I had recently started talking to a guy who works at the service station down the street from where I live. Now this may sound strange to you, but the smell of motor oil and grease really turns me on! Whenever I brought my car in to be filled with gas or to have the oil changed, Stuart and I would start talking, and eventually we were flirting heavily as well. I soon found myself going to the gas station for no reason other than the stimulating conversation and the smells that turned me on so much.

Stuart and I had a lot in common. We both liked the same music and had the same point of view on life, and it wasn’t long before we discovered that we both liked hot, raw sex. Our conversations gradually grew more graphic over time, until we both knew what the other was into, though nothing had happened yet. Then one night, Stuart called me at home and told me business was slow, so he wanted me to come down and visit him at the station. I immediately got wet just thinking about the possibility of getting him to come back to my house when he got through with work. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to wait that long.

I dressed carefully for my visit as I had every intention of seducing Stuart that evening. I perfumed my body with a light, musky scent, and I wore a sundress with no bra or panties, and cute sandals. The dress had little spaghetti straps and it hugged my body in all the right places, showing off my curvy hips and large breasts.

When I got to the gas station, Stuart walked out to my car and opened the door for me. He smiled his big, gorgeous smile as he bent in to grab my hand and help me out of the car. When I stood up, he whistled and told me that I looked really hot. By then, I had gotten so turned on from thinking about what might happen when I got him to my house that my nipples were rock hard and poking through the front of my thin dress.

Stuart took me into the office, smiling as he said that he had a surprise for me. Then he leaned in and gave me a sensual kiss, which made my knees turn to jelly. Our tongues explored the inside of each other’s mouth while our hands traveled slowly all over each other’s body, feeling one another for the first time. Moaning, I reached down and rubbed Stuart’s cock through his pants, and I was pleased to discover that he was already extremely hard. Meanwhile, he was tracing my areolas lightly with his fingertips, first one and then the other. My breasts swelled at his touch and my nipples got so hard that they ached.

Finally, we pulled apart, and he told me it was time for my surprise. With his arm still around my waist, he led me into the shop part of the station. We walked over to where two blue barrels were standing side by side and he started kissing me again. Now our kisses were even hotter and full of passion. Stuart was sucking my lips and I ran my tongue slowly over his. His hands were moving all over my body, caressing me through the thin material of my dress, and I loved feeling his caresses.

Then Stuart began kissing down my neck, running his hands over my sides before slowly sliding up my dress. He was nibbling on my ear, which sent goose bumps down my spine all the way to my pussy and ass. When he nibbled on the sensitive spot on my shoulder, I moaned and begged him for more. He gave it to me, taking tiny nips at my skin while slipping the straps of my dress off my shoulders. Then he slowly worked the dress off of me until it fell onto the floor. Discovering that I was not wearing any panties, he gasped with surprise as a wide grin spread over his face.

Stuart kissed and licked his way to my ample tits and I arched my back, presenting them to him. He sucked on one while squeezing the other in his hand, working over my tits until I was wiggling from his expert touch. Then his hand ran lightly over my belly and down to brush against my pussy. I gasped with pleasure as he moved his fingers along my inner thighs, now kneeling in front of me.

I could soon feel his hot breath just inches away from my pussy. I was hoping that he would put his tongue on my aching clit but he didn’t, and all of his teasing was driving me wild. Then, to my surprise, he told me to stand on one of the barrels and he helped me climb up. As I looked down at him, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He hung them over a beam directly above us and then clasped the handcuffs on my wrists, one at a time. I was trembling with anticipation as the evening was turning out even better than I had hoped. There’s nothing I love better than bondage, which was something we had discussed in one of our conversations about sex.

I was now naked and restrained with my arms stretched high above my head. If anyone had walked into the shop, they would have seen me in all my glory, and that thought made me even hotter than I already was. I had pussy juice dripping down my legs, and when Stuart noticed this he smiled, walked over to me and scooped some of it onto his fingers. Then he licked it off while looking in my eyes to see if I was watching.

Stuart spread my pussy lips apart and started to nibble on my clit. I was soon going crazy, my body jerking against my bonds, and when he stuck a finger in my pussy, I started to fuck it for all I was worth. Then we both froze when the bell rang to signal that a customer had pulled into the gas station. Groaning with frustration, Stuart left me there so that he could go and wait on his customer. At that point, I was so close to coming that it almost hurt, but I had to endure it while I waited for him to return.

Although Stuart was only gone for just a few minutes, it felt like a couple of hours to me. In fact, I was totally expecting the customer to come into the shop and see me handcuffed, naked and waiting for Stuart. Luckily, however, the customer just drove away and Stuart finally returned.

I told Stuart then that I was very close to my orgasm, and he said I couldn’t come until he told me that it was okay. I begged him to lick my pussy and let me come, but he wouldn’t. Instead, he stuck two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass and started fucking me with them. Once again, I begged for him to let me reach my climax, but once again he told me no. But his finger fucking felt too good and I just couldn’t help myself. When the waves of pleasure got really intense I knew I was going to come whether he liked it or not, and then I went right over the edge. I came for what seemed like hours, with lots of my sweet juices running down my legs.

Stuart said he was disappointed that I had come without his permission and that I had to be punished, so he got up on the other barrel and unlocked my handcuffs. Then he told me to get down and bend over a stack of tires that was nearby. I did as he said, not sure what might happen if I disobeyed again. When I was in position, Stuart smacked my ass a few times with his open palm. The spanking hurt a little bit, but really all it did was turn me on even more, and my pussy throbbed harder with each blow that landed on my butt.

Then Stuart told me that he was going to fuck me from behind while he continued spanking me. I certainly wasn’t going to protest since that was exactly what I wanted, and I heard his zipper go down as he took off his pants. Then he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and a second later, he rammed his hard cock all the way in to the hilt. He began fucking me really hard and spanking me even harder in between strokes of his cock. I began climbing the mountain of ecstasy again, and when he came with a shudder in my pussy, I reached my climax again, hoping that this time he wouldn’t mind. Though it would be okay if he did, because I would just get another one of those delicious spankings!

Stuart shot his hot load deep inside of me while my pussy squeezed around his cock, milking it of his entire load of come. When we were both completely spent he pulled his softening dick out of me and then helped me stand up. Then we shared a kiss, one of pure contentment, and when we finally broke apart I walked over to where my dress lay crumpled on the floor. As I put it on, Stuart asked me if I had liked my surprise. I just smiled, walked over to him and gave his cock a squeeze. Then I went home, knowing that I would be back at the service station before long, as my car was due for a tune up.

Ms. Janine W., Bloomington, Indiana

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