My wife is one of the most amazing people I know. She is so incredibly sexual, and sometimes I can t believe the things she ll do to get off, or to get me off. When we first met, I didn t realize how sexually adventurous she was, and today, she continues to delight me with her exploits. Let me tell you about one of her more outrageous adventures.

When Liza and I were in graduate school and had just finished a big test week, we invited a couple of friends, Gene and Vinnie, over to celebrate. We shared a pizza and had a few drinks, and after a few hours, we were all feeling pretty happy. We decided to go to a movie, since Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace had just opened, but when we got there, the only theater in our small college town was completely sold out. Someone mentioned the brand new adult video boutique that had opened right off the interstate, so we talked about going there for a movie instead. Liza expressed a naughty curiosity about the boutique and we all decided that would be a fun thing to do.

When we got there, Gene and Vinnie went browsing among the aisles of videos while Liza and I went to one of the booths in the back. I put a handful of quarters in the machine. On the small screen was a film with a big breasted redheaded woman getting fucked from behind while she sucked on another man s cock. Liza remarked that the girl seemed to be enjoying herself. From the flush in her cheeks and the way she rubbed at her crotch, I could tell that Liza was having a good time as well.

Then a hand appeared at one of the “glory holes” in the wall of the booth. Liza asked me what that meant, and I explained to her that someone on the other side of the wall wanted to suck an anonymous cock. Liza was fascinated that this went on, she and asked me to stick my cock through the hole and show her. I let the guy suck me for a while, and I have to admit that it was really exciting. A total stranger, and a man at that, had his mouth wrapped around my dick while an x rated movie was playing and my wife was there watching it happen.

Liza kept rubbing her swollen pussy as she watched me get my cock sucked. Obviously she couldn t really see what was going on, but she could tell from the look on my face and the noises that I was making how much I was enjoying myself. It was great the guy was an expert cocksucker, taking as much of me down his throat as he could, and I m sure he would have taken more if the wall hadn t been there between us. Before long, I was coming, and I blasted shot after shot of hot come down the stranger s throat. I groaned with the force of my orgasm, and Liza was so turned on by that sight that she groaned right along with me, playing with her cunt until she came.

After I d pulled my limp dick from the glory hole and zipped up my pants, I told Liza that I was going to get more quarters. I gave her all my remaining change and told her to lock the door when I left. When I got back, instead of going into the booth with Liza, I went into the one next to hers, which had housed my mystery cocksucker but was now vacant.

Crouching down, I peered through the hole in the wall separating me from my wife. I couldn t believe what I saw! There was my sweet Liza sucking on a strange cock sticking through the other wall. Her skirt was hiked up over her hips, and the hand that wasn t busy pumping a strange man s hard shaft was busy between her legs. When I heard her let out a loud moan and then swallow a mouthful of come, my own cock got hard once again, practically bursting right through my pants.

That s when I got an idea. I stuck my dick through the glory hole in my booth, and Liza latched right onto it, taking it in her talented mouth. She slurped on it like it was a popsicle, licking up and down the sides and then swallowing it almost to the wall. I wished I could watch her as she gave me this blowjob, because it s so sexy to see my cock pumping between her lips. But it was also a huge turn on not to be able to see, and to know that she probably had no idea it was me she was sucking to orgasm.

She was so good at what she was doing that before long I came, and Liza swallowed down every drop of my tasty cream. Then I left my booth and went back to my wife, and she let me in when I knocked. We kissed deeply, and I could taste come on her lips and tongue and was thrilled to know that some of it was mine, and some of it was from the stranger s load. Then I gave her more quarters to keep her satisfied and then went off to look for Vinnie and Gene.

Locating them in the bondage video section, I gave them each some quarters as well and told them to go into the booths on either side of Liza, since they would have a lot of fun there. Then I joined my wife and saw that there was a hard cock sticking through the holes on either side of her. Liza reached for each of them, planning to go back and forth between the two, but I told her that she could only handle one at a time and that I would take care of the other.

As Liza sucked off either Vinnie or Gene, I sucked off the other one. I had never had a cock in my mouth before, but it was really exciting, especially since it belonged to one of my friends and he didn t even know it was me! Before long, I got a mouthful of come, and seconds later, so did Liza. Afterward, we kissed, tasting the salty tang of each other s mouth. It was very erotic. That s when I told Liza who was on the other sides of our booth.

Liza got very excited when she learned that she had just sucked either Vinnie or Gene to orgasm, and that I had taken care of the other. She said she wanted to take them home with us right away so that she could give both of them proper blowjobs, so I got them out of their booths and explained exactly what had been going on. They were as excited as we were, so we all hopped in the car and headed back to our apartment.

For the rest of that night, the three of us fucked Liza in every hole and ate her pussy until she came. Liza gave us all the proper blowjobs that she d promised, but in return, she asked my two friends to each suck my cock for a little while. I didn t come in their mouths, though, since my wife said she wanted to finish the job because she loves the taste of my cream. I also went down on each of my friends and I did swallow their come, much to everyone s delight.

Now either Vinnie or Gene is usually at our home, and often both of them, which is fine by me because we all have a lot of fun. If Liza is home alone, she ll let them fuck her. If I m home, I get to suck them off, or sometimes one of the guys will suck me off. Often I just watch while they fuck Liza or she gives them blow jobs. But I also like it when my wife and I are completely alone, especially right after Gene and Vinnie have left. She loves it when I suck her cunt after they ve fucked her and filled her with their come.

Mr. Matthew R., Austin, Texas

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