Before I married Jack, he told me his favorite part of the female anatomy was the ass. He liked to lick, probe and fuck them. At that time, I was somewhat of an anal virgin. I had tried it once before and it had been uncomfortable. Jack and I had been sleeping together for about six months and anal sex was always the topic of discussion. He wanted my butt in the worst way.

One night I went over to his house to watch some movies, but I couldn t wait until we fucked. All the way over to his house I was listening to the radio and conscious of the moistness growing between my legs. I knew we wouldn t watch movies for very long, and I was right. I was at Jack s house only an hour before we were both naked in the living room.

My favorite position is doggy style, so I maneuvered myself into that position and Jack accommodated me. Soon I could feel his hard cock penetrating me with deep, hard thrusts into my cunt. All the while, he was rubbing my ass. He asked me to play with my clit, and as I did, he licked his finger and started playing around the rim of my asshole. I was getting ready to come, at the brink of orgasm, when he reached for one of my tits and squeezed. This put me over the edge, and I came for what seemed like an eternity.

Jack slowed his thrusting, trying not to come himself. Still lubricating the rim of my ass with my own juices and a little KY, he started to finger me with urgency. I was so nervous, I was afraid to move and afraid not to move. I knew I d come again soon and my gentle lover was going to walk me through anal sex. He told me to take a deep breath and relax as his finger entered my ass. With my fingers still playing with my clit and his dick in my pussy, it was almost more than I could stand. I felt so excited. Every nerve ending in my body was alive. I wanted more and so did he.

Jack pulled out of my juicy cunt and positioned his cock at the entrance to my ass. To ease my tension, he rubbed the head of his cock around my small rear hole. I suddenly felt a need to have him inside me and, as if he read my mind, the head of his cock moved very gently into my ass. He told me to take another deep breath. Still rubbing my ass with his hands, he started inching his cock inside me. He was very precise, slow and delicate, at first. He asked if I was okay, and when I answered yes he eased the last of his cock into my rear passage. It was the wildest feeling I d ever experienced, and when he asked again if I was all right, I shouted out, Fuck me, fuck me, baby.

Well, soon I was being fucked like never before. Jack started moaning with each forceful stroke of his throbbing cock into my ass. I was rooting him on with my moans of ecstasy. Then, all of a sudden, I was exploding with pleasure. Like a tidal wave, the sensation almost knocked me over. It was the best orgasm I had ever had.

Jack exploded in my ass while I was still coming, and the knowledge that he was shooting his love cream into my forbidden rear passage made my pleasure that much more intense.

Today, Jack and I are married. We ve been together eighteen months and have anal sex on a regular basis. Where once I was a real nervous Nellie concerning anal sex, reluctant to let anyone even touch me back there, I now eagerly look forward to those times when Jack s swollen cock is plunging hard and fast into my upturned behind.

Ms. Angela V., Waterville, Maine

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