at my hard bulge. I was kneading her firm breasts through her shirt and I slipped my hand underneath as she tugged at my zipper. Her warm, braless breasts rose and fell with her shallow breathing, the supple flesh yielding to my clutching fingers.

I want you to fuck me right here, she moaned, running her tongue across my chin. I want your cock deep in my pussy, all the way up to your balls.

Her words inflamed my already soaring libido, and it was all I could do to keep from ripping her gossamer skirt from her undulating hips. As usual, she had me in her power, and I would have done absolutely anything she demanded.

I can feel your heartbeat in it, she whispered, holding my erection with both hands. I could only groan in response as she stroked me, and I began humping her hand with long, hard thrusts. She fisted me with just the right grip, letting the copious pre come seeping from my cockhead supply the necessary lubrication. I was very near coming in her hand when Kristy sensed it and formed a tight ring with her fingers around the base of my shaft.

Not yet, honey, she murmured, pulling my cock closer to her crotch. Wait a minute. The raucous city sounds seemed to swell with my passion as I watched my girlfriend hoist her skirt up to her waist. As usual, she had no panties on. Keep a lookout, she ordered in her throaty, orgasmic voice. She was so close to coming I could have pushed her over the edge with a single word. Instead, I let her lead me into my own torrid climax as she guided my iron hard cock into the core of her desire.

Now, she whimpered, pulling her shirt up above the tops of her perfect breasts. I sucked a pink nipple into my mouth at the same time I thrust my hips against her, making her cry out in a desperately muffled squeal. I felt my balls slap against her pubic bone as I rammed the full length of my aching dick into her tight vagina, and then again and again I hammered her with a sensuous, rapid rhythm.

Kristy choked back another scream as her body began to tremble and shake. One more thrust and she went over the edge, stiffening and throwing her head back so hard against the brick wall I was afraid she might have hurt herself.

Give me your come, baby, she cried. I gasped as my balls constricted, sending a hot torrent of semen deep into her pussy. I could feel it backing out as my ejaculation refused to subside, and soon it was running down my pistoning shaft and into our pubic hair.

God, someone s coming! I cried through clenched teeth as I heard the echo of dangerously close footsteps. I pulled my spurting penis from her cunt and forced it awkwardly back into my pants while Kristy, in one smooth, practiced motion, pulled her top down and yanked her skirt down into place.

Hand in hand, giggling like naughty children, we stepped out of the alley at the same instant two uniformed policemen turned into it. They smiled and nodded as we passed, blissfully ignorant of what they d very nearly broken up.

Now, it s practically our trademark, this all consuming obsession with making love in all sorts of public places. Right from the beginning of our relationship our bedrooms have seen very little action, because Kristy and I have discovered the erotic thrill of fucking under the noses of clueless people. We often call each other in the middle of the night to share some outrageous idea of how we might do it next time, and more times than not we fall asleep masturbating as the descriptions turn more and more vivid.

I met Kristy at an outdoor jazz concert, the kind that so often occur in city parks and other semi rustic settings. This one happened to be at a resort in the mountains, a short drive up the canyon from the bustling city. It was late summer and quite cool, but the stage was in a bowl and the seating was protected from the wind by stands of huge pine. I remember huddling just the same, trying to trap my body heat by hugging myself as I listened to a rousing medley of retro themes.

During a short intermission, I got up to join the line forming for beer and hot dogs. I was feeling my solitude somewhat sharply when I spotted her walking in my direction. Incredibly, she was alone. The sight of this beautiful woman sans a partner started me fantasizing that she had seen my lonely expression and was coming over to introduce herself as an unattached, willing and hopelessly horny woman who wanted nothing less than for us to be groping one another in bed by the end of the evening.

Doubting such was the case, I rifled through my brain for the magic line. She was still approaching, and her eyes did fall on mine more than once. She had smiled, too. But then it appeared she was looking for someone and my heart sank.

That is, until she walked up to me and asked, Would you absolutely hate me if I asked to crowd in here? It s a little chilly and I m afraid I didn t dress warmly enough. I d hate to go all the way to the end of this horrible line.

It didn t seem like the request of a lady with a date. I crossed my fingers and eagerly made room, explaining to the cynical gentleman behind me that she was with me. The mischief in her sparkling blue eyes turned me to jelly, and to further the lie just for appearances, she took my hand and said loudly, Oh, thanks for holding a place for me, honey!

As we stood there, inching closer and closer, I kept wishing the line would stop moving altogether so we wouldn t have to end our little act. My eyes strayed shamelessly over her shapely body, appreciating her raggedly torn cutoffs, which beautifully highlighted her long tanned legs. Her thin cotton shirt nimbly hinted of the treasures within, and the ensemble was made complete by a pair of hiking boots, which served one of my favorite fetishes. She may as well have been special ordered to stoke my fire! I m sure she caught me ogling her more than once, but there was simply no avoiding it. Finally, I built up enough nerve to say, I was thinking about maybe sitting farther back, maybe over there on that little hill, away from the crowd. I d love the company, unless . . .

That s where I was, she laughed, squeezing my arm. My pulse was echoing in my ears. But I d love the company, she added, so let me invite you.

It took us barely a half hour to realize how much we were attracted to one another. Names came first, then a quick and hurried history that included the fact that neither of us was presently involved. Then came the second half of the concert, the one with the quieter, romantic jazz tunes. Somehow, though few words were spoken, we found ourselves walking through the trees in the growing darkness, moving farther and farther from the sounds of the band.

Soon we were locked in a passionate embrace, a stone s throw from a group of laughing, joking tennis players walking off a lit court. The black shadows painted by the glaring lights created an inky lair for us to disappear into, and we did, clawing at each other s clothes, frantic to discover the thrill of being naked together and too eager to wait for the security of a private place.

I had never been so aroused. Kristy s hands were under my sweater, then under my shirt, pulling the shirttail out roughly. Her lips parted for my probing tongue as her firm breasts filled my eager hands groping beneath her shirt. All of these things had me dangerously near a climax before she d even touched my cock.

But then she did touch it. As I sucked hungrily at her rigid nipples, she swiftly worked my belt open and the zipper down, and only by the sudden rush of damp, cold air was I aware that she d expertly and quickly dropped my pants.

Be careful, I groaned as she lowered herself to her knees, using her shirt for padding against the layer of pine needles littering the ground. I m going to come in your mouth if you do that! She looked up at me with a very wicked smile and took my erect cock between her soft, pillowy lips. I clenched my fists to ward off an instant climax and managed for several moments to delay it, but eventually Kristy s hot, wet mouth on my cockhead was too much. I groaned, trying desperately to keep the volume down, aware of the closeness of a dozen voices, and promptly filled her mouth with semen. She took it all and cleaned me neatly with her tongue. When she stood up, she sucked my tongue into her mouth, giving me a heady sample of my own come.

Oh, yes, I moaned in the darkness, feeling the cool canyon breeze whipping between my exposed legs, aware for the first time that the exposure had been part of my excitement. I really want to fuck you, right here.

Kristy looked around, cradling my limp dick and said, Let s go over there by the clubhouse. I saw a big chaise lounge behind there.

The building was alive with tourists and concert goers, hikers letting their hair down and resort employees, but no one seemed interested in the unlit back lot, where in the daytime people gather to picnic and barbecue. The empty chaise lounge was scant feet from the rear entrance to the building, and the door was ajar.

I started moving the bench, intending to pull it farther from the building where we d have more warning if someone were to come through the door. Kristy stopped me by dropping her cutoffs and stepping out of them. She sat down and lay back. Her bare legs reflected a silver sheen from the full moon as she parted them wide, motioning me to her sex with a teasing gaze. My turn, she said softly. I want to feel your tongue in my pussy.

Bustling laughter exploded from just inside the building as someone told a dirty joke. We were so close to them that every word was understandable. There was no denying that the danger made me that much more excited. I held Kristy s beautiful thighs apart with both hands and gently nibbled the delicate flesh all around her cunt. She shuddered and moaned, and the wooden lounge squeaked as she thrust her succulent pussy into my face.

Oh, yeah, Jack, she murmured, your tongue feels so good.

I slathered the length of Kristy s oozing slit, ending at the hard little knot of her swollen clit. She gasped as I sucked it between my lips, and squirmed as I hummed the same tune playing not so far away. Soon, Kristy s lithe legs crossed over my neck and she heaved her sex upward, fucking herself on my tongue. I held it stiff and straight, helping her maintain a furious rhythm until she stiffened and cried out that she was coming.

I was nearly certain she d been heard but was powerless to pull my head from her vagina. Her labia were so swollen they pulled back of their own accord, exposing her delectable core for the indulgence of my desperate tongue. I probed her cunt and shook my head back and forth, wedging my face between her legs until I was struggling for air.

Oh, god! she screamed, shaking violently. Don t stop! I sucked voraciously as she literally bathed my faced in sweet nectar, and I didn t stop until she was frantically pulling herself away from my mouth. Giggling with sexual contentment, we reacted quickly to the sound of the screen door bursting open. Three people ran out, shouting happily among themselves, and we scrambled for the forgiving cover of the dusky shadows to put ourselves together.

Going home alone was out of the question for both of us. Kristy told me there was something special at her place and that I should follow her home I wouldn t be disappointed. Steering the car was my biggest problem as all the way down the canyon I relived virtually every sizzling moment of the sex we d just shared. Forty minutes later, I was parking next to Kristy in the garage of a tall apartment building.

I live here, she said, cozying up to me before we entered the huge glass doors. I hope you re not afraid of heights.

The elevator ride to the twelfth floor was a test of self control that neither of us passed. Apartment building elevators are slow, and at 12:30 at night the ride is usually nonstop. I prayed that such would be the case as I hastily unbuttoned Kristy s shirt and lavished her firm, beautiful breasts with hot kisses, loving the way her pink nipples so readily responded to my tongue. She loosened my belt and dipped a hand down into my crotch, gently unfurling my swelling cock and straightening it against my stomach. The sensuous touch of her hand was nearly enough to make me come.

As the car eased to a halt, we straightened ourselves and just in time as another couple stepped through the parting doors and we exited the elevator.

Kristy and I slept little, fucking with wild abandon between bouts of fitful dozing. A couple of times I wondered about the surprise Kristy mentioned, but decided to wait and see, as I was having just as good a time without it.

Sunday morning dawned to find us sprawled haphazardly across her bed, naked and entwined. My usual morning hard on raged, but this time it was summarily serviced the minute Kristy s sleepy eyes opened. She kissed me good morning and the kiss trailed all the way down my chest and stomach, ending in a long, hot blowjob that had me writhing with near painful pleasure.

Eventually, we were hungry for food as well as sex, and Kristy threw together a little breakfast. However, concentrating on bagels and coffee was simply beyond our capabilities, and we soon ended up on the living room floor, limbs and tongues entwined.

I promised you something special, she murmured, wriggling out of my tight embrace and smiling wickedly. It s about the right time of day.

She opened the French doors that led out to her private balcony and stood gloriously naked in the doorway. A light breeze wafted the sheer curtains on the doors. Stepping out, she turned, beckoning to me with a seductive curl of her finger. My cock stood boldly erect as I got to my feet and joined her outside, gazing at the dozens of darkened windows looking back at us from the apartment building across the street.

Some of them watch me, she murmured, kissing my nipples. I like to come out here and get some sun, and sometimes I even masturbate for them. She made her way down to my stomach, dragging her tongue along my naked flesh as I scanned all the windows, wondering how many of them concealed hard core voyeurs or other couples in the midst of fucking. Her warm tongue traced a line along the underside of my cock and she kneaded my balls lovingly. I want them to see us make love, she said, sucking me into her mouth. I let out a groan as the moist warmth encased me. She worked me until I was close and then turned and bent over the railing, thrusting her beautiful ass at me. Come into me from behind, please.

I reached between her legs and thumbed the hard little button of her clit. She shuddered and her cunt oozed the fragrant juice of her sex. I guided my stiff cock to her splayed opening and leaned forward, penetrating her with a single thrust. I felt a hundred eyes watching us, imagined a hundred groans and giggles from unseen admirers. Kristy pushed back against me and we soon fell into a lustful, primal rhythm. I reached around to touch her nipples, teasing them to rock hardness.

That s it, babe, she moaned softly. Fuck me good!

She tossed her head back as I upped the tempo of my strokes, going deeper than ever, my balls slapping against the back of her thighs. Her flesh burned and she cried out with sheer ecstasy as she surrendered to one orgasm after another, the muscles in her pussy stroking me until I began pumping my hot semen deep inside her. Collapsing together on the floor of the balcony, we lay there for a long time, speculating on how many windows concealed the astonished faces of lucky strangers. Then we discussed different possibilities for more public sexual escapades, and I realized how fortunate I was to have found this free spirited woman. Not only had she brought out this unexplored exhibitionistic tendency in me, but she was creative to boot!

Fantasy Sandwich

When, after years of prosperous comfort, I realized I was going to have to share an apartment to get through my MBA, I was a little disappointed at first, but smiling as well as I perused the roommate wanted ads. You see, it did occur to me that this might be the precise opportunity to bring one of my dearest sexual fantasies to life. So as I was interviewing prospective roommates, I was looking for more than someone who d keep a clean fridge and the toilet seat down I wanted guys who made my pussy and ass tingle at the same time.

I answered several ads in the campus newspaper before finding something that looked workable for my erotic agenda. The rental house I ended up with was roomy, well kept and located just blocks from campus. The two male grad students who had placed the ad were attractive and personable, and seemed to be enlightened and sensitive men of the nineties, just the sort I was hoping for.

They both went out of their way to assure me that if I moved in with them, I would never have to worry about either of them coming on to me. Ours would be a strictly platonic, Three s Company type of arrangement.

Of course, they had no way of knowing that I was looking at them basically as, shall we say, “sandwich meat,” but I just smiled and went along with this pristine arrangement proposal.

Oh, what a difference a few months can make. Fast forward from the snow and chill of early January to a warm Friday night in May. I was snuggled between my handsome roommates in a dimly lit corner booth of the friendly little off campus pub that had become our home away from home. I had just finished taking all of my final exams, graduation was only days away and Rob and Doug were toasting my success with huge margaritas.

As thrilled as I was to finally reach my goal of a degree, my real burgeoning excitement was of a much different sort. This was my last weekend to negotiate the passionate threesome of my dreams. Beneath the table, Rob s hand was slowly sliding up my left thigh. At the same time, Doug s hand was creeping up my right, edging closer and closer to the hem of my short skirt. A wet heat blazed between my quivering legs and my nipples ached deliciously with arousal. I was so turned on I could barely sit still.

As aroused as I was, I was even more nervous. They knew I had been playing them both along, but I still didn t know if this was the right moment to consummate my sandwich fantasy. If not this weekend, it certainly wouldn t be for lack of trying.

Three s Company had lasted all of two weeks. Doug s California surfer good looks and outrageous sense of humor had delighted me. I was equally charmed by lean, lanky Rob with his dry wit and East Coast intellectual mannerisms.

I could tell from the way both Doug and Rob hung on my every word and movement that they were every bit as taken with me as I was with them. I just realized that if I expected to make the sex happen, especially between the three of us together, I was going to have to be the assertive one and probably start by enjoying each of them separately.

All it ever took to render them red faced and fidgeting to camouflage their obvious arousal was something as seemingly innocent as walking from the shower to my bedroom wrapped in a towel, lounging around the house braless or asking one of them to zip my dress. Just casually mentioning over dinner one night that I usually slept in the nude certainly had them both gawking at me in undisguised lust.

Often I would lie naked in bed at night, teasing my tender nipples and dipping my fingers into the warm wetness between my legs, fantasizing that ultimately both of them would be paying me clandestine midnight visits. Just knowing that they were in their bedrooms, wanting me as badly as I wanted them, had me so aroused I could barely contain myself.

All of that pent up passion burst to the surface one evening when Doug went to play basketball with his friends. Rob and I finished studying early and wandered into the living room. Rob turned on the stereo and started playing some of my cherished old Motown albums while I opened two beers. By the time we d finished the six pack, an old Smokey Robinson ballad had come on and we decided to push the furniture out of the way and dance.

Rob pulled me close, and there we were, dancing in the living room, our bellies touching. I could feel his cock pulsating against me and my knees went weak.

Our lips touched, then our tongues tangled together. Rob s hands went to my ass and he pulled me closer. My hands went to his back pockets as I pulled him closer yet. I could feel his cock growing harder and my musky juices moistening my swollen pussy lips and soaking into my panties.

Before the song was over, Rob s jeans and shorts were around his ankles. My shirt was open to the waist, baring my heavy breasts, and my jeans were on the floor, my damp panties discarded, kicked into a corner.

If Doug had arrived home early, he would have caught us tangled together in a very non platonic pose on the living room floor. My legs wrapped around Rob s waist, heels digging into his ass, I urged his thick cock deeper and deeper into me. We fucked until Smokey Robinson s voice had long faded into nothingness. For an East Coast intellectual, Rob certainly knew how to dance to the Golden Oldies. The last thing I said as we managed to get zipped up and back together again was that I thought he d make a great partner in a threesome. He just laughed, but at least I d put it out there.

So far so good for my fantasies of an outrageous threesome blossoming between us. The very next morning, Rob went to the library to research a paper, leaving me and Doug alone in the house. Doug had been complaining all morning about a pulled muscle from the night before. Innocently, I offered to massage the kink out of his shoulder.

My intentions may have been innocent, but I was still turned on from my adventure with Rob the night before, and once I touched Doug, my libido took over. Turning him around, my hands moved from his shoulders to his muscular chest, then over his washboard stomach and into his snug fitting jeans. I must say, he didn t at all ask what I was doing. He was too busy teasing his tongue between my teeth and pushing up my shirt to get his hands on my sensitive breasts.

Our massage session ended with me bare bottomed on the kitchen table amid overturned cereal bowls, squeezing my thighs around Doug s ears and gasping delightedly as he swirled his tongue around inside me, doing things to my inflamed clitoris that no man had ever done.

When it was over and we clung to each other, laughing in disbelief at what we had just done, I made the same off handed remark to Doug that I really thought he d be glad he tried it, if we all took courage and explored the erotic playing field together. You could see the gears turning as he thought about it in my arms.

The idea of being shared by two men was such a huge turn on. Hardly a day went by without me taking one of my eager housemates into my bed or into the shower or even bent over the exercise bike in the basement, a favorite of Doug s. It seemed as if one or the other was constantly partaking of my sexual pleasures. But even with all of the erotic attention I was receiving, I still craved more. I constantly found myself continuing to daydream about my ultimate goal, what it might be like to have both of my lovers in my bed, and in me, at the same time, driving me to heights of arousal I could barely imagine. I knew this was all taking a long time to happen. But a girl could dream, couldn t she?

“Hit us again, Mary,” Rob called to our waitress, his hand sliding higher on my thigh. At the same time, Doug s hand moved higher on my other leg, inching closer and closer to my hot sex and to Rob s hand. I knew the moment was coming when I should discreetly reach beneath the table and push their hands together, but I wasn t quite sure they were both ready yet.

Moving in almost deliberate unison, they slid their hands beneath my dress. Had I not known better, I would have sworn their actions were choreographed. It was an unseasonably warm night, and all I was wearing under my thigh baring summer frock were a few strategic dabs of my favorite perfume no bra, no panties, no nothing. It would be only seconds before they reached my damp bare pussy.

I bit my lower lip to stifle a gasp as Rob and Doug grazed the soft pubic hairs curling onto my upper thighs. My heart quickened as their fingers moved higher still, caressing my slick and swollen outer lips. Then it happened. Their fingers touched. Their eyes met. Conversation ceased.

It was all up to me. I was not about to let the moment I had dreamed about for so long slip away. Grabbing their hands and squeezing tight, I whispered, “Don t stop now. Don t you think it might be fun if we tried this together? Come on, what do you think?”

They stared at me, then at each other as I held my breath. Then, breaking into a big grin, Rob eased his finger into my slippery crease. Doug slid his finger alongside it, nudging my inflamed clitoris and making my body tremble. “Yes,” I gasped. “Now, take me home.”

Moments later, I lay naked on my bed with Doug on one side of me, his hard cock pressing against my bottom, his warm lips tracing lazy patterns over my neck. Rob was on my other side, kissing his way over my breasts and belly, his tongue gently dancing over my swollen nipples and into my deep navel.

Here I was at the nexus of the fantasy, and it was all very nice, but nice wasn t what I had imagined. “Will you two quit being so gentle with me?” I said. “I won t break. Fuck me, for Pete s sake!”

Rob chuckled. “You know what they say about being careful what you wish for, don t you, Margaret?”

“Yeah,” Doug grinned, “you just might get it.” With that he grabbed me by the hips, pulling me up onto all fours. Guiding his fat cockhead to my dripping pussy, he plunged into me, making me cry out loud. Stretching my lips wide, he didn t stop until his heavy balls slapped against my ass and his cock was so deep inside me it seemed to be pushing up between my breasts.

Rob rose to his knees in front of me, tangling his fingers in my short dark hair, pulling my face toward his hard cock. As his organ touched my lips, he bucked his pelvis forward, driving his prick into my mouth.

Each of Doug s powerful strokes into my spasming cunt forced me farther into Rob. I gasped for breath as his cock pushed past my tonsils and his wiry pubic hairs tickled my nose. Helplessly impaled on my two lovers, as I had dreamed about since I had met them, and I could not breathe or think or speak. I was in heaven.

The only sounds in the room were our labored breathing and the rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh. My body seemed to be one huge raw nerve ending leading directly to my pussy. As I eagerly sucked and licked one throbbing cock, the other one slid in and out of me, driving me closer to the brink of climax.

Doug gasped and stiffened. I squeezed my pussy around his prick and he erupted inside me. At almost the same instant Rob jerked, his pelvis lurching forward as his semen cascaded down my throat in thick torrents.

I swallowed furiously to drink in every bittersweet drop, all the while working my cunt over Doug, the friction of my clit against the shrinking organ making my orgasm burst from within me in hot, bright colors. Grabbing Rob s tight ass, come dripping from my lips and oozing down my thighs, I held on for dear life, crying out loud, riding my climax to sweet satisfaction.

Afterward, the atmosphere was tender and jovial as we nuzzled together, but I was still scheming for one last hoorah the sensation of being provocatively sandwiched between my two eager lovers. As it turned out, I needn t have worried that the sexual moment was past, especially when I leaned over Rob, kissing and licking his tired shrunken cock, feeling it swell and stiffen back to life. At the same time I could feel Doug s lips on my back, slowly working his way down to my ass, his tongue teasing into my deep crack, sending shivers of excitement racing down my spine.

Straddling Rob s rejuvenated prick, I pushed down over him, purring with delight as he hefted my heavy tits. Pinching and twisting my tender nipples, his hot flesh slowly filled me as I slid to his hairy root.

Doug kept right on kissing my thighs and ass, exploring deeper and deeper, his hot saliva lubricating me and oozing down into my pussy. Then he was gone for a moment. When I felt him behind me again, I knew it was not his tongue but something much larger and harder pressing against my fiery anal ring.

Falling forward onto Rob, I squeezed my pussy tighter over him, my breasts flattening against his chest. I tilted my ass upward, gasping as Doug s cockhead slowly eased into me. The feeling was so intense a little pain, a lot of pleasure, all of it magnified a million times over by the sweet pressure of Rob s pulsing organ in my inflamed cunt. Inch by agonizing inch Doug filled my ass, and then the two rigid cocks were throbbing in me as one, separated only by the most fragile of membranes, setting my body ablaze.

I lifted up onto my haunches, pushing back onto Doug, feeling his pubic hair tickle my asscheeks. Then forward onto Rob. Back again, onto Doug. Forward and back, increasing the tempo, their cocks worked as one while pre orgasmic shudders raced through my body.

Doug gave in first, grabbing my waist, bucking forward, filling my ass with his hot seed. Just as his spent cock slid out of my bottom, Rob tensed, erupting into my quaking pussy. My heart was pumping out of control as my climax swept me from head to foot, curling my toes, spasming in my belly, nearly making me pass out from the pleasure of it all.

As their softening pricks slid out of me, I continued to lie there, sandwiched between my two lovers. Basking in the afterglow of this ultimate combo, I reflected on all the hard work and planning that had gone into getting us to this moment. Now that it was all over, I can safely say that I wouldn t hesitate to do it again. And judging by the looks on Doug s and Rob s handsome faces, I m pretty sure that they agreed with me.


I stepped through the heavy velvet curtains at the club s entrance after showing the bouncer my ID. The mixed odor of beer, smoke and sweat hit my nostrils, a smell familiar to any habitual concert goer. Hearing the tuning of guitars coming from the front of the club, I made my way to the stage, the crowd around me buzzing with anticipation. Although I had never seen this band play live before, I could tell from the audience s reaction that I was in for a treat.

Soon the house music faded and the band took the stage. When the singer made an entrance, I could see what all the excitement had been about. Tall and thin, with long blonde hair, she was the epitome of glam in a gold camisole that shimmered under the bright lights, her face dusted with glitter. When she sang, her voice ranged from a low pitched growl to a high pitched scream, and I couldn t put my finger on it, but there was something about her that had me transfixed. As she pranced around the stage, my cock twitched in my tight leather pants, and I knew I had to meet her.

And then I heard it. From somewhere in the crowd behind me, the words “drag queen” were uttered. Unable, and maybe a little unwilling, to believe this, I craned my neck trying to see over the heads in front of me. Then she climbed up on a monitor at the foot of the stage and there was no mistaking the bulge in the front of her gold lam panties.

I could hardly believe it this beautiful woman who had me so enthralled was really a man. But the persistent throbbing in my pants urged me to reconsider my feelings, and I quickly decided that she was too hot to pass up. Although I had never been with a man before, the thought had crossed my mind, and tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Pushing through the dancing crowd, I made my way to the front of the stage and positioned myself as close as I possibly could, trying to get her attention. From my new vantage point I could see that she was wearing gold platforms that matched her briefs, giving her legs and ass a sexy shape that was undeniably feminine. As she crouched down and offered an outstretched hand to her crowd of adoring fans, our eyes met. I gave her a smile, which she returned, then coyly looked away. At the next guitar solo, she made a big show of strutting to the side of the stage, then handed me something hanging on a string when she returned. Looking closer, I saw that it was a laminated card imprinted with the words “For Backstage Access.”

The rest of the show passed in a blur and I could hardly wait for it to end. Finally, the time had come. As she blew kisses to the screaming audience, I made my way backstage.

After being cleared by security, I found the dressing room and knocked on the door. It opened a crack and an electric blue lidded eye peered through. When she saw it was me, the door opened wider and she pulled me inside the smoke filled room.

The entire band was there, passing around beers and congratulations. One look from their singer, however, and they were all making their excuses and finding friends to party with elsewhere. As soon as we were alone, the singer turned to me and offered me her hand.

“I m Terry,” she drawled, as I kissed her proffered hand, unsure of what was expected of me. “And you are . . . ?”

I introduced myself and told her how much I had enjoyed the show.

“Really?” Terry teased, pulling me closer. “Care to show me how much?” With that, she wrapped her arms around my neck and tilted back her head. Squelching any feelings of uncertainty, I leaned forward and met her lips with mine. Terry opened her mouth and slid her tongue between my teeth. Soon we were locked in an embrace, our mouths sealed together as our bodies began to writhe. The blood was rushing straight to my cock, and as I ground against Terry I realized that the hardness I felt was not just my own.

Growing more excited, I grabbed hold of her ass, pulling her closer to me. Sliding my hands into the waistband of her panties, I caressed the smooth skin of her ass as she pulled my t shirt over my head and made quick work of my belt and fly. And then my pants were in a heap around my ankles and Terry was kissing her way down my chest, leaving sticky red circles over my nipples and belly. Soon she was crouched at my feet, cradling my heavy balls in her hand.

Leaning back against the arm of a couch, I closed my eyes, biting my lip as Terry played her fingers over my cock. When she gave me a little squeeze, I opened my eyes and looked down, just in time to see her flick at a drop of pre come with a long, blue fingernail and bring it to her tongue. Moaning, I arched my back, urging my cock toward her lipstick stained mouth. Opening her lips and wrapping them around my cockhead, she then slid down over my hardened shaft until she had deep throated my entire length.

Terry sucked me, her head bobbing back and forth over my throbbing cock as her nails raked the skin of my scrotum. I began to thrust, fucking her face as her hot mouth engulfed my prick again and again. The come in my balls reaching the boiling point, I grabbed her head, entwining my fingers in her long bleached blonde hair. When the pressure became too great, I jerked forward, pumping my load into her mouth. As the warm jets of come shot down her throat, she swallowed hungrily, relishing every drop.

Terry wantonly licked her glistening lips as I pulled her back to her feet, covering her mouth with mine. Tasting the muskiness of my come on her tongue, I was eager to return the favor, although I had never gone down on a man before. I trailed my fingers down over her chest, pausing to pinch her hard little nipples. Continuing, I slid my hand under her waistband, through the thatch of wiry black hair that crowned her sex. Reaching her cock, I pulled it out and stroked it as the tight elastic banded around her thighs. Inching the panties down over her calves and platform heels, I tossed them aside.

Remaining on my knees, I encased Terry s cock with my mouth. As I covered her shaft with my tongue, I could feel the throbbing vein that ran along the bottom and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the taste and feel of having another guy s dick in my mouth. Bracing her by the hips, I sucked greedily as she pulled out, then slid back in, forcing her cock back and forth between my lips.

I was anxious to make her come, so I grasped her asscheeks and pulled her deeper into me, her cockhead bumping the back of my throat. But Terry had other ideas and, grabbing hold of my hair, pulled me back to my feet. Then she yanked off my motorcycle boots and pants and took hold of my cock, stroking it back to hardness.

Spinning me around, she bent me over a table strewn with makeup containers, wigs and ashtrays filled to overflowing. I glanced in the mirror in front of us and saw my dark, muscular frame contrasted with Terry s paler, sinewy figure. Then her face slipped from view, and I felt her nails raking over my back, stopping at my ass. Placing a kiss on each cheek, she then reached up for a tube of vaseline that was lying on the counter.

I tensed as she spread my buttocks, tickling my asshole with her finger. There was a pause, then I could feel the cool gel being rubbed over my anus, lubricating that virgin entrance. My body went taut as she eased in one long finger, then relaxed as she wiggled it around, my misgivings vanquished by the pleasurable sensations. Sensing my comfort, Terry withdrew her finger and stood up.

Grasping my hips with her strong hands, Terry leaned forward and growled into my ear, “I wanna fuck you so badly! Do you want me to fuck you?” Our eyes met in the mirror and her grin widened as I nodded my assent. Kicking out my foot, she opened my legs wider and once again spread apart my asscheeks. Positioning herself at my tight pucker, Terry prodded me with her cock. I was resistant at first, so she reached around and caressed my semi erect cock. Relaxed by her stroking, I released my clenched muscles.

Almost before I knew it, Terry had slid her cockhead past my anus and was slowly filling my entire channel. I felt a sharp pain at first, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as the muscles gave way to receive her cock. Once she was all the way in she pulled back out, and I was instantly overwhelmed by the sensations of her shaft gliding along my sphincter. Eagerly, I leaned back onto her, and when my ass touched her hips she let go my cock and increased the tempo of her thrusting, holding me by the hips. Supporting myself on the counter, my cock grazed the Formica surface as Terry filled my ass again and again.

Grunting behind me with her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed shut, the singer s balls slapped repeatedly against my rear. I wrapped one hand around my own cock and began pumping madly. Within seconds my balls constricted and I cried out, sending a stream of semen spattering all over the table and mirror. Jolted by the force of my climax, this one greater than the last, I clenched my ass around Terry s pistoning cock as she hugged me firmly to her pelvis and erupted inside me.

Thoroughly exhausted, I slumped over the counter, my head on my arms, as Terry trailed a series of kisses over my sweaty back. When she d slid out of my ass, I turned around and kissed her on the cheek, then started collecting my clothes. I got dressed while she reapplied her makeup, sitting on a stool before the come splattered mirror. As I made my way to the door, she blew me a little kiss.

“Come see us play next time we re in town,” she said, batting her false eyelashes. “I ll make sure you re on the guest list.”

“And how about that backstage pass?” I inquired, a smile playing at the corners of my mouth.

“Darling, you can have that anytime,” she rejoined, then turned back to the mirror as I closed the door behind me.

Mr. Eugene W., Los Angeles, California